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Muddies the Waters

by William B. Fox

June 4, 2009

William B. Fox

I have written two articles for the Lone Star Iconoclast defending the free speech rights of Henrik Holappa.1, 2 I am glad that through the efforts of myself, the Iconoclast, and others, that the Finnish state prosecutor has dropped all charges and Holappa can return to Finland without facing a possible 4.5 year prison sentence. However, I find myself in the awkward position where I have defended the free speech rights of one of the most politically incorrect types of individuals one can imagine.
Under the Fair Use Doctrine and First Amendment, there was nothing illegal about anything attributed to Holappa. Nevertheless, I think that Henrik Holappa’s association with National Socialism has actually done more to complicate his ability to achieve his political objectives than help.
The Nordic peoples have long traditions involving parliamentary government and human rights; therefore, when one comes to their defense, it muddies the waters to start off with highly authoritarian political models.
The American Revolution was fundamentally a libertarian revolution, and the burden of political discourse in America has historically been to start out with libertarian models. Authoritarian methods are supposed to be a last resort, not a first resort.
Israel is in the same boat, in that many hard-core Zionist leaders have been followers of author/military leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky, who was very cozy with Fascist Italy in the 1930’s. Furthermore, Israel is so socialistic and militaristic that the country remains an economic basket case and cannot support itself without massive continuous outside aid — resulting in blank checks from the U.S. government. Both in terms of direct and indirect funding, Israel has cost America trillions of dollars.
And the continued risk goes well beyond that, since Israel may yet lead America into global nuclear war with acts of aggression that make Hitler and Stalin's invasion of Poland pale by comparison. Zionist neo-cons have not only blatantly lied to the American public to get America bogged down in the Iraqi and Afghanistan quagmires, but they are now stirring up Pakistan and threatening Iran.

“Socialism” as a Turn-Off
For American Business People

"Socialism," wherever it is used to justify government interventionism, usually always means more government bureaucracy. Government is first and foremost about politics and force, and rarely about sound economics. Bureaucrats tend to be functionaries who are more interested in job security than implementing creative business plans. In the short run, government programs may be great for immediately mobilizing vast resources to attack specific problems, but over the long run government bureaucracies tend to produce massive waste and economic distortion relative to the private sector.
From a libertarian perspective, "building socialism" typically means the opposite of building a class of self-sufficient entrepreneurs competent in creating and executing market-competitive business plans — which in the long run is the main source of real wealth creation. Therefore, the term "socialism" is usually a real non-starter for business people, because it implies to them more government red tape, increased heavy-handed regulation, higher taxes, and "make work" programs that further distort the economy.
Mr. Holappa told me that what he really means by "socialism" is “in-group altruism" involving Finns helping fellow Finns.
We can certainly use more “in-group altruism” here in America to help this country defend its borders from tidal waves of Third World illegal aliens. We can also use it to encourage industrialists to rebuild America’s declining industry in order to create more jobs for Americans and bolster strategic industries.
Lastly, we learn from sociobiology textbooks that a certain level of “in-group altruism” is absolutely essential for any distinct group or species to survive.
Unfortunately in regard to these latter considerations, when Holappa uses the term “socialism” (as in “National Socialism”), there is quite a lot that “gets lost in the translation” to most Americans.

Dealing With National Socialists
and Other Radicals Today

One of my big frustrations in dealing with many radical right wingers today is that they tend to fall into one of two camps.
On the one hand, there are the racial nationalists who tend to be obsessed with racial, ethnic, and cultural conflict. This same group tends to be ignorant about business and economic realities. Many of them complicate their case even further by advocating anachronistic authoritarian models as a quick fix for social problems.
On the other side, one finds many libertarians who know quite a lot about economics, but remain willfully blind to racial, ethnic, and cultural realities — even to the point of complete cowardice.
What we desperately need today are people who can reconcile opposing perspectives using hard-headed analysis and make rational trade-offs. We need to first go beyond symbols, propaganda, and sensationalism and objectively focus on facts and analysis.
Preserving the capacity to engage in real analysis has been my ultimate goal in my Iconoclast articles, regardless of the ideological perspectives under consideration.


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For more on Henrik Holappa, please visit For more on the “Obama Nation” that has persecuted him, visit: William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California, and publisher of


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