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Restore the Republic
Or Starve

by Thomas W. Chittum
July 21, 2003

. . .American is heading toward the edge of an abyss. We must restore our Republic before we tumble into the abyss, because chaos, war and starvation are at its bottom. We must restore our Republic, because only by restoring our Republic can we reverse course and avoid imminent global depression and global war. We must remove all the New World Order Globalists and all the New World Order Zionists from both Congress and the White House. If we remove these two groups of criminals and replace them with non-crooks, then our Republic will be sufficiently restored to avoid both global war and mass starvation.
. . .To help restore our Republic, I intend to donate money to all presidential candidates who are not stooges of the New World Order, and I will vote for one of them in the next election. Currently, the only non-stooge presidential candidate that I am aware of is Lyndon LaRouche, who is running for President as a Democrat. Many things about Mr. LaRouche give me pause, but he is a sane and honest man, and he knows who the crooks are, and he will reverse the mad rush towards global war and depression.
. . .I know what a lot of you are thinking right now, "Screw voting for anybody! The Zombies will starve to death before they wake up, and the voting machines are probably all rigged anyway. I think I'll just wait until everything breaks down so bad it looks like a Mad Max movie. Then we can all have some fun, if you know what I mean. Chuckle! Chuckle! Chuckle!"
. . .Maybe the voting machines aren't all fixed yet. Maybe a few of the Zombies will wake up. Maybe this. Maybe that. Whatever. We've got to try voting them out, because no matter how long the odds are, voting them out is the only alternative to falling into the abyss. If the British-puppet Globalists and their Zionist henchmen remain in control, they will starve and murder millions of us. Not all of you will survive, and those who do are not likely to get what they want, because a lot of the rave previews of this coming mess were puff pieces written by hacks on the studio payroll.
. . .Hey, I've got some news for a lot of you movie fans. If it comes to Mad Max Time here in the States, the script is going to be straight out of Langleywood Studios. Yup, those same fun-loving neo-con impresarios currently knocking 'em dead in Iraq with their latest smash hit, "Kiss My Ass While I'm Stealing All Your Oil or I'll Kill You!"
. . .If it hits the fan in our Glorious Empire, most of the hell raisers and Zippo dudes are going to be fighting for causes and people that are not as advertised. For instance, some neo-Confederate may think he's in the Robert E. Lee Volunteer Militia or whatever. Not really, guys. The South might become one giant, sleepy plantation once again, but the Confederate veterans will be the ones saying "yesa massa," and serving up the mint juleps to their new landlords, guys like Baron David de Rothschild.
. . .The Chicanos who go bonkers and join in the fun may think they are liberating Aztlan, but in truth they'll more likely be clearing California for something like maybe a giant ranchero for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. And the surviving little brown people will dance for Her Majesty whenever she visits.
. . .The British Monarchists and their Zionist banker friends tried to lay waste to America and destroy our republic once before. They almost succeeded during our first Civil War, which they conceived, planned, instigated and sustained. It was their baby, not ours. If you don't believe me, then you should read "Treason in America: From Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman," by Anton Chaitkin. It's out of print and hard to find. Fortunately, much of the information in Chaitkin's book can be found at the Schiller Institute web site.
. . .Here, in a nutshell, is what the Civil War was really about. The British Monarchists and their Zionist banker pals did not like America for a number of reasons. First, the scum bags had never gotten over the loss of all their real estate in the War for Independence. Also, these monarchists hated republics, and America was very much a real and vigorous republic. Also, America was industrializing and growing by leaps and bounds, and the British simply can't abide any nations that show any potential to eclipse their murderous vampire empire.
. . .The British sent secret agent provocateurs, spies and agitators to encourage ill feeling on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. The secret agents who went south conducted secret meetings with many disaffected prominent Southerners who were beguiled into joining the British plot, and thus became traitors to the American Republic. Meanwhile up North, other British agents likewise beguiled as many violent dimwits as they could, including John Brown, who likewise became a traitor to the Republic when he raided Harpers Ferry. It's a shame that none of these British collaborators were drug to the gallows and strung up for their treason after the war ended. First, it would have been just, and a warning to future traitors. But more importantly, the failure to round up and string up these traitors has left almost all Americans with a completely warped view of what the Civil War was about. It was not about slavery, or states rights, or secession, or any of the other reasons that Americans generally believe it was about.
. . .The Civil War was a British war of aggression designed to smash and breakup the American Republic. Now, the British Monarchists and their banker pals are at it again. Now they are sending our young men to steal oil for their elitist cabal while claiming to fight terrorism.
. . .Soon, they will ignite another civil war here. The Brits are using their same old filthy tricks, stirring up Americans against one another. I know perfectly well that many of the neo-Confederate secessionist groups in America were either founded by British agents, or have been co-opted by them. In future columns I will let you know which ones they are.
. . .And now I want to say this. I am no fan of the American multicultural empire and never have been. In the unlikely event that our Republic is restored, I will immediately begin to work for a Constitutional Amendment which will allow secession. I'm voting for LaRouche because he will restore the Republic, and secession has a real future only if it is done peacefully in a restored Republic. If the Brits and their Banker pals throw the switch and ignite a Langleywood war here, the emerging states will almost certainly be Limey plantations with a Zionist bookkeeper - in other words the NWO, bought and paid for with the blood of duped secessionists and deceived militiamen.
. . .If it unfortunately comes to an instigated war, it is my sincere hope that the fighters on all sides will have the sense to purge their ranks of British agitators, and British dupes, and Zionist manipulators, so that the nations that arise out of the radioactive smoke and millions of corpses will at least be independent Republics.
. . .In the mean time, I intend to work to restore our Republic no matter how long the odds are, because the only alternative is starvation, global aggression, and eventually civil war here in our lifetime.

. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.

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