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Millions of Houses
Worth Trillions of Dollars
PANT! Pant! Pant!

by Thomas W. Chittum
December 9, 2003

. . . I was watching some establishment TV "news," and the camera showed a huge crowd of Iraqi men.
. . .They were chanting in unison and beating their chests like Tarzan. Some local holy man, some ayatollah or whatever, was haranguing them. The voiceover explained that when Iraqis put on white robes, it signified their willingness to become martyrs in the struggle against infidels and crusaders and etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.
. . .Then the camera zoomed in on the chanting Iraqi men and at least half of them were wearing white robes. BAWK! Better than half of that huge, chanting crowd of thousands of Iraqi men just can't wait to blow themselves and our Glorious Imperial Legions to smithereens the minute their ayatollah or whatever gives them the green light. BAWK! And then, the camera showed a woman in her house, and she was wearing a white robe, and the voiceover explained that many women were putting on white robes, also. BAWK!
. . .Sgt. Skull will report these horrible, terrible sights to Lord Bremer at once. But not to worry. Surely young American men are lining up at the recruiting stations of our Glorious Imperial Legions, and beating on their chests, and begging the recruiting sergeant to ship them off to the Iraqi grunt grinder. "Oh, please sir. Can we ride around in open humvees like ducks in a shooting gallery until some camel jockey with a dynamite belt blasts us all into so much brain jam? Oh please, sir. Can we? Can we? Can we? Huh? Huh? Huh?"
. . .Actually, some frog magazine has just claimed that 1,700 of our Glorious Imperial Legions have deserted from Iraq. BAWK! Mutinous dogs! To the firing squad with the lot of them. And down at Ft. Bragg our glorious imperial sitting ducks are flying the coop at about double the rate of last year. BAWK! You mutinous mallards! What are you trying to do, spoil the hunting season in Iraq? Beloved Emperor Bonehead will hear of your treason.
. . .And I don't even want to know how few actual combat units of our Glorious Imperial Legions actually remain in North America. Here's a link with some details on that - "Where are the Legions (SPRQ) Global Deployments of US Forces." Why don't I want to know? Because all North America is turning into a military vacuum. There are fewer and fewer combat units actually stationed in and defending North America. By the same token, the amount of foreign troops that would be needed to invade and occupy America is shrinking all the time.
. . .And as for our Glorious Imperial Legions and their "Iron Hammer" tactics, well, my friends, it's all part of a dress rehearsal for here. Now hear this: Infantry is obsolete. They will be replaced by urban robo-goon soldiers riding around in armored vehicles. These armored vehicles will have loud speakers and .50 caliber machineguns.
. . .Get the picture, peasant? Now read this letter written by "Combat Leader," in which he described the horrible, terrible Battle of Samara in Iraq. Concerning that battle, our Glorious Imperial Generals reported that our Glorious Imperial Legions mowed down an estimated 54 of an estimated 60 attacking puppydog stranglers, dead-enders, common criminals, thugs and foreign mercenaries. Note: The estimated 6 surviving puppydog stranglers drug off the bodies of the estimated 54 dead puppydog stranglers. That's why there were no piles of mangled bodies of the attacking puppydog stranglers for the rent-a-stooge embedded media CIA mockingbirds to videotape - not a single one.
. . .Also, note that during the horrible, terrible Battle of Samara, the Iraqis threw rocks at our Glorious Imperial Tanks. "Combat Leader" was confused by this "... I still can't understand why somebody would throw a stone at a tank in the middle of a firefight." It puzzles me, too. Could it possibly be that they don't like us very much? Oh well, who can figure out simple, Stone-Age savages. I want everybody to keep an important hassle in mind when they hear anyone talking about Iraq. Here's the important hassle fact:

From now onwards, our Glorious Imperial Legions in Iraq will not be able to follow any Glorious Imperial Battle Plan unless that plan's sole requirement is that our Glorious Imperial Legions keep driving around in circles and getting bushwhacked - or think that they are getting bushwhacked - and then blasting away with everything they got and killing numerous civilians in the process.

. . .Let me say that another way. Even if our Glorious Imperial Generals stand our Glorious Imperial Legions in formation and read a Chinese menu to them and tell them it's the new battle plan, it won't make the least bit of difference in their actual conduct. Why? Because all our troops can do is ride around in circles and get bushwhacked and then slaughter numerous civilians. Therefore, riding around in circles and getting bushwhacked and killing numerous civilians is our Glorious Imperial Battle Plan, and it will continue to be Our Glorious Imperial Battle Plan as long as we remain in Iraq.
. . .That brings up the subject of our recent Glorious Imperial Battle Plan - Operation Iron Hammer. Our Glorious Imperial Generals know full well that as soon as our Glorious Imperial Legions drive out of their firebases, that they will be bushwhacked and that the Glorious Imperial Legions will then hose down every goat herder, mosque, and used camel lot in the area. Then for good measure, they will run over cars with their tanks.
. . .Luckily, most of our higher-ranking Glorious Imperial Generals understand that the whole war is a load of bull because they were told so. That's why they belong to the Council on Foreign Relations. And some of the more switched-on, lower-ranking officers have also figured out that slaughter and destruction and chaos are necessary parts of the plan itself, just as necessary as stealing the oil.
. . .Even "Combat Leader," who sometimes sounds like he's been smoking depleted uranium, has figured out that the "strategy" we are using will cause the war to grind on eternally. Now all "Combat Leader" has to figure out is that the apparent stupidity causing undesired results is actually disguised cunning delivering desired situations. Good, luck, "Combat Leader," you're halfway there.
. . .So, the officers merely order the troops to do what they can not prevent them from doing, and, besides, it's what they want them to do in any case. The brass cook up names like "Iron Hammer" just to make sure that even the slowest grunt in the whole damn army gets the picture. Thus, the CIA Hollywood war keeps grinding on, producing stuff that makes it all look and sound just like a real war - explosions, gongs, "heroes," battles, speeches, flag waving and blah, blah, blah. It doesn't have to be perfect theater, just plausible enough to keep the tube peasants distracted during the shearing.
. . .Speaking of shearing the suckers, it's now time for Sgt. Skull's economic prediction. When the Banksters looked at Russia, they took inventory of everything they could steal and sell. They saw vast forests, and now they cut them down and sell the timber as fast as they can. That doesn't require much investment, and the turnaround is real fast. It's not like they had to build a factory, or in any way commit a lot of investment up front. It was basically a grab-and-run looting job. It was the same with gold mining, which they have a lot of in Russia. It was the same with furs and whatever. Just grab and sell and then grab and sell some more.
. . .The Banksters are cutting our guts out here just like they've already gutted the Russians. But when the Banksters take inventory over here, what they see is different in one important and lip-smacking way. Just look at all the millions and millions of fine houses these Americans are living in. Millions and millions of houses worth trillions and trillions of dollars! PANT! PANT! PANT! No other nation in the world has such a huge stock of fine housing. If the Banksters owned all those houses, they could sell them and make mega bucks.
. . .My point is that you should look at American houses the same the way the Banksters looked at the vast Russian forests. They are just something to loot and sell, and all else is technical details.
. . .But how to get all those millions and millions of houses worth trillions and trillions of dollars? Well, here's what they are doing. Everybody who isn't independently rich, and who are basically living on an income stream of any sort, will have their houses stolen by the Banksters. The Banksters are pulling the plug on the American economy, and drying up all the income streams for most people. The Banksters are selling the foreclosed houses to hordes of foreigners who have lots of American dollars. We will wind up living under bridges and the wealthy foreigners wind up living in our houses.
. . .All the income streams that Americans use to make house payments or to buy houses on credit are either empty cookie jars or soon will be thanks to unrelenting looting. Social Security? Dog food money. Forget about it. Salaries? They are shrinking and will continue to shrink if you are even lucky enough to keep your job.
. . .What about various private pension programs? "Corrupt corporate executives" will loot their assets and then declare bankruptcy like Enron. The stooge media CIA mockingbirds will cry crocodile tears and blah, blah, blah; but absolutely nothing will be done about it because it's all part of the plan. Who do you think the house-selling Banksters would rather do business with - a typical American with no capital and a pittance of an income stream, or foreigners with plenty of ready cash?
. . .There is some reason for hope. Many people across the globe already know about the NWO, or are learning quick. Check out what Iraqi leader Imam Mahdi al-Jumeili said. "We are sure they (The Americans) came here to steal the country and protect Israel. They plan to take over the whole world. Everyone wants to control Iraq and take a piece of our wealth, Japan, Europe, Russia. Judaism and Masonism are at war with Islam and they share the same goals with America in the world. What is happening tells us the truth about their intentions. The American army consists of mercenaries and bastards. The control of Iraq is an evil thing and those who help control it are evil. The US helped Saddam 300 times. In the war with Iran, the US helped Saddam because it needed him. Now the US wants to play a role in the area by itself so it got rid of Saddam."
. . .Another switched-on Iraqi leader is Sheikh Ali al-Ibrahimi. Check out what he said.

"In Baghdad's Mansour district, at the Rahman mosque, faithful Shiites heard Sheikh Ali al-Ibrahimi condemn a recent decision by the Iraqi Governing Council to permit certain non-Iraqi citizens to obtain Iraqi citizenship. Ibrahimi warned that "if Jews reside in Iraq then they will become Iraqi citizens and they will own Iraq and we will be their guests". He explained that the founders of the US initially feared letting the "owners of money" enter the country, but that "this happened when the Jews came. The Americans and others became their guests".

. . .BAWK! Are we Americans the "guests" of the "owners of money?" Not really. We gotta pay and pay and pay all the time. Check out "The Kosher Nostra Scam" on the American Consumer." Food companies pay a tax to Zionist shakedown artists known as "rabbis." The food companies also must display a copyrighted symbol on their products, certifying that they have paid the Zionist shakedown tax. The shakedown rabbis claim the little copyrighted symbols mark the product as "kosher," or fit for Jews to eat. That's a load of Zionist bull because even non-food items like aluminum foil wind up with the Zionist shakedown tax symbols on them.
. . .You may want to print that link out and pass it around. Ask people why they should wind up paying at the store for the money that the food companies had to fork over to the Zionist shakedown artists. And point out that some honorable, non-Zionist Jews are speaking up against the New World Order and all the Zionist scams. This next link is the best short description of the NWO that I know of. "A Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive" By Henry Makow Ph.D.
. . .The reality is that Western Civilization is run by a Satanic oligarchy known as the Illuminati. Almost every important person in Western Civilization and every prominent institution in Western Civilization is woven into it. Will the dopes wake up when they are living under bridges and eating in soup lines? Maybe they will when the Homeland Security battlewagon pulls up and the loudspeaker says:

"Your papers, citizen? Why are you loitering under the George Soros Open Society Toll Bridge? ... Congratulations, comrade citizen, your name is not on any of the lists of designated enemy combatants. The bad news is that unfortunately your Soylent Green ration card is overdrawn by two Zombie burgers, so we're hauling you off to the nearest FEMA re-cycling center."


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.


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