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Marine Corps
Martial Law?

An Indy Alert Update

MAJ William B. Fox
CPT Eric H. May
Dr. James H. Fetzer
SFC Donald Buswell

June 7, 2008

TV News reporter: “The Marine Corps is aiming for realistic training to bring the sights and sounds of war to Indianapolis …”
6 News Anchor: “Hopefully the people will not be alarmed by what they see.”
Daily Newscaster, June 3rd, “Marines to Begin Martial Law Training in Indianapolis 1

Maj. William Fox

The Bush administration and its neo-con hardliners are cleverly preparing the U.S. military and the American people for martial law. Shortly after 9/11, they created a nationwide U.S. military Northern Command and a nationwide police force, Homeland Security. They wanted to protect us against more terror attacks, they said. Since then, USNORTHCOM and HomeSec have been running increasingly intrusive martial law-style terror drills. They aim to set up a war-ready police state, one in which there will be no questions about past failures and crimes.
In her article “Fascist America, In 10 Easy Steps,” 2 Naomi Wolf describes how the Bush administration is taking all ten steps. She explains that in 2006 the Thai military sent troops into residential areas as part of its coup de etat. She might have pointed out that aspiring dictator Augusto Pinochet of Chile sent troops through residential neighborhoods on “exercises” before his 1973 coup de etat to condition Chileans for martial law.
America’s Founders opposed foreign entanglements because they knew that the same Leviathan military machine that could crush foreigners abroad could also oppress citizens at home. After the neo-cons orchestrated the American invasion of Iraq, they encouraged Israeli “Gaza-style” tactics against Iraqis, as well as torture.

Capt. Eric H. May

A year ago the Bush administration created NSPD-51, which effects martial law in the event of an emergency. Under the provisions of NSPD-51, the Bush administration itself will be able to decide just what constitutes such an emergency. They have steadfastly refused to explain the particulars of the directive to Congressional leaders, including Bernie Thompson, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. On July 20th an apprehensive Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio confided to journalists: "Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right."
A week ago we co-authored the “Indy Alert3 about the June 4-19 terror drills that have brought 2,300 Marines of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) from Camp Lejuene, NC to the Indianapolis area. For the next two weeks fully armed, battle-dressed Marines will conduct urban warfare against hypothetical terrorist cells in local communities. Recent and current events have raised fears both in and out of Indianapolis that the terror drills presage martial law.

Dr. James Fetzer

In April 2008 a law enforcement official described joint Federal and state “Operation Sudden Impact” as “martial law training.” 4
In mid-May a FEMA concentration camp drill went “live” in Waterloo, Iowa, resulting in the largest mass arrest in Iowa history. “Secretive FEMA Camp Drill Running in Iowa5
On Tuesday The Lone Star Iconoclast posted “Explosive Expose US/BP Terror Drill,” which detailed SWAT-style terror drills at the refinery, and efforts of local officials to hide them from the public. The Police News, a Texas law enforcement journal, republished the article.6
On Thursday the Washington Post article “D.C. Police to Check Drivers In Violence-Plagued Trinidad7 reported that police are setting up a military check point system inside the nation’s capitol. Arthur Spitzer, legal director for the ACLU’s Washington office, said: "My reaction is, welcome to Baghdad, D.C …I mean, this is craziness. In this country, you don't have to show identification or explain to the police why you want to travel down a public street."
The FBI set up the Indianapolis terror drills, according to 26th MEU Public Affairs Officer 1LT Timothy Patrick. Major T.A. Smith, Chief Deputy of the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office, told us that the Department of Homeland Security was also involved in planning the drills. We contacted Special Agent Robert Myrick, the FBI’s lead agent for the exercise, who refused to answer questions. He referred us to Wendy Osborn of FBI Public Affairs, who referred us back to the 26th MEU.

SFC Don Buswell

According to Lt. Patrick, until June 19th Marines will be identifying, targeting, and executing raids on designated “terrorist cells” in abandoned houses and industrial buildings. Each raid will involve between a squad and a platoon of Marines, and will be preceded by the arrival of a public affairs detachment urging civilians not to be alarmed. Most raids will be at night, and will not be announced until shortly before they take place. Local police and other first responders will handle traffic, answer complaints, and evacuate possible casualties.
The 26th MEU has a new Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT), or urban combat training village, at Camp Lejeune. Much closer to Camp Lejeune than Indiana, the FBI has its own extensive “Hogan’s Alley” urban combat training center in Quantico, Virginia. When asked about the need to go all the way to Indiana to train in civilian communities, Lt. Patrick responded that all this would help take Marines “out of their comfort zone” and go beyond “muscle memory.”
Neither the Marines nor Indiana police had been briefed on the significance of the Posse Comitatus Act, which establishes the separation of military and police functions. None of them believed that they were part of an emerging police state or a future state of martial law. Former Marines and police tend to be more aware about the post-9/11 state of affairs. Many of them state their concerns at
True supporters of the Marine Corps should oppose the neo-con attempt to turn it into a Nazi Waffen S.S. or Soviet NKVD by letting it loose inside our civilian communities. The ultimate mission of the Marine Corps is to protect and defend the Constitution, not to practice waging war against America.

* * * * * *

Dr. James H. Fetzer and Major William B. Fox are former Marine Corps officers. Captain Eric H. May and Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell are former members of Army intelligence.

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Dr. Fetzer is the founder of 9-11 Scholars for Truth. Please visit his web site at

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