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An Open Letter to Norway's Defense Attache,
Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C.

Spread of radioactive Caesium 137 around the northern hemisphere as of 19 April 2011 from Nuclear Weather Worsens by Dr. Mark Sircus, 21 April 2011.

The Fukushima Crisis:
Its Military Implications,
and the Need for More
International Conferencing
and Technological Solutions

by William B. Fox

May 18, 2011

William B. Fox

Rear Admiral Trond Grytting
Royal Norwegian Navy
Defense Attache
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Washington, D.C.

Dear Rear Admiral Grytting:

It was a pleasure to introduce myself to you at the Norwegian Constitution Day family picnic on Sunday [May 15th]. I appreciate your open-mindedness in regard to receiving an introductory email from me in which I will address issues of vital concern to both Norwegian and U.S. national interests.
I do not ask that you necessarily share most of my views, nor that you officially respond in any way. I only ask that you consider the things I talk about for your own thoughts and reflections.
This is essentially an open letter meant to help inform a wide variety of individuals involved with Norwegian or Norwegian-American affairs, Norwegian-U.S. military concerns, or with the Fukushima radiation crisis, therefore please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you wish. I myself am sending this email to many individuals through both open copy and blind copy methods, to include potential fellow speakers in a symposium.
Much of the text of this email is identical to emails that I already sent to other embassy personnel I met at the picnic involved in areas of relevance to the Fukushima radiation disaster. However, in this email I have added considerable material relevant to national defense-related issues.
The primary issue involves strong evidence that the Fukushima disaster will remain out of control for the foreseeable future and continue to pose a serious danger to the entire planet unless heroic measures are taken on an international level. See, for example:

2011-05-18 Fukushima Reactors a Raging Nuclear Inferno by Kurt Nimmo, at:

First, some background on myself. My primary web site is and I also run My author archive can be found at: Please find an overview of my professional background at; and other background at: which includes a photo of my maternal grandfather who was a Norwegian Naval officer as well as a merchant fleet captain.
Since 2007 I have spent most of my time as a political activist and writer, as documented in my Mission of Conscience Trilogy at which covers false flag operations and other "black ops."
Regarding the Fukushima crisis, the fundamental political problem from the viewpoint of both Norwegian and U.S. national interests involves strong evidence that none of the major political or mainstream media establishments in the United States, Japan, or UK have either the ability or willingness to adequately address the magnitude of the global radiation threat. Nor are they willing to decisively engage adequate scientific talent and material resources to bring the threat under control as soon as possible.
I document all of the various levels of denial, deception, and conflicts of interest by power elites in the U.S., UK, and Japan in my Fukushima crisis overview page at: (this is a very long web page; please allow time for it to load on to your computer).
In my additional references section, I list a number of alternative media sources which I believe provide a much more accurate and timely sense of the extreme seriousness of the Fukushima threat. This is important information that most mainstream media sources ignore, to include reports on the East Coast that rainwater samples have radioactivity levels many times above EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) safe drinking standards. The following are some examples of alternative media sites:

Energy News An excellent source for updates The American Free Press is a major longstanding "populist and nationalist" newspaper in America, and the home port of star investigative journalist Michael Collins Piper. One of the best sources of links on the net related to the Japanese crisis. The web master is doing heroic work in finding timely update articles. Michael Rivero is another excellent source. He is downwind of Fukushima in Hawaii, and sees his own radiation meter up-ticking while the official EPA monitors stay flat-lined. Another hero who did yeoman's work waking the public up to the BP-Gulf Catastrophe. A terrific site that has also done excellent work on the BP-Gulf Catastrophe. Alex Jones and his staff are also doing important "heavy lifting" in certain vital areas. I provide assessments of Alex Jones' credibility on my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page. (subscription site). I continue to rely heavily on former Navy Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen for important, timely insights, and have been a long term subscriber. A major alternative media web site, with news updates
The Corbett Report. This is an excellent source, one reason being that James Corbett is in Japan, and faces the radiation and suffering first hand. Please see his web page first posted 2011-03-23 titled Resources Related to Fukushima Nuclear Crisis, The Corbett Report

Many alternative media reporters and commentators who I list on my Fukushima overview page such as Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu and the American radiation expert Leuren Moret agree that international cooperation beyond the U.S., Japan, and UK is required to adequately address this crisis.
Leuren Moret believes that the City of London, General Electric and Mossad-CIA are really controlling the Japanese response, given such indicators as the fact the Queen of England and City of London have substantial ownership and representation in GE and that they also have significant ownership in uranium mines around the world (and need nuclear reactors to provide a market for their mine output). GE built the Mark I nuclear reactors which are in trouble at Fukushima. Israeli security firms have provided "security" for Japanese nuclear plants at Fukushima. (They also currently provide "security" in many U.S. nuclear plants as well, as noted in the article Guess Who's In Charge Of Guarding U.S. Nuclear Power and Weapons Sites by Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press, 29 August 2005). The Japanese response to the 3-11 earthquake and tsunami was probably sabotaged by the Stuxnet virus, which was designed by Mossad-CIA.
If left only to the U.S., Japan, and the UK, the radiation crisis will probably drag on for another nine months or even much longer, rendering incalculable damage to humans and wildlife around the planet. Over a million people have died premature deaths in Europe from cancer in the 25 years since Chernobyl, and the level of mass deaths inflicted by Fukushima is likely to be vastly higher, not to mention the permanent genetic damage for all future generations that will likely be suffered by many human populations.
The Scandinavian countries, Russia, Germany, China, and other nations may have the right combination of political independence and sufficient scientific and material resources to successfully take the lead in handling this crisis. They can probably do a better job of bringing it under control than corrupt elements currently within the UK, U.S., and Japanese "leadership" structure. Or better yet, the threat that other countries may become impatient and step in and take the lead may put enough political pressure on corrupt elements within the UK, U.S., and Japan to induce them to finally "straighten up and fly right," which would probably be the best outcome of all.
Please bear in mind that not only is there strong evidence that the aforementioned trio is incapable of handling this crisis, but worse than that, they are ruled by a highly psychopathic and even psychotic power elites that actually helped create and exacerbate it. (I provide a particularly frank discussion of the true character of many members of these power elites in Chapter 5 of my Mission of Conscience series at: There is evidence that both HAARP weapons and the Stuxnet virus were deliberately employed to sabotage Japan and endanger humanity in general with radioactive plumes that have spread completely around the northern hemisphere.
Also very worrisome is the likelihood that there are many other nuclear catastrophes waiting to happen. There are numerous GE Mark I nuclear reactors built along major faults in California and also close to the the New Madrid Fault near America's Mississippi River. There are also major problems with nuclear plants in the UK, such as the Sellafield plant which has dumped vast amounts of radioactive water into the Irish Sea ---threatening not only Scandinavian fishing interests but also the health of Third World peoples in coastal areas exposed to global loop current contamination.. (As one example of a web site which addresses UK malfeasance, please see the "Crown Corruption" section of "The Case Against Nuclear Lizzy" at which is also listed on my Fukushima crisis overview web page).
It does not take a great deal of imagination to visualize how a "Fukushima"-type disaster in the UK could cause major portions of Norway to become uninhabitable for centuries. Worse yet, there is evidence of considerable recklessness, malfeasance, and incompetence in the UK nuclear industry just like in their U.S. and Japanese counterparts.
In the midst of all this, Norway obviously has to walk a diplomatic tight rope. On the one hand, Norway's business interests are heavily entangled with those of the UK, U.S., and Japan. Norway is also a relatively small country. Therefore Norway may have to be careful not to become so militant and defiant on certain issues that it risks getting singled out and targeted for special abuse by high level New World Order malefactors.
On the other hand, in the long run, passivity only invites more aggression by high level psychopaths. My "Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776" at illustrates how these psychopaths have no respect for anyone, to include Nordic countries. Passivity also means that the Fukushima reactors and tens of thousands of spent fuel rods in meltdown will continue to belch out deadly radiation plumes for endless months that will continue to circle the northern hemisphere and create ever more dangerous accumulations of fallout among humans, crops, drinking water, and wildlife.
Certainly an important tool to act as "counter predators" against high level predators is to expose their criminality on the Internet, in symposia, and through other peaceful venues. While the first symposium might be located in a Norwegian city like Oslo, it would probably be wise to move the location of follow on conferences to other countries such as Iceland, Germany, Russia, and Sweden to diffuse Norway's role and create a better sense of international unity and resolve.
I do not expect or even desire any kind of overt support or endorsement by any Norwegian government officials or major Norwegian corporate leaders. For one thing, in the process of trying to overcome "Nordic naïveté" in my role as a political activist, I make quite a few very blunt and provocative statements which are inappropriate for the diplomatic "tightrope" that Norwegian officials must walk. While I think my tactics are appropriate to help educate the public regarding the full background behind certain issues, it is probably best if I operate as a nongovernmental entity and receive forms of support by proxy rather than through direct ties with any government or major corporate officials. By the same token, I also think it is important to try to keep people in high places informed.
I am off to a good start in terms of obtaining the cooperation of internationally recognized experts who could serve as speakers.
I got started on the symposium concept on Saturday, 7 May during a phone conversation with Dr. James Fetzer, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and coauthor with me on a number of alerts listed in my author archive at: He has been the keynote speaker at a number of symposia involving 9/11 research. He feels that a Fukushima symposium is desperately needed.
Leuren Moret, who likes the idea of holding an initial symposium in Oslo, Norway, is also on board with me. So is Dr. Doug Rokke, a fellow Norwegian American, who was the former head of the U.S. Army's Depleted Uranium (DU) program. All of these individuals have been supplying me with leads and referrals for other speakers, to include experts and organizations in the UK, Germany, and Russia.
Last Saturday I had a long introductory meeting with Wayne Madsen at who said that he would happy to participate in a symposium. He is a former U.S. Navy Intelligence and NSA officer, who claims Danish descent. He is also a frequent correspondent and contributor for RT (formerly Russia Today). Madsen can comment on elements of high level intrigue and skullduggery surrounding the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe. I already include many extracts from his research on my Fukushima overview page at: My meeting with him is indicative of my desire to maintain a friendly and open rapport with individuals affiliated with intelligence services as well as military establishments both in the United States and Europe who can assist in addressing major crises such as the Fukushima Catastrophe.
At this point I would like to discuss the following areas of particular relevance to military affairs:
a) The need to encourage "glasnost" or "talkingness" within military as well as political establishments of the United States, Norway, other NATO countries -- and even leading non-NATO countries -- to overcome over-compartmentalization, massive disinformation, and also to help formulate rational policies.
b) The need for aggressive development of new technologies to deal with oil spills and nuclear disasters. These technologies include robotics, special sensing devices, new forms of human shielding, and the tele-operation and transport of specialized equipment. We also need massive logistical prepositioning of supplies such as cement and boron needed to execute entombment and other options for nuclear disasters.
c) Overcoming psycho-political warfare that is being directed against the most productive, honest, and innovative portions of the populations of the U.S., Norway, UK, and other countries.
I will now explain each of the aforementioned areas in some detail:

a) The need to encourage "glasnost" or "talkingness" within military as well as political establishments of the United States, Norway, other NATO countries -- and even leading non-NATO countries -- to overcome over-compartmentalization, massive disinformation, and also to help formulate rational policies.

Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, once commented (as quoted in They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront the Israel Lobby by former Congressmen Paul Findley): "The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down."
Admiral Moorer honored the memory of the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty, which was subjected to an unprovoked attack in 1967 by the armed forces of Israel which sought to sink the ship and kill all the crew and blame everything on Egypt.
Former U.S. Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has disclosed other forms of Israeli skullduggery on the high seas, such as evidence that Israelis sank the S.S. Poet and launched a cruise missile that hit the U.S.S. Cole.
At the time Admiral Moorer criticized Israeli compromise of U.S. national security, he was a voice crying in the wilderness. In recent years, I have noticed a significant change in the willingness of high level officials within the Pentagon to speak out. The following are some examples:
1) I was able to meet with the late Col. Donn de Grand Pre at his ranch in Virginia (I maintain an author archive page for him at: in 2006 and 2007. He claimed that he had quite a few high level contacts within the Pentagon who were very unhappy with what they felt was a de facto coup against the United States on 9/11.
2) In the update references section of Chapter 7 of my Mission of Conscience series at:, I provide links to web pages which describe how the former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College has stated that a significant number of U.S. military officers now believe that the Mossad was behind 9/11:

2010-04-03 "Israel Did 9-11" - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis. Includes transcript of Dr. Alan Sabrosky interview.
2010-03-15 Why the Military Knows Israel Did 9/11 (video). Mark Glenn and Phil Tourney interview Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College. See also MP3 download pages here and here.

3) Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former high level Pentagon PSYOP specialist, has admitted to major "false flag" deceptions in his recent interviews with Alex Jones.

a) The following web page lists YouTube versions of his interviews:
b) Dr. Steve Pieczenik described how the alleged recent killing of Osama Bin Laden is a hoax:
"Top Government Insider: Bin Laden Died in 2001: 9/11 A False Flag" by Paul Joseph Watson,, 4 May 2011
See also "Pieczenik: The Psychological Resurrection of Osama Bin Laden,", 6 May 2011:
c) While Dr. Pieczenik has come forth with a lot of valuable information (as has Alex Jones), it is worth emphasizing that there are no perfect information sources. Former U.S. Army intelligence officer Capt. Eric May, with whom I have coauthored many alerts, has published the following article which qualifies the credibility of both Dr. Pieczenik and Alex Jones: "Ghost Troop: The Art of Info-War" by Capt. May, Veterans Today, 14 May 2011

I am convinced that there are many people in high places, such as the Zionist High Priests of War described by Michael Collins Piper in his book by the same name, or wealthy Jewish real estate moguls who I encountered as a real estate broker in New York City, who have quasi-psychotic, fractured personalities, reminiscent of the character Dr. Edward Morbius in the classic science fiction movie The Forbidden Planet. They are seemingly reasonable, civilized, charming, and hospitable on a superficial level, and yet utterly psychopathic, savagely destructive, and even suicidal on a deeper psychological level. We have to find a way to talk these people out of their destructive behavior.
I discuss the character of Morbius in greater detail in Part 6 of my I, Robot Entrepreneur series at: For real life examples of this character, please see:

2010-06-25 "Israel Is A Lunatic State." A Jewish commentator named Norman Finklestein explains why Israel consciously tries to act like a lunatic, mad dog state on RT.

I think that Norway may be uniquely situated to foster friendly and constructive dialog to help talk through this crisis and stimulate effective stabilization and containment actions. Norway is a close NATO ally and also enjoys close historic ties to the UK. I understand that the UK operates a HAARP facility in Norway. In addition, the Norwegian Navy enjoys close relations with the U.S. Navy, and according to Leuren Moret, the U.S. Navy is a prime operator of HAARP technology and a major player in the U.S. intelligence establishment.
Having been a real estate broker for about nine years, and a stock broker for another ten years, I have become used to putting myself in the role of the "honey bee" who solicits strangers with new ideas and encourages dialog and negotiation between different parties. There is no need for me to stop now when the entire planet is in danger from radioactive fallout.
If I become successful in organizing a symposium, I would be happy to invite representatives of the U.S. Navy and American intelligence services (both active and retired), as well as their counterparts in other countries, to include Japan, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and the UK, to explain their ideas and capabilities when it comes to responding to not only the existing Fukushima crisis, but possible future crises as well.

b) The development of new technologies related to robotics, sensing devices, shielding, hydrocarbon contamination, and nuclear disaster containment and clean-up that have dual military and civilian applications.

The mobile robotic industry is highly strategic, as I explain in my I, Robot Entrepreneur series. It is the next phase of the industrial revolution. It is worthy of massive investment as its own industry even without considering the potential applications addressed in the remainder of this section.
On my BP-Gulf Catastrophe web page at: I identify many robotic systems that can be used for determining the amount of hydrocarbons in Gulf of Mexico -- and clearing them out of seawater. I specifically list them in my 24 Dec 2010 letter that was published in the Norwegian American Weekly, (listed in my author archive and also available at: I also discuss these technologies in my 3 Oct 2010 letter addressed to Norway's Ambassador to the U.S. that also lists yourself as an addressee (available at:
The following is an example of a military application of a mobile sea robot concept on my BP-Gulf Catastrophe web page:

2008-03-11 From the deep: UW Seaglider draws U.S. military attention by Andrew Doughman, The Daily, University of Washington. "The Navy anticipates placing an order worth about $15 million and plans to use Seagliders for anti-submarine warfare. Each Seaglider manufactured by the fabrication center is sold at an average price of $100,000 per glider and the Navy ordered 150...The fabrication center, which employs two full-time engineers and two students, builds an average of 1.3 gliders per month. "

The Fukushima crisis illustrates how poorly prepared advanced industrial nations have been on a global level to respond to nuclear melt-downs. According to Japanese journalists Yoichi Shimatsu, even though Japan prides itself on being a leader in the field of mobile robotics, there were no mobile robots at Fukushima on 3-11. The Japanese have brought in heavy army tanks with Nuclear Biological Chemical warfare capabilities, but they are not specifically designed for nuclear disaster containment and clean-up operations. The Japanese have also deployed workers with suits that are poorly designed to shield against radiation.
Worse yet, according to Leuren Moret and other radiation experts, nuclear reactors can start going into melt-down about ninety minutes after cooling stops. To respond to a nuclear crisis, one obviously needs to preposition massive amounts of heavy equipment specifically designed to conduct nuclear catastrophe containment and clean up missions on a moment's notice. This can include trucks with boons capable of pouring concrete and boron for entombment. The drivers and other operators must have adequate radiation shielding and self-contained breathing apparatuses to function for prolonged periods in a highly radioactive and contaminated environment.
"Robotization" is not an all-or-nothing proposition, but rather can be applied in increments. As an example, in my I, Robot Entrepreneur series I describe heavy equipment used in mining that still has human operators, but utilizes robotics to carry out various side functions that improve human operator efficiency. I also describe tele-operated machinery augmented by robotics which is ultimately controlled by humans in safe locations.
It is clear to me that major countries need to create standby mobile reaction forces engineered to immediately respond to nuclear melt-down threats anywhere around the world. They could be designed to respond in waves, much like an amphibious assault. The first waves would consist of equipment which can be airlifted. The last waves would involve extremely heavy equipment that require transport by ship or are so extremely large that they require self-propulsion on treads or by rail.
We need heavy equipment capable of responding to all the worst case scenarios. This includes equipment capable of literally disassembling nuclear power plants piece by piece and extracting all fuel rods -- and even scooping out molten pools of radioactive materials even after they have melted through all nuclear power plant containment structures. This implies heavy equipment not only capable of clawing and lifting away portions of nuclear power plants, but also remotely operated torches and controlled demolitions for cutting steel. We also need towable or self-propelled vat systems with their own cooling systems where radioactive debris and other materials can be placed after they are extracted. This would require special logistical systems to remove these materials to permanent waste storage sites
We need equipment capable of quickly erecting massive tents or domes or other types of hasty structures for initial prevention of atmospheric contamination, as well as mobile cooling systems for hasty stabilization of overheating fuel rods that can recycle coolants rather than dump endless tons of radioactive seawater back into the ocean and build up salt in piping, as has been the case with Fukushima.
On site human equipment operators will require properly engineered anti-radiation suits that will probably resemble armored space suits in science fiction movies. They also require heavily shielded modules with their own self-contained breathing systems that allow them to eat and conduct other bodily functions while working in highly radioactive zones for prolonged periods. These modules might be self-propelled or attachable to the heavy equipment that they need to operate.
All of these types of ideas imply building and maintaining large standby fleets of specially designed heavy equipment, as well as keeping available the kinds of fleets of ships and planes required for transport. We also need vast prepositioned supply depots of materials like boron and concrete required for entombment and other containment options, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.
There are obvious military applications in all of this. Depleted uranium warheads have already proven their ability to create massive contamination across wide areas. Nuclear power plants can get bombed out, and nuclear-powered naval vessels and other types of military craft can spread contamination if destroyed by hostile action. All of this implies a strong need for heavy shielding for humans who must enter newly contaminated environments. They also need specially designed heavy equipment to clear out or otherwise contain or clean up highly radioactive buildings, debris, and hot nuclear fuel.
In addition to handling the Fukushima, it may also be possible to develop robot systems that can aid in the cleanup of currently contaminated sites around Chernobyl. There are also sites heavily contaminated by DU at U.S. military training sites across America and also in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and southern Lebanon.
On my BP-Gulf Catastrophe web page at I describe special nanofiber materials developed by MIT to absorb hydrocarbons out of sea water, and also the TETHYS cycloidal mass spectrometer designed to measure hydrocarbon contamination produced by the Monitor Instruments Corporation in Pennsylvania. The Monitor Instruments device can just as easily measure radioactive contamination as hydrocarbon pollutants. Perhaps special nanofiber materials can also be developed that can efficiently remove radioactive particles from the environment, especially when deployed by robotic devices.
The Fukushima crisis raises a number of important diplomatic questions that dovetail with military concerns. If one or more nuclear reactors go into melt-down within one particular European country, and it becomes obvious that their national authorities are totally incompetent when it comes to containing and reversing the developing disaster, why must neighboring European countries passively stand around as radioactive plumes threaten to render their own countries permanently uninhabitable? Why would they not have a right to intervene with their own special equipment?
If the country with the troubled nuclear reactors refuses assistance, why wouldn't other European countries have a right to use military force and any other coercive measures in order to save their own territory and air space from contamination?
The existence of unstable nuclear reactors in Japan, combined with massive quantities of spent fuel rods in vulnerable overhead cooling pools, has demonstrated that nuclear plants may be viewed a prepositioned dirty nuclear bombs waiting to go off and inflict massive damage on civilian populations. Depending on the amount of nuclear material stored at nuclear power plants, the ultimate damage to human populations can be vastly greater than an explosive strike by hydrogen bombs.
I believe that any country has a right to employ extraordinary measures to avoid being "dirty nuked" as a consequence of the recklessness, incompetence, or malfeasance of a neighboring country.

c) Overcoming the psycho-political warfare that is currently being directed against the most productive, honest, and innovative portions of the populations of the U.S., Norway, UK, and other countries.

There is an indirect but nevertheless important relation between the Fukushima crisis and underlying sociological issues in the U.S. and UK when one considers the predator vs. counterpredator model of social conflict. Certain problems get out of control because there are not enough "counter predators" consisting of whistleblowers needed to keep high level criminal "predators" in check. Fukushima is out of control because there were not enough men of good character in high places in the UK, U.S., and Japan to adequately anticipate and prevent major problems.
Historically, WASPs have been noteworthy for their strong work ethic, far-sightedness, stability, and honesty relative to other groups. They have also been noteworthy for their self-discipline and propensity to save. Not only have they been in decline in America in the last 150 years, but they are also subject to abuse and ridicule at the hands of usurpers in America today.
I am worried about what will happen to the Scandinavian American community (or what is left of it), given the fact that America has lost most of its industrial base over the past several decades, suffers never-ending skyrocketing debt growth, and appears headed towards economic collapse. In a worst case scenario, Scandinavian Americans and other white ethnic groups might get targeted for maltreatment reminiscent of the Vendee during the French Revolution or the Kulaks following the Bolshevik Revolution. (Regarding the Vendee tragedy, please see Remembering the Vendee by Sophie Masson at
On my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page I explain how Nordic Americans have already suffered on a deep sociological level for quite some time. Over the last 150 years, WASPs (who were originally mostly Nordic or Nordic-Celtic peoples) have declined from the overwhelming majority to just another minority in the United States, and in their place there has been a de facto Jewish-Catholic takeover at the highest levels of media and government, echoing the Jewish-Catholic partnerships behind totally corrupt big city political machines in places like New York, Chicago, and Boston that gained strength throughout the early 20th century.
Admittedly, most "Catholic" countries in Europe have many different kinds of people in them, such as Nordic and Celtic peoples in northern France who contrast with "Alpine" and "Mediterranean" peoples in central and southern areas. As another example, there is a mixture of Nordic, Celtic, Alpine, Mediterranean, and perhaps even Neanderthal peoples in Ireland today. What is undeniable is that the sociology of "Catholic" countries in general tends to be much more complicated than what homogeneous Nordic countries experienced prior to massive Third World immigrations following WWII. "Catholic" immigration into America beginning in the mid-19th century introduced a sociological "blur," where certain types of mafia and other rent-seeking or parasitic groups where able to enter America on the coat tails of honest and productive Catholics. These types of mafia groups were virtually unknown in Nordic countries, or among old line American WASP groups whose ancestors came over with the Mayflower.
As a consequence of the ever-accumulating sociological subversion of America since the 19th century, the U.S. Government and mainstream media now show all the forms of excessive authoritarianism, corruption, and decoupling from reality on a secular-bureaucratic level that Martin Luther once protested against involving the Catholic Church of the late Middle Ages on a religious-bureaucratic level. This society has become so dysfunctional that I have come to expect one nasty surprise after another.
Many political writers view the government and major media as being essentially mafia-controlled. This includes Mossad-CIA, referred to by many as "Dope Inc," which has extended its tentacles throughout American society. In Chapter 7 of my Mission of Conscience series at:, I comment:

[Former Minnesota Governor Jesse] Ventura made another chilling disclosure in his September 2008 video. Contrary to its mission statement which precludes domestic spying, the CIA has implanted high-ranking agents within state governments across America . Ventura was interrogated by 23 members of the intelligence agency while he was the Governor of Minnesota. He was even tailed by CIA agents while in Cuba visiting head of State Fidel Castro.
Ventura said that the CIA interrogated him because it was concerned about the meaning of his success as an independent candidate for Governor. The CIA is concerned about predicting internal political trends.
Ventura is actually only scratching the surface by mentioning the CIA. There are many other shadow controlling entities in America . For example, at my web site, in the Rev. Ted Pike archive, I have considerable background on the Jewish ADL, which is a de facto secret police organization. Also, take a look at articles by Michael Collins Piper at www.mikepiperreportcom about how Israeli firms have been awarded contracts to provide security for nuclear plants and manage major telecommunications networks. Also please consider “How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties” by Chris Bollyn. Lastly, please consider at the beginning of Chapter 10, Capt. Jeff Cross’ description of the hidden monster that is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"Mafia" is also applied now to major Wall Street firms, which have stolen perhaps as much as 30 trillion dollars in bailout money. Please see Chapter 33 of my Mission of Conscience series at , which includes the following example in the update references section:

2011-03-04 True Cost Of The Wall Street Bailout - PBS VIDEO. Lord Stirling commented in his 1 March 2011 blog "The amount of money is just a part of the overall money being spent, including that going to European banks, etc.....the real total is perhaps US $30 TRILLION."

Leuren Moret has disclosed to me that she has been repeatedly harassed by federal agents on account of her willingness to stand up to the nuclear industry, and that this has been a common experience among most fellow anti-DU dissidents she is aware of.
There has been a de facto reversal of the Protestant Reformation as well as the American Revolution in the United States. Please see my Mission of Conscience Trilogy at for more background on the rising police state and increasing reliance by the U.S. establishment on "black ops" to distract the public from its massive failures in leadership and stay in power.
I do not think we would have had either the BP-Gulf Catastrophe (see or the Fukushima crisis if WASPs were still running this country in accordance with traditional American conservative (ie. WASP) values. "Fukushima" is symptomatic of an increasingly dumbed-down, lower quality society that can no longer adequately maintain the technological infrastructure created and managed by previous generations, much less add very much that is truly productive. Nor has does it have adequate whistleblowers to keep in check "psychopathic nesting" at the pinnacles of power in Washington D.C., major media, or on Wall Street. Nor does it have enough men of conscience at the highest levels who really care that the public is being exposed to dangerous plumes continually sweeping across the country that are steadily increasing the radioactive contamination levels in our food, water, and air.
The days of "Nordic naïveté" and Nordic "happy go lucky" political attitudes must end. We must begin to think more deeply about our social and political problems in order to support our very survival as a people. We must also do a better job of organizing ourselves in our own defense, as well as identifying and interdicting evil schemes against us by malefactors.
Certainly organizing to realistically confront the ongoing Fukushima radiation crisis is a step in the right direction. We also need more "open source intelligence" and "alternative media" to handle the rising dangers.
I believe that it is in Norway's vital national interest to support alternative media, not only by providing safe havens for dissident media and web site storage sites (reminiscent of the intent behind the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative described in my Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776" series at, but also by finding ways to leverage the presence of alternative media on the Internet. This includes finding ways to make it easier to use advanced software to create transcripts of alternative media interviews to give their content full Internet search visibility. I have discovered that alternative media interviews are often gold mines of important information, yet it is extremely time consuming for me to create transcripts of such interviews.
Openness and honesty have always been major strengths of Nordic societies, which have always heavily depended upon such things to maintain their edge in technological innovation and quality product development. A genuinely honest and chivalrous approach to life is also necessary to support viable forms of parliamentary government.
Just as the Russians claimed that they were defended by "General Winter" in the face of invasions by Napoleon and Hitler, I am convinced that Scandinavian societies are ultimately defended by "General Truth" in the face of high level international criminal malefactors, subversive cabals, and other alien peoples innately incapable of living up to Nordic standards of honesty, transparency, and chivalrous conduct.
Unfortunately Norway recently departed from the traditional pattern of openness and honesty when the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) stopped making its radiation forecasts publicly available on the Internet on May 11th at its main web site. I believe that this should be reversed, and NILU should go back to being a voice in the wilderness of mainstream media suppression.
I would appreciate any ideas or feedback which you may be able to offer.
Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you wish.

Best regards,

William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books and the Mike Piper Report and
PO Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Online phone number: 832-426-2441

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  Capt. Eric May, former U.S. Army intelligence officer, co-author in prior alerts
  Dr. James Fetzer, Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth; co-author in prior alerts, and fellow former U.S. Marine Corps officer
  Leon Smith, Publisher, The Lone Star Iconoclast, co-author in prior alerts
  SFC Donald Buswell, former U.S. Army Intelligence, co-author in prior alerts
  Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press,
  Icelandic Embassy, Washington, D.C.
RT (Russia Today TV)
Congressman Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania
The Norwegian and Icelandic Parliaments
Many other individuals and institutions



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