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Thomas Jefferson and the
"Incredible Truth" about
Bush Cabal Wise Guys
and False Flag Nukes

by Maj. William B. Fox
30 Sept 2007

We are entering a new red alert phase. Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, AZ are now in the cross hairs of weapons of mass destruction in more ways than one.
Ostensibly, these cities are the sites of Operation “TOPOFF” running from 15-19 October 2007. These military exercises involve hypothetical “Radioactive Dispersal Devices.” In plainer English, they involve conventional bombs designed to spread nuclear contamination over vast populated areas.
For 9-11 Truth activists such as myself, Captain Eric May, and his Ghost Troop, these exercises have tremendous potential to get high-jacked with not only real “RDD’s,” but also with deadly 10 kiloton “loose nukes.” Bush cabal wise guys desperately need another false flag event like 9-11 to justify an attack on Iran in order to expand their Middle Eastern wars for “OIL,” that is, the acronym for Oil, Israel, and Logistical bases.
The good news is that through articles such as this one, combined with activist efforts by Captain Eric May’s Ghost Troop and other members of the general public, we can get potential false flag conspirators to back down. There is interesting circumstantial evidence that Captain May’s Ghost Troop has already caused insiders to back down in regard to three separate attempts to pop a false flag nuclear explosion on Texas City, Texas. (Unfortunately there is not enough hard evidence to prove the case, but then again, there is also too much that smells funny to make reasonable suspicions go away).
As we try to educate the public about numerous “false flag” event indicators that accompany TOPOFF, we are burdened with a much bigger problem known in PsyOps (Psychological Operations) as “the Incredible Truth.” This involves the problem of trying to explain truthful things that are far beyond --or contrary to-- most people’s level of knowledge, understanding, or emotional conditioning.
I call this the “Sagdluk problem,” based on the story about Sagdluk the Eskimo told by Carl Loman, the “Reindeer King of Alaska” in Lesson Two of Napoleon Hill’s Laws of Success. It provides the perfect example of the “Incredible Truth” phenomenon.
Sagdluk was a Greenland Eskimo in the early 20th century who was brought to New York City as a reward for his faithful service in North Polar expeditions. “…When he returned to his native village he told stories of buildings that rose into the very face of the sky; of street cars, which he described as houses that moved along the trail, with people living in them as they moved; of mammoth bridges, artificial lights, and all the other dazzling concomitants of the metropolis.” The Eskimos dubbed him “Sagdluk” which meant liar, a name that stuck until he died. Later, a different Greenland Eskimo named Mitek also visited New York City. When he returned to his village, he recalled the tragic story of Sagdluk. He decided to simply tell people stories they could grasp. He said that he and another traveler had “maintained a kayak on the banks of a great river, the Hudson, and how, each morning, they paddled out for their hunting. Ducks, geese and seals were to be had a-plenty, and they enjoyed the visit immensely.” Hearing this, fellow Eskimos regarded Mitek as a very honest man and treated him with rare respect.
Our biggest “Incredible Truth” problem in America today centers upon explaining how the wise guy cabal surrounding the Bush administration could be so evil that they would stoop to killing as many as a million fellow Americans in a false flag “loose nuke” attack. On top of this, the reader might wonder how there could exist a criminal network in control of national media that could sustain a cover up for decades.
As if all of this were not bad enough, there is yet another important “Incredible Truth” to consider. Even if George Bush and his Zionist fellow travelers successfully fabricate a justification to attack Iran, they will probably lose in the long run anyway. Given our overstretched military and distressed economy, we run a severe risk that a hyperinflationary economic depression could dry up logistical support for our forces overseas. At the very same time, hostile Arabs and Persians could surround our forces in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. The Russians, Chinese, and other possible adversaries could stand back and covertly feed arms and ammunition to an almost unlimited supply of insurgent Asian land masses. This meat grinder could ultimately spell the equivalent of the German military disaster at Stalingrad. Please see in the archive of military analyst William S. Lind his 27 March 2007 article “On War #211, Operation Anabasis” which realistically addresses this very disturbing possibility.
All of this should raise an “incredible” question. How could America’s power elite be so criminally stupid as to put us into such a terrible situation? They have already destroyed America’s image abroad through their use of torture at places like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. What next?
One good starting point to try to answer this question is the classic work Why Government Doesn’t Work by the late libertarian former Presidential candidate Harry Browne. This helps us understand the real nature of government. Once it achieves a certain critical mass level of power, government tends to morph into a monster. It grows like a cancerous parasite on its own people, exploiting them while at the same time aggressively beating its own chest about its own alleged accomplishments and glory.
Most Americans have been brainwashed into believing that government is some kind of benevolent welfare sugar daddy and all-wise wielder of a terrible swift sword of social righteousness. In actuality, George Washington had it right the first time when he said, “Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is a force, like fire: a dangerous servant and a terrible master.”
Harry Browne explained how government is really about politics and bureaucracy, and rarely about sound economics or free market principles. Government tends to be hierarchical and authoritarian. Unlike the private sector, it tends to lack innovativeness. Worse yet, government leaders can usually figure out endless ways to coast off tax revenues regardless of how poorly they serve the people. This is because they ultimately collect their revenues through the government’s monopoly on violence. That is, every government program has behind it a not-so-veiled threat that if you do not support it by continuing to pay your taxes, the police will eventually arrive at your door step and point a gun at your head.
Harry Browne observed that when government programs fail, rather than get rid of the failed programs, government leaders typically keep them in place and then simply pile new programs on top of the old failed programs. Slick politicians lie about performance to shelter their bureaucratic fiefdoms. They also lie to justify legislating even more programs so that they can buy more votes. Left unchecked, all of this ultimately comes back to bite taxpayers in the form of ever more government, ever higher taxes, ever more government debt, and ever increasing levels of inflation.
Government becomes especially dangerous when it is controlled by the same special interests that also control national media, since there is now very little public criticism to curb government abuse. We have seen plenty of recent examples of all of this, to include major national media support of 9-11 cover-ups. Consider also how national media acted as a pro-war cheerleader all the way into the Afghanistan and Iraqi fiascos, and how despite all of this, they are now enthusiastically preparing the American public for an attack on Iran. This includes hyped up stories about potentially dangerous Iranian nuclear projects and covert Iranian-sponsored insurgent operations inside Iraq.
Most significant of all, Harry Browne’s book helps the reader understand how government can provide a very fertile environment so that very bad people –to include extreme sociopaths – tend to rise to the top. Government can become like a big criminal protection racket. It creates artificial crises to justify its continued growth. It also suppresses legitimate criticism by creating a phony climate of fear.
The famous 19th century classical liberal historian Lord John Dalberg-Acton summed it up well when he said, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Because of these dangers, Thomas Jefferson once said, “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." He also said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”
The U.S. Government has a long historical track record of falsely representing events to justify aggressive war-making while in a phony “defensive mode.” The online “Kentroversy Report” provides an excellent summary of this in Part 3 of the article “Anatomy of a False Flag Terror Attack.”
According to Kentroversy, sometimes events have been spin-doctored into acts of war, such as the internal explosion on the battle ship U.S.S. Maine used to trigger the Spanish American War. In other cases, the adversary was baited by every means possible behind the scenes to try to knock a chip off Uncle Sam’s shoulder, such as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Kentroversy exposes other intrigues, such as Operation Gladio from 1946-1983 that involved CIA false flag “communist” acts of sabotage in foreign countries; Operation Northwoods in 1962, a proposed false flag attack against a U.S. ship and plane to justify an invasion of Cuba; the bogus Gulf of Tonkin attack in 1964, used by President Lyndon Johnson to justify his Vietnam intervention; the deliberate Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, originally intended by Israel to look like an Egyptian attack to justify an American assault on Egypt; the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the Waco mass murder in 1993, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11, 2001.
Let me add that as we dig deeper into American history, the list of intrigues only gets that much longer. For example, we know today that the British government and Zionist agents in America played a key role in dragging America into World War I. First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, cancelled destroyer escort for the passenger liner Lusitania and failed to issue warnings as it approached Ireland. The Lusitania secretly carried munitions. Churchill’s dereliction of duty greatly increased the chances that the Lusitania would get sunk by a German submarine that Churchill knew to be lurking nearby. Churchill also knew that deaths of American passengers would serve as a great war provocation. We also know that Zionist advisors surrounded President Woodrow Wilson, such as Louis Brandeis, Bernard Baruch, and the part-Jewish “Col.” Mandel House. (Similarly Jewish neoconservatives today such as Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, William Kristol, and Richard Perle have surrounded George Bush and have played a key role in dragging America into Iraq and Afghanistan. See The High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper, discussed again later in this article). Under the Zionist influence, President Woodrow Wilson completely reversed his pro-neutrality peace plank voiced during his 1916 re-election campaign and urged Congress to declare War on Germany in April 1917. The famous Balfour Declaration of November 1917 by the British Government is an important smoking gun. In this deal, the British Government promised to wrest Palestine away from the Ottomon Empire to help create a Jewish national homeland. Behind the scenes, American Jews agreed in return for this favor to use their national media control to bring America into the war on the side of Britain. Prior to this deal, the American Jewish community had a slightly pro-German and pro-isolationist tilt since so many Jews had come from Germany. (For more background on this intrigue, see "The Balfour Declaration and the Zimmermann Note" By John Cornelius).
Without American intervention into World War I, it is likely that the English, French, and Russians would have accepted Germany's peace offer of 1916. They probably would have called the war off, returned to their pre-existing borders of 1914, and licked their wounds. Europe might have settled down for most of the remainder of the century, much like it did following the Napoleonic Wars in the previous century.
Instead, American intervention dragged the war on for two more years. It cost millions more lives. It totally exhausted all the embattled European powers. It totally humiliated the Central Powers under the utterly brutal terms of the Versailles Treaty. The political scene in many major countries got really crazy. All of this set the stage for the rise of Bolshevism in Russia, Fascism in Italy, and Nazism in Germany. All of this in turn set up Europe for World War II, which cost somewhere over seventy million lives. This in turn set up China to go Communist and lose another seventy million under Mao Tse Tung, not to mention the losses from communist horrors elsewhere.
A pretty stiff price indeed to help a gang of Zionist schemers acquire real estate in Palestine. If one can assume well over two hundred million highly premature or "excess deaths" from the prolongation of World War I, the advent of an unnecessary World War II, the rise of Bolshevism in Russia and the scourge of genocidal, Jewish-sponsored communism elsewhere in the world, one might calculate roughly one Zionist victim corpse per 500 square feet of Israeli territory today (after subtracting out the Negev Desert which comprises about 55% of Israel's legal area). Mass deaths from depleted uranium irradiation and combat action continues even to this very day for American military personnel and innocent civilians who are involved in America's wars for Israel in the Middle East.
Compared to all of this, killing off a few hundred thousand Americans in a false flag nuclear strike in the Portland, Oregon area might seem like small potatoes to certain species of high-level sociopaths and intriguers.
Incidentally, the use of unsuspecting Americans in the Pacific Northwest as nuclear guinea pigs is not unprecedented. According to the testimony of June Stark Casey at the 2000 World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, certain senior officials within the U.S. Government caused the premature deaths of thousands from a deliberate radiation leakage experiment called "Green Run" conducted 2 Dec 1949. This involved the Hanford Nuclear Facility in eastern Washington. Ms. Casey also claimed that General Curtis Le May headed other secret radiological experiments that involved unsuspecting populations in the general area up until 1954. The Hanford Facility produced about two thirds of America's plutonium during the Cold War and today remains one of the greatest environmental disasters and clean up challenges in this country.
Let me add yet another very important example of high-level intrigue and blatant hypocrisy that helped launch America’s bloodiest war from 1861-1865. First, consider that as a freshman Congressman from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln introduced in Dec 1847 the famous “Spot Resolutions” in Congress. He claimed that President James Polk misrepresented where he stationed an American cavalry unit in a disputed area near the Rio Grande in order to use it as bait for a Mexican attack to start the Mexican-American War. Ironically, as the newly elected U.S. President in 1861, Abraham Lincoln used intrigue to bait Southerners into firing the first shot at Fort Sumter. He circumvented Congress and rejected Confederate peace negotiators as he promulgated a covert plan to send fresh troops and provisions to reinforce Ft. Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Lincoln knew full well that once the re-supply ships arrived, Southerners would interpret this as an act of war. Once Southerners took the bait and bombarded the fort, this created enough outrage in the North to create a new political support base for Lincoln. He then exploited this new support base to circumvent Congress again. He declared a naval blockade and raised an army to invade the South. This use of his presidential authority outside of Congress was unconstitutional. (See “Lincoln Started the War of Northern Aggression to Protect His Political Career”).
The upshot of our study of patterns of intrigue in American history is that if anything, we should be surprised if the Bush administration does not try to trick us into more war.
A second good approach to help overcome our “Sagdluk problem” involves explaining how America today has become such a disastrous economic mess. One important reason is that our “leaders” today embrace self-serving “New World Order” ideology. This is diametrically opposed to various brands of 19th century classical liberalism and pro-American nationalism that were once espoused by patriotic leaders such as Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and John C. Calhoun.
Nationally syndicated columnist Joseph Sobran observed that on many key issues, to include “right-sizing” the Federal government and the use of federal interventionism both at home and abroad, both modern liberals and neo-conservatives today are on the opposite side of the ideological fence compared to both classical liberals and classical conservatives of the early 1800’s.
”New World Order” policies have caused America to lose over 70% of its industrial base over the past few decades. America has lost the structural ability to make enough quality tradable goods to sustain a healthy balance of trade relationship. Instead, America has become a paper-shuffling, service-oriented, “casino” society addicted to financing immediate gratification with ever escalating debt. In addition, during the last hundred years total federal and state government has grown from less than 10% of GDP to roughly 50%. This has choked out much of the innovative private sector and made a large percentage of the U.S. population addicted to government largesse and social welfare payments.
In his book In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the Key to Future Prosperity, Eamonn Fingleton explains why it is necessary to maintain a manufacturing base at a minimum of a third of GDP. However, executing a successful industrial policy requires a patient, long term reinvestment time horizon promoted by disciplined and responsible leaders. Instead of this, a large percentage of major American corporations are now run like hedge funds by wise guys out to make a quick buck. They outsource skilled jobs overseas rather than nurture talent at home. They substitute financial engineering for real increases in productivity. They frequently load the balance sheets of corporations with debt while sucking out cash in the form of obscenely high salaries and bonuses completely unrelated to performance. They are looting America at home with the same vicious, greedy spirit that the Zionist neo-cons now try to loot oil in the Middle East. Their economic policies are literally destroying America’s middle class while rapidly expanding the gap between the rich and poor.
The rate of growth of government and private debt is skyrocketing out of sight. Federal Reserve money creation is now well over 10% a year. Both Japan and China hold America as an economic hostage, owning trillions of dollars worth in American debt and dollar-denominated foreign exchange reserves. Worse than this, Robert Chapman of The International Forecaster estimates that unregulated derivatives now stand at nearly $400 trillion, or roughly 40 times the size of the American economy. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has called derivatives “Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction.” An accidental melt-down reminiscent of the Long Term Capital Management and Asian financial crises of 1998 could bring our whole financial system crashing down.
To appreciate the sheer magnitude of America’s economic distress, please visit the Grandfather Economic Report. Please also visit the archived economics-related articles by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Lastly, please see “Move Over, Adam Smith: The Visible Hand of Uncle Sam” by John Embry. This last article shows how both government and allied national media are actively manipulating major financial markets in addition to the phony “war on terror.” We truly live inside a propaganda matrix here in America that is heavily decoupled from reality.
If America’s “leaders” had within them even the slightest shred of honesty, patriotism, and social responsibility, they would immediately slam on the brakes regarding foreign military adventurism and runaway government spending. They would instead focus upon making America economically healthy again on the domestic front. But apparently this is too much to ask, particularly since Israel could never survive without America acting as its imperial global sponsor. Rather than come clean, America’s Zionist elite and its corrupt gentile collaborators require war to deflect public attention away from the consequences of their shamelessly greedy exploitation tactics.
In contrast to our “wise guy” national leaders today, Thomas Jefferson and other 19th century classical liberals believed in minimal government. They opposed the style of imperialism practiced by European monarchs and dictators. They also believed in the preservation of individual liberty and the promotion of internal growth of the economy through the application of science, technology, and principled entrepreneurship.
If America today followed a 19th century classical liberal approach, the trillion dollars (or more) currently being wasted on Middle Eastern military adventures would have been internally invested in upgrading domestic manufacturing infrastructure and alternative energy sources.
There was never a need to conquer Muslim countries in order to procure relatively cheap oil. Back in 1998 when America promoted a vastly more even handed policy between Israel and Arab countries, the price of oil hit a 50 year inflation adjusted low of around $10.75 a barrel as OPEC members tried to outbid each other to sell us cheaper and cheaper oil. The unwillingness of America’s power elite to simply stand back and let the private sector and free market work their magic is in itself criminal.
A third approach to help us overcome the “Sagdluk problem” involves reading authors such as Michael Collins Piper and Rev Ted Pike who explicitly expose in great detail high level Zionist criminality. For example, Michael Collins Piper wrote Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. This underground bestseller exposes the central Israeli role in the John F. Kennedy assassination and other conspiracies.
According to Michael Collins Piper, four key elements conspired to assassinate John F. Kennedy. They included Israel and its intelligence service called the Mossad, the Jewish crime boss Meyer Lansky who controlled American organized crime, the pro-Israel faction of the CIA run by James Angleton, and Jewish controlled national media required to sustain the cover-up.
President Kennedy was angered when he discovered that Israel was supplying atomic scientists in a joint development project with Red China to obtain nuclear weapons. He was determined to prevent both Israel and Red China from getting the atomic bomb. He even contemplated a military strike against China to accomplish this goal. Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben Gurion decided that the only way to thwart Kennedy was to kill him.
According to Mike Piper, Israel’s Mossad is probably responsible for many other assassinations in America besides JFK, to include the deaths of Robert Kennedy and former CIA Director William Colby. On his Republic Broadcasting Network radio show, Mr. Piper recently stated his strong belief that Israel’s Mossad orchestrated the 9-11 attacks on both the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon to stampede America into fighting wars for Israel in the Middle East.
Final Judgment is about much more than the JFK assassination. It outlines a highly corrupt power structure in America. This includes controlled national media that have covered up extreme corruption for decades. Mr. Piper has written other books that reinforce this theme, such as The High Priests of War, which documents how Jewish neo-cons shanghaied America into the Afghanistan and Iraq quagmires, The New Jerusalem, which documents raw Jewish power in America, and The Judas Goats, which explains systematic Jewish and Federal covert operations designed to paralyze American right wing resistance to high treason.
Many important outside sources complement Mr. Piper’s research. They include The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by two distinguished foreign policy specialists, John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard. See also They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby by former Congressman Paul Findley about Jewish Lobby usurpation of Congress. Consider also Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America's Hidden Power Brokers by Gus Russo about Jewish control of organized crime in America. Lastly, I recommend The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. This explains the central role of elite Jewish bankers and their Morgan and Rockefeller confederates in the creation of the Federal Reserve. Established in 1913, this corrupt and dysfunctional central banking system has been required to help finance runaway pork spending at home and America's military interventions around the world, to include wars for Israel.

Rev Ted Pike is an ardent defender of First Amendment rights. He has played a key role in defending the First Amendment against systematic efforts by the Jewish Anti Defamation League (ADL) to censor free speech under the guise of passing so-called “hate crime” laws through Congress. His articles archived at America First Books and also expose longstanding Jewish involvement in high-level sociopathic activity, such as routinely torturing thousands of Palestinians in Israel, running the global white slave trade, and sponsoring pernicious Marxist movements around the world. He explains how criminality –to include pedophilia-- is rationalized within the subversive Talmud and other Jewish "religious" writings. Please visit his web site for important information about ways to prevent the ADL from destroying the last vestiges of the First Amendment in America in much the same manner that this evil organization has already robbed Canadians and Englishmen of most of their free speech rights.
Last, but not least, the works by Michael Collins Piper and Rev Ted Pike help us understand how America’s Zionist rulers are addicted to intrigue. These self-anointed rulers are simply incapable of productive economic behavior like a Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, or an Andrew Carnegie. The same criminal gangster tactics that enabled these wise guys to bully and deceive their way to the top of the power pyramid is now a key source of the moral rot that is wrecking this country.
Now that Iraq and Afghanistan are costly failures, the Bush cabal hopes to cover up its problems by starting an even bigger war against Iran. The cabal hopes that the public will be gullible enough to believe that the coming hyperinflationary depression in America will be the result of the war alone rather than decades of treasonous economic policies. These unscrupulous punks also hope that a war climate will give them just the excuse they need to muzzle all their critics with tyrannical police state tactics.
Please recollect the libertarian analysis by Harry Browne described earlier in this article. When government programs fail, politicians tend to pile new programs on top of them rather than replace them. The Bush gang is following the same pattern by trying to pile more war on top of existing war. The sacrifice of American lives in false flag intrigues is only small change to these sociopaths compared to the tens or even hundreds of millions of lives they are prepared to destroy to further their global ambitions.
If what I have described thus far in this article still seems too incredible for the reader, then perhaps considering the biological perspective will ultimately do the trick. Then everything may begin to finally tie together and make sense.
Please take a look at my discussion of the mutualism vs. parasitism duality of sociobiology that is part of my reconciling opposing ideological viewpoints series. Here, I describe how there is an evolutionary "logic" behind just about everything that I have discussed so far in this article --to include criminal behavior. After all, virtually all human behavior --to include group behavior-- has a genetic as well as environmental component. This includes the functional analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology addressed in the mutualism vs. parasitism article.

Fortunately, thanks to a free Internet, the number of genuine patriots who can help America return to sanity is rapidly growing. As we contemplate the very real danger of false flag nuclear explosions on American soil, yesterday was not soon enough to take back our country.

William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California.


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2010-12-31 70 Million Died So The Jews Could Have Palestine: The Nazi & Jewish Affair To Remember by Katherine Smith, PhD. [Editor's Note: I question the part about Adolf Hitler having been a gay prostitute and street cleaner, but nevertheless there appear to be some worthy leads and insights in this article].


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