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Alert Update:
Effective Activism
To Overcome the Continuing
BP-Gulf Catastrophe

by William B. Fox

January 14, 2011
Reference section last updated 10 March 2011

William B. Fox

Dear Fellow Citizen:

Despite the mainstream media blackout, the BP-Gulf Catastrophe remains a very dangerous and continuing threat to both North America and Europe.
I have received a very positive response from my Letter to the Editor that was printed in the Opinion section of the December 24, 2010 Norwegian American Weekly, also reproduced below. This letter focuses on promoting mobile robotic, sensing, and extraction technologies that can not only scientifically diagnose the sources and extent of BP-Gulf Catastrophe pollution, but also stop the leakage and clean it up.
As an avenue for approaching elected government officials, scientists, business leaders, and other highly influential individuals both in North America and Europe, it is hard to see how anyone can argue with developing mobile robotic solutions. For starters, as explained in my 2005 online ebook I, Robot Entrepreneur, the mobile robotics industry is highly strategic. It is worthy of massive investment simply on the grounds of comprising the next phase of the industrial revolution and providing invaluable platforms for new levels of scientific research.
We need popular support in order to aggressively fund and develop these technological solutions. In view of continuing national media black-outs and public denial, we need more email campaigns such as this one to achieve critical mass in favorable public sentiment.
While promoting new technology is a great first step in prevention, containment, and damage control, it would be very naive to think that this alone will completely solve the continuing BP-Gulf Catastrophe or prevent more "false flag" oil catastrophes from taking place in the future. New mobile robotic and nanofiber technologies may provide an important new margin of safety against oil and gas related disasters, but these things alone cannot defend us against high level malefactors, such as the ones documented on my BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation web page.
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura's video BP Oil Disaster agrees with me that the BP-Gulf Catastrophe was very likely a "false flag" operation. The recent article "BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP" by geohazards specialist B. K. Lim also reinforces this case. Marine toxicologist and community activist Dr. Riki Ott warns us that until major reforms are made, it is not a question of "if" but "when" we will suffer more oil-related catastrophes that can take place anywhere around the world.
Please look at my Letter to the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly below, and my references section which follows. A Norwegian initiative can help stimulate similar robotic development programs in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe.
Last, but not least, for individuals interested in probing the deeper social and political dimensions behind high level subversion --and possible remedies-- please visit my home page where I link to my Mission of Conscience Trilogy. "Iceland gets ENRONed, Then Goes for 1776" series, "Reconciling Libertarianism and Nationalism" web page, and "Religious Crisis" section. While I do not have space in this particular email to make specific political reform recommendations, I can at least provide deep background on ways to characterize and counter the kinds of corrupt, alien, and tyrannical power elites who promulgate false flag operations.
Please get back to me with comments and suggestions, and pass this email along!

Best regards,

William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
P.O. Box 137, Sarver, PA 16055
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Skype phone number: 832-426-2441
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Letter to the Editor

December 24, 2010
Norwegian American Weekly
Opinion Section, page 7

Dear Editor,
My letter to the editor, published in the Aug. 27 issue, warned that British Petroleum has repeatedly lied about stopping the “oil and gas” volcano in the Gulf of Mexico. Stephen Lendman’s Nov 18 online article “America's Gulf: An Ongoing Catastrophic Disaster” on provides a good summary of my current concerns. A worst-case scenario may still threaten Norway’s coasts and fisheries.
The big question remains how we can scientifically determine the extent of continuing leakage, and then model with reasonable accuracy the extent, flow, and toxic impact of existing pollution in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Stream. We also need better ways to not only contain or stop seabed leakage, but also roll back the damage.
I have spoken with many scientists in the vanguard of BP oil spill research. Their comments have confirmed my suspicion that their research has been overly compartmentalized, politicized, and under-funded. They also reinforce reports by former U.S. Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, journalist Dahr Jamail, and other sources who describe media blackouts and other cover-ups by “The second British invasion of the Gulf since the Battle of New Orleans.”
The good news is that Norway can help play “U.S. cavalry to the rescue” by exerting political independence while aggressively pursuing exciting new areas of technological development. Four examples are as follows:

  • Deep sea and glider robots: These robots can traverse and analyze vast expanses and depths of ocean for extended periods, while reporting data via satellite. On my intelligence summary page ( I provide numerous examples of these and other promising advanced technology approaches.
  • Mass spectrometry sensing: The TETHYS colloidal mass spectrometer is unique. It can determine the composition of dissolved oil and gas in sea water while moving as far down as 5,000 meters.
  • Clean-up robots. M.I.T.’s “Seaswarm” concept utilizes nanofiber material that can soak up over 20 times its own weight in hydrocarbons out of sea water. Oil can be transferred from nanofiber materials to collection points, making them endlessly reusable by the robots that deploy them.
  • Underwater robot drillers: Statoil’s Seabed Rig AS concept involves a remote-controlled robotic drilling platform which can save valuable time in drilling offshore relief wells that often play a key role in stopping runaway wells.

If Norwegians can help create fleets of sensing, clean-up, and drilling robots, this could create an important margin of safety to protect the North Atlantic as well as other oceans around the world.
We also need more politically independent oceanographic institutions every where, especially ones equipped with sensing robots that can be dispatched to trouble spots to upload data to the Internet without political interference. This would not only help deter high level criminality and media suppression, but also provide continuing support for scientific study and general protection of the natural environment.


William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
Sarver, PA


Update References:

2011-02-21 The shocking images that prove the bottom of the Gulf is STILL dead and coated in oil - despite BP claims all will be well, Daily Mail Reporter, According to University of Georgia professor Dr. Samantha Joye "'Magic microbes consumed maybe 10 per cent of the total discharge, the rest of it we don't know,' Joye said, later adding: 'there's a lot of it out there'."
2011-02-19 Ship grounding sets off oil spill by Aled-Dilwyn Fisher and Nina Berglund, Views and News from Norway. A good example for northern Europeans of an unexpected oil spill in their own back yard where diagnostic and clean-up robots could play an important role.
2011-01-16 Alarming Evidence of a Leaking Macondo Prospect: The BP Gulf Oil Spill Continues by B. K. Lim
2 011-01-06 Piers Corbyn Returns: The Cold Truth of What is to Come in 2011 - Alex Jones TV 1/2. Meteorologist and astrophysicist Piers Corbyn of claims he predicted in May 2010 a super cold winter looking at solar, lunar, and other gravitational factors outside of the oil pollution factors related to the BP-Gulf Catastrophe. This provides an interesting counterpoint to the thesis of Italian astrophysicist Dr. Giangluigi Zangari presented at the Lord Stirling blogspot that oil pollution has broken the Gulf Loop Current and fostered major climate changes. Of course Mr. Corbyn's view does not necessarily contradict Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander); it is possible that both gravitational factors and a broken Loop Current are contributing towards an unusually cold winter in Europe. According to the Wikipedia article "Gulf Stream," Gulf Stream temperatures do in fact have a major impact on jet streams. "The warm water and temperature contrast along the edge of the Gulf Stream often increases the intensity of cyclones, tropical or otherwise. Tropical cyclone generation normally requires water temperatures in excess of 26.5 °C (79.7 °F)." On page 24 of the online book Gulf Stream, written before the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, author Stan Ulansker comments "Sea surface temperatures in the Gulf Stream are generally above 80 degrees F (27 degrees C), fifteen degrees higher than the outside of the current... The Gulf Stream incorporates this heated water via the Antilles, Caribbean, and Loop Currents and transmits it northwards." The author then describes extreme weather patterns generated by the Gulf Stream's heat differential with surrounding waters.

2010-12-22 The Oil BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered, In Thick Layers On the Sea Floor Over An Area of Several Thousand Square Miles, Washington's Blog.
2010-12-21 Urgent Update 21st Dec - Death of the Gulf Stream -- Europe to Go Into a Mini Ice Age?? Video (21:11) Dr. Deagle interview with Tim Alexander (Lord Stirling). According to Alexander, the Gulf Stream, which is no longer being adequately heated by the old Loop Current in the Gulf (apparently broken by a vast underwater lake of oil that extends hundreds of miles from a still flowing "oil and gas volcano" in the fractured sear floor), no longer has adequate heat to influence the course of jet streams. Nor can the Gulf Stream apparently feed adequate warm water to sustain the old North Atlantic Current. Alexander claims that all of this has resulted in "weird oscillations" in air currents over Europe since last summer. This has even altered complex and interdependent weather systems around the planet. This may have been the cause of the unusual summer heat in Russia, unusual flooding in Pakistan, and snow fall in Australia in places never seen before. Alexander claims that mainstream media are covering up for BP by promoting misleading explanations for the unusual weather patterns. (We have seen meteorological "experts" act as disinformation agents before in mainstream media with the global warming hoax. See the discussion of the "Climategate PSYOP" in Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series). If Alexander is correct, altered climatic conditions may severely disrupt global agriculture and cause not only severe food shortages, but also extended cold winters in Europe. This in turn creates a special sense of urgency to implement new technologies that can clean up enough of the vast amounts of oil in the Gulf of Mexico to restore the Loop Current.
2010-12-11 BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP: Compelling arguments for a Disaster-in-Making by geohazards specialist B. K. Lim
2010-12-10 Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Disaster; 43 min 32 sec; "Full Episode." Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura not only presents strong evidence that British Petroleum knew in advance about the April 20, 2010 explosion and its ensuing consequences, but has also deliberately used the highly toxic dispersant Corexit as part of a Gulf Coast depopulation campaign as well as to hide oil beneath the surface. His other "Conspiracy Theory" shows are also well worth watching, to include "Police State" which documents high level deception and authoritarian malevolence towards the general American population.
2010-12-01 The Gulf of Mexico Is Dying: A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill by Dr. Tom Termotto
2010-11-13 Oil And Gas Leaks Continue Unabated At Macondo: Photos document oily fluid all over the seafloor by B. K. Lim. "Secret Chemical Spraying at Macondo has not ceased since official well shutdown on 15 July..."
2010-11-10 Developing the Seaswarm Concept by William Fox. MIT has initiated a great concept that can be expanded and modified to effectively clean up the BP Gulf crisis. Of course, while such technological approaches appear both timely and feasible, globalist political agendas remain one of the biggest constraints against effective action. BP, and its City of London overlords, comprise the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the living room that is sitting on truly effective long term political and technological solutions to the ongoing crisis.
2010-10-22 There's Oil in the Bottom of the Gulf, Little Chicago Review. This is a good summary of the case made by Dr. Giangluigi Zangari. It claims the interior of the Gulf of Mexico is now hotter, while the Gulf Stream is now colder, because the Loop Current that once fed into the Gulf Stream has been broken. Note a "before" example (2010-01-17) and an "after" example (2010-06-18) from U.S. Navy maps of ocean currents for 2010.
2010-10-03 Why Extraordinary Vigilance Remains Necessary Regarding the BP-Gulf Catastrophe by William B. Fox. An open letter to Norway's Ambassador to the United States and members of his staff. Americans not only need to aggressively raise consciousness among influential fellow Americans, but also among other people around the world. The same kind of letter that I published in the Norwegian American Weekly can also be adapted for other European countries to include Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, and Russia.
2010-09-03 Red Alert! Attack on the Coast, Climate, People, and Fishing Industry of Iceland by William B. Fox. As of January 2011, nearly nine months after the start of the disaster on 20 April, scientists have inadequate data to decisively prove or disprove the extent to which Europe is threatened with pollution via the Gulf Stream, not to mention permanent climate change. This should be totally unacceptable for an allegedly civilized, advanced industrialized society, and reflects massive government and corporate corruption. Furthermore, none of the high level "false flag" malefactors within BP, the Obama Administration, or the City of London have been brought to justice. Indeed, "time is running out" in Europe and America before more oil and gas-related disasters are likely to wreak havoc if we fail to develop new containment and cleanup technologies -- and make necessary social and political changes as well.
2010-08-27 Dear Norwegian American Weekly; BP-Gulf Catastrophe Threatens Norway by William B. Fox
2010-08-20 Red Alert! Attack on the Coasts and Fisheries of Norway! by William B. Fox.
2010-08-06 The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation. This intelligence summary page is being continually updated with article links that reinforce my case that neither British Petroleum nor the Obama Administration can be trusted to honestly diagnose or successfully resolve this crisis.

About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is also author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as a paleoconservative-leaning, "open source intelligence" think tank and alternative media source to help counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.

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