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Editor's Note: This email is cited as a reference in "Email Alert to the FBI: -- Special Advisory Regarding Possible Imminent War with Iran and False Flag Attack on a Major U.S. City" dated 7 April 2008, and serves as a companion work
From: William Fox
Sent: Monday, Ocotober 15, 2007 5:05 PM
To: The Federal Bureau of Investigation
Cc: Captain May, Leon Smith [editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast]
Subject: Alert -- Trying to deter a possible false flag nuclear
  attack in the Portland area by getting the word out

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Portland Division
Portland, Oregon

Dear Sirs:

It was good to speak with your duty officer over the phone just a short while ago at around 4:44 PM. This email is almost identical to an email that I sent a little bit earlier to the Seattle FBI office.  As suggested by the title of this email, I believe that there is a real danger that corrupt high level officials in the Bush Administration, in alliance with the Mossad, could explode a nuclear device in Portland during the current TOPOFF exercise as a false flag event designed to provide an excuse to attack Iran.
As mentioned, I have written stories for the Lone Star Iconoclast, which has issued me a press credential as a Special Correspondent.   I completed a pre-exercise story yesterday which  has just been published at In my article "Nation on Edge: Operation TOPOFF", I reveal how local law enforcement personnel in the Portland area do not seem to be wise to the possibility of a false flag event and generally lack an adequate counterintelligence capability.
I have already written the lead article "Thwarting Nuclear Terror in Texas: Investigation" for the 10 Oct 2007 issue of the Lone Star Iconoclast about an effort in March 2004 to thwart a suspected false flag nuke attack.  I also wrote the 29 Aug 2007 article "Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash" about the posture of the Oregon National Guard.  Later this evening I hope to update my newly created personal web page at with a more detailed version of the aforementioned "Nation on Edge."
I am working with former Army Intelligence officer Captain Eric H. May, who wrote "Nuclear Dictatorship -- The Portland Plan" for the 10 Oct 2007 issue of the Iconoclast.  His 17 minute interview with  local KBOO radio on 11 Oct is available as a free MP3 download.  In the current online issue of the Lone Star Iconoclast, he has an article "Nuclear Nightmare - The Portland Plot" about how senior officials within the Bush administration may try to use "PsyOps" in order to demonize innocent political dissidents after a false flag attack.
Please see the Captain Eric May articles archive web page I have created at my ebook web site  for more background articles and information, to include a short YouTube video about Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio complaining before Congress about being denied access to detailed plans for continuity of government by the Bush Administration.  Please also note the controversial 30 Sept 2007 "Insider Warning" (pdf file) about TOPOFF.  This has been going around the Internet recently.  (My ebook web site, incidentally, is completely my own and is editorially independent of the Lone Star Iconoclast, therefore it may express very different views on certain issues).
In regard to my investigative journalism for the Lone Star Iconoclast, I have been gathering information on two levels.  The first level involves gathering facts about the nuts and bolts of local first responder involvement with TOPOFF.  The second level involves looking at the extent to which local first responders are wise to the possibility of high level subversion and treason and have taken some form of internal security steps.  I believe strongly that local first responders have a right to discuss these very sensitive issues among themselves. They also have the right to some kind of public voice to help deter subversion and insure that exercises remain just that --exercises, and do not get high jacked by special interests.  Among other things, we know that special interests behind the Bush Administration are looking for an excuse to attack Iran.
I personally have mixed feelings about TOPOFF.  On the one hand, as a former Marine officer I support any training that improves preparedness and proficiency. I have always admired the extensive civil defense preparations of people such as the Swiss.  On the other hand, I am disturbed by evidence of high level subversion that has corrupted exercises in the past. For example, major terrorist events such as 9-11-2001  and the 7-7-2005 London subway bombings have tended to overlap major government-sponsored exercises.  In addition, there are numerous reports by New York City police and firemen that they heard explosions going off inside the World Trade Center towers on Sept 11, 2001.  Furthermore, regarding the official government story about the Pentagon strike, the thin nose of an alleged commercial plane somehow punched through three reinforced corridors of the Pentagon and left a large round exit hole.  According to many sources, certain FBI agents confiscated all surveillance tapes of the incident and has refused to release them, with the  exception of a video which I link to on an audio-video reference page that does not show very much.   (I applaud the FBI for arresting Larry Franklin for spying for Israel and realize that the FBI probably has many different personalities, factions, and complexities involved in its operations).  One of the authors I work with, Col Donn de Grand Pre, held a conference of professional pilots who determined that the aircraft flight paths of the planes that hit the world trade center towers severely strained the capabilities of the most experienced pilots and were probably remotely piloted. Another author who I profile, Michael Collins Piper, is coming out with a book about how he believes Israel's Mossad was central to orchestrating 9-11, just as it was central to the President John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963 as described in his book Final Judgment.
Those of us associated with the Lone Star Iconoclast hope that among other things, the process of fact-finding and public disclosure will help keep TOPOFF what it purports to be.  We hope to scare off any potential subversives.  So long as members of the Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies are acting honorably, I encourage professional conduct and cooperation towards them.  However, I also believe strongly that local emergency responders and other exercise participants must employ citizen vigilance to protect their rights and local interests.
Perhaps you can help in your own way to get the word out to influential people to deter a possible false flag attack.  If we get such an attack, it could possibly range anywhere from a "dirty bomb" that spews radiation within a relatively small area, to the allegedly missing B52 nuke (see the 3 Oct 2007 archived Webster Tarpley interview) that can be set between 5 to over 100 kilotons.  Please note the Portland area radiation fall out map depicted at the Captain May web page that envisions a 10 kiloton ground burst explosion in the Portland area.
Please feel free to circulate this email among anyone you wish within the FBI or any allied organizations, to include professional organizations.
Best Regards,
Bill Fox
PO Box 8
South Bend, WA  98586     
Phone:  360-875-0197
Other contact data at web site
Copy to:  Leon Smith, editor, Lone Star Iconoclast
Captain Eric H. May


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