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The Wikipedia deletion debate regarding its former article
"Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America"

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Publisher's Note

March 26, 2007

.. . .Below please find the Wikipedia article "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America" as it appeared on 22 March 2007, only three days before it was deleted on Sunday the 25th. Too bad, because it provided a lot of good information for patriots, albeit with some negative leftist spin-doctoring towards entries such as "Pierce, William" and his National Alliance.
. . .I have reconstructed the article after first saving it on a Microsoft contacts page, so while the verbiage and hyperlinks below are accurate, the fonts and formatting are slightly different from the original.
. . .At the time I made my initial copy, I did not think it likely that the Wikipedia staff would actually go ahead and toss the entire article down the memory hole, particularly after I added my own comments to the deletion debate forum.
. . .Now I am taking no chances. I have archived my own html snapshot of the final debate forum results which cite a "lack of notability" as the ultimate reason to delete the article.
. . . I now believe that the "lack of notability" alibi is a catchall for Wikipedia editors similar to what "anti-Semitism" really means for Jews. In the final analysis, just as "anti-Semitism" means simply "whatever the Jews do not like, " I think that a "lack of notability" can really mean whatever makes political correctness academicians fail to bestow ample citations on right wing analysis.
. . .The process of soliciting pro-"delete" and pro-"keep" commentary for the Wikipedia deletion forum started around 17-18 March. This came only within a few days after I contributed to the article.
. . . I personally believe that there was more than a coincidence involved here... So what might I have said that could have caused such an hysterical Wikipedia gatekeeper reaction?
. .. I added mention of the 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two in three sections of the article. The additions were as follows:
. . (a) In the first section, right before the table of contents, I provided a link to the Author Foreword and Publisher's Profile
. . (b) In the section "Possible Cause of Civil War II not mentioned by Chittum" I provided what became the first four paragraphs and
. . (c) In the last "External Links" section I added links to the 2007 ebook and the Tom Chittum Author Profile and Articles Archive.
. . .I believe that most responsible patriots who review these additions will probably agree that they reflect relevant updates for the article as well as concerns that must be addressed in our time of growing crisis.
. . .Political correctness censorship is nothing new with the Wikipedia crowd. Many patriots are unhappy that Wikipedia has blocked evidence that Israel's Mossad was involved along with the U.S. Government in the September 11, 2001 attacks. This becomes clear as one uses search terms such as "Israel," "dancing Israelis," "Mossad," "remote control," and "controlled demolition" in Sept 11th-related Wikipedia articles such as "Responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks."
. . .In the Wikipedia view of reality, only Arabs are serious suspects. In contrast, please search "9-11" in my Site Map and Audio/Video sections. Please also look at the Col Donn de Grand Pre archive.
. . .It should become clear from this exploration alone that Arabs probably did not mastermind and execute the 9-11 attacks. It was probably beyond the capabilities of their best insurgents to get much further than to serve as pawns and patsies. After all, they had been supplied and trained by the CIA-Mossad partnership during the war against Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. The insurgents were probably heavily infiltrated, if not actively manipulated.
. . .We need to remember that Arab terrorists are very useful to Israel's leaders, who require straw man enemies to justify their authoritarian rule and police state repression within their failed state of Israel. They also need to create and play off terror groups against each other in order to weaken all potential opposition in the face of the perpetual expansion of Greater Israel.
. . .The key to understanding 9-11 involves asking the same question that pertains to the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma City bombing. We need to understand not only who had the power to plan and execute these operations, but also who has retained the power to sustain a long term cover up. We return once again to the Mossad, Jewish lobby, Jewish supremacist-dominated national media, and their U.S. Government collaborators. We must also turn once again to writers who help us see this bigger picture, such as Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgment, High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, and Col Donn de Grand Pre in Viper's Venom and Rattler's Revenge.
. . .Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke is also important because it helps us understand why Jewish leaders rank among the most powerful, duplicitious, ruthless, and dangerous racists on the planet.
. . .We have evidence that covert Israeli and Federal agencies have hired hundreds, if not thousands of people to work full time at creating false flag web sites, spin-doctored blogs, slanted opinion pieces, and other forms of Internet disinformation. We also know from the activist pro-First Amendment work of Rev Ted Pike, which he explains at both his web site and in articles at the Rev Pike archive at America First Books, how the ADL is working full time to shut down any real Internet criticism of Jews in America. Organized Jewish groups have already enjoyed sinister success in Britain and Canada. Everywhere around the world they seek to stifle objective discussion of 9-11, Zionism, racial realities, the Holocaust, World War II history, and many other important topics.
. . .Can anyone knowledgeable about various forms of Mossad, Jewish Lobby, and CIA intrigue as well as leftist bias in American academia really buy the Wikipedia argument that the article "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America" suffered so terribly from a lack of "notability" that it required deletion?

  William B. Fox
America First Books

The deleted article went as follows:

Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America

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This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy You may share your thoughts on the matter at this article's entry on the Articles for deletion page. Please improve the article if possible, but the article must not be blanked, and this notice must not be removed, until the discussion is closed. For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.
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Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America is a 1996 book by U.S. Army veteran and mercenary Thomas W. Chittum. The book Civil War II was published in 1996 by American Eagle Publications as a 202-page paperback ( ISBN 0-929408-17-9). This softcover version was out of print by the late 1990's. Civil War Two reappeared as an America First Books ebook in Jan 2007 with an updated Author Foreword and Publisher's Preface.


1 General description of the book Civil War II
2 Causes of Civil War II according to Chittum
3 How Civil War II will begin according to Chittum
4 Description of Civil War II
5 Surviving Civil War II
6 Contents of the book Civil War II
7 Names used for the predicted three successor nations to the United States
8 Possible causes of a Civil War II not mentioned by Chittum
9 Television movie about a Civil War II
10 Criticism
11 See also
12 Further Reading
13 External links

[ edit ]

General description of the book Civil War II

This work predicts the future Balkanization of the United States of America. The author claims that the U.S. has become a multiethnic empire but those of the working class are not getting any economic benefits from this empire. He therefore predicts that Brazilianization dooms America to die a violent death, breaking it into three ethnically-based new countries along Mexican / European-American / Black lines from broad regions already predominantly populated by those groups. In particular, he focuses on what he asserts will be a coming Mexican insurgency in illegal-alien-laden southern California. [1]

[ edit ]

Causes of Civil War II according to Chittum

The primary cause of Civil War II according to Chittum will be ethnic conflict ignited by the continual decline in living standards of Americans caused by the transnational corporations that control the American Empire sending most of their work overseas to Third World nations, and the increasting disparity between the rich and the poor that will result from this.

Chittum cites the increasting poverty of the American proletariat (because of their being forced to work in the low wage service industry instead of holding well paying manufacturing jobs or being able to work as well paid computer programmers because of outsourcing) as being caused by economic globalization and as being a major cause (besides ethnic separatism) of Civil War II.

Chittum describes the buildup of resentment by European Americans of affirmative action programs that discriminate against European Americans in college admission, employment, and advancement at work as well as unrestricted illegal immigration and massive unrestrained legal immigration (due to major corporation lobbyists influencing the United States Congress not to agree to immigration reduction because the corporations want an unending supply of cheap labor) as two other contributing factors to the igniting of Civil War II.

[ edit]

How Civil War II will begin according to Chittum

Chittum asserts that a likely place and date for Civil War II to begin will be in Los Angeles in 2020 since by that time the Hispanic population in the Southwest United States will be so large and dominant that it is likely that Chicano activists will declare an independent republic of Aztlan in the Southwestern States. When this happens, he predicts, the U.S. Army will divide into three different armies, a Hispanic army, a Black army, and a White army, that will struggle for defense of and control over the areas of the United States inhabited by their respective ethnic groups.

[ edit ]

Description of Civil War II

Chittum predicts that Civil War II will result in World War I like trench warfare where the ethnic fault lines meet, will last about five years, will entail massive ethnic cleansing campaigns by the death squads of various ethnic groups, and that there will be about five million deaths total on all sides. He provides maps in the book showing showing where likely battles will be--in those cities where many transportation lines come together. Chittum says that like in the first Civil War, there will be a great battle for Chattanooga, Tennessee because that is where a lot of transportation lines come together. During Civil War II, says Chittum, urban areas will be ruled by armed gangs and there will be rape camps where women not of the ethnic group of the soldiers holding them captive will be systematically raped and kept as sex slaves. Chittum states that in the worst case scenario that Civil War II will degenerate into the horror of a Hobbesian war of all against all like Germany experienced during the Thirty Years War or like the movie Mad Max.

[ edit ]

Surviving Civil War II

Chittum calls his work a guidebook for survival during the coming break up of the United States. He makes various suggestions on how to survive the war. The suggestions include moving to an area inhabited by your own ethnic group, obtaining a NATO issue rifle (since these rifles are easy to find replacement parts for), laying aside a one year supply of food, and learning a practical occupation such as auto repair that will be in demand during the chaotic wartime period. He sums up his advice on survival by saying "It's curtains for America, but it doesn't have to be curtains for you."

[ edit ]

Contents of the book Civil War II

America, Empire or Nation?
Our Unstable, Tiered Society
Mao Tse-tung's Rules for Revolution
The Mexican Reconquista of our Southwest
Revolution in the Black South
Apocalypse in the North
The Tribal Armies of Civil War II
Urban Street Gangs Our Military Bases Fall to Siege
Our Police and Military Divide and Clash
The Militias
The Vicious Nature of Civil War II
Ethnic Enclaves: Fortresses or Death Traps?
Who Thinks America Will Break Up?
The Bloody Lessons of Tribal Europe
The Establishment and Imperial Conversion
Waco, Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City
Prepare Yourself
Civil War II Checklist
About the Author

[ edit ]

Names used for the predicted three successor nations to the United States

The names (not all mentioned by Chittum in his book) usually used by ethnic separatists to describe the predicted three successor nations to the United States are Aztlan for the predicted Hispanic nation in the Southwestern United States, New Africa for the predicted African American nation in the Southeastern United States, and Valhalla (the term used by Chittum) or Vinland (the term used by most Neo-Nazis, white separatists, and white nationalists) for the predicted white nation in the Northwestern, Midwestern, and Northwestern United States (most likely, according to these groups, including a forced union with Canada to bring all whites under a common North American government).

[ edit ]

Possible causes of a Civil War II not mentioned by Chittum

The Publisher's Preface for the 2007 ebook version of Civil War Two attempts to explain additional causes that were not covered in the first 1996 edition. Among other factors, America has lost over 75% of its industrial base in the past few decades and is experiencing runaway government, corporate, and consumer debt. Eamonn Fingleton argues in his book In Praise of Hard Industries ( ISBN 0395899680) that manufacturing must be kept at about a third of the overall economy to sustain the service sector, whereas today industry comprises less than 12% of the American economy. The American economy is on track for a catastrophic hyperinflationary depression.

The Publisher's Preface argues that for the past few decades America's real ruling elite has waged a de facto quiet civil war against America's declining white middle class with its policies. The Publisher provides additional charts and evidence in his Critical Issues commentary at All of this is building pressures that will eventually turn the current "cold" form of civil war into the hot version prophesied by Tom Chittum. In fact, to the extent that 9-11 was an inside job, this was an important hot flash point in an ongoing, simmering social backdraft situation. However, the Publisher also notes that he feels honored to republish the original work in ebook form because within its area of focus, Civil War Two remains a remarkably prescient and timely classic. In broad outline, events have been unfolding as predicted back in 1996, although perhaps not all the root causes were explicitly identified.

In his Foreword to the 2007 ebook edition, Tom Chittum claims that he underestimated the malevolence of America's real ruling elite when he first published the book in 1996. He describes this elite as "...a conspiracy of malevolent institutions that are controlled by a hereditary aristocracy, and that the aristocracy’s chief mechanism of control is an international banking cartel..." Speaking of root causes, Mr. Chittum says that he would like to come out with a future work that covers conspiracy in America going back to the first Civil War.

In his 7 Sept 2006 republic broadcasting network talk show appearance with Michael Collins Piper, Tom Chittum emphasized that he does not actually want to bring on a Civil War Two, and would like to head it off if possible. However, in his Jan 2007 Foreword, he closed with a pessimistic note: "And just for the record, I want to make it perfectly clear to all that I am for establishing a constitutional republic here in a united America. . .Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that by my definition the chances of establishing a constitutional republic in America are somewhere between zero and a belly laugh, and that means I’m almost certainly wasting my time and yours as well. It’s difficult for me to even pretend that we can establish a constitutional republic. On the other hand, I am totally convinced that anything less will open up the gates of Hell. . . Having said all of the above, I will sign off advising you all to have a fine time watching our American Armageddon parade past us on the boob tube, and may the Cyclops eat you next to last."

Other individuals who might disagree with the publisher and author might nevertheless see very different root causes for a possible Civil War Two scenario. A possible severe world economic depression caused by Earth's oil supply running out (predicted by peakists such as Richard Heinberg to reach crisis proportions by 2020 [2] ) could, if adequate preparations are not made for alternative energy supplies, be a likely igniting factor for a Civil War II scenario.

Another possible trigger for a Civil War II could be a breakdown in central government authority due to a major or multiple nuclear terrorist attack(s) on one or more major metropolitan areas important to the U.S. economy or U.S. Government such as the New York metropolitan area or the Washington metropolitan area.

The People's Republic of China has stated it intends to take back Taiwan under Chinese rule at latest by 2020 ( China is also predicted to become the world's largest economy by this time). If conservatives are in power in the White House in 2020 and they attempt to militarily block China from taking over Taiwan, this could lead to war with China which could in turn be the igniting factor in triggering an Americn Civil War II in concert with other of the factors mentioned above.

[ edit ]

Television movie about a Civil War II

In about 2001 there was a made-for-TV-movie about a Civil War II that started in 2020 with a Chicano revolt in the Southwest that appeared on a cable channel with a scenario very similar to but not based directly on Chittum's book.

[ edit ]


Some may say that it appears that the conclusions in Chittum's book are apparently colored by his experiences as a mercenary in the Croatian War of Independenceand that ethnic hatreds in the United States have never been as severe as they have historically been in the nations of the Balkans such as Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia.

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[ edit ]

Further Reading

Buchanan, Patrick J. The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization New York:2002--Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press--In Chapter Six "La Reconquista" Pages 123-146-- Paleoconservative Patrick J. Buchanan discusses the massive immigration of Mexicans into the Southwestern states and his belief it will lead to the Balkanization of the United States. [3]

Burton, LeVar Aftermath, 1997, ISBN 0-446-67960-7-- African American actor LeVar Burton wrote this science fiction book which describes a Civil War II scenario in 2020 very similar to the conflict predicted by Thomas W. Chittum.

Hanson, Victor Davis Mexifornia: A State of Becoming 2003--Encounter Books ISBN 1-893554-73-2

Pierce, William The Turner Diaries 1978 ISBN 1-56980-086-3 --In this novel by Dr. William Luther Pierce (originally published under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald), the late leader of the Neo-Nazi group the National Alliance (a white supremacist organization), a violent racist revolutionary struggle in the United States is depicted that escalates into global genocide, leading ultimately to the extermination of all human beings who are not white. [4]

Rowan, Carl T. The Coming Race War in America New York:1997--Little Brown & Co. --The African American statesman and journalist Carl Rowan cautions against excessive racist rhetoric by both whites and blacks and offers ways to ease racial tension and achieve peace between the races.

Wattenberg, Ben The First Universal Nation: Leading Indicators and Ideas About the Surge of America in the 1990s New York:1991--The Free Press-- Ben Wattenberg promulgates a diametrically opposite view to that of Thomas W. Chittum, i,e., that all ethnic groups in the United States of America can live together in peace and harmony.

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External links

Civil War II - The Coming Breakup of America, ebook edition (the softcover version went out of print in the late 1990's). Includes 2007 updated Author's Foreword and Publisher's Preface.
Tom Chittum Author Profile and Articles Archive at America First Books.
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