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A Depression of Hitherto
Unimaginable Severity

by Thomas W. Chittum
November 6, 2003

. . .Mr. Joe Vialls says that our empire's noble crusade to liberate the ingrate Iraqi barbarians is actually a war of aggression to siphon their oil and pump it all to Israel.

"As you can see on the map above, the Mosul to Haifa pipeline runs all the way down the Western Desert of Iraq, then crosses into Jordan rather than Syria, continuing west to a point near Amman, just a few miles short of the Israeli border. Until very recently, Iraq pumped free oil along this pipeline to Jordan, as a way of saying thank you for Jordan's support during the 1990-1991 Gulf War. "Free" oil for Israel has thus always been tantalizingly close, and is the sole reason for "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

. . .How much will the stolen oil come to? Mr. Vialls says about 45 billion American dollars worth per year. The quote below was taken from the same article that is linked to above.

"... they are already planning to steal 1,825 million barrels of Iraqi oil per annum. Taking a nominal price of US $25.00 per barrel ... the Israeli-Jewish terrorists stand to make a cool US $45,625,000,000.00 each year . . . "

. . .Mr. Vialls claims that the 45 billion a year jackpot is more than just a lot of money, it's a matter of survival for Israel.

"The Israeli-Jewish lobby's motive for the original Operation Shekhinah, and latterly for Operation Iraqi Freedom, was and is based on the certainty that the American economy and social structure is in steep decline. Unless the Israel-Jewish lobby could somehow find a massive independent income stream, the parasitic Jewish State would completely collapse in less than a decade. . . Since early 2000, it has been obvious to most informed analysts that America's economy and employment have been in ever-decreasing decline, made worse by several nations switching their oil trading from US Dollars to Euros. If the situation worsens, perhaps triggered by OPEC switching all oil trade to Euros, with China and Japan panicked into converting their own massive holdings to Euros, the United States Dollar will crash completely, driving America into a depression of hitherto unimaginable severity."

. . .Mr. Vialls also says that Russia has put nukes in both Iran and Syria and intends to use them.

"About one month ago, Russia discreetly invoked MAD again, but this time in the Middle East in direct response to hysterical Israeli threats to nuke Iran with submarine-launched American Harpoon missiles. Quietly and with the minimum of fuss, Russia deployed its most advanced tactical nuclear missiles and crews to both Syria and Iran, thereby sending an unmistakable diplomatic signal that if Israel attacked Tehran or Damascus with nuclear weapons, Russia would in return instantly and anonymously vaporize the Jewish State.

. . .The Washington Post edition of November 2 had an editorial by Henry Kissinger. It was titled "Needed: A Sense of Common Purpose." I haven't found it on the net, but I have some quotes from it below. It is common knowledge that Mr. Kissinger often slithers forth to deliver death messages from the Axis of Looting to little lost sheep who have gone astray. Aldo Moro, the late prime minister of Italy, got one. Now he's no moro. Check out Kissinger's hissing threats against the frogs, krauts and ruskies.

"If the American occupation were to wind down into a radicalized or fundamentalist Iraq, what is now a conflict with a segment of Islam could turn into a clash of civilizations. ... Nor would countries such as France, Germany and Russia be able to avoid reaping the whirlwind by dissociation from the United States. Countries presenting themselves as the spokesmen of Arab nationalism feed the flames of a radicalism from which there is no exit. ... Emboldened radicalism and fundamentalism would pursue its victims to wherever they might retreat. ... Iraq thus becomes a major test of the possibility of the enlightened world order and, above all, of the possibility of restoring the Atlantic relationship.
America's allies and putative partners such as Russia must choose between using these discussions to play balance-of-power politics or making a serious commitment to a common concept of the political future of Iraq. If they press for transfer of sovereignty without appropriate safeguards, they are basing their policy on encouragement of a virulent Iraqi and Arab nationalism, from whose consequences they will not be immune."

. . .Translation: "BAWK BAWK! BAWK! If these revolting Iraqis kick our thieving asses out, then all the other peasants on all the other NWO plantations will get uppity ideas. So all you Euro-chickens better pour some cannon fodder into the quagmire, too, or I'll send somebody around at midnight to poison your dog. Yours truly, Henry the K."
. . .The Western stooge media is shrieking at Russian President Putin for jailing the biggest Zionist looter in all of Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Henry the K is threatening continental Europe with unspecified "whirlwinds" of disaster if they don't get down on their knees before the Axis of Looting. Mr. Vialls says the Russians aren't impressed, and have put bigmouth Kissinger and bigmouth Sharon on notice that Israel will be nuked to glowing green goo if they get too frisky with Iran or Syria.
. . .The Iraqi barbarians are hacking our Glorious Imperial Legions into so much salami. There is no way our Glorious Imperial legions can win without throwing nukes or some other super doper wonder weapon which they may or may not have. The best outcome we can hope for is defeat in Iraq followed by a super depression of "hitherto unimaginable severity," as Mr. Vialls described it. The other outcome is the same with nukes stirred in. I think we'll find out sometime in 2004 if it's going to be just a super depression or a super depression plus nukes.


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.



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