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Dean Wormer to the Rescue?

by Thomas W. Chittum
September 7, 2006

. . .First the good news: Zionist war hawk and New World Order Hero Senator Joseph Lieberman was defeated in a primary for democratic senatorial candidate for Connecticut.
. . .Now for the bad news: The guy who defeated him is another known NWO Hero, Ned Lamont. Ned is a great-grandson of known Pilgrims Society member, Thomas Lamont. Let's take a peek at some of these wealthy, NWO Heroes in Sgt. Skull's database.

Lamont, Corliss: (American, Self-avowed admirer of Stalin, One of THE Lamonts)
Lamont, Edward: (Member, Council on Foreign Relations, Probably one of THE Lamonts, but I'm not sure.)
Lamont, Gordon: (American, Born 1893, Director of Lamont, Corliss & Co 1925-51, Mayor of Jupiter Island, FL 1967-77, Board of Directors, Nestle, Inc., Cousin of Thomas & Corliss Lamont, Chair, Beryllium Corp 1955-58, Definitely one of THE Lamonts).
Lamont, Lansing: (Born 1930, Member, Council on Foreign Relations 1985-, Journalist, BA Harvard, Member, Americas Society, Episcopalian, One of THE Lamonts)
Lamont, Lee: (American, Member, Bohemian Grove Club, Member, Japan Society, Member, Asia Society, Involved in music business, One of THE Lamonts)
Lamont, Ned: (Born USA 1942, Won primary for democratic senate candidate for Connecticut in 2006, beating incumbent Joe Lieberman, One of THE Lamonts, Great-grandson of Thomas W. Lamont, known Pilgrim, Ned may be a Pilgrim himself.)
Lamont, Norman "Baron": (Born 1942, Bilderberger, Member of UK Parliament, Worked for NM Rothschild & Co., Member of House of Lords, I'm not sure if this guy is any relation to the American Lamonts.)
Lamont, Thomas Stillwell: (American, Born 1899, Member, Pilgrims Society, "Overseer of Harvard", Carnegie Trustee, Joined J. P. Morgan & Co. 1922, Vice Chair 1955-58, Board of Directors, Phelps Dodge, Board of Directors, Int'l Minerals & Chemicals, Board of Directors, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, President, Phillips Exeter Academy).
Lamont, Thomas W: (American, Born 1870, Member, Pilgrims Society, Founding member, Council on Foreign Relations, Chair J. P. Morgan & Co., Great-grandfather of Ned Lamont)
Lieberman, Joseph: (Born 1942 in USA, Member, Trilateral Commission, Member, Council on Foreign Relations, US Senator D-CT 1989-, Democratic VP candidate 2000, Member, Democratic Leadership Committee, Member, Peres Center for Peace, Member, Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, Religion: Jewish, Known Zionist)

. . .As far as Sgt. Skull is concerned, one member of our hereditary aristocracy got shuffled off and replaced by another member of our hereditary aristocracy. Be advised that membership in the Pilgrims Society is passed from father to eldest son, just like noble titles and privileges are passed from generation to generation in Great Britain. The American branch of the Pilgrims Society was created in 1903 for the purpose of creating a hereditary aristocracy here in America to reabsorb our Sovereign Republic back into the British Empire.
. . .Well, actually, it shouldn't be called the British Empire. A better name would be the Black Nobility/Zionist/Banker Empire. Ned Lamont ultimately answers to the same Lords as Lieberman does. They are both dues-paying members of the NWO, plain and simple. If this election has any effect on the War in Iraq, it will be because our Lords in the UK have decreed it so, and not because the voters choose mini-Lord Lamont over here.
. . .This brings up what I call the "Dean Wormer to the Rescue" theory of what's really going on. You will recall the movie "Animal House," in which the head of a university, Dean Wormer, faced a rebellion of fun-loving fraternity boys. In this theory of what's really going on, the misbehaving frat boys are George W. Bush and his neo-con war hawks who are intent on kicking off an ultimately nuclear World War III. Dean Wormer represents another supposed bunch in our establishment intent on stopping any more adolescent pranks - like invading Iran and starting a nuclear war. In this "Dean Wormer to the Rescue" theory, after the adults put G. W. Bonehead in a straight jacket and Cheney in a cage, and force-feed all the neo-cons with tranquilizers, they then will restore business as usual. By business as usual I mean, for example, it's OK to beat up on Panama or Grenada, but no more Animal House stuff invading countries in the Middle East, or in the neighborhood of Russia or China.
. . .During the last election, lots of dissidents, 911 skeptics, and third party-types wimped out and endorsed voting for Kerry based on the "Dean Wormer to the Rescue" theory. They maintained that Dean Wormer manifested as John Kerry, would drive Bonehead the Second out of power along with all his neo-con pals, and thus avoid war with Iran and probably with Russia and China as well. I didn't buy it then and I still don't. Just as Kerry was a member of the NWO-controlled Skull & Bones grave-robbing cult, Lamont is likewise a member of the NWO-controlled Pilgrims Society. All decisions of any real importance are made in London, and not by us voters or some member of the minor nobility over here in hillbilly land.
. . .The main problem with voting for some supposed Dean Wormer to save us from some current calamity is that it also automatically perpetuates the establishment in total power as usual, leaving them free to start a new war or calamity somewhere else, and they always do. When the peasants again get fed up with the new war or calamity, the establishment will pull the same old BS and dress up yet another of their stooges as yet another Dean Wormer to save us.
. . .The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (the MCDC) has been getting a lot of coverage on the establishment television and in their newspapers. That's always a big red flag - all that free advertising dressed up as news coverage. The MCDC has a business relationship with a sort of financial services outfit called Declaration Alliance. Declaration Alliance gets money from the MCDC for various services rendered. Declaration Alliance is headed-up by Mr. Alan Keyes. Mr. Keyes comes from a modest background, and has no important relations or any serious money of his own. However, the lucky fellow does have a meal ticket for life. When he attended Harvard, which he probably got into on his own merit, his roommate was William Kristol, a Jewish fellow from a family with money and connections. Mr. Kristol and Mr. Keyes have been cronies ever since their college days.
. . .Mr. Kristol went on to become a Bilderberger. He co-founded the Project for a New American Century. They are some of the neo-con war hawks who got us into the Iraq sinkhole. He's a member of the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, the Middle East Forum, the Manhattan Institute for Policy research, the Project for a Republican Future, and the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. All of these organizations are NWO fronts, riddled with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and members of the Trilateral Commission. The Minutemen are a pathetic gaggle of deceived colonial peasants who are wasting their time and making fools of themselves while having their pockets picked.
. . .If you want to learn more about the palsy-walsy relationship between Mr. Keyes and Mr. Kristol, just Google up "Will the Real Alan Keyes Please Stand Up."
. . .If you don't like my opinion, don't worry about it because I don't have a scrap of power or any money or any influential family or friends to put my opinions into effect. But I do know who has the power and the money and the family and the friends, and it’s a much better idea to learn about their opinions instead of worrying about mine.
. . .That's how I intend to be of value to readers of my columns. I'm going to devote most of my time to smoking out all the mock opposition, false-flag fronts that prevent the formation of both actual conservative and actual liberal opposition in this country.
. . .I have compiled a list of approximately 14,000 individuals who I consider Heroes of the New World Order. I have included in this list about 2,000 individuals who are not Heroes of the New World Order, but are included for reference purposes only. If you take the time to read the 200 plus pages of this list, it will probably change some of your views about the structure of the NWO.
. . .The cheapest way to get the list is to get the print-it-yourself version. For $20 I'll send the list on several 3.5 inch diskettes. You'll have to have Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to load and print the files. I don't have a CD burner, so it's only available on 3.5 inch diskettes.
. . .It's $40 for the list-only version. For $40 I send the printed list, printed on pre-punched, 3-hole paper, all ready to put into one or more 3-ring binders. You supply your own 3-ring binder or whatever.
. . .For $80, I'll send the list in a 3-inch diameter 3-ring binder, with letter separator tabs.
. . .If interested, send check, cash or money order payable to Tom Chittum to: PO Box 83961, Gaithersburg, MD 20883.


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.


©2006 Thomas W. Chittum



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