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The "Establishment" has not only been "federalizing" local police in preparation for martial law, but it has also indoctrinated Boy Scouts to take on American veterans as "terrorists"

30 Years Ago Polish Patriots
Challenged Their Communist Rulers
With A "Solidarity Revolution"

Can Americans Learn From This Lesson?

by Jacek Szkudlarek, M. D.

8 August 2010

I happen to be old enough to remember how difficult and dangerous it was to get some scraps of truth in the communist Poland. Even as late as the 70's and 80's you had to have good friends involved in underground publishing to get some independent, political material. Short wave radio was a window of sorts to the world; we listened to “Radio Free Europe” and “Voice of America” which gave some semblance of truth despite the fact that both were propaganda fronts for outfits like CIA. We knew it well but still, this was better than the Polish equivalents of “Pravda” newspaper. No Internet then...

The strikes of 1980 started in selected big factories and spread like tsunami to virtually all big factories in Poland.

Subsequently, the “SOLIDARITY” movement was born in the shipyards of Gdansk and Szczecin. Factory workers and the so called “working intelligentsia” were for the first time united under one banner of the anti-communist Freedom movement. Eventually full 10 million people became members of “Solidarity” out of some 37 million citizens.
“SOLIDARITY” was officially but truculently acknowledged by the communists as a trade union but became a political movement par excellence; it was a political party, a Freedom movement, a school of self-organizing, a great publisher of political literature and more. Least of all was it a trade union.

For one and a half year the communist rulers of Poland and their Soviet masters had to tolerate an abominable foreign body, an island of Freedom in the middle of the Warsaw Pact.

And it all happened despite, or because, we had no firearms. But when I think of it, it was not a bad thing, as explained below.
Those were extremely hot days with constant fear of Martial Law and of the Soviet intervention.

Paradoxically, our “SOLIDARITY” may be seen as a prototype of the “color revolutions” of the recent years.

Just as the “color revolutions”, prior to, and during the Revolution, we got some help from the American and other Western organizations, also from the CIA. Those small investments from the West gave a tremendous return. For a price of a few smuggled copy machines, some printing paper and ink as well as the help to coordinate our efforts via “Radio Free Europe” and “VoA” the Soviet Bloc was trembling on the verge of a major disaster. Those few paltry xeroxes and printing paper (which were illegal to possess) fell on an extremely fertile and well-prepared ground and had incredibly strong impact. The Polish David was giving a black eye to the Soviet Goliath with an American xerox.
Nowadays, Soros and his ilk have been pumping millions or billions of dollars into Ukraine, Georgia and other former Soviet republics in order to stir phony “revolutions” and destabilize Russia, happily with only meager and temporary effect.

We were also emboldened by the very existence of powerful moral supporters in the Free World such as the “Polish” Pope John Paul II and the strongly anti-communist Ronald Reagan.

Without this duo, we would probably not have had guts enough to go full speed ahead with “SOLIDARITY” and everything that followed. The Pope was our blessing. The Revolution started just a year after his first visit to Poland in 1979 when he had drawn millions to open-air masses. It was then that the people became aware how many and how united they were against our phony leaders.

Eventually, 1½ years after the start of our Revolution everything got smashed by an incredibly effective imposition of Martial Law by the Polish People's Army.

The military preparations had been very thorough and secretive, and we had only a vague idea of what was going on. The Martial Law came suddenly and was totally stunning. All the major leaders of “Solidarity” and other independent organizations have been dragged from their beds in the middle of ONE night, taken into police and military buses, and thrown into provisory concentration camps. All schools have been closed and there was a strict curfew at night.
Before it was all over, there were only sporadic, disorganized protests and strikes with very few killed, and more arrested.
The sheer rapidity of the imposition of ML precluded any organized resistance. Besides, we had no firearms. Again, in hindsight it was a blessing. Many if not most military people, including general officers have been correct and behaved honorably. I can't even imagine what could have happen had we had weapons. I presume that armed militias would have sprang up and eventually the Soviet intervention would have been inevitable, with tragic consequences for the nation.
The whole top of state bureaucracy and media have been militarized. Initially, all telephones were dead and the only media available were one TV and one radio channel. The “news” have been read by presenters in military uniforms. The military presence in the cities was huge, complete with battle tanks in the streets. As it was a cold winter, people fraternized with the freezing soldiers-draftees, and supplied them with warm soup and sometimes even with extra pair of socks or a scarf.
“Normal” life was returning slowly and the nation was waking up to the reality of drab existence in chains, again.

Still, many structures of free society have been created and tried, and many natural leaders made themselves known to the people during the short period of relative freedom.

It turned out that there were plenty of excellent economists, administrators, journalists, etc. to man an alternative administration of the country, if necessary.
Poland was never to be the same. The communist nomenklatura lived on borrowed time and they knew it. Because of that the communists were increasingly tolerant of alternative expressions and carefully avoided pitch battles with the society.
Our side in turn, knowing full well that the days of communism were counted, concentrated on spreading anti-communist literature and organizing, organizing, organizing.
Eight years later, when it was apparent that the Empire – the USSR – was mortally wounded by the economic crisis and the tragic Afghan War, the whole “SOLIDARITY” movement was suddenly reborn, fully capable of taking political power, possessing unquestioned authority and support of the overwhelming majority of the society.

The Freedom movement was more than able within a few months, and quietly, to remove and replace the communist power structure. The polical system was changed into a European-style parliamentary democracy.


I think there are many similarities between Poland of the 1980's and America today, but there are also tremendous differences.
An average citizen of People's Republic of Poland was not desperately poor or unemployed. Despite the stereotypes, life under late communism in Poland was materially tolerable. There were few luxuries but the basal needs were met. Except vagrants, there were no hungry or homeless. You did not have to fear bankruptcy if you fell ill - the socialized medicine was available to all for “free”; true, not the top notch of medical science, but a decent and quite reliable service, particularly in emergency situations.
The whole society was literate and a large proportion was well educated and well informed, despite censorship and absence of Internet. The communist media were totally discredited, derided and, frankly, unattractive. It was impossible to sit in front of a TV-set for hours on end and get hypnotized, as it happens in America today. All the people (including communists themselves) knew that media lied and nobody took “The News” seriously.
What was most important, the society was actually more monolithic than its rulers. Poland after WW2 became a state of one nationality and one, strong religion, without minorities of any consequence. Roman Catholic Church and the clergy have been tolerated throughout the 50 years of communism for fear of open rebellion. Throughout the communist “Night” the numerous churches have been the real centers of independent, anti-communist thought and organizing work, and the illegal opposition could find shelter and protection of the Church.
The communists themselves, the administrators of the province of Poland for the Soviet Empire, have been ethnic Poles (at least during late communism) and, even though fairly corrupt, they were not exactly stupid. They knew perfectly well that they owed their power in Poland to the predatory Empire, and absent that, their personal fate might be very uncertain. Many were uncomfortable with the situation, despite material incentives. I have personally never met a real, ideologically convinced communist during my life in Poland in the 70-80's, not one. This moral ambiguity and ideological vacuum, as well as the fact that the administrators had their roots solidly in the “normal” society contributed greatly to the peaceful demise of communism in Poland.
By the same token, very early on, the communists decided not to push ahead with collectivization of agriculture. The effect was spectacular: Poland was always self sufficient in food (despite forced exports to the rest of the Soviet bloc). And when Poland shook off the plan economy in 1989, there were millions of independent farmers, used to think and act as small businessmen and ready to compete on the free market. This, I think is the main secret why Poland's economy has been doing so well ever since the 1990s.

The main difference between Poland of 1980's and the USA of 2010 is the incredible atomization of the American society in every possible way.

No ethnic or independent political group is strong and determined enough to get organized into an opposition force able to challenge the elitist oligarchy. “Divide et impera” is working wonders in America. The country was created and constituted by White North-Western Europeans, until mid-XX century or later an unquestioned majority and role model for the newcomers. Nowadays this is a rapidly shrinking group. The elitist propaganda did their best to kill any idea of common ethnic interest and purpose among European Whites. White Americans have been successfully deprived of their cultural heritage and force-fed with various guilt complexes.
On the other hand, the politically conscious Mexicans, or Latinos generally, seem to be driven by the brilliant idea that the White man, rich or poor, is their only enemy and that the ideal outcome of any internal conflagration would be to carve a solid portion of the American South and turn it into Mexico from which they had fled in search for better life among the Gringos.
The Blacks have been taught to hate (OK, dislike) the Whites, for their past sins. It doesn't matter that no owners of Black slaves are alive today. Even less does it mean that only a minuscule proportion of Whites are descendants of slave owners or traders. All Whites seem to be perceived as inherently evil and potentially or actually racist.
The numerically insignificant but politically powerful Jewish minority, due to a strong sense of ethnic unity is able to effectively influence political life for their own interests. The reflexive support of Israel by a majority of American Jews takes precedence before internal American problems. However, quite a few American Jews are painfully aware of the pathology of the American political System and are valuable members of the Patriot movement. It would be an irreparable harm to the cause of Liberty, not to speak of morality, if gross antisemitism took hold of the American Revolution.


One thing is popping up in my mind immediately. The NECESSITY to find unity and forge alliances, even with a very low common denominator.
America is, deplorably, a “multicultural” society, and I mean “deplorably” not because of racism but because no matter how “good” or accomplished various ethnic minorities are, it is quite difficult to unite people across ethnic boundaries. One can arguably say that all Americans regardless ethnicity do have a common enemy - a tiny bunch of Illuminists.
But to understand the implications and act upon them seems almost impossible for many. Nevertheless, I would strongly encourage all good, hyphenated or not, Americans to make conscious efforts to reach to other groups. If conspiracy researchers are right, and I am quite afraid they are, everybody are on the same express train heading towards a sort of gigantic Auschwitz, aka the New World Order. It's high time to start rattle the wagons together and derail the vehicle.

There is no doubt in my mind that the deep ethnic animosities are carefully cultivated by the Illuminist elite in order to prevent any cross-ethnic alliances. Therefore this particular problem should be a priority for any true Patriot.

One observation is, unfortunately, not particularly applicable to the US anymore: the most effective way to challenge “the System” in Poland was to stop and occupy large factories which became fortresses. No police or military dared to smash expensive machinery or kill skilled workers. The factories were often monopolists in the production of some vital materials like tank engines, military airplane parts, warships etc. for the whole communist bloc.
Is it possible to start a sit-in strike in Boeing factories? Probably but not very likely. Worth thinking about at least, but you have to find many other bottlenecks of the System to stop it effectively. Now you understand why the Illuminists have moved all the heavy industry to China?
Another observation is that a large part of the administrators and enforcers of this New World Order or Banker Utopia are quite aware of the immorality, even criminality of the System. Try to reach to them and you may be surprised. That is also why I strongly discourage any talk about armed fight or preparations for it. This is only bound to estrange potential friends and allies who now serve the System. Any conflagration is getting real nasty when blood starts running and battle lines get drawn very tight.
No chances to switch sides then.
This has not happened in Poland and maybe this explains the smooth transition, eventually.

I am of course not discouraging possession and proficiency in the use of firearms. I am only trying to say that a successful Second Revolution is not going to be won by sharpshooters but by intelligent and patient planners, negotiators and peaceful protesters.

The Second American Revolution may not achieve its goals all at once. This is also one of very useful lessons from Poland. But eventually, the System will fall under its own rotten weight, helped by Patriotic Americans. Its corruption, immorality and depravity are just too great, too inhuman for this monstrosity to keep standing. Have you watched Soviet Union disintegrate in front of your eyes, despite all predictions of Kremlinologists (and a certain D. Rumsfeld) of how powerful the USSR was?
God Bless America! (She needs it)


Additional References

The following are links to articles supplied by William Fox, editor of America First Books, that provide additional background or perspectives on various issues raised in this article:

2010-06-17 The Orthodox Nationalist: The Fall of Poland (Download of the MP3 here), by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson. This talk show discusses the following:
* The fall of Poland
* Jews in Polish history
* the nobles in Polish history
* the causes of Poland’s fall at the end of the 18th century
In Poland, a corrupted nobility allowed the Jews to set up a ruling class just beneath them that entitled Jews to monopolize business and exploit gentiles who were not part of the nobility as lowly serfs. According to Dr. Johnson, this social model became a "working prototype" for the Jews that they would later try to install in other countries, to include the U.S.
According to Dr. Szkudlarek, something like 80% of world Jewry today are descended from Jews who once lived in Polish territory.
Many right wingers infer that this historic experience provided "training wheels" for the Jewish vision of Bolshevism and a global New World Order dictatorship headquartered in Jerusalem where Jews comprise some kind of master class over the rest of humanity.
2009-11-06 The Orthodox Nationalist: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. (Download MP3 here).
* The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in the 1940s and 1950s
* Moral nature of social nationalism
Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson argues in this show, as well as other shows, that the rise of Ukrainian nationalism was a major factor in the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. In contrast to Poland, which found a religious rallying point in the Catholic Church, Ukraine found unity in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
2009-05-14 Boy Scouts Train to Become Homeland Gestapo by Kurt Nimmo,
2006-12-19 A History Channel documentary on the Scots-Irish in Appalachia The so-called "Miners Wars" of West Virginia of the early 1920's provide a fascinating "case study" counterpart to the Solidarity experience in Poland. The miners used a combination of union organization and armed struggle to advance their social and political objectives in the face of overwhelming federal, state, and corporate force. See the Wikipedia article listing for the Battle of Blair Mountain below.
1996 The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax by Eustace Mullins. According to this view of history, one reason why Solidarity finally succeeded, and the Soviet Union collapsed and broke apart fairly peacefully, is the highest level controllers in the City of London, New York, and Tel Aviv had finally decided that Cold War paradigm involving the "soft Left" ("modern liberal") United States against the "hard Left" ("communist") Soviet Union was doomed, so they would need to invent a new paradigm involving "neo-conservatism" (an ideological center piece of the George Soros "color revolutions") to re-invade Russian as Zionist kleptocrats in the 1990's and later start the G.W.O.T. (Global War on Terror) on 9/11 as part of the "Project For a New American Century."
A "soft Left" vs. "hard Left" global ideological conflict was beneficial to the state of Israel, since it would "justify" maintain a global imperial U.S. military force large enough to protect Israel and serve Jewish interests, but at the same time steer Americans away from any form of white nationalist ideology that might question Jewish domination of global banking and media and demand accountability from the Jewish state.

Wikipedia Articles:

Battle of Blair Mountain "The Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest open class war in US history, and was the second largest overall armed insurrection next to the Civil War. For five days in late August and early September 1921, in Logan County, West Virginia, between 10,000 and 15,000 coal miners confronted an army backed by coal operators in an effort to unionize the southwestern West Virginia coalfields. Their struggle ended only after approximately one million rounds were fired,[1] and the US Army intervened by presidential order....
...In the long-term, the battle raised awareness of the appalling conditions faced by miners in the dangerous West Virginia coalfields, and led directly to a change in union tactics into political battles to get the law on labor's side via confrontations with recalcitrant and abusive managements and thence to the much larger organized labor victory a few years later during the New Deal in 1933. That in turn led to the UMWA helping organize many better-known unions such as the Steel workers during the mid-thirties.
In the final analysis, management's success was a pyrrhic victory that helped lead to a much larger and stronger organized labor movement in many other industries and labor union affiliations and umbrella organizations like the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). The Battle of Blair Mountain was an important part of the labor movement. In April 2008, Blair Mountain was chosen for the list of protected places on the National Register of Historic Places. This decision has been contested by the state of West Virginia, therefore this nomination is currently under review."
Solidarity (Polish trade union)
Lech Walesa "Lech Walesa (Polish pronunciation: ['l?x va'w?~sa] Lech Walesa.ogg (help·info); born 29 September 1943) is a Polish politician, trade-union organizer, and human-rights activist. A charismatic leader, he co-founded Solidarity (Solidarnosc), the Soviet bloc's first independent trade union, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, and served as President of Poland 1990–95.[1]"

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