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Why Extraordinary Vigilance
Remains Necessary Regarding
the BP-Gulf Catastrophe

by William B. Fox

October 3, 2010

William B. Fox

His Excellency Wegger Christian Strømmen
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Mary Archer Saether
Counselor (Environment)
Mr. Richard Pedersen
Counselor (Fisheries)
Mr. Odd-Inge Kvalheim
Minister Counselor (Political Affairs)
Rear Admiral Trond Grytting
Defense Attaché

Norwegian Embassy
Washington, D.C.

Dear Senior Staff Members:

I am a Norwegian American who was recently in a conversation with an influential Norwegian American involved with the Norwegian Seamans Church in the Washington, D.C. (blind-copied to this email). When I described my activism regarding the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, he suggested that I send an email to Mary Archer Saether, Counselor of Environment, at the Norwegian Embassy. Upon reviewing the embassy staff list at , I decided to include other individuals listed above because of the scale and magnitude of the potential threat to Norway and other Scandinavian countries well as America.
I have created an intelligence summary web page on the catastrophe at: at my web site: This web page links to many articles that reinforce my concerns that BP has been lying to us about almost everything. Oil and gas may still be leaking out of the sea floor at a high rate. If true, this leakage could still be polluting the Gulf Stream off America's East Coast, and may eventually pose a serious danger to Norway's coast and fishing industry --as well as the coasts of Iceland, the UK, France, and other European countries.
Because of the extreme deception and high level criminal malevolence documented on the intelligence summary web page, I believe that BP's handlers in the City of London have gone far beyond just creating massive pollution for North America and a possible grave danger for Europe. They are also waging the moral equivalent of war, to include waging psycho-political warfare through suppressed national media and promulgating genocide through the likely impact upon millions of Americans of millions of gallons of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit.
Successfully countering these ultra high level psychopaths, who have also played a key role in American and European banking crises (documented in Chapter 33 of my Mission of Conscience series at: and in my "Iceland Gets ENRONed" series at:, requires activism on many different levels that work in parallel with each other, to include unconventional alternative media activists like myself as well as official diplomatic sources.
The following recent articles reinforce my concerns:

In my "Consistently Creates False Hopes, Employs False Solutions" section at:

I list:

2010-09-26 BP Bottom Kills the Well from Hell; But Which Well Did They Really Kill, And Is It Really Dead? by concernedcitizensofflorida.

In my "Red Alerts" to Icelanders and Norwegians listed further down in this email, I link to older articles that describe how there are likely over ten leak sites outside the main Macondo Well that was allegedly permanently capped, how BP may have hit deep biosphere "abiotic" oil that may flow for years, how certain experts see a real threat to Europe, and how oil and gas flowing up through an apparently badly fractured sea floor under extreme pressure can widen channels to the surface.
Please note some older articles that severely challenge BP's credibility:

2010-08-18 BP's oil well near death, but disaster is not over by Harry R. Weber, Associated Press Writer.
"ON THE GULF OF MEXICO – The impending death of BP's blown-out oil well will bring one piece of the catastrophe that began five months ago to an anticlimactic end — after all, the gusher was capped in July.
This, though, is an important milestone for the still-weary residents of the Gulf Coast: an assurance that not so much as a trickle of oil will ever seep from the well that already has ruined so much since the disaster first started...
Crews had already pumped in cement to seal the well from the bottom, and officials said Saturday it had set. Once a pressure and weight test was finished, officials expected to confirm that the well is permanently plugged...
[Editor's Note: In all likelihood, this story is very misleading. There are credible reports of over nine leaks in the sea floor outside the main Deepwater Horizon well. As oil geologist Chris Landau observed in his interview with Jeff Rense, this can actually make matters worse, much like plugging the end of a garden hose with multiple leaks in the hose line. The water pressure will simply increase the water leakage elsewhere in the hose line. Furthermore, every moment that BP stalls in implementing viable solutions give more time for high earth pressures to sand-blast fissures in the ocean floor ever wider.]
2010-08-15 Use of Dispersants in the Gulf Proves to Have Little Benefit. In fact, apart from its toxicity, it may be worse than useless from the way it appears to inhibit bacteria that eat oil, thereby prolonging the pollution. Worse yet, BP lacks scientific data to support its claims. Most oil and gas dissolves in the sea water anyway, making the use of dispersants cosmetic at best to hide oil beneath the surface.
2010-08-12 BP Gulf Oil Spill Static Kill Has Failed And Created Mess That Will Make Well Harder To Seal by Alexander Higgins blog, "Oil Industry Expert Bob Cavnar has posted a series of blog posts over the last few days that have escalated in charges that BP and the Federal Government BP and the Federal Government are deliberately providing the public with misinformation to cover up the fact that the static kill has backfired and made the BP Gulf Oil Spill well much harder to kill."
2010-08-11 New Outrages Keep Gushing From BP by Jim Hightower, Truthout OpED
2010-08-06 BP Caught Filtering BP Gulf Oil Spill Video Feeds To Hide HUGE Sea Floor Leaks, Alexander Higgins blog
2010-08-04 Report: “BP Says ‘Static Kill’ on Gulf Well Is Successful” — As seeps continue from BOP and sea floor, Florida Oil Spill Law.
2010-08-01 BP executive 'absolutely' would eat Gulf seafood, AFP, The Raw Story
2010-07-30 Incoming BP CEO: Time for 'scaleback' in cleanup by Harry R. Weber (AP) "BILOXI, Miss. — BP's incoming CEO says it's time to scale back the massive effort to clean up the oil spill, but adds that the commitment to make things right is the same as ever."
2010-07-30 False Positive Spin Doctor: BP’s well is still “constantly leaking oil”; “Nothing to see here.” A BP oil executive told media the leaking stopped on July 15th. In contrast "Oil & gas industry expert Bob Cavnar says BP is lying and that oil is constantly leaking!"
2010-07-28 False Positive Spin Doctor: Mighty oil-eating microbes help clean up the Gulf by John Carey.
"...Where is all the oil? Nearly two weeks after BP finally capped the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, the oil slicks that once spread across thousands of miles of the Gulf of Mexico have largely disappeared. Nor has much oil washed up on the sandy beaches and marshes along the Louisiana coast. And the small cleanup army in the Gulf has only managed to skim up a tiny fraction of the millions of gallons of oil spilled in the 100 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig went up in flames.
So where did the oil go? "Some of the oil evaporates," explains Edward Bouwer, professor of environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins University. That’s especially true for the more toxic components of oil, which tend to be very volatile, he says. Jeffrey W. Short, a scientist with the environmental group Oceana, told the New York Times that as much as 40 percent of the oil might have evaporated when it reached the surface. High winds from two recent storms may have speeded the evaporation process."
[Editor's Note: In response to this puff piece, please see 2010-07-28 Underwater Lakes Of Oil From BP Spill Will Continue To Cover Gulf Beaches With Toxic Layer Of Invisible Oil For Months, Alexander Higgins blog, "I have pointed out several times as little as 2% of the oil released in the BP Gulf Oil spill may make it to the surface." The overwhelming amount of gas and oil dissolves and lingers as lower depths.]
2010-07-24 Censored Gulf news: US health and refugee humanitarian crisis. Day 100 by Deborah Dupre, Houston.
2010-07-23 [False Positive Spin-Doctoring] Gulf's Oil slick, already waning, could vanish with the wind by Curtis Morgan, McClatchy Newspapers "MIAMI — Starved of its daily dose of crude and under assault by wind, waves, sun, oil-eating bacteria and the largest fleet of oil skimmers ever assembled, the massive oil slick that has stalked the Gulf of Mexico for three months has been shrinking for the past week"
2010-07-20 [False Positive Spin Doctoring] 'Static kill' growing as option to end Gulf oil spill drama by Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, "No news is good news for BP as its jerry-rigged containment system is holding the renegade Macondo well at bay for a sixth day in a row, meaning that US authorities could soon give the go-ahead to a “static kill” that could finally end the now three-month-long Gulf oil spill drama."
2010-07-20 Jeff Rense interview with Chris Landau, oil geologist (MP3 Download Here.)
Landau: "...There is a missing 10,000 psi which they had when they were drilling. They were working with at least with a 17 pound mud weight and possibly as high as 20. So there is at least 10,000 pounds per square inch missing and that is just going out in the formation. It is going to crack the formation more. Create more funneling, with the oil and gas through the formation, and wear things out more. And erode things away like a high pressure hose with holes, and so you have got more distraction and you have got more oil and gas coming up next to the well and in the surrounding fractures around the well. It is just one big ongoing disaster."
2010-07-19 Time To Remove The Well Cap And FAST by Dave Lindorff
2010-07-19 They're still lying about oil disaster (Pt.1) See also Part 2. Video with Matt Simmons.
[Editor's Note: To qualify Simmons, an investment banker and not an oil and gas insider by trade, please see the 28 July 2010 article Is Matt Simmons Credible? by Robert Rapier].

In my "North Atlantic, European" section at:
I have recently added the following articles:

2010-09-28 Life on this Earth Just Changed 28 Sept Update, by Lord Stirling. Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link
Surface Horizontal Current Forecast ~ link ~ "This shows Loop Current still dead; shows Yucatan Current bypassing Gulf of Mexico, shows weak Gulf Stream, shows mostly non-existant North Atlantic Current."
RTOFS (Atlantic) Graphic Nowcasts/Forecasts ~ link ~ "This shows North Brazil Current beginning to loop back into itself. Possible death of entire Thermohaline Circulation System."
2010-09-28 First snowmen of the season spotted as surprise cold snap sweeps across Britain
by Daily Mail Reporter. "...The last time Britain saw a September cold snap as severe as this current one was in 2003, when much of northern England was below freezing."

I am not able to vouch for the scientific validity of the articles listed above that were originally posted by Lord Stirling and others. Without question, there is still quite a lot that one can not prove yet. BP continues to withhold many important facts, even to the point of threatening the lives of millions.
BP still refuses to publish its mud logs that can provide vital data on leakage into fractured underground strata. The 14 July 2010 article Government’s Expert Witness: Over 42 million gallons of dispersant used during BP oil disaster,, states that "More dispersant applied `than the amount of OIL spilled in any single accident prior to the BP disaster.'” BP also continues to promulgate a police state control grid and mainstream media suppression in many coastal areas (please see my section at:
The media suppression practiced by BP and its allies may be setting up Europe to get caught off guard some time in the next three to six months (according to some experts listed in my intelligence summary page), just as the East Coast has already been "ambushed" with numerous stories about massive fish die-offs in states that range from Georgia and North Caroline to New York and Massachusetts. We may require high level diplomatic pressure from European countries to force BP to come forth with enough facts (to include the mud log data) to insure that Europeans can adequately safeguard themselves, to include implementing preventive strategies if necessary. (Please see my "activist section" towards the end of the BP-Gulf Catastrophe intelligence summary page.)
In my author archive web page at: I list two alerts that have already gone out to Norwegians (to include an info copy to the Norwegian Intelligence Service) and Icelanders regarding worst case scenarios:

2010-09-03 Red Alert! Attack on the Coast, Climate, People, and Fishing Industry of Iceland by William B. Fox
2010-08-20 Red Alert! Attack on the Coasts and Fisheries of Norway! by William B. Fox

Before closing out this email, I would like to briefly share some background on myself and personal objectives to see if there might be ways that we can be of mutual assistance in the future.
I have already exhausted substantial personal funds developing my web sites and fighting activist battles, to include working with Capt. Eric May, a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, in an effort to thwart false flag nuclear attacks. This is documented in my Mission of Conscience Trilogy located at: I have also demonstrated a strong interest in Nordic-related cultural and ethnic survival-related issues, such as expressed in my "Iceland Gets ENRONed" series at: I think that the country and cultural analysis contained in this series is relevant to the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, to the extent that it takes a certain level of social cohesion and shared values to stand up to the complex, high level threat posed by BP's handlers.
I also have some other longstanding concerns on other important topics, such as what might happen to the Norwegian American community over the very long term if the U.S. economy collapses, and we see a scenario develop similar to what I contemplate in my Publisher's Preface at: for the 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, or my discussion in Chapter 31 of the Mission of Conscience series (at about scenarios related to martial law and the creation of domestic synthetic enemies in America.
If I were to try to define the nature of my activities from an occupational viewpoint, they might encompass terms like "writer," "research analyst," "business entrepreneur," and "independent consultant." They might relate to "open source intelligence," "alternative media," "cyber militia," "nongovernmental organization (NGO) operations," "counter psycho-political warfare," and "political activist."
Unfortunately I do not see many job descriptions listed by headhunters in these areas, and I got completely diverted away from a primary focus building an inventory and selling ebooks in summer 2008.
It would be great to network further among like-minded Norwegians as well as Norwegian Americans to find ways to sustain and even expand open source intelligence and alternative media activities. I now believe that the interests of Norway may be more closely aligned with those of genuinely patriotic Americans within the NSA, CIA, FBI, U.S. Military, and the American public at large than with the high level criminal cabals in the City of London who are ultimately responsible for the BP-Gulf disaster. I have already sent out alert emails to individuals within various aforementioned U.S. Government agencies.
You can find some background on my professional experience at: (for example I graduated with honors from the Harvard Business School in 1984 and became inactive in the rank of Major with the Marine Corps Reserves). Please also find some background photos that include my maternal grandfather as a retired Norwegian sea captain and my mother in Norwegian folk attire at
I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or other feedback that you can provide. This is an open letter, so please feel free to pass it on to anyone you wish.
Best regards,
William B. Fox
P.O. Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Web sites:;; and (old financial web site, no longer maintained).
Online phone number: 832-426-2441


Copy to:
  Capt. Eric May, co-author in prior alerts
  Dr. James Fetzer, Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth; co-author in prior alerts
  Leon Smith, Publisher, The Lone Star Iconoclast, co-author in prior alerts
  SFC Donald Buswell, former U.S. Army Intelligence, co-author in prior alerts
  Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press,
  Icelandic Embassy, Washington, D.C.



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