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Author William B. Fox, and Margaret Huffstickler (right), fiancee of European-American activist John de Nugent, and another friend, during their visit with Henrik Holappa on May 12 at the Department of Homeland Security ICE facility in Batavia, N.Y.

Government Terror:

A Free Speech Gain for Finland
and the
an Immigrant Loss for America

by William B. Fox

May 20, 2009

William B. Fox

When the Lone Star Iconoclast published my March 18, 2009 article “Asylum-Seeker Jailed for His Opinions —In America!,” 1 it became the first major paper in America to report outrages committed against political dissident Henrik Holappa by both the Finnish government and the Obama administration. Thanks to this and other publicity, the Finnish state prosecutor against Holappa has dropped all charges in a written statement. Holappa no longer faces up to 4.5 years in jail in Finland. 2
However, the Obama administration has kept Holappa incarcerated at the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Detention Facility in Batavia , N.Y. ever since he was arrested on March 9. Holappa now faces deportation, ostensibly based upon a petty visa violation.
The Iconoclast visited Holappa at the Batavia facilily on May 12. He confirmed that shortly after his arrest, an FBI interrogator told him that according to an ICE official, Holappa was arrested because he is considered a white supremacist. This confirms his de facto political prisoner status.
Holappa told the FBI he is not a “supremacist.” He is mainly interested in defending the survival of his own people, which does not necessarily imply a desire to oppress other races.
For the first few weeks following his arrest, Holappa was not permitted to make phone calls to certain individuals. Holappa told the Iconoclast that only three out of eight letters mailed to him by his sister in Switzerland got to him. He was forced to stay in solitary confinement in a “Special Housing Unit” for many weeks, without being permitted to receive books or magazines.
Regarding the first Holappa article in the Lone Star Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith, stated that he was not so much concerned about what Holappa believes as the fact that he has been jailed for stating his opinions. Holappa’s treatment suggests a pattern of growing repression directed at dissidents of all ideological stripes.
Holappa told the Iconoclast that Finland suffers greater repression than most other Scandinavian countries as a legacy of the Cold War “Finlandization” process. The Finnish government appeased the Soviets by allowing its KGB to train certain domestic police.
Paradoxically, many other “Western democracies” are now experiencing “Sovietization” long after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
As one example, I coauthored for the IconoclastOrwellian Alert! British Crackdown Threatens Us All” about Dr. Fredrick Toben. 3 His web site at was recently shut down by the Australian government, and Dr. Toben has been sentenced to three months in prison. A kangaroo court found him guilty of 24 trumped-up charges of contempt for disobeying orders not to publish material that embarrassed certain particularly vindictive and deceitful individuals. 4
I also wrote ”Facing a Thought Crime Tribunal — North of the Border!5about Radical Press publisher Arthur Topham, who has been run through a Canadian Human Rights Commission “thought crime” tribunal for having made criticisms that caused displeasure within the Canadian Jewish community.
On May 11, I archived at my web site “Who Is Behind the `Pedophile Protection’ Act?6 by Rev. Ted Pike which documents a longstanding campaign by the Jewish ADL to whittle down free speech rights in America. The ADL wants to install the same kinds of hate crime laws in America that Holappa fled in Finland. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is probably correct in his May 7 article “Exempting Israel From Criticism7 that the ultimate goal is to criminalize all criticism of Jews, Israel, and Zionism.
Michael Collins Piper also reported in his May 25 article “Pro-Israel Mouthpiece Says Freedom of Speech Dangerous8 that “One of the most influential voices of the pro-Israel lobby has published a shocking essay suggesting that, in the future, there should be `military attacks’ on journalists and media outlets that oppose American military ventures on behalf of Israel”
Last, but not least, I have coauthored and archived numerous false flag alerts with political-military editor Capt Eric May. 9 We identify Mossad-CIA as the most likely culprit behind 9-11 and other major terror events. We believe that Mossad-CIA and its allies seek to suppress freedom of speech in order to not only escape the consequences of their criminality, but also to increase the magnitude of false flag attacks and other forms of government terror in the future.

State-Supported Terror Defined

Swiss Army Major H. von Dach,10 author of the classic work Total Resistance, provided an excellent short definition of state terror. He examined the history of successful resistance movements against occupation governments to identify commonalities. 11

1. Basic Rules of Terror
If you resist political indoctrination and the enemy realizes that he is failing in his attempts to "convert" you to his ideology, he will attempt to obtain obedience through fear. He will try to create the fear by terror. The enemy has developed terror techniques which have proven very effective. You therefore must be prepared. If you are acquainted with these techniques you can resist them more easily.
These terror measures are:

a) Surveillance of telephone and letters through censorship.
b) Establishment of an agent and informer net.
c) Arbitrary arrests.
d) No public trials except "show trials.”
e) Arbitrary sentences.
f) Lengthy prison sentences out of proportion to the offense.

Maj. H. von Dach’s work was once freely distributed by the Swiss government to its own citizens to support civil defense. Do not hold your breath that the Department of Homeland Security, which controls ICE, would ever do anything similar to protect Americans from government terror. In fact, expect quite the opposite.

State Terror, Finnish Style

The Finnish state prosecutor originally threatened Holappa with a copyright violation, charging that he emailed a picture taken from the Finnish newspaper Kaleva to an American. He also charged him with “defaming the honour” and the “incitement of racial hatred” towards three individuals in Finland with the first names of “Meir.” The English translation of his charges are online. 12 An important purpose of the First Amendment is to protect the right of people to publicly speak the plain truth as they see it and redress grievances even if their political style may feel rough to some.

Esa Henrik Holappa "in country" in Sarver, Penn., an occupied territory of the People's Democratic Republic of the U.S.A, or The Obama Nation, November 2008


The Obama Nation’s
Final Solution for Holappa

In his public statement dated April 30, 2009, Holappa explained why he decided to go ahead and accept deportation back to Finland: 12

“…It was obvious by my very arrest by Homeland Security’s ICE division… that the government that is ruling over the American people did not want me to stay here and did not want to approve my asylum application...
" of April 30, I have dropped my asylum application since there is no prosecution awaiting me in Finland and frankly I am tired of spending 23.5 hours a day in a concrete cell, and only exercising and reading and writing letters to and from good comrades around the world…
"...And now I return to Europe, to unfree Europe, to battle to get the freedoms we need back…”

Sadly, in this era of the “Obama Nation,” Lady Liberty’s fabled “golden lamp by the open door” apparently no longer applies to activists concerned about halting the demographic decline of whites in both Europe and America. The same psychopathic power elite that sanctioned the 9-11 inside job and installed what is in all likelihood a not-natural born, unconstitutional president has obviously gone over to the Dark Side in more ways than one.


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For more on Henrik Holappa, please visit For more on the “Obama Nation,” visit: William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California , and publisher of


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10 This author is listed by booksellers as both Maj. H. von Dach Bern, and as Maj. H. Von Dach (without "Bern"). Wikipedia lists this author as Maj. Hans Von Dach, as do Swiss or German booksellers such as here and here. I have not yet had an opportunity to speak with someone connected with the author's estate to find out the reason for this confusion. .


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