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American and Soviet troops make a friendly meeting east of the Elbe River in 1945. Times have changed.

Explaining America
to Russians

by Thomas W. Chittum
Letter to the Editor
The Nationalist Times, March 2008, page 7

In 1996 I wrote a book explaining why America would break up in a second civil war. My book, Civil War Two, is now being translated into Russian for sale as an ebook there. Below is my attempt to explain America to Russians. The English language of my book can be purchased at
First I will introduce myself. I grew up in a small farming village in the state of Illinois. I was an infantry soldier in the American army and fought for a year in the jungles of Vietnam. After that undeclared and unconstitutional war, I worked as a computer programmer for many years. In 1996 I wrote “Civil War Two.” It predicted that America would break apart after a civil war that would be similar to the civil war that had torn apart Yugoslavia a few years earlier.
Now I will introduce Americans. Americans are so stupid they can’t remember anything longer than what you can put on a bumpersticker. “Save the Whales.” “I Got Mine.” “Nuke Iran.” “I Love My Pet Hamster.” Stupidity is the only thing that unites so-called Americans. That’s all you really have to remember about Americans. Without our one common trait of stupidity Americans have no basis for a national identity whatsoever. The establishment arranges these bumpersticker slogans into an infinite variety of combinations which they then sell back to the ravenous peasants in the form of movies, political parties, cults, lifestyles, TV programs, and even religions.
Now I will introduce our economy. All the previously mentioned garbage is paid for by a world-wide campaign of butchery and looting. By the way, Russia is right at the top of the list of nations due for another round of plundering.
Now I will introduce America. Officially, America was founded as a confederation of 13 independent states, each retaining their individual sovereignty. Actually it was a huge real estate swindle led by Masonic slave drivers in the South and Masonic merchants in the North. At first, the establishment in London resisted with the ham-fisted use of Hessian mercenaries who were rented to the British by a German nobleman, Wilhelm IX, and a banker, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Later in the war a different faction of the establishment in London decided to allow us formal independence while regaining covert control by financial means.
At the same time that the British were attacking the Americans, their own establishment, consisting of landed aristocrats, was being infiltrated by banking families. The landed aristocrats were self-indulgent ninnies like George III, who wanted a world-wide British Empire. The banking families like the Rothschilds were more insightful, and eventually hijacked the British Empire from the aristocratic idiots. The bankers’ victory was finalized after World War II, when the British flag was pulled down around the world. However, the end of formal empire did not end the London-centered banking empire, which kept going without a pause.
After independence was granted, the 13 states re-formed as a single constitutional republic in order to form a more powerful central government, and for resisting anticipated British counter-attacks.
Thus America was hatched, and like a baby alligator it began devouring everything in its vicinity exactly as planned. The military line of least resistance led us straight west. Unfortunately for the rest of the world the vast abundance of this conquered territory has been entirely gobbled up, hence the desperate assault on overseas oil fields. Unfortunately for America, the military expense of plundering foreigners is getting to be more than the market value of the loot.
America does not have any actual history because every major event was the outcome of manipulation of us by the establishment in London. The London puppet masters always manipulated both sides of every dispute here in America. Currently, they select the candidates of both major political parties, and we are therefore effectively under total control of the London establishment.
As a result of this control, America is certain to continue looting the globe until we cross some line and we provoke a serious shooting with either Russia or China or both. American military officers may step in and demand that our politicians stop this insanity, but even if they do they will not be able to stop the ongoing economic crash. That will set the stage for the most bizarre civil war ever in human history.
Meanwhile, our glorious imperial legions are being blasted into mincemeat and radiated by depleted uranium, thus guaranteeing by design that any sane remnants of our military officers will be unable to stop the chaos and coast-to-coast butchery of our second civil war because they will have no army at all. The military forces of all empires are always constructed primarily for shaping internal events. In our case, that means they must vanish, so they were sent to the other side of the globe to catch Osama bin Subcontractor.
Mr. Subcontractor is a fictional creation that the magicians at the Tavistock Institute pulled out of a hat. The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Council for National Policy, the Bilderbergers, the Pilgrims Society, and Zionists beyond counting have all agreed that our military must not come home until they catch Mr. Subcontractor. Mr. Subcontractor – who is either dead or vacationing in Switzerland – must be carted and dragged in chains down Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s all a circus for the peasants. It’s all TV rubbish meant to camouflage the utter destruction of our military, followed by a catastrophic civil war here.
If Russia and China stand together, they may save most of the Eurasian continent, but the rest of the planet will be trashed back to a depopulated stone age just like America.

Thomas W. Chittum
Linden, New Jersey

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. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.



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