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America -- An Empire,
Not A Nation

by Thomas W. Chittum
April 2000

"'Independence Now!' chanted the virtually all-white crowd." The AP news item caption should have been titled, "Anti-Imperial Secessionists Rally in Alabama."

. . .Exasperated emailers often ask what they can do to help set things right. I encourage them to explain to their friends that America is an empire. Many people, especially the intelligent and rational, can be convinced that America is an empire, and causing that shift in perception is all important. Once people understand that America is an empire, many can immediately also grasp that its breakup in a civil war is a genuine possibility, a concept that would seem laughable before they understood that America is an empire.
. . .I can't stand right-wing talk show hosts and short-wave preachers and conservative columnists. They gas on endlessly putting a moral slant on every issue. They are preaching to the choir, jerking off their Amen corner to get donations so they can forever hear the sound of their own voice talking forever to the same old people in some sort of electronic circle jerk. If these moaning, prancing moralists wanted to do some real good they would hammer away at the concept of America being an empire, using the word in damn near every sentence. Every talk show I'm a guest on it's always the same old circle jerk. The host, usually a right-of-center type, wants me to express a moral opinion on some recent controversy, the Seattle riots or the Diallo case or whatever.
. . .I try to explain that I couldn't care less about how he or his listeners sort out the actors into piles of good guys and bad guys. I try to explain to them that such controversies are exactly what you can expect in a diverse empire and that because we are an increasingly diverse empire we'll break up in a civil war when the circumstances are just right. If you want to do some real good keep hammering away at the concept of America as an empire when you talk to your friends.
. . .When discussing any current event with them, first ask yourself if the event and its outcome are what one would expect to see in an empire. If so then explain the event and its outcome to your friend in the framework of America being an empire. Take the news item below for example. Can one expect to find secessionists in an empire? Of course. We broke away from the British empire, after all. If your friend goes off on some moral tirade, praising or condemning either side, just tell him that controversy and moral disagreements abound in empires because the agendas of the various groups are mutually exclusive, and therefore the various groups in any controversy come to perceive each other as immoral. Tell your friend that when an empire, any empire, has an entire geographic region full of disaffected subjects it is tottering on the edge of civil war, and that the Southwest will be our first region full of disaffected subjects, Hispanics, probably about a generation from now. Just keep hammering away at the concept of America as an empire.
. . .Ladies, and gentlemen, when the demographic stats hit the military fan in this stinking, sinking empire I want all to understand that it is exactly the result of America being an empire, and that this empire can never be the friend -- either in concept or practice -- of anyone except the super wealthy imperial elites, the NWO types. I want all -- black white and Hispanic -- Christian and atheist and Jew -- liberal and conservative -- to hate this empire and refuse it assistance of any sort, especially military service, so that its Glorious Imperial Legions will be slaughtered and defeated in the Southwest a generation from now, and I can have my full rights of citizenship restored in a land free of Bongonians. And since I'm such a live and let live type of guy, just for the record I'm prefectly willing to let the Bongonians have their own slice of our Glorious Empire, where they can bitch and play basketball and snort crack .... and starve to death.
. . .Fuck the red, white and blue imperial American rag flag, and I couldn't care less if that offends all the flag waving "patriots." I'm a secessionist and I'd rather pee on the imperial American rag flag than salute it. The "patriots" at World Net Daily and VCT can salute their rag flag all they want, that's for suckers. I didn't write my book to repair the Glorious Empire. I worte my book to kill it and bury it's stinking carcass.
. . .It's about 3:00 AM Jersey time, and I'm drunk, and I'll doubtless regret the vulgar nature of this bit of writing tomorrow, but right now I feel just fucking fine. A urine-soaked death to the Glorious Empire!

[Editor's Note: This article was originally posted at Martin Lindstedt's web site at Patrick Henry Online.]

. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.

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