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Baghdad Down:
The Perfect Storm

by Sgt Skull
(AKA Thomas W. Chittum)
April 29, 2007

Soon, the vultures of Iraq and Afghanistan will gorge themselves on the corpses of our Glorious Imperial Legions until they are so bloated that they will not be able to fly. They will sit there flapping their wings, and singing the praises of the London Banking Cartel that delivered this banquet.
I am saying that all our troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan will be slaughtered. The only ones likely to escape are a few high-ranking generals who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, or who have been knighted by Her Babylonian Majesty, Lizzy 2, or those who have signed letters circulated by the Project for a New American Century.
These hard-working toadies of the New World Order will be helicoptered out of a smoldering Green Zone at the last minute. When these industrious fellows are back in America, they will start working on PHASE TWO of their plan: The military occupation of America by foreign troops, and our dismemberment into nominally independent banana republics under the boot of the London Banking Cartel.
They sliced up the old USSR and sold most of it off as if it were a giant pizza. Today, much of that sliced up empire is under occupation by non-Russian, foreign troops. Now it’s our turn to get the same treatment, if not worse.
In case you haven’t guessed it yet, PHASE ONE consisted of luring the bulk of the American military into a huge, one-way deathtrap in the Middle East – a sort of huge Roach Motel build by Halliburton. This is being engineered to ensure its total destruction, which will thus strip any remaining loyal Army or Marine Corps officers of troops for the defense of the North American continent.

Our So-Called Firebases in Iraq
are Intentionally Designed Deathtraps

The latest and most brazen component of this pre-planned slaughter is the scattering of American troops in Iraq into tiny, indefensible so-called "firebases" in urban areas. Our firebases in Vietnam were generally huge, with cleared fields of fire. They were manned by hundreds of troops. They were surrounded with earth berms, and barbed wire, and minefields; and they had plenty of heavy weapons and ammunition stocked inside. I can’t recall that even one American Army or Marine Corps firebase that was overrun in Vietnam.
Note that these micro "firebases" in Iraq are the EXACT OPPOSITE of our successful firebases in Vietnam. They were consciously designed and prepared as INTENTIONAL DEATHTRAPS by military professionals who know full well that they will be overrun and the troops slaughtered and their bodies drug through the streets for CNN to display to the entire world. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
Who will join the military after our entire expeditionary force in the Middle East is wiped out, nobody and his brother-in-law, that’s who. And don’t count on our stand down Air Force to do anything but stand down just as they did on September 11, 2001. By the time the London Banking Cartel is through cranking our military through their meat grinder, the remnants won’t be able to defend us against an invasion by a platoon of Mexican Boy Scouts.

Platoon of Mexican Boy Scouts . . . After a grant for "camping equipment" from the Ford Foundation. OK, they’re really some of Pancho Villa’s guys, but I think you get the picture.

And just for the record, the publicly avowed purpose of these mini death trap firebases is to serve as something like police stations. Presumably, grateful Iraqis will flock to these "police stations" to inform on local rebels. And don’t worry about the detail that none of the Americans understand a word of the local lingo. The cunning fellows in the Pentagon have provided that Iraqi soldiers will also be stationed in these "police stations" to act as interpreters. And, of course, they will also be our loyal comrades in arms if Osama bin Subcontractor or some of his pals should attack.
In other words, when one of our Iraqi "allies" sets off his suicide vest with twenty pounds of high explosive, he will yell in perfect English.
Vietnam was circus run by clowns, but not even General Wastemorelives, the head clown, stationed platoons of NVA suicide sappers inside our firebases. They had to crawl through barbed wire and minefields.

The Rent-a-Rats Are Jumping Ship

And have you noticed that the rats have been put on notice that the ship is sinking? We have informed our Iraqi rat/stooges that we are going to bug out. The ones that aren’t packing their bags are trying to cut deals with the insurgents to save their own filthy necks by turning on us.
If Maqtada al Sadar snaps his fingers, his suicide bombers and tens-of-thousands of militia will gobble up these police station "firebases" like so many hors d'oeuvres at a Bilderberger meeting. Of course, this would guarantee the utter destruction of huge swaths of Baghdad by swarms of American attack helicopters and jet fighter aircraft. These air strikes will supposedly be for defending our besieged firebases, but their REAL purpose will simply be to devastate Baghdad.
But that’s all part of the plan, leveling Baghdad. Think of it as a two-for-one sale – they get a leveled Baghdad … plus … an American army ground into mincemeat. I suppose they imagine that they can hang onto their Green Zone and a few of the huge airfields here and there. I think they must be smoking depleted uranium.
It isn’t going to work. The Green Zone is under siege, and to make matters worse it is full of thousands of what can accurately be described only as useless eaters in military terms. I am referring to the three thousand or more American civilians snorting up their big pay checks while the grunts die.
The Pentagon cowboys know that the quickest way to level Baghdad is just to carpet bomb it with B52s. But that would be a bit too obvious … which means … that thousands of American grunts must die for pure theater. The dead grunts will make it LOOK like a war on the boob tube so that the rubes back in the colonies will keep waving those flags.

Our Special Operations Troops Can’t Save Us

A lot Americans have a lot of puffed up misperceptions about our military. Take our special operations troops for example. I am speaking of our Green Berets and Navy SEALs and such. They are fine commandos, and one of the few bright spots in our military. The bad news is we don’t have enough of them to turn things around. And infinitely worse, the insurgents have tens-of-thousands of special operations troops. What really counts in special ops guys is daring and self-initiative. By this measure al Sadar has tens-of-thousands of Green Berets against a few thousand or so American Green Beret types.

Our High-Tech "Smart Weapons" Can’t Save Us

Our smart bombs can’t save us because the insurgents have even smarter bombs. What really counts in smart weapons is their guidance system. Put a human brain behind the steering wheel of a truck full of rusty old artillery shells, and you’ve got a better and smarter bomb than anything the nuts at DARPA can conjure up.
And please note that I’m no chump. I am aware that many of these supposed suicide bombers are really dupes who have no idea their vehicle has been secretly loaded with a couple of hundred pounds of plastic explosive and a GPS device. When some monitor screen indicates that the vehicle is in some desirable location, some NWO nerd pushes a button and the plan moves forward by another twenty or so dead Iraqis.

Yes, There Really is a Plan

Halford Mackinder was a British military strategist. He was born in 1861 and he died in 1947. In 1904, Mackinder presented a plan to the Royal Geographical Society that outlined a grand strategy for the military conquest of the entire globe. Mackinder was a dedicated servant of the British Empire, which then as now was the dedicated servant of the London Banking Cartel. Therefore, please keep it in mind that Mackinder’s plan for world conquest was really the London Banking Cartel’s plan for conquering the world.

London is World Terror Headquarters

After World War Two, the London Banking Cartel ordered that the British flag would be lowered over most of their empire, and local stooges installed. The Union Jack went down, but bankers stayed. The British Empire never shrank, but actually grew with the reabsorption of the USA back into the empire in 1913 when the Federal Reserve took over functional control of the USA.

The "pivot area" in the top center of the above map
is basically the area Mackinder focused on.

The London Banking Cartel does not consider the USA as its prime concern. Their bullseye is the center of the Eurasian land mass. That’s the exact area where our colonial militia is being ground into buzzard bait. People keep asking me why our establishment would foul its own nest, so to speak, by trashing America. They just can’t get over their own mental hump that sees America as the center of the world.
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! America isn’t the center of anything except the biggest glob of boob tube zombies ever assembled. America is really a conquered territory being sucked dry to conquer Central Asia. That’s the real military center of the World.
If you want to know who really pulls the strings, go to the following web site and scroll down until you get to the picture of the smiling dudes in the tuxedos.

"London Dinner for Joseph Kennedy - Joseph P. Kennedy (center), U.S. Ambassador to England, surrounded by some of the prominent Britishers, including royalty, who attended the dinner given in honor of Ambassador Kennedy, the the Pilgrims Society of London. Left to right are; Walter Elliot; Lord Halifax, the British Foreign Secretary; Mr. Kennedy; The Duke of Kent, Brother of King George VI; and Lord Derby, who presided. c. 1937-40" (caption taken from alternative web site)

Our current Beloved Emperor Bonehead-322 is also a member of this Pilgrims Society. He takes his orders from London just like our so-called ambassadors do.

And be advised that General David H. Petraeus is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR (please see link at:

General Petraeus is the ranking man in Iraq, designer of our GI roach motel death traps, and he is the chief guy behind this coming disaster.

And just for fun, use your search engine to TRY to find out what religion this guy follows. While you’re doing that, Sgt. Skull will be poking around at some very interesting rumors he’s heard for inclusion in Baghdad Down: The Perfect Storm – Part 2.

. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.



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