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Grave-Robbing, Corpse-Cooking
Ghouls - No Kidding!

by Thomas W. Chittum

A certain columnist thinks we should all vote for John Kerry. Why? Because Mr. Kerry will save us from the horrible, terrible George Bush, and stop the war in Iraq, and jump start the economy. Be advised that the Kerry-backing columnist is aware that both President Bush and Senator Kerry are members of Skull and Bones. But this doesn’t worry the guy because he doesn’t see any indications that Kerry’s membership in Skull and Bones has led to any “reactionary” behavior on his part, or something to that effect.
“Some extreme-left ideologues argue that Kerry’s membership in the Skull and Bones society at Yale means he’s no different from the Bushes. If anyone has any actual evidence that Kerry’s membership in this undergraduate organization has had any reactionary effect on him, they should come forward immediately.” Norman D. Livergood.
First of all, Mr. Livergood’s very question shows that he hasn’t caught on to how the system works. It doesn’t make any difference what Kerry’s voting record was because he is a team player. The Powers-That-Be told the little Yale gofer how to vote in the Senate every damn day. As it happens, they decided he would be a "liberal." Haw! Haw! Haw! Yo! Ho! Ho! and a bottle of rum. Fooling the sheeple sure is fun. It won’t do us any good to play musical chairs with a bunch of damn ghouls.
OK, Mr. Livergood, I’m not through yet. I’ve barely started. Hey, I got problems with John Kerry’s behavior, and I don’t care if Mr. Livergood thinks it’s “reactionary” or not, because John Kerry is just plain sick sick sick - a totally sick, twisted freak who ought to be in a carnival side show biting the heads off chickens. At least if those Boneheads were doing that, they would have less time for robbing graves and cooking corpses and mocking murder victims in weirdo ceremonies while cavorting in their birthday suits under a Pentagram. Film at 11:00? Not a chance. Not with our "oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press" to quote Sherman Skolnick.
I’ve got a big problem with anybody who belongs to a cult of grave-robbing, corpse-cooking ghouls. That’s right, I said that Skull and Bones is a cult of grave-robbing, corpse-cooking ghouls. It is common knowledge that members of Skull and Bones dug up the corpse of the famous Indian chief, Geronimo, and removed the flesh from his skull by immersing, or “cooking,” it in carbolic acid. What a sight it must have been. I bet the brew bubbled and some really unique vapors drifted up from whatever sort of gurgling cooking pot they used. I bet Geronimo’s skull bobbled up and down in the boiling muck of acid and melted human flesh. They just sent Martha Stewart up for hard time for a little financial hanky panky, but at least she never cooked up any heads in her kitchen.
Welcome to a Skull and Bones grave-robbing party. Harry Potter, meet Jeffery Dhammer. Do you think we’ll ever see a “Bonehead Burger” at any of the big chains like McDonald’s? I can’t wait.
“Would you care for a side of fries with your Bonehead Burger, sir? And would that be an Apache’s head we should pop in the old broiler, or would you like to try our new McSquaw burger?”
I wonder if they still use carbolic acid for their Skull and Bones cookouts. Do you think they’ll ever post their favorite recipes for de-fleshing skulls on the web? Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying anything so rash like maybe Bush and Kerry are cannibals. Yale University would never admit cannibals. Grave robbers and corpse cookers, sure, but never cannibals.
Then again, if the cops caught some Joe Six-pack with “dozens of skulls” in his house with a pentagram on the wall and a large vessel suitable for de-fleshing and containers of carbolic acid ... don’t you think they would ask him what happened to the flesh that was once on those skulls? More than that, they’d probably surround the freak with the National Guard and blast the sicko straight to Hell unless he slithered out instantly.
Now I’m not saying that the Boneheads are cannibals, but all that melted down and liquefied human flesh from the “dozens of skulls’ has to go somewhere. Right? So let's ask them. Do you guys pour it down some drain ... or do you just dump the leftovers of your victims by the side of the road like serial killers? Enquiring minds want to know. And by the way, I also think we should have a peek at their de-fleshing pot, or whatever it is. Is it a big black kettle like in the cartoons about witches? Maybe they don’t even have a cooking pot anymore, maybe they use a microwave. Do they keep it in their tomb or on their island resort, or do they have several here and there? Why don’t you ask them, Mr. Livergood?
Maybe this grave robbing and corpse cooking doesn’t worry Mr. Livergood because the only known and documented instance of grave robbing and corpse cooking by the Skull and Bones cult occurred many years ago, in 1918. But, hey, we don’t really know when the Boneheads had their latest corpse cooking party, do we? It’s common knowledge that they have multiple skulls and other human remains in their ... how shall we call it? ... their little fraternity club house. The Boneheads call their little fraternity clubhouse “the tomb,” and not without good reason. I’m just freaking glad they don’t call it "the pantry." Here’s a quote about the Skull and Bones’ “tomb” taken from the book, “Secrets of the Tomb,” by Alexandra Robbins.
“It is during this initiation that the new members are introduced to the artifacts in the tomb, among them Nazi memorabilia - including a set of Hitler’s silverware - dozens of skulls, and an assortment of ... coffins, skeletons, and innards.”
Note that they have “... dozens of skulls.” Now folks, this is really, really sick stuff. This isn’t fraternity boy stuff like they spin it on the tube. Swallowing gold fish and wet T-shirt contests are fraternity boy stuff. Robbing graves and cooking skulls are serious criminal acts and the acts of totally mentally ill psychos of the padded cell variety.
And no idiot had better give me any stupid static about some of these skulls being animal skulls. Yes, some of these skull are human skulls and some of these skulls are animal skulls. That’s because Satanists regard humans as animals, and no better than animals. Based on this belief, Satanists like the Skull and Bones freaks display trophy human skulls in their ghoulish lair with no more compunction than some hunter in Alaska would display a moose skull above his fireplace.
And note that they have “dozens of skulls.” How do we know that the freshest skull they have wasn’t dug up and de-fleshed just last week? I’ve got questions for President Bush and Senator Kerry.
Question: What was the last year that Skull and Bones members dug up or otherwise obtained any human remains?
Maybe it was 1918? We know that Prescott Bush and some other Boneheads plundered Geronimo’s grave in 1918. Maybe some younger Boneheads dug up somebody as late as last week for all we know.
Question: What year was the last year that you “Bonesmen” boiled or otherwise removed the flesh from human bones?
Just tell us the year, that’s all. Was it 2004? I sure hope not. We don’t know, and you can bet none of establishment media hookers will ever ask Beloved Emperor Bush or Beloved Emperor-Elect John Kerry. This brings up a question I have for all Kerry and Bush supporters. I assume these people would have a problem with all this if the Boneheads dug up a few cemeteries just last week, but that such activities are regarded as mere shenanigans if committed in 1918. OK, so at what year would this activity start to bother you? How about if the last grave robbing occurred in 1960 maybe? How about 1975? Would you start to get uneasy if 1975 was the last year the Bones Boys robbed a grave? How about if it turns out that 1998 was the last year these ultra-rich ghouls had one of their little midnight skull raids? How about 2004? How about next week when they dig up one of your relatives? They might, you know. And if they do, you can’t do a freaking thing about it because they are Yale blue bloods, and you are not. Go get stuffed, peasant. Case closed.
Also, I want to know a lot more about these “dozens of skulls.” I want to know why the Skull and Bones so-called fraternity hasn’t returned these “dozens of skulls” to their next-of-kin for proper burial. Are they still adding to their collection of “dozens of skulls?” Why should we assume these skull collectors have stopped their sicko midnight raids on cemeteries as long as they keep the “dozens of skulls” they have already stolen? There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that they are cleaning up their act.
Also, I would like to know the names of all the people whose “dozens of skulls” are known to be in the possession of Skull and Bones. We know they have Geronimo’s skull. The Boneheads are also known to have at least two complete skeletons, both female, one of which is a child ... yes, a child. Could these Boneheads please tell us why this little girl deserves to pass eternity as a decoration in some filthy ghoul house being mocked by a pack of twisted freaks that ought to be on the Jerry Springer Show. Shame on those disgusting, warped molesters of that little girl, and shame on everybody who would vote for such little girl molesters.
That still leaves lots of other skulls and probably skeletons about which we know nothing about except rumors. By the way, they have at least one mummy that we know of. Keeping all this huge ... er ... inventory in mind, I have another question that Mr. Livergood or the stooge media will never ask Bush or Kerry:
Question: “Yo, ghoul boy. If Skull and Bones won’t return the “dozens of skulls" you guys have, could you at least give us a list of the names of deceased people whose remains you have so that their families might know where they are?”
Here’s another question for Bush or Kerry:
Question: “Hey, graver robber. Could you please tell us what year you last attended a Skull and Bones meeting or any other sort of Skull and Bones gathering?”
I want to know the answer to this question because the stooge media is spinning it to Joe Tube-peasant that the Skull and Bones stuff was all merely fraternity pranks, and from long ago in their youth, and is therefore not worth thinking about. We don't know if that’s true or not, so let’s find out by asking them. It’s known that Skull and Bones has a sort of country retreat on some island where they have yearly get-togethers for fun and games. We don’t know what these fun and games consist of, though. I’d like to know. Wouldn’t you? Do they toss their plundered skulls around like beach balls, or do they just ogle at them in their display cases during their numerous birthday suit orgies?
And by the way, do the Boneheads have other collections of “dozens of skulls” on their island, or on any of their other properties? We don’t know, and we’d better find out. We don’t really know how many graves this cult of blue-blooded ghouls has dug up and robbed. Do they only have “dozens of skulls” .... or maybe it’s really hundreds. We don’t know. The stooge media won’t dare to ask, and the Bonesmen don’t have to tell us because they are above the law.
Question for Bush and Kerry: “Could you give us the total number of people whose bones are in (or ever have been in) the possession of Skull and Bones?”
Just give us the total number. Just add up all the “dozens of skulls” and “innards” and “skeletons” and whatever else you have. Now folks, we’re not talking about one skull in a display case. These Bonehead freaks have at least one whole room chock full of skulls, innards, and skeletons. This means that these Boneheads have been accumulating humans remains for years and years. That’s a fact. Here’s another stone fact. We don’t know if these freaks are still robbing graves or not. We know for a fact that they still have their skull and innards collection, we just don’t know if they are still adding to it. In fact, we don’t even know whether the Bonesmen murdered any of these victims for the purpose of acquiring their bones. If you are sufficiently freaky to dig up graves and boil down bones, then I think it is probable that such a person is inclined to be a murderer as well as a ghoul.
And all this leads us to the subject of Satanism. It is a fact that these Boneheads display a large pentagram in a prominent place in their “tomb.” I suppose Mr. Livergood and others don’t think this is a big deal. After all, lots of fraternities have pentagrams and other such tomfoolery decorating their frat houses. Well, most fraternities don’t rob graves and boil the flesh off humans heads and collect “dozens of skulls.” That pentagram and their known habit of robbing graves and collecting skulls means one thing and one thing only - these Boneheads are out-and-out Satanists. Let me say that another way so maybe it will sink in.
If you and your associates (A) rob graves and if you (B) collect skulls and if you (C) have a pentagram displayed in the room while you perform weird ceremonies with these skulls ... then you and your associates are Satanists, case closed.
There is absolutely no defense of their actions. Digging up human remains and displaying them in conjunction with a pentagram while you further make a mock of the deceased by cavorting in your birthday suit is not a prank. It is Satanism. It is criminal. It is ghoulish. It is padded-cell sick.
I wonder if it would bother the Kerry and Bush voters if the collection of “dozens of skulls” were put on public display on the lawn of the Skull and Bones tomb, so that the public could see them from the street? Wow! That would really make some great footage for the tube zombies. I’d love to see the stooge media spin that spectacle of “dozens of skulls,” “skeletons” and “innards.”
Now folks, what we have here is a mass grave without a grave. If somebody dug up 24 skulls in the Balkans, the newspapers would be BAWKing “mass grave” at the top of their lungs. But the only reason there isn’t a huge grave is because these Satanic ghouls don’t bury the victims of their abuse, they keep on abusing them by denying them burial. Society saw to it that Jeffry Dhamer’s victims got proper burials. Why can’t we at least do the same for the victims of the Skull and Bones ghouls?
Now I’m going to say some things about the dopes who know what’s going on inside the Skull and Bones tomb, but intend to vote for either Kerry or Bush. You people have scrambled eggs for brains. If you vote for either of these sickos, then you are just as sicko as they are, you freaking sickos. Furthermore, if any of you sickos think that Kerry will somehow cut us some slack in any way, then you are not just sickos, you are totally dumb ass sickos.
Listen to this, all you dumb ass sickos. Exactly like Bush, Kerry is a life-long Satanist and a total team player for the globalist conspiracy of his fellow Satanists. Not one word he says means a damn thing because he takes his orders from the head Satanist (or Satanists) who runs the New World Order. Their real plan involves killing most of us world-wide, and total enslavement of the survivors. All these stooges they march before us are total puppets. As long as these Satanists are in power, we are on the path to a total, Permanent Global Super Depression, global warfare and slaughter in all its beastly forms, plus mass, pre-planned starvation on every continent.
One more thing that never gets mentioned. The “tomb” is the legal property of the Russel Trust. I want to know what legal document (or documents) the Russel Trust has that entitles it to possess human remains. And I would like to know what federal or state or local government body issued the enabling document(s). Post them on the web. I want to see them. If the Boneheads don’t have such documents, they must be in violation of numerous criminal and civil laws, not to mention zoning and sanitation ordinances.
And think about this. The Pope knows everything about all of this crap. Yeah, he knows. He’s got some of the best spies in the world. Why doesn’t the Pope excommunicate John Kerry who bills himself as a “practicing Catholic?” It’s because the Pope is a total baloney sandwich, and in fact he is part of the cover-up because he himself is a Satanist and a prominent and life-long member of the NWO cabal, exactly like Bush and Kerry, only higher ranking and probably up to even more sicko crap. Of course, it’s the same for whatever so-called Christian church Bush belongs to. It’s just some new-age stooge church chock full of baby bangers who will never get in Bush’s face about his known Satanism.
One last thing. I think it should be a priority of the anti-NWO people to make sure that before the Permanent Global Super Depression strikes, that we tell every person we know that the Skull and Bones tomb is a horror house chock full of “dozens of skulls.” Explain to them that Bush and Kerry are Satanists, and that Satanists secretly rule Western Civilization and maybe all the rest of humanity. Most will find some reason to ignore you or blow you off, but they’ll remember what you said for sure.
That’s step one. When they lose their job and their house and they are living in their car or on the street, then have another chat with the idiots and then maybe we’ll start winning some converts to the anti-NWO movement. We should reach the Permanent Global Super Depression before the next Presidential election in 2008, and the voting machines will doubtless be 99% rigged by that time. Still, if we get enough people on our side ... just maybe we can give these grave robbing, corpse cooking, necrophiliac ghouls a fate they deserve. Justice, of course, but something ... sort of ... poetic, may I suggest.

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. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.


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