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The Real Drill

by Major William B. Fox

Special Correspondent
October 24, 2007


Appalling naïveté describes the attitude of key TOPOFF participants in the Portland Police Bureau, sheriff’s offices, National Guard, and U.S. military. In recent interviews, they indicated they knew nothing of the ever-growing community of investigators who believe that 9-11 was an inside job used to usher in a Middle Eastern war plan and domestic police state.
They hadn’t heard the news that the 9-11 attacks, like the 7-7 London attacks, had occurred in the course of military and police exercises that were simulating those exact attacks.
They were unaware of the extent to which the Israel Lobby influences America’s foreign policy and of its growing infiltration into the federal government.
Hence, it is no surprise that these TOPOFF neophytes failed to understand the possibility that top officials might make TOPOFF go "live" to justify a war of aggression against Iran and further reductions of American civil rights.
These officers simply mirror the naïveté of the surrounding civilian population that employs them, thinking only what their civilian overlords tell them to think. Since their civilian bosses usually do not know anything about high-level intrigue, they don’t either.
Ultimately we are faced with a predator vs. counter predator ecological problem. False flag predators can roam freely whenever opposing patriotic defenders (or "counter-predators"), such as free-thinking political dissidents, members of the 9-11 Truth Movement, and critics of Israel, have been driven underground.
When I called the offices of U.S. Senators and Representatives in the greater Portland-Vancouver area, most staff members said they received only about two or three calls apiece in the prior week expressing concern that TOPOFF could be taken live. One staff person commented, "Why should you be so worried if almost no one else is?"
She had things backwards. Public naïveté helps explain why false flag predators might target Portland in the first place. Naïve people are much easier to surprise with a false flag event. Afterwards, they are much easier to deceive with phony stories about false terrorist suspects.
Public naïveté is not an accident. The people of Portland are victims of a longstanding propaganda war being waged against Americans across the country by media monopolists based in places like New York City and Los Angeles. This propaganda war has a long history in America with many different ideological permutations. This propaganda is hostile to the 9-11 Truth Movement. It has infected both the highest and lowest echelons of Portland society and paralyzes their ability to effectively act in their city’s defense.
While I was a stock broker in the Portland, Oregon-Vancouver, Washington area for 10 years, I had the mission of cultivating contacts with high net worth people. These contacts enabled me to conduct a quick straw poll of some major community leaders last week. I was curious about the extent to which such individuals, who are vastly better equipped financially to promote political change than most Portland residents, have been subverted by national media disinformation.
The former chairman and CEO of a major Portland-based parts manufacturing company told me that he thinks it is far-fetched to believe 9-11 was an inside job. Although he thinks Iraq is a disaster, he feels it is too late in the game to impeach Bush. He said that Israel is not stupid enough to attack Iran in an effort to drag in America.
The head of a leading venture capital firm told me that she was more interested in the Brandon Mayfield case than TOPOFF. (Mayfield is a Portland resident the FBI imprisoned for his alleged involvement in the 3-11-2004 Madrid bombings. His successful court appeal in regard to his false arrest has helped to roll back part of the Orwellian Patriot Act). While she is generally distrustful of the government and rarely bothers to read The Oregonian, which is self-styled as Portland’s "newspaper of record," she was unfamiliar with the "controlled demolition" explanation of the World Trade Center Tower collapses on 9-11. She thinks terrorists succeeded on 9-11 more due to government incompetence than conspiracy. She was not aware that TOPOFF had the potential to get highjacked. She also felt that George H. Bush by himself is too dumb to execute a martial law clamp down by himself following a false flag operation.
The senior partner of a leading downtown Portland law firm said that he knew very little about TOPOFF. He felt that the bigger story involves recent allegations that the current Oregon Governor and local Multnomah County Sheriff tried to cover up the Neil Goldschmidt scandal involving an illicit affair with a 14-year-old girl. (Goldschmidt was a former Portland Mayor and Oregon State Governor). He was not aware of the 9-11 Truth movement or anything that has to do with "controlled demolition." He does not believe in conspiracy theories about either 9-11 or the John F. Kennedy assassination. He believes The New York Times would expose conspiracies if they were real.
The VP of Business Development for a leading Portland area computer chip manufacturer said that he was not aware of either TOPOFF or the 9-11 Truth movement. Although he now gets about half his news over the Internet, he is too busy with his job and family to put in the time necessary to research the validity of conspiracy theories. He cannot believe that America has a controlled national media. However, he conceded it can be selectively controlled in certain areas.
The president and CEO of a successful plumbing infrastructure company said that he only knew that TOPOFF was supposed to be a big exercise, but he knew nothing about the 9-11 Truth Movement or the significance of "controlled demolition." He was not aware of the TOPOFF bomb scare on Thursday (mentioned later in this article), and did not want to pursue a discussion about how Bush and his cohorts might try to attack Iran.
The former president and CEO of a major electronic equipment manufacturer said he now gets about 20 percent of his information from the Internet, thinking it a better alternative to The Oregonian, which he termed "Portland’s leftist paper." He has not looked at the 9-11 Truth Movement in any detail, but was under the impression that jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt steel and could flow down enough floors of the World Trade Center towers to cause a collapse. He felt there could not have been a "controlled" demolition because so much of the surrounding area got damaged. He trusts government to do the right thing. He believes that if there is a real conspiracy, Americans can build activist organizations fast enough to counteract them.

Straw Poll Analysis

This was not a "statistically significant random sampling" of public opinion. Nevertheless, some interesting anecdotal patterns emerged.
All six of the "very smart, very successful, and very rich" interviewees had swallowed hook, line, and sinker most of the U.S. Government and national media propaganda about 9-11.
Half of the six sample contacts started to show anxiety when the conversation seemed to get "too political," when I asked questions such as whether Al Gore might really be an establishment insider and whether Bush is deliberately trying to pick a fight with Iran.
None of them conveyed an urgent sense that America is being run into the ground by a demented, boy emperor-President surrounded by Neo-cons crazies who are largely controlled by the Israel Lobby and who are intent upon converting America into a permanently embattled police state.
When I spoke with aides for U.S. Congressmen and Senators with offices in the Portland, Ore., and Vancouver, Wash. areas, they, too, were decoupled from idea of a potential "inside job." One individual in the office of Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) did express concern with TOPOFF and offered to send my e-mail to the Senate threat assessment team.
At the other extreme, on Friday I sent emails requesting information from public affairs officers with the Department of Homeland Security and the mercenary firm Blackwater USA. A week went by and there was still no response from either organization. Among other things, I was interested in rumors that Blackwater might participate in a possible martial law clamp down in Portland much like it had in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

Putin To The Rescue?

It is possible that the person who may have saved Portland from getting hit with a false flag dirty bomb or nuclear blast during TOPOFF was the President of Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Tehran on Oct. 16-17, the second and third days of TOPOFF. He vowed that Russia would not tolerate an attack on Iran. He also invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Moscow for talks.
This was the first time a Russian leader had visited Iran in the 64 years that have elapsed since Stalin attended the Tehran conference for Allied leaders in late 1943. Putin visited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad despite a warning that there were people in Iran plotting to assassinate him. Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Ali Hosseini stated, "These sort of reports are completely baseless and in direction with psychological operations of enemies of relations between Iran and Russia."
When Putin returned to Moscow on Oct. 18, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert paid him a surprise visit. This was the first time in years the Israeli Prime minister had paid a one-day visit outside of Turkey, Egypt, or Jordan.
Putin did not budge before Olmert. He reiterated that Russia would not tolerate an attack on Iran. Earlier, to show America and Israel that Russia means business, Putin revived strategic bomber patrols outside Russian territory for the first time since the end of the Cold War.
Why would the Prime Minister of Israel hop on a plane with great urgency and fly all the way to Moscow to appear in front of Putin unless there were some big plans in the works that he was afraid might get gummed up because of Putin’s defiant attitude? Is it possible that such big plans would have had Portland’s name on them, consistent with the repeated warnings by national media since the Madrid bombings of 3-11-2004 that it is not a question of if, but rather when an American city will get nuked?
If TOPOFF had in fact been originally intended by the Bush cabal to provide cover for a false flag event in Portland, their operatives would have very likely inserted a bomb in the city. However, once Putin thwarted Bush and the Israelis, the operatives would have then needed to abort their mission and extract the bomb.
Early Thursday afternoon, following the meeting between Putin and Olmert (Moscow is eleven hours ahead of Portland) three different dogs alerted to bomb residue on a car parked in the Lloyd Center Double Tree hotel garage in Portland. It was reported that the vehicle belonged to an exercise participant. Police cordoned off a large area with yellow tape, evacuated the hotel, and even stopped the nearby MAX light rail line. Department of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff was scheduled to arrive at the Double Tree that afternoon. Instead, he got taken elsewhere by police.
No arrests were reported. The Oregonian claimed that false alarms are common since bomb residue can become impregnated in the clothing of members of police explosives teams.
The Columbian reported that no bomb was found. The residue may have come from a firearm. It may have also involved residue from a bus that was blown up on Tuesday as part of the exercise.
9-11 Truth activists have reason to question reports that downplay this incident. Many recall how the initial local news reports that came just after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 talked about bombs found inside the Murrah Federal building. Military explosives experts claim that there was no way an explosion from Timothy McVeigh’s Ryder Truck parked well outside the Murrah building could have exerted enough force through the air to take off approximately a third of the building’s edifice. However, rather than welcome these observations, national media subsequently suppressed them and played up Timothy McVeigh and his fertilizer-based truck bomb as the primary cause of the havoc.
Perhaps the Thursday bomb scare was about nothing. Or, then again, perhaps it was set up by disaffected insiders to undermine a scenario; perhaps to "yank the chain" of false flag covert operatives without spilling the beans on an overall plot. A possible message: "Next go around with an exercise, Portland will not be so easy."
Earlier that day, at 2 a.m, Central Standard Time, a petrochemical pipeline exploded in Port Arthur, Texas. Three hours before it blew, my colleagues at The Lone Star Iconoclast, editor W. Leon Smith and military correspondent Captain Eric H. May, had issued a worldwide "red alert" for the East Texas petrochemical industry, warning of just this kind of explosive incident. This is the latest of several uncanny terror related warnings they have made. Capt. May’s analysis in this issue of The Iconoclast explains what happened in Texas while drills were transpiring in Portland and other areas.

The Real Drill…

I emphasized in warning emails sent to County Sheriffs and Congressman alike that as a former Marine officer, I normally support civil defense preparedness training. I have always admired the extensive defense preparations of the Swiss people.
However, we do not live today under anything approaching normal political circumstances. The 9-11 Truth Movement provides disturbing evidence that 9-11 was in actuality a silent coup de etat against Americans and their Constitution by neocons looking for a pretext to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries.
The real "TOPOFF" exercise involved activism by private citizens to protest possible actions by government-sponsored agents provocateurs. Despite the fact that "nothing happened" in Portland during TOPOFF, I do not think that any of the efforts of citizen activists were in vain. Preventing a real nuke from going off was a primary goal of our activism to begin with. Nothing happened; therefore, "mission accomplished."
The need for citizen activism is hardly over. Until we completely dismantle the Orwellian "Patriot" Act, stop senseless Middle Eastern wars, punish the real 9-11 criminals, restore the Constitution, enforce our borders, re-establish popular sovereignty, and rebuild a healthy economy, we must remain on special alert and stay in the battle.


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To see the online version of this article published by the Lone Star Iconoclast (best viewed in Internet Explorer), please click here. Smith Media, Inc.

William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is a second year honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California.

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