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Supplement to:
--Terror Drills Could Go Live!"

Additional Commentary Regarding NLE 2-08:

Is the primary WMD terror target Seattle,
or Portland, Oregon once again?

by Major William B. Fox
Special Correspondent
The Lone Star Iconoclast
April 27, 2008

Maj. William Fox


As a supplement to "MAYDAY ALERT!—Terror Drills Could Go Live!" by Dr. James Fetzer, myself, Capt Eric May, and SFC Donald Buswell, this article provides more details about the actual conduct of the NLE 2-08 exercise and an explanation regarding why Portland, Oregon may also be "terrorist" target in addition to Seattle, WA, Ferndale, WA and Umatilla, OR.
A high level military exercise is the ideal environment for corrupt insiders to pull off a false flag event similar to 9-11. Insiders stand at the helm where they can control the military’s reaction to crisis. They also control the flow of information and its interpretation. Last, but not least, while using one part of the government to covertly run a phony terrorist attack, they can have other government agencies running at full speed to make insiders look competent at handling crises and therefore deflect suspicion.
Webster Tarpley, author of 9-11 Synthetic Terror: Made In the USA, counted 25 military exercises running concurrently with the 9-11 inside job. NLE 2-08 will contain nine different exercises. Hence, we must take this exercise very seriously.

The basic exercise scenario

The following was pieced together by the Iconoclast after interviewing different sources:
On 1 May 2008 a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device explodes under the Alaska Way viaduct in downtown Seattle, Washington, collapsing the bridge and damaging surrounding buildings. Twenty minutes later, terrorists explode a high-jacked tanker filled with a highly toxic gas at the Seattle Ferry Terminal. A plume of deadly gas reaches throughout downtown Seattle. (2006 estimated population 582,174).
Police, firemen, and other first responders are completely overwhelmed by mass casualties. Through the state government they request three response waves going up to the highest national level.
The second response wave consists of about 22 chemical warfare specialists from the Washington National Guard 10th WMD Civil Support Team (CST) based at Camp Murray, Tacoma, Washington. They assess the threat, provide expert technical advice, and coordinate follow on support.
The third response wave consists of a “CERFP”, a collection of over 100 soldiers from the 420th National Guard chemical battalion based in Yakima, Washington. They search the incident site, rescue and decontaminate casualties, and performing medical triage. (In military acronymal gobblydegook, the “C” in “CERFP” stands for “CBRNE” or “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive” and the “ERFP” stands for “Enhanced Response Force Package”).
The fourth response wave consists of a “CCMRF”, a task force with a peak strength on paper somewhere around 4 -5,000 military personnel. In addition to augmenting the functions of the aforementioned units, it processes human remains, provides major logistical and air operations support, augments security forces, and performs other broad spectrum or high-end services. It consists of a rotational pool of active and reserve units from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. (A "CCMRF" is a "CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force").
On May 5th a gas plume erupts from the Umatilla Army Chemical Depot in northeastern Oregon that stores VX, the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized. FEMA describes the accidentally leaked gas as "chemical agent."
On May 6th, a second high-jacked tanker blows up in Ferndale, Washington. First responders in the Ferndale-Bellingham area also request the full response sequence up to the highest national level. A U.S. Marine detachment from the aforementioned CCMRF previously sent to aid Seattle is now redeployed to this area.

Tweaking the scenario

I called public affairs officers with different commands, and was told many different things by different people, to include some contradictory stories. This is actually pretty normal for military exercises. For example, in my article "Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash," I mentioned that "To counter growing public anxiety about nukes, a military spokesperson interviewed by the Portland radio station KBOO a week before Noble Resolve 07-02 commenced on Aug. 20, said the scenario was changed from a nuke to a natural disaster."
Since exercise planners can continually re-massage their hypothetical scenarios, we quickly reach diminishing returns in trying to uncover accurate details. For our purposes, the main objective is determine if the overall pattern of the exercise is rich with opportunities for corrupt insiders to pull off an actual false flag WMD attack. I think that the clear answer is "yes."
I was told that the Umatilla Army Depot only stores VX gas, and that under the original exercise scenario terrorists high-jack two tanker trucks and blow one up in Seattle on Day One, and blow up the other in the Ferndale, Washington vicinity on Day Six. Then I was told by another source that tanker trucks do not hold VX gas very well, and that in writing a story I should preferably use low-key language like "toxic industrial gas" for the Seattle, Umatilla, and Ferndale events and not "VX."
One source told me that he saw a civil defense map that depicted "toxic gas" enveloping downtown Seattle. Another source said that he saw the gas blowing out to sea and leaving the downtown area relatively unscathed. A third source played down Seattle altogether.
In regard to the latter case, six very credible sources completely disagreed with him. They told me that Seattle is very definitely the target for the 1-6 May scenario. I side with them.
While first real-life responders within the Bellingham and Ferndale area are very much part of the actual play of the exercise, Seattle first responders have been largely left out.
Instead of moving military personnel through downtown Seattle, the military will use an urban combat training village called "Leshi Town" at Ft. Lewis to simulate "Seattle." (Ft. Lewis is about 46 miles south of downtown Seattle). Exercise coordinators will not bring in a full strength CCMRF (4-5,000 personnel), but rather about 1,220 to 1,550 individuals from across the nation. They will be billeted and play out most of the exercise on base.
Other services are involved. As an example, on May 5th and 6th members of the Minnesota Air National Guard will fly C-130's to McChord Air Force Base near Ft. Lewis. The PAO for McChord, LtCol Anna Sullivan, told me that they will practice transporting seventy simulated patients (mannequins on litters) to the Oregon Air National Guard facility at Portland International Airport.
The Northern Command (Northcom) Public Affairs officer, Michael Kucharek, told me that there will be "numerous aerospace events" that might include a commercial airliner, military aircraft, and small aviation aircraft. Previous exercises have involved UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The exercise will test the warning and control of NORAD, but he could not be more specific about the scenario than this.
The Northcom PAO also said that his command expects to hold one other big exercise for this year in addition to NLE 2-08. The next big exercise will probably be a reincarnated version of TOPOFF that took place last October. It will probably take place around the same time of the year, except it will be renamed something like "NLE 3-08." (Please see my article, "Nation on Edge: Operation TOPOFF").

False flag indicators
embedded within the exercise

First, let me make a disclaimer. As a former military officer, I am a great believer in civilian and military preparedness. I generally support all honestly conducted exercises. However, Dr. James H. Fetzer is correct in his article "9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" that we are faced with a "crime syndicate masquerading as an administration." See also my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes."
The malefactors are still at large. Until they are caught and brought to justice, we must understand how ordinary strengths of honest exercises can be high-jacked and perverted by false flag operators. Most military and civilian communities need to greatly increase their analysis and detection capabilities in this area.
The following are examples of possible false flag indicators as they might apply to NLE 2-08.
Involvement of the highest level of command authorities. Part of the exercise scenario involves a class 4 hurricane sweeping through the National Capitol Region. Michael Kucharek, public affairs officer (PAO) for Northcom, told the Iconoclast that this will give anyone at senior levels an opportunity to “coop and cog” in the Washington, D.C. area (ie. practice “continuity of ops, continuity of government”).
Please recollect reports of VP Dick Cheney in the bunker during 9-11, instructing subordinates to ignore radar blips converging on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon. Please also recall back in 1967 how President Lyndon Johnson recalled fighters scrambled from a carrier to save the U.S.S. Liberty from a deliberate attack by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats.
Involvement of high level Army and Marine Corps WMD specialists. Lt Keith Kosik, PAO for the Washington National Guard, and Randy Mitchell, PAO for U.S. Army North, told the Iconoclast that the exercise will involve actual members of the Washington National Guard 10th Civil Support Team, the 420th chemical battalion based in Yakima, WA, and an actual CCMRF consisting of about 1,220 to 1,550 individuals drawn from active and reserve units across the nation. They include a detachment of 125 U.S. Marines. The CCMRF members will probably play the exercise as if they are part of a full strength task force of 5,000 personnel.
For Day 6 of the exercise, planners currently visualize sending a detachment of about 125 Marines on a day trip from Ft. Lewis to Ferndale, WA and back.
The travel radius from Ft. Lewis to the Bellingham-Ferndale area may give us an important clue about how far from Ft. Lewis corrupt insiders might conduct a real strike within a concentric ring on a map. Ft. Lewis is roughly the same distance to Bellingham and Ferndale to the north as it is to Portland, Oregon to the south. (According to one web source, Ft. Lewis to Bellingham is 136 miles, whereas Ft Lewis to Portland is 130 miles).
Captain May and I believe that Portland has already been fully “prepped” for a possible false flag terror strike from the TOPOFF exercise in Oct 2007. We believe that once insiders have prepared areas by coopting and compromising local officials, they tend to opportunistically revisit the same sites over and over again like a thief going through certain neighborhoods checking for unlocked door knobs. (Captain May elaborates on this point further in "False Flag Prospects, 2008 —Top Three US Target Cities").
It is quite possible that the Seattle scenario is a red herring, and Portland remains the prime target for the Pacific Northwest.
Seamless integration of local first responders with Federal personnel. Chief Criminal Deputy Jeff Parks for the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office told the Iconoclast that “the point of the exercise is for Federal personnel to work shoulder to shoulder with local first responders.”
Normally, this would be a good thing for a major emergency, however, in the bizarro world of the corrupt Bush administration, this can become a negative. Integration can reduce local independence and the number of individuals willing to stand up and act as whistle-blowers towards federal abuse. Federal centralization also gives top insiders greater control over the flow of information and its interpretation. All of this becomes ominous as one contemplates scenarios involving militarization of local police, possible martial law lock-down throughout America, and mass confiscation of all privately owned firearms.
Surprise “Injects.” The PAO for Northcom told the Iconoclast that the exercise will be characterized by “robust play,” with “surprise injects” of unanticipated events where participants are “stretched to the limit” and have “everything thrown at them except the kitchen sink.”
Normally elements of uncertainty are a good thing, because it forces exercise participants to become more flexible, creative, and analytical in their thinking. However, “surprise injects” also create greater opportunities for insiders to take an exercise “live.” In the event of a tragic turn of events, such adjectives might then take on a macabre new meaning.


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  NLE 2-08" by Captain Eric May
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William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps officer with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California. He is also publisher of America First Books at

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