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BP-Gulf Catastrophe
Threatens Norway

by William B. Fox

27 August 2010
Letter to the Editor
Norwegian American Weekly

William B. Fox

Dear Norwegian American Weekly:

Contrary to reports that we see in mainstream media that British Petroleum has the "Gulf spill" under control, we see numerous credible reports in alternative media that massive amounts of oil and gas continue to rise from the sea floor at a horrendous rate from over eleven locations outside of the main drill hole, which has been badly fractured in many locations beneath the ocean floor.
We also see many reports of massive clusters of fish now washing up on shores all over the East Coast, from Florida to Massachusetts. Many experts fear that a highly toxic stream of contaminated ocean water is now flowing in the Gulf Stream towards Norway, where it could cause severe damage to Norway's fisheries and fjords within about six months if nothing is done.
I have investigated this issue, and have created an intelligence summary web page ( also featured on my Web site ( under the title "The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation."
I link to numerous articles which show how both BP and the government have deliberately engaged in cover ups by creating false hopes and employing false solutions.
Not only is Norway in serious danger, but people who live near the Gulf remain threatened by toxic fumes and rainfall.
This continuing crisis must be seriously investigated by individuals involved in many different disciplines and professions in Europe as well as America. We must accurately diagnose the underlying nature of the problem, and then implement effective solutions as soon as possible. This may require not only oil and gas industry assets and expertise, but also diplomatic interventions by European countries that will likely be affected by spreading ocean contamination.
Time is running out against Norway. We need grass roots activism by the general public as well as professional expertise, and we must act NOW!
Norway has always been a great seafaring nation, with the courage to face hardships and surmount them. I expect Norwegians will play a significant role in resolving this global crisis.
I appreciate comments and suggestions from readers.

Best regards,
William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
Sarver, PA 16055

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