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Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Let's Have a "Popular" Uprising

by Thomas W. Chittum
October 23, 2006

There will not be a popular uprising in the future for the same reason that there is no real third political party at this time.


Here's why.

Almost every political organization here in Her Majesty's colonies is controlled to one degree or another by the London Bankers. And I don't mean just the major organizations, and I don't just mean the openly establishment organizations. I'm also speaking of the great majority of the small and self-avowed non-establishment political organizations.

The London banksters just love single-issue groups and fire-breathing tribal war parties.


Here's why.

Whenever some Joe Sixpac of any race or political persuasion finally figures out that he's being mocked and robbed and deceived and used by the two establishment political parties, he blows his stack and joins some supposedly non-establishment group that tells him EXACTLY what he wants to hear.

I will now give you some examples.

Example 1:  Bubba Sixpac runs off and joins the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps where he hears EXACTLY what he wants to hear.

Example 2:  Leroy Sixpac runs off and joins the NAACP or the Urban League where he hears EXACTLY what he wants to hear.

Example 3:  Jose Sixpac runs off and joins La Raza, where hears EXACTLY what he wants to hear.

These false-flag and NWO-controlled organizations then go about their assigned roles of shrieking insults at each other.


Here's why.

This situation prevents the deceived peasants in these many small organizations from combining into a large and therefore dangerous third party that might topple our hereditary aristocracy and restore Constitutional rule.

If you think I haven't got it right, just check out in depth the specific organizations I mentioned. They are all controlled by the NWO.

The so-called Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is a Bilderberger false-flag front group.  I exposed them in my previous column. The other organizations mentioned are plugged straight into the system. They get money from foundations and corporations, and they all go around bad-mouthing each other 24/7, because if they don't, then they will get their dole cut off.

They are paid actors and nothing more. All they do is read the lines in the script supplied by the London-based Tavistock Institute.

Now let's talk about an actual violent uprising in America, some sort of Civil War Two, if you will. 

I think a second civil war will occur under either of two future situations.

Situation 1:  Along comes an economic collapse as bad as the great Depression of the Thirties and there are tens of millions of jobless, homeless and hungry people.

Situation 2:  The Banking Cartel decides to kick off a civil war here because they perceive that it suits their agenda.

In either case it won't make any real difference, because in either case the NWO-controlled terrorist groups like the Langley Cowboys will start distributing gats and bags of money to carefully-selected violent groups of all sorts - Hispanic, black and white all alike.


Here's why.

The peasants will just expend their energy and time blasting each other to Hell and burning down each other's houses, just like they did in Yugoslavia and countless other victim nations.  When it's all over, the NWO will still be firmly in charge regardless of which bunch of paid stooges they allow to win, and regardless of what silly rag flags are flying over the new, chopped-up mini-colonies of the former America.

The same trick of subsidized stooges and false-flag groups preventing the overthrow of the establishment via legal political means now, is EXACTLY the same trick that they will use to prevent their overthrow in an actual shooting war.

What should concerned peasants do about this mess?  Expose these false-flag groups and all their members at every opportunity.  They are already turning us into a sort of huge Brazil with snow. Next, they will try to turn us into a 3,000-mile-long Yugoslavia.

Now some will welcome a division of the USA, figuring that they will at least get a slice of the big rotten American pizza where their race or ideology can survive, and they are willing to take their chances with the NWO being in charge. Usually, these sort of people believe that race and/or culture really decide the long-run destiny of  a nation, not the formal or legal organization of the nation.  In a nutshell, they would rather take their chances with an ethnically exclusive nation and to Hell as to whether it's a monarchy or a republic or whatever. They also typically believe that ethnically diverse nations collapse no matter what their form of government.

They may be right. However, I intend to work for the peaceful removal of these hirelings, and if an actual civil war breaks out, I'll continue to work for a united American Republic by continuing to denounce all the NWO-paid gunmen and NWO-paid agitators.

Now this might leave me in a very embarrassing situation, because if division does occur, I'd sooner or later find myself knocking on the door, so to speak, of the white remnant of America, begging for admittance.  It would be totally hypocritical, but it would be a lot better than being an unwelcome minority in any of the other fragments of America, where I'd probably wind up in many fragments myself, if you follow my meaning.

About two weeks ago, Michael Collins Piper of the American Free Press interviewed me over the telephone for his short-wave radio program. I think an audio recording of it is still available on the web, but you will have to look up the URL yourself because I'm no longer connected to the web.

We talked about a possible Civil War Two, and I asked Mr. Piper if he would like to hear my ultimate nightmare scenario for the USA. He said "Sure." I said, "First the good news: We wise-up and throw out all the London-controlled crooks, and then we fill Congress and all other branches of government with anti-establishment Americans. Now for the bad news: After much thought, we all decide that we really do hate each other so much that we go ahead and have a civil war anyway."

I intended to point out that while the London boys may be setting us up for a blood bath down the road, right now they are - probably - the only thing that is preventing an instantaneous 3,000-mile Yugoslavia right now - maybe.

Speaking of the American Free Press, I received a letter from a head Mucky Muck at the AFP some years ago. I won't tell you what his name was, except that it was not Mr. Piper. I won't tell you his name because it was a private letter to me, and I don't snitch out individuals when they tell me something in private. However, I will snitch out organizations, so I will summarize its contents. The un-named AFP Mucky Muck explicitly and repeatedly praised Mr. Adolph Hitler and his philosophy. Then he asked me what I thought. I wrote back that Mr. Hitler would have put me against a wall and shot by a firing squad to shut my big mouth. Therefore, I did not approve of Mr. Hitler. [Editor's Note: Please see comments at the end of this column].

Why am I telling you this? Because almost nothing in political America is really the way it is publicly presented. This rule is especially true of institutions in the greater Washington D.C. area.  This is a company town, and only the company store is allowed to sell vitals to the data miners.

And just for the record, I'm not saying the un-named Mucky Muck was a genuine follower of Mr. Hitler. Don't know. Don't care. Personally, I think he sniffed out the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and opened up a franchise of the corporate store. Hey, it's a company town and everybody has gotta make a living, right?

Some time ago, an independent running for President told me that he was going to be interviewed by someone from the AFP. I told him that anything and everything he said to an AFPer would likely be known in Langley, Virginia within 24 hours and end up in some computer file. Hey, it's a company town; get used to it. I even advertise my books in the AFP. Hey, it's a company town.

Don’t' get me wrong. I'm glad the AFP exists, and it does have first class researchers like Mr. Piper. I wish I could afford a subscription to the AFP. In fact, I'd like to read every last single word that Mr. Piper has ever written, and I recommend that you do the same. However, be advised that it has long been common knowledge among non-idiots that the AFP has always had a palsy walsy relationship with the Langley Cowboys.

The AFP people, or at least the most of them, do pass on MOST of what they hear to their readers, which is cool, but they pass on ALL of what they hear to their pals in Langley, even things said with an expectation of privacy. In return, the cooperating mockingbirds at the AFP are fed lots of inside goodies which they use to impress their readers. I don't really care what those AFP dudes are up to. I just can't pretend that this sort of stuff isn't going on. It goes on all the time with supposedly anti-establishment groups on both the left and the right. [Editor's Note: Please see comments at the end of this column]

Please keep this in mind about me. I do not tell my fellow ticked-off peasants what they want to hear. Instead, it is my intent that everything I know I will pass on to my readers, except things told to me with the expectation of privacy. Most of what I write ticks me off, too. So if it ticks you off, welcome to the club.

And hey, if the Langley Cowboys want a copy, they can buy one and they are welcome to it because I've also made the decision to pass on everything that I know to everybody - which brings us to commercial time.

I now have my list of  (well over) 10,000 Heroes available for $40. It's all printed on pre-punched paper, ready to put into a 3-ring binder. It's 300 pages long. For a sample page and more details, write to me at:

PO Box 83961
Gaithersburg, MD 20883

And be advised that I've absolutely given up trying to change anyone's mind about anything.

My new motto is: "Here's 10,000 dots. Connect them up any which way that gives you even temporary relief from your bitter, over-the-hill, doomed-and-know-it, white guy rage."

I'm sorry, but I just had to say that because I'm one, myself.

I'm sorry I have to ask so much, but I burn up loads of my own money putting these lists together, and no freaking Rockefeller or Rothschild is going to finance me for obvious reasons.

In time, I hope to post the entire list on the net, hopefully for free so everyone can see who is really running the USA. Until that time, my fellow peasants will have to help me keep this going. Be advised that as of September 2006, I have sold only one copy of my Heroes List. I'm not getting rich off this, and I'm not in it for the money because there isn't any.

And here's another thing I want readers of my column and my list to know:


Why did I just say that? Because while compiling my list, I have noticed that investigative reporters who dig up NEW dirt on Mucky Mucks are all a bunch of silly dopes who drown in their own bath tubs, or slip on banana peels, or fall from hotel balconies, or their cars explode from lack of maintenance.

And if you don't like my opinions, I'll give you one for free from someone who I know for a fact is a lot smarter than me, and a lot smarter than most of my readers. I'm speaking of my former publisher. He had a degree from the California Institute of Technology in some technical mumbo jumbo something or other. Anyway, he cashed in and bailed out, and is now residing on the side of some volcano somewhere in Central America. BAWK!

I can just see the headline in the National Enquirer: "Statistical Experts Agree, Living on the Side of a Volcano in Central America is Safer than USA."

And now for a brief update on my last column, "Dean Wormer to the Rescue." John Kerry recently called for sending even more troops to Afghanistan. In the previous Presidential election, Kerry was imagined to be the Dean Wormer who was going to save us from the Animal House boys, who are Bonehead Bush the Younger and his neo-con pals.  Sorry, Kerry just wants us to attack Iran from the East instead of the West. Mark my words, he'll sign off on it when they nuke some Podunk in flyover land to justify an invasion of Iran, just like he signed off on that Osama bin Subcontractor baloney to justify an invasion of Iraq.

Now all the Chicken Littles are imagining that the "Iraq Study Group" is a new Dean Wormer of sorts, who will stop all this Animal House stuff and get our troops out of Iraq. I ain't buying it. They are a pack of lesser devils who have been dispatched under the authorization of the Head Devil in London to help start a war with Iran.

Gary Schmitt is a member of the Iraq Study Group, and he is or was the Chairman of the Project for a New American Century, or PNAC. He is also a member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, another known neo-con front group.  

James Addison Baker III is a member of the Iraq Study Group. He appears to be the devil with the largest horns. He is a member of the Pilgrims Society, who want to hand the United States of America back over to Her Majesty, and they have largely succeeded in doing so, hence Lord Baker's presence hovering over the Iraq Study Group. He is or was a "Senior Counselor to the Caryle Group," and is some sort of Mucky Muck with a Zionist organization called the Peres Center for Peace, by which they mean war, and from whom we can be sure Lord Baker gets a generous stipend.

Sgt. Skull's prediction: Maybe the Head Devil in London will publicly be-head a few more lesser devils like Jack Abramoff.


 Here's why.

That's mostly to keep the many other lesser devils in line, and of course it's also the "circus" half of the "bread and circus" spectacle for the slavering peasants at the television coliseum.

As for Bonehead the Younger, his terrible fate is set in stone. He'll be flogged by the media worse than Mel Gibson, and eventually shipped off to the horrible, terrible, super-secret detention facility at Jupiter Island where he will be forced to play golf forever.

As for Iran, I'm afraid it's going to get nuked about 24 hours after Osama bin Subcontractor nukes some Podunk in fly-over land.


Sometime after the next election when the designated Dean Wormer replaces the thoroughly flogged Bonehead Junior.

Note: If the commencing Battle of Baghdad movie gets out of hand, and it starts to look like "Green Zone Down," the Head Devil may have to decree the nuking of Podunk before Bonehead's designated replacement devil enters stage left.

. . .©2006 Thomas W. Chittum


Editor's Note by William B. Fox (immediately below)
Extract from Michael Collins Piper's 26 Oct 2006 radio show

Editor's Note
By William B. Fox

I am happy to host a variety of authors whose viewpoints are quite different from my own on a variety of topics that include politics, culture, history, and religion. Having grown up in a college professor's home where academic freedom was held sacred, I am a great believer in free expression and the logical examination of diverse perspectives. Normally I prefer to let archived columns stand on their own, however in this case since I work closely with Michael Collins Piper and various members of the American Free Press and wish to maintain that relationship, I feel compelled to respond to various allegations made here to defend my own credibility.

I am personally not aware of any instances where AFP writers have betrayed confidences to the CIA. Now it is true that the AFP, and its predecessor The SPOTLIGHT, have printed numerous expose stories by former CIA, FBI, U.S. military, and other government personnel. It is also true that AFP correspondents such as Michael Collins Piper have had many contacts among various intelligence services around the world. However, this does not mean that any AFP personnel are doing anything other than gathering information for stories. It does not mean they are actually getting paid off by spooks, or that they are divulging confidential information to them either.

If I were to become aware of such skullduggery, I would want to distance myself from it. One reason is that I am convinced that rogue elements of the CIA have been involved with the Mossad in global drug dealing, the assassination of an American President, the hit on the Pentagon and the two World Trade Center towers on 9-11, and
many other totally unacceptable evils. One reason why I wish to host books such as Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper is to expose these malefactors rather than in any way associate myself with them.

Before making a judgment that any AFP individuals have been compromised by the CIA, I personally would require something stronger than an observation that Washington is a company town. Perhaps Mr. Chittum is not at liberty to disclose his sources. He is certainly entitled to state his opinions. However, until I can directly deal with his sources myself, all of this remains hearsay to me.

In regard to Adolf Hitler, many readers probably suspect that this matter involves Willis Carto, the head of the former SPOTLIGHT and current head of the American Free Press and The Barnes Review. Whether he is involved or not, let me go ahead and comment on him.

Mr. Carto has edited the excellent book Populism vs. Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle, which I hope to some day offer here at America First Books. This book profiles American Old Right/Paleo-Conservative leaders ranging from Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Edison to Henry Ford, H.L. Mencken, and Senator Burton Wheeler. If you consult my "Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies" analysis, I would categorize this group taken as a whole within the "genetic bottom up" libertarian racial nationalist or 19th century classical liberal ideological category, as opposed to the "genetic top down" authoritarian racial nationalist box which characterizes Adolf Hitler as well as virtually all Zionist leaders of Israel. In my opinion, from all of my own conversations with Mr. Carto, the traditional American conservative "Old Right" ideological position is much more reflective of his true sentiments than those of authoritarian Zionists or jack boot Nazis.

That having been said, it is true that Mr. Carto once met with former S.S. General Leon Degrelle in Spain and has published his accounts as well as those of quite a few other Third Reich insiders in order to help us better understand the other side's viewpoint in its own words. He believes that the Axis side has been subjected to massive propaganda warfare, and it is only fair to let the other side tell its own story in an effort to bring history in accord with the facts. In addition, Mr. Carto's wife Elisabeth was born and raised in Germany and still retains her accent, so it is not as if he is phobic towards all things Germanic.

Willis Carto
Willis Carto and his wife Elisabeth enjoying a card from an American Free Press staff member during Mr. Carto's birthday party in the AFP office on 17 July 2006. (Photo: Bill Fox)

When we permit historians to lie about events and demonize all forms of 1920's and 1930's German, Italian, and Japanese nationalism, this can ultimately boomerang back at us by undermining forms of American nationalism that we require for our very survival. The suppression of healthy forms of American nationalism has left us with the horrible situation we face today. We witness tidal waves of Third World immigrants crossing open borders, the loss of over half our industrial base in the past few decades, and the high-jacking of American foreign policy by Zionist neo-cons, as described in Michael Collins Piper's outstanding work The High Priests of War.

It is true that Mr. Carto is a very independent thinker who sometimes likes to play Devil's Advocate in his discussions. Sometimes people confuse his passion for unearthing suppressed facts and exploring the other side of various arguments with his true convictions. However, his explorations include not only suppressed facts and perspectives regarding the Third Reich, but also Communist Russia, Czarist Russia, the Irish Free State, the Boer Republic, the Confederate States of America, medieval Scotland, ancient Greece, and many other realms where the politically correct squeamish may fear to tread. I have never interpreted any of his views, or the views of anyone else at AFP as being in any way sinister or disloyal to traditional America values, but rather I have always enjoyed hearing their views as a stimulus to think more deeply than the usual liberal "comic book" versions of reality fed to us by controlled national media.

While I am at it, please also allow me to add a comment about Mr. Chittum's breakup of America scenario. As I state at the beginning of my "Resolving Ideologies" discussion, I think that America today has become a perfect ideological mess. It seems like every major policy direction we contemplate carries potentially horrible "cons" as well as possibly desirable "pros."

For example, maintaining the Union at all costs could become a complete horror story if the price tag for such unity means developing a perfectly totalitarian, Zionist-dominated, Orwellian state where everyone is monitored 24 hours a day with embedded computer chips.

Conversely, secessionism as an alternative could also backfire under certain scenarios. Imagine if separatist struggles devolved into long, drawn out bloody affairs in which foreign powers steadily feed in just enough armaments back and forth to different sides so that the situation never gets resolved, but Americans keep killing each other almost indefinitely.

As an historical example of such a dark scenario, Cardinal de Richelieu of 17th century France alternated his support back and forth to different sides to keep the pot boiling in Germany so that almost half the entire country bled white during the tragic Thirty Years War.

As another major concern, if we get thrust into a Civil War Two scenario, the combatants might dump endless tons of aerosolized depleted uranium with a 4.5 billion year half-life all over the North American continent.

All the more reason why we need to do our homework, think deep thoughts, and keep cool heads in the trying years ahead.

Is The American Free Press a CIA Front?
An extract from the Michael Collins Piper radio show
Thursday October 26, 2006

[At roughly 8 minutes, 32 seconds into the program]
. . .Michael Collins Piper: To set the stage for this, especially for maybe someone who is listening in for the first time, the newspaper that I write for at this time, American Free Press, was established back in 2001 by the former employees of Liberty Lobby, which published The SPOTLIGHT from 1975 until it was driven out of business in a civil law suit which forced it into bankruptcy in 2001.
. . .Now The SPOTLIGHT between 1975 and roughly 1980 reached more than a third of a million paid weekly subscribers. That is a stunning number for a small newspaper. It took a long time to build that up, but build it up we did. And I would like to say we because I played a part in that. But needless to say, after Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, a lot of conservative right wing nationalist populist publications of various stripes began to go into a decline. The SPOTLIGHT newspaper went from a third of a million down to about 100,000 before it finally was driven out of business by that law suit.
. . .Now what is interesting folks is a former employee of American Free Press [Christopher Bollyn] has gone on the air in various places and has made the fantastic statement based on what he says was told by someone, that the reason why The SPOTLIGHT declined in subscription was because the publisher Willis Carto was threatened with death. And he was told that if The SPOTLIGHT got any bigger that they would kill him.
. . .Well, folks, that story, number one, is not true. But in fact Willis Carto was threatened with death by some of the biggest Zionists in the country. Now I have told this story on the air for you regular listeners who know about this. Jacques Torkchina (spelling?) who was then head of the World Zionist Organization made the suggestion at a meeting in New York City at the home of ...again this is off the top of my head and I don't have the file handy...but back in the late 1980's, Torkchina (spelling?) said it is time we deal with Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby. We should have Willis Carto killed. Some of the people reportedly in attendance at this meeting were Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Edgar Bronfman who is head of the World Jewish Congress, and several other Zionist billionaires.
. . .When this was brought to Mr. Carto's attention, a letter was sent by Mark Lane, the attorney for Liberty Lobby to Jacques Torkchina (spelling?), saying "Mr. Torkchina, we are aware of this threat, if anything happens to Mr. Carto or if any further threats are made, rest assured we will bring this to the attention of the proper authorities."
. . .That is the only threat -- the only viable threat -- that we are ever aware of that was directly made upon Mr. Carto. But I assure you Mr. Carto did not take it lying down. Mr. Carto did not cower in fear. No, instead Mr. Carto continued to do what he has done and done well. He is not perfect, nobody is. But I will tell you what. He built up a very big newspaper and kept it going under the most difficult of circumstances.
. . .Now over the years people have made the allegation that The SPOTLIGHT and now The American Free Press are fronts for the CIA.
. . .Now listen to this folks. Listen to this. Think about this logically. Forget your suspicion. Forget your paranoia for a moment. Note this. [12 minutes, 30 seconds into the program]
. . .Beginning in the early 1980's Liberty Lobby was subjected to law suits from the following people:
. . .Former CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, best known for his role in the Watergate burglary. Hunt's former CIA associate William F. Buckley Jr., the publisher of National Review Magazine. Jack Anderson, the famous columnist who was long connected to the CIA, well known to be connected to the CIA and closely associated with the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. In fact, I will tell you what, Anderson was so closely associated to the Anti-Defamation League that he used to be a partner of the late Drew Pearson. Drew Pearson had an arrangement with the Anti-Defamation League, that the Anti-Defamation League actually paid the expenses for Drew Pearson's number one leg man John Henshaw. So in other words the ADL and Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson were all working closely together. Jack Anderson was involved in a law suit with Liberty Lobby. Mel Mermelstein, the so-called Holocaust survivor, he brought a major law suit against Liberty Lobby. Not once, but twice. In the second law suit, his attorney was a powerful West Coast Zionist, who was a behind the scenes controller of an organization that was known to have been taken over by the Mossad.
. . .And then in the final law suit, that finally drove Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT out of business, that law suit was orchestrated by a San Francisco millionaire named Andrew Allen who admitted under oath that he had been involved in what we know very clearly was the CIA's gun running and supplies operations conducted in association with the Israeli Mossad on the ground in Afghanistan back in the 1980's.
. . .So here we have Andrew Allen a CIA man, Mel Mermelstein backed by an attorney with Mossad connections, Jack Anderson involved with the Anti-Defamation League, E. Howard Hunt of the CIA, William F. Buckley of the CIA -- these people brought law suits against The SPOTLIGHT or were at least in the case of Anderson constantly trying to undermine The SPOTLIGHT and Liberty Lobby.
. . .So if Liberty Lobby was a front for the CIA, the CIA was engaged in a really strange way of keeping Liberty Lobby alive. Isn't that weird folks?
. . .Now how could anyone in their right mind think that the CIA was promoting Liberty Lobby when in fact several of its key operatives actually brought law suits against Liberty Lobby and in the end drove Liberty Lobby out of business. Just think about that folks, is that logical?
. . .Now I have told on the air many times the story of how one person who was associated with Liberty Lobby, and wrote some very good pieces for Liberty Lobby, obviously was being influenced by some faction, some Zionist faction in the intelligence community. And he was not even aware of it himself. Now that was a quirky little anomaly there. And as I have told you many times on the air, over the years many people submitted stories to The SPOTLIGHT and presumably to American Free Press that sounded like it might have been some sort of disinformation coming from somewhere. This is inevitable. This is how the CIA -- this is how the Mossad -- this is how these intelligence operations work.
. . .But I am here to tell you that nobody, but nobody at American Free Press has been compromised by the Zionists or the CIA and likewise with The SPOTLIGHT. Because if that were the case, they would not have done everything in the world to try to destroy Liberty Lobby as they did succeed in doing, and I guarantee you folks we barely got American Free Press off the ground.
. . .If it were not for a solid core of good dedicated people who actually put up the money through contributions; small contributions I might add, nothing big, folks, we never would have gotten the American Free Press off the ground.

For more commentary by Mike Piper, please go to the articles archive at


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.



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