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I Wish Some Presidential Candidates
Would Make This Speech

by Thomas W. Chittum
20 May 2004

I’m going to vote for the presidential candidate of the Citizens Alliance party, which is the only anti-NWO party in America. All the other candidates and parties are stooges of the New World Order. Unfortunately, the Citizens Alliance Party is so new we don’t even have a platform. I hope that my views will help form our platform, so I’m setting them down in a speech that I wish our presidential candidate would make.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Americans, the first thing I will do immediately after being sworn in as President will be to order an immediate and total and unconditional withdrawal of all American military forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and anywhere else we've conducted illegal and barbaric invasions. And I want to make it 100% clear that this withdrawal is not subject to any conditions. It will be immediate and complete. And I don’t care what the United Nations does or doesn’t do, I will order the immediate withdrawal of all American armed forces from all combat zones as fast as they can be loaded and transported by our Navy and Air Force, plain and simple.
The very next thing I will do is order the Attorney General to stop enforcing the so-called Patriot Act, because it is unconstitutional assault on our liberties by the elitists of the New World Order. I will also order that all persons held under the provisions of the so-called Patriot Act be released at once, including all persons held at Guantanamo, Cuba, and all other illegal and unconstitutional concentration camps, whether in America or abroad.
I will speak more about these and other important matters later on in this speech, but now I want to go over the heart of the Platform of the Citizens Alliance Party, the massive and immediate emergency employment program.
As part of this emergency employment program, I will create millions of jobs for Americans, and I will create these millions of jobs within the first six months of my presidency.
I will order than all temporary job programs and work permits for foreigners such as the H-1B and similar programs be terminated at once. I will require that all foreigners residing and working here under these programs leave America within six months. The exact number of foreigners working here is not readily available, but there are millions of foreign workers here, and every one whose permit to work is canceled means a job for an unemployed American.
And I want to emphasize that I will not be deterred from this goal by bogus accusations of xenophobia or other such spurious slurs from critics. The Citizens Alliance Party stands up for American citizens and American workers. The Citizens Alliance Party will put their interests ahead of the interests of all other groups, including foreigners, and we make no apologizes for this stand. The Citizens Alliance Party is absolutely opposed to globalization and all elitist schemes such as the destruction of the economic and political power of American workers by the importation of millions of foreign workers.
The Citizens Alliance Party will put into effect an immediate halt to massive immigration to further insure that all new jobs created will go to American citizens. The Citizens Alliance Party stands for a timeout on massive immigration.
As part of the emergency economic recovery program of the Citizens Alliance Party, we will institute a massive and nation-wide infrastructure repair and construction program. In effect, by these measures, the Citizens Alliance Party will instantly create a massive labor shortage and rising wages. This policy of the Citizens Alliance Party is the exact opposite of the policy of the Republicans and Democrats, who have worked for decades to create an artificial labor surplus and lower wages by massive importation of foreign workers and by de-industrialization.
As part of our recovery program, all off-shoring of jobs via telephone and fax and the internet will be stopped at once by new laws. If any businessman in America continues to use offshore telephone centers, I will personally order the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI to go to that business and handcuff and arrest such offenders at once and haul them before a federal judge. And be advised that I intend to order the arrest of all such offenders, right up to the CEOs of such companies, and I don’t care how rich or powerful or connected they are, I will order their arrest if they violate the new anti off-shoring laws.
Furthermore, on the first day of my presidency, I will order that any and all connections and business dealings with the privately owned agency which is misnamed as Federal Reserve be terminated at once. In the future, our Treasury alone will regulate the creation of money and credit, as provided for in our Constitution. Also, I will likewise sever all connections and business dealing with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of International Settlements, and all other such New World Order institutions.
Also, the Citizens Alliance Party will institute an emergency unemployment fund that will distribute $2,000 per month to all the unemployed, and to all persons on Social Security. This fund will be financed by the immediate confiscation of 99% of all the assets of all the large, so-called “non-profit” institutions and foundations. These so-called non-profit foundations sit on enormous sums of money which do not circulate and are not used for constructive investments like factories or infrastructure. These foundations have involved into slush funds for the wealthy elites of the New World Order. They channel corporate profits that should go to the government into NWO institutions that constitute an invisible government. I guarantee you that I will destroy the power of these non-profits by imposing taxes that will confiscate the bulk of the assets, and I will see to it that new reform laws will guarantee that they can never return to their present positions of power.
We will work for inheritance laws that will prohibit the super-wealthy from passing their huge estates to their children, or to anyone else, or to any institution. The Citizens Alliance Party means to break the financial back of the New World Order elitists, and the only way to do that is to take away the heart of their power, the enormous sums of money they control.
Furthermore, because the Citizens Alliance Party stands up for the rights of ordinary citizens against abuses by runaway government and globalist power, the Citizens Alliance Party will institute new laws and programs which will ensure that a multitude of government abuses are stopped at once.
The Citizens Alliance Party will see to it that parents have the last word on whether on not they or their children are vaccinated. No branch of government - either federal or state or local - will be allowed to coerce any child or adult into getting any vaccination of any sort for any purpose whatsoever, and that goes for the forced taking of any so-called medication. The Citizens Alliance Party will also immediately cease all involuntary vaccinations of members of our military.
The Citizens Alliance Party is opposed to federal gun control laws. The Citizens Alliance Party contends that such regulation is best left to state and local governments, and that American Citizens have the right to own guns without any interference of any sort by federal officials.
The Citizens Alliance Party is opposed to all forms of racial and ethnic classification and discrimination, and we are just as opposed to racist “affirmative action” as we are to the equally racist “Jim Crow” laws of years past. The Citizens Alliance Party is opposed to all racial classifications and job discrimination based on race, and is opposed to all government collection of racial and ethnic data for any purpose, whether on census forms or any other government documents.
The Citizens Alliance Party will put into effect laws immediately and permanently forbidding all voting machines of all sorts. All voting will be on paper ballots and they will be hand counted by local election officials.
The Citizens Alliance Party will not seek ballot status because the New World Order has rigged the voting machines and the entire voting process, and we advocate that all citizens boycott all voting machines and cast write-in votes only. Go to your voting place early on election day and cast write-in votes only.
As part of our program to restore our Republic, the Citizens Alliance Party will immediately put an end to dual citizenship. All new American citizens who hold foreign passports will have to surrender them when they take the oath of citizenship, and they will have to give up and denounce all foreign citizenship. Also, current citizens will be forbidden to acquire foreign citizenships or passports, and the penalty will be loss of citizenship for American citizens who acquires any foreign passport or citizenship.
Also, there will be no room in our government for members of any secret societies or elitist cults. As President, I will immediately require that all commissioned officers in our military and all senior civil servants resign from the following organizations at once or lose their jobs:

The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission.
The Council for National Policy.
The Knights of Malta.
The Freemasons.
The Bilderbergers.
The Bohemian Club.
The Club of Rome.
All Zionist organizations.
All secessionist or racial separatist organizations.

All these organizations are fronts for the elitists of the New World Order, and their members must be removed from power if our Republic and our economy are to be saved from utter destruction.
The Citizens Alliance Party will immediately and permanently stop all loans, gifts, grants and transfers of money and/or credit for any purpose whatsoever to Israel and all other foreign nations. The Citizens Alliance Party stands for the use of our money and credit for building up our economy here, and for the benefit of ordinary Americans.
The Citizens Alliance Party is adamantly opposed to bargaining. Plea bargaining has turned into a tool to coerce ordinary citizens into confessed criminals simply because they do not have the connections or money to fight the threats of bogus and inflated charges brought against them by power-mad district attorneys.
Also, the Citizens Alliance Party is appalled by the massive number of people in our prisons. We will take measures to see that excessive sentences are reduced, and we will set up a sentence review board to grant immediate clemency to as many people as possible. Our judicial system and our prison system have turned into elitist schemes to terrify, coerce and warehouse poor people, and these abuses will be stopped once and for all.
And as part of the reform of our legal system, the Citizens Alliance Party absolutely opposes all forms of entrapment, and I will immediately pardon all federal prison inmates who were entrapped, and absolutely forbid all law enforcement agencies from entrapping anyone.
Also, I will immediately end the practice of allowing corporations to employ prisoners as labor because the Citizens Alliance Party stands for free labor by free men.
Furthermore, when I am President, I pledge that I will not leave Washington D.C. in the event of any terrorist attack or any other act of war, including nuclear attacks. Only the Vice President and a few others in the line of succession to the Presidency will be allowed to go into shelters or into hiding. I will stay in the White House and take my chances with the ordinary citizens who do not have access to nuclear shelters. Also, I will see to it that members of Congress and other high government officials are likewise required to stay at their posts and not jump into secret underground bunkers that ordinary Americans do not have access to. Also, I will open up all underground facilities of all sorts to inspection by the media.
The Citizens Alliance Party is absolutely opposed to any conscription for military service unless in time of war, and only if such war has been legally declared as set down in our Constitution.
The Citizens Alliance Party is absolutely opposed to conscription of females into military service. We will see to it that no females are ever conscripted into our military, and that females in our military are not put in combat units, and are never shipped to any combat zone. Never!
Also, the Citizens Alliance Party is absolutely opposed to any and all conscription programs for non-military purposes. Currently, those who want military conscription tell us that young men and women who do not wish to be conscripted into the military will have the option of going into various so-called “community service“ work programs. The people who promote these schemes are not really giving young people any real choice as they deceitfully maintain. What they are telling these young people is that if they refuse to serve in labor battalions, they will be forced into the military and be sent overseas to kill and die. That is giving them the choice of being a slave laborer, or being shot. That sort of twisted reasoning is totally rejected by the Citizens Alliance Party, and we will never conscript anyone into any forced labor under any pretext or for any reason.
The Citizens Alliance Party is fed up with the many abuses of diplomatic immunity. In my presidency, diplomatic immunity will be restricted to exactly one diplomat from each foreign country. No representatives from non-governmental organizations or the UN will ever have a scrap of diplomatic immunity. Never!
The Citizens Alliance Party will remove all Masonic symbolism from our currency, and will remove all the pictures of all slave owners from our currency.
Furthermore, because the Citizens Alliance Party stands for the dignity of common citizens and against abuse by elitists, the Citizens Alliance Party will put into effect laws that require all ghoul cults to give up all human remains in their possession. These laws will insure that the “dozens of skeletons“ in the Skull and Bones clubhouse are identified and returned to their families so these victims of sick abuse can get proper and respectful burial.
The Citizens Alliance Party will introduce legislation to break up all media monopolies once and for all.
The Citizens Alliance Party will see to it that those who perpetrated the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 will be brought to justice. It is the opinion of many Americans that high officials in our own government helped to conceive, plan, execute and then cover up the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The Citizens Alliance Party believes that only a complete examination of ALL the evidence will uncover the perpetrators of these attacks. Therefore, the Citizens Alliance Party will have a thorough investigation of the terrorists attacks, one that publicly and thoroughly examines every aspect of the evidence that points to involvement by high officials of our own government.
Finally, I wish to make it 100% clear that the Citizens Alliance Party knows that the Elitists who control the New World Order are the source of all the major problems plaguing America. Therefore the Citizens Alliance Party also wants to make it 100% clear that we must totally and permanently remove them and their hirelings from power. The Citizens Alliance Party is the only anti-New World Order party. All the other parties and candidates are stooges of the New World Order, and that's why the Citizens Alliance Party was formed.
The super-wealthy elitists of New World Order intend to bankrupt the entire American middleclass and then buy up all our houses and other assets at a fraction of their value. It’s either us or them, and the Citizens Alliance Party will ensure that it’s them, not us."

(This article reproduced from the American Nationalist Union web site articles archive at Access to subscribers only. Also carried at Vanguard News Network Forum with some comments by "Rob Roy MacGregor")


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.


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