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Born July 14, 1954
Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.

[The Wikipedia article found below, amazingly, was deleted in August 2009 by Wikipedia. Its Jewish editors claimed 1) that the subject "failed the criterion of notability" [sic --see search engines with 3 million hits on my name, national and international tv network coverage of my statements, and the 2010 Discovery Channel episode that would center on attacking me] and 2) objected that the article on me showed pictures of me as a child and of my mother, and screenshots of TV coverage of my RACE FOR US CONGRESS ……that were published “without permission.”

[Do I need to get written permission from myself to publish pictures of myself?

As for my late mother, who died in 1993, should I contact my late mother for photo permissions by séance with a gypsy?

Who owns that film footage of my Congressional race if not I, who bought it from the TV stations in Nashville, Tennessee for $500 (in 1990s money!)?

This deletion by Wikipedia (at the behest of Jewish editor "Hullabaloo Horowitz") came shortly after my paid Photobucket account was suddenly deleted, ripping 2,400 photos out of my blogs and posts on various fora, and replacing them by this tedious image, thousands of places all over the Internet:


De Nugent was the partial subject of a February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel documentary "Hitler's Mummies" and was interviewed on national television in the wake of the James von Brunn/Holocaust Museum shooting incident of June 2009. In 1990 I ran for US Congress in Tennessee and obtained 26% of the vote in the Republican primary in a three-candidate race. (See below.)

Both the Microsoft "Bing" and Yahoo search engines listed the search term "John de Nugent" at around three million hits in September 2010. Google did likewise -- until it suddenly reduced hits to 32,000, now abotu 115,000. Bing and Yahoo followed suit. I was decreed by manipulated search engine algorithms to be "unimportant."

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, September 27, 2010: 3,160,000 hits for "John de Nugent"

Yahoo's search engine the same day: 3,180,000 hits

Google's search engine: 38,400 hits


To increase impact and interest for the reader, many photos and explanatory captions have been added by me to the original Wiki article text, which you can read below exactly as that text appeared in the summer months of 2009 on Wikipedia until deleted by the people-despising Jew Horowitz. Any other additions are clearly marked as such.]


John de Nugent (pronounced /’jɑ:n də ˈnuw jənt/), born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 14, 1954, is a white nationalist and separatist, or as he writes, a “white nationist, preservationist and civil rights leader”; a spokesman and founder for the incipient Solutrean Movement; a public speaker; a multilingual writer/lecturer/translator in the English, German, French and Spanish languages; a radio and TV guest, interviewee and radio talk show host; a blogger and website owner; a former Republican primary candidate for Congress (August 1990), and a former write-in candidate for the U.S. presidency (November, 2008). He is the author of the forthcoming audiovisual book (text, photos and videos, produced on DVD) Solutrea, Arise!

Early 2007 family photo: (top row) John de Nugent, his brother Todd Nugent, his son-in-law José Irigoyen; (front row) his stepmother Helen Nugent, his father James Nugent, his older daughter Ingrid Atzl Nugent (now Ingrid Irigoyen, married mother of twin girls) and Margaret Huffstickler, ladyfriend then of John de Nugent.

He formerly taught standard American accent (1997-2004) to speakers with overly heavy Boston/New England accents [1], [2] (see National Public Radio interview of August 21, 2003)….

* * *

Liane Hansen interviews John de Nugent, National Public Radio


(If this is removed by National Public Radio, or by free speech-hating hackers, go to this link:

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This August 2003 Providence Journal article was picked up by a wire service and ran nationwide:

Archive for Sunday, August 17, 2003
Teaching Rhode Islanders to ‘Tawk’ Right


By Brooke Donald
August 17, 2003
in print edition A-17

John de Nugent is standing in front of his class with one thing on his mind, the letter “r.”
He’ll eventually tackle the other letters and sounds that elude his students, but for now, he tucks his chin, grits his teeth, shakes his head back and forth, and growls like a dog.

“Grrrr,” repeat his students, completing their first lesson in how to reduce the Rhode Island accent. The three-hour course, “The Great Rhode Island Accent Reduction Program,” is designed to help Rhode Islanders put the “r” back in the “cah” they drive and take the “aw” out of their morning cup of “kawfee.”

With any luck, they’ll also soften the “aa” in “god” and restore the “th” to “that.”
“It’s not veel smott to tawk with a Rho Dyelinn accent around othaa people,” de Nugent chided.

The accent is similar to the one heard around New England, where dropping the letter “r” after vowels is a trademark. Adding an “r” in other places is also common.

Allan Metcalf, executive secretary for the American Dialect Society, pointed to a famous New Englander for an example. “President Kennedy said something like, ‘Cuber is a concern’ instead of ‘Cuba,’ ” he said.

The New England accent is a product of Old England. During the 18th century, it became fashionable in England to omit the “r” after vowels, Metcalf said. Brits settling in America continued the trend, where it spread up and down the Atlantic coast.

“The rest of the country stopped looking to New England as an example of how to do things. New Englanders didn’t realize that until later,” he said. With notable writers such as Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in their back yards, New Englanders believed they were setting the nation’s language trends, not falling behind them, Metcalf said.

The goal of the course, offered by an adult education network called the Learning Connection, is to get people thinking about the way they speak and why. He says once a person is aware of what he or she is doing, the pronunciation can be refined. But dialects – and certain words, including how they are pronounced – can reflect an attitude associated with a region. De Nugent says the purpose of the course is to “lighten the accent up” but not get rid of it.

The New England accent is aggressive and assertive. New Englanders speak quickly too – twice as fast as Texans, in fact – which makes other people suspicious of them. “You don’t want to dampen that spirit,” he said. Indeed, de Nugent begins the course by explaining why he’s proud to be a Rhode Islander, but “the accent is not something that will get you forward.”

On the contrary, said Rhode Island cartoonist and author Don Bousquet, who illustrated The Rhode Island Dictionary. “They should be taking courses to increase their accent,” he said, adding many Rhode Islanders have an inferiority complex because of the state’s size and because of how they speak. “They’re not proud of their accent? Do they want to sound homogenized? Do they want to sound like Californians?”

During the course, students listen to radio excerpts and voice-over recordings, and repeat de Nugent’s pronunciation, which he perfected after being ridiculed for his accent while in the Marine Corps. “People hear it and start snickering,” he said.

That’s one reason Jim Caracciolo, 25, of Warwick, wants to soften his accent. “People let out a little chuckle and then move on, but I just don’t want the way I talk to be a part of the conversation,” he said. This is a daily effort, he said, especially when he’s around people who are not from Rhode Island. “It’s not that I’m embarrassed. It’s just I don’t like explaining myself,” he said.

De Nugent, who is fluent in German and French, uses political leaders as examples of speakers with good accents. Former President Reagan, a noted orator, is at the top of his list for his ability to deliver a speech. The current president [George W. Bush] is at the bottom. “Texans emphasize the ‘r’ too much. How does President Bush refer to the axis of evil? They’re evildoerrrs,” de Nugent said, exaggerating the “ers.”

Metcalf said accents tend to fade as generations pass and the entertainment industry influences what people hear. “Look at the Kennedys. Patrick and the others have less of an accent than John did. Even Teddy has lost it some,” he said.

Yet even de Nugent concedes that some words just sound better when they are spoken by a true Rhode Islander. “Dog. I think it’s perfectly perfect as ‘dawg.’ And of course, quahog, the hard-shell clam, say it as you like,” he said. That’s “qwahaag” to some and “ko-hog” to others.
“Languages have a soul and a spirit to them. Ask yourself, is this a sound I want to be making loudly or do I want to soft-pedal it?” de Nugent said. “Then you’re ready for prime-time.”

* * *

…..and [he taught] Japanese, Chinese and Indian[3] professionals (M.D.s, Ph.D.s and researchers)[4] in the Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island areas who were associated with Harvard University (who were its graduate school students or “post-doc” researchers at Harvard-affiliated “teaching hospitals”), at the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School, and [he taught] students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”), especially at the MIT Sloan School of Management).

He also worked very intermittently from 1981-2004 as a high school substitute teacher in Virginia, Massachusetts and on a longer-term assignment in Coventry, Rhode Island.

A note left for him by three pupils at Swampscott Junior High School, Massachusetts (on Massachusetts Bay) in October 1996.

[Added to the article by JdN in November 2010] In 2003 he organized an academic conference on the topic of a possible anti-neo-con “axis Paris-Berlin-Moscow” of nations who in 2002- 2003 were overtly opposed to the Iraq war policies of George W. Bush — France under its then president Jacques Chirac, Germany under its then chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and Russia under its then president (and now prime minister) Vladimir Putin. Bush had claimed that Iraq under Saddam Hussein possessed or was building “weapons of mass destruction,” a claim disproved after the US invasion.

A wave of francophobia, largely inspired by FOX Cable News under owner Rupert Murdoch, accused the French at that time of being as a nation too “cowardly” to join the US, and of having “forgotten D-Day,” and comedians such as Jay Leno of the Tonight Show and especially Dennis Miller joked that the French were “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” French fries were renamed “freedom fries” and french toast as “freedom toast.” In 2004, Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry was lambasted by the Republican Speaker of the House Tom DeLay of Texas (now awaiting sentencing for corruption) for being able to speak French.

Schroeder, Putin and Chirac in 2003

This conference organized by de Nugent was held at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) under the auspices of the Alliance Francaise of Providence, Rhode Island.

Participants included Valerie Schmidt of Boston University, Sergei Khrushchev of Brown (son of the former Soviet leader:, and others.

Invitation from the Alliance Francaise: [JdN: Nota bene that my racial and political views were not a topic at this conference, nor were they known to the other participants, or to the Alliance president, Dominique Gregoire. Further info:]

* * *

Arts de Vivre: Alliance Française de Providence
Sun, Oct 26, 2003 12:00 pm (Fair/Festival)

Location RISD auditorium along the river (downtown Providence)

Start Time 12:00pm Cost $5 More Info 272-6243
Sponsor Alliance Francaise de Providence


At 12:00 noon a great debate: the future of Europe/US relationship with a distinguished panel:
Doctor Sergei Khrushchev- Watson Institute Brown University

Sergei Krushchev (in the year 2010)

Norbert Hedderich, PhD – Head of the German Department at URI [University of Rhode Island]
Dr. Catherine Kelleher
of the Naval War College – Under-Secy. for Europe in the Clinton administration.

Catherine Kelleher

Dr. Jolyon Howorth, Jean Monnet professor on European political science Bath University (England), visiting prof. at Yale (03/04)
John de Nugent
– Director
Dr. Vivien Schmidt
of Boston U. will moderate the debate.

Audience participation is welcome.

At 5:30 pm : chamber music concert with the Orchestre de Musique de Chambre francais will play pieces by Ravel, Leclaire and Vivaldi (“The Four Seasons”).

Other events will take place during the entire day starting at 10:00 am with the firing of muskets by the Regiment Bourbonnais in French uniforms from the Revolutionary War period.

You can also call 272 6243 for reservations!

We hope many can attend!

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Near Aix-en Provence in the south of France in 2004, [de Nugent] learned and worked in the construction of the foundation of a 5,000 square-foot one-story house (made, very unusually for this area, of wood); this included the building and waterproofing of a large cinderblock basement, the building of the cinderblock foundation walls, the preparing of the concrete rebar floor and the insulation of the walls.[5]

Article on this house, which also uses geothermal heating pipes run in the surrounding ground.

John de Nugent became widely known via the mass media (major U.S. and overseas network television, radio, newspapers and the Internet) for his comments[6], [7], [8], [9] about James von Brunn, the alleged Holocaust Museum shooter on June 10, 2009, a white nationalist with whom he was acquainted via email correspondence and several phone calls between 2007 and a few weeks before the shooting incident.

James von Brunn in the 1980s

De Nugent may be one of the last white activists to have spoken with von Brunn prior to his alleged action. De Nugent stated in numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews that he condemned von Brunn’s action, if true as alleged, and that von Brunn was a “lone wolf, a hothead” who had not disclosed or intimated his plan to him.[10]

He told WTOP-FM radio, the main all-news station in the nation’s capital:

“Obama has been doing many things which are making many white Americans, who are conservative, paranoid. He needs to address our concerns and promise he will not violate the Second Amendment about guns or the First Amendment about freedom of speech, and then these incidents won’t happen. The problem is when white people are provoked, some of them will snap, and this is what happened yesterday.”[11]



    • 1.1 Holocaust views
    • 1.2 “White nationism”
    • 1.3 “Social nationism”
    • 1.4 “Solutreanism”
    • 1.5 Against the “psychopathocracy”
    • 1.6 Homosexuality an “affliction”
    • 1.7 Barack Obama
  • 2 Background and Education
    • 2.1 Military reserves
    • 2.2 University education
    • 2.3 Name prefix
    • 2.4 Marriages
    • 2.5 Childhood sexual abuse
  • 3 Career since 1978 in white separatism
    • 3.1 1990 Tennessee Republican primary for US Congress
    • 3.2 Writing, speaking, demonstrating
    • 3.3 Protegé Henrik Holappa arrested and deported
  • 4 Controversies
    • 4.1 Stormfront banning
    • 4.2 Unfulfilled plans
    • 4.3 Ex-wife
    • 4.4 Recovery
  • 5 Notes
  • 6 External links

[edit] Views

De Nugent has been openly antisemitic, or anti-Jewish since 1978, during his college days at Georgetown University (1977-81),[12] and praises “the many peacetime achievements” of Adolf Hitler, while sharply criticizing both his anti-Slavic and pro-dictatorship policies. De Nugent also denies (he says, “factually disproves”) the Jewish Holocaust.

He refuses the label “white supremacist” in the sense of whites ruling other races, but believes whites are in many ways an advanced race, while many outstanding individual blacks, Middle Easterners, Indians and East Asians are superior to specific average whites.

He states that Thomas Jefferson — with his vision of local, decentralized control, individual gun rights and republican meritocracy — reflects his governmental ideals, and not the centralized German dictatorship system of Adolf Hitler. However, de Nugent rejects all “Hitler bashing,” since he rejects the two main accusations against him: 1) perpetrating a Jewish Holocaust (de Nugent believes that Russian Jews caused a communist holocaust in the Soviet gulag against Slavic whites), and 2) Hitler supposedly wanting, planning and causing World War Two.

He has published numerous posts showing admiration for 1) Hitler’s peacetime economic achievements during the Great Depression of the 1930’s, 2) his programs to create a white “folk community” and promote the heterosexual family, 3) to support traditional Western arts and music (not “modern art” or rock music), and 4) his rigorous opposition to Jewish influence.

[edit] Holocaust views

De Nugent joined the white movement in 1978, a few years after the 1975 book by Professor Arthur Butz called The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry began widely circulating in the United States. He did fundraising for the Institute for Historical Review,[13] the main Holocaust-disputing think tank, from 1987-1993 when it was being directed by publisher Willis Carto. On the FOX Radio Network’s “Alan Colmes” show of June 16, 2009…..

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

(TRANSCRIPT: Audiofile to listen to: JdN_20090616_AlanColmes.mp3)

…..he stated that he believes that “Jews died like flies in the [work] camps at the end of the war from overcrowding and lack of food and medication; the German economy had collapsed due to Allied bombing and the invasion of German territory.”[14] However, he does not accept the widely credited accounts of the Third Reich using gas chambers, mass shootings and death camps to deliberately kill six million Jews and others, which he called “the Holocaust story.” When Colmes asked if he was a “Holocaust denier,” he replied “I am a Holocaust disprover,” adding: “[But] there absolutely was a Holocaust…..Nobel Prize-winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in 2002 in his book Two Hundred Years Together that 40 million white Christian Russians and Ukrainians were slaughtered in the Soviet gulag and the majority of those running the camps were Jewish. …. I believe there was a Holocaust — by Jews against Russians.”[15]

[edit] “White nationism”

He advocates that those whites who wish to do so find separate areas where they can move away from non-whites, and neither rule over them or be ruled by them. He calls this doctrine “white nationism,” a term of his coinage designed to reject the “aggressive implications” of “nationalism.” De Nugent accuses Third Worlders directly of being themselves de facto “white supremacists,” interpreting massive non-white immigration into all white countries worldwide as proof that non-whites themselves tacitly see white countries as far more desirable than their own, risking their lives, breaking laws and working “underground” in any majority-white country that will not stop them.

[edit] “Social nationism”

De Nugent admires the Third Reich concept of the “folk community,” and advocates, only for those whites who volunteer to join it, a neo-tribal but “high-tech” white society, entirely composed of those wishing to live in white social solidarity and with strict standards of family life, quality work and morality. He has repeatedly praised the Amish and also certain aspects of Jewish life, mainly the Jewish love of education and the Zionist desire for a Jewish homeland where only Jews would live, and rule themselves, avoid intermarriage and preserve their language, genes, faith and traditions.

He has in fact called himself an “Aryan Zionist,” and quoted approvingly Sigmund Freud’s prescription in German for the good life, Arbeit und Liebe, “work and love.”

The Solutrean flag, designed by de Nugent and two women activists, is a pan-Aryan symbol that is both a feminine flower — a lily of the valley — and a masculine spear with two swords; the stripes symbolize white ascent. Blue means truth; black the death of illusions and the egotistical self; black-and-blue together the wounds attackers can expect who aggress members of the Solutrean tribe.

De Nugent believes that while German national socialism may have suited the disciplined German temperament and the needs of the Depression years, most American whites, and most whites worldwide, are not of German descent and require a much larger measure of personal freedom for happiness. Thus, while his “social nationism” is inspired by the Depression-era peacetime successes of German national socialism, he rejects both the appearance and the reality of “nationalism” and “socialism” as those words are now commonly understood.

To emphasize the “pan-Aryan” (promoting all whites worldwide) nature of his doctrine, inspired by 1) Thomas Jefferson of colonial British America, advocate of freedom, responsibility and the right to popular revolution;

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, governor of Virginia, founder of the University of Virginia, and third US President, and a natural redhead like George Washington and Andrew Jackson

2) by Count Arthur de Gobineau in France, an advocate of preserving northern European genes;

Miss Iceland 2007, Johanna Vala

3) by Henry Ford of the United States, carmaker, industrial innovator (creator of the assembly line) and also an opponent of Jewish influence in his bestselling book The International Jew: Mankind’s Foremost Problem (;

…and 4) by Adolf Hitler, creator of folk solidarity and economic growth,

….he chose the ancient European fleur-de-lys symbol to symbolize what he calls “Solutreanism,” and a French song with both translated German and original American/New Zealand lyrics for the Solutrean national anthem. (See “External Links” for anthem.)

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, wife and son celebrate after the Saints’ Superbowl 44 football victory in February 2010. The Saints’ symbol is the fleur-de-lys, and it is also the symbol of the Boy Scouts USA.

De Nugent has received both praise and criticism in the white movement for condemning what he calls Hitler’s three great errors: 1) Hitler did not present to the Germans, or to the rest of the white world of the 1930s, a clear path back to democracy after the period of economic and political emergency rule (dictatorship) that he considered necessary in the Great Depression, one-man rule being anathema as a permanent form of government to the better white traditions;

Hitler speaking in the Kroll Opera House to the Reichstag (Parliament); he did not bother rebuilding the arson-gutted Reichstag building after 1933, because it symbolized democracy, which he felt meant division and mediocrity

2) his anti-Slavic attitudes, which led to Operation Barbarossa (i.e. the invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941) becoming a war of conquest of Russia, not of its liberation;[16] (he accuses Hitler of excessive German nationalism and inadequate “pan-Aryan” solidarity, writing that millions of Slavs would have joined Germany’s armed forces if liberation from communism had been Hitler’s only main goal);

A Stalin-era ad; Russians are as blond and blue-eyed as Germans.

3) in June 1940, Hitler, as commander-in-chief, allowed the trapped British Expeditionary Corps to carry out the Dunkirk evacuation back to England, in a futile peace gesture toward Winston Churchill that prolonged the war and led to Germany’s ruinous defeat, the end of his mostly realized vision of a united folk community, and the bolshevik takeover of half of Europe.

[edit] “Solutreanism”

The Rock of Solutré, towering over a sunny vineyard in Burgundy (east-central France), where “Solutrean” artifacts from the Ice Age phase of the Stone Age were found in great number. De Nugent believes the theory of DennisStanford of the Smithsonian Institution and of Robert Adovasio that Ice Age Europeans were the first settlers of the Americas, long before the American Indians, coming from the skilled Solutré culture of ancient Gaul (France).

De Nugent agrees with recognized anthropological scholars such as Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., James M. Adovasio, and the scholars who believe in the white origins of Kennewick Man[17] from 7,000 B.C. that long before Christopher Columbus, intrepid (and hungry) Ice Age European hunters first settled North America around 20,000 BC, thousands of years before the American Indians came from Siberia, and that due to various factors, including racial conflict, these early white “Native Americans” were largely wiped out by the later-arriving Siberian “Native Americans,” with the surviving white female captives taken by the Amerindians as their “squaws” after killing the male teenagers and adults. This would explain the surprising and recent biological finding by Canadian geneticists (see the British documentary “Ice Age Columbus” sold by the Discovery Channel) that many Amerindians east of the Mississippi carry white female genes, and Lewis and Clark, in their famous expedition, encountered fair-skinned and even light-eyed Amerindians, such as the Mandan tribe of Minnesota.

From Wikipedia’s article on Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl:

Heyerdahl claimed that in Incan legend there was a sun-god named Con-Tici Viracocha who was the supreme head of the mythical fair-skinned people in Peru. The original name for Virakocha was Kon-Tiki or Illa-Tiki, which means Sun-Tiki or Fire-Tiki. Kon-Tiki was high priest and sun-king of these legendary “white men” who left enormous ruins on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The legend continues with the mysterious bearded white men being attacked by a chief named Cari who came from the Coquimbo Valley. They had a battle on an island in Lake Titicaca, and the fair race was massacred. However, Kon-Tiki and his closest companions managed to escape and later arrived on the Pacific coast. The legend ends with Kon-Tiki and his companions disappearing westward out to sea. When the Spaniards came to Peru, Heyerdahl asserted, the Incas told them that the colossal monuments that stood deserted about the landscape were erected by a race of white gods who had lived there before the Incas themselves became rulers. The Incas described these “white gods” as wise, peaceful instructors who had originally come from the north in the “morning of time” and taught the Incas’ primitive forefathers architecture as well as manners and customs. They were unlike other Native Americans in that they had “white skins and long beards” and were taller than the Incas. The Incas said that the “white gods” had then left as suddenly as they had come and fled westward across the Pacific. After they had left, the Incas themselves took over power in the country. Heyerdahl said that when the Europeans first came to the Pacific islands, they were astonished that they found some of the natives to have relatively light skins and beards. There were whole families that had pale skin, hair varying in color from reddish to blonde, and almost Semitic, hook-nosed faces. In contrast, most of the Polynesians had golden-brown skin, raven-black hair, and rather flat noses. Heyerdahl claimed that when Jakob Roggeveen first discovered Easter Island in 1722, he supposedly noticed that many of the natives were white-skinned. Heyerdahl claimed that these people could count their ancestors who were “white-skinned” right back to the time of Tiki and Hotu Matua, when they first came sailing across the sea “from a mountainous land in the east which was scorched by the sun.” The ethnographic evidence for these claims is outlined in Heyerdahl’s book Aku Aku: The Secret of Easter Island.

Horrifying scene from the Temple of the Warrior (in Mayan Chichen Itza), AD 700: A blond man is being human-sacrificed by two ash-covered Mayan priests, color plate XXXI, page 320, from Thor Heyerdahl’s American Indians in the Pacific.

Interpreting this politically, de Nugent sees modern whites, in both in North America and around the white world, including Europe, as facing a repeat of history- with overwhelming masses of non-white immigrants coming in and settling white territories, and some showing signs of overt hostility.

For this reason de Nugent advocates 1) not more but far less gun control, to guarantee white self-protection, and 2) he advocates “white safety and heritage zones,” not unlike the concept of Indian reservations, with certain sovereign rights, so that those whites who specifically wish to live safely as a new white tribe and “pitch in” for it may do so, unmolested and unbothered by non-whites — and not molesting or bothering them.[18] He specifically says that white liberals and moderates who wish to keep the multiracial and multicultural status quo in their own areas can vote to keep the status quo — in their own areas.

“I wanted to make it crystal clear [to the major TV networks] that there is no white supremacist movement. We don’t want to bring back the Confederacy. We just want a place where we are safe, pockets of white heritage. We do not want to force liberals to live our lifestyle. We respect other races and want them to respect us.”

Solutrean Nucleus: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia are overwhelmingly white, conservative, pro-gun and populist Appalachian mountain states within which the Solutreans intend to democratically create voluntary pockets of “white safety and heritage zones.”

It is thus a voluntary and non-coercive vision of decentralization, “live and let live,” and, as he once stated, “the opposite of Hitlerism” — without any Gestapo, arrests or conquest of those who disagree with his vision and who prefer the current mixed society.

Challenged if he believes that the US federal government will ever allow such a vote, de Nugent replies:

Is there any demand more reasonable than the peaceful right to survival? That is what the Jews demanded under Theodor Herzl, a Jewish homeland where they would not be persecuted or killed. If the federal government refuses to allow a peaceful democratic vote on areas of voluntary white autonomy for those who want it, the onus will be on the federal government if whites become desperate as the economy declines and interracial violence increases. I can only quote John Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”[19] Does the federal government wish to say that whites cannot keep any of the land their forefathers had? Must we lose every last inch of our country, without mercy, to a Third World takeover we do not want? Who is being unreasonable here? Do the Israelis let themselves be driven into the sea? Why should we?

USA Today map of June 11, 2010 depicting “America’s growing diversity.” Dark areas indicate large percentages of racial minorities. White areas indicate a minority percentage under 15%.

[edit] Against the “psychopathocracy”

De Nugent says he was transformed in his world view in 2005 by reading the gateway book on psychopaths (and bestseller in several languages) that appeared that year entitled The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PhD, a University of California, Berkeley[20]-educated psychotherapist and 25-year researcher at Harvard Medical School .[21]

De Nugent believes, inspired by Stout’s book and the works of recognized criminal psychologist Robert Hare….

…and the brain scans of psychopaths studied and published by University of Southern California professor Adrian Raine,

Brain scan by Adrian Raine of a normal person; the red areas indicate a brain feeling compassion while viewing a photo of a horrific and real car accident involving a mother and children

Brain scan by Adrian Raine of a psychopath. The blue areas indicate a brain where the emotion and compassion centers are unexcited by the same scene.

….that a small percentage of the population, but a large percentage of the ruling elites in the American and Western media consists of full or borderline psychopaths (see Psychopathy), that is, as totally ruthless individuals with enormous egos who can be classified on the one hand psychologically as humans born without any conscience and unable to develop one, and on the other hand, in religious terms, as basically “human devils”: genuinely evil, hateful, lying, conniving, defaming, greedy, conspiring, backstabbing and gleefully cruel.

He believes that many of the political, economic and even religious elites are also full or borderline psychopaths,[22], that all major leaders across the board in society should be expected to voluntarily submit to a brain scan to prevent further social havoc, and that nothing is more important for society than to educate the general public to recognize the traits of psychopaths and their tendency of psychopaths to “elbow their way to the top of every organization in society, including and especially the White House.”[23] He has coined the word “psychopathocracy” to designate a society dominatd by psychopaths, and has written:[24]

Perhaps the struggle against the psychopaths marauding among us will be the ultimate battle for the human race.

Linking this to his anti-Jewish views, de Nugent said at the December 2007 “Winterfest” of the Nationalist Coalition in Phoenix, Arizona:[25]

There is, I believe, a psychopathic element in the Jewish leadership. And psychopaths, continuously, throughout history, cause such rage among the people on whom they are inflicting suffering, degradation and humiliation that people rise up against them.

[edit] Homosexuality an “affliction”

De Nugent has expressed himself frequently and critically on the phenomenon of “gay pride” and the growing homosexual influence on the Republican Party.

Protesting at his alma mater, Georgetown, in 1979 as a college student after the Student Council at that Catholic university un-recognized a right-to-life group and on the same day recognized a homosexual group: “Get the faggots out!” De Nugent subsequently viewed the issue as more an “affliction” than a choice.

What we are seeing here is the homosexual takeover of the Republican Party….The Republican Party has left ME, and it has left the true family values of the original, the once-great White Christian Nation called America….. It is my conviction that mere homosexuality is a defect, an affliction and a sad condition to be in. Perhaps some day we can medically cure it. I have known homosexuals and they are in the white movement as well as every other. And some are good writers or artists. I knew an outstanding Marine sergeant who was that way. There is no reason to hate homosexuals, even if we loathe the creepy syndrome they suffer from. In fact, I have been told that the SS in the Third Reich did a study — Hitler ordered all the open and overt homosexuals locked up — and it concluded that 80% of homosexuals were, in effect, molested that way, 20% were genuinely and tragically born that way (just as some are born with a tendency to have cancer run in their family; it’s not a choice), and NO ONE had chosen to become “gay”.[26]

De Nugent advocates 1) the death penalty for all child molesters, believing that they cause much homosexuality; 2) the end of all public “gay pride” and gay pressure group and legislative activities; and 3) medical research on hormonal and endocrine dysfunctions so as to reduce homosexual desires and behavior.[27]

[edit] Barack Obama

John de Nugent’s website and blog posts take the position of maximum opposition to Barack Obama on virtually every issue, and most especially concerning his eligibility to be president.

He opposes Obama’s actions on immigration, “gay rights,” black and Mexican power in white areas, abortion, bailouts for Wall Street, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, support for Israel, global warming, and the dechristianization of America.

More pertinently, he rejects the very eligibility of Mr. Obama to be president of the United States, declares him to be an utterly blackmailable fraud,[28] and states:

Soetoro/Obama is not the valid president of the United States, and thus the presidency of the United States is vacant. (Joseph Biden was elected as his running mate, not as a separate candidate.)Therefore all laws or military orders signed by the illegal alien currently using free government housing at 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue NW, Washington DC can be seen by conscientious Americans as unauthorized and invalid.[29]

Radio spots de Nugent prepared dealing with Obama for his planned 2008 write-in campaign for president. He decided that the white cause would benefit by letting Obama, the “worse of two evils” and an open liberal who infuriates and frightens whites, become president, and ran a low-key campaign designed to not damage Obama with exposes about his citizenship, parentage and bisexual leanings to the point that John McCain would win, whom de Nugent considered a false conservative and traitor who anesthetizes whites.

YouTube-videoized versions of those radio ads





(Or listen to these Quicktime Audio Files (they will open in new window) of his RADIO ADS for his scaled-back write-in candidacy for president in 2008

De Nugent repeatedly ran on his blog in the election year of 2008 exposes of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor and possible biological father, who was a longtime communist, a porn novelist and black militant. Here is Davis’s book Sex Rebel Black, which details orgies with a Midwestern teenage girl named Ann, and homosexual and urine-related sexual practices. Fifty days after Obama’s inauguration, his Homeland Security secretary, Janet Napolitano (mother’s maiden name “Winer”), had de Nugent’s personal assistant, Henrik Holappa, arrested, using three squad cars, in March 2009.

Frank Marshall Davis, a charismatic poet and political militant, as Obama’s autobiography admits (calling him “Frank the poet in the dashiki”), was Obama’s mentor in youth in Honolulu, Hawaii. Frank Davis had fled there from segregated Chicago in 1960 along with his white wife, the socialite Helen Canfield. The novel details three weeks of “threesomes” involving the wife and the girl named Ann.

De Nugent, on his 2008 blog, called the Democratic nominee for president “The illegal alien, criminal fraud and closet Marxist Frank Davis, Junior.

Obama senior, of Kenya, a black-skinned African and economist with multiple wives who died in 1984 in a drunk-driving accident in Mombasa. His brief marriage to Anne Dunham and. de Nugent wrote on his 2008 blog, purported paternity of her African-American-featured son, avoided embarrassment for Davis, a married man, and helped Obama, a Kenyan, stay in the United States.

Obama senior and Anne Dunham’s son at Honolulu airport

Nude glamor pictures found on the Internet and published by de Nugent in 2008 of Obama’s mother Stanley Anne Dunham (partially obscured by de Nugent using white rectangles). These shots were probably taken, de Nugent asserts, by Frank Marshal Davis

De Nugent also charged that Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, here shown in a photo as an Army supply sergeant, well behind the front lines, in France in 1944, was likely Jewish.

[edit] Background and Education

De Nugent grew up in his ancestral Providence, Rhode Island area, although he has lived chronologically in suburban Boston, Massachusetts; New York City; in Tyrol in the Austrian Alps; Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia (suburbs of Washington, D.C.); in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana; in suburban Nashville, Tennessee; in suburban Atlanta, Georgia; in Aix-en-Provence[30] in the south of France; and since early 2008 in a northern exurb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Aix (pronounced “ex”) is a city of fountains and, in the 19th century, great Impressionist painters in the south of France.

His very distant ancestors (Nugent and Angell) paternally and maternally were Norwegian Vikings who had settled Normandy (“Northman-land”), France. The family name’s prefix “de” means “from” and refers to the small city of Nogent-le-Rotrou in the upper altitudes of Normandy, France. The de Nugents or de Nogents entered England and Ireland after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.[31]

Coat of arms of Nogent-le-Rotrou, Normandy, settled in the 900s by Norwegian Vikings

St. John’s castle in Nogent

Delvin, Ireland’s Castle Nugent, built around 1161 after the family had moved from Normandy to the British Isles

His father, James Nugent, born in 1927 in Pittsburgh, Pa. and raised in nearby Greensburg, volunteered for the US Navy in WWII, switched to the United States Marine Corps, and fought at the battle of Iwo Jima.

Marines raise flag on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, Japan, 1945

After studying at Seton Hall College (now University) in Greensburg, and graduating from the University of Rhode Island, James Nugent entered Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Va., and fought in the Korean War in extensive trench warfare against Chinese human-wave assaults. James Nugent was the Republican nominee for governor of Rhode Island in 1974, running under the slogan “Elect a leader, not a politician.” He lost heavily (in that year of Watergate scandal, disastrous for many Republican candidates) to incumbent Democratic governor Philip Noel, partly because he refused to denounce Republican president Richard Nixon.

Part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters complex, located next to the Brooklyn Bridge and across the East River from Wall Street

In 1974-75, de Nugent worked at the Jehovah’s Witness world headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. De Nugent remains impressed by their ability to train all members to go door-to-door and sucessfully spread an unpopular message. De Nugent helped in 1974 to scrape and and repaint the former Squibb pharmaceutical building yellow ten stories up.

In the wake of his parents’ bitter divorce battle when he was 15 in 1970, which gave custody to his mother Constance, John de Nugent was induced by her (and, he says, “sucked in by the sect’s ‘love bombing’”) to join the religious group “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” and from 1970-76 he was a highly active member, serving even from 1975-76 at their world headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, New York, across from Lower Manhattan.

Constance Nugent, née Colwell (1934-93)

Thoroughly disillusioned — especially after the sect’s broken promise of the “end of the world” in 1975 — de Nugent broke away from Jehovah’s Witnesses at age 21 in 1976, requesting that he be “disfellowshipped” (excommunicated) to break off all further contact. However, he has credited the “JWs” with keeping him and other young people away from drugs, VD, smoking, etc., and giving him a strong grasp of biblical and Christian values and teachings (albeit the Witness doctrines are viewed as heresy by himself and virtually all Christian denominations).

[edit] Military reserves

In the spring of 1977, John de Nugent volunteered to join the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina (from June-August 1977)….

Parris Island Recruit Training Depot

….he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team located at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the nearby Anacostia Naval Air Station), both in Washington, D.C., while he attended Georgetown University (located across town). The 35th ITT was commanded by the Jewish-born captain Harvey Philip Gold [32], a conservative writer on political and military affairs[33] who in his civilian life also lectured in history at Georgetown University during the time that de Nugent, also as a civilian, attended that institution, and de Nugent took one of his history courses, Modern History 1815-present, in the spring of 1978, earning an “A.”[34]

In the Marine Corps Reserve, de Nugent received from Captain Gold several outstanding quarterly “proficiency and conduct” grades and this performance in interrogation training (not using actual prisoners) in Washington and at Camp Geiger (inside Camp Lejeune, NC), and in a 1978 “Reforger” NATO exercise in northern Germany led to three meritorious promotions within approximately 18 months (1977-78), with de Nugent achieving the rank of corporal (a E-4 pay grade, but a junior non-commissioned officer rank in the Marines).

However, after his white nationist politics became known to his commanding officer in February 1979 – he had in fact demonstrated as an overt national socialist on the very Georgetown campus where Captain Gold taught – he was marked down in his “pro-con ratings,” chastised in writing for associations that Captain Gold declared were incompatible with the Marine Corps, and was rejected for Marine Officer Candidate School despite an excellent officer aptitude test score. That same summer, he became the target of a narrowly-thwarted murder conspiracy during a summer 1979 active-duty “Mediterranean Cruise” on the helicopter carrier USS Inchon involving several Dutch Royal Marines[35]. Upon de Nugent’s return from the “Med cruise” (encompassing stops in Barcelona, Spain; Toulon, France; and Sardinia, Italy) he was transferred by Gold (later promoted to major) to a nearly all-black logistics unit.

Recent photo of author and former Marine Corps major Philip Gold.

Feeling ostracized and under-utilized there, de Nugent then requested an “inter-service transfer” to Company A of a Manassas, Va. infantry battalion of the Virginia Army National Guard (which later served in the Iraq war after 2003 and suffered fatalities). He was promoted to sergeant in this company and was named “Guardsperson of the Year” for 1980 by his commanding officer (also a former Marine), Captain John Holt[36]. He was also “human relations NCO” in this unit. In the year 1981 he left the Active Reserves, as allowed by his enlistment contract (a “90-day active duty” special contract to attract college men that was in effect in 1977), and was honorably discharged from the inactive reserve in 1983.

[edit] University education

On May 24, 1981 de Nugent graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., receiving a degree of bachelor of science in languages, with a 3.702 average, earning the Latin designation magna cum laude, i.e. “with high honors.”[37] Georgetown is consistently listed by US News and World Report among the top 25 universities in the United States.[38], [39] He was also admitted to the national honor society known as Phi Beta Kappa,[40] which recognizes roughly the top ten percent of the students in any academic field who have also passed certain rigorous science courses. He majored in German language and minored in French.

[edit] Name prefix

In reaction to the “French-bashing” of 2003-2004 around the time of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which included 1) a widespread consumer boycott of French goods, and the replacing of such words as “french toast” with “freedom toast”), 2) very harsh media criticism of the French people, as well as the Jacques Chirac government, and 3) more serious manifestations of francophobia that affected the then “John Henry Nugent,” such as a minor physical assault on his French-born then-spouse at a Borders bookstore on School Street in downtown Boston — he defiantly changed his name legally on 4/1/2004 in Smithfield, Rhode Island Probate Court to “John de Nugent,” thus restoring the original medieval family name “de Nugent” and affirming the family’s distant Norman French heritage. (The family, of Norwegian Viking origin from the 900’s ([41]), moved from Normandy — Nogent-le-Rotrou — to England and Delvin in Ireland.)

[edit] Marriages

He lived in Kufstein, Tyrol, Austria on the border with Bavaria 1975-76 and was married 1976-1990 to an Austrian, learning fluent High German and an Austrian dialect.

The Auracher Loechl is a famous old tavern in Kufstein

He was married to Gerda Maria Atzl of Brandenberg, Austria from 1975-1990, fathering two now college-educated daughters, Ingrid and Erika, who graduated from Duke University and the University of Virginia.

Brandenberg, Austria

A second marriage, begun in Winthrop, Mass. in July 2002 with a French woman he had met online, was annulled in 2006 in Boston, after de Nugent, partly to avoid the expense of divorce, agreed to a technical plea of “fraud” for not disclosing to his then-fiancée certain traumatic psychological issues and frequent violent nightmares originating in his childhood. De Nugent has ascribed them since 2003 to being a molestation and incest victim as a child in Rhode Island in connection with his mother and certain of her “friends.”

[edit] Childhood sexual abuse

A film that de Nugent considers a turning point.

His mother, Constance Colwell,[42] was cared for in the 1960s by a Providence psychiatrist, Louis Sorrentino IV, M.D.,[43] and was interned for violent and psychotic actions at Butler Psychiatric Hospital[44] in Providence at her husband’s request several times in that decade and before their 1970 divorce.

De Nugent has written posts online[45] about violent nightmares, running away from home, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and self-defeating behavior relating to incest and molestation, blaming his late mother and her theater world “friends.” (See childhood photo, summer 1962.)[46]

Childhood photo with father, summer 1962, outside a cabin, Camp Tokhomeupog, East Conway, New Hampshire

De Nugent is now a strong public advocate online of counseling for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, recommending calling a hotline and seeking both traditional therapy, which he used for six months in 2003-2004 in Massachusetts with a UC Berkeley-trained PhD, and more modern therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which he underwent in Washington DC for one year in 2006-2007, overcoming a strong reluctance for decades to “get help” and harm his public image.

He also strongly recommends two films that proved personal turning points, 1) the Robin Williams film One Hour Photo about a lonely photo lab technician who is repressing his own childhood agony and living vicariously through the happiness he sees in some customers’ family photos; and 2) the Denzel Washington 2002 movie Antwone Fisher– based on a true story of a young black sailor whose explosive outbursts on ship are traced back to a horrific life in a foster home.

(Denzel Washington both directed the film and also played the Navy psychiatrist who insists that Fisher, facing the brig and discharge from the Navy, finally open up to him. The psychiatrist is based on a Commander Williams, USN, who actually helped the real Fisher deal with his real childhood tragedy.)

De Nugent also strongly subscribes to the psychological theory of the “horror filter,” i.e. the belief that individuals block out horrifying memories and even future dangers about which they feel helpless to do anything, and he believes in the validity of Self-defeating personality disorder, of which one group of sufferers is unrecovered incest victims; the victim, when still a child living during the abuse, could not face the horrible truth of living with lethal and monstrous parents, and instead, for “peace of mind,” the victim adopted the incestuous parents’ own argument that the child was the one who was reponsible for the abuse and could always end the abuse/punishment/molestation by its own better behavior.

This becomes a false source of hope and a false empowerment for the victimized child: that by its own “behavior change” it can change the parents and the situation. Thus the child blocks out the reality of living with genuine human monsters and instead blames him- or herself. However, this acceptance of the molester’s own rationale not only has the child accepting its worthlessness as a human being, but it is also designed to prevent the child, who now feels morally responsible for the molestation “punishment,” and sees the punishment as a rightful albeit severe exercise of parenting, from reporting the deeds as a crime to others such as another parent, a sibling or other relative, a childhood friend, or to authority figures such as a friend’s parent, a teacher or school guidance counselor, or to police officers.

With respect to Incest, says Wikipedia,

Adults who were incestuously victimized by adults in their childhood often suffer from low self-esteem, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and sexual dysfunction, and are at an extremely high risk of many mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobic avoidance reactions, somatoform disorder, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

De Nugent has repeatedly written that however reluctant he was for decades to seek counseling or discuss his childhood, he cannot now possibly explain his life adequately, and its failures, without reference to years of abuse.[47] He further states that most Americans today are also “blocking out,” via their own personal “horror filter” mechanisms, a reality that, de Nugent claims, they sense deep-down — of a genuinely evil clique controlling the top of the U.S. government, making the government an entity that only pretends to be a “good parent” and which actually intends their harm and sees and uses the people as prey. He wrote: “I do feel tears for others because I have felt the NAUSEA of mind-trashing pain myself, and sometimes I can’t fight them back when I see perfect innocents suffer and suffer and suffer.”[48]

[edit] Career since 1978 in white separatism

John de Nugent’s career in white nationism began in 1978. He was assigned as part of his major in German at Georgetown to read some passages from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf dealing with Hitler’s views of the Jewish question. Perceiving parallels to the situation in the United States of the 1970s, de Nugent visited the Arlington, Va. headquarters of the National Socialist White People’s Party, founded in 1967 by former US Navy commander George Lincoln Rockwell but headed after Rockwell’s 1967 assassination by Matt Koehl, a former Marine who now directs the Wisconsin-based ” The New Order.”

After some activism with the NSWPP [added: and on his own college campus, Georgetown University]….

De Nugent, not a practicing Catholic, graduated from Georgetown, a top-twenty university in the United States that was founded in 1789, and is run by the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, in the year 1981, obtaining a 3.701 grade point average, which is high honors (“magna cum laude” in Latin).

Phi Beta Kappa was then the award for the top ten percent of the class, though Condoleezza Rice was granted a Phi Beta Kappa despite a B-minus average…..

De Nugent rocked his campus in February 1979 with a demonstration, leading three others, in full stormtrooper uniform, against homosexuality being declared normal by the Catholic school.

He held the demonstration facing the Edmund Walsh Building (#73 on the map), in full view of his professors and fellow students at the School of Languages and Linguistics and the School of Foreign Service.

JdN: The Georgetown University campus. G’town is usually ranked in the top 22 colleges in the United States (out of 3,000). The building lower right marked “73″ is the Walsh Building, where I took almost all my classes. Across the street (left of the #73 building) is the 1789 restaurant, on the sidewalk of which I held my demonstration, so all in the classrooms above could see and hear us — including my German professors!

Edmund Walsh Building

1789 Restaurant. Georgetown University was founded in 1789, the year the Constitution also was ratified, as an elite Catholic school in the capital of the new country. The Jesuits were founded on total obedience to the Pope and all Jesuits are expected to get their Ph.D. in their special field of study. Many countries have banned them as highly dangerous and subversive. I was raised Protestant — and had no Jesuit professors at Georgetown, only one excellent Columban father for a course on Plato’s The Republic. (He tried to prove Plato was NOT a racialist and antidemocratic, and I think I proved to the class by the end of the semester the very opposite.) Bill Clinton graduated from Georgetown in 1968, nine years before I was there (1977-81) — and then mysteriously traveled to Soviet-bloc countries such as Czechoslovakia and the USSR itself… the height of the Vietnam War….. in which he did not serve……

So as a young man I had a fork in my road at Georgetown, like Bill Clinton, but I feel I chose the right path — the White path.

Here, General Douglas McCarthur with Father Walsh.

Father Edmund Walsh, PhD, Jesuit priest, in 1948 in Tokyo with General Douglas MacArthur. Walsh founded the Georgetown “School of Foreign Service.” The linguistics department shared the building.

…. de Nugent met Dr. William L. Pierce in 1981, a former physicist, CalTech graduate, and chairman of the National Alliance.

He wrote several articles on recruiting new members for the National Alliance, spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago, moderated the 1984 NA convention in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia, and built a rapidly growing “Washington-Baltimore Unit” of the NA. He left the NA on good terms in 1984, viewing it as lacking a true religious base, serious growth potential, and an adequate number of women members for a viable long-term movement.

[edit] 1990 Tennessee Republican primary for US Congress

WKRN-TV (Channel 2), Nashville, Tennessee: Jack Nugent, age 34, announces candidacy in GOP Primary for U.S. Congress, Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee on July 10, 1990.

In July-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name “Jack Nugent” (respecting a Southern political usage of nicknames, such as “Bill” Clinton or “Jimmy” Carter) ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville, on a platform that he consistently designated as “pro-white.”[49], [50]

TV ad: “If discrimination is wrong against black people, why is it okay against white people?”

News conference at the Tennessee Statehouse in Nashville, July 20, 1990. De Nugent was grilled by Nashville reporters whether he believed in the Jewish Holocaust of 1941-44.

He was officially awarded 26.7 percent of the vote in the primary election held on August 2, 1990 (the same day as the Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein), albeit de Nugent suspects that massive electronic vote fraud[51] denied him an outright victory.

WSMV-TV (Channel 4) coverage with anchor Jeff McAtee[52]

De Nugent has written about the discrepancies on election night:

The anchor on the WSMC-TV (Nashville) news broadcast “Scene at Six” [p.m.] reported [falsely?] that

….voter turnout is light in the Sixth Congressional District…. Reporter Steve Linn says the light voter turnout is expected to hurt Nugent.”

Yet that same evening, on the same station, WSMV-TV, strange things begin happening.

During “The Scene at Ten” the same anchor, the normally smooth Jeff McAtee, began jumbling his words, in fact several times, and referred to the race erroneously as “the Sixth State Senate race.”

He then announces “Here is what the results show so far” — and then the wrong race results are shown. (In fact, they are for Sheriff of Davidson County, which contains Nashville, with 161 of 164 precincts reporting, i.e. 98% of the vote tally had been completed).

A political analyst, Lee Smith,[53], [54]

…..then comes on to say “[Nugent] was running a fairly credible race in the earlier election results that I saw” and the news anchor, McAtee, agreed that it was credible “for very much a newcomer!”

(De Nugent was not only a newcomer to the state but was a New England “Yankee” in a Southern state.) The analyst, sweating visibly in the air-conditioned television studio, then editorialized:

“It would be an acute embarrassment in this day and time if he won.”

By then the voting machines already had stopped counting Jack Nugent’s race at 6% of the vote tallied.

Finally, reporter Steve Linn of WSMV (photo)[55]

says the exact opposite of what his station had reported at 6 pm:

Heavy voting and minor problems have delayed the vote tally” and..[..]..there is no clear winner.”

The voting machine tally had been stopped by then since 8 p.m., for two hours, but not for the other election races in Tennessee. The WTVF-TV “Ten O’Clock Report” reporter lists “Gregory Cochran [later deemed the winner] at 37%, Wallace Embry at 33% and Jack Nugent at 30%; that’s pretty close…” and the screen says “Precincts Reporting: 6%.” (See photo of TV screen and primary results.)[56]

The candidate election night after 48 hours awake, doing last-minute campaigning

(Source: DVD of television coverage, in the possession of John de Nugent and available to all serious researchers.) The candidate received extensive local publicity, and allusions (not using his name) to his campaign were made by Time magazine and on the op-ed page of the New York Times (referring to a “white supremacist” [sic] and his “Middle Tennessee” race).

* * *

JdN’s explanatory videos on the 1990 political race WITH EXTENSIVE TV NEWS COVERAGE:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

[edit] Writing, speaking, demonstrating

From 1992-2004 de Nugent wrote occasional articles on pro-white or anti-Zionist topics for various publications, including the magazine The Barnes Review. Three of the most noteworthy were on 1) Adolf Hitler’s “Madagascar Plan”[57] to resettle European Jewry on that huge French colonial island, ghostwritten for the late Ralph Grandinetti; 2) a major article on “Kennewick Man,”[58] an apparent Solutrean white killed by Indians around 7,000 BC along the Columbia River in what is now Washington State; and 3) “The Great Patents Heist,” the Allied seizure of thousands of vital German patents after 1945.[59]

Léon Degrelle, officer of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS

Leon Degrelle, whose memoirs de Nugent co-translated, was a pan-Aryan volunteer from the French part of Belgium for combat in the Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front. He was the most highly decorated of the 400,000 non-German European volunteers, a brilliant writer and speaker, and had been a dynamic politician pre-war who rallied the working class to the white social nationist cause.

In April 1993, he also led a 40-person demonstration against the “Jewish Holocaust fraud” at the inauguration of the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, causing both President Bill Clinton and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to complain about it during their speeches, claiming that his demonstration proved all the more that Americans needed the Holocaust Museum.

On April 19, 2005 de Nugent flew from Marseilles, France via Munich, Germany to Washington, D.C. to become, on April 20, 2005, a principal writer for The Barnes Review bimonthly magazine[60], and in 2005-2006 was its associate editor. He also translated many articles from German and French, including his work together with Margaret Huffstickler on the translation from French of the memoirs of General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS.[61]

In the summer of 2006 he spoke in Barcelona, Spain, in the Spanish language, on the topic of psychopaths in politics and among the Jewish population. His audience was white nationalist publisher Pedro Varela and his followers.

Publisher Pedro Varela after his 2006 arrest in Barcelona by a female-staffed SWAT team

Pedro Varela was arrested on April 11, 2006 for “genocide” for denying the genocide of the Jews, and later convicted of “encouraging genocide” by denying it. De Nugent spoke in Spanish in July 2006 on “psychopaths at the top level of politics” to his group in Barcelona.

In March 2007 de Nugent spoke, in German and in Germany, to gatherings of the prominent German activists Gunter Deckert and Manfred Roeder, and met with Vincent Reynouard, the French revisionist living in Belgian political exile,[62] and conferred with David Duke, who had become a prominent pro-white writer. In April 2007, he spoke in East Lansing, Michigan to a gathering organized by young activist Evan Thomas that also featured widely known Canadian white activist Paul Fromm.

John de Nugent, Margarert Huffstickler, Canadian Paul Fromm (who one week later was assaulted in a Toronto elevator, heading for an appeal on his firing as a school teacher, by Jewish activists who attempted to strangle him) and event organizer Evan Thomas

Speaking at David Duke’s 2008 EURO conference, Memphis, Tennessee, November 2008

Interviewed by Canal Plus of France, a huge channel comparable to HBO in the United States

Interviewed by ABC-TV affiliate Channel 24, Memphis, Tennessee

In 2007 he began posting on a discussion thread called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” on an originally libertarianism-leaning forum called “” The thread grew by August 2008 to 86,000 views, the largest individual thread in LF history. The entire discussion forum website, founded and run by a libertarian with the screen name of “John Deere” from 2002 to [63] and full of dueling between Jewish and antizionist writers, suddenly went offline permanently in mid-August 2008 after six years of operation.[64]

In October 2007 de Nugent was a major speaker at the anti-Zionist conference “No More Wars for Israel” in Irvine, California, and helped secure new venues after several hotels refused to host it.[65]

On November 7, 2007, de Nugent asserted, his apartment in Alexandria, Virginia was illegally entered and vandalized by unknown persons [66][67] and deleted several key documents off two computers, including a prepared speech he was to give that evening to the Washington DC chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens respecting a possible run for US Congress in the First District of Virginia in a special election to replace a Republican congresswoman, Jo Ann Davis, who had suddenly deceased.[68]

In December 2007 de Nugent was the keynote speaker at the Winterfest held by the Nationalist Coalition in Phoenix, Arizona, where he spoke to a standing ovation on race, politics, psychopaths and the ancient Solutreans, saying that this theory made all of today’s white Americans into the true “Native Americans.”[69]

In February 2008 de Nugent moved to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area he considered ideal for pursuing further pro-white activities. There he began preparing a possible re-entry into political life. He was joined there by other white activists, and through his writings and videos online began to become known worldwide in the pro-white community.

In October de Nugent filed as a write-in candidate for president[70] and began a symbolic trial campaign, running radio ads on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania radio to warn against a potential government plot to assassinate Barack Obama and institute martial law. He also wished to begin promoting his positive message of economic solutions, such as canceling all debt (governmental, corporate, and private) (saying “wipe the slate clean of odious debt”), introducing a new currency and establishing non-profit banks that lend without interest based on character, resumé and collateral. He decided to run only a symbolic campaign and instead concentrate on recruiting young leaders and on writing an intended magnum opus, called Solutrea, Arise!.

After the November 2008 election he announced that he intended to be a candidate in 2012 on the regular ballot for president, and that he intended to become recognized over time as the “president of the Americans” — his definition for the future white American minority within a majority non-white United States. He is also considering a run for higher office in 2010 in a western Pennsylvania that area congressman John Murtha referred to in October 2008 as “racist and redneck.” (These two terms are condemned by de Nugent for their pejorative meanings, but he asserts they make a valid point about white and blue-collar racial consciousness in the region. Barack Obama won only seven of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in November 2008.)

In early November 2008, de Nugent,[71] his then protegé Henrik Holappa[72] (see below) and fiancée Margaret Huffstickler[73] all spoke (or sang) at the Memphis, Tennessee EURO conference held by longtime white activist, leader, writer (and 1970s Klan leader) David Duke. De Nugent appeared on WPTY (ABC-TV), “Memphis Eyewitness News,” in a hoarse voice to denounce the expulsion under pressure of EURO attendees from hotel rooms and several meeting places due to bombing threats by opponents (believed to be leftists, likely black and/or Jewish radicals).[74]

De Nugent also began enunciating online in 2008 his vision of a special four-state area (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky) that, modeled after the Amish, could contain “pockets of white safety and heritage zones.” This does not mean ethnic cleansing or “taking over” entire states, but settling certain pockets within them. These pockets would be voted on democratically in overwhelmingly white, pro-gun, anti-Barack Obama, conservative sections within a given state.

While de Nugent expects this ’survival model” to spread worldwide, thus creating “white safety and heritage zones” in, for example, northern California; in Ontario and Quebec, Canada; in Queensland, Australia; in central France; in eastern Germany and elsewhere, he selected the four-state region of PA, WV, OH and KY as the best place to begin, stating that it was composed of, in his view, 1) perfectionistic German-Americans angry at being denied pride in their heritage, and sick of urban squalor and disorderly schools 2) Slavic-Americans who blame the Jews for communism’s rise in their ancestral Eastern Europe, and 3) feisty Scotch-Irish, who historically were among the best Indian-fighting frontiersmen and also the most fervid backers of the American freedom struggle in 1775-83 (and the Whiskey Rebellion).

[edit] Protegé Henrik Holappa arrested and deported

Holappa’s photo accompanying his October 2008 application for political asylum; one signature was missing on the 16-page form due to his lawyer’s staff error, and he was arrested in March 2009 and spent 87 days in solitary confinement.

De Nugent’s protégé from July 2008 to March 2009 was a Finnish asylum seeker named Esa Henrik Holappa, with whom de Nugent remains in friendly contact. Henrik Holappa, born in 1985, at age 14 read about an especially horrific gang rape of a white Finnish woman in his northern city of Oulu by a gang of Muslim African immigrants. He began writing in protest to his newspaper, Kaleva, posting articles online about violence against whites, and corresponding with other “white preservationists” and with white political prisoners worldwide.[75]

By 2006 he was being observed by the Finnish political police, SUPO, was arrested for three days in January 2007 and in May 2008 he was threatened with 4.5 years in prison for “hate speech.”[76]

The young Finn, who had yearned for a military career, had already been impacted by the combat deaths his family had suffered, and the severe post-traumatic stress both his grandfathers had endured from World War II and Soviet captivity, after Finland had fought alongside Germany against communist invaders. One grandfather died prematurely in 1965 after years of wandering from home at night, broken, silent and in profound emotional withdrawal.

Holappa flew on a normal European-Union-valid “tourist visa waiver” in July 2008 to the United States and stayed first with a Baltimore friend and then with John de Nugent, and his companion [77], (b. 1948) of Asheville NC roots, a vocal and opera performer (master’s degree from Catholic University), a writer, speaker and translator who sympathizes openly with white nationism.

Margaret Huffstickler

He continued posting white nationist, anti-Jewish and anti-violent immigrant views online, in both Finnish and English, from de Nugent’s home near Pittsburgh, and in October 2008 applied legally for political asylum as a victim of political persecution in Finland with donated funds.

De Nugent and Holappa outside attorney Valerie DeMay’s Pittsburgh office. A minor clerical error by her staff on the sixteen-page political-asylum form was the excuse used to arrest Holappa.

Due to a minor clerical error on one signature by the immigration/asylum law firm of Valerie May[79], Pittsburgh, one single signature was missing on Holappa’s 16-page asylum application of October 2008, an error remedied the next day by a second application sent by Federal Express. Although Holappa was thus, solely by the attorney’s staff oversight, technically overstaying his visa for one single weekend, he points out that Barack Obama’s own aunt Zeituni Onyango has been overstaying her visa since 2004 and was ordered removed from the United States by a federal judge in 2004,[80] so far without action,[81] and probably at least eleven million illegal aliens from Mexico live and work in the United States without being deported. (See Wikipedia article Illegal immigration to the United States.)

The young asylum-seeking Finn spent 87 days in solitary confinement in the federal prison in Batavia in upstate New York,[82] not far from Lake Erie. As a result of a massive online campaign by his friends, but also apparently to facilitate Homeland Security in denying Holappa’s asylum application, the Finnish government dropped all three threatened indictments against Holappa, and he was deported back to his country by three Homeland Security agents in early June 2009 and was declared banned for life from U.S. soil as a “domestic terrorist” by order of Homeland Security’s Pittsburgh Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent Kalias Muhammad.[83][84]

[edit] Controversies

[edit] Stormfront banning

De Nugent was banned in March 2009 from the largest “white nationalist” discussion forum worldwide, Stormfront, after a series of angry communications (in online posts and/or emails) between him and the management of that site; this revolved around insinuations of homosexuality and mishandling of the Holappa asylum case that were made against de Nugent. De Nugent strongly rejected and rejects both accusations, and as for the latter, points out that Henrik Holappa returned to Finland at least as a free man with all charges dropped, not facing 4.5 years imprisonment, and as for the former charge, he stated that he was a 100% heterosexual — as shown by two marriages, two children and many girlfriends. Further, de Nugent stated that as a molestation victim himself he had come to viscerally loathe all male-on-male contact, and to oppose all so-called “gay pride” and open homosexual activity. (He opposes, however, all hatred of or violence against homosexuals themselves, seeing them as “handicapped persons to be pitied,” and believes many were molested and this “confused their orientation,” and that other homosexuals, a minority, were likely “born that way.” He has stated: “Who would actually choose to be a homosexual?”)

He also accuses government infiltrators of stirring up such sexuality rumors deliberately against him, claiming they fear his ability to communicate with the white masses, and he claims the FBI’s former COINTELPRO program of the 1960s (designed to disrupt and sabotage dissident groups) was being pursued illegally against U.S. citizens in our era under another covert name.

The banning from Stormfront resulted in the number of “views” of his “discussion threads” on other “white nationalist” discussion forums doubling (at VNN), tripling ( or quadrupling (eNationalist) and new supporters rallying to him. After David Duke, a 1970s Klan leader and a recognized spokesman worldwide for the white nationalist community, appealed for peace, Stormfront leaders and de Nugent curtailed their criticisms of each other.

[edit] Unfulfilled plans

De Nugent has been accused by other white activists of not finishing his magnum opus book as promised last year, which he admits, saying that a book designed to save a civilization cannot be rushed out, that it must be truly ready and must achieve its goal of being a world-changing publishing event.

He was also accused by other white activists of running a very low-key campaign for president in 2008 (he ran only as a write-in candidate), which he concedes, stating that he decided that if he ran vigorously, he would end up attacking mostly Barack Obama, and this would have helped, by several percentage points, to put John McCain in the White House.[85] De Nugent’s intent, as shown by his website, created in September 2008, was to fully embrace what has been called the “birther” argument that Barack Obama is not a US citizen and not born on U.S. soil, and thus ineligible to be president. Further, de Nugent believes that the question of Frank Davis – a once noted black militant and poet who flourished in the 1930s to 1960s, with strong leftist ties — being possibly the real biological father and also a spiritual mentor of young Obama in Hawaii in the 1970s would be so explosive that it would have ensured the election of McCain.

De Nugent considers McCain to be a pseudo-conservative who would have lulled whites into complacency about America’s future while implementing more or less the same moderate or liberal policies as Obama, such as amnesty for illegal aliens, a pro-Israel foreign policy, “gay rights” and huge federal bailouts for New York banks at the expense of “Main Street.” De Nugent says he decided by the fall of 2008 that Barack Obama in the White House would “wake conservative whites up far more than McCain.”[86]

[edit] Ex-wife

Ubaye Valley of the Alps of High Provence, southern France. De Nugent’s spouse (2002-2004) sought in vain the financing to complete the buying of a small ski hotel in the Ubaye Valley of the Alps of High Provence and make it into a year-round business.

John de Nugent’s second spouse, the French citizen he had met online and where the marriage was annulled, disputes de Nugent’s claim of having been molested and accuses him of violent threats against her. A former cruise ship director, her 2004 project of buying a small ski hotel in the French Alps and making it into a year-round affair failed to find sufficient backing in France from several banks, and a $100,000 loan that de Nugent obtained for her project from a friend of his could not, as of 2010, be more than half repaid by either party. This hotel project failure occasioned much acrimony between the couple and also criticism of de Nugent by friends over the wife’s project failing and the non-repayment of $45,000 of the $100,000 loan.

After the acrimonious breakup of the the hotel deal and of his marriage in December 2004, and additionally feeling rejected by his racially “liberal” family, de Nugent attempted suicide twice, the second time nearly successfully, and sought voluntary hospitalization at a clinic in Aix-en-Provence, France, covered by his then-wife’s medical insurance policy as a French citizen. He stayed there for three further months, also voluntarily, because he was by that time, although stabilized and making new friends on daily visits to the city of Aix, absolutely destitute.

[edit] Recovery

He returned in spring 2005 to the United States, and to the white struggle, which had produced meager results for decades despite persistent white anger over integration and minority crime — and began writing for the white nationalist Barnes Review magazine in Washington, DC on April 20, 2005. That same week he met his female companion Margaret Huffstickler, who had just come to volunteer and write for[87] that periodical.

[edit] Notes

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