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An Open Letter to
Mr. Lyndon LaRouche

by Thomas W. Chittum

September 30, 2003

Dear Mr. LaRouche:

. . .I
may vote for you in the upcoming Democratic presidential primary in Maryland. Before I decide on who to vote for, I would like to ask you some questions. I will appreciate it if you will reply and answer some or all of these questions. Also, I would like your permission to post your reply on the Internet so that readers of my weekly column on the Prison Planet web site ( can also read your reply. [Editor's Note: new postings at this site ended after Jan 2004]. I will not post your reply unless you give me explicit permission to do so.

Question 1: Mr. LaRouche, do you think that our society will ever achieve a set of circumstances in which you could recommend the abolishment of all race-based affirmative action laws?

Question 2: Mr. LaRouche, currently the government has several different categories of classification used for the purpose of administering race-based affirmative action programs and laws. I think the names of these categories are (1) Asian/Pacific Islander, (2) black, (3) Native American Indian/Alaska native, and (4) white. Do you recommend any modifications to this list such as the addition of more categories, the deletion of any existing categories, or the renaming of any existing categories?

Question 3: Mr. LaRouche, do you think the government should determine what racial classification a citizen receives for the purpose of administering affirmative action laws, or should a citizen be allowed to freely choose any classification category he or she thinks proper?

Question 4: Mr. LaRouche, do you think that the military should apply affirmative action principals and take a soldier's race into account when considering promotions?

Question 5: Mr. LaRouche, I would like to have some idea of what level of punishment you think is most appropriate for persons convicted of violating race-based affirmative action laws. Specifically, do you think that confinement in a prison or any sort of jail for any length of time is ever an appropriate penalty for persons convicted of violating race-based affirmative action laws?

Question 6: Mr. LaRouche, do you think that race-based affirmative action laws should apply to non-profit institutions and corporations such as churches and foundations, or do you think that such non-profit institutions and corporations should be exempt from race-based affirmative action laws?

Question 7: Mr. LaRouche, do you think that other nations should also adopt race-based affirmative action laws?

Question 8: Mr. LaRouche, you have proposed that a permanent and inhabited base should be built on the planet Mars so that we can enjoy the benefits that it will produce. Do you also propose that the society of humans living there should be regulated by race-based affirmative action laws or regulations?

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.


. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books. He frequently lights up switchboards while a guest on radio talk shows, eliciting calls from numerous listeners who share his concerns about suppressed topics.


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