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An animation on YouTube titled "Ocean currents likely to carry oil to Atlantic" posted June 3, 2010 regarding how the BP "oil and gas volcano" might begin its contamination of the Atlantic. "BP Gulf Oil Spill Is Already In Gulf Stream And May Hit North Carolina Beaches Any Day," Alexander Higgins Blog, June 15, 2010, argued that oil was actually traveling in the Gulf Stream at a faster rate than this projection.


Red Alert!
Attack on the
Coast, Climate, People,
and Fishing Industry
of Iceland

by William B. Fox

3 September 2010

William B. Fox

Dear Citizens of Iceland, Fellow Scandinavian-Americans, and Other Interested Parties:

Contrary to reports that we continue to see in mainstream media that British Petroleum has the "Gulf spill" under control, we see numerous credible reports in alternative media that massive amounts of oil and gas continue to rise from the sea floor at a horrendous rate from over ten locations outside of the main drill hole, which has been badly fractured in many locations beneath the ocean floor.1
We also see many reports of massive clusters of dead fish now washing up on shores all over the U.S. East Coast, from Florida to Massachusetts. 2 Many experts fear that a highly toxic stream of contaminated ocean water is now flowing in the Gulf Stream towards Northern Europe, where it could cause severe damage to Iceland's coast and fishing industry within about six months if nothing is done. 3 In addition, the 9 Aug 2010 article "Special Post - Gulf Stream & North Atlantic Current Dying" by Lord Stirling cites concerns by Italian theoretical physicist Dr. Giangluigi Zangari that pollution has already broken the Gulf Loop Current, resulting in a "dramatic weakening in the vorticity of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, and a reduction in North Atlantic water temperatures of 10C." 4 This in turn means that redistributed heating patterns on this planet could advance severe Arctic climatic conditions towards Iceland.
In "UPDATED: Life on this Earth Just Changed, The North Atlantic Current is Gone," Lord Stirling stated: 5

...Oil has flowed up the East Coast of America and into the North Atlantic Ocean, and there is no way to effectively clean up this 'sea bottom oil'. It is likely, based on numerous reports, that the oil is still flowing in massive amounts from multiple places on the seabed floor. This effectively means, that even if we had the technology in place to somehow clean up the free flowing thick crude oil deep in the ocean, it would likely not be enough to reverse the damage to the Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean...
...So what does this mean? Violent mixing of the seasons, crop failures, and increased drought and floods in diverse places is now daily news since the April 20th 2010 BP Oil Volcano. They have killed the pacemaker of world climate in the words of Dr Zangari PhD. Dr Mike Coffman PhD geologist resource climatologist, and Dr Tim Ball PhD climatologist have confirmed that if this data is correct, that an ice age and massive climate shift with famine is now imminent...
...UPDATE 2 September2010: Europe is going into an early winter ~ link ~ with snowfall in the Alps coming a month early ~ link ~ half a meter of snow in late August in Norway ~ link ~ early snow in Russia ~ link ~ Additionally, sea ice in the Antarctic is at near record levels ~ link ~ and coldest August in South Australia in 35 years ~ link ~ This is indicative of a major climatic change to the entire planet and is to be expected from the dying Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean.

I have investigated this crisis in some detail and have created a lengthy intelligence summary web page titled "The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation." (Please see the introductory paragraphs in Appendix I below). 6 This web page links to numerous articles which show how both BP and the Obama Administration have wasted valuable time. They have deliberately engaged in cover-ups by creating false hopes and employing false solutions.
My summary web page also links to articles which describe how BP likely tapped into an "oil and gas volcano" emanating from an ultra high pressure reservoir beneath the earth's mantle that has staggering oil and gas capacity --some of which may even be continually "renewable" according to the theory of "abiotic oil."
Many experts believe that millions of Americans will suffer significantly shortened life spans as a result of toxic earth gases and the vapors from millions of gallons of the highly toxic dispersant Corexit that BP has deliberately dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. The average life expectancy of workers on the Exxon-Valdez cleanup in 1989 who were exposed to Corexit was only 51 years old. 7 Today millions of Americans are suffering from toxic rains containing this same Corexit --which has also entered Gulf Stream waters aimed at Iceland and western Europe.
There is strong evidence that British Petroleum's atrocious behavior results from extreme forms of recklessness and high level intrigue. It may also involve purely psychopathic and even psychotic forms of criminality.
It is very important that the public recognize this underlying dark reality, so that it does not confuse BP's bad behavior with offshore drilling companies who act responsibly and can serve as a major sources of jobs, revenue, and energy for their respective countries. In Part 4 of my series titled "Iceland Gets `ENRONed,' Then Goes for `1776'" 8 I explain how the Northern Dreki field and other areas within Iceland's territorial waters have the potential to provide sorely needed jobs and revenue for Iceland.
Norway's largest oil company Statoil has been unfairly penalized. BP has fouled the central deepwater areas where on 17 March Statoil became one of the largest leaseholders in the Gulf of Mexico. 9 BP has also thwarted Statoil's Arctic exploration initiatives. 10 It is now very likely that Iceland's oil and gas-related ventures will be unfairly penalized as well.
I feel uniquely qualified to address these issues, having completed the online Mission of Conscience Trilogy which documents efforts by former U.S. Army Intelligence officer Capt. Eric H. May and other activists to deter a possible false flag nuclear attack involving the British Petroleum refinery in Texas City, Texas. 11 BP has been involved in other high level intrigues in collaboration with MI-6, the CIA, and Mossad for quite some time, to include the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953. 12
In my intelligence summary page I list testimony by former Phoenix, Arizona police officer Jack McLamb. High-level inside military and police sources told Officer McLamb that BP's Deepwater Horizon rig suffered a deliberate bomb explosion on April 20th. 13 I also reference an alert dated 8 August which I coauthored with Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, regarding a possible Israeli-U.S. attack on Iran. 14 All of this is relevant to the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, to the extent that BP, the Obama Administration, American foreign policy, the City of London, and Tel Aviv seem to be heavily influenced by the same corrupt, trouble-making global power elite that frequently engages in "disaster capitalism." This cabal habitually creates distractors away from the very problems that they themselves create, in essence "kicking problems upstairs" instead of resolving them.
This continuing crisis must be seriously investigated by individuals involved in many levels of society and in many different professions in Iceland as well as elsewhere in the world. We must accurately diagnose the underlying nature of the problem, and then implement effective solutions as soon as possible.
In all likelihood, viable solutions will require not only the assets and expertise of honorable and responsible oil and gas companies outside of BP, but also diplomatic initiatives and other types of interventions by European governments likely to be affected by spreading ocean contamination. It will also require grass roots populist action to motivate politicians and media leaders to give this crisis the attention it deserves on the international stage.
Time may be running out for Iceland to save its fisheries and coastline. Even more may be at stake if Northern Europe is threatened with advancing Arctic conditions. We need grass roots activism by the general public as well as professional expertise -- and we must act NOW!
I have already notified certain U.S. government officials, military personnel, and policemen, as well as copied Icelandic media, Members of Parliament, and the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On 21 Aug I also sent a similar alert to the people of Norway.15 I believe that my aggressive email campaign is justified by the circumstances. However, all my efforts are barely a beginning.
Your help is needed as well. It makes no sense to passively yield to the risk that masses of dead whales, dead dolphins, and dead fish will eventually wash up on Iceland's shores -- just like what has already happened around America's Gulf of Mexico and East Coast. Please pass this email along to anyone who may be interested -- whether of Nordic heritage or not -- to include business leaders and government representatives.
Iceland has always been a land with very special cultural and spiritual significance to me. In Part 1: Introduction and Overview of my "Iceland Gets "ENRONed" series, I describe how I once interviewed an Icelandic spiritual leader through a fellow Norwegian American journalist and an Icelandic translator back in 1993.16 This religious leader had a special resonance with Iceland's rich cultural heritage and heroic traditions. I believe that his approach to "indigenous values" has relevance to people in America and Britain, to the extent that if the great masses of political correctness-brainwashed individuals in both countries had a greater sense of ethnic loyalty, personal pride, and cultural rootedness, they never would have allowed alien interests and high level criminals with BP, the Obama Administration, and the City of London to get so far out of control to begin with. I explain this reasoning in greater detail in my commentary to question13 "Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty?" in my online "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz to show how this sociological dimension is an important part of a long term solution to many major problems that plague Western societies today. 17 I also explain the relevance of indigenous values and nationalist principles to the defense of Iceland in Part 4 of my "Iceland Gets `ENRONed'" series.
I believe that Icelanders have all the "right stuff" to play a uniquely constructive role on the global stage in many areas in addition to providing religious guidance and defying unscrupulous globalist bankers, hence the urgent need to awaken Icelanders to help lead others as well as defend themselves in regard to the BP-Gulf threat.
I appreciate comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

William B. Fox
President, America First Institute

Thermal Image of Gulf Steam Current and possible path of Oil Spill. (Image and caption courtesy of "BP Gulf Oil Spill Is Already In Gulf Stream And May Hit North Carolina Beaches Any Day," Alexander Higgins Blog, June 15, 2010).


Appendix I


The BP-Gulf Catastrophe
As a False Flag Operation


Editor's Note by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books

First published 6 Aug 2010
continually updated

This web page is concerned with three major issues:

a) How the recklessness, incompetence, and malevolence of British Petroleum (BP), the Obama Administration, and their handlers rise to a level beyond ordinary criminality.
There is overwhelming evidence that these entities not only caused the BP-Gulf "Oil 9/11" (see the Alex Jones interview with Officer Jack McLamb, who describes a deliberate bomb explosion) but have also ruthlessly exacerbated it for their own extremely selfish gains, to include "disaster capitalism," "graft," and "constitutional usurpation." As three examples, in his 20 July interview with Jeff Rense, oil geologist Chris Landau claimed that at least eight relief wells are necessary to drain deep underground structures surrounding the fractured "oil and gas volcano" in order to contain the threat. BP's attempts to "cap" its single, highly fractured well are simply a publicity stunt that wastes valuable time. BP has not only turned away myriad international offers of help in a crisis that requires "all hands on deck," but has also needlessly endangered the lives of tens of millions of Americans by using the highly toxic and dysfunctional dispersant Corexit -- banned in the UK and North Sea -- for purely cosmetic purposes. Going forward, neither BP, nor the Obama Administration, nor any of their high level handlers can be trusted to resolve this festering crisis in a sane, rational, or humanitarian manner consistent with genuine republican principles any more than lunatics can be trusted to run an insane asylum or bank robbers can be trusted to hold your savings. Please see the false flag analysis section below:

b) How there is an urgent need to independently assess the true nature of the "runaway oil and gas volcano," its catastrophic impact on the environment, and the best technologies and other solutions available to end the crisis.
This includes addressing the potential threat that BP's apparent puncture of the earth's mantle is tapping into a possible perpetual generator of "abiotic oil." If left unchecked, this could eventually pollute all the oceans of the world. This threatens Marine phytoplankton, which according to NASA produce 50-90% of the oxygen we breath, depending on the seasons. Large masses of fish and other marine life have not only been washing up all along the Gulf Coast, but also along the U.S. East Coast bordering the Gulf Stream from Florida to Massachusetts. According to the 9 Aug 2010 article Special Post - Gulf Stream & North Atlantic Current Dying by Lord Stirling, the Italian theoretical physicist Dr. Giangluigi Zangari has cited satellite evidence in which pollution has not only broken the Gulf Loop Current, but has also resulted in a "dramatic weakening in the vorticity of the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current, and a reduction in North Atlantic water temperatures of 10C." .All of this threatens "Ice Age" cooling in some parts of the globe, severe climatic changes elsewhere around the world, and even major extinction events among various human and animals groups. Another good introduction to the possible planetary scope of this disaster is the 10 June 2010 article BP Oil Disaster Could Hit Europe Via the Powerful Gulf Stream Current by F. William Engdahl. Please also see the "geophysical" section below.

c) How we require broad-based citizen activism to install the kind of honorable government and corporate leadership required to successfully end this crisis.
Unfortunately many power elites have been infiltrated and corrupted around the world --to include not only in the U.S., UK, and Canada, but also in Scandinavian countries. Given the lead times required for implementing successful action, European countries must start acting now to counteract the toxic ocean water steadily creeping towards them with the Gulf Stream. Normally Nordic countries are perceived to be among the least corrupt nations, yet I document infiltration and corruption of Iceland in my series "Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776." In Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy, I provide strong evidence that former Norwegian Prime Minister Thorbjorn Jagland was heavily influenced by Mossad-CIA to throw the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Obama. Clearly, we must overcome high level moral disorientation, incompetence, and bureaucratic paralysis by encouraging aggressive grass roots consciousness-raising everywhere combined with competent technical analysis. Please see the "citizen action" section below.

[Editor's Note: This web page continues at:]

* * * * * * * * *

Footnote URLs

1 2010-07-26 BP Gulf Oil Spill Seeps Mapped In Google Earth – Feds Explanation Of Sea Floor Leaks Don’t Add Up, posted by Alexander Higgins. This map shows at least ten leak sites plus "site A" outside of the original Deepwater Horizon site.
2 2010-08-12 Days After Tar Balls Hit New York Beach Massive Fish Kills Stretch From New Jersey to Massachusetts posted by Alexander Higgins.

3 2010-06-10 Scientists fear pollution from BP's Gulf oil leak could reach Clyde, BNet
"THE BP oil spill which has devastated wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico could spread as far as the west coast of Scotland, environmental experts have warned.
A leading scientist from Greenpeace said it was `perfectly conceivable' that the Deepwater Horizon spill could reach the Ayrshire and Argyll coastlines and the holiday towns of Largs, Dunoon, Girvan, Troon, Ayr and Saltcoats, if it enters the Atlantic through the Gulf Stream.
Dr Paul Johnston said the potential effects of America's worst oil spill on Scottish waters might not be felt for six months or more..."

Please also consider:
2010-07-27 BP Disaster: Russia’s Take,, "According to a report in Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russian experts are pressing the Americans to use a nuclear explosion to extinguish the well, before it destroys the Atlantic Ocean..."
2010-06-10 BP Oil Disaster Could Hit Europe Via the Powerful Gulf Stream Current by F. William Engdahl, "A cursory look at a map of the Gulf Stream shows that the oil is not just going to cover the beaches in the Gulf, it will spread to the Atlantic coasts up through North Carolina then on to the North Sea and Iceland. And beyond the damage to the beaches, sea life and water supplies, the Gulf stream has a very distinct chemistry, composition (marine organisms), density, temperature. What happens if the oil and the dispersants and all the toxic compounds they create actually change the nature of the Gulf Stream? No one can rule out potential changes including changes in the path of the Gulf Stream, and even small changes could have huge impacts. Europe, including England, is not an icy wasteland due to the warming from the Gulf Stream."
4 2010-08-09 Special Post - Gulf Stream & North Atlantic Current Dying by Lord Stirling,
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10 2010-07-28 "BP Spill Thwarts Shell, Statoil in Arctic Oil Delay" by Kari Lundgren, Bloomberg. "BP Plc’s disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will keep the planet’s biggest pot of untapped oil and gas under the Arctic ice for now as regulators toughen drilling rules and demand better ways to handle spills."

11 Please note in the Mission of Conscience Trilogy (Table of Contents at: how the most suspicious refinery explosions took place at the Texas City BP refinery. See Chapter 10, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13. Although Capt. May did not predict the explosion that took place in Chapter 12, please note the interesting 2 July 2010 article "Blast at BP Texas Refinery in ‘05 Foreshadowed Gulf Disaster" by John Knutson, ProPublica and FRONTLINE (PBS).
Although there was no explosion in Chapter 18, note the suspicious "abort" signals and the amazing coincidence in which one of the Pentagon's rare Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Teams showed up in the vicinity
the day after the predicted explosion date. Capt. May believed that the BP refinery in Texas City, TX was the number one site in America for the next "9/11 inside job" false flag operation to "justify" war with Iran for reasons explained in Chapter 10, and that high level malefactors intended to set off a tactical nuclear weapon of at least 10 kilotons at this site.
12 2010-06-23 Iran, BP and the CIA by Lawrence S. Wittner, Counterpunch "The offshore oil drilling catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico brought to us by BP has overshadowed its central role over the past century in fostering some other disastrous events." ("Mosaddegh" is also commonly spelled "Mosaddeq").
13 2010-06-24 Transcript: Alex Jones interview with Officer Jack McLamb. (MP3 Download Here.)
14 2010-08-08 False Flag Alert! Pieces Falling Into Place for Israeli-U.S. Attack on Iran, co-authored with Dr. James Fetzer. Dr. Fetzer is founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, at:; also published in The Lone Star Iconoclast.
Capt. May has supplemented our 8 August article with his 16 Aug 2010 article Zionist John Bolton on Jewish World War -- Best Begun by 8/21/2010 -- and his 11 Aug 2010 article Ghostly Chatter of U.S. Veterans about Israeli War on Iran.
15 2010-08-20 Red Alert! Attack on the Coasts and Fisheries of Norway!
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17 Commentary regarding question13 "Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty?"

Other References Gulf Oil Disaster articles
Before Its News Stories in the Gulf Oil Spill Category. Featured Stories; Also please see his special web page "BP Oil Catastrophe"
Florida Oil Spill Law
A great site that exposes skullduggery as it pertains to Florida coasts
Alexander Higgins blog.
A good source for suppressed news, to include evidence of oil moving up the East Coast with the Gulf Stream
Gulf of Mexico OIL NEWS 2010 by John Kaminski at Kaminski covers many City of London-Zionist skullduggery angles involved with the Gulf-BP catastrophe during the June-July period. He picks back up again with his 27 Aug 2010 article penned upon his return to Florida titled "Big Black Cloud: Return to Florida Reveals Heaven Turned to Hell."
Washington's Blog
Europe -- Lord Stirling blog
. In particular, please see the 9 Aug 2010 special article Special Post - Gulf Stream & North Atlantic Current Dying

[Editor's note: For more references, please see the The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation. For Icelandic readers who need help with English translation, please consider a free online English-Icelandic translator such as].

About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former Marine Corps officer, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, publisher of America First Books, and author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about counter terror and counter psycho-political warfare operations. This includes counter government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and Scandinavian-American organizations (mother is from Bergen). As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as a think tank to help counter trends that are destroying many European countries as well as America. This letter is intended as a template for other letters for other western European countries (adapted with a few wording changes) that are also threatened just like Iceland and Norway. Please feel free to borrow whatever you want from this letter to create your own activist correspondence to help wake up Europeans as well as more Americans.
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