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Thomas W. Chittum Archive

Minutes of the
First Annual Conference
on Racial Separatism

by "Ken P."
October 1998

[Editors Note: This article was reproduced from Stormfront "Previous Articles." Notes on the talk by Tom Chittum are provided at the end of these minutes. This conference was both a serious forum and a spoof on President Clinton's "Town Hall Meeting on Race" held in Akron, OH December 3, 1997]


On Saturday, October 11, I went to Washington, D.C. for the "First Annual Conference on Racial Separatism," which was billed as an "Alternative to Clinton's Town Hall Meeting on Race." The speakers discussed alternatives to forced racial integration.

All of the speakers who were scheduled to speak this weekend spoke on Saturday. Sunday was to be a roundtable discussion of issues. Not wanting to stay overnight for that, I left after the close of business Saturday.

The following are my notes on the conference. I cannot write in shorthand, so my recounting of the conference is not as complete as it could be. However, I think I got most of the important points. Direct quotations are not necessarily verbatim.

Robert J. Hoy: served as the master of ceremonies.

Jeff Anderson: (Conference organizer)

Race cannot be made to be irrelevant by talk sessions and symbols. Pres. Clinton's race commission includes Judith Cliff (sp?), who believes (effectively) that the truth about race cannot be spoken. The commission's Angela Owl (sp?), is an advocate of racial shuffling. These people will be dictating racial policy.

The coalition for racial self-determination will give their report (which will advocate life, liberty, and independence for all racial groups) to Clinton's race commission. We represent the majority opinion. Look at normal human behavior (esp. that of children). Patterns of housing, churchgoing, and lunchtime seating arrangement show a strong tendency toward self-segregation.

White liberals are hypocritical, in that they participate in these patterns, while advocating race- mixing policies. Some of JA's friends are horrified by his position, but once, a liberal friend of JA was highly embarrassed when JA pointed out the particular hypocrisy in the friend's case. These policies are genocidal in that they are making it impossible to maintain culture (which I believe he was implying is necessary for the preservation of the race itself). Race mixing is the "disrespecting" of culture.

Old racism is based on domination and subservience. Read Richard McColluch's book, The Racial Compact. New racism denies racial rights of self-determination by denying 1)territory, and 2) self-government. Clinton has called for America to be the first multi-racial democracy, but this is an oxymoron because it denies the rights of self-determination. The power elite discuss Am. immigration situation as though it is inevitable and ignore the fact that it is the ongoing result of deliberate policy.

There is no religious justification for race mixing as the Bible shows the end of the world with all racial groups intact.

There have been Am. Efforts at separatism, but they have been weak and inadequate. There has been the Am. Colonization (of Blacks back to Af.) Society, which included many prominent 19th and 19th century individuals, including presidents. Marcus Garvey, advocated repatriation to Af.

By mid 21st century, Blacks will be vastly outnumbered by Hispanics. Separatism must be fair and have the support of all racial groups. We must not consider any particular proposal as a final offer take offense. We should instead, look at proposals as a starting point.

Under JA's plan, everyone would have options. Blacks could be repatriated to Af. if they wished. No one would be forced to go anywhere. There will be conflict over reparations to Blacks, but he urges that Whites make this sacrifice, in spite of principle, in order to get peace and self- determination. JA tried to get Black Caucus interested, but the members of the BC don't want to link reparations with separatism.

Quebec might get the general principle of separatism started. There might also be a Hispanic takeover of the Southwest US, which would accomplish the same thing. We must create a moral revolution but not a race war. All multi-ethnic societies have strife. We should go forth as prophets.


Willis Carto said that South has held things up due to their desire for cheap labor. Stated that our present situation is like an easily preventable train wreck that is happening because it is not being addressed in a timely manner. Cited the falsification of the T. Jefferson quote at the Jefferson memorial. Said that Black repatriation could be paid for with money subtracted from foreign aid to Israel.

Black guy asked how Whites could give land to Blacks which was actually stolen from Indians. Ans.: History is replete with injustices.

One individual discussed JA's separation plan and suggested that "reparations " be reworded to something like "Marshal Plan."

Jared Taylor: "The Moral Basis for Racial Separation"

Ordinarily, when people wish to separate, this is considered to be OK. Not so with racial separation, esp. when Whites are asking. Consider the liberalization of divorce law. Here, we allow people who have promised to lived together for life to separate. Yet, with race, people who have never expressed a desire to be with one another are forced together. We have reached the point where it has become necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another.

The breakup of the Soviet Union is part of the growing recognition of the morality of separatism. Further, the differences between White Lithuanians and White Poles is far less significant than those between Am. Blacks and Am. Whites. The popularity of self-determination is represented in the loss of the former Eu. Colonies.

Racial separation was tried in the Civil War and resulted in 600,000 dead Am. That the Confederacy was destroyed in the past does not mean that an attempt to separate today would be unsuccessful (due to the growing acceptance of self-determination).

An enormous enforcement mechanism is needed to make racial harmony appear to exist, due to the fact that racial harmony is contrary to human nature. Since school children invariable self- segregate at lunchtime, some schools have taken to assigning lunch seating to ensure racial integration.

Once there was a Black minister installed at an all-White church in the hopes of attracting Blacks to the congregation. Within three years, all the Whites had quit the church.

Funeral homes are highly segregated due to consumer demand. Everywhere people are *free* to celebrate diversity, they choose homogeneity. Blacks opposed segregation because they wanted access to services, not because they wanted to be with Whites. (The following statements are by prominent Blacks.) Amos Quick (sp?) on a school board in North Carolina said, "Separate but equal would be OK." Alex Johnson said, "Brown was a mistake." Harry Edwards said, "Integration has not been achieved because nobody wants it."

There are now many Blacks with enough money to live in White areas if they wanted to, but they generally do not.

If there is this desire for racial separation, why is it not allowed to happen? Louis F. did not talk about racial separation when given the opportunity.

A recent issue of "The Economist" said that all but 3 of 82 wars in the last 100 years or so have been the result of some racial conflict within the boarders of the country where the war took place. ( . . . or something like that. I kind of missed it because I was writing something else.) Our government is creating the conditions for war. Racial friction cannot occur without forced mixing.


The separation of India and Pakistan in 1947 was more the result of actions of the British government rather any action of the then infant U.N.

International commerce has a negative effect on regionalism. A good case can be made for free trade, but there are more important interests than economic ones.

The European people are generally opposed to Eu. union.

The prestige of bigness is a motive of governments to create empires. This was likely the case with the Soviet Union.

Robert Brock:

Prefers to use the term "repatriation" because "separatism" has been downgraded by liberals and Jews. Separatism started with Hitler, who wanted to get rid of Jews. Jews recognized their mistake and decided to get political power. They did this by co-opting the Black vote. Outside force called integration broke up Black culture. The Jew in Western society caused this. You was watching the Black and not the Jew. Blacks had the words "slavery" and "freedom." Now we have "racism" (which has been imposed from the outside). You (Whites) have got to be racists to survive or else you won't be White, you'll be chocolate-brown bastards.

Liberalism is beginning to fall apart. (Referring to comments of previous speaker) Louis F. could not advocate separatism on Jew TV. The concept of "atonement" was meant to please Jews. The MMM occurred on a Jewish holiday, and not on a date of any significance to Blacks. It was the Jews who gave LF 2-1/2 hrs TV time and the other build up of the event. Black media is not big enough to do this.

Repatriation is to send Blacks back to where they were taken from. If educated Am. Blacks were repatriated to Af., Af. would have a man on the moon within 3 yrs. Communist-inspired, 5-state separatism within the boundaries and rule of the US is unacceptable. Culture, economics, ethnicity(?), and language are necessary to qualify for separatism. Ebonics is an attempt to qualify for separatism.

The only place Blacks could repatriate to would be Af. This is a serious problem for Westernized Blacks. The rising tide of color is here. Everyone (feminism, homosexual rights, etc.) is jumping onto the Black bandwagon. It is in the interest of Whites to promote repatriation due to the deteriorating situation of Whites.

Blacks are not going to go easily. Blacks are irked that Japanese got reparations. This has fueled the racial movement. I have brought forward my proposal for separatism; now you bring forward yours. Tell Jews: "Yes, I'm a racist because I want to stay White." or " . . . want to stay Black."

Osiris Akkebala, of the Pan-African Inter-National Movement

Gave honor and respect to Marcus Garvey. Was somewhat disturbed that we (Black nationalists) have not been told the reason for our being here (at the conference). He was annoyed that he had to approach JA regarding getting Black nationalists together with White nationalists, rather than having JA approach him. He stood with David Duke when Duke was running for public office.

"I am a God man." Do not omit God from our plan. We are dealing with a troubling problem. The Creator will deal with what He has created. We should not presume to know all the answers.

I am not a racist. Racism is when an individual or group dominates another group for personal or racial gain. We need to understand society to get to the cause or racism. Policy is given by those at the apex of the power structure. They are at war with us. We cannot succeed without one another.

Opposition to racial and natural order is by those committed to the destruction of both Black and White. They are the enforcers of the evil of assimilation. The power brokers disturb and confuse the masses.

There is a distinction between segregation and separatism. We must master the meaning of these words if we are to counter the enemies' confusion of the masses. To advocate separatism does not put one at odds with God. Our enemies play on our minds with words and we tend to adopt them into our own thinking. We must become sophisticated in this fight. The media apparatus that molds minds highlights eccentrics to make the righteous separatists look bad.

We know the condition of Am. society. There are signs that God is ready to move. *Nothing* is seen as immoral in the eyes of Am. We totally disrespect the Creator. There is nothing evil in reclaim natural domicile. The power elite know the evil they have perpetrated. Am. is not destined to always remain on top. Nature moves in cycles.

We do not refer to ourselves as "African Americans," but "Africans in America." We should not analyze thing in narrow detail, but operate in a wholeistic manner. The South will not cut out 6 or 7 states for Blacks to achieve separation. The hope of the world depends upon us delivering us (Blacks) back to our domicile (Africa).


(by Jared Taylor) Have you or your associates been in contact with African authorities? Ans: No. We must first address the mind frame of Africans in America.

Are you opposed to bourgeois Black Americans? Ans: Yes. Their hatred of themselves extends to the motherland.

Comment upon previous attempts at repatriation. Ans: They were only talk without being real attempts.

No Blacks should be forced to go back to Af. However, Blacks should consider that they have nothing to look forward to in Am.

Don Black, sysop of Stormfront

Has spent 28 years working for White rights and White nationalism. We must work now to avoid a bloody conflagration. Government should get out of the business of race mixing. The details of racial separatism get sticky. JA has suggested a racial separatism map. We must work hard to ensure that we have the wherewithal to bring this about.

The Internet provides an alternative to the controlled media. In the future, there will be an alternative TV network on the Internet. There is great potential in the Internet. It is interactive.

The details of separatism are contentious. This is the first time he has met with members of other races in this type of forum.

Stormfront started as a BBS. About 2-1/2 yrs ago, the Stormfront website was founded. The Internet began to grow exponentially about 4 yrs ago. He has correspondents throughout the US. He would be happy to link to Black nationalist websites and provide technical assistance. He has found Thomas Jackson's "What is Racism" is a very effective article.


Internet freedom can be foiled, but it will not. It is very difficult to impose censorship. When German censorship efforts attempted to shut down Zundelsite, several mirror cites appeared to circumvent this effort. Censorship is more difficult in the US, where free speech is part of the national religion.

When e-mail is sent, it meanders through the Internet before arriving at its destination. Any non- encrypted e-mail could be read at any node along the way by someone with the right access. On the other hand, when a request is made to visit a particular web site, only the requester's ISP is identified. The only way to obtain the requester's identity would be through the court order of ISP records, an unlikely occurrence.

The Net cannot be shut down without draconian action. This is not likely in the US.

Michael Hart:

(Those who were at the 1996 AR conference will recognize this section as being highly similar to the talk he gave in Louisville.)

A nation is based on ethnicity and is different than a state, which is a sovereign independent country. The principle of self-determination is that the government derives its just power from the consent of those governed. Multi-racial states have strife. He gave many examples.

Blacks are a separate nation because they have a common ancestry, language (dialect), ethnicity, and historical traditions -- frequent demands for quotas, -- self-segregation, -- exclusively Black organizations, -- extreme block voting, -- Kwanaza (sp?) to emphasize Blackness, -- separatist curricula, -- identify themselves more as Blacks than as Americans.

It is perfectly appropriate for Blacks to have a separate nation. Even Blacks with a strong allegiance to the US have a strong affinity to ethnicity. The "not-guilty" verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial showed a deep racial division in the US.

Since 1968, the situation has deteriorated. Blacks are more angry today. Louis Farrakkan (sp?) has more support than Malcolm X did. It is not possible to placate minority separatist (e.g. Quebec). Blacks will not be satisfied with anything other than their own independent state.

The US needs to be separated into 3 separate states: a Black-separatist state (BSS), a White- separatist state (WSS), and an integrated state (IS). Territory would be based on population, not on relative wealth. Everyone should be able to choose whether to live in either the IS or the appropriate separatist state. This would be fair: to Black who feel aggrieved, to Whites who have lost their rights, to those who desire continued integration, and to libertarians who advocate choices.

(The following bracketed comments by Mr. Hart are from the 1996 AR conference. There, he went into more detail on the logistics of separation.)

[Such a plan would take 20 or 30 years to gain support. More popular support is needed. "Conservatives" would choose the WSS, and it would be prosperous. A boundary committee should be elected to draw borders requiring the fewest people having to move. The separate states should be relatively contiguous. After boundaries are announced, everyone should have 6 month period to revise their choice. Before relocation, boundaries may need to modified if more people than expected choose one state or another. People would have 1 or 2 years to relocate. Government should compensate for relocation.]

[Just solutions to problems are complicated. Ideas cannot be enacted by political minorities.]

[Upon questioning, he said that his map would like be more complicated than he had so far indicated. Hispanics should get their own territory, an idea that many in the audience did not approve of.]


Someone stated that Mr. Hart's plan placed more emphasis on the rights of individuals rather than on the more important issue of racial survival. Ans: Plan does address racial survival since separate "states" are required for racial survival.

Thomas Chittum, mercenary and author

Was a soldier in US uniform in Viet Nam. Worked as merc. for hire in Rhodesia. He became quite casual about killing the people there. However, there was no racial motivation involved. "You could have pointed out a Swede and I would have shot him for the price of a Big Mac and given you back change." He worked for some time in Croatia. Everyone there but the leadership realized that a war was coming. One man there told him, "I knew war was coming, so I gave up smoking and took up jogging." He pursued this line of work because he was attracted to the kill- rape-burn lifestyle. However, he has had war experiences that caused him to become psychotic. He is not a "Rambo," but an experienced infantry soldier.

His book (Civil War Two, published by American Eagle Publishing Co., POB 1507, Show Low, AZ 85901) is not like The Turner Diaries, which advocates and provides instruction on the killing of anyone not a White Gentile. The book is instead a likely scenario of impending civil war.

At one time, the US was an ethnostate with Whites comprising 89% of the population. Non-Whites were militarily repressed from liberation. Now, Whites are about 74% of the population and declining at a rate of 1/2% per year. Therefore, the US is now a multi-racial empire. Empires are not stable. The chief problem is not only demographics or race, but the military domination of North America. A virtual nation of internationalists is being created.

Working-class Whites are now in the back of the Affirmative Action bus and it's going to get worse. In about 20 years, the Southwest will be solidly Hispanic. Their allegiance lies outside of the US and they will not be easily stopped. Look for a Yugoslavia-style war to kill millions of people. In the Southwest, a riot will start that will make the "Rodney King" riot look like a picnic. The riot will engulf the entire region and be strong enough to take over armories in the area. The Southwest will be annexed by Mexico.

America stole Texas. US citizens were invited to help settle the Texas region. The Mexican government expected that the settlers would assimilate to Mexican culture. However, so many Americans came, that there were inadequate Mexicans with which to assimilate. History is now running in reverse.

There is no hope for any change of course with the present government. No matter who we send to Washington, they will be bribed. Submitting all legislation to referenda would be preferable.

Military empires almost always end in violence. There is no hope. Head for the hills. The only benefit of the future is that "I get $1.29 royalty for every book I sell." The only people who remain behind will be bloody fools who will pay for their mistake with their lives.


Immigration is a demographic invasion.

We don't have much time left to fix this problem peacefully.

Non-White gangs are moving from social and criminal format to a military format with political goals.

There will be White resistance, the nucleus of which will probably be local police departments and the military.

The skinheads will be cannon fodder.

[Thomas Chittum maintains a webpage at --Editor's Note: This is no longer active]

Question authority,

Ken P.

. . ..An independent military analyst and intrepid social critic, Thomas W. Chittum is the author of the enduring right wing classic Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the satire on the New World Order and America's misadventures in the Middle East titled Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior. Both are available as ebooks from America First Books.

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