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Kill Them, Burn Them,
and Send Their Ashes
Straight to Hell

by Thomas W. Chittum
August 4, 2003

. . .The following quote was lifted from an article at the CNS Foundation (Children's Neurobiological Solutions) web site: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists said on Thursday they injected stem cells derived from an aborted human fetus into the brain of a laboratory monkey still in its mother's womb and found that they integrated nicely, pointing to the possibility of repairing brain abnormalities in human fetuses."
. . .The hideous creature created by these scientists was no longer a baby monkey. It ceased to be a monkey when cells from a murdered and butchered fetal human were "integrated nicely" into it. At that point it became a human-animal hybrid, neither human nor animal, but a hideous and unnatural abomination that has no place in all Creation.
. . .This event is a milestone on the road to the utter and irreversible destruction of the human race and every existing moral code ever devised by humans. Scientists have been creating various human-animal hybrids for years, but this is the first instance that I know of where a human-primate hybrid was created, and the first instance where the hybridization was accomplished by "integrating" human brain cells into animal brain cells. This fetal creature had a hybrid brain.
. . .These scientists have erected a defense of euphemisms and twisted logic to mask the true nature of their hideous creations. Under the old classification system that existed prior to genetic engineering, all living creatures were classified as belonging to a distinct species, the only exceptions were hybrids, creatures such as mules that were created by crossing two distinct but closely related species. Keep it in mind that this classification system was developed prior to the discovery of DNA and the technology of genetic engineering.
. . .Prior to the discovery of DNA and genetic engineering, no human-animal hybrids existed. As a result, not a single legal, moral or religious code developed since the beginning of time has actually had to deal with human-animal hybrids. When scientists created the first human-animal hybrids by introducing human genes into mouse embryos some years ago, they discontinued the existing classification system. They did not call their creations "human-animal hybrids" or even "hybrids." They announced their crafted monsters to the world as "transgenic animals."
. . .This euphemistic abomination accomplished much from the point of view of the scientists. For one thing, they applied their euphemism of "transgenic animals" to all creatures whose DNA came from two different species without bothering to distinguish between human-animal hybrids and hybrids whose DNA came from two different animals. And why not? To many scientists, humans are just another species of animal. No kidding, that's really how these sickos think. Armed with this deceitful euphemism, they could talk about their abominable experiments without having to admit that they were creating monstrous human-animal hybrids.
. . .I have seen entire newspaper and magazine articles that discussed some particular "transgenic animal' at length without ever mentioning that some of the DNA used to create the abomination came from a human. The press has gone along with this euphemism, almost never referring to these creations as human-animal hybrids, or even revealing in many cases that the genetic makeup of these creatures is part human.
. . .Another benefit flowing from this euphemism concerns the legal status of their creations. Because human-animal hybrids are classified as animals, they are property, which is essentially the way every traditional legal and moral code on earth treats animals. These scientists now have a whole new class of semi-human creatures that they may create, destroy, confine, experiment upon, and slaughter and sell as food. I'm not absolutely sure that any of the meat from human-animal hybrids has yet found its way to the supermarket shelves, however, I have my suspicions.
. . .Some years ago, a genetic engineering firm with facilities in Texas introduced human genes regulating growth hormones into cattle embryos for the expressed purpose of creating larger, so-called "transgenic" cattle whose meat and milk would be sold for human consumption. The experiment was abandoned when the resulting so-called "calves" (which were really human-cattle, or calf-baby hybrids) grew to such an unnatural size that these part-human monsters had to be cut out of the wombs of their cow surrogate mothers. Other hybrids that were born had multiple and thus expensive health problems, which made the experiment untenable from an economic perspective, so the corporation discontinued the project. I suspect that some of these part-human monsters may have been slaughtered and sold for human consumption. After all, thousands of pounds of "beef" will fetch a price, and any corporation, hi-tech or not, has to keep an eye on the bottom line.
. . .Other human-animal hybrids, such as human-pig hybrids, have been created in great numbers for the purpose of creating organs or blood that may be donated to humans. I have never heard of any instance when any of these human-animal hybrids have been slaughtered for human consumption, so I can not say for a fact that any of this hideous cannibal food has been sneaked into the food supply. However, like the appearance of this human-monkey hybrid, it is only a matter of time until we're all eating cannibal food. And cannibal food it will be. Consider the human DNA in these hybrids. Consider all the human hormones and other human substances that this human DNA produces in these hybrids. When you consume the flesh of a human-animal hybrid you will be eating the human DNA and all the other human substances produced by the human DNA. It will be just exactly as if you were eating a stew made of both human flesh and animal flesh. That's cannibalism, plain and simple.
. . .Furthermore, at what point of increasing human DNA will we stop sending these human-animal hybrids off to the slaughterhouse and start sending them off to kindergarten? I'll bet that you've never heard this question asked by anyone to anyone. Ask yourself why. I have never heard any of the usual media-oriented activists who speak up against genetic engineering refer to these creatures as human-animal hybrids, not a single one. They rant on and on about the threat of genetically modified killer tomatoes and the perils of cloning. While these topics are of legitimate concern, they are emphasized to the point that the topic of human-animal hybrids is entirely excluded from the stooge media debate. And you will not find any reaction from the traditional guardians of our morality, our religious leaders. I have never heard a single one speak out specifically against this ongoing hybridization of humans and animals.
. . .Note that the article quoted above did not say if the fetal human-monkey hybrid was destroyed. Mark my words, it's only a matter of time before some scientist holds a press conference and proudly displays a human-monkey hybrid he has allowed to come to term. With human brain cells "nicely integrated" into it, it might well be able to speak and probably answer simple questions, or perhaps be set to some simple tasks.
. . .I say that any creature whose DNA is part human and part animal is a human-animal hybrid. I say that the existence of these human-animal hybrids will ultimately destroy every existing legal and moral code ever devised, and I say that they will be replaced by something unspeakable. I say that the unspeakable moral code that will replace our existing moral codes was designed in advance by Globalists to advance their unspeakable New World Order, and I say that these human-animal hybrids are being brought into existence not for scientific reasons, but intentionally to destroy our existing moral codes. Remember the unspoken motto of the New World Order - Out of Chaos, Order. I say that all human/animal hybrids should be destroyed, burnt, and their ashes sent straight to Hell, along with the satanic madmen who created them.

. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.

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