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The Dark Side

by Major William B. Fox
October 14, 2007

Operation TOPOFF, scheduled to run from 15-19 October 2007 in Portland, Ore, Phoenix, Az, and Guam, is the largest civil defense exercise in American history. It encompasses over 15,000 individuals and features a “surprise” scenario whereby a hypothetical “Radioactive Dispersal Device,” or conventional explosive that disperses radiation, goes off unexpectedly in a metropolitan area. On top of this, the U.S. military’s Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) is running its “Vigilant Shield 08” exercise at the same time. Among other things, it contemplates sending Federal troops into a disaster zone to bolster local first responders.
As a former U.S. Marine Corps Major, I normally support any training that improves preparedness and proficiency. I have always admired the extensive civil defense preparations of people such as the Swiss. On the other hand, I am disturbed by strong evidence of high level subversion that has corrupted exercises in the past.
Ironically –and unofficially-- TOPOFF dares participants to entertain the terrible dangers addressed by the 9-11 Truth Movement. On Oct 3rd Webster Tarpley, author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, shared his concerns on Jeff Farias’ talk show at 1480 KPHX Phoenix, Arizona.
Tarpley noted in this interview how most official U.S. Government explanations of 9-11 are nonsense. For example, the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers required special guidance systems to hit their targets. Only something like a weaponized cruise missile –and not a soft-nosed Boeing commercial airline – could have punched through three corridors of the Pentagon and made a large circular exit hole. Only conventional explosives and termite embedded within the World Trade Center towers could have brought them down.
Mr. Tarpley noted that “The original 9-11 was a war provocation coming out of the bowels of the CIA, the Pentagon, the NSA, and so forth. Using some Arab patsies, but primarily using technologies they were able to access and mobilize through drills -- approximately 25 on that day -- and since that time we have been living under basically a coup regime… The Cheney doctrine is simply that this was not just a one time thing. This is going to be the basis of the regime for the foreseeable future. And Cheney has for a long time has been talking and advocating about the attack on Iran. About the wider war, especially since they began losing in Iraq, they have this idea that they are defeated conventionally in Iraq, and what they need to do is escalate into the nuclear and the thermonuclear realm and deal with Iran. And what Cheney has called for since the summer of 2005 is a new 9-11 with weapons of mass destruction that would be blamed on Iran, and that would be used as a pretext for an attack on Iran and probably also for some form of martial law or dictatorship or calling off elections here in the United States.”
Tarpley also notes that rather than prevent terrorist events, military exercises tend to coincide with them. “…The only way you can conduit or bootleg an illegal operation through much of the government is essentially by doing it under the cover of the drill, because remember inside the government not everyone agrees with you, and indeed there are people who try to stop you… Basically every detail of 9-11, every meme of the 9-11 myth is covered by and indeed produced by a drill, down to such details as the cell phone conversations. Cell phone conversations were absolutely critical in the first several days and weeks to sell the myth to the masses. I mean, this is one of the time-tested methods of U.S.-British propaganda, [including] the Kuwait incubator babies or the Jessica Lynch saga. They love to have a personal story that brings it down to the level that everyone can understand. And of course in that case it was these heart-rending cell phone calls. Well, the Department of Transportation had a drill at the end of August 2001, cell phone calls from high jacked airliners… just remember that small changes made in those drills by treasonous elements loyal to Cheney, and not to the Constitution, they flip it live, and for example London 7-7. That was “TOPOFF 3” of the U.S., “Atlantic Blue” of the British, “Triple Play” of Canada, and the scenario for all those three drills was a bomb in the London subway on the same day that an international conference was meeting in Britain.”
Tarpley claims that American security forces are now becoming wise to intrigues and are beginning to resist them. For example, on August 26th the “Kennebunkport Warning” by leading peace activists was posted on the Internet. It stated that “Backers, controllers, and allies of Vice President Dick Cheney are determined to orchestrate and manufacture a new 9/11 terror incident…[to] be used by the Bush administration as a pretext for launching an aggressive war against Iran, quite possibly with nuclear weapons, and for imposing a regime of martial law here in the United States.”
On September 5th, Air Force personnel leaked to the public accounts of an incident in which six nuclear bombs were transported in complete violation of regulations from Minot, AFB N.D. to Barksdale, AFB Louisiana. Apparently only five nukes have been accounted for. Tarpley believes that they were intended for a surprise attack on Iran at the same time that Israel made a sneak attack on Syrian facilities.
According to "Air Force Refused to Fly Weapons to Middle East Theater," in the September 24, 2007, Wayne Madsen Report, “…elements of the Air Force, supported by US intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal opposition within the Air Force and the US Intelligence Community." Tarpley believes the Kennebunkport Warning probably helped to foster this resistance. (See “The Kennebunkport Warning and the Rogue B-52”)
There is also evidence of growing resistance among various factions of the CIA, FBI, and branches of the U.S. military. As some examples, the FBI arrested Larry Franklin as a spy for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, and Gareth Porter reported in “Admiral Fallon says NO to Third Carrier Group in Gulf” that the head of Central Command said in Feb 2007 that he would resist war against Iran. In his May 1, 2006 American Free Press article “Revolt of the Generals,” Michael Collins Piper stated that “…top military men are in open rebellion against the armchair civilian war hawks… Although none of the military men have yet said `No more wars for Israel,’ their rhetoric in writings and public utterances says essentially that.”

How the View from Oregon Differs From the D.C. Beltway

What about Oregon police and other “first responders” for TOPOFF?
Sgt. Brian Schmautz, Public Information Officer for the Portland Police Bureau, told me on Oct 10th that he had not looked at 9-11, could not comment on internal counterintelligence capabilities, and considered “conspiracy theories” inappropriately “political.”
Assistant Chief Brian Martianek, in charge of overall exercise operations for the Portland Police Bureau, told me on the 12th that he has not read a lot about the views of the 9-11 Truth Movement. He emphasized that based upon the information that he has available to him, he is not concerned about a false flag event happening in Portland. While his department tries to think about every issue it can imagine, it does not have a person tasked with focusing upon the possibility of high-level insider treason. However, he realizes that anything is possible. He hopes he learns things from this exercise that will protect the community.
Kerry Dugan, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Portland Office of Emergency Management, said on the 11th that he is aware that 9-11-related conspiracy theories have been mentioned in media in the last one and a half months. However, in his TOPOFF-related planning meetings no one has talked about 9-11 Truth Movement issues. He cannot answer whether or not his organization has a counterintelligence capability to deal with a potential false flag threat. Nor has anyone talked to him about bringing in private contractors such as the mercenary firm Blackwater USA into the exercise.
Lt. Allen Oswalt, Public Information Officer for Portland Fire and Rescue, said on the 11th that he has never heard of the 9-11 Truth Movement. When I mentioned that numerous New York firemen and police reported explosions going off inside the World Trade Center towers prior to their collapse, Lt Oswalt said that in his discussions with 9-11 first responders they have not mentioned such things, and that he is not prepared to discuss conspiracies. He views his interactions with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal personnel as a big positive to improve preparedness. It helps people at lower levels more rapidly draw upon the resources and expertise of people at the Federal level.
Lt. Jason Gates, Lieutenant of Operations for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department (which includes most of the city of Portland), told me on the 11th that he has surfed Portland Indymedia and other web sites, but only with the desire to identify groups that openly threaten violence or have a track record of using illegal violence. These include certain earth liberation and animal liberation front groups. He does not believe in the conspiracy theories, but also feels that he has an open mind and is not prejudiced against all Muslims or “anti-government” right-wingers. His department does not have any real counterintelligence capability with the exception of his own web surfing activities. In recent years his department has received federal funding for chemical and biological protective gear that every policeman now carries in his car. Each policeman also receives eight hours of training a year to prepare for a terrorist weapon of mass destruction (WMD).
Ron Oberg, Public Information Officer for the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (Clackamas County is SE of Portland), said on the 11th that he has not looked at the 9-11 Truth Movement and is not familiar with its perspective.
Sgt David Thomson, Chief Information Officer of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department (west of Portland), said on the 10th that his department has no people on staff who look at counterintelligence issues. Regarding TOPOFF, they have not been told anything about how it might get converted into a martial law scenario.
Josh Thomas, Media Relations Manager, Marine and Industrial Development, Port of Portland, said on the 11th that his department recently received radiological devices that are fixed in place. They can measure radiation in cargoes being trucked out of the Marine terminals. However, he is not aware of portable detectors that can measure a possible nuke sitting inside containers on the docks.
Lt Cmdr Gary Ross, Public Affairs Officer for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, said on the 12th that he has not been exposed to the 9-11 Truth Movement. Nor was he aware of the deliberate effort by Israel in 1967 to sink the U.S.S. Liberty. He explained that Vigilant Shield 08, running concurrently with TOPOFF, has an aspect that involves the introduction of Federal troops. However, as he explained it, this is to support civilian agencies and save lives. This is not to be construed as part of some kind of “martial law” clamp down scenario. To his knowledge, Blackwater USA has not been included in the exercise program.
Lt Cmdr Ross also noted that the exercise ties in participants on all levels from cabinet members and governors all the way down to local police, emergency medical services, and firemen. The TOPOFF command umbrella run by the Department of Homeland Security includes USNORTHCOM, NORAD, and other U.S. military activities. Everyone under the umbrella has been told to expect surprise “inserts.”
Lt Cmdr Ross found validity in my interpretation that all of this reduces the probability that someone will get unduly spooked and do something unpredictable towards either the Bush administration or some external adversary (like Gen Jack D. Ripper in the movie Dr. Strangelove) if the exercise unexpectedly goes “live.”
Of all the groups I approached, Department of Homeland Security personnel were the most evasive and least communicative. In the early afternoon of the 11th, I spoke with Mary Carlson, a public affairs contractor flown into Portland from Washington, D.C. She said that she would contact Jeremy Greenberg, the head DHS person for the Portland side of TOPOFF, and ask him to call me. However, by the close of business the following day I still had not heard from him.
The following day I spoke with Ashley Small, another DHS homeland security public affairs officer. Rather than route me to a live human who could help me immediately, she said that she needed for me to send my questions to her by email, and that DHS would then review my questions and find the most appropriate person to respond. I went ahead and sent the email in the late morning, indicating that my story deadline was probably later that evening. I got no response by the close of business.
In my follow up call to DHS spokesperson Mary Carlson on the 12th, I asked her to tell me what contracting firm she works for. She admitted that her parent company is Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).
That set off some alarm bells, since SAIC is a leader in what many people euphemistically call “off balance sheet” government. According to “Washington’s $8 Billion Shadow,” by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele in the March 2007 Vanity Fair, SAIC “has been awarded more individual government contracts than any other private company in America… SAIC currently holds some 9,000 active federal contracts in all. More than a hundred of them are worth upwards of $10 million apiece. Two of them are worth more than $1 billion. The company's annual revenues, almost all of which come from the federal government, approached $8 billion in the 2006 fiscal year, and they are continuing to climb.”
Whereas Blackwater USA deals in mercenary “bodies,” SAIC prides itself in contracting out “brains.” It sells expertise “about weapons, about homeland security, about surveillance, about computer systems, about `information dominance’ and `information warfare.’” The Vanity Fair article points out how the Iraqi war has been hugely profitable for the company. It’s extremely close ties with the CIA, FBI, U.S. military, and other major elements of the Federal government help explain how it has been able to muddle through a steady series of fraud-related scandals.
Apart from crony capitalism issues involved with contracting partner SAIC, the Department of Homeland Security has a major character issue in the form of its maximum leader Michael Chertoff. According Investigative journalist Patrick Briley in “Chertoff Created Terror Pretexts for U.S. Police State:””

Chertoff is a grave threat to the lives, welfare and freedoms of the American people.

Chertoff has had a rapid rise to power as an appointee of Presidents HW and GW Bush. First, as a U.S. attorney in New Jersey (1990-1994), then as assistant Attorney General at the DOJ criminal division heading up the investigation of 9-11 (2001-2003), and now, most recently as a federal judge in Philadelphia (March 2003 to present). Chertoff also helped write many of the controversial portions of the PATRIOT Act and other new laws that even conservative Republicans believe are unnecessary police state infringements of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional guarantees of US citizens. Chertoff also was consulted by the CIA about torture and renditions of terror suspects to other countries for torture.

This report presents a study of Michael Chertoff’s role in the 1993 WTC bombing, the OKC bombing and the 9-11 terrorist attacks as well as Chertoff’s cover up of FBI and DOJ foreknowledge and provocation of these attacks. The information in the report strongly implicates Chertoff in intentionally helping create and provoke these terrorist acts and terror funding in order to provide a pretext for much of the controversial police state provisions in laws which Chertoff has helped write. Chertoff’s unethical and criminal roles and conduct revealed in this report raises grave concerns that Chertoff, as head of Homeland Security, would further attempt to impose a US police state and continue to use illegal, unconstitutional and immoral tactics against the America people. The recently enacted National ID card provisions to be finally determined and enforced by the Homeland Security agency under Chertoff are likely to be those of a Russian style police state as revealed in this report.

Jim Kirwin stated in “Michael Chertoff: The Man and His Star-Crossed Past,” that Chertoff deliberately allowed large numbers of suspected Israeli spies to return home to Israel following 9-11. Former American Free Press reporter Chris Bollyn claimed in “Controlled Press Hides Chertoff’s Israeli Roots” that it is very likely that Chertoff’s mother once worked for the Mossad in Israel, and that Chertoff is a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen. Bollyn also stated in “9/11 and Chertoff” that Chertoff’s cousin Michael wrote “Debunking 9/11 Lies” for the March 2005 cover story of Popular Mechanics magazine. According to Bollyn, this “plumbs new depths of nepotism and Hearst-style `yellow journalism’…which seeks to discredit all independent 9/11 research that challenges the official version of events.”

Profiling the most likely terrorist threat
to Portland and Phoenix

In his book Final Judgment, Michael Collins Piper claims that the international contracting firm Permindex was a key element in the John F. Kennedy assassination. It linked together many different elements that included the Mossad, a pro-Israel faction of the CIA, Red Chinese scientists working on atomic bomb development, the French secret service (SDECE), French assassins from the insurgent group OAS, and the Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate in America. Piper claims that Israel and its intelligence service the Mossad orchestrated the JFK assassination once President Kennedy discovered that Israeli and Red Chinese scientists were in partnership to develop the atomic bomb for their respective countries. John F. Kennedy seriously considered a military strike to knock out this atomic bomb development program in China.
In his 29 Aug 2005 American Free Press article: “Guess Who Is In Charge of Guarding U.S Nuclear Power and Weapons Sites?” Michael Collins Piper observed that the Israeli firm Magal Security Systems “owned in part by the government of Israel, is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States. The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI), which was owned in part by the government of Israel. In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a publicly traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel) still holds a substantial share in the highly successful firm. What this means is that the government of Israel will have control over the security of America’s nuclear weapons.”
Michael Collins Piper recently announced on his Republic Broadcasting Network radio talk show that he is coming out with a new book that provides very strong evidence that the Mossad orchestrated 9-11 as well as the JFK assassination. If true, then the profile of the most likely terrorist threat to America is very different than that envisioned by most Oregon-based first responders that I interviewed.


In his article “The County Sheriff Stands in the Gap for Americans,” former Kansas State Trooper and Marshall Greg Evenson states that, “The county sheriff is the ONLY official with the authority to stop federal intervention at the county line, cold--no exceptions. It is the sheriff’s solemn obligation to protect his county as a WHOLE against warrant-less intrusion by federal agents on fishing expeditions, armed invasions of the county by swarms of feds, and insuring a suspect is to be charged or taken in by the sheriff to face a local informed jury of his peers.”
The biggest danger to our republic remains within. The phrase "support your local sheriff" takes on a new meaning as fellow citizens necessarily have to address high level intrigue in defense of liberty, the Constitution, and the American way of life.

Editor's Note:
For the very abbreviated online version of this article published by the Lone Star Iconoclast please refer to THIS LINK.

William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California.

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