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John de Nugent Records


John de Nugent wears fatigues, holds a Makarov pistol, and references his Marine Corps Reserve experience in his video: "John de Nugent reviews `Machete'", published on Sep 7, 2012 by heatseekerx51, YouTube caption "The great American patriot John De Nugent gives us his review of the 2010 film, `Machete'"


John de Nugent
Military Records and
Other Biographical


Editor's Note
by Willliam B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books
President, America First Institute


25 Oct 2012


The following are the military records that I have been able to obtain so far regarding John de Nugent, who voluntarily gave me his social security number to facilitate the records search.

John de Nugent describes his military service in the biographical section of his web site here. I have archived the 26 Oct 2012 edition of this web page at my own web site here. I have also archived a September 2010 version of de Nugent's biography censored by Wikipedia. In Appendix A below, I provide an earlier version of John de Nugent's biography that was apparently copied by a third party named "Christy58" on her blog web site in 2009. In Appendix B I provide extracts from the suppressed Wikipedia biography that pertain to his victimization from child abuse and his military experience.

As noted in its 13 Aug 2012 cover letter provided below, the National Personnel Records Center located in St. Louis responded to my request for records pertaining to the Marine Corps Reserve and Army National Guard experience described by John de Nugent in the 26 Oct 2012 edition of his biography above. However, the Records Center has only provided me with records pertaining to the Marine Corps Reserve so far, as provided below. I have not yet received any records pertaining to the Army National Guard experience described by de Nugent in his biography.

I welcome emails or phone calls from anyone who served with John de Nugent who can provide additional information regarding the character and nature of his service. My current contact information is provided here.

I discuss my personal experiences with John de Nugent in some detail on my Henrik Holappa web page, in my Postscript to Chapter 34 of my Mission of Conscience series, and in Appendix C of Part VI of my Oslo/Utoya 7/22 series.




Appendix A


John de Nugent Biography
(probably posted in 2009)

Editor's Note: The following biography of John de Nugent was copied from the web site titled "Who Is John de Nugent" at Christy58's weblog:
and appears to have been copied from de Nugent's web site in 2009, the year indicated by the URL ("2009/03/21").


I found this on this thread and wanted to post it here:

from my bio page, and every word is true:

John de Nugent
(b. Providence, Rhode Island July 14, 1954) is a white nationalist, or as he writes, white “nationist” — an activist, leader, writer, radio personality and speaker.

Descended via both parents from Thomas Angell, one of the co-founders in 1636 of the colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (now called “State of Rhode Island”), de Nugent grew up in his ancestral Providence, Rhode Island area. His distant ancestors were from Normandy, France.

In the wake of his parents’ divorce when he was 15 in 1970, which gave custody to his mother Constance, he was induced to join the religious group “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” and from 1970-76 was a member, serving even at their world headquarters in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Thoroughly disillusioned — especially after the sect’s broken promise of the “end of the world” in 1975 — de Nugent broke away at age 21 in 1976.

He was married to Gerda Atzl of Brandenberg, Austria from 1975-1990, having two daughters. (A second marriage, 2002-2004, to a French citizen was annulled in 2006.)

In 1976, de Nugent volunteered to join the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the nearby Anacostia Naval Air Base), led by the Jewish captain Harvey Philip Gold. He received three meritorious promotions within approximately one year, but after his white nationist politics became known, he was nearly murdered by Dutch Marines (as confirmed by an article by the Jewish captain), and was transfered in the fall of 1979 to an all-black supply unit.

He then requested an inter-service transfer to an infantry unit of the Virginia Army National Guard, where he was named “Guardsperson of the Year” for 1980 by his commanding officer, Captain John Holt. He left the Active Reserves in 1981.

In this same year de Nugent also graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., with a 3.702 average, earning the designation magna cum laude (“with high honors”). He was also admitted to the national honor society known as Phi Beta Kappa. He had majored in German and minored in French.

“White Nationism”

John de Nugent’s career in white nationism began in 1978. He was assigned as part of his major in German at Georgetown to read some passages from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf dealing with Hitler’s views of the Jewish question. Perceiving parallels to the situation in the United States of the 1970s, de Nugent visited the Arlington, Va. headquarters of the National Socialist White People’s Party, founded in 1967 by former US Navy commander George Lincoln Rockwell (another quasi-Rhode Islander) but headed after Rockwell’s 1967 assassination by Matt Koehl, a former Marine who now directs the Wisconsin-based “The New Order.”

After some activism with the NSWPP, de Nugent met Dr. William L. Pierce in 1981, a former physicist and chairman of the National Alliance. He wrote several articles on recruiting new members for the National Alliance, spoke at the 1983 NA convention in Chicago, moderated the 1984 NA convention, and built a rapidly growing “Washington-Baltimore Unit” of the NA. He left the NA on good terms in 1984, viewing it as lacking a true religious base and an adequate number of women members.

In 1985 de Nugent worked with former West Point graduate and lawyer Gary Gallo of Maryland to raise funds for the legal defense of Bernard Goetz, the white New York subway crime victim who shot several young blacks.

In 1986 he worked with Hans Schmidt, a former member of the Waffen-SS division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler,” on a project for German heritage in Washington.

From 1987-1992 de Nugent was an independent contractor who promoted the use of revocable trusts by those who wished to leave a bequest to Liberty Lobby, a Capitol Hill-based “populist” organization founded and run by Willis Carto.

Around July 1989 de Nugent moved to Metairie, Louisiana to study the electoral victory of pro-white State Representative David Duke, staying in Louisiana until the late spring of 1990.

In June-August 1990, de Nugent, using the campaign name “Jack Nugent,” ran in the Republican primary for Congress in the Sixth District of Tennessee, south and east of Nashville, on a pro-white platform. He achieved 26.7 percent of the vote, albeit de Nugent suspects that massive elecronic vote fraud denied him an outright victory on primary day, August 10, 1990. He received extensive local publicity and references to his race were made by Time and the op-ed page of the New York Times.

From 1992-2004 de Nugent wrote occasional articles on pro-white or anti-Zionist topics for various publications, including the magazine The Barnes Review. Three of the most noteworthy were on 1) Adolf Hitler’s “Madagascar Plan” to resettle European Jewry on that huge French colonial island; 2) Kennewick Man; and 3) “The Great Patents Heist,” the Allied seizure of thousands of vital German patents after 1945.

In April 1993, he led a large demonstration against the Jewish "Holocaust" fraud at the inauguration of the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, causing both President Bill Clinton and fraudulent Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel to complain about it during their speeches, claiming that his demonstration proved that Americans needed the Holocaust Museum and yet more white-guilt-trip "education."

On April 20, 2005 de Nugent returned from the south of France to Washington, D.C. to become a major writer for The Barnes Review, and for a while was its associate editor. He also translated many articles from German and French, including his work on the translation of the memoirs of General Leon Degrelle of the Waffen-SS.

In the summer of 2006 he spoke in Barcelona, Spain, in the Spanish language, on the topic of psychopaths in politics and among the Jewish population. His audience was white nationist publisher Pedro Varela and his followers.

Book publisher Varela under arrest by Spain’s “anti-terror” police. [sic]
Who are the terrified ones? Apparently the State.

In March 2007 de Nugent spoke, in German and in Germany, to gatherings of the prominent German activists Gunter Deckert and Manfred Roeder, and met with Vincent Reynouard, the French revisionist living in Belgian political exile, and conferred with David Duke, who had become a prominent pro-white writer. In April 2007, he spoke in East Lansing, Michigan to a gathering organized by young activist Evan Thomas.

In 2007 he began posting on a discussion “thread” called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” on an originally libertarian forum called “” The thread grew by May 2008 to 54,000 views. In early 2008 he began posting also actively on several other pro-white fora such as, and eNationalist Forum.

In October 2007 de Nugent was a major speaker at the anti-Zionist conference “No More Wars for Israel” in Irvine, California, and helped secure new venues after several hotels refused to host it.

In December 2007 de Nugent was the keynote speaker at the Winterfest held by the Nationalist Coalition in Phoenix, Arizona, where he spoke to a standing ovation on race, politics, psychopaths and the ancient Solutreans who made all of today’s white Americans into the true “Native Americans.” (See the videos shot in bluish light on the right side of this website.)

In February 2008 de Nugent moved to greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area he considered ideal for pursuing further pro-white activities. There he began preparing a possible re-entry into political life. He was joined there by other white activists, and through his writings and videos online began to become known worldwide in the pro-white community.

In October de Nugent filed as a write-in candidate for president and began running radio ads in Pennsylvania to warn against a government plot to assassinate Barack Obama and institute martial law — and to get out his positive message of economic solutions. In November he announced that he intended to be a candidate on the ballot for president in 2012, and that he intended to become recognized over time as the president of the Americans — the white American minority within the United States.


Appendix B


John de Nugent Biographical Extracts:
Introduction, childhood victimization,
and military experience

(From proposed Wikipedia article.
Probably posted September 2010)





Wikipedia Biography of John de Nugent (supplemented)



John de Nugent

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Born July 14, 1954
Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.

[The Wikipedia article found below, amazingly, was deleted in August 2009 by Wikipedia. Its Jewish editors claimed 1) that the subject "failed the criterion of notability" [sic --see search engines with 3 million hits on my name, national and international tv network coverage of my statements, and the 2010 Discovery Channel episode that would center on attacking me] and 2) objected that the article on me showed pictures of me as a child and of my mother, and screenshots of TV coverage of my RACE FOR US CONGRESS ……that were published “without permission.”

[Do I need to get written permission from myself to publish pictures of myself?

As for my late mother, who died in 1993, should I contact my late mother for photo permissions by séance with a gypsy?

Who owns that film footage of my Congressional race if not I, who bought it from the TV stations in Nashville, Tennessee for $500 (in 1990s money!)?

This deletion by Wikipedia (at the behest of Jewish editor "Hullabaloo Horowitz") came shortly after my paid Photobucket account was suddenly deleted, ripping 2,400 photos out of my blogs and posts on various fora, and replacing them by this tedious image, thousands of places all over the Internet:


De Nugent was the partial subject of a February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel documentary "Hitler's Mummies" and was interviewed on national television in the wake of the James von Brunn/Holocaust Museum shooting incident of June 2009. In 1990 I ran for US Congress in Tennessee and obtained 26% of the vote in the Republican primary in a three-candidate race...



[edit] Childhood sexual abuse

A film that de Nugent considers a turning point.

His mother, Constance Colwell,[42] was cared for in the 1960s by a Providence psychiatrist, Louis Sorrentino IV, M.D.,[43] and was interned for violent and psychotic actions at Butler Psychiatric Hospital[44] in Providence at her husband’s request several times in that decade and before their 1970 divorce.

De Nugent has written posts online[45] about violent nightmares, running away from home, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome and self-defeating behavior relating to incest and molestation, blaming his late mother and her theater world “friends.” (See childhood photo, summer 1962.)[46]

Childhood photo with father, summer 1962, outside a cabin, Camp Tokhomeupog, East Conway, New Hampshire

[Picture probably hacked from server,
according to de Nugent's introduction]

De Nugent is now a strong public advocate online of counseling for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, recommending calling a hotline and seeking both traditional therapy, which he used for six months in 2003-2004 in Massachusetts with a UC Berkeley-trained PhD, and more modern therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which he underwent in Washington DC for one year in 2006-2007, overcoming a strong reluctance for decades to “get help” and harm his public image.

He also strongly recommends two films that proved personal turning points, 1) the Robin Williams film One Hour Photo about a lonely photo lab technician who is repressing his own childhood agony and living vicariously through the happiness he sees in some customers’ family photos; and 2) the Denzel Washington 2002 movie Antwone Fisher– based on a true story of a young black sailor whose explosive outbursts on ship are traced back to a horrific life in a foster home.


[Picture probably hacked from server,
according to de Nugent's introduction]

(Denzel Washington both directed the film and also played the Navy psychiatrist who insists that Fisher, facing the brig and discharge from the Navy, finally open up to him. The psychiatrist is based on a Commander Williams, USN, who actually helped the real Fisher deal with his real childhood tragedy.)

De Nugent also strongly subscribes to the psychological theory of the “horror filter,” i.e. the belief that individuals block out horrifying memories and even future dangers about which they feel helpless to do anything, and he believes in the validity of Self-defeating personality disorder, of which one group of sufferers is unrecovered incest victims; the victim, when still a child living during the abuse, could not face the horrible truth of living with lethal and monstrous parents, and instead, for “peace of mind,” the victim adopted the incestuous parents’ own argument that the child was the one who was reponsible for the abuse and could always end the abuse/punishment/molestation by its own better behavior.

This becomes a false source of hope and a false empowerment for the victimized child: that by its own “behavior change” it can change the parents and the situation. Thus the child blocks out the reality of living with genuine human monsters and instead blames him- or herself. However, this acceptance of the molester’s own rationale not only has the child accepting its worthlessness as a human being, but it is also designed to prevent the child, who now feels morally responsible for the molestation “punishment,” and sees the punishment as a rightful albeit severe exercise of parenting, from reporting the deeds as a crime to others such as another parent, a sibling or other relative, a childhood friend, or to authority figures such as a friend’s parent, a teacher or school guidance counselor, or to police officers.

With respect to Incest, says Wikipedia,

Adults who were incestuously victimized by adults in their childhood often suffer from low self-esteem, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and sexual dysfunction, and are at an extremely high risk of many mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobic avoidance reactions, somatoform disorder, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

De Nugent has repeatedly written that however reluctant he was for decades to seek counseling or discuss his childhood, he cannot now possibly explain his life adequately, and its failures, without reference to years of abuse.[47] He further states that most Americans today are also “blocking out,” via their own personal “horror filter” mechanisms, a reality that, de Nugent claims, they sense deep-down — of a genuinely evil clique controlling the top of the U.S. government, making the government an entity that only pretends to be a “good parent” and which actually intends their harm and sees and uses the people as prey. He wrote: “I do feel tears for others because I have felt the NAUSEA of mind-trashing pain myself, and sometimes I can’t fight them back when I see perfect innocents suffer and suffer and suffer.”[48] 


[edit] Military reserves

In the spring of 1977, John de Nugent volunteered to join the United States Marine Corps Reserve, and after basic training at Parris Island, South Carolina (from June-August 1977)….

Parris Island Recruit Training Depot


[Picture probably hacked from server,
according to de Nugent's introduction]

….he served in a Marine Reserve unit, the 35th Interrogator-Translator Team located at the Washington Navy Yard (and later at the nearby Anacostia Naval Air Station), both in Washington, D.C., while he attended Georgetown University (located across town). The 35th ITT was commanded by the Jewish-born captain Harvey Philip Gold [32], a conservative writer on political and military affairs[33] who in his civilian life also lectured in history at Georgetown University during the time that de Nugent, also as a civilian, attended that institution, and de Nugent took one of his history courses, Modern History 1815-present, in the spring of 1978, earning an “A.”[34]

In the Marine Corps Reserve, de Nugent received from Captain Gold several outstanding quarterly “proficiency and conduct” grades and this performance in interrogation training (not using actual prisoners) in Washington and at Camp Geiger (inside Camp Lejeune, NC), and in a 1978 “Reforger” NATO exercise in northern Germany led to three meritorious promotions within approximately 18 months (1977-78), with de Nugent achieving the rank of corporal (a E-4 pay grade, but a junior non-commissioned officer rank in the Marines).

However, after his white nationist politics became known to his commanding officer in February 1979 – he had in fact demonstrated as an overt national socialist on the very Georgetown campus where Captain Gold taught – he was marked down in his “pro-con ratings,” chastised in writing for associations that Captain Gold declared were incompatible with the Marine Corps, and was rejected for Marine Officer Candidate School despite an excellent officer aptitude test score. That same summer, he became the target of a narrowly-thwarted murder conspiracy during a summer 1979 active-duty “Mediterranean Cruise” on the helicopter carrier USS Inchon involving several Dutch Royal Marines[35]. Upon de Nugent’s return from the “Med cruise” (encompassing stops in Barcelona, Spain; Toulon, France; and Sardinia, Italy) he was transferred by Gold (later promoted to major) to a nearly all-black logistics unit.


[Picture probably hacked from server,
according to de Nugent's introduction]


Recent photo of author and former Marine Corps major Philip Gold.

Feeling ostracized and under-utilized there, de Nugent then requested an “inter-service transfer” to Company A of a Manassas, Va. infantry battalion of the Virginia Army National Guard (which later served in the Iraq war after 2003 and suffered fatalities). He was promoted to sergeant in this company and was named “Guardsperson of the Year” for 1980 by his commanding officer (also a former Marine), Captain John Holt[36]. He was also “human relations NCO” in this unit. In the year 1981 he left the Active Reserves, as allowed by his enlistment contract (a “90-day active duty” special contract to attract college men that was in effect in 1977), and was honorably discharged from the inactive reserve in 1983.




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