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They're All Going to Die
-- Part II

by Thomas W. Chittum
from Chapter 29, Sgt Skull's Field Manual
Originally printed in The Nationalist Times, 27 April 2004

Sgt. Skull is fed up with all this Chicken Little talk about Iraq. I’m hearing nothing but stuff like, “BAWK! BAWK! BAWK! The Sky is Falling! We must run and tell the King. BAWK! BAWK! BAWK!”
Even our CIA Mockingbird Stooge Media is BAWKing! Here are some of the Chicken Little headlines we’ve seen in the past few weeks about all the rats jumping ship.
BAWK! Dominican Republic to pull troops out of Iraq early.
BAWK! Honduras Follows Spain, Pulls Out of Iraq.
BAWK! New Zealand Troops to Leave Iraq Before Christmas.
BAWK! Norway rejects U.S. plea to stay in Iraq.
BAWK! Philippines May Withdraw Troops From Iraq.
BAWK! Poland planning pull-out of troops from Iraq.
BAWK! Portugal May Withdraw Troops From Iraq if Conditions Worsen.
BAWK! Spain Troops Pulling Out of Iraq.
BAWK! South Korean Soldiers Confined to barracks in Iraq.
BAWK! Thailand will withdraw its troops from Iraq if attacked.
BAWK! Turkish officials say troops in Iraq is "out of the question."
BAWK! UK Says: ’No extra troops for Iraq.’
BAWK! Ukraine Refuses to Send Helicopter Squadron to Iraq.
My goodness, it’s all just Chicken Little, Henny Penny, the sky is falling! BAWK! BAWK! BAWK! Now, everybody is laughing at our Beloved Emperor who is now looking like a big wimp as well as a big bully. Our Glorious Imperial Legions are being ground into nothing but buzzard bait and rusty, burnt-out hulks of bushwhacked convoys. Our Beloved and Most Merciful Emperor Bonehead the II must chastise these insolent savages once and for all.
Do you remember what set off this latest sorry episode in our shameful butchery of Iraq? Four half-witted, B-Team mercenaries told one of our Iraqi stooges what route they would be driving, and they were ambushed by the Iraqi Resistance and shot dead. Duh? The Iraqi Resistance even warned the people in the area that there would be fighting there.
After these simple kittens got themselves whacked, the local population expressed their esteem for them by burning their bodies and hacking them up and stringing them up from a bridge. The stooge press keeps calling them “civilian contractors,“ but they were really mercenaries who were armed with machineguns.

Fallujans hold demonstration with charred merc bodies prior to USMC remodeling and democracy instruction.

If the stooge media is really so shocked by abuse of corpses, why don’t they start BAWKing about the “dozens of skeletons” in beloved Emperor’s Skull and Bones ghoul house in New Haven, Connecticut?
And if the United Nations were for real, every ambassador from every nation would be BAWKing! about the use of mercenaries in Iraq, and BAWKing! about our salting Iraq with depleted uranium. The United Nations is just another cog in the NWO murder machine. The UN passes out candy bars and toothpaste in front of the cameras, and then clams up about mass murder via B52s and depleted uranium and hordes of half-witted mercenaries scraped up from every corner of the globe.
Does this mean we’ll have to butcher an entire city just because some mercenaries who were total idiots to begin with got what they asked for? Well, does it? Of course it does. And that’s exactly why I keep calling our armed forces by their proper name, The Glorious Imperial Legions. And that’s why I keep calling you-know-who our “Beloved Emperor.”
It’s time to use the “Roman Solution.” There is no other way. It’s either going to be straight-up butchery like the Romans did it, or the Iraqis will take us for wimps and gobble us up. Sgt. Skull predicts that we will bomb Fallujah and Najaf and all the rest of Iraq until it’s a clone of Afghanistan.
That’s what the NWO blueprint calls for. They want all of the Moslem Middle East to be a huge, depopulated wasteland just like Afghanistan. They want all the nations there depopulated and torn apart by warlords and drug gangs who they have armed, and who they do business with. They are turning Iraq into Afghanistan, and they had better keep up the butchery by leveling Fallujah and Najaf, or they will lose and I mean lose totally and right now. In short, it’s “Rome or Bust.”
The upcoming battles of Fallujah and Najaf are basically military jokes. If our Glorious Imperial Legions were to fight totally infantry battles, they’d be ground up before they took one suburb. The attackers are outnumbered by the defenders, who are dug in and just as well-armed as the attackers. The grunts who will die in these so-called battles are only window dressing to conceal the fact that the only way we can possibly win is by leveling these two cities with massive bombing and artillery fire and tank cannon fire at point blank-range. They will die to give the appearance of a battle when the whole filthy mess is just an exercise in mass murder by bombing and artillery and tanks.
Has anyone besides me noticed that Her Majesty’s Own Imperial Legions are stationed in the south of Iraq at the port of Basra? Get the picture? Her Majesty’s personal goons are stationed at the easiest place to evacuate in case Her Majesty and Lord Rothschild decide to cut their losses and abandon Her Majesty’s Colonial Militias to the Mujahadin and the buzzards. Furthermore, I don’t like the sudden stampede of our fellow vultures and hyenas from the Axis of Looting . . . excuse me . . . I meant to say I am suspicious of the sudden exit of our noble allies from the Coalition of the Willing. It’s just a bit too sudden, and everybody jumped ship almost at once.
Will our Glorious Imperial Legions really storm into Fallujah and Najaf after the B52s level them? They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. If they don’t, or if their attack fails, then they are dammed instantly. If they do and it works, they are still dammed but with the final, humiliating rout pushed into the future.
The NWO intends to do to us what they did to Argentina. They are going to bankrupt the entire middle class and buy up everything for ten cents on the dollar. But it will be even worse than Argentina. Here in America, all foreclosed houses will be sold to immigrants from those foreign nations that hold huge amounts of US currency and US debt. It’s all part of the plan to remove the last scraps of power from the peasants, and replace them with even more docile foreign peasants. Myself, I don’t really know why they bother, because the native-born zombies are so well tuned they dance to any slop they are fed via the tube. Some of these simple kittens actually think Kerry or Nader are for real, and probably most will starve to death being simple kittens and voting for these grotesque stooges.
The coming battles for Fallujah and Najaf are basically military jokes, and nothing but mass butchery disguised as battles. I’m going to follow them and look for clues as to whether the NWO is really more interested in killing off and abandoning our own army. If the NWO pulls the plug on the US dollar, then we’ll know that it’s Alamo time for our Glorious Imperial Legions in Iraq, and Argentina time for us peasants here in America.

Metropolitan Fallujah, Iraq following extensive U.S. Marine Corps remodeling, but just prior to initiation of DNA testing, retinal scans, controlled access, and other forms of innovative democracy instruction.


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.



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