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Freya Aswynn, who felt a personal calling to become a priestess of Odin, hails our All-Father. Behind her stands a secular political "deity" conceived, funded and built by Northern European-descended folk in the 1800's. Its original meaning has been largely usurped and perverted by alien peoples and rootless liberals in the 20th Century. Instead of Nordic-style defiance of tyranny, to many it now signifies a borderless, Marxist plurality.

An exclusive interview with Freya Aswynn, author of
Leaves of Yggdrasil

William B. Fox
Originally published in
Winter, (Runic Era) 2243 (1993) Vor Tru Magazine
under pen name "Thor Sannhet"


by William Fox
First posted January 2009
Updated 1 May 2012

Back in 1993 while I was living in the New York City area, I was contacted by Dan O'Halloran, an Asatru writer and activist with the Ring of Troth, who said that Freya Aswynn was visiting America from Britain. Would I be interested in meeting with her to conduct an interview?
I had just received correspondence from Odinic Rite activists in England who had published one of my articles. They said that they really liked Freya. When I finally got to meet Freya, I came to agree that she is a fascinating and colorful individual, and very likeable on a personal level. She is intelligent and fun to be around. I also learned that she had also produced many enchanting recordings of rune chants and mystical musical pieces that one can find today on YouTube, some of which are listed in the Appendix below.
As a rationalist, my main reservation with Freya is that she is a psychic who is involved with runic divination and other mystical practices "on the edge" of many ethical, cultural, and theological issues. I feel compelled to write this somewhat lengthy Preface to provide additional perspective and avoid misunderstandings. In addition, please see the references section below where I link to evidence that some of the people she mentions such as Aleister Crowley may have been disinformation agents of British Intelligence (part of the Mossad-CIA-MI6 nexus controlled by the City of London/Rothschilds), in which case a person who steers the revitalization of Asatru towards superstitious "magical" interpretations may wittingly or unwittingly be "sheep-dipping" (a PSYOPs term) the movement in a direction that turns off the public, analogous to CIA-funded "right wing" web sites that "sheep dip" serious articles about high level corruption with references to "neo-Nazi" behavior (made to appear extremely obnoxious by controlled mainstream media) and also to flakey-sounding "UFO"-related material. (Please see my "Other References" section at the end of Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series where I link to such sources as Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - "Area 51" Pt 1/3 [Season 2, Episode 2] or Alex Jones on UFO and Project Blue Beam (20 Dec 2009) on staged UFO events to distract and misinform the public. Zionism is hostile towards every form of nationalism except Jewish nationalism, and Zionist controlled Mossad-CIA-MI6 knows that Asatru can support various forms of Nordic nationalism, therefore it wants to infiltrate and corrupt it. After all, it takes tribalism to stand up to tribalism, and Jews who enjoy the religious tribalism of Judaism certainly do not want any competition from any effective form of Nordic religious tribalism, but instead they want Nordic peoples to act as brainwashed, atomized, and deracinated individuals cut off from their indigneous roots and vulnerable to Jewish multi-racial, multi-cultural, neo-Marxist propaganda.)
I think that the strongest aspect of Freya Aswynn's book Leaves of Yggdrasil is the way in which she intuitively connects natural phenomenon with religious symbolism, particularly in regard to ancient Nordic traditions. For example, in northern lands with marked seasons, it is easy for us to understand how mystics symbolically linked the winter season with the concept of "death", while spring got connected to the concept of "rebirth" or "resurrection." The seasonal halfway point between summer (symbolizing the height of 'life") and winter ("death") intuitively made sense as a time to try to communicate with the dead, since it is seasonally halfway between "life" and "death." Hence, we should not be surprised that "Halloween" or "All Saints Day" falls midway in this period.
As two other examples, since lunar cycles typically correspond with the length of menstrual cycles, it is not a big surprise that so many pagan religions view the moon as a female entity, such as a goddess. In addition, since the sun is typically associated with providing nurturing warmth in cold northlands, Germanic languages have often given the sun a female gender in their languages, whereas various Semitic desert peoples, who experience the sun as a harsh and even destructive force, often think of the the sun as being "masculine."
These kinds of insights help us understand the evolution of different religious systems around the world, starting at the most basic level. Freya's works also complement those of many other analysts who try to explain the evolution of religious theologies from a naturalistic perspective, such as University of Florida professor of anthropology Dr. Marvin Harris in Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches: The Riddles of Culture and "Acharya S." (pen name for D. M. Murdoch) author of The Christ Conspiracy.
Freya Aswynn initially approached Asatru from a Wicca background where she focused on understanding occult symbology. This stands in sharp contrast to Else Christensen, another female Odinist leader who I interviewed. Else initially approached Asatru from a mostly social, political, and ideological perspective.
For starters, the reader needs to understand important distinctions between Asatru, the old Norse religion, and Wicca, or witchcraft.
Asatru stems from a proto-Indo-European religious ancestor much like sibling religions such as Celtic Druidism, the early Greco-Roman religion, and early Hinduism. Each of these religions are like a religious-philosophical "window" which help scholars reconstruct an earlier common ancestor, analogous to the way modern European languages are also descended from a common Indo-European ancestor. All these religions were also once the mainstream religions of dynamic, self-sufficient, and viable societies, with full-scale economic, military, cultural, social, and political capabilities.
Beginning in the 5th and 6th centuries B.C., adherents of the heroic ancient Greek religion in Greece (which later evolved into the "Greco-Roman" religion followed by Rome) developed science, advanced technologies and a coherent theory as well as practice of viable democratic and republican governments. (Some sources claim that Greek science began with Aristotle, such as it is). The ancient Greeks' brave search for truth was quantum leaps ahead of anything that was ever produced by the Jews. This includes that leftist, mystical Jewish religious concoction invented for export to gentiles called Christianity or that massive paean to legalistic hairsplitting, word trickery, subversion, perversion, and insults to gentiles created by Jews in Babylonia for fellow Jews called the Talmud.
From the 3rd to 6th century AD, various pagan Gothic tribes originating in Scandinavia swept through the Western Roman Empire and eventually replaced the corrupt empire with medieval kingdoms. Many historians believe that early Gothic converts to Christianity generally remained more Gothic than Christian for quite some time, despite the superficial conversion process following contact with Christianized Romans.
In the 9th and 10th centuries, Viking Odinists called the "Rus" created the Kievan Rus state and eventually extended their rule across vast expanses that would eventually bear their name as "Russia."
Scandinavian Asatruar had ancient traditions of parliamentary government called Things (provincial parliaments) and Althings (supreme parliaments for provincial representatives). Their political institutions survived in various forms across Europe, ranging from cortes (or assemblies) created by Visigoths in Spain to the republican Althings created by Norse immigrants in Iceland. They also included the Novgorod Republic created by Rus in Russia. Odinists controlled trade routes ranging from the Caspian Sea to Vinland. They developed their own runic alphabet, produced rich cultural artifacts, and were also quick to learn languages and absorb new ideas from other peoples.
Man-for-man, the Scandinavian Odinists seemed to have significantly higher levels of combat efficiency compared to most of their Christian adversaries. Odinist forces were generally adept at handling Muslim armies and other potential Asiatic invaders. Sadly, after Christianity began to really sink in among their descendants, Christianized Spain got overrun by Moors, and Christianized Russia got overrun by Mongols.
As an important aside, a number of eminent historians and political analysts have criticized Christianity as a baleful influence that has tended to weaken societies with forms of mysticism and pacificism. As some examples, Niccolò Machiavelli felt that pagan Romans of the early Roman Republican era were vastly more inherently virtuous than the Christianized Romans of the latter phases of Imperial Rome. The loss of innate virtue accelerated as Rome experienced major demographic changes away from the original Nordic-Celtic Sabian and Oscian founding tribes and towards swarthy masses from southern areas that began to fill its cities. Sir Edward Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, described Christianity as part of a negative feedback loop that both reflected Roman degeneracy, and reinforced it as well. It encouraged a retreat from practical, scientific thinking into childish mysticism and helped plunge Europe into the Dark Age. Even a Christian priest named Salvian wrote in 440 AD how he found Germanic pagan barbarians to be more virtuous than Christian Romans.
Adding another interesting perspective, in Rascals in Paradise James Michener described "blackbirders" or slave traders who roamed the Pacific in the 19th century looking for indigenous peoples they could kidnap to work in Chilean mines and under other forced labor conditions elsewhere in Latin America. According to Michener, the blackbirders generally targeted Christianized populations first because they tended to make more docile, programmable, and obedient slaves, whereas pagans tended to put up much tougher resistance on both a physical and psychological level.
Adding another important dimension as well, in his last work The Antichrist, Friedrich Nietszche accused ancient Jews of fabricating Christianity as a psychological warfare weapon deliberately designed weaken the Roman Empire, partly motivated by a desire to revenge the Roman occupation of Palestine and destruction of the Second Temple. Please also see "Commissary to the Gentiles: The First to See the Possibility of War By Propaganda" and "A Real Case Against the Jews" by Marcus Eli Ravage which builds upon Nietszche's thesis. Ravage was a Jewish writer who was the Rothschilds’ (the Jewish bankers) approved biographer. His articles appeared in The Century Magazine, February 1928, Vol. 115, No. 4, pp. 476-483.
Other historical analysts observe that Jews had already become very powerful throughout the Roman Empire during the alleged time of Christ (please see Did Jesus Exist? by Frank Zindler, American Atheist, Summer 1998), and in fact dominated the Roman slave trade (please see the video The World Masters of Slavery by Dr. David Duke). They claim that Christianity was principally financed and promoted by Jews during its earliest phase to help Jews interface better with gentile Romans. Christianity tricks gentiles into swapping their natural reverence for their own tribal history of their own ancestors for the tribal history of an alien people -- the Jews -- much of which is probably fabricated, as noted by the Israeli scholar Dr. Shlomo Sand in The Invention of the Jewish People.
Admittedly, there were gentile confederates of Jewish schemers who had their own motives for promoting Christianity. They were typically imperialists like Constantine who wanted to eliminate regional "tribalisms" and "nationalisms" among conquored peoples that might support secessionism and hence threaten imperial unity. Christianity helps psychologically adjust people towards giving their first loyalty to a centralized, multi-cultural imperial order, particularly in congested urban environments. It can also provide "social grease" that facilitates "going along to get along."
There were also many gentile merchants who wanted to build up in their own personal wealth within Roman cities, which had become increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural with the growth of the Roman Empire. Christianity offered a leftist-universalistic religious-ideological formula that helped people overlook their tribal-ancestral differences and remain focused upon doing business with people of other backgrounds in order to build up personal wealth as rapidly as possible -- but often at the long term expense of maintaining their own tribal identity and ancestral community cohesion.
We see a similar pattern today among white corporate leaders within the American Empire who only care about maximizing short term profits and avoiding conflicts that might in any way jeopardize their immediate annual income goals. These executives are unwilling to support a public stand against threats to the long term stability and productivity of America such as allowing open borders before tidal waves of Third World illegal immigration, allowing AIPAC continued control of American foreign policy, and permitting "political correctness" brainwashing of American school children. They are indifferent to the fact that Nordic Americans have been undergoing a form of slow and steady "stealth genocide" for the last 150 years, as noted on my Reconciling Libertarianism and Nationalism web pages as follows:

One rough rule of thumb for Nordic decline can be found in the reduction in the number of people with blue eyes, since this is a recessive genetic characteristic commonly found among Nordics that quickly becomes submerged when they interbreed with other peoples. According to the Wikipedia article on eye color:

A 2002 study found that the prevalence of blue eye color among Caucasians in the United States to be 33.8 percent for those born from 1936 through 1951 compared with 57.4 percent for those born from 1899 through 1905. Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children, with only one out of every six or 16.6%, which is 49.8 million out of 300 million (22.4% of white Americans) of the total United States population having blue eyes. The plunge in the past few decades has taken place at a remarkable rate. A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group. Blue eyes were routinely passed down, especially among people of Western and Northern European ancestry.

On my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 web page, I also explain how historic declines in Nordic peoples in proportion to overall populations of countries like Germany and France have had a profound impact on the character of social, political and economic instituations, that is, away from decentralization and productive innovation towards centralization, corruption, and stagnation, and we see a similar trend in America today with the rise of the police state, destruction of the world-leading industrial base created by WASPs in the 19th century, and the hijacking of American foreign policy and its privately owned central bank by highly criminal alien interests.
Getting back to our discussion of Wicca, in contrast to the major ancient Indo-European religious siblings consisting of Asatru, the Greco-Roman religion, Celtic or Druidic religion, and the early Hinduism of the Aryan settlers of the Indus Valley, Wicca has never really been the mainstream religion of any self-sufficient, viable society, unless one equates it with the ancient Celtic religion or some kind of underground preservation of a natural religion approach in the fact of dogmatic Christian oppression. The ancient Indo-European religions that I have just mentioned comprise coherent, integrated religious-philosophical systems with deep cultural, historical, and social roots that are the topics of very serious scholarly research at major universities around the world, whereas "Wicca" rarely receives this kind of serious attention.
What passes for modern Wicca today frequently consists of a mishmash of many different philosophical strands. They might include feminism, "New Age" nature worship, "Green" eco-leftism, Magic Show entertainment, Occultism, "Do-your-own-thing" Hippie counterculture, political correctness ideology, and costume re-enactment. Add some sprinklings of various pagan religions, to include borrowings from ancient Celtic, Greco-Roman, and Nordic mythology, and this exotic brew then gets served up as "Wicca."
What is usually missing are strong ethno-racial roots from an authentic indigenous white folk culture. Unfortunately, most Americans are mixed up racially and ethnically. They are brainwashed by controlled national media, our federalized education system, and a high greed corporate culture divorced from chivalrous free enterprise principles. They are often clueless about what they are missing. They are analogous to baby monkeys who have been raised all alone with chicken wire and terry cloth "mothers" in animal behavior labs, provided as surrogate forms of "contact comfort" in lieu of real mothers. These monkeys have no idea what a real mother and real siblings should look and feel like. Similarly, most American gentiles have become so habituated to multi-racial, multi-cultural junk culture and alien, Jewish-created Christian religion that they have no idea that they are really cultural and religious orphans. Many Wicca groups reflect this multi-racial, multi-cultural confusion.
Please also bear in mind that just because female practitioners of Wicca often call themselves "pagan" and "witches" does not mean that they automatically get a free pass among all other pagan religionists. The word "witch" has had different meanings in many different social contexts. There are "good witches" and "bad witches" just like in the movie Wizard of Oz. On dark side, a "witch" can connote a malevolent, shrewish, anti-social female with criminal inclinations.
As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Bad witches were no more popular in ancient pagan times in Europe than in the Christian era. One can find anecdotes involving pagan Romans, Greeks, and Norsemen who hunted down and killed nasty witches just like Christian descendants who came much later, although Christian witch-hunters of later eras generally did their murderous work on a vastly larger and much more indiscriminate scale.
It is also very possible that the distinction between "good" and "bad" witches can be primarily a matter of political perspective. Just as "one man's terrorist" can be another man's "freedom fighter," it is also quite possible that one country's concept of an "evil heretic" (or "witch"), that is, some woman who deserves to be offically condemned by the state in court and burned at the stake, can be another country's national heroine and warrior saint. I can think of no clearer illustration than the story of Joan of Arc, which I have graphically illustrated in the Appendix below.
Even though Freya Aswynn is a UK citizen, and is concerned about indigenous European religion, one can make the case that the basic philosophical structure of Asatru can be as American as apple pie. It is very similar to the deistic and naturalistic viewpoint held by President Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and the founders of the Unitarian Church, except that it also provides a sense of tribal folk roots for individuals who want to liberate themselves from Christian masochism, extreme liberalism, and white self-hating universalism.
Speaking of Thomas Jefferson, as he got older he moved ever further to the right. He created an Anglo-Saxon grammar book and felt that Americans should not only learn about the old Anglo-Saxon traditions, but should also read the ancient Greek and Roman classics. Conversant in many languages, Jefferson knew ancient Greek well enough to read Homer without a dictionary. He felt that by temperament, the peoples of northern Europe were better fitted for viable republican and democratic forms of government than peoples from elsewhere in Europe. He even remained an explicit racialist, and stated that whites were vastly superior to blacks in advancing civilization. He was also very strongly critical of Jews and Christianity.
In Chapter eight of the book, The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans, author Dr. Hans Gunther describes how Thomas Jefferson exemplified fundamental Indo-European religious attitudes. However, Jefferson did not explicitly call himself an Odinist or Asatruar although he talked about "Nature's God" in the Declaration of Independence. This is probably because the modern incarnation of the old religion had not yet been resurrected as an openly practiced religion. In addition, openly professing pagan sentiments would have been suicidal for Thomas Jefferson's political career in a mostly-Christian society. In fact, Jefferson took quite a lot of public flak as it was for simply inviting Tom Paine to the White House shortly after he published The Age of Reason, which made a bold frontal assault on both the Old and New Testaments. While in the White House, Jefferson also went through the four Gospels with a pair of scissors to cut out all supernatural events, thereby creating The Jefferson Bible. However, he limited the circulation of this work during his lifetime.
To be fair, we must recognize that paganism as well as Christianity both have degenerate forms. I provide diagrams that explain this in more detail in my mutualism vs. parasitism article.
The most degenerate forms of religion incorporate criminal elements. I view the word "criminal" as being roughly equivalent to the sociobiological term "parasitic," which is also roughly equivalent to the religious term "Satanic."
I can show you examples of both pagans and Christians who have all the dark qualities of being degenerate, criminal, parasitic, and even "Satanic" at the same time. I can also show you examples of pagans and Christians who honestly strive to be the very opposite of all these things.
I view the Asatru revival as a final phase of the Protestant Reformation in which the Nordic peoples return to what should be normal and natural for them. According to the classic work The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, the Protestant Reformation primarily took place in those parts of Europe with majority Nordic populations, therefore it reflected an underlying Nordic ethos just like Asatru. Therefore, while I reject most Christian theology, I believe that time-tested practices that have evolved within mainstream Protestant (and Unitarian) Churches are usually a very good guide for how Asatruar should conduct themselves if they want to reconstruct viable religious communities.
The Protestant Reformation emphasized intelligent, thoughtful, individual interpretation of religious writings, and so should we. The best parts of the Protestant Reformation discouraged impulsive, superstitious, or malevolent behavior, and so should we. Protestants generally act with decorum in their religious services, and so should we. Lastly, many Protestants provide valuable social services and encourage responsible citizenship, and so should we.
Imagine if Thomas Jefferson could be brought forward in a time machine to today, as well as someone like the former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson, who wrote the classic rightist work Which Way Western Man? What approach to Asatru might we explain to both of them that they would respect? Whatever that approach is would probably be a good guide for how we should go about recreating Asatru for the modern era, as we try to combine "the best of the old with the best of the new."
The greater theological freedom in a natural religion like Asatru can be both a blessing and a curse. One might compare it to the "Mama's home cooking" alternative to patronizing a McDonald's franchise. (In other words, Asatru is "Mom and Pop" and Christianity is like "McDonald's" or "Burger King") With this greater freedom, Asatru can be custom-tailored to be quite a bit better --or conversely a "greasy spoon" can make it quite a bit worse--than what one gets with the standardized "Christian franchise" product.
Incidentally, if one looks really deeply under the hood, as Archarya S. (D. M. Murdoch) has done in her book The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, one finds that Christianity has so many pagan elements within it that the conventional pagan vs. Christian dichotomy is actually a false and misleading one. Please also see Archarya's Christianity Debunking Links web page.
In addition, if one looks even deeper under the hood, one finds that the philosophical structure of a natural tribal religion such as Asatru corresponds much more closely to a scientific, naturalistic, and sociobiological approach to religion than Christianity. In my 1992 talk titled Asatru and Christianity; Similarities and Differences made with my colleague Oak Thorgeir before the Leif Erikson Society of New York, I noted that there is an amazing congruence on an abstract intellectual level between a natural tribal religion like Asatru and the view of reality offered by works such as A New Morality From Science: Beyondism by Dr. Raymond Cattell, Sociobiology: The Synthesis by Dr. Edward Wilson, A New Theory of Evolution by Sir Arthur Keith, or even the works of Charles Darwin. In essence, these scientists have been rediscovering with modern terminology what our ancient tribal ancestors understood on an intuitive level who lived much closer to nature and direct common sense experience than we do today in our highly artificial urban environments heavily manipulated by alien-controlled mass media.
One very important point I need to emphasize is that many leading ancient Greek, Roman, and Norse pagans tended to have a rationalistic view of the world, whereby they often refrained from mixing supernatural religious occurences with their secular accounts of history. In contrast, ancient Jews were much more disposed towards mixing the supernatural in with history in both the Old and New Testaments.
Ancient Nordic pagans often acknowledged their religion to be a kind of poetic mythology meant to inform the soul, but not to be taken literally. That is a very difficult attitude for many Christians to understand, who are typically deeply programmed to believe that Jesus, Yahweh, and other Christian deities answer prayer and validate Christianity by giving them forms of supernatural aid.
In fact, there is a kind of abstract, rationalistic mentality towards religion found among Nordic peoples consistent with the way that Dr. Lothrop Stoddard characterizes them in his chapter The Nordic North in his classic book Racial Realities in Europe. Whites from many other parts of Europe often find this mentality very hard to understand. When many people listen to Freya perform a rune chant they probably think "Well, maybe this is poetic and musical, but how can it help save me like Jesus?" In contrast, many "Nordic types" (like myself) take the attitude that there is more than enough to inspire religious awe in the natural order of the cosmos, and it is selfish, childish, and even degenerate to try to invoke a Supreme Being to break natural law with supernatural intervention. Breaking natural law can be every bit as criminal, dishonest, and psychopathic on a philosophical level as an attack on "scientific reality" as the behavior of people like bank robbers and pedophiles who strive to break human laws designed to protect their societies against parasites on the street level. Therefore, by conditioning people to desire supernatural intervention, Christianity encourages natural law-related criminality ("natural law criminals"), narcissicism, selfishness, and other forms of psychopathic behavior on a religious-philosophical level. It also encourages childish emotional retreat from the open and honest acknowledgement of the rule of natural law.
In my Preface to my interview with Else Christensen, a very astute lady originally from Denmark who published the newsletter The Odinist, I describe how she told me about how Danish newspapers reported once that when the Fundamentalist Christian Evangelist Billy Graham first came to Denmark, he was shocked to learn that only 5% of the population goes to Church. Scandinavians often tend to be reserved and austere people with a certain quasi-atheistic, rationalistic mentality that is not exactly "Bible-thumping" and "Holy Roller" in character. Hard, cold environments tend to produce tough peoples, and as another good example, check about the online series The Mongolian Wolf at about the ancient Mongolian religion which evolved among another people who were also genetically sculptured by a very hard and cold enviroment. It has a lot of interesting philosophical similarities to Asatru. Note also the sympathetic attitude expressed towards this religion by the Norwegian author of this web site.
There is another extremely important point that I need to make here. I agree with Else Christiansen that Odinism or Asatru involves vastly more than anything to do with chants, religious symbolism, or ceremonial ritualism, which actually should only play a relatively small role and not be the "tail that wags the dog." Asatru embraces the full spectrum of the religious, ethnic, and cultural "common law" and traditions of the Nordic peoples. It encompasses their history, their indiginous social and political institutions, heroic values -- everything that makes up the vital essence of who they are, right down to the DNA level. Religious symbolism should only be meant to support a sense of "folk community" and "ancestral heritage" and not the other way around.
Seen from this perspective, as a universalistic religion invented by Jewish aliens, Christianity may be viewed as a form of counterfeit substitution for a real folk religion, much like the way Jewish pornographers -- by their own admission (please see "Jewish Professor Boasts of Jewish Pornography used as a Weapon Against Gentiles," -- deliberately push hedonistic self-centered indulgence in erotica in the place of deeply committed romantic and reproductive relationships as one of many subterranean efforts to subvert gentiles.
There are many other important examples of Jewish subversion today I should mention so that readers can better grasp the overall pattern. The Rothschilds / City of London / British monarchy controllers of Obama, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Mossad-CIA-MI6 not only deliberately poisoned the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf States during the British Petroluem (BP) crisis, but also employed the Stuxnet virus to cause the release of enough radiation to not only wipe out much of Japan, but also threaten populations around the northern hemisphere with extinction or serious genetic mutilation and intergeneration genomic instability. (Please see my series titled "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles"). This is part of their utterly psychopathic, if not lunatic, global depopulation agenda. Please see the Leuren Moret archive for more details about how radiation released into the atmosphere from such sources as nuclear plant melt-downs, nuclear plant routine emissions, exploded DU munitions, and bomb testing have dramatically reduced fertility and increased miscarriages and deformities around the world. Jewish heads of pharmaceutical companies deliberately insert toxins into our vaccines (Please see Chapter 36: Swine Flu Biowar of my Mission of Conscience series). They place Trojan Horse DNA disruptors into GMO foods, and add harmful chemicals to public drinking water and food (please see my False Flag Pandemic Alert page). They have also attacked indigenous Nordic homelands, both through the economic subversion of Iceland (please see my "Iceland Gets ENRONed, Then Goes for `1776'" series) and the strong likelihood that Mossad-CIA-MI6 used Anders Breivik as a patsy on 22 July 2011 (please see my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 False Flag Terror web page).
After perusing my sources, it should become clear to the reader that Nordic peoples -- and related white groups -- are the targets of total war being fought against them on all levels, ranging from the physical and medical level, to pyschopolitical warfare waged against the innermost sanctums of our social, political, economic, and religious institutions.
In terms of internal affairs that involve Odinism and Asatru, I think that we should be on guard against practices that reflect degenerate or superstitious forms of paganism, particularly when they involve the exercise of official duties by religious leaders. Many pragmatic pagan philosophers in ancient Greece, Rome, and old Scandinavia felt the same way.
For starters, I generally disapprove of fortune-telling and other forms of "divination" as standard contemporary religious practices.
It is one thing for religious leaders to engage in personal counseling where they gather information and make reasonable extrapolations from the facts provided to them. This is perfectly legitimate and often highly desirable. However, "divination" goes far beyond this. It usually means the religious leader claims to have psychic powers that enable him or her to make judgments and prophesies in the absence of gathering adequate facts and making logical inferences based upon those facts.
We need to qualify this point further. On the one hand, it is usually very desirable for individuals to conduct scholarly studies of magical practices, ancient rites, and occult symbology for anthropological and other social science research purposes.
However, we cross the line when religious leaders try to mainstream these things into contemporary religious practices. This can create many very serious conflicts of interest, particularly where the soothsayer feels incentives to promote his or her craft for money and religious status.
In the long run, it is much better to encourage people to have a strong work ethic, conduct research, and engage in rational long term planning rather than try to "get lucky" by relying on the intuition of a fortune teller whose capabilities can not be scientifically verified.
I decided to go along for the ride when Freya volunteered to perform some runic divination with Oak Thorgeir in the informal setting of my apartment. After all, I consider myself a journalist even if I might not qualify as an ongoing amateur anthropological field researcher.
Looking at things from Freya's perspective, I can see how she might feel like she is between a rock and a hard place in dealing with a hard core rationalist such as myself. After all, to the extent that she possesses special psychic abilities, she might feel as if she is being unfairly condemned as unscientific by some people if she displays her special abilities, and conversely unfairly condemned by others if she fails to share her clairvoyant gifts with the public and lets them go to waste. To her credit, in the interview she talks about how she does not conduct Rune divination for money and ultimately seeks to empower individuals to have more control over their own lives. She also explains why she is not a conventional "fortune teller."
Divination is actually very common in modern society at the highest levels. Many readers may fail to recognize its contemporary forms compared to ancient practices only because they have become more subtle. Nevertheless, they are very real, and often practiced on a massive scale with disastrous results. The following are four examples:
* Rather than using tarot cards or Runes, Christian Zionist leader John Hagee uses the highly cryptic Book of Revelations as his medium to come up with ill-founded prophecies that have helped squander trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money and hundreds of thousands of lives in misadventures for Israel in the Middle East. Please see the article "Confronting the Cult of the `Corpulent Man'" by Michael Collins Piper. Please also search for "Christian Zionism" in the Rev Ted Pike archive to understand why even a conservative Christian minister can find Hagee's Christian Zionist approach to be un-Biblical, repugnant --and against America's legitimate national interests.
* Former Army intelligence officer Captain Eric May has uncovered consistent Kabbalistic and Masonic-related numerological patterns behind the dates of likely CIA-Mossad "false flag" or "inside job" terror attacks, to include 9-11, the 11 March 2004 Madrid subway bombings, and the 7 July 2005 London bombings. Please see my Mission of Conscience series for more details.
Incidentally, infiltration of Asatru by Jewish supremacists, Jewish collaborators, and Jewish owners of major media is a serious problem. Many of these people would like to twist Asatru theology in the direction of Kabbalistic-type numerological practices, neo-Marxist political correctness ideology, and other goofy things, so much the better to try to discredit Asatru in the eyes of hard-headed business and political leaders who might lend it serious forms of financial and social support. These fifth columnists also want to take the focus away from Asatru's roots as the religious "common law" of the Nordic peoples, so much the better to help keep whites rootless and on the ropes relative to the extreme tribal solidarity behind raw Jewish supremacist power. In his classic work The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans, Dr. Hans Gunther observes that indigenous Indo-European religions have been relatively less superstitious compared to most other religions of the world. Please see my article "Asatru: Questions and Answers" that comments upon Dr. Gunther's interpretation of Asatru. Please also see my commentary regarding question 23 "What is the preferable function of religion in a society?" in my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz where I discuss the common sense nature of the natural religion concept.
* Having been a stock broker for ten years, I can vouch for the fact that most Wall Street investment decisions based on technical chart analysis and "follow the news" speculation (probably comprising at least half of most short term decision-making) are no more scientific than the use of rune-casting or tarot cards, all of which contribute towards irrational market booms and busts that help distort the American economy and undermine long term American economic competitiveness.
* The same kind of mentality that is addicted to divination is probably also at high risk for gambling addiction. In both cases, people are surrendering their lives to dubious hopes of fortuitous outcomes disconnected from verifiable facts and logic. I view the rapid growth of Las Vegas and the spread of Indian gambling casinos and state lotteries across America as a sign of very serious decadence in American society. Many research studies show that gambling per se does far more damage than good to society. See, for example, the articles "The Human Toll of Gambling: Destroyed Dreams and Lost Lives," and "A Case Against Legalized Gambling."
Regarding other types of potentially degenerate Christian and pagan practices, I strongly object to any involvement by Asatruar in casting hexes, curses, and spells as an official religious practice for the same basic reasons that most Protestant churches vehemently object to conducting a "Black Mass" or some latter day version of medieval Catholic rites of damnation. While it may be true that there are honest and sincere people who feel that they have psychic abilities, and furthermore they honestly feel that there are certain evil people who need to be publicly identified and punished by whatever means possible, it is also true that various types of "fortune telling" and "sending" can be easily exploited by con artists to exploit ignorant or superstitious people for criminal purposes, particularly when they are working with criminal confederates who covertly help their predictions come true to develop "street cred" (street credibility) among their "suckers." It is much safer for society over the long run to try to stick to facts and logic and rational and transparent processes than to start going down various "voodoo" religious pathways.
I believe that Asatruar should keep their religion intellectually justifiable, and make explicitly clear the difference between religious subjectivity and scientific reality. I strongly object to worship of idols and icons for the same reason that Protestants cast out idolatrous statues of saints and streamlined other worship practices during the Protestant Reformation.
We should also object to any use of pagan religion by fringe elements of society who try to use it as unconventional cover for criminal activity or for outrageous activities that shock the sensibilities of the local community. Contrary to "Hollywood pagan" images fed to us for sensationalism by controlled national media, we should keep in mind the point I have alluded to earier in this Preface, namely that a number of scholars such as Sir Edward Gibbon, author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and Nicolo Machiavelli, an Renaissance authority on republican government in antiquity, both described ancient Roman and Greek pagans who were inherently more self-disciplined and virtuous than Christians who came later.
Lastly, we should object to the expropriation of symbols and cultural artifacts related to my religion by agents of the United States Government for malevolent, partisan political, and Zionist-related purposes. We should also object to "Hollywood-Nazi" distortions created by Jewish-Hollywood that misrepresent indigenous Nordic culture and religion.
In her interview, Freya talks about possible forms of perversion and degradation of the ancient and once highly revered swastika symbol that was exploited for political purposes in the 20th century by Hitlerites. As another example of abuse of artistic works related to my religious heritage, in Chapter Six of Sgt Skull's Field Manual, author Tom Chittum provided the following June 21, 2003 news item:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) ― U.S. troops psyched up on a bizarre musical reprise from Vietnam war film "Apocalypse Now" before crashing into Iraqi homes to hunt gunmen on Saturday, as Shiite Muslims rallied against the U.S. occupation of Iraq. With the strains of Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" still ringing in their ears and the clatter of helicopters overhead, soldiers rammed vehicles into metal gates and hundreds of troops raided houses in the western city of Ramadi after sunrise as part of a drive to quell a spate of attacks on U.S. forces. There was nothing secretive about Saturday's robust sweep through Ramadi, 100 km (60 miles) west of Baghdad, by soldiers of the First Battalion of the 124th Infantry Regiment who psyched themselves up at a base on a musical moment redolent of Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 film about the Vietnam war. One unit of troops dragged half a dozen men from their homes as women wailed. They seized weapons and a computer disk. A U.S. military spokesman said on Saturday that 90 Desert Scorpion raids had captured 540 people.

Our ultimate goal should be to try to work with Asatru to become more "normal" and to strive to live in a healthy community that supports family values.
We should also develop a community of religious realists who are ideologically and ethnically motivated to provide a serious counterweight to Christian Zionist lunacy.
Much of American society as been hijacked by alien Jewish theology via both Christianity in general and Christian Zionism in particular. It has been brainwashed by neo-Marxist political correctness and misled by self-anointed false prophets of the world like John Hagee.
It is time for our people to come home to sanity and normality.
All this having been said, let us proceed with my very informal interview with Freya Aswynn.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (in 1993): The purpose of in-depth interviews published by Vor Tru is to document important personalities and viewpoints in various areas of the Asatru movement. All interview subjects are given the opportunity to proof their talks for errors and to correct unintended statements. The views expressed by interviewees do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Asatru Alliance or even the personal views of its office-holders, representatives, or members.]

THOR: Good evening. I am Thor Sannhet. It is Friday night, just after 10:00 PM on the 12th of March 1993, and I am with Freya Aswynn, and with me also in my quaint apartment sharing some bottles of mead is Oak Thorgeir. We are going to conduct an interview of Freya for Vor Tru magazine for this upcoming 2243 spring issue. By way of introduction, I just want to say, welcome to America! Now that we have visited sites in Manhattan ranging from Central Park and the United Nations to the Statue of Liberty, what is your immediate impression, Freya?
FREYA: My immediate impression, what struck me immediately, is that the streets are so clean. Some parts of the subway are dirty, but the streets themselves are so much cleaner than in London. I also was pleasantly surprised to see a substantial amount of white people in New York. I didn't expect that. I expected New York to be pretty well dark. But no, it is fine. The only other complaint that I have is that it is bloody cold! As cold as a witch's tit!
THOR: A Wiccan witch's tit by chance?
FREYA: Or an Asatru witch's tit. Whichever. Tits are tits. Witches are witches.
THOR: How well have you been treated by the Ring of Troth and the Asatru Alliance?
FREYA: Like royalty! Like the first lady of Asatru!
THOR: I understand you had a mishap during your four day stay in Ottowa, Canada just before coming here, but it came out for the best with a Valknut tattoo!
FREYA: It was a complete disaster.
THOR: How so?
FREYA: A lot of things went wrong. I can not even remember most of them. The main things that went wrong were that Andy [Biggins of the Ring of Troth] ordered books, Leaves of Yggdrasil. They did not arrive. They just disappeared. No more to be seen. The tapes I ordered from L.A. They didn't arrive. And the poor bastard in L.A. paid $40.00 for a 24 hour shipment by UPS, and the f- -ers did not arrive. So that is a dead loss. Then I decided, I met the pagan community.-there, which is a friendly, happy community, partly Wicca and partly Asatru, but the distinctions are absolutely unnoticeable. They are a very fraternal community. Everyone gets on well. I met this woman Dana. A Wiccan high priestess with Asatru leanings. And she does tattoos. Now I always thought I ought to have a Valknut. Right on my chest. I have been putting it off for a long time, partly because Lionel is going to kill me if he finds out that I have a Valknut on my chest. Because always I mentioned it. "No tattoos! Don't ever get any tattoos!" And it has always been a bone of contention. No tattoos. But the opportunity was there. So I opted for a Valknut tattoo, which was a DRAAMMAAA!!! What happened was I got the kindred standing in a ring around me and the tattooist. I stripped off to the waist. They were chanting "Odin!" to draw the power of Odin into me. Well, Donna burnt in the tattoo. She made an impeccable stencil of the Valknut taken from my Valknut ring. And she printed it on my chest, and then started zzzzzzzzz tattooing it. IT HURT LIKE F- -!!! Anyway, that was the sacrifice. The worst thing was to come. For some reason, the stencil got turned over. And all of a sudden, Donna said, "It is all wrong. The lines don't connect." And I went absolutely ape s- - berserk. I was screaming around the house. Half naked. Half screaming, "Odin! Odin!! What!?! You bastards!!!" I just went completely mad. There. I was with half an aborted Valknut on my chest. This to me was the worst thing. that could happen. I offer a Valknut to Odin to be carved on my chest, and the bastard was wrong. It was complete collective hysteria until one bright bugger picked up that book of Edred [Thorsson], The Nine Doors, and said, "I can't see anything wrong with it. It is exactly on Edred's book. And he put the book across the unfinished Valknut and said, "Yeah, so what the f- - went wrong?" So someone grabbed the stencil and said, "Look, you turned it over." It was visible on both sides. It was seeing through paper. So the mystery was resolved. I sat down again, and Donna finished the tattoo. And I now I am having a sacred Valknut tattooed over my heart, chacra, as a sign of my dedication and my pledge to ODIN!!! Forever! Odin!! EENS EN ALLTYD!!! ["Once and Always" in Dutch]
OAK THORGEIR: [Raises his mead horn] ODIN!!
THOR: ODIN!!! [He pauses to toast and then lay down his mead horn] Now, wasn't there a problem with a meeting hall that got burned down to top things off?
FREYA: Yes! Later on I found out that there had been more mishaps. I was scheduled to speak before about a hundred people. A thousand dollars of tickets were sold, which of course the idea was that would pay a substantial amount of the cost that the Ring of Troth incurred getting me over here. And of course some of it would have ended up in my pocket, not that I am worried about that. I wouldn't give it a thought. But, Friday afternoon, while I was in transit from JFK [International Airport] to Ottawa, that hall burned down. The tickets had to be refunded. And all that money, basically, went down the tube. So nobody has got f- - all. Another sacrifice on the pyre. So we had a sacrifice of blood, and a sacrifice by fire. Then we had a sacrifice by air, the mail did not arrive. The tapes and the books. Only one more element to go.
You yourself, Freya, seem to be unsinkable, and we are glad to have you here, and you are still going strong. And I think that actually with your stay in New York we are back on to an auspicious start. Let us talk about the other ways that you feel that Odin has put His mark on you. What are they?
FREYA: Well, I have some runes in my hands. I have got an Odal [or Othila] rune and an Ansuz rune clearly marked in my hand. And that is the main mark I consider as Odin marked me. The other one is an inherited defect in the right eye. I have had five eye operations to correct it. And it looks better, but it is still a mankey eye. And the other synchronicity is the date of my birth, which is completely Odinic. It is Wednesday, the ninth, November, "Nove" is nine in Latin, in the old Anglo Saxon ways it was the Blotmonath, the month in which the blood sacrifices were performed. And of course in the sign of Scorpio, which is Odinic in itself. And I was the ninth child out of the fourteenth. This altogether I found out when I first started exploring Asatru. And looking at my personal [aspects]. What compels me to this path? What is the intent, devotion, and attraction to Odin specifically more than any other God or Goddess? As a woman, as a Wiccan woman, I should be more in touch with Goddesses. But no, it did not work out that way. It was Odin, and it always will be Odin. He has marked me. I am his.

A distinguished Runic Ambassador from England visits
the United Nations Headquarters in New York City

THOR: Can you give us a biographical sketch of the process that you went through to dedicate yourself to Odin?
FREYA: Well, basically, I was born with certain psychic abilities, in a family which did not accept that. So at an early age, I was fostered in different families. At the age of ten I was locked up after a considerable amount of physical and other abuse. I know nowadays it is a fashion, everybody has been abused and can remember things, but in my case it actually was true. After spending nine years locked up, I came out at the age of 19, and within two months I was involved in spiritualist circles where I received some elementary training in mediumship, clairvoyance, psychometry, and I studied astrology, generally the occult. The occultic discipline. From there I moved on to the AMORC and I was a member of AMORC [Ancient Mystical Order of Rosicrucis] for seven years. After that, I went to England specifically to seek out Wicca, of which I was very interested. I arrived in England, I didn't know a soul, but within three days, I ran into people who directed me to Alex Sanders, who initiated me in his coven. After that I went back to Holland. Three months later I moved to England, again for a major occult festival. And I met Lionel Hornby, also known as Ravensong, who is a Gardnerian witch. So via him I got involved in starting a Gardnerian coven. Now in that coven, we invoked the old gods. Those gods were, for the main, Greek, Roman, Celtic. Fairly soon after, I was initiated and working in Wicca, with those gods, I went along with the ritual, and I performed as a high priestess, but very soon after, something was lacking. These gods were not my own. And I started looking at my own sources. Wodan. Donar. Freya. I did not even know about Odin, Thor, and Freya. So, at one time there was a situation in the coven in which a situation arose between Lionel and a guest, a female guest in that coven. This for me was basically it. Wicca is too much centered around sexual attractions and fertility magic. I could not accept that. So, at that day, after I had had a massive row with me husband, I broke with Wicca the same evening, emotion- ally I made a break, I went down to the basement. I rolled out my blanket, the way the Red Indians do. I went down to the basement and started calling on Wodan. The whole night I started calling on Wodan. My own God. My own ancestry. My own blood. Me own bones. F- - Wicca! F- - them! Bugger the lot of them. Wodan! Wodan!! Wodan!!! It was then that I made the contact. A week later I had made a Valknut ring, for me especially. And I did a blot. And I swore my allegiance to Odin forever. And I have been true until now, and I will always be true. That is how I met Odin. That is how I made the contact with Odin as my personal guardian and Allfather.

Freya made it about Manhattan and managed to avoid getting mugged
...with a little help from Sannhet to the right, in this Midtown photo.

THOR: Weren't you in Iceland in 1985?
THOR: And you got to meet Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson.
FREYA: Yes. I was in Iceland, and I met Sveinbjorn for a short time. However, we could not really communicate. He did not speak English. I did not speak Icelandic. And although we had a translator, the conversation was very, very general. He obviously did not know me from Adam. At that time I was not as well known as I am now. I was just one of the many. I did not feel that he paid particular attention to me. He gave me a copy of his record and signed his book, and I wrote my name in his guest book, and that was basically the end of the matter.
THOR: Did not word spread in Icelandic towns about your abilities with runic readings?
FREYA: Oh, hell, yes. Yes. Yes. I stayed there for three weeks basically doing readings and living off it until the money ran out. I had a ticket for three weeks, but I just let it expire. And stayed another three weeks. Some people just bought me another ticket to get me out. I did an interview with a local paper, which got the stuff out in the open. Freya Aswynn, volva, doing the readings, which of course they had not seen somebody like me for at least a thousand years. There's plenty of tarot readers and astrologers, but a genuine volva who actively works the old ways, the Icelanders had not seen it for at least a thousand years. I must have been the first one after so many years. So I made my mark there.
THOR: Let us talk about the role of women in Asatru. Do they have superior psychic abilities compared to men?
FREYA: I do not know whether they have superior psychic abilities per se. I know of some very gifted men with psychic abilities. But on the whole, women have more time to develop their abilities in the home with other women whereas other men are either going out a Viking or are going out to work. It is more of a social [condition]. I do not know if it is a genetic disposition that women are predisposed by nature to be more psychic or whether it is a social issue that women simply have more time to develop their psychic abilities. I am not one hundred percent convinced this is the case. I have met too many men who are gifted.
THOR: How does a woman go to Valhalla?
FREYA: The same way as a man. You die in battle. Alternatively, I am quite confident, that when my time comes, Odin will just wrap his cloak over me and sneak me in the back door.
THOR: But did not women have a major level of status in the old Viking society that would merit a reward in the hereafter?
FREYA: I think so. If you look at the religion, any religion, is a reflection of the social and ethical values of a people. We only need to look at contemporary positions of women in Nordic countries, not per se Iceland, but everywhere, to see that she was held in equal regard to men. Only in the oldest Germanic tradition, women were thought to be superior to men, certain women at least. And as such, one could deduct from there that women had their place in Valhalla. The myths were written up relatively late by male, mostly Christian scholars, who of course, it was not in their interest to promote feminine interests, let alone feminine mysteries. But I am quite confident that I have earned my seat on the mead bench in Valhalla and not as a servant either.
Here, here. What would you suggest for women in Wicca who are looking at Asatru?
FREYA: I would suggest that they study the Vanic mysteries. Frey and Freya, the lord and lady of nature. It is a nice way in, and an overlap between Wicca and Asatru. Or probably, Vanatru.
THOR: How does the Odinic path differ for a woman as opposed to a man?
FREYA: It is harder.
THOR: How so?
FREYA: The sacrifices involved. The fact that there are more men on the Odinic path than women would say that it is harder. Especially if you totally dedicate your life to Odin as a woman. It is extremely hard.
THOR: Can a woman still have children and enjoy family if she has dedicated herself to Odin?
FREYA: Within an Asatru community, an extended family situation, this would be possible. Within society as it is, I am afraid not. One would preclude the other.
THOR: Is that simply because of economic factors? Does it put a squeeze on women financially to try to be heathen activists and at the same time try to have a family?
FREYA: The family would suffer. And as Asatru is a family religion, if a woman decides to have children, those children have to come first and foremost, because those children are the future and the heritage of the folk. I can not have anyone or anything come first. Odin comes first.
THOR: But did not you make a personal decision to not have children before you found Asatru?
FREYA: Absolutely.
THOR: So that decision was for personal reasons before you came to Odin?
FREYA: That decision was consciously made for personal reasons because I wanted to be involved in magic and occultism, and the same reason stands, you can only do one thing good. But unconsciously I believe that decision has been guided by Odin.

Oak's pet pooch Dane stole the show by climb-
ing a tree. Since Dane could not smile like Oak
or Freya, he stuck his tongue out at the camera

THOR: You made that decision with your first husband who died a long time ago?
THOR: When did he die?
FREYA: In 1972.
THOR: Apparently you had an operation to not be able to have children?
FREYA: I had the operation. I had no sex before that time, anyway. There was no need for an operation.
THOR: So you had the operation on what date?
FREYA: The 14th of February 1975.
THOR: You had a ...
FREYA: A platonic relationship with me husband, yes.
THOR: I see. Can you describe the influence that your membership in various occult organizations such as the Order of the Temple of Orientalis (OTO) or the llluminus Order Thanatheros (IOT) have had on you?
FREYA: Well, the OTO did not have a lot of influence on me. Of course I have studied Crowley, and I was particularly impressed with Liber Astarte which is a magical technique described in Magic in Theory and Practice [by Crowley] which is purely designed in longstanding magical training to get a kind of mystical union of consciousness with ones chosen deity. It involves about a six month discipline in which you immerse yourself totally in the mythology, the colors, the attributes, the sounds, the smells, any kind of correspondence with that deity you can find until you make the contact. This was the main influence of Aleister Crowley that I picked up on. This is the path of devotion rather than magic. The path of mysticism rather than casting spells. The path of transformation of consciousness to the level of communication with Odin.
THOR: Could you describe -
FREYA: The IOT. I meant to talk about the IOT. The IOT, the membership of the IOT is for so-called chaos magic. It is based around the principle of chaos from the physical physics, like quantum physics, the law of probabilities, and the manipulation thereof. One of the aspects of chaos magic that attracted me, is that in chaos magic, they develop the techniques that are employed to achieve possession and trances by the god forms and achieve direct communication. This is what the IOT has to offer. This is the technology I went in for, to learn, to adopt, and to teach, and to spread in Asatru. I joined all of these organizations basically to rip off their technologies and adapt it to our people. And I have never made any bones about it. The leadership of the pact, the IOT, knows exactly why I joined. My allegiance is to Odin. Not to any specific magical order. But like Odin, I gain knowledge wherever it is to be found. Odin himself goes on a quest for knowledge. He accepts knowledge of giants, Vanir, whatever beings he meets. He accepts the knowledge. So do I. Any knowledge can be applicable to Odin to the service of Asatru. And I don't give a damn where I get it from.
THOR: What can Asatruar learn from many of the esoteric pagan orders? For example, would you distinguish Asatru as being more heathen than pagan or is there a problem of Asatruar intermarrying with Wiccas?
FREYA: It depends which aspect you look at. Pagan and heathen mean exactly the same. Heathen means dweller of the heath. Pagan comes from the Latin paganus which means dweller of the countryside. So linguistically in the meaning of these words there is no distinction. However, in practice we find that pagans are softer, more goddess-oriented, working with the moon, the tides, with nature. The heathens are more warrior. Outspoken, and more socially active in the sense --they will basically go to battle for what they believe in. You can't see many Wiccans doing that. The intermarriage between Asatru and Wicca is certainly possible. Again, from the Vanic perspective. And maybe at this point it is better to speak of Vanatru and Asatru. Asatru particularly, refers to the Aesir. Vanatru refers to the Vanir. And certainly, interrelated, intercrossing, and intermarrying between Wicca and Vanatru is absolutely possible. I myself am Asatru. I have been in a common law marriage with a Wiccan for the last fourteen years, and we have a system of mutual support which is absolutely fantastic. I have no problems with it.
What would you consider a reputable source to learn about Wicca?
Well, a reputable source is basically Stewart and Janet Farrar. They have written some very good introductory books. And Vivien Crowley who wrote an excellent thesis about Wicca, an old religion in the new age, which is one of the best books written on the subject. But personally, I feel done with that.
THOR: Here in New York City a lot of Wiccans are homosexuals. Is there a place for that in Asatru?
FREYA: Traditionally, there might have been. We know from historical sources that in the Frey cult, in Sweden, cross-dressing was practiced by male priests of Frey. Whether or whether not homosexual activity was absolutely implied we do not know. There are certain aspects of the darker side of Seidr in the mythology and the sagas which would imply that these practices went on. And from a Vanic perspective, yes, I have met a Frey's godi in Iceland, Uti, who was a homosexual, and I personally have no problems with that. However, if I would meet a homosexual who professed to be an Odin's godi, my hair would raise on end.
THOR: Why is that?
FREYA: Because Odin is just too masculine. Frey, yes. Odin, no way. Thor, no way.
THOR: What can Asatruar learn from other Indo-European religions such as Druidism or the Greco-Roman religion or early Hindu faith?
FREYA: I honestly do not know. I have never looked at those religions. I am basically not interested in them. I am totally 100% Asatru.
THOR: But don't some of these other faiths show a common Indo-European ancestry?
FREYA: Yes, but I am not interested in Indo-European ancestry. I am interested in Nordic ancestry. I am a Frisian. I am not an Indo-European.
THOR: Isn't Indo-European taken to be synonymous with Nordic?
FREYA: Certainly not. Indo-European encompasses everything from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India...
THOR: Well, the theory, as I understand it, is that the Indo-European peoples [were originally] spread from Scandinavia across Eastern Europe and into the steppes of what is now Russian and Northern Eurasia.. In the Ynglinga Saga, Odin comes from Asgard, which is east of the Don, which of course is deep inside modern day Russia. People who were very Nordic spread from those kinds of places down into the Indus Valley. The Dorians, Achaeans, and Ionians who founded ancient Greece and the Italic invaders and Sabines and Oscians who founded Rome and the Roman Republic had a similar Nordic-related, possibly a part Celtic or Alpine genetic background.
Probably. But I do not consider it relevant to modern Asatru.
THOR: In other words you are putting more emphasis on the mystical aspects of Asatru?
FREYA: Yes, absolutely.
THOR: But how would you describe the character of your own Rune Guild?
FREYA: It is early days yet. It is only a year ago since Edred [Thorsson] installed me as Drighting over England and Holland. And since then we have done some work. We have about thirteen members. And, the work we do is mainly to be transformative magic. Doing rituals and ceremonies for the Gods to get closer contact and communion with the Gods. And to develop the individual personality within the priesthood of Asatru, generally and specifically, the Rune Guild.
THOR: What has your relationship been with the Ring of Troth?
FREYA: I am a member of the Ring of Troth. And I support it. They have been very good to me. There are many specifically within the Ring of Troth, my closest friend is Kvedulfr. And I hope to do a lot of good work with the Ring.
THOR: What was your feeling about the situation that developed with Edred Thorsson?
FREYA: I have no comment. I owe Edred my loyalty as well. I will not take sides.
THOR: What has been your relationship with Kvedulfr Gundarsson, since he has been in England pursuing his Phd studies?
FREYA: Kvedulfr and me are as close as brother and sister. We are on the phone. He visits me. He helps me out with my correspondence course. He helps me out in any way possible. He has been extremely supportive, and I am very grateful to the Gods that Kvedulfr is there. I would not manage without him half the things that I am doing.
THOR: What has your relationship been with the Odinic Rite of England?
FREYA: Virtually nonexistent for the last six years. They are not a practicing magical order. I have not really that much with them in common. However, I will support them. I will speak for them. I will turn up at meetings when I am specifically asked to do it. And against the outside world, I am a member of the Odinic Rite. I will stand firm with them in the shield wall, if needs require.

Ring of Troth member Dan O'Halloran on the right enjoying himself.
Oak is on the left, also having entirely too much fun. So is Freya (center).

Why did the Odinic Rite split in two fairly recently?
There was an argument about The Book of Blots. Who had written it. Who put it out. I wasn't involved in that argument. My position, again, is that the leader of one faction of the Odinic Rite, Stubba, professed me. And as such, I owe him. I have a bond of blood with him. But I am the one who professed Heimeist, the leader of the of the other faction of the Heimgest, the leader of the other faction of the Odinic Rite. So I owe him equally allegiance and blood brotherhood. So I will not take sides in this argument.
THOR: How do you feel about such practices as fire-walking in the Odinic Rite?
FREYA: I do not know anything about it. I was not there.
THOR: I understand that you promote a balance between respect and tolerance for alien races and cultures and loyalty to our own folk?
FREYA: Absolutely. The Germanic people always put loyalty to kin above everything else. Loyalty to ones immediate family, and the village, the tribal group, and the country you live in. That is first and foremost.
THOR: Does that go back to the earliest times?
FREYA: That goes back to Tacitus' time, to Germania [The Agricola and the Germania by the Roman writer Tacitus]. And of course undoubtedly the same would go in the Viking Age, and in Anglo-Saxon England. Loyalty to kin is first and foremost. That is how any nation survives.
OAK THORGEIR: Freya, on the subject of different organizations, do you have any initial thoughts on the Asatru Alliance, and what you have learned of it?
FREYA: Well, I do not really know very much about the Alliance. From what I gather, that the diversity between the Alliance and the Ring of Troth are mainly concerned with mundane matters, like politics, one is too liberal, the other is too conservative. I think that people should learn to live with those differences in the expression of a faith, but the overall transcendental factor should be the service to Asatru, to the Asafolk as a whole, and the worship and service of the Gods. Unity on the level of cooperation and sharing of resources. More interaction and more contact between the Troth and the Alliance. It is too silly for words. If Catholics and Protestants can join forces under the banner of one Christianity, I do not see why we as Asatruar can not do the bloody same. We should not be squabbling with our own kin.
THOR: I understand that you have friends back in England who are of a variety of racial and religious backgrounds?
FREYA: Abso!utely. Each to their own. "Do what thou willt" shall be the whole of the law. As long as they leave me alone with my worship, I have no qualm with anyone else.
THOR: Apparently you have been involved in some controversy, when there was an effort to have a Negro act as Odin in a Wagnerian Opera performance in England. What was that all about?
FREYA: Me and another member of the Rune Guild once had a conversation, in private, and we said that the greatest degradation for our folk would be --ah, I had better not say this --let us put it this way, we would consider it very offensive if a Black man were to try portray Wotan in the Ring. Coincidentally, three weeks later, this bloke comes up to me smirking all over his face, with a newspaper article. A Black man was playing Wotan in The Ring in this Scottish Opera Das Rheingold. Now there is certainly a place for Black people in Wagner. Alberich could be Black. Svartalfe. And even earth mother Erda could possibly be black, the dark goddess [Editor's Note: Based on what factual sources?]. But not Wotan. That to me was a personal sacrilege and an affront. And I had to get off my ass and do whatever I could to stop this by any possible means.
THOR: Would that be as ridiculous as having a white man play Malcolm X?
FREYA: Of course it is just as ridiculous.
THOR: Did you organize some picketing?
FREYA: Yes, I did. Yes, I had the pickets out from Scotland all the way back to Oxford, with the help of the Odinic Rite. In the later stage, when everyone saw it was safe, they all came out of the closet and joined me. But initially it was only me on me own sticking my neck out.
THOR: Apparently you got smeared by some press accounts?
FREYA: Absolutely.
THOR: What did they say?
FREYA: They said I was a Nazi terrorist. They blamed me for a bombing in 1982. And they said I was wanted by the Dutch police for Nazi terrorist activities.
THOR: What kinds of papers made these accusations?
FREYA: It is a magazine called Searchlight, which is basically an anti-fascist magazine. It spends its time and money hunting down fascists and seeing racists under the bed. No, we do not need to theorize who funds that paper. In Britain it is well known.
THOR: How would you compare Odinism and German National Socialism?
FREYA: Well, I do not think there is any comparison possible. National Socialism was in the first instance a reaction of Christianity against the Jews. An economic phenomena of Germany in the 20's. It has nothing to do with Odinism. Odin is God of Victory. He would not back Hitler. Hitler was a loser. From the start.
THOR: What about in terms of the tribal democracy that the Asatru Alliance promotes?
FREYA: There was no tribal democracy in Nazi Germany. It was basically a fascist regime where the law was laid down from above. No democracy at all.
THOR: What about the way the Nazis treated your own people?
FREYA: Well, exactly. My father fought in the Resistance and won a cross, the equivalent of the V.C. cross.
THOR: The Victoria Cross?
FREYA: Yes, I think so, yes. He was a Resistance hero. So were a few of my uncles.

THOR: Did the Nazis treat the Dutch badly in terms of taking foodstuffs out of the country?
FREYA: Initially, not too bad. It was only when they started to round up the Jews and the Dutch started hiding them, and started a railway strike in February 1941, to prevent the trains being ridden, you know, these special trains they had, that the Germans really stomped down on the Dutch and took the gold out of the country. They took the resources, the money, everything they could lay their hands on. They treated the Dutch abominably. Absolutely disgusting, considering that the Dutch on the whole are more Germanic and Nordic and Teutonic than the bloody Germans who are half mixed anyway. You look at those Nazis. None of them look the part. Heydrich, that was about it. The rest, they all looked like bloody mongrels.
THOR: More Alpine than Nordic?
FREYA: Well, Alpine and all bits slung in together.
THOR: You refer to Dr. Karl Jung in Leaves of Yggdrasil. Was not he involved with Nazism?
FREYA: Well, I do not know if he was involved with Nazism, but he was certainly was the man, who during the Third Reich, ran the Volksgerundheit, which is basically, what do you call it, national health, I suppose, for mentally psychiatric patients. This of course was after all of the Jewish psychiatrists were removed from the scene.
THOR: You talk about his work on archetype analysis and many words that he used such as the collective unconscious.
FREYA: That is absolutely, completely valid. Jung is one of the greatest thinkers of the century. And he brought the psychoanalytical movement directly into mainstream occultism and mysticism. My biggest gripe I have with him is in that night in 1936, if I am correct in his book Civilization in Transformation, he wrote a defamatory article called "Wotan" in which he more or less implied that Wotan, Odin, was the controlling power behind Hitler. That I do not accept. I can never accept it. The first time that I read that I was so outraged, so in a state, that when I went to sleep, I actually went out on the Astral and had a significant dream-type experience in which I met Jung in the British Library and I slapped him across the face for this insult. And unfortunately, consecutive authors, like Jean Houston, one of the main promoters of esoteric psychology and humanistic transcendental psychology in the United States, now, has quoted exactly this quote in her book The Search of the Beloved, she quoted Jung and she supports it. People keep repeating this s- - without really looking at it, what Odin really stands for.
THOR: After the war, didn't Jung undergo some ideological changes?
Well, he probably did. He obviously had his job to think of like everybody else. After the war, nobody did anything. Nothing happened. Who was going to own up to it? Ich habe nicht gewusst. That is what we say in Holland. Don't trust any German over the age of fifty.
THOR: It sounds from your description of London that the British Government has gone entirely in the opposite ideological direction.
FREYA: Yes. Yes. Britain is f- -ed.
THOR: Well, doesn't a lot of that have to do with what you call the "Loony Left" in Britain...
FREYA: Well, yes it does. This is the extreme excess of the Labor Party, however, the official Labor Party they tried to disown it now, promoting all ethnic minorities, and weird things, like you can not say "black board" or "black bag" or "bye-bye black sheep," they outlawed it all. You can't tell Irish jokes. Because that is racism, let alone Jewish jokes. The fact is that the Irish and the Jews are the best about their own jokes. They are always spouting them about. But we can't do it because it is absolutely and completely racism. Everything is called racism. If you tell an Irish joke, it is racist. What is racist about it? The Irish are not a different race to us. It is nonsense. Complete utter nonsense.
THOR: How does the liberal white middle class feel about the [late] Islamic leader Khomeini's desire to bump off Salmon Rushdie. Isn't he still in hiding?
THOR: Are the liberals condemning that [as much as they love to condemn any form of white racism]?
FREYA: I think that they are lip-servicing to condemning it. But to be totally honest, the British Government should not stand for that. The British Government should not expect that one of its citizens should have to spend a whole life in hiding, just being intimidated by Iran. I think it is a great act of cowardice not to go in there and not sort them out. It is bloody ridiculous.
THOR: When will the white middle class in England start showing some folk cooperation in economics and politics for their own kind?
FREYA: As long as they have got their paychecks coming in, and their little council jobs and civil service jobs safely, and go to the weekly therapy classes, they do not give a f- -ing damn. As usual it is up to the working class to sort out the s- -.
THOR: You have been involved in other forms of activism, for example to save the White Horse stone. What is the significance of the White Horse Stone?
FREYA: The significance of the White Horse Stone is that it is the burial place for Horsa of Hengest and Horsa. They were one of the first English, Anglo-Saxon settlers of this country. And they were pagan. That stone commemorates that battle and one of them who died there. [Editor's Note: An army of Angles, Saxons, and Jutes from northern Germany led by the two brothers Hengest and Horsa defeated an army of Britons at this site in 449 AD and Horsa was killed at the height of the battle]. It is being reclaimed by the Odinic Rite as a sacred site for Odinists to meet. However, it is fair to say that Wiccan groups also meet there. It is pretty well shared. And there is no conflict.
THOR: Well, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes were Odinists when they first came to England, were they not?
FREYA: Yes, this was firmly within the pagan period.
THOR: But before they came, England was called Briton?
FREYA: It is England because of "Ing" [Ingavonnes or the Angles of the region of Angeln --Editor].
THOR: The Odinists, who came in, took it over?
FREYA: Initially they were invited in by Vortigern, a local Celtic chieftain to fight the Picts and the Scots [when Britain was abandoned early in the 5th century by the Romans the country quickly degenerated into chaos --Editor]. And Vortigern made promises he did not keep. So the Saxons just said, "Up yours, here we are, we are going to stay here. We are going to take this land." And they did.
THOR: Why do many Englishmen insist on calling themselves Odinists and do not use the term Asatruar?
FREYA: Because they do not want to be aligned with Iceland. Everybody takes the term Asatruar from the Icelandic Asatruarmen, who first mentioned it, and so far as I am concerned, I have no problem with that. But the English want to distinguish themselves in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, not the Icelandic-Scandinavian tradition.
OAK THORGEIR: Doesn't the word Odinists to some degree invalidate the other Gods and make them just singly Odinists?
FREYA: This is problem with the term "Odinist." This is why I personally prefer "Asatru." However, I AM AN ODINIST! I worship and will extol Him above any other God or Goddess.
THOR: How did the Vikings themselves relate to indigenous peoples. Do you see a streak of tolerance there?
FREYA: All I can say is that Lionel Ravensong saw a program on television while I was out, which dealt with the celebration of the Columbus business, and referred back to the Viking ships arriving here in 1991. And it drew a comparison that when the Viking ships arrived here in this age, the Indians were there dancing, clapping, and applauding, honoring the Vikings. Whereas during the Columbus celebration, the Indians objected. They demonstrated. They tried to stop it. And quite rightly so. Our people had friendly, respectful relations with the Skraelings. Columbus and his people wiped them out. Polluted them. Infected them with diseases. Forcefully converted them to Christianity, and stole away their wealth and their natural resources and destroyed their tribal structure, something our people, the Vikings, never did. They might have fought them on the battle ground, yes, sure, but the Indians like a good fight as well. They are warriors. We are warriors. You meet on the battle ground and you respect each other. Even although you fight.
THOR: Some people get confused when they see symbols like the swastika in Leaves of Yggdrasil and song titles like "Panzer Rune" in your recent album. What are you trying to accomplish by resurrecting this imagery?
FREYA: I am not resurrecting any imagery. The imagery of the swastika is an integral part of our folk tradition as well as other people's. The Red Indians use it. The Tibetans use it. The Greeks called it the gammion. They used it. It is simply a pictographic representation of the sun and in the Nordic tradition specifically, the hammer of Thor. And I am not going to compromise to anyone. Not to be able to use the symbols of my folk, shared by other people as well. The Indians, the people from India, in Leceister and Bradford, still paint it. They pray to Krishna. They use the swastika quite heavily as a solar symbol, and I will be buggered if I am not going to do the same. So far as "Panzer Rune" that was a title track given by Dave Tibet on record. I just did the chanting. I had nothing more to do with that, what he called it, that was his business, it was his record.
THOR: [In the song title] "Swastikas for Noddy;" "Noddy" means what?
FREYA: Noddy is an English children's figure. Out of sheer bedevilment Tibet started treating this character as a god just for fun. That is David Tibet.
THOR: I see. Well your book has certainly received high acclaim from many Asatru quarters. Valgard Murray, the editor of Vor Tru, says that it is the only Llewellyn book that he carries, yet oddly enough, Llewellyn stopped printing your book for a while. Why was that?
FREYA: Well, I suppose it was an economic reason. They can not print everything at any given time. They are like everyone else and have only limited resources. They can only print according to their means.
THOR: How many copies have you sold to date?
FREYA: About 5,000 from Llewellyn, and about a 1,000 from a private edition. And of course there is the new edition out. Apparently there is another 5,000 on the market right now.
THOR: Was there a write-in campaign that helped to get the new printing?
FREYA: Yes, when I found out that I was going to go to the States, I had some British book source asking Llewellyn when it was going to be reprinted, because I had my students complain that they could not get my book. And Llewellyn said in June. And I wrote to every Asatruar I knew and said, "Give Llewellyn hell. Get their asses in gear. That book should be out when I corne over to the States." Blimey! It is in their interest. They are making most of the money out of it. All I get is a lousy 10%.

Freya wore the Wulfing Kindred's Valknut button gift
while seeing Lady Liberty with Oak (right) and Thor

THOR: What kinds of letters have you received from readers of your book?
FREYA: I have received lots of letters. I have never received a negative feed back letter. I have had so many letters acclaiming it. One of the nicest ones, people usually write that it is the best book on the runes yet, or it is one of the best, equating it with people like Edred Thorsson, but the nicest letter I had was from somebody who wrote that in this book, you could feel the Gods speaking for themselves. And that is the nicest complement, and the most valuable complement I have ever had, because in actual fact, this is true. The Gods do speak for themselves, and so far as is possible, to be fed through my consciousness, and be interpreted and put in the proper language, English. And the inspiration and the spirituality involved in it are directly derived from the Gods. That is not me. That is Odin, and some other Gods.
THOR: How did the book evolve into its final form? Didn't it start out as some notes?
FREYA: It started out as a magical diary. I went through runic meditations and kept a record. Then I started giving weekend runic seminars at my house. Usually I was so carried on by it that I got in a trance and the information was passed through. Someone put a tape recorder on and taped the bugger and it all became part of the book.
THOR: You have claimed that many of the ideas, as you just said, have corne to you in a trance state.
FREYA: That is absolutely correct.
THOR: And what happens when you go into a trance state?
FREYA: Well, it usually happened that I was giving a talk on the runes, and starting with the Futhark or talking about the Gods or talking about Odin, talking about our religion, and I got really involved, and then He just takes over. My eye goes back. And I start really talking hyperactively, pushing out a lot of energy, and I can talk and talk and push it all out as quickly as is possible. And usually I do not remember half of it afterwards. I am not unconscious though. I am conscious. I know what goes on, and I totally surrender and cooperate with that.
THOR: How does altered consciousness differ from, say, the Hippies who are into drug use?
FREYA: I do not know. I do not use drugs. Shamanic people use drugs for spiritual purposes to achieve a trance state. And I think that as long as the drugs are naturally grown by mother earth, I can not see no problem with it. If they are chemically manufactured, that is where absolutely I draw the line. Anything mother nature grows; mushrooms, pot, booze, goes. Anything manufactured and dealt with on the street, no bloody way.
THOR: Do you see a real scarcity of any form of mind-altering drugs, natural or otherwise, in the old Nordic religion?
FREYA: There was some evidence that mushrooms were used. Aminitus muscara certainly. Although not for the berserkergang the aminitus does not have that kind of working. It is a hallucinogenic and probably was used in the same manner that native Americans used peyote. And of course pot was burned in the sweathouses. They just threw it on the hot stones in the fire and smoked, and people breathed it and got stoned.
THOR: What is the evidence for that?
FREYA: The evidence is basically archaeological.
THOR: Cannabis has been found in digs?
FREYA: Yes. In the smoke pits. Don't forget it wasn't a drug culture. was another herb that grew. They might have put all sorts on it: parsley, I don't know what the hell they used. Cannabis is just another
THOR: It really is not openly stated in any of the sagas, is it?
FREYA: The mead of inspiration, the Bragi's Cup, there is some indication that that was a combination of mead, apple, and cannabis. There are some old recipes floating about. But there are other people who know more about this than I do, such as Richard Dufton and Bernard King, and they reckon, yes, this was the Bragi's Cup. Definitely cannabis was one of the ingredients in it.
THOR: That is something that would take a lot of scholarly research to try to get a definitive opinion on one way or another. Cannabis mugroot, plant.
FREYA: I just take the other's scholar's word for it. Let us face it. Mead is a bloody drug. Alcohol. It spins the mind off.
THOR: Yet unlike people who claim to be divinely inspired with "The Word," you are surprisingly non-dogmatic in your approach. You appear to have no fixed guides to runic divination.
FREYA: Well, you can't have a fixed guide to runic divination. Divination is inspirational. You can not tie inspiration down to structure. Inspiration comes and goes. You can not tie it down to any structure or dogma. As soon as it becomes dogmatic, it becomes dead letters, and the inspiration is gone. The spirit is gone.
THOR: In astrology they do have structure.
FREYA: Yes, of course, you have a structure, and I have a valid structure. I work within the runic system. I have certain outlays I feel comfortable with. Astrology only has a structure in so far as the mathematical and the planetary configurations appear in the sky. The interpretation, of it, how it applies to an individual life, is not structured. There are no hard and fast rules. Like a runic divination, you start talking what you pick up, and that is the way it goes. It triggers the mind into a state of clairvoyance from which you pick up information.
THOR: This is different from fortune telling?
FREYA: Of course it is. Fortune telling is bull s- -. You can not do fortune telling. Wyrd is not that fixed. The wyrd is a main blue print of your life. But within the parameters of your own individual wyrd, you can shape that wyrd to a very large extent. This is the way of the warrior. Not slavishly submitting to the laws of fate, but actively intervening. Actively battling. Actively taking control of your own life. Control of your own will. Shape it to the best of the abilities and the best possibilities you have.
THOR: What is your concept then of shape changing?
FREYA: Shape changing I have experimented with. It is basically a technique I employ by projecting my consciousness out in the shape of an animal and then do some business.
THOR: But it is not an actual physical change; it is more a psychic change?
FREYA: It is a psychic change. An emotional change. If you go deep enough into it, you will find yourself growling, snarling, or whatever that animal noises make.

Freya quaffs a horn of mead and squints an eye as she
tunes into the Odinforce and divines runes for Oak

THOR: Did you not have an experience where you chased off a male pursuer?
FREYA: Yes I did, yes, I was walking along, this was in 1981. I was not into Asatru, I was just generally into the occult. And this male of a certain hue spoke to me and was quite friendly, and pleasant, and I had nice chat, and then he started getting personal. Making suggestions. And I just couldn't get rid of the bugger. He started following me. I started walking harder and harder, and he followed me. At one point I got so fed up, I just invoked Horus, shaped my astral body, my force field around me, in the shape of the beak of Horus and the wings. I turned around 180 degrees and faced him head on and chased him all the way back. That was my first experience with shape shifting.
THOR: You talked about how the Gods need us and we need the Gods, could you explain this?
FREYA: Well, this is a fairly mystical concept. The Gods can not find expression for Their will and Their movements on this plane without the intervention of humans. Without us, the Gods do not exist. They have no way of expressing themselves. The Gods work through the human consciousness. Transformation of the human consciousness, and their own personal aims of development and growth and gaining more power on the inner planes. Each time, when we do a ritual or a devotional, we invoke the God and we concentrate on that God. We give it life-force by our attention and our emotion. And we charge that God form, and it feeds back to us. It is a symbiotic relationship.
THOR: How does that symbiotic relationship relate to the concept of meta-genetics that apparently you like and that Steve McNallen has written about? FREYA: Meta-genetics, the concept, the Hamingja, the oversoul, is in the blood. The blood gets transferred by the genes. Therefore it is absolutely essential for the purest dedication in the worship of the Gods to keep the purest genetic line. This is true for every nation. This is true for the Voodoo people. It is true for African people. For Nordic people. For everyone. The Gods are the mythological ancestry. You keep your line as pure as possible. Because if the race dies out, the Gods die out. And this is not only the prerogative of the Nordic race. Each race should be aware of that.
THOR: How did the runes Ansuz and Wunjo come to shape your last name of Aswynn?
FREYA: I was given the name Freya in the Craft, and I needed a surname to go with it. Especially when I went public, and I just asked Odin. And just those runes came up. Aswynn. Ansuz. Wunjo. Aswynn. That is it.

THOR: Can you explain the special meaning of Ansuz and Wunjo in this context?
FREYA: No, I won't. No I won't. That is to each individual to decode.
THOR: I see. Well, what are some of the most significant runes to you now that you are willing to decode?
FREYA: Ansuz, of course. First and foremost. Wunjo, Othila, Eiwaz, and, Gifu [Gebo in the elder Futhark or "Gifu" in the Anglo-Saxon Futhark] is paramount in my life.
THOR: How is it paramount?
FREYA: It is the gift, the giver, and the receiver all being one. The gift transcends the giving and receiving. Gifu is the unifying rune of the consciousness. Between me and Odin. Gifu is all.
THOR: Is there another rune that you would like to talk about?
FREYA: Well, yes. Othila, of course, is a very important rune. It represents the folk collective. The establishment of our folk traditions, and our own ethnic and spiritual heritage. Othila, if you look at it, is composed by two runes. An Inguz and a Gifu. The gift of Ing. Ing being the God of fertility and ancestry transmitting the gift of consciousness to the next generation. Gifu. Inguz. Then of course there are the dark runes of the Goddesses. Hagalaz, Isa, Nauthiz, collectively Urd, Skuld and Verdandi. Of course Pertho, the rune of Wyrd, the rune of space, and Jera the rune of time. These are the runes for divination and the shaping of ones individual web of Wyrd.
THOR: It was interesting to me when earlier you told me that you have not tried to cash in on your runic readings by setting up a fortune-telling shop.
FREYA: Of course not. That would debase the runes to the market place. Someone with a deck of cards telling fortunes for the public for a few quid. No, no way would I do that. That is not the way the runes are meant to be. Not by me at any rate. When I do a rune cast, it is a sacred act, I am communing with the God or Goddess to that particular person. That is something that I can not sell on the market place. It would be prostitution.
THOR: What is your understanding or relationship to Gods such as Loki in addition to Odin?
FREYA: I have always ignored Loki, mainly because Lionel already was linked with Loki, and he caused enough mischief for me and Odin to clear up. But fortunately, Kvedulfr taught me a main lesson in this respect. If you invoke Odin, you will sooner or a later have to invoke Loki?
THOR: Why is that?
FREYA: Because they are blood brothers. It says in the story in Aegir's Hall that every time Odin is offered a drink, Loki must be offered one as well. So whenever you call on Odin, you must give some kind of acknowledgement to Loki. If only to shut the bugger up and stop him from interfering.
THOR: Do you see Loki as being truly evil?
FREYA: Oh, no. No. A pest, certainly. But evil, not particularly. No more than any of the others. Odin is pretty nasty in his dark side. He is a right old sod.
THOR: What about Surt?
FREYA: Surt is evil. Surt is total, unmitigated destruction. Loki is transformation. Loki is chaos. Loki is the bugger factor. The unknown variable that comes in and screws things up for everyone to learn. To rebuild. To test. Challenge. Surt is just total destruction. No purpose at all.
THOR: What about the Gods who are at the other end of the scale? That are edifying. Such as Heimdal or Thor?
FREYA: Heimdal is very important. He is essentially the opener of the way. Especially if you work with higher trance states and traveling, then you have got to acknowledge Heimdal as the guardian of the bridge, otherwise you will not pass. Thor, is just nice. Thor is the one you invoke when you have got a bit of trouble going on. Then you call on Thor. He does the business. He is very protective. Very friendly. And very, very close at hand. He is really with his people all the time. Protective, you know. Defensive. Very very nice. But Odin transcends them all. Odin is just cosmic consciousness. Odin is just all.
THOR: What direction would you like to see Asatru develop in the future?
FREYA: I want to see more development of traditional magic. Platform magic. Seidr. Galdr. All sorts of traditional magic. Reconstructed from the sagas with the help of looking at other people's traditional magic which has not been wiped out. But more magic as an individual group to raise the consciousness of the individual. They will raise the consciousness of the folk.
THOR: To a Westerner who is trained to think in rationalistic terms, how would you define the term "magic" that you practice?
FREYA: Well, there is a set definition of magic as an act of will for a specific result which is the Crowley definition. Magic is the art of causing coincidence and the will, and this is all true, but personally for me, the way I practice magic, is purely for transcendental purpose. My magic is geared to get a closer communication and unity with Odin. That is all my magic is aimed at. Not casting spells or gaining money or gaining favors. It is purely in terms of the transcendence of consciousness. And to me the aided consciousness back to the folk, to inspire, to teach, and to bring the people closer to the Gods. So actually this is mysticism, not magic. Magic is a technology of how to cast spells. How to do certain working. Mysticism ought to be the aim of magic.
THOR: How would you describe the art of Galdr?
FREYA: It is verbal magic. It is anything to do with poetry, incantations, mantra-type runic chants. Or create an altered state of consciousness.
THOR: I see. How would you describe Seidr magic?
FREYA: Seidr magic has more to do with the feminine mysteries. This altered state of consciousness by deep trances and sitting out, sitting on a platform, hanging on trees, anything. It is on the sharp edge of magic. And sexual magic would be a part of Seidr.
THOR: What about this "sex magic" that we have heard about? How do you feel it can be used or abused?
FREYA: How can it be used? Again, I can not really speak from experience, because I have never met --well I have met the person I would like to experience this with, who is Bernard King, but it did not work out. In other traditions, sexuality is used as a method to elevate. ones consciousness to a higher plane. Again the object being the communication with the Gods, to use that energy of the life force directly for the communication. And inspiration with the Gods. But it has to be done on such a high transcendental level of consciousness elevation that I have not found the proper person with whom I could celebrate this mystery. I still hope. As time goes on.
THOR: This is different from using it as a tool for promiscuous relations as opposed to practicing family values.
FREYA: Of course not. It has nothing to do with promiscuity. The priest and priestess are in sacred union like a God and a Goddess, and you just can not achieve that with everyone on a promiscuous level. You might be lucky if it happens once in a lifetime.
THOR: What is your concept of what is called "sending."
FREYA: AHH!! Sending. Well that is basically creating a physical structure like an animal or a hat or a series of runes or a bowl or whatever, and you charge that, as a receptacle for an indwelling familiar spirit, a servitor, that you then can send off to do your bidding. That is a sending.
THOR: I am aware of a lot of primitive cultures such as the Native Hawaiians who engage in sending. [Editor's Note: Thor worked on a documentary film project that covered elements of the old Hawaiian religion. According to Thor, an excellent source is Na Po'e Kahiko: The People of Old by Samuel Kamakau, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1964. Samuel Kamakau lived in the 1800's and is an authentic source on pre-contact pagan Hawaiian religion. In chapter six "Magic and Sorcery" Kamakau discusses the "sending" practices of dreaded kahuna'ana'ana who, among other things, prayed people to death. Of course these practices had a distinctively Polynesian as opposed to Nordic flavor to them. If you ever visit the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, check it out].
FREYA: This [sending] was done in Iceland.
THOR: So apparently it has been done by peoples across the globe.
FREYA: Across the globe. We call it the sending, they call it something else.
THOR: Do you see this as something that is on the periphery of Asatru?
FREYA: It is not on the periphery of Asatru. It is right in the center of it. Like Odin has his Huginn and Muninn as his familial spirits. We all ought to have a couple. One of them guards your house when you are not there. Another one looks after your finances and your daily business. Another one is there to attack enemies. To divert enemy attack coming in. They are practical mechanisms.
THOR: So this is creating a kind of spirit force?
FREYA: Yes, yes.
THOR: Like a force field?
FREYA: A force field, yes, but with indwelling elemental spirits. You create an environment for them to dwell in. And give them a foothold on this plane. In return, they will do what you ask them. But you have to be nice to them. You treat them more or less as pets. You do little blots for them. For example, this is linked with alfarblots. People had elves. They put honey and milk outside the door to please the elves. The elves looked after the farmyard. The elves looked after the household. This is basically the same principle.
THOR: Apparently you will continue writing books? Can you describe some of the book projects?
FREYA: The Shadow of Yggdrasil [is one of them]. The Shadow of Yggdrasil is basically an attempt in the future to define the meaning of Asatru in terms of certain political slurs that have been leveled at it. I intend to trace down the historical origins of anti-Semitism and Nazism, and prove beyond any doubt that they are not a part of Odinism or Asatru. To put things in perspective. That is not part of our folk fate. It does not have a place in Asatru, and never had a place in Asatru. The term shadow comes from Jung again, that part of the subconscious which is suppressed. People do not want to acknowledge. The same way, if you look at a tree in the sun, that tree will shed a shadow. Likewise Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree, will have its its shadow side, the darker side. That has to be illuminated. It has to be exposed to the light. The light of reason. The light of understanding. To eliminate this erroneous concept that Asatru is Nazi.
THOR: There is another book project--
FREYA: Roots of Yggdrasil. This will go into more technology of sorcery, sending, of sigils, of practical magical workings in daily life, and also it will contain an in-depth analysis of the inner meaning of Wagner's Ring as a narrative of an initiation process seen from the perspective of Wodan or Wotan. That has been in preparation.
THOR: You have been very active in terms of musical recordings. Can you describe your most recent albums?
FREYA: Well, I have done Fruits of Yggdrasil, which basically was purely intended to express what I feel about my faith and Odin in particular. Shades of Yggdrasil is basically a re-recording of that. A revamped version after the original sold out. It is a celebration of Asatru. It is empowerment of the runes. And of course it is my own feelings expressed in song and voice about Odin. Certain songs convey my soul. In that record I opened up my soul to the folk. To show the beauty of the worship of Odin.
THOR: Do you think there a place for recapturing some of the sublime kinds of hymns that we often hear in a Christian church, except that we adapt them to Asatru lyrics. I understand that Christians have ripped off some beautiful hymns from pagans and heathens. Is it possible that we can do the same thing [back to the Christians]?
FREYA: I do not think so. The taint would always be there. If you wanted to take a Christian tune and put Odinist words in it, I mean, the taint would still be there. I could not get it through my throat. The only way to do it is to start from scratch and write your own hymns with your own music. We have got enough quality musicians and song writers. Like Kirby [Wise]. I mean, we do not need to borrow from Christianity. I wish someone would write me a real hymn of Odin, expressing everything about his sublime, majestic consciousness. I would gladly put it out on a record. Any challengers? Vor Tru should forward any mail on this.
THOR: Could you describe some of the people you are currently working with in London? For example, Bernard King apparently has come out with --
FREYA: Ultima Thule.
THOR: Yes.

O'Halloran displaying his Thor's Hammer amulet

FREYA: Well, that book --Bernard has been working on the concept of Thule for a very long time. He has written a trilogy called The Keeper Trilogy which has to do a lot with the Thulian concept, he also wrote Asatruar novels, retelling the Ynglinga myths and Staruadder and other heroes. He has done a marvelous job on that. But at the moment I do not know whenever I will Dan tried to charm Freya with his over-sized Thor's Hammer ever cooperate with this man ever again. There has been great, great personal disappointments which prompted me to sever at this point. I am looking more to Kvedulfr for cooperation on the level of the correspondence course and the direction of Asatru in England.
THOR: How is your time preoccupied these days?
FREYA: Well, in the correspondence course. Answering the students. Writing more letters. Writing on the next book. And running a housing association as managing director and financial administrator.
THOR: You own or run your own cooperative, as I understand it.
THOR: Is this what you direct or is this something else that you do?
FREYA: No, it is the same cooperative.
THOR: I See. What does your correspondence course cover that is not in Leaves of Yggdrasil?
FREYA: At the moment it is difficult to say. The original correspondence course was written mainly by me and Bernard. It is now in the process of being re-written by Kvedulfr. I have not seen his latest work yet, but it is bound to be absolutely good. A lot more. It is basically for people who are on their own who want to know more about Asatru, who want to find a safe guide into different types of magic of Asatru. To do their own rituals. To do their own workings. To gain their own understanding of the runes without being taught by me what this rune means or what that rune ought to do. They are given a framework to develop their own intuitive and magical abilities to the greater service of the Gods and the folk. And unfortunately this correspondence course does not come cheap. The production of it costs a hell of a lot of money.
OAK THORGEIR: How does one get involved in this correspondence course?
FREYA: You sign up for it.
OAK: Write to you directly?
FREYA: Write to me directly. It is a twelve month course in all basic Asatru magic and lore.
THOR: And the address is BM ASWYNN, London, WCIN 3XX, England?
FREYA: That is correct.
OAK: What is the cost of the course?
FREYA: The cost of the course is nine pounds per lesson. For the American market, I set it up where they can order three lessons as a block for sixty dollars. But of course they do not have to order these lessons every month; they can do it twice a year. Unfortunately, it costs a lot to make them. To print them. To typeset them. This is just the cost. And the amount of time that goes into them. This is just the cost. And the amount of time that goes into it, I have to make some money out of it to cover the time.
THOR: What is next on your agenda here in America?
FREYA: I am going to Phoenix to meet up with the Troth with some Troth kindreds to do some work shops and some practical work on Seidr, Galdr, and more advanced forms of magic. The way I understand it, a lot of good work, a lot of advanced magical work, has been accomplished in the Troth, and I will gladly get involved in that.
THOR: And then you are going on to San Francisco.
FREYA: Then going on to San Francisco to the Ostara thing which is run by the Ring of Troth. Again, I will be doing workshops, lectures, readings, and have a good time with the folk.
THOR: Can't argue with that. Those of us with the Vinland Kindred of the Asatru Alliance have had a good time with you, and can only wish that this visit to the U.S. will be an extraordinarily memorable, productive, and happy experience for you.
FREYA: Thank you.


A threesome consisting of Lady Liberty, Freya Aswynn and Thor
Sannhet face our sacred Northern European lands across the ocean


* * * * * * *

William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps officer with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California. He is also publisher of America First Books at


Additional References


Freya Aswynn's web site at
Freya Asywnn interviews, music, and religious chants on YouTube (see below)

Other Asatru-related articles by William B. Fox ("Thor Sannhet")

1995-03-01 Asatru and Ethics Part 2 Wrapping up the analysis about how three major ethical approaches moralistic, contractual, and utilitarian relate to each other, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.
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1994-03-01 Allsherjargodi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Remembered. Two interviews conducted shortly before the death of the hero who resurrected Asatru in Iceland after a thousand year hiatus. Interestingly enough, within the context of a homogeneous Icelandic society, Asatruar are often more leftist than rightist and are concerned with ecological themes. Also, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson maintained friendly relations with Lutheran ministers, who reciprocated by allowing him to be buried with a Norse pagan ceremony in a Christian cemetery beside his deceased kinfolk. (Being buried among kinfolk is a strong custom in Iceland, regardless of the place of burial or differing religious views between them). In other words, many Asatruar and Christians in Iceland typically maintain a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship rather than a hostile one, which I think is probably the wisest approach in the long run.
1993-06-01 Interview with Else Christensen, late publisher of The Odinist, just prior to the onset of tragedy. Dismissing the social, political, and religious ideas that she has dealt with because of her run-in with the law commits the fallacy of "poisoning the well," also known as ad hominem. In fact, one could go a step further. Whereas the leadership of Japan has been very wise by retaining their tribal, ancestral faith of Shinto, the leaders of most northern European countries in the Middle Ages were very unwise to try to viciously purge their own tribal, ancestral faiths in favor of Jewish Christianity rather than to seek to modernize and adapt their own native religions to maintain national cohesion, identity, and solidarity.
1993-01-01 Asatru; Questions and Answers A comparison between Asatru and the outstanding analysis provided by Dr. Hans Gunther in his must-read classic work The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans. "Asatru" is a "northern window" into an earlier proto-Indo-European religion, as evolved among ancient Nordic peoples. There are other sibling religions that evolved from the same proto-Indo-European ancestor and hence have strong philosophical similarities, such as the ancient Druidism of the Celts (the "western window"), the Greco-Roman religion of the heroic and classical Greek and Roman Republican eras (the "southern window"), and the very early Hinduism of the ancient Aryan invaders of the Indus Valley (the "eastern window").
1992-06-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 2. Tying important aspects of "Judeo-Christian" subversion together. Much like a foreign virus entering and taking over the nucleus of a healthy cell, "Judeo-Christianity" seeks to penetrate and displace healthy white tribal religions with alien Jewish tribal religious history and perverse leftist/universalistic values.
1992-03-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 1. Why "Judeo-Christianity" has often done more harm than good to our people and Western civilization. If this is not enough to convince you, please read Which Way Western Man? (now online) by former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson for the full-blown theological and sociological analysis. (Please also consider Beyondism: Religion From Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell or the strong criticisms of Christianity made by Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and other Enlightenment notables).
All of this criticism is particularly relevant for today, when America suffers from over 40 million deluded Christian Zionist fanatics plus a few million hard core neo-con Zionist crazies (not the least of whom are the High Priests of War who dragged us into the Iraq and Afghanistan disasters) who are now trying to drag America even further towards global Armageddon. Please scroll down to my discussion of the "The un-American, Naive, Zombie World of Christian Zionism" in my Rev Ted Pike archive.
By the way, if as a Christian you happen to think that I am "way too far out there" and "over the top," please consider as an alternative the criticisms of Christian Zionism made by Rev Ted Pike and his niece Harmony Grant, who unquestionably retain a firmly conservative Christian viewpoint.
1992-01-01 Asatru and Christianity; Similarities and Differences. A talk by William B. Fox and Oak Thorgeir before the Leif Erikson Society of New York.
1991-09-01 `Vinland Revisited' Revisits the Aesir ...Among many other things, I describe how I almost "witnessed" for a revitalized and modernized version of the Old Norse religion to Norway's female Prime Minister when three replica Viking ships sent by Scandinavians arrived in Manhattan, and I showed up at a party as an Old Norse "re-enactor." Given the far left wing, pro-open borders, pro-New World Order policies of Gro Harlem Brundtland (the UN "Bundtland Commission" pushed "sustainable development" and "Agenda 21" -- please read "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and Prince Charles" by activist researcher Joan Veon and related articles listed by Dr. Eric Karlstrom at his web site "9/11 New World Order"), not to mention Bruntland's subsequent tenure as Director General from 1998 to 2003 of the highly sinister World Health Organization (WHO) -- please see my discussion of the suspected "Poison Dragon Lady" Director of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, in Chapter 36: "Swine Flu Biowar" of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy) -- Brundtland was clearly in need of some "special spiritual ministration." Too bad she boarded the Viking ship and quickly departed before I was able to get through to this tragically misguided front woman for evil Rothschild and Rockefeller globalist schemes



Sample Music and Rune Chants on YouTube

Sixth Comm & Freya Aswynn ~ "Ragnarök" (Freya begins at 2:40)
Freya Aswynn & Patrick Leagas Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig 2010 (:32)
Freya Aswynn / Sixth Comm : VOLUSPA (5:01)
Sixth Comm & Freya Aswynn -- Havamal (12:58)
Les Joyaux De La Princesse ~ "Invocation Of The Gods" [feat. Freya Aswynn] (6:15)
Freya Aswynn ~ "Nietzsche" (from Also Sprach Zarathustra) (2:38)
Freya Aswynn Patrick Leagas.flv (5:23)


How One Country's "Evil Heretic" (or "Witch") -- Condemned in Court and Burned at the Stake -- Can Become Another Country's National Heroine and Warrior Saint:

A Short Pictorial Overview
of the Spiritual Mission
of Joan of Arc


Statue of St. Joan of Arc in New Orleans, Louisiana



A French peasant girl of humble origin experiences a Diving Calling to save her nation in its hour of grave peril. Upper left, Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Right, Apparition of St. and Her Angels by Howard Pyle for the article "Saint Joan of Arc" by Mark Twain, Harpers, 1905, Lower left, Joan of Arc by Gaston Bussiere



Joan dons armor and vows to become a warrior for a Higher Purpose. Left, Joan of Arc by Annie Louisa Swynnerton (1844-1933), Right, Joan of Arc by Robert Alexander Hillingford.


Joan leads men to many victories in battle. Left, a movie poster for the 1999 French film Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. Right, Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orléans by Jules Eugène Lenepveu, painted 1886–1890 (Jeanne d'Arc au siège d'Orléans).




Saint Joan of Arc - The battle of Orléans (9:22) In the 1999 movie, Joan of Arc takes an arrow in the shoulder, but she continues to fight and the French Army triumphs.



Capture of Joan of Arc by Adolphe Alexandre Dillens


Right when the English thought they had France "in the bag" during the Hundred Years' War, Joan came along and fouled everything up for them. The English establishment was not pleased. Above, the trial scene from Carl Dreyer’ 1928 silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc) where Joan was tried for heresy. The authorities wanted to get her for witchcraft, but because of a technicality they framed her for heresy instead. According to Wikipedia, "Anne of Burgundy, the duchess of Bedford and wife to the regent of England, declared Joan a virgin during pretrial inquiries. For technical reasons this prevented the court from charging her with witchcraft. Ultimately this provided part of the basis for her vindication and sainthood." Also noteworthy was the way Joan, as an uneducated peasant girl, fought the good fight against the Kangaroo court. "The trial record demonstrates her remarkable intellect. The transcript's most famous exchange is an exercise in subtlety. `Asked if she knew she was in God's grace, she answered: 'If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.'' The question is a scholarly trap. Church doctrine held that no one could be certain of being in God's grace. If she had answered yes, then she would have convicted herself of heresy. If she had answered no, then she would have confessed her own guilt. Notary Boisguillaume later testified that at the moment the court heard this reply, `Those who were interrogating her were stupefied.' In the twentieth century George Bernard Shaw found this dialogue so compelling that sections of his play Saint Joan are literal translations of the trial record." Below, the execution of Joan by being burned at the stake.

Joan of Arc became sainted. Nearly six centuries later the memory of the French girl who gave her life in 1431 A.D. at the age of 19 continues to provide major religious and patriotic inspiration around the world.

Journalist and activist John de Nugent has noted another important irony in the Joan of Arc story: "George Bernard Shaw considered Joan a religious proto-Protestant because she insisted in 1430, many decades before Martin Luther, that her personal visions of God’s will gave her the right to take up arms, whatever the Catholic hierarchy thought about them or her. (As a result of this mindset, though immensely popular in France, she was not made a Catholic saint until 1920.) This fundamental and revolutionary attitude seemed like anarchy, megalomania and cultism to French Bishop Cauchon, a sincere man who, as the detailed witchcraft trial transcripts from 1431 show, only very reluctantly acquiesced in what the English were going to do anyway, whatever the witchcraft verdict: kill her, just as they killed the charismatic William `Braveheart' Wallace of Scotland."

"In fact, in her trial, Cauchon gave her numerous opportunities to say that the Church should decide about the visions of illiterate farm girls, urging her just to say the right words of acknowledgment of Church authority. (After Cauchon died and the English had quit France, an angry mob nevertheless dug up his bones and threw them into the Seine.) In retrospect, the Church feared, rightly, that a series of charismatic Joans or Jeans or Jans or Martins would eventually break up Christendom into a hundred feuding sects and religious wars—just as the English feared she would continue to galvanize the war spirit of occupied France and thwart their century-old investment in seizing it. In Shaw’s play, Cauchon reasons: “An illiterate camel trader [his term for Islam’s founder, Mohammed] creates his own religion and sweeps away half of Christendom. We cannot say, ‘she is just one girl’.”

Figuring Out Which Witch Is Which: Some interesting historical reinterpretations

[Undated ] Bad Rye and the Salem Witches written by Alan Bellows. [Ed. Note: A number of historical analyses suggest that witch hunt hysteria peaked in many areas of Europe that were afflicted by hallucinogens that develop in poorly stored rye.]
[Undated] The Witchcraft Trials in Salem: A Commentary by Douglas Linder

The Pointed Hat: A survival from an ancient Tarim, Scythian, or Hittite culture?
[Illustration from Hocus Pocus Witch Adult Women's Costume at]


[Undated] Pointed Hat at [Editor's Note: Some elements of historical witchcraft might be interpreted as underground efforts to preserve certain elements of ancient Indo-European religion and customs in the face of Christian totalitarian persecution and oppression, to include what many might view today as holistic health approaches that include herbal remedies and naturopathic medicine].
"Textile analysis of the Tarim Mummies has shown some similarities to the Iron Age civilizations of Europe dating from 800 BC, including woven twill and tartan patterns strikingly similar to tartans from Northern Europe. One unusual find was a distinctively pointed hat:

Yet another female - her skeleton found beside the remains of a man - still wore a terrifically tall, conical hat just like those we depict on witches riding broomsticks at Halloween or on medieval wizards intent at their magical spells. (Barber 1999:200)

Pointed hats were also worn in ancient times by Saka (Scythians), and are shown on Hindu temples and in Hittite reliefs. The name of the Scythian tribe of the tigrakhauda (Orthocorybantians) is a bahuvrihi compound literally translating to "people with pointed hats".
The Hallstatt culture Warrior of Hirschlanden wears a pointed hat or helmet.
Hephaestus, the Cabeiri as well as Odysseus are traditionally pictured wearing a Pilos, or woolen conical hat..."


Religion as a Potential Tool of Psychological Warfare and Other Forms of Covert Operations Manipulation, Mind Control, and Subversion


2013-02-04 Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013),, by Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.,

...The most significant missing fact is that the research program in which Hal Puthoff engaged Ingo was started and funded by the United States intelligence community, and continued by various of the military Services. You can read a good overview of this part of remote viewing history on this site at The Beginnings of Remote Viewing

Supported by the military and intelligence communities, Ingo worked through the program at SRI-International to not only explore the boundary conditions of remote viewing, the consciousness-based skill that he had discovered and developed, but he used it operationally to discover some of the secrets America’s erstwhile Cold War opponents were trying to hide. Eventually, Swann and Puthoff were asked to develop a teachable method of remote viewing that could be transferred to otherwise ordinary military personnel so they, too, could function as psychic spies....

2011-11-22 Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror: It now appears extremely likely that the real "usual suspects," that is, Mossad-CIA-MI6 "Wise Guys" with the New York 9/11, Madrid 3/22, and London 7/7 "resume," decided it was time to punish Norwegian "heretics." An open source intelligence summary page with social commentary by William B. Fox. Please see my special essay "Satanism, Other Religions, and Intelligence Operations in Regard to Breivik-Oslo-Utoya 7-22 Psychopolitical Warfare." Please also see Chapter 8 "9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" where I explain how Jewish/Masonic "magical" numerological systems have been used in the perpetration of false flag terror.
2010-10-05 Russia moves to ban witchcraft and fortune-telling ads, RT.
"Russian witches, magicians, psychics, fortune tellers and faith healers will now have to think of a new way to attract customers: a law is planned to ban advertisements of their services in the media...
The members of parliament are concerned about the safety of gullible Russian citizens, who in their childish belief in the supernatural easily fall prey to con men.
“Our citizens, who trust the promises of magicians and wizards, frequently become the victims of ordinary con men,” Evgeny Fedorov, head of the State Duma Committee on the Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship, told RIA Novosti news agency. “That is why I think it necessary to limit the flow of information about them.”
The Russian Orthodox Church has upheld the draft bill with both hands.
"No civilized country can allow such a rampancy of self-advertising ‘magicians’ and ‘miracle-workers’”, the Moscow Patriarchate said in a public statement.
The Church did not completely rule out the possession of certain healing powers by certain people, but said that their qualification and methods of work needed to be confirmed by science."
[Editor's Note: Whoever runs the Russian Orthodox Church should beware that sauce for the goose can turn into sauce for the gander. This Church may have to eventually undergo itself the exact same scientific scrutiny that it wants to impose on its so-called "non-Christian competitors" under the weight of law. One libertarian objection to the use of law to safeguard citizens from superstitious practices is the question about how the citizens can be sure that both law makers and law enforcement personnel will show wisdom in enforcing these laws. As the libertarian author Harry Browne points out in Why Government Doesn't Work, over time government bureaucracies tend to focus on political appearances rather than substance, and favor "people who are better connected than you or I." Worse yet, once certain polices become law, now the state usually reserves the right to put a gun to your head to either force direct compliance, or indirect involuntary support through its coercive tax collection powers.
I might add that such measures also risk encouraging an even more dangerous form of superstitious behavior known as "fascism," namely a blind belief in the authoritarian virtue of "the state" and its minions. Sometimes just leaving things alone without state interventionism is the wisest or "least bad" alternative over the long run. In the long run, it may be less dangerous for certain gullible individuals to get burned by crooked soothsayers --and get their "education" that way -- than for the entire population to get burned by the unwise use of police power of the state -- and get brainwashed by state-controlled educational institutions. The best long term defense is usually a free media -- to include a free Internet and free alternative media -- rather than various forms of heavy-handed statist intervention and information curtailment.
As a final note, we must also consider that the real world is usually more complicated than the way most American libertarians view it, as I discuss in my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page. I can just imagine how someone like the head of the State Duma Committee may take the attitude that Russia has a very different history, culture, and demographics than say, Iceland or early America, where "liberal reformers" like Pyotr Stolypin, Tsar Alexander II, and even Tsar Nicholas II were all tragically assassinated by subversives, a disproportionate number of whom were Jews (see Russian Royal Family Murdered by Neanderthals: Russia's Christian Martyrs by Marina Marynova, The Barnes Review, May/June 2010). The Russian public at large probably expects a certain level of "benevolent paternalism" from their leaders. Leaders who fail to show these traits may risk being perceived as weak and indecisive, and may further risk becoming usurped by event worse rulers, such as Russian Jewish mafia and other Jewish kleptocrats who ran the Russian economy into the ground in the 1990's, or the Jewish gangsters who mass murdered something like 66 million people through their primary leadership and principal financing of the Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet GULAG system (see Two Hundred Years Together by Alexandr Solzhenitsn).
In Which Way Western Man? William Gayley Simpson argues that some form of de facto class system and "paternalism" always emerges in any kind of society (be it "capitalist," "communist," "libertarian," "socialist," or whatever), therefore the least bad approach is to at least be open and honest about it. I do not have space to pursue this idea further here, but this is certainly an idea I think is well worth exploring further, even if most American libertarians are probably reluctant to go anywhere near it.
In summary, I remain a humble student of Russian history, culture, and politics, and do not pretend to have all the answers for Russia's problems.]
2010-07-27 Russia’s parliament takes on the occult, RT "People are always fascinated by the possibility of catching a glimpse of the future. And psychics are always ready to turn people's curiosity into cash. But now the Russian parliament has taken the future into its hands...Experts say the nature of this industry provides a prime opportunity for people to take advantage of those desperate for something to believe in..."
2010-05-05 LSD, the CIA, and the rise of the counterculture, [Editor's Note: The reader might wonder why the CIA would want to destabilize America with drugs, and what this has to do with Freya Aswynn and her background with Odinism and Wicca. The following is a brief summary of my own opinion on this issue: First off, the CIA has always been into hard drugs. British MI6 played a key role in setting up the CIA after World War II, after also helped set up its predecessor the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) during World War II (See A Man Called Intrepid by William Stephenson and Room 3603 by H. Montgomery Hyde and Ian Flemming). The British Monarchy and its allies have always been in over their eyeballs in the global drug trade, going back further than the Opium Wars of the 19th century. (See Dope, Inc.: Britain's opium war against the U.S; The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy (pdf) by Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey Steinberg, produced by Lyndon H. LaRouche). Most of the CIA's leaders have come out of Skull and Bones at Yale, which was founded by American opium traders of the 19th century, who were in turn allied with the Jewish Sassoon family, Rothschilds, City of London, British monarchy, and other high level organized crime families or syndicates. (Mike Piper notes in the The New Babylon how Jews increasingly married into the British aristocracy after they were readmitted into England by Cromwell in the mid-17th century so that by the late 19th century over 50% of the British aristocracy had Jewish blood, as does the British monarchy today). In the 1960's, Mossad-CIA-MI6 conducted a broad-daylight coup against America with the assassination of John F. Kennedy (see Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper) installed the part-Jewish Lyndon Baines Johnson, who rescinded JFK's National Security Action Memorandum to get out of Vietnam. There were many different motives on many different levels for escalating the Vietnam War (I do not have space to go into all of them here), but certainly one of them was to secure the continued Mossad-CIA-MI6 operation of the Golden Triangle opium. (According to Chapter 14 of The Biggest Secret, "CIA operative, Gunthar Russbacher, has told how some bodies [of Americans killed in action] were gutted and filled with drugs for shipment back to the States. The bodies carried secret codes which allowed those carrying the drugs to be identified on arrival at West Coast Air Bases, particularly the Travis Air Force Base in California. The drugs were then removed and made available to the young people of America"). At the same time, the Jewish establishment went peddle-to-the-metal to further socially reengineer America with alleged "civil rights" racial integration, even more neo-Jacobin imperial federal government ("The Great Society" -- to include even more debt creation and meddling in the economy by the privately owned Federal Reserve System -- owned by international Jewish bankers), and more blank check support for Israel (to include giving Israel full access to nuclear weapons. Please see The GOLEM by Mike Piper). Speaking of social reengineering, this actually has a long history in America. (The 1960's initiatives went beyond the damage previously done to America during the FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and other neo-Jacobin fascist administrations -- see Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln by Sam Dixon, America's Lenin by L. Neil Smith, or The Shame of Reconstruction by Dr. William Pierce to get a better historical sense regarding when America started to become a full-blown laboratory for the fulfillment of neo-Jacobin and anarcho-libertarian ideological fantasies). Mossad-CIA-MI6 routinely tries to implement an ideological version of the "full spectrum dominance" strategy in which it tries to infiltrate, hijack, and twist virtually all sides of social, political, and even religious movements. (CIA Director William Colby once famously commented "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." Please note how the CIA made a deliberate effort to control major media in Operation Mockingbird, and how in 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the U.S.A., Webster Tarpley quotes a former head of German intelligence who admits that intelligence agencies routinely infiltrate anything that looks like it might become influential). The promotion of the counterculture of the 1960's probably reflected many different motives on many different levels by America's corrupt, plutocratic, and mostly Jewish controllers who ultimately control the intelligence services, just like the many ways the Jewish lobby has ultimately controlled Congress. On one level, it probably reflected innate Jewish nihilism and other forms of subterranean hatred of their gentile hosts, as discussed in the Revenge of the Neanderthal Barnes Review issue, or in my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in the "parasitism" section of my mutualism vs. parasitism article. In my Mission of Conscience series, I also discuss the "New World Order" endgame of the Jewish power elite, where only a special Jewish elite at the very top of a global Asiatic-despotic power pyramid will be allowed to know anything close to the truth, and the rest of humanity is completely brainwashed and ruled through a one world government iron-fisted dictatorship. At various times major populations are exterminated to keep control by pure terror and also as part of a continuing global depopulation agenda -- in fact it is already happening through the use of poisoned vaccines, public water supplies, and GMO foods, Fukushima fallout and nuclear power plant discharge contamination, toxic chemtrails, and numerous other stealth agents that rapidly increase the rates of sterility, birth defects, and early deaths in populations around the world. (As one example of a discussion of the New World Order "endgame" scenario, at the end of Chapter 23: NAU, NSPD-51, and The Creation of the Perfect Police State Mouse Trap, in the update references section, I embedded the important video Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement by Alex Jones. If this link is broken, you may have to surf for other versions on the web. While I think Jones makes many important points, I disagree with many aspects of his anarcho-libertarian viewpoint and compulsive need to find Nazis hiding behind the bushes of alleged "eugenics" movements. As another very important perspective on the incredibly destructive activities of a thoroughly psychopathic globalist power elite, please see the 3 Feb 2012 interview by Dr. James Fetzer on The Real Deal talk show with radiation expert Leuren Moret and the eminent UK physicist Dr. Busby. Please see America First Institute transcript for "Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe," also posted in Part I and Part II installments at Veterans Today. (The Real Deal download page Here, MP3 download link Here, 41.2 MB, 1:59:59). Transcript archived at America First Institute under the same title, and also posted at Veterans Today as Part I and Part II. I also organized the 28 Oct 2011 interview with the same hosts and guest on the same show, posted at Veterans Today, Part 1: Catastrophic Effects of Radiation Contamination, and Part 2: New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah, and at AFI here.). As Benjamin Franklin once noted in his famous "Franklin Prophecy," Jews have a long historical track record of morally degrading every country they have infested. In addition, the counterculture was a great way to divert American political energy into "decadence" and "dissipation" -- energy that might have otherwise been employed towards successfully overthrowing the criminal establishment that was running America into the ground. In regard to Odinism and Asatru, Mossad-CIA-MI6 would dearly love to hijack this religious movement into various types of superstitious, goofy, multi-racial, multi-cultural, Hippie counterculture-type interpretations that undermine its credibility with the general public, just like Mossad creates stodgy and reactionary orthodox types of Muslim movements to replace more effective forms of secular Arab nationalism. (On this theory, Mossad sponsored the creation of Hamas as an alternative to the PLO, but it backfired the extent that Hamas has apparently become an effective opposition force). What Mossad-CIA-MI6 fears are more secular, nationalistic, tribalistic, indigenous Nordic-oriented, and credible versions of Asatru and Odinism, such as what Else Christensen was trying to promote with her publication The Odinist. To Freya Aswynn's credit, in the interview above I documented a heartfelt attempt on her part to get away from Hippie-Wiccan interpretations of Asatru and get more involved with intellectually valuable analyses of the origins of natural religion as well as show loyalty to her own Nordic heritage, roots, and folk community. And now, after this lengthy aside, back to: LSD, the CIA, and the rise of the counterculture].
" ....While the Central Intelligence Agency and LSD might seem an incongruous mix, there’s good reason for arguing that the CIA was directly responsible for the psychedelic drug explosion of the 1960's and the rise of the drug counterculture.
The rise of the counterculture, while hailed as an event that threatened the existing political structure, may have instead blunted the edge of a radical movement that united large numbers of folks of all ages and backgrounds in a demand for a profound transformation of American society.
What can be stated with certainty is that many of the seminal figures of the counterculture were first introduced to LSD and other mind-altering drugs by scientists and physicians who were conducting CIA-funded research and attending conferences funded by CIA-front foundations...
...The Central Intelligence Agency was at the heart of it all, bankrolling the folks who gave the country its first and highly promising impression of the drug, an account certain to pique the interest of the inquisitive and open-minded.
Most of the early advocates saw LSD as an initiatory experience, one to be conducted in carefully controlled environments and under the watchful control of a suitable initiate.
It was Ken Kesey, initiated by a CIA-funded researcher, who shattered the old paradigm with the introduction of his Acid Tests, concerts where often-unsuspecting attendees would be dosed by the Koolaid handed out by his Merry Pranksters.
LSD detonated a revolution in music, design, crafts, clothing, and lifestyles. What it didn’t initiate was a political revolution.
While many young radicals dropped acid and kept on protesting, former researcher Timothy Leary, later revealed as a CIA snitch, preached a gospel of dropping out and “doing your own thing.”
The sharpest edge of a rising movement had been dulled, rendered quiescent and content to withdraw from events of the larger world.
Only the draft remained to prompt the anxiety of the children of the middle class, and what that was gone, the communes closed and consumer culture prevailed.
The folks making the real money and steadily amassing political power couldn’t have been happier if they had planned it all out.
Oh, and did you know that back before it all started the CIA had bought up all the stock of the Swiss company that first made the drug and had recruited an American Big Pharma stalwart to make it here at home? And that the CIA can’t account where all that acid went?"


2009-10-17 Aleister Crowley,
"Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a gay Satanist with links to the UK security services.
He slept with men, women and boys. (A Magick Life A Biography Of Aleister Crowley)
Reportedly, 'he inspired the free-love generation of the 1960s'.
He died a penniless drug addict.
Aleister Crowley was called, by sections of the press, 'The Wickedest Man In the World'. (Owen, Alex The Place of Enchantment. University of Chicago Press, 2004)
Crowley had a difficult childhood. Some would say that Crowley went mad.
His father's money came from a family brewery business.
His father was a preacher. (Aleister Crowley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Both of his parents were Exclusive Brethren, 'a more conservative faction' of the Plymouth Brethren.[9]
The Brethren have a strong interest in Hell and Satan..."
Editor's Note: Please note that many people -- particularly intelligence operatives -- have fractured personalities in which they may come up with good analyses and perform good acts in some areas, but do bad things in other areas. Sometimes people with good intentions get trapped in life situations where they are surrounded by bad people, and try to do as much good as they can while feeling compelled to do whatever is necessary to survive evil superiors and associates. I think it very likely that Freya Aswynn, who has studied many of Crowley's works, has done so with good intentions, namely to benefit from his analyses of occult religious practices. These analyses may in fact have intellectual merit in terms of helping us better understand the evolution of "natural religion" and perversions of the same. There was certainly a lot more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye, particularly given the fact that one reason why Crowley was hated so much by certain elements of "mainstream" (or "Jewish-controlled") UK media is because he dared to to publicly discuss Jewish ritual murder. (A number of Jewish scholars have admitted the reality of Jewish ritual murder, for example, please see The Bloody Passovers of Dr. Toaff by Israel Shamir). One example of a deeper level of reality regarding a historical period that came after Crowley is noted in the article listed above, namely LSD, the CIA, and the rise of the counterculture. On this note, please also see my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 overview page where I discuss Satanic groups, and the possibility that church burnings in Norway in the early 1990's may have been a false flag operation run by Mossad-CIA-MI6 along with their Norwegian intelligence and/or police security counterparts designed to unfairly discredit Odinists. I also talk about "Satanism" as a tool of Mossad-CIA-MI6 "MK-ULTRA" and other types mind control programs. Last, but not least, I talk about "Eyes Wide Shut" Satanic groups in London -- to include suspected Satanic child-sacrifice practices of the British monarchy-- and Satanic groups in the U.S. The following is an extract from my Oslo-Utoya web page which lists many articles that cover these topics:

2011-11-13 Sandusky Part of Illuminati Pedophile Network by Hayden Fox,
"The Penn State-Jerry Sandusky scandal may just be getting started. Undisclosed allegations implicate Sandusky in a massive homosexual pedophile ring. There is a report Sandusky "pimped out" boys to donors and that list includes powerful politicians.
The Penn State scandal is part of a worldwide Illuminati pedophile network where powerful homosexuals prey on vulnerable youths. This includes the Franklin Cover-Up (1988-1991) where boys from Omaha Nebraska's Boys Town were trafficked to Washington politicians.
It includes the 1996 Detroux Affair in Brussels when a sex predator serial killer implicated much of the Belgian elite and many European aristocrats.
It includes the Casa Pia scandal. Casa Pia is state orphanage in Portugal. Witnesses broke silence in 2004. Since then 800 witnesses came forward in the longest trial in Portuguese history. Several elite members were convicted last year of involvement with a pedophile ring dating back several decades.
The convicted included Portuguese TV anchorman Carlos Cruz, former Casa Pia governor Manuel Abrantes, and former UNESCO ambassador Jorge Ritto..."
2011-10-08 Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada by Alfred Lambremont Webre "...These parallels suggest that Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State and Head of the Church of England was personally aware of, ordered, and participated in this systematic program of genocide and ritual torture and killings at Church of England residential schools operated by the Church of England and the Vatican."
2011-07-30 Insider Exposes Famous Satanists by Aloysius Fozdyke, "Both [Prime Ministers Harold Wilson] and [Ted] Heath used to sacrifice children and the British royal family still does. Ted Heath (1916-2005) took a real delight in it... Likewise, the British royals have public and very private lives..."

2007-07-22 What Every Jew (and Non-Jew) Should Know by Dr. Henry Makow,
"Chicago-area scholar, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, 42, thinks he knows what plagues mankind and believes his knowledge is necessary to stop Armageddon.
He says a heretical cult, the "Shabataian Frankists," controls organized Jewry, including Zionism and Freemasonry. They began as followers of Shabatai Zvi (1626-1676) and later Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) They believe Shabatai was the Messiah (God) and his soul has transmigrated down to the Rothschild dynasty, who are now the "king of the Jews."
According to their messianic system, Redemption requires that the Rothschilds become God, i.e. king of the world. This will see the sacrifice of 2/3 of all Jews and the destruction and enslavement of the rest of mankind. Bjerknes believes this demented creed actually is the motive force behind history, including all wars, and "world government."
Chris Jon Bjerknes (B-YERK-NES) is proud of his Norwegian Jewish heritage, (maternal grandfather, a famous musician, was Jewish.) He has written two massive books-- one about Albert Einstein as a plagiarist, and another about the Shabataian inspired Armenian Genocide -- that include hundreds of pages of suppressed Jewish history..."
"...The Shabataians believe their king is duty bound to restore the Jews to Israel and exterminate the Gentiles. They believe the Messiah won’t appear until the world succumbs to evil and are determined to make this prophecy self-fulfilling. Thus evil is good. In Bjerknes' view, this constitutes a "Jewish war against humanity." When Bjernes refers to Jewish, he means `Shabataian.'
The Shabataians are often sexual degenerates who engage in wife swapping, orgies and incest. They often pretend to be Christians or Moslems to worm their way into Gentile society in order to destroy it. (Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, pp.64-65.)..."

It is easy to understand why Mossad-CIA-MI6 might want to support some kind of "pagan leader" who promotes theologies that encourage drug use, promiscuous sex (via "sex magick"), and forms of "possessed" and "externally controlled" personality dissociation. After all, Mossad-CIA-MI6 are in over their eyeballs with drugs, sex slavery, and conducting assassinations (for example via MK-ULTRA mind-controlled patsies who typically suffer severely fractured and dissociated personalities). FBI counterintelligence has used the acronym SMICE to summarize the major tools used by intelligence agencies for control purposes: Sex, Money, Ideology, Compromise, and Extortion. The following are some sample articles that help make this case (after typing in "sex slave" in the search box at:

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Alleged child sex slavery in Saudi Arabia, [Editor's Note: Mossad-CIA-MI6 supplies a steady stream of sex slaves to Saudi potentates to curry their favor].
Saturday, December 11, 2010 Saudis, Chinese, Israelis, Hollywood Boys & Girls,
Saturday, March 06, 2010 The Sex Industry Is Important To Governments,
Tuesday, November 15, 2011, Penn State, Child Sex Rings, Drugs, CIA,
Sunday, October 04, 2009, Prostitutes, Hookers, and Whores,
Sunday, February 12, 2012, Whitney Houston - Brainwashing Victim?,

Type "Drugs, CIA" into the search box, we get:

Thursday, August 04, 2011 Top People and Drugs,
Thursday, August 26, 2010 CIA's Use of Narcotics to Control Countries: Venezuela, Brazil, Russia...,
Sunday, December 13, 2009 Drugs Keep Banks and Governments Afloat,
Monday, May 18, 2009 Time to Legalize Drugs, Alleged Government Involvement In the Drugs Trade, [Editor's Note: I do not necessarily agree that legalization of drugs is the answer, but need to study this issue more].

Type "MKULTRA" and we get entries such as:

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 The Dark Knight and CIA Mind Control,
Monday, July 26, 2010, Suicide Bombers,
Thursday, August 21, 2008, Clockwork Orange,
Friday, July 01, 2011, Christian Choate,

Perhaps Crowley became a man who knew too much and became too outspoken and therefore had to be vilified and discredited by a Zionist/Satanist/Mossad-CIA-MI6 establishment (somewhat analogous to the gay prostitute Larry Sinclair who exposed Obama). On the other hand, perhaps Crowley was always full force on the Dark Side, just loving the way addictive drugs, occult mind control techniques, and other evil things could fulfill a desire to gain power over people for purely selfish purposes. Or maybe Crowley was originally on the Dark Side, but later tried to switch over. (Many people believe that John Lennon was assassinated by the Mossad-CIA-MI6 because of his efforts to defect from the counter culture revolution he had played an important role in fomenting; according to the article John Lennon "The controversial Dr. John Coleman has written that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute and were used as a vehicle to promote the acceptance of drugs."). At this point of my own research, I just don't know the complete story about Crowley. However, I do know one thing. As Socrates once famously put it, "If I know anything, it is that I know nothing." I always need to do more research and fact-finding to undercover deeper levels of reality.

2007-07-23 HAARP and Mind Control, Alfred Webre interview with Leuren Moret on COOP Radio. [Editor's Note: The following passage provides important insights into the U.S. Government's stealth mind control measures through high tech programs such as MKULTRA and HAARP, as well as Ms. Moret's observation about how "gangstalking" originated as a low tech mind control method practiced by the Catholic Church and Occult Masonic groups]

Webre: ...So bring this back around to Canada in terms of the HAARP hardware and the MKULTRA software. HAARP is the delivery system for mind control software, and there are other applications of HAARP as well. How would you imagine that this weapon is now being used in Canada and against Canada?
Moret: Well, some of the key times that it would be used, what I have observed in the United States is there is very heavy use of it during elections. And so it is turned on at night and transmitted through police towers and cell phone towers. But also they can transmit it from HAARP around the Arctic Circle. The chemtrails that people have observed are actually being used as electromagnetic frequency mirrors. The transmissions from HAARP are bounced off of these chemtrail mirrors down on to populations that they wish to target. And the police antennas are hooked up intimately with satellites with HAARP, and they all are integrated and overlapping and operate wherever they want to target someone. They can use them on individuals, or they can target large populations. For instance, they were used in Afghanistan and Iraq during those wars. When they targeted soldiers, Iraqi soldiers, they could make their heads feel like they were exploding and they would just run off the battlefields and give up. The Soviets transmitted this mind control from Kazakhstan, and they used it on their own soldiers in Afghanistan towards the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when the Russian soldiers were so demoralized and depressed. They actually transmitted mood control to lift their spirits and to empower them and put them in a more positive psychological state. Now the way they are using them on Canadians and Americans is they can target individuals who are protestors, whistleblowers, change agents, people like you and me and a lot of people that we know. But they have also targeted especially single women, because they are more vulnerable. I know they practiced on prisoners. Now there are actual formal contracts between universities, colleges, and private institutions under new legislation that has been passed since 1993 in the United States, including the Patriot Act. There is a standing contract between these educational institutions and Homeland Security, the military, and law enforcement. And this software and hardware and technologies combined with sociological behavior like gang stalking is being tested under contract in universities, colleges, and private institutions. I believe the very worst institution carrying out this kind of research is the University of California. They have 14 campuses in California, and I have observed at UC Davis and UCLA and at UC Berkeley, the UC campuses I have been on, and UC Santa Cruz, that the students are actively participating with faculty members. They are experimenting on other unwitting or naive faculty members and other students. They are tracking them, targeting them, gangstalking them. It is really, really disgusting. And what's very funny is that this activity was being observed at one college campus and the police antennas suddenly failed from a power failure. All of a sudden the students and the faculty members were very confused. They just stopped. They had been gang stalking the target and they just sort of scurried off like cockroaches. They did not know what to do. They also did not know what they had been doing. So these patterns of behavior are obviously being transmitted from the police antennas.
Webre: Now when you say gang stalking for members of our coop radio audience who may not be familiar with that, could you describe that?
Moret: Well I observed gang stalking on the UC Davis campus and I was also targeted at UC Davis and at UC Berkeley. But it was very, very bad there [at UC Davis], and Chancellor [Larry Neil] Vanderhoef [Ed. Note: Chancellor from 1994-2009] who has raised a lot of money for the campus and is a particularly disgusting individual, even his own grown adult son was involved in the gang stalking. They have hundreds of people who are involved in it and these are at all levels of the university. From the top, the chancellor's family, all the way down to the mechanics or the gardeners or the janitors. Whatever, it is happening. It is a pathological institution when this kind of behavior sets in and is condoned and encouraged. It is used for social and political control. It came out of the Catholic Church. The Masons use it, the Ku Klux Klan got this gangstalking behavior and technology from the Masons. It has been used for millennia to control people. It is just more high tech now with the HAARP and MKULTRA new technology that has been developed. It is the same old stuff, it is just more electronic now.
Webre: Right, so --
Moret: But it is all based on malice. It is based on destroying individuals and destroying happiness and mutilating innocent people and victims who cannot defend and protect themselves. And Captain George Hunter White, who was in charge of the two safe houses where this horrific experimentation was done on children, wrote in his diary, which is now, his diaries are now at Stanford in the library, you can go and read them, and he said about MKULTRA and the safe houses and what occurred there, he said "Where else could a red-blooded American boy get away with rape and murder and torture in the vineyards." And Livermore is covered with vineyards. Can you imagine what happened there? These were not sane people. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, who was one of the leaders of the MKULTRA research, [one of] the architects, George Herbert Walker Bush himself who is a pedophile, Dr. [Donald Ewen] Cameron in Canada, these are sadistic, psychopathic, crazy, insane people doing this. Now it is being implemented on campuses in the United States and I am sure it is being conducted in Canada too -- and in England. In fact, it is in all of the NATO countries, Alfred..."

Remote Viewing: What It Is, Who Uses It, and How to Use It by Tim Rifat ( book listing). [Ed. Note: I have not viewed this softcover book, but I have seen a pdf version titled Remote Viewing, also listed at I do not know enough about remote viewing to adequately judge Rifat's credibility, however, his description of Cold War competition by the Soviet Union and U.S. in the realm of "psychotronic warfare" looks like a very promising "intellectual rabbit hole" for further inquiry, particularly since it attempts to scientifically explain paranormal phenomena described by Freya Aswynn. Interestingly enough, in her interviews, Leuren Moret has described how the C.I.A. was also very intensely interested in psychotronic research, particularly in conjunction with the development of HAARP technology, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where she worked was a major hub of C.I.A. R & D in this area. The following are some extracts from the pdf/scribd version of Remote Viewing ]:

"[Yuri Andropov, head of the Soviet Union from 1982-1984] issued personal orders to push full speed ahead with psychic warfare. Andropov's directive also urged scientists to forget being squeamish about injuring or killing research subjects in the race to achieve their goal. Funding from the Military-Industrial Commission and the KGB was estimated at 500 million roubles.
The amount may be an underestimate; in Martin Ebon’s 1983 book, Psychic Warfare: Threat or Illusion? he claims that congressional sources stated the USSR psychotronic warfare research programme was funded to the tune of 500 million dollars per year.
[Chapter 2] ESP and beyond...
There had been massive interest in extra sensory perception (ESP) and spiritualism throughout the western world since the previous century. Dr J.B. Rhine’s work with card reading and manipulating dice at Duke University in the USA gave research into ESP a formal scientific base. He led the field in telepathy and ESP research in the West in the years before the Second World War. His work was controversial then, and even now is not generally understood.
Soviet scientists, however, took Dr Rhine’s research many steps further. They had little interest in proving ESP existed; that was taken as proven by their research into telepathy and telepathic hypnosis from the 1930s. What interested the Soviets was its development and military potential. They worked on the use of telepathy and ESP for psychic spying on US secret bases, but the main thrust of their initial endeavour was the use of ESP and telepathy to read an enemy’s mind. The aim was the psychic interrogation of Nato commanders by using the technique know as scanning, i.e. using ESP to probe information in another person's brain. The DIA again:
In summary, what is the strategic threat posed by the current “explosion” in Soviet parapsychological research? Soviet efforts in the field of psi research, sooner or later, might enable them to do some of the following:
a) Know the contents of top secret U.S. documents, the movements of our troops and ships and the location and nature of our military installations.
b) Mold the thoughts of key U.S. military and civilian leaders, at a distance.
c) Cause the instant death of any U.S. official, at a distance.
d) Disable, at a distance, U.S. military equipment of all types including space craft. [Appendix 1, pages 39-40]
To this end, according to émigrés and intelligence reports, the KGB and GRU scoured the Soviet Union for psychics, searched the length of Siberia for mystics, and forcibly recruited them into the huge number of parapsychological research projects being undertaken. By the mid-seventies, the Soviets had apparently embarked upon a society-wide screening programme for talented psychics, covering senior schools, universities and Red Army soldiers. Children who displayed powerful psychic abilities were especially sought after, as were shamans from Siberia and the eastern central Asian
Once they confirmed that the potential for psi warfare actually existed, they searched for further ways to boost the relatively weak naturally occuring psi faculty so it could be developed into weapons for causing harm. The deeply relaxed state used for eyeless-sight research was the theta state of consciousness found in dreaming sleep. The theta state is a level of consciousness where the brain is deeply relaxed and the static and negative effects of other people’s minds are blacked out, so that the subconscious and unconscious mind with its heightened paranormal abilities can come to the fore. Normal consciousness, the beta state, is measured at above 14 cycles per second of oscillations in electrical activity of the brain, by an electroencephalograph (EEG); alpha, the relaxed, daydreaming state, at above 7 cycles per second; and theta, the dreaming state, at above 3 cycles per second.
Hypnosis, drugs and meditation were tried to inculcate the theta state of consciousness. Autovisualization of the brain was very effective in inducing the states needed for remote viewing. Tesla coils (see below) tuned to radiate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves at 7.8 cycles per second (hertz), the Earth's natural frequency (known as the Schumann resonance), were found to amplify psychic spying tremendously by inducing a theta state in the remote viewer. The Schumann resonance is a naturally occurring standing wave, an ELF signal that circles the globe. It was discovered by Dr Schumann, who found that this ELF signal resonates in the cavity between the ground and the edge of the atmosphere. A naturally occurring signal that all life is in resonance with. According to off-the-record interviews with US remote viewers and psi-warfare adepts, psychotronic-augmented spying enabled Soviet remote viewers to achieve almost perfect images. Brain implants to switch off the brain stress system, the body’s anxiety generator, were found to be very effective, as were drug regimens and hypnotic suggestion. Magnetic fields at 7.8Hz were later found to be almost as good as the Tesla coils. Aided by this vast array of high-tech brain-state modifying systems, the Russians began to uncover the secrets of the energy field surrounding the body. They mapped out the neural currents in the brain. They found that in the normal waking state, a negative to positive current runs from the front of the brain to the back, along the centre. By passing a low-voltage current from the front of the brain to the back, they could vary the person’s waking state. By artificially lowering the negative potential at the back of the brain, the remote viewer could be dropped into a theta state.
Dr Robert Becker of the Syracuse VA Hospital found that a person under anaesthesia, or in a deep hypnotic trance has an altered brain potential. The normal brain potentials, which are negative potential at the front of the brain to a positive potential at the rear of the brain, drops to zero in these people. The Soviets found that by applying a low voltage to the front of the brain, they could knock people out. They went on to develop the sleep gun.
*This is documented in Dr Robert Becker’s book, Cross Currents.
More importantly, the Soviet scientists found they could also lower their remote viewers into the delta state found in deep dreamless sleep. In the delta state all manner of psi marvels such as telekinesis - moving things by the power of the mind, become possible. It is even rumoured that it could lead on to remote killing and also can be used to change the consciousness of large numbers of people by use of remote influencing.
The Russians were aware that the US was attempting to monitor their progress and had remote-viewing programmes of their own. They therefore devoted time and money to developing electronic devices to block out remote viewing of their own bases. They found that Tesla coils interfered with psychic spying.
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a genius who invented many new forms of electrical equipment towards the end of the last century. Tesla developed a new branch of electrical technology using very high voltages running through special coils and transformers. Some of his inventions were so far ahead of their time that they were not fully understood until the Russians began to explore his work in the 1960s. Tesla found that power could be beamed through the air at high voltages, as air’s resistance breaks down. Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF signals which could cause earthquakes or be used for mind control. It was found that Tesla coils could be used to transmit ELF oscillations that could cause a fault line to spasm and produce an earthquake, these ELF signals could also be tuned to influence peoples’ minds. Tesla also invented what amounted to a death ray, which transmitted plasma at the target using huge coils to heat up the air.
Soviet scientists were taught Tesla technology at university, which may have encouraged a number of them to experiment with the effectiveness of Tesla coils in causing a whirlpool effect that prevented remote viewing.
These anti-remote-viewing devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but US underground military and research facilities. In an off-the-record interview, a retired US Special Forces, CIA trained, psi-warfare expert involved in the remote-viewing programme discussed this anti-remote-viewing technology. He attested to the fact that by the end of the century the US will have totally effective anti-remote-viewing devices in all their top-secret installations, so concerned are they about the effectiveness of remote viewing and remote influencing..."
[Undated] BLUEBIRD Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists by Colin A. Ross MD A 10-Page Summary [Ed. Note: This is a good overview of CIA mind control programs]. "In this summary of Bluebird, Dr. Ross describes unethical experiments conducted by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and new memories in the minds of experimental subjects. His research is based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Dr. Ross is a past president of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation..."
2001-04-19 How the US Government Created the "Drug Problem" in the USA by Michael E. Kreca, [Ed. Note: This describes the interest by CIA operative Timothy Leary in various Shamanistic/indigenous religious practices from the perspective of assisting the use of psychoactive drugs, as well as the chronic abuse of drugs by many of America's security agencies]
"...In September 1942, OSS director and Army Maj. Gen. William `Wild Bill' Donovan began his search for an effective `truth serum' to be used on POWs and captured spies. Beginning with a budget of $5,000 and the blessing of President Franklin Roosevelt, he enlisted the aid of a few prominent physicians and psychiatrists like George Estabrooks and Harry Murray as well as former Prohibition agent and notorious Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) director Harry Anslinger.
The OSS/FBN team first tested a potent marijuana extract, tetrahydrocannabinol acetate (THCA), a colorless, odorless substance, lacing cigarettes or food items with it, and administering them to volunteer US Army and OSS personnel, all who eventually acquired the nickname `Donovan’s Dreamers.' Testing was also conducted under the guise of treatment for shell shock...
...The first underground LSD labs were actually set up by the FBI in 1963 in both New York City and San Francisco. Many began to incorrectly confuse the ancient medical art of herbalism with the shenanigans of amateur basement `flower-power' and `biker' chemists. Overenthusiastic pitchmen like social psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary and Beat poet Allen Ginsberg sadly failed to sufficiently stress that key difference, although the technically competent Leary clearly understood the artificially high potency of LSD.
Leary (and his longtime associate, psychologist Richard Alpert) matured professionally in a CIA-funded research world. In 1948, Leary, then a UC Berkeley graduate student, attended the yearly convention of the left-wing American Veterans’ Council in Milwaukee. There he met CIA officer Cord Meyer. Meyer’s professional specialty was infiltrating and discrediting various organizations deemed "un-American" or "disloyal." Meyer persuaded Leary to help him. Leary acknowledged Meyer’s influence, crediting him with "helping me understand my political-cultural role more clearly."
During 1954-59 Leary was the director of clinical research and psychology at the Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Oakland, Calif. The personality test that made him famous, "The Leary," was actually used by the CIA to test prospective employees. A grad school classmate of Leary’s, CIA contractor Frank Barron, worked with the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research, which was funded and staffed by CIA psychologists. In 1960 Barron, with government funding, founded the Harvard Psychedelic Drug Research Center. Leary followed Barron to Harvard, becoming a lecturer in psychology where he remained for three years. Leary’s Harvard associates included former chief OSS psychologist Harry Murray, who had monitored the early OSS "truth serum" experiments, and numerous other knowing CIA contractors. One of Dr. Murray’s many test subjects was a Harvard undergraduate math major named Theodore Kaczynski.
In the spring of 1963, Leary and Alpert left Harvard and founded the International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF) – later renamed the Castalia Foundation – on a 2,500-acre estate in the small upstate New York community of Millbrook. There, the pair of psychologists continued their hallucinogenic drug research and soon became the chief investigative target of an ambitious Dutchess County district attorney named G. Gordon Liddy. Multimillionaire William Mellon Hitchcock generously bankrolled the founding and operation of IFIF/Castalia and later financed a huge black-market LSD manufacturing operation.
Even so, Leary carefully stressed proper mindset, setting and dosages in a book he coauthored with Alpert and Ralph Metzner, The Psychedelic Experience. It was based on an ancient Tibetan shamanic manual, The Book of the Dead. The latter work referred to an herbal tea similar in content to but far less powerful than LSD, and insisted on mental discipline as an inherent part of the process. The Incans of Andean South America, for instance, were an invaluable source of medical knowledge, and used whole herbs like ayahuasca and the coca leaf, not their artificially refined alkaloids, and spiritual technique was also taught as an key part of the process.
However, much like the crusading "drys" before and during Prohibition, the MK-ULTRA inquisitors with their police state mentality in concert with misinformed and emotionally distressed LSD users, had found their "devil drug," (the term used by the Harrison Tax Act advocates in the 1910s and Marijuana Tax Act backers in the 1930s) replete with tragic tales of already emotionally distressed and lonely young people quite unprepared for such an artificially powerful entheogen. It was also well within CIA policy to randomly distribute LSD laced with the lethal poison strychnine so as to create "horror stories" useful as propaganda. Dr. Hofmann himself chemically confirmed the presence of pure strychnine in several random street samples of LSD...
1995 Deep Black Magic: Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control by Thomas Porter. In particular note the following from III. History of MK-ULTRA. CIA program on Mind Control.
"...There have been persistent rumors of Navy research involving attempts at telepathy from submarines under water, the Nautilus being the most famous of these. Detection of enemy submarines, and communicating with our own, has continued to be an important area of conventional research for the Navy, so it is no surprise that researching the use of ESP for these purposes would be of interest. Communicating with a submerged submarine is the only kind of communications where the very act of receiving puts the receiver in danger, since submarines must normally stick an antenna out of the water for high speed radio traffic, or rely on trailing a long wire antenna under water relatively near the surface to receive very slow speed traffic using ELF radio waves. Newer techniques may involve the use of blue-green wavelength lasers, but evidently penetration to any depth is still a problem.
If you look at telepathy as a problem in the transfer of information in a very noisy environment, then certain existing solutions suggest themselves: There have already been experiments in the transmission of five distinct symbols via telepathy, namely Zener card symbols. I suggest that there is already a way of transmitting information using two symbols only, namely Morse Code. Current ELF or VLF radio transmission methods for communicating with fleet ballistic missle submarines to issue them their launch orders involve very low data transfer rates, on the order of 3 to 30 bits per minute, if I am not mistaken. Messages are very short, consisting of pre-formulated action or targeting codes. I suggest that telepathic 'Zener Morse' is an operational technique for information transfer under severe signal to noise conditions. In fact the use of five Zener symbols would increase data transfer rates, but at the expense of a higher error rate due to the problems in discriminating between five and just two symbols..."
[Undated] The Real Story of the Men Who Stare at Goats by Danny Penman
"...In the late 1970s General Stubblebine became convinced that America's next war would be fought with the psychic powers of the mind as well as with conventional bombs and bullets. His reasoning lay in the numerous covert psychic projects (all with bizarre names) that the US military had been secretly funding for decades. Very few in the military had even heard of the Stargate Project, MK Ultra and Project Jedi. General Stubblebine, however, had been following them intently and funding some of them lavishly.
The military initially focused on ‘remote viewing', the scientific term for clairvoyance and ESP. They reasoned that training soldiers to view distant locations using nothing more than the power of their mind could be immensely useful on the battlefield. And so they created the Stargate Project to explore such phenomena.
The directors of Stargate began by funding scientists at the Stanford Research Institute in California, one of America's most prestigious science academies. Very soon, Stanford played host to more than a dozen psychic spies. Their skills were once demonstrated to President Jimmy Carter when they were used to search for a downed aircraft.
The remote viewers used a deceptively simple method based on what is known as the Ganzfeld technique. The psychic spies induced an altered state of consciousness by seating themselves in a sound proof room and wearing earphones playing white noise. Ping pong balls sliced in half were placed over their eyes to obscure vision. The whole room was then bathed in soft red light.
The map coordinates of the ‘target' would be written on a piece of paper, placed in an envelope and handed to the viewer. He would be allowed to touch the envelope but forbidden to open it. Alternatively, pictures of the target location would be sealed in the envelope. The remote viewers would then slip into a light meditative trance and their "minds eye" would be drawn to the target location. Pictures, feelings and impressions would then drift into their minds from the target, which might be located thousands of miles away.
To an outsider, this approach might appear to produce only hopelessly vague results that were no better than guesswork. But the scientists investigating remote viewing found them to be surprisingly accurate and the military found them useful too.
Joe McMoneagle was a Vietnam veteran and "Remote Viewer Number 1". His primary role was to use remote viewing to look inside Russian military bases and gather intelligence. He spent over 20 years as a remote viewer working for U.S. intelligence at Fort Meade, Maryland, the headquarters of the National Security Agency. His work eventually earned him the Legion of Merit, America's highest military non-combat medal.
"My success rate was around 28 percent," says Joe McMoneagle. "That may not sound very good but we were brought in to deal with the hopeless cases. Our information was then cross-checked with any other available intelligence to build up an overall picture. We proved to be quite useful ‘spies'."
The military was not content to use psychics merely to gather intelligence. They wanted to go further and use them for offensive purposes too. This drive soon turned to paranoia when the Americans learned of a huge Russian programme to develop psychic and ‘psychotronic' weapons. Over 40 Russian institutes were involved..."



Viking Prayer -- 13th Warrior

Lo there do I see my father.
Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.
Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them,
n the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave, they live forever.


Followed by the final battle between the Vikings and the Wendel.




Reenactment at the Centennial Pageant, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925,
photo taken from The Promise of America

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