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.American Free Press
.Vol IX .#45 November 10,

Page 6, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * November 10, 2008 * Issue 45

Obama `Assassination Plot' Smells Like a Set-Up

Victor Thorn

.Two teenagers described as “neonazi skinheads” by the media were apprehended in Tennessee after allegedly planning to terrorize a black school and kill presidential candidate Barack Obama. This case followed the arrest of three methamphetamine-addicted Denver teens in August who were involved in a “half-baked plot” to assassinate the Democratic nominee. These individuals were portrayed by the press as being “white supremacists” and “Aryans.”
Neither scenario had any credible possibility of being carried out. But a larger question emerges: Is a foundation being laid to pin some sort of high-profile crime on nationalists, populists, patriots, 9-11 truth seekers or conspiracy realists?
There is a precedent for such tactics. In 1995, Timothy McVeigh and his cohorts at Elohim City were targeted as the masterminds of the Oklahoma City bombing, even though reams of evidence have surfaced pointing to a pre-planned controlled demolition involving the FBI, CIA and BATF.* Led by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a complicit mainstream media, the blowback from this tragic event pointed an accusatory finger at conservative talk radio, The Spotlight newspaper, and a growing militia movement. All suffered serious consequences as a result of this despicable act of false-flag terrorism.
Now, are steps being taken to repeat the above story line? In the October 27 arrests, two deluded teenagers— Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman—purportedly wanted to kill 88 Tennessee high school students; then decapitate 14 other blacks. Following this rampage, they then intended to “drive their vehicle as fast as they could toward [Barack] Obama, shooting at him from the windows. Both individuals stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt.”
Their blueprint for murder was obviously preposterous, especially since Obama wasn’t even going to be in Tennessee. Authorities described the plot as not being “very advanced or sophisticated,” and that “it does not appear to have moved to an advanced stage.” Still, reports highlight the seeming symbolic significance of the numbers used in this hare-brained scheme. The number “88” is supposed to represent “Heil Hitler” (the 8th letter of the alphabet is “H”), while “14” reportedly refers to the number of words in a popular white racial motto (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”).
There was zero possibility that the Tennessee or Denver contingents could have assassinated Obama. The two “skinheads” were fantasizing and had no intention of carrying out a political murder, according to acquaintances and family members. The Secret Service’s Memphis office thought so little of this schoolboy “threat” it did not alert Obama’s protective detail.
Yet news reports are alleging that these groups were targeting the “Zionist-occupied government,” (ZOG) and are using other such highly charged buzzwords. Is this how the stage is being set for a repeat of OKC 1995, with the scapegoat being the patriot movement?
The picture became more frightening when vice presidential candidate Joseph Biden spoke of a “manufactured crisis” being used to test Barack Obama. If such a scenario emerges, it would lead to a frenzy of new congressional legislation, with gun rights, the Fairness Doctrine, and the Constitution being squarely in the crosshairs.


Bill White

In another effort to gag “the right wing” through censorship and intimidation, Bill White**, commander of the American National SocialistWorkers’ Party, reports non-stop efforts to silence him and his followers. White is serving prison time for expressing unpopular opinions.
“This spring and summer we endured eight separate legal challenges accusing us of civil rights violations, threats, harassment, intimidation and other imagined ‘crimes’ against Negro political figures, anti-racist activists, and the federal government,” White wrote to supporters. “The real issue here is our First Amendment, which supposedly guarantees freedom of speech. The federal government has become a tool for minority, speical interest pressure groups.”


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** Contact White by writing to: Bill White, Commander, American National SocialistWorkers’ Party, P.O. Box 8601, Roanoke,VA 24014.

. . ..Victor Thorn is a freelance journalist based in Pennsylvania. He is the author of numerous books about the New World Order and 9-11. These books include New World Order Exposed, New World Order Illusion, 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Connection to 9-11; 9-11 On Trial; 9-11 Exposed and AFP's Phantom Flight 93 and Other Astounding 9-11 Mysteries Explored. He is also author of Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume. All are available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS at 202-547-5585; toll free 1-888-699-NEWS. Thorn was, along with Lisa Guliani, a founder of WINGTV Network. He is also a member of the advisory board of THE BARNES REVIEW magazine.

(Issue #45, November 10, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

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