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In Defense of
The Radical Press

by William B. Fox
March 9, 2009

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From: William Fox
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 7:30 AM
Subject: In Support of Arthur Topham, A Brave Thinker and Gallant Defender of Free Speech Traditions of Western Civilization

Nancy Lafontant
Registry Officer
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Dear Ms. Lafontant:
I consider it a great honor to be able to send a letter in support of the free speech rights of Arthur Topham, publisher of The Radical Press, whose persecution under Canada’s draconian “hate crime”-related laws is being registered under file number T1360/9008.
I run the web site, in which I have archived the works of free speech activist Rev. Ted Pike at: There is quite a lot of material on this web page that is relevant to this case.
First, it contains numerous articles that document the underhanded tactics of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (an unregistered agent of Israel) to steal free speech rights under the guise of “hate crime” laws in America as well as Canada.
Secondly, numerous articles by Rev. Ted Pike and his niece Harmony Grant explain how the Canadian Human Rights Act is exactly the kind of Orwellian nightmare that we must avoid here in America at all costs. For this reason, I spent more than two full days of my time recently calling up every member of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C. to make my own personal strenuous effort to try to defeat the currently proposed “hate crime” legislation. An archived copy of the follow on email that I sent to Congressmen can be found here:
Please watch Rev. Ted Pike’s ten minute video that explains the Trojan Horse nature of proposed hate crime legislation in America, and how similar legislation has subverted Canadian free speech:

At the end of this email I have reproduced the same essay that I submitted in my emails to Congressmen. It is titled: “The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons.”
To put it bluntly, when it comes to the whole “hate crime” concept, the King wears no clothes. We should get all “hate crime” laws off the books and go back to being more free and civilized, as both Americans and Canadians were decades ago before all this Orwellian “hate crime” nonsense got snuck in through various Trojan Horse legislative initiatives.
As one example of an article I list in the Rev Ted Pike archive which explains the sinister nature of the Canadian Human Rights Commission is “Northern Gag Rule: Hate Speech Laws in Canada” by Harmony Grant at:
As another example, please see “Canada’s Damning Example Against Hate Laws" also by Harmony Grant at:
There are other articles like this on the web page one can find by running the search words “Canada” or “Canadian.”
Don’t you think it is really sad, Ms. Lafontant, that your country is now viewed so negatively? It appears that the witch hunts run by the Human Rights Commission are so alien to Anglo-Saxon common law traditions that once protected free speech.
I understand that certain members of B’nai Brith want to suppress eighteen articles posted at Mr. Topham’s web site. The following is a list of samples he has provided. I understand the remainder can be found at:


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
B’nai B’rith: Beating the anti-Semitic Drum
By Arthur Topham
Nationwide: Racist Me
By Chris Cook
Let’s Talk About Jews And Elections
By Curt Maynard
The Seeds of Global Tyranny
By Arthur Topham
Judaism is Nobody’s Friend
By Mark Glenn
Elie Wiesel’s Holocaust Tale
By Eric Hunt
Judaism: A Conspiracy Against Jews, Humanity?
By Henry Makow
The Many Masks of Zionism
By Arthur Topham

It is clear to me that all these articles are written in a thoughtful and intelligent manner and make an important contribution to public debate and general education.
Isn’t it amazing how many members of B’nai Brith can’t take criticism, but they can sure dish out vicious criticism and other abuse on others! Just look at what their co-tribalists have done to Palestinian innocents in Gaza recently! Look at the misery that the Zionist neo-cons behind the High Priests of War 1 documented by authors such as Michael Collins Piper have done to millions of innocent people throughout the Middle East with their military adventurism! When was the last time you heard about B’nai Brith members urging fellow Jews to openly protest or cut off funding for Israel because of human rights abuses? Why do they demand that laws protect them from criticism, yet it does not seem to work the other way around for others?
I urge my fellow Americans as well as brother Canadians to write emails as I have here to support Arthur Topham, a brave defender of free thought and true values of Western Civilization.
Best regards,
William B. Fox
America First Books
P.O. Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Phone: 724-353-0154



The Hate Crime
Law Concept:

It is all very sinister
for at least nine major reasons

by William B. Fox

The whole "hate crime" concept serves at least nine sinister purposes:

1) It encourages the use of "legal terrorism," where laws are used as snares to wage legal harassment campaigns. Deep-pocketed entities wear out and bankrupt their political adversaries by dragging them through nuisance litigation. Employers become scared to hire or retain politically conscious straight white males for fear that they could become targets of nuisance "civil rights" and "hate crime"-related suits or backdoor whisper campaigns or negative national media spin that could hurt their businesses.

2) "Hate crime" laws support political "victimhood" for "minorities." In fact, they work so well to promote artificially inflated white guilt that we see numerous cases of "hate crime" hoaxes staged by minorities, such as the Tawana Brawley affair.2

3) The "hate crime" concept creates a "guilt by association" climate regarding certain topics, thereby helping to inhibit certain types of thought and analysis. This has been particularly true regarding topics involving racial differences or criminal behavior by Jews. The big danger is that once certain types of "thought" is tainted with a "criminal association," and the focus of "criminality" is taken off certain actions, then any thing that the people in power do not like can be tainted with "criminality." For starters, any ideas or attitudes that they find "subversive" for any reason can become criminalized as "seditious" ("sedition" implies arousing some form of "hatred" or "dislike" for the state). This is how Stalin was able to liquidate members of the Bolshevik old guard he did not like during the 1930's show trials. "Disloyalty" was defined as anything the self-styled "infallible leader" of the Communist Party happened to say is "disloyal" for the moment. Conditioning the general public to accept the concept of "hate crime" is an important step towards this kind of total police state tyranny. After all, if the government today can triple penalties when someone commits a violent act against a minority member while voicing a racial epithet, just wait until they can catch you doing some little illegal thing that involves the government and then find a way to link this to something you have said that is critical of the government (immediately construed as "hateful" of course) so that they can then multiply the penalties three, five, ten, or however many times they like. So for example if a cop catches you going three mph over the speed limit on a Federal road like an Interstate, they will know that you deliberately went over the speed limit because you happened to once say something critical of the government a few years back and therefore must have a "bad" (or "hateful") attitude. Therefore you deserve perhaps a one hundred times multiplied penalty such as ten years in a penitentiary as just desserts. If this sounds totally absurd, just reflect on how once upon a time people got shot in the old Soviet Union for very simple things like owning a copy of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.3 See how it works?

4) "Hate crime" laws deflect attention away from the fact that the white population in America is being slowly genocided, and that it has its own moral right to exist. As Thomas W. Chittum observes in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America,4 the white population in America has been steadily declining by about 1-1.5% of the total population a year for many, many years. A blogger at the American Renaissance web site observed that in recent decades, 30 million aborted white Americans have been replaced by 30 million nonwhites.5 European history shows that once a dominant ethno-racial group drops below 75% of the total population within a country, it tends to become increasingly unstable. Chronic instability in turn tends to lead to things like secessionism, civil war, or police state repression designed to keep things unified at all costs.

"Hate crime" laws deflect attention away from the fact that under certain circumstances the emotion of "hate" is both healthy and desirable. People instinctively feel hatred towards those things which threaten to destroy them. It motivates them to take defensive action for their own preservation. If you believe in the right of self-defense, you must believe that the trait of hatred has survived as an instinct through evolution because it is vitally necessary for basic survival.

6) "Hate crime" laws tend to give the Federal government additional leverage points to control local state police. Give the massive resources of the Federal government, local state police then feel more intimidated to do whatever master puppeteer bureaucrats back in Washington, D.C. want them to do, no matter how arbitrary, ridiculous, or self-serving these things might be.

7) The piling on of more and more "hate crime" laws deflects attention away from the fact that in healthy societies, relatively few laws are needed for people to get along. The ancient Roman writer Tacitus once noted that "Where the state is most corrupt, then the laws are most multiplied." The late libertarian writer Harry Browne noted how the Anglo-Saxon Common Law is generally based on a few very simple, common sense principles.

8) "Hate crime" laws have been a disaster in Canada, Britain, and other supposedly "Western" countries, full of draconian "unintended consequences." People have been thrown in jail for making relatively mild criticisms regarding such topics as homosexuality, Holocaust claims, and pro-nonwhite racial policies. Significantly, the greatest promoter of "hate laws," the ADL, also blindly supports corrupt police state practices in the exclusively Jewish State of Israel. Please see my analysis of breathtaking examples of Jewish supremacist tyranny, criminality, psychopathology, arrogance, and hypocrisy in my mutualism vs. parasitism 6 discussion. Not all Jews are bad, but for reasons that I explain in this article, they seem to have problems preventing sociopaths from rising to the top.

9) The ultimate goal of "hate crime" laws is to strangle any freedom of speech that supports awareness of Jewish criminal conduct, Jewish usurpation of our Constitution, and the overall Jewish contribution towards the destruction of America. They do not want us to know about how millions of Jews occupy our power centers in our biggest cities. They do not want us to think too hard about the implications of their incredible ethnic solidarity, control of major national media, control of major wealth and businesses, and control of the privately owned central banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. They do not want us to know about Jewish orchestration of Bolshevik mass murder in Russia, the Lavon Affair,7 the murder of JFK,8 their spy nests,9 their domination of organized crime,10 their creation of wide-open borders to the Third World, their deliberate assault on the U.S.S. Liberty,11 their ethnic cleansing of Palestine, their probable central involvement12 in executing the 9-11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center buildings, and hosts of other crimes documented in books such as Final Judgment,13 The New Jerusalem,14 The High Priests of War,15 and The Viper's Venom.16 They want us to trust the "New World Order" elite totally and completely forsake popular sovereignty, the Constitution, and other traditions of freedom and self-determination related to our European ancestry and cultural heritage.
The Internet took them by surprise, so now they require more "hate crime" laws. They need to restore the curtain of darkness and the wall of illusion. They need to continue their campaigns to mainstream homosexuality, promote "life-style" abortions, and legitimize their Kosher brand of high treason 17 against America. Despite scholarly evidence that much of the Old Testament may be based upon fabricated stories (see my discussion of religion in my online "Religious Crisis" web page 18), or polls that show that most American Jews are atheists, they still need to posture as a self-anointed, specially favored people of God.
At a time when America is on the ropes economically with skyrocketing debt and loss of industry -- at a time when America desperately needs to protect its own borders and to rebuild its internal industry, savings, and economic viability -- they unmercifully use us up as their continuing cannon fodder for global interventionism. They could care less if they suck us so dry that they set the stage for a Civil War Two disaster 19 in North America.
Yes, my fellow Americans, ask not why America should continue serving as a willing stooge of Big Oil and Zionism in the Middle East. Ask not why America should willingly crucify itself for the benefit of the exclusively Jewish state of Israel. Ask not why you as a white person or as a member of a white community or even as a member of the white race even have a right to survive. (The same type of basic survival question also applies to non-Jewish nonwhites). They only want us to think in "approved" areas suggested by hate crime laws regardless of the utterly destructive consequences to ourselves.

All of this having been said, I would like to revisit some of the aforementioned points with some additional commentary.
As mentioned, "Legal Terrorism" involves entities with deep pockets who maliciously apply laws to drag their less well-financed adversaries through lengthy and costly legal proceedings in order to intimidate, bankrupt or otherwise neutralize them as the first objective, regardless of the merits of the cases involved. As four examples, in "Don't Practice Legal Terrorism 20," (Forbes, 09.04.06), Paul Johnson charges that overzealous, deep-pocketed government regulators threaten to kill entrepreneurial risk-taking with interventionist legal actions. In the book Legal Terrorism: The Truth About the Christic Institute, 21 Dr. Susan Huck charged that a liberal institute misapplied Federal racketeering laws to drag out proceedings and potentially bankrupt former CIA officers, who were later awarded $1 million by a court for defendant's legal expenses. In the book The ACLU Vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values,22 authors Alan Sears and Craig Osten claim that the ACLU has misused its deep pockets to wage a campaign of "legal terrorism" 23 in support of its radical leftist agenda against poorly financed conservative adversaries. Lastly, the book Trial on Trial: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 24 by Lawrence Dennis describes how FDR deliberately dragged prominent American rightists through lengthy court proceedings on spurious charges in the early 1940's with the intent of impoverishing them, wasting their time, and intimidating would-be activists. Please see the Nov-Dec 1999 The Barnes Review online article "A Mockery of Justice: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944" 25 by Michael Collins Piper and Ken Hoop about this sad affair.
. . . In other words, proposed "hate crime" laws are really about creating additional minefields of legal snares that dramatically increase legal defense costs, liability risks, and administrative costs for "little guys" who dare to express dissident views. They are the ones who ultimately get driven under the table before plutocrats, well-endowed institutions, and deep-pocketed corporations. "Hate crime" laws are ultimately about big money boys who feel their power slipping away before a free Internet. They are desperately trying to preserve their special privileges, hide their corruption, and remain empowered to abuse others.
. . .Hate crime laws have virtually nothing to do with reducing or managing real "hate." In the final analysis, they have nothing to do with protecting gays, minorities, and other groups who are already adequately protected by the Constitution, tort law, and a vast menu of civil rights laws. However, as Rev Pike explains in his article "The Funeral of Free Speech," 26 they have everything to do with putting state police under centralized federal command and creating a separate thought crime tribunal system (similar to what already exists in Canada) which is a major step towards a perfect police state. In fact, by suppressing civil liberties, the passage of "hate crime" laws actually increase overall hatred, alienation, and resentment in society. If they are passed, they may even help spark revolutionary rebellions. This is one reason why ADL Jewish supremacists and their Establishment collaborators talk about eliminating all private gun ownership, installing "total surveillance," 27 and quietly going about building more FEMA detention camps.28
If there is any "good" behind "hate crime laws," it is the fact that their absurdity helps thinking Americans understand the recklessly selfish, crooked, and irresponsible behavior of various members of America's alien ruling elite who continue to poison and trash up this once truly great country. Expressed in another way, once the extremely dangerous nature of the "hate crime" legislative initiatives finally sinks in, it should make responsible Americans really wonder about the malevolent and crooked character of the people who keep relentlessly pushing it.


Post Script

Arthur Topham Replies

From: RadicalPress []
Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 11:25 AM
To: William Fox Subject:
Re: In Support of Arthur Topham, A Brave Thinker and Gallant Defender of Free Speech Traditions of Western Civilization

Dear William,

A lump forms deep within my chest as I ponder the magnitude and the grace that fills your wonderful letter of support for the cause of free speech! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to express your views to the Tribunal.
I will be forwarding all the letters which are coming in to our Prime Minister, the leaders of all the opposition parties, our federal minister of justice and other relevant parties as well as reading them out to the Tribunal during the upcoming “show trial” in the days ahead.
Your article The Hate Crime Law Concept: It is all very sinister for at least nine major reasons is one of the finest examples of the defense of freedom of speech that I have ever read. I thank you again for having written it.
Canada’s example (of how not to do it) stands as a testimony for all Americans and I hope that my own efforts in exposing this sham of justice will add to that growing perception.
Bless you William for all your efforts.
Sincerely Arthur Topham

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