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Pastor Dan Johns
Interview with

Cyndi Steele
and Her Lawyer
Wesley Hoyt

23 January 2011


Editor's Notes and transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books

Pastor Dan Johns: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to "By Yahweh's Design." I am Pastor Dan, your host for one hour, live radio broadcast. And as always we dedicate this program to Yahweh, our heavenly Father. The great "I am." We also dedicate it to his holy remnant, the believing sons and daughters of Jacob Israel, also known as the Caucasian peoples of the world. Hallelujah! "Praise Yahweh!" in ancient or paleo-Hebrew. Today is the 23rd of January, year 2011, and we have entitled today's program, "Interview with Cyndi Steele," and hopefully they will be calling in here very, very soon. In fact I think they already have. If you have a comment or question during this interview, please use one of these two methods to contact us here. On the blog screen, if you are listening, via audio streaming on your computer, you can type the question in. If you would precede your question with Pastor - space - Dan, I can see it quicker because it shows up in yellow on my screen. And if you have the question directed either towards Cyndi herself or her attorney, Wesley Hoyt, who is also joining us, you can put that in your question as to who you would like to answer the question. This station handles simultaneous calls, up to 300, so feel free to call in as well, either to listen or to ask a question. The call in number is area code 724-444-7444. And the caller ID is 25929. And again this is going to be an interview with the wife of the attorney Edgar Steele. And I am sure most of you know that story and what the propagandists told you. And Cyndi and her attorney Wesley Hoyt are here to dispel those rumors, propaganda, etc. Now let them un-mute their phones. OK, central Colorado, you are on the line. Is this Wesley?
Wesley Hoyt: Wesley Hoyt speaking.
Pastor Dan: OK, let me turn up my volume a little bit. OK, we have Wesley and let's see, Idaho, is that Cyndi?
Cyndi Steele: Yes.
Pastor Dan: OK, welcome to the program.
Mrs. Steele: Well, thank you for having me on your program.
Pastor Dan: Well, we dedicated this program over ten years ago to our heavenly Father Yahweh and to truth. And we have interviewed well over 600 people in those years since then. That is pretty much what we are all about. So Cyndi, if you want to start things off by just giving the listening audience a brief introduction as to who you are and what this is all about. That would be very good at this point.
Mrs. Steele: Well, my name is Denise Steele. I am the wife of Edgar Steele who is currently being railroaded by the government. I am the person that had a bomb on my car for three weeks last May and June in 2010. I was driving around 18 days with that bomb through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon with one of the largest pipe bombs ever seen by the BATFE. The FBI didn't tell me, or take any action to protect me or the public and neither did the guy who attached the bomb to my car who was Larry Fairfax, or his attorney Judge James Michaud, or Fairfax's accomplices didn't warn me about the bomb. And --
Pastor Dan: How did?
Mrs. Steele: Go ahead --
Pastor Dan: How did you come to know who put it on there?
Cyndi: After he was arrested after the day that I found the bomb on my car.
Pastor Dan: Oh, OK.
Mrs. Steele: And through this, the FBI has tried to persuade me that Fairfax is really the good guy. The Idaho pipe bomber. They are trying to convince me that he is really the good guy who tried to save my life.
Pastor Dan: Boy, that's a stretch.
Mrs. Steele: Well, it is. I don't believe that planting a bomb on anybody's car or anything and then failing to tell them that there is this explosive device that could kill them is within the definition of a "good guy."
Pastor Dan: Correct.
Mrs. Steele: You know, this was attempted murder, and they are refusing to charge him with attempted murder, or any other serious offense. In fact, on February 7th, 2010 at the Federal Court House at Coeur de Alene, instead of receiving --I am sorry, 2011-- he is going to have a sentencing hearing, and instead of receiving the 20 to 30 year sentence -- he richly deserves -- Fairfax will be sentenced to serve no more than 18 months in a country club penitentiary. And he is going to get credit for time served since his arrest on June 15th when I found the bomb on my car last summer. And he is likely going to serve less than a year.
Pastor Dan: Let me ask you Cyndi, if you or I had put a bomb like that on somebody's car, how long would we be rotting in jail?
Mrs. Steele:Well, you know the 20-30 years is only for the manufacturing and possession of firearms, as they put it. I am not sure what the sentencing is for attempted murder, but a lot more than that.
Attorney Wesley Hoyt: Can I please address that? This is Wesley Hoyt, I am Cyndi's attorney, and Pastor Dan and I are very grateful to be on the show with you this morning and have an opportunity to present the truth to your audience, but you have asked the ultimate question in this case. If you or I did that or if Edgar Steele did that, and that is really the ultimate question here, is, did Edgar Steele -- did Cyndi's husband -- arrange to have that bomb put on her car. And they are trying to put Edgar Steele away for the twenty to thirty years, but the man who actually did it who had a motive -- you'll see, I think the story will come out that this Mr. Fairfax actually who admitted that he put the bomb on the car -- he -- and who is going to get this sweat heart of a plea bargain deal -- he is the one that is the culprit and had stolen significant property from the Steeles and was trying to cover it up. That is what is really going on here. You have got a thief who is trying to cover up his theft by accusing Mr. Steele of plotting murder against his wife and his mother in law, which is totally phony. You'll hear how phony it is in just a minute. I mean, the Federal government cannot get the story straight. They keep telling different stories every time they open their mouths. They are lying. And they have changed what they say is the motive for the crime over and over again because it doesn't fit. It can't happen. It is impossible, and so they keep changing the facts to try -- or the allegations to try -- and get the facts. And the facts are that Edgar Steele is completely innocent and his wife is the victim of this neighbor who is their handyman who worked for them and stole a lot of property from them and then turned around and in order to cover it up, blamed Mr. Steele for a murder for hire plot. And it looks like he intended to have the bomb blow Mrs. Steele up so that there would be no one to complain. So you asked the right question. They are wanting Mr. Steele to spend 20 or 30 years in jail for this fictitious crime, and the man who really needs to spend the time in jail is Mr. Fairfax who is the government witness and also you need to know as the government informant he is being treated with kid gloves and actually he is being paid. They are allowing him to keep the booty. What he stole from the Steeles, he gets to keep, because they won't prosecute him for his theft. So it is well over $40,000 in cash that he stole from them. Actually it was silver savings -- in their home, and he gets to keep that, because the government -- this is the way they do things now -- this is the new technique. What we have to understand is that they have a playbook that they are operating by, and they are doing these cases over and over again, putting innocent people in jail. And why are they doing that Because they have to pay back the revenue bonds on the prison industry, and that is a whole other topic, Pastor Dan, and we would love to talk about that some other time, but let me turn the time back over to Cyndi. I am sorry for monopolizing.
Pastor Dan: That's OK, Wesley. I have got two quick questions, though. One, is this Fairfax character Jewish by any chance? That is what one of the listening audience wanted to know. And the other thing I would like for you to tell me, this sounds so much like the case against Richard Butler when Edgar was defending him so many years ago. It sounds almost identical. Your comment?
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, number one, frankly we don't know if Mr. Fairfax is Jewish, but we will say this, he is related to, he is a cousin of Bill Maher, who is the comedian, and it turns out that another cousin by the name of James Maher is also a neighbor of Mrs. Steele's home -- very close to Mrs. Steele's home -- and this James Maher, it turns out, was an accomplice of Mr. Fairfax. What it looks like is that Mr. Fairfax stole the money and thought, "Oh, I have got to cover this up, went to his cousin, James Maher, the neighbor, and the two of them went out on a mission to try and see why the bomb hadn't blown up, and a bunch of crazy stuff. And it looks like they even have involved their famous cousin the comedian in this deal somehow or other. The evidence hasn't come out yet, and the trial is on March 7th. And that is what we are shooting for here. We are getting ready for trial, and we are trying to hire the most qualified attorney to defend Edgar Steele, because even though the government has egg on its face, and should be embarrassed and turn tail and run, they are standing up to this case and pretending that it is a valid case. And so that forces Edgar Steele who has been in jail for seven months in solitary confinement, isolated and silenced, and that is one of the things that they accomplished by arresting him -- was silencing Edgar Steele -- and so you have a situation where Mr. Steele can't even speak for himself, can't participate in his own defense, and it is part of a game that the government plays. What they did when they arrested him is they said, "OK -- they had a bond hearing -- they said this man does not deserve a bond because he had a "list," a "list" of people he was going to kill, including his wife and mother-in-law, and therefore he is a danger to the public and we can't let him go. Well, the truth is that they pulled this list business out every time they arrest an innocent person and put him in jail. I represented a man back in, excuse me, in the year 2005 -- same exact scenario -- he was innocent, but they held him in jail so that he couldn't participate in his own defense. They said, "He had a list of people he was going to kill," so the judge wouldn't give him a bond. So you have got a bad situation here, and there are some organizations, the SPLC which is backed by a lot of Jewish people, and then you have the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League, that was actively putting out death threats against Edgar Steele and his wife Cyndi back during the year 2000 and on after he represented Richard Butler. You are going to hear more about this from Ms. Steele. I am sorry, I do not mean to take away from her case, this is her story. I am representing Mrs. Steele strictly because she was denied her rights as a victim of the Idaho pipe bomber, this Larry Fairfax. The government would not honor her rights, and I had to come in and represent her to make them honor her rights as a victim to make sure that she was not being made worse by this case.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely, absolutely. Well we are going to lift both you and Cyndi and the whole family up in prayer both during the program and off the air. The members of our community, the Israelite community, are all going to keep you guys in our prayers. Obviously you are in the thick of the battle with the beast, and most of us that know this message know what that is like, and we are very familiar with the travesty that was done to Edgar because of his defense of Richard Butler and what happened to Richard Butler and the people up there in Idaho. So we are very familiar with all of that. Cyndi, we have hogged the mike here for a while, so we are going to turn it back to you and let you tell us what you want us to know here.
Mrs. Steele: I appreciate Wes' input because he can talk about things that I do not have the ability to, and he can give some kind of [deep background explanation regarding] what is happening here, you know, besides trying to give us Fairfax, the soft plea deal, because, you know he is being the government fall guy in trying to convince me that Fairfax is a good guy, the FBI has done their best to try to persuade me with false evidence that my husband of twenty five years. You know we have been married 25 years, and like in the last six months prior to his arrest I had got done saving after four surgeries. He was very sick, two of his surgeries were life threatening. One aortic aneurysm, and another aneurysm in his head which was, I mean, it is a miracle of God that he lived through those. And they are trying to convince me that he is the bad guy who supposedly plotted with Fairfax to kill me and my mother.
Pastor Dan: Well, it shows their hypocrisy. You know in the Book of Luke it tells us that the children of Yahweh are to beware the leaven of the Pharisees, and we all know that Pharisees and Sadducees are basically euphemisms for the modern day Jews. It says, "Just beware the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy." And Joshua, Jesus the Christ, also told us that we could judge people by their fruits, and these people are obviously humongous hypocrites and liars and bear nothing but dirty rotten fruit. I think that too many people forget the significance. When you are dealing with Jews, who pray the Kol Nidre prayer every year which allows them to lie under oath, our people need to be aware of the fact that you are dealing with Satan's own kids. These people have no conscience. They are hypocrites. They will manufacture anything. You are talking about the lowest of low as far as people's character when you are talking about people of the Jewish faith.
Mrs. Steele: Well, you know, and that is why I really want to proclaim my gratitude and have through this whole thing here and now and thank God, because that lethal bomb, I thank God because that lethal bomb did not explode when I drove over a pot hole or a bump in the road or if it had gotten too hot during that three weeks. I was told by the BATFE special agent Todd Smith that that lethal pipe bomb could have killed everyone around me. Just not me if it had exploded. And I was going through traffic, I traveled over a thousand miles passing schools, hospitals, business areas, residential areas, and it was not just me that was in danger. There were a lot of people who were in danger and could have been hurt if that had exploded and could have died. And God is good, and He can and does perform great miracles in the lives of his people, and he performed a great miracle for me and the innocent people around me during those three weeks in May and June.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely. If it wasn't for our heavenly Father, his miracles and his protection, we would all be in sad shape. The thing that gets me is the hypocrisy of this whole thing. Edgar Steele is accused, he is not guilty yet, but he has been accused of supposedly a conspiracy and yet the man who actually made the device and threatened multiple people's lives is being treated with kid gloves. What does that tell you? It is an inside job. He is working for them, and these people brought down three buildings in New York in 2001, killing over 3,000 people. They have no conscience. In order to get their agenda through, they will kill multiple thousands of people. So it does not surprise me that they would pull a stunt like this. But what surprises me is the obvious hypocrisy not evident to other people. I mean the media and the people at large seem to be unable to think any more. Why can' they --
Mrs. Steele: The local media won't -- the only thing they are printing is anything that is -- I lost the word --
Pastor Dan: Is detrimental --
Mrs. Steele: Is vilifying --
Attorney Hoyt: It is propaganda. Whatever the government puts out, they print. We actually had in my other case, Pastor Dan, we actually had a publisher tell -- we were trying to say "Why won't you guys print the truth, why won't you at least print the opposition, print what we say about the case rather than just what the government says." And he said, "No, we and all the rest of the newspaper people in this country, we only print what the government puts out, because then we are safe."
Mrs. Steele: You know I have been trying to get the Bonner Daily Bee to print a response that I wrote to an article that they put in, and it has been a month, and they have yet to print that. Because they only want to give the government side. They don't want to give my side, to be able to put out what is really going on with this case.
Attorney Hoyt: Pastor Dan, you have got to know this Bonner County Daily Bee which is the local newspaper up there in the Sand Point area promised they would print an article -- she wrote a rebuttal to one of their articles, and it was about over a thousand words, and they said if you can cut that to 500 words we will print it. Well, that was what, three weeks ago Cyndi?
Mrs. Steele:Well, yes, it was a good three weeks ago, because their article was printed on Dec 17th and it probably took me no more than a week to get that written.
Attorney Hoyt: Well you know what, Pastor Dan? One thing that needs to be said here because what you said a moment ago is this whole fall guy concept, and why they are giving such a sweet heart deal, and why they are treating this man with such kid gloves. And the answer is that the government needs Larry Fairfax to cover up for them. You see, she was driving around for three weeks with this lethal pipe bomb, the largest one seen by the BATFE ever. And if it had blown up, it would have done so much damage -- they can't afford, the FBI cannot afford to be exposed for knowing that she had this bomb in her car. But what is amazing is that it was discovered immediate before she went to the court house before a scheduled court appearance, when her husband was appearing in court. It was on the 15th day of June, and what happened was that she went to an oil change garage because she had a little extra time. They discovered the bomb. The repair man called her, got under the car, and said, "Oh my goodness, what is this?" And so on. The point is, if it hadn't been for that intervening event, if the Lord hadn't intervened and she hadn't had this inspiration to get the oil changed, she would have driven up in front of the Federal Court Building with that bomb under her car. Now Pastor Dan, we can imagine what the consequences of that might have been. But here is the real issue: Did the FBI know, and was it the FBI that wanted her to drive her car in front of that court house with that bomb under the car for some diabolical unexplained purpose. Think about the Christmas Tree bomber just less than a month ago in Portland where the FBI manufactured the bomb, the FBI funded Mohamed Osman Mohamud. They encouraged him to do this, so of course he was a young Muslim and he thought this might be a good way to get some fame, I guess. I don't know, he participated in it. But they funded and created the whole crime. Then the FBI shows up, and they "saved" the whole country or Portland from this horrible event that they created themselves. It is like a fireman who goes and lights a fire, and then goes back to the fire house and comes out with a fire truck and claims credit for it. Now there is a name for that, and if one of your listeners happens to know, there is actually a psychological condition for somebody that has to do that. But the point is, you just wonder, what did the FBI intend? Well, they can't afford to be exposed right now to the truth, which is they knew about this bomb for about three weeks. And so therefore the FBI is using Mr. Fairfax, their fall guy, as a witness to say, "Oh, well, I forgot." See, he came forward. He has got a judge representing him. Imagine that, a judge acting as an attorney, representing this criminal who has a long, long history of cheating people. You talk about a low life, this guy cheated insurance companies, burned down his house, dropped a tree on his truck. He got insurance money for the house, got insurance money for the truck, all kinds of cases of people he went to work for and cheated them. He is really a low-life guy. And so he is represented by this judge, who by the way, ended up coming to a court hearing and testifying in his favor. Now when do judges testify to the character of people? This case has so much craziness in it, Pastor Dan, you cannot even understand what is going on, but they really wanted to treat him with kid gloves. So the point is that on the eighth of June, that is seven days prior to the date that Cyndi Steele discovered the bomb, on the eighth day of June, the FBI supposedly gets a call from Judge Michaud, who says, "Oh, I have got a client, and he has been involved in some criminal activity. And he is going to come forward." Well you would think that he would have told them about the bomb, but no, he keeps that a secret. He says that, and this is the key, this is why they need the fall guy, he is now pretending that he did not tell the FBI about that, so the FBI can use plausible deniability and say, "Oh, we didn't know about that bomb on the eight day of June." Well, the truth is that we think the FBI knew full well about the bomb but considering the amount of public risk that they exposed the people from three states to this bomb by not informing Mrs. Steele, not going out and inspecting the vehicle, not taking the bomb off the car prior to the day she found it on the 15th at the oil change garage, we think that they know how much trouble they will be in and so they have got to have Larry Fairfax testify for them that, "Oh Golly Gee, I did not tell -- Gosh, I promised to come forward, and the Judge just told them I was going to tell the whole truth, and given all the criminal enterprise that I have been involved in -- but no, I just forgot. I didn't tell them about the bomb." I mean, what kind of stupid story is this guy going to tell? The point is that the FBI was setting up something and they have really been caught, and they have egg on their face, and they have to have this fall guy, so they have to treat him with kid gloves, don't you see?
Pastor Dan: Right. You know, to those who are listening to this, it is paramount that people understand that at the root to all of this is our disobedience to our Father, and part of that disobedience is also we disobeyed George Washington and Benjamin Franklin who told us that we would have nothing but travail if we allowed the Jews in here, because every European country has kicked them out through the centuries. At least once, many of them twice or three times because of their nefarious deeds. And we just don't learn that lesson. We are dumber than rocks in this country. And we seem to think this multi-culturalism and everything and we have accepted this white guilt, and it is crazy. It is destroying us. These people do these kinds of things. And we will never have a free press in this country as long as it is controlled by Jews. It is just never going to happen. And people have to learn that. Even in the Scripture, if the churches today would only teach that truth. Our Messiah told us that many things were done, and the prophets even talked about it. And even in the days of Christ when he walked with us, they did things for fear of the Jews. In fact Messiah himself even at times left crowds for fear of the Jews. That is the kind of power they had. That is the kind of lying and subterfuge that these people are involved with. And why today we do not seem to understand that. Instead, we listen to these lying preachers, these detestable, pusillanimous preachers. Sitting there, telling us they are God's Chosen People when the Book of Obadiah tells us what they are Chosen for: utter destruction. Obadiah verse 18. Utter destruction. These people, anything that they have their hands into will be involved with intrigue, assassination, bribery, lying, propaganda. And so you are never going to get the truth out there and you are never going to be playing on a level playing field when you are dealing with them. And we have to learn how to fight. We have to do like one Christian friend of mine down in Alabama told me one time, we have got to learn to take the gloves off. We keep thinking we are fighting a fair fight with somebody who is wanting to do this fight on level terms. We have to understand we are dealing with criminals. Criminals! Criminals!!! And we have got to learn to take the gloves off. OK, I am done ranting, you guys can have the mike back. [Laughter].
Mrs. Steele: Well, you know the FBI is doing its best. They are trying to cover up what they have done. You know they are trying to cover up what they have done in their participation in this by breaking up my family. They have been keeping my husband in solitary confinement in Spokane County jail without bond for the last seven months. They insist that he is a liar and that he is guilty of this murder for hire plot. You know, all my husband's adult life in the 27 year legal career, it has been based on integrity. I have been married to him for 25 of that 27 years. He is a First Amendment lawyer, who has represented many politically incorrect people. You know who has also been falsely accused by the government for crimes that did not exist, crimes that people didn't commit.
Pastor Dan: Right.
Mrs. Steele: You know --
Pastor Dan: Cyndi, let me ask you right quick, what is the best thing we have folks who are listening in live. We are going to have a bigger, bigger number that are going to listen to the downloads of this program later on. What is it we can do, those of us that love the truth and justice and know what is really going on in this world -- what can we do for you and Edgar?
Attorney Hoyt: Pastor Dan, let me first address that, because I don't think Mrs. Steele really likes to ask for money, but that really is what it comes down to. Filthy lucre. I am sorry but we are just over a month away from trial, and we are trying to hire the best attorney qualified to do it. We have raised almost $70,000. We need $250,000. Not just for the attorney, which is very important, we also need the money because we have to hire expert witnesses. We have to hire an audio expert because they have these phony tapes that they ginned up that they took Ed's voice off of the Internet and then they remixed it. And you can take somebody's words and they will be saying anything in a moment, like there is a funny article that says, they can take your voice, and in just five minutes, have you claiming you murdered a hundred nuns and you are about to blow up the Vatican. I mean its crazy, but it is just a few sound bytes and then the technology is such that they can manipulate it. Well, they did it in this case. So we have to have an audio expert. We need an explosives expert. These people are very expensive. And then we need the best criminal defense possible. So ten bucks would really help. I mean there is a web site, and it is They can go there, and they can see, they can do a PayPal. If you do PayPal, put $12 bucks on, because they take a couple of bucks out of each contribution. But you know, if you can afford $50 or $100, we have been appealing to people all across this nation. People actually around the world. We have had people respond from as far away as Armenia. We have had money from one gracious man from Canada gave the Edgar Steele Defense Fund a thousand dollars. Somebody from Australia, etc. People from around the world are beginning to pick up on what is going on here. And we think that this is a matter of enlightened self-interest. Contributing to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund is really helping yourself. Why? Because if we can stop them here, if we can expose them here, then we can prevent them from doing this to other people. I saw them do it in 2005. Listen, I am a former prosecuting attorney. I believe in the system. I believed that people who are in the system are generally good people who act in good faith. Well, I have learned differently. I have seen them do horrible things to people. I can't believe that they would do this to people. But the point is that if we can expose this now, and say the Edgar Steele case was just a complete fraud, and hopefully we can find all the motives -- we know they are part of the New World Order stuff -- they have a lot of different motives as to why they are doing it and we already know the connections to the ADL and so on. We start exposing this, you know truth and exposure is the only defense to corruption. So that is what we need, and if the listeners can afford to send a few dollars to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund, that will really help.
Pastor Dan: Well I think everybody, even in these economic hard times, I think everybody can forego a pack of cigarettes or two, or whatever, and send a measly $10. Then again, I am not trying to push people or whatever, because everybody stands before the Father on their own. $10 or more, of course, to free Edgar. Now what about people who don't have computers. Is there an address that they can send this to, and what form of donation would you prefer? An address, and what type of donation? Check, money order, cash, what would you prefer?
Mrs. Steele: Well the only thing we don't accept, I don't have the ability to accept, are any credit cards. Any other form is good. A money order is good. If they don't have a computer, they can send it to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund. And the address is Post Office Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860. And I can tell you I appreciate every dollar because it is helping me in this struggle to free my husband who is innocent. But I also know that it is going to help to put a stop to what this government is trying to do to him or others that they will try to do in the future if we don't stop them.
Pastor Dan: Amen, Amen. And I am going to tell everybody something. I have interviewed Edgar several times years ago, especially after they started attacking him for defending Richard Butler. Edgar and I became friends and he gave us some great interviews on this program. I am going to tell everybody listening, they is no greater warrior in the fight against what is going on in our country, especially by these damnable Jews. And I am sorry, the Scriptures damn them all. I say damn them all. Edgar -- there is no greater warrior, people, than Edgar Steele in the fight against what these absolute heinous creatures are doing in our country and in our court system. Anything we can do to extricate him from that damn jail and put him back where he belongs on the streets, leading the charge, to expose these bastards, everything we can do should be done. Now one of the guests listening in said another show of support would be for our people to physically attend the trial in as large a number as we can do. Pack the court with the light of Yeshua Messiah and dispel the darkness. Amen! I have done that. I have been in the court room where there was a sister of our congregation was falsely accused. I have been in the court room, and we did not even pack it. At the time I am thinking of, there were only five of us in there. And you should have seen the terror in those people's eyes. Because they are wicked. Now Wesley thinks that most of them have good hearts. I am not so sure if that is a majority or not. But what I do know, is that the liars and the cheaters and the misfits that are in there are terrified by the presence of true believers, not the phony ones, not the "I go to church, carry a Bible, but it doesn't do a damn thing in my life." Not those kind. I am talking about the true believers that understand the Scripture that says "Be ye a doer and not a hearer only." We have got millions of hearers, and so few doers. We need more doers, and I can think of no better project for all truth seekers and freedom lovers than to assist in the extrication of Edgar from jail. So brothers and sisters, I exhort you to think about that heavily and think of either sending the funds, or being there for the trial itself. [40:39]
Mrs. Steele: And that kind of help at the trial helps me because this is a struggle to stand up to government and everybody that is trying to put my husband away. To silence him. And you know the lies I have been told by the government. I mean one of them is the FBI agent was telling me, Oh my husband "is not that well known," you know, and "he is not that big a presence in the world, and they have no reason to believe in conspiracies," and I understand my husband isn't a Brad Pitt, but you know he has people that have listened to him standing up for our First Amendment rights. Our freedom of speech and for the politically incorrect. And you know they are trying to make him as a non-important person. I had the FBI agent turn around and tell me how he didn't know who my husband was before June 8th. And he didn't know, he didn't have a clue, and as he is trying to convince me that he didn't know who my husband was, in the same breath he turns around and says, your husband is a liar. Well, if he didn't know my husband, how can he make a statement and a judgment on my husband because I can tell you my husband is not a liar and has always stood on integrity. And this guy is trying to convince me and break me so that I believe in their lies.
Attorney Hoyt: Here is the problem, Pastor Dan. Edgar Steele -- his belief system says that equal rights for all, special rights for none. The problem is that the people who are attacking him are the people who want the special rights. They want to put others down, and they want to cut everybody else's head off so that they can stand taller. So Edgar Steele is their target, and because he wrote a book called Defensive Racism, in which he is not a racist, and doesn't say he is a racist, but he has acknowledged that there are differences. There are strengths, and there are weaknesses. And because of that, you know, we are all better off. But it is an interesting approach, and he is accused of being a racist by people like the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a group that interestingly started out being a bully buster and then went after some people who were burning churches and burning crosses and lynching people. And they went after some bad people. But then they kind of ran out of bad people, and raising a lot of money, and movie stars give a lot of money to their organization, and they have got to justify their existence, so they start targeting people, and one of the people they targeted was Edgar Steele. Well of course they are working hand in glove with the ADL and you need to know, and your listeners need to know, that the Anti-Defamation League was responsible for these death threats. Not only were they death threats against Mr. Steele, but against his whole family. And specifically there are calls, you can go to the Edgar Steele web site that I gave you, that is and you can listen to these threatening phone calls. They are right on there. And these were turned over to the FBI. This was several years ago, and the FBI investigated it and they chased it right back to the phone numbers of the Anti-Defamation League, and then the FBI refused to do anything about it. Because they have sold out to the ADL. They can't go after them. And so one of the threats was against the nine year old daughter at that time, their nine year old daughter. They called her by name, and they left a message on her specific voicemail, and they called her "cupcake," and gave her a death threat. Now we are talking about the lowest of the low, making a death threat against a nine year old child? What is the problem? Why can't people wake up and see that this organization is a very hateful -- they call everybody else [hateful] -- it is the pot calling the kettle black. They are out there calling other people hatemongers when in fact they are the hatemongers.
Pastor Dan: Hypocrisy, hypocrisy! Luke Chapter 12, verse 1. Hypocrites, that is what they are. They are Jews. And the Southern Poverty Law Center is headed up by Morris Dees, himself Jewish. It is just another mouthpiece and organ for the Jews just like the ADL. It is not going to be any different. And lying is all they can do.
Attorney Hoyt: Pastor Dan, you need to know that immediately after Edgar Steele was arrested, which was back on the 11th of June, immediately there were negative media reports. What we call the lame stream media, was out there saying that Edgar Steele was basically the leader of the Aryan Nations, which is absolutely not true -- he has never been a member of the Aryan nations -- he defended them and Richard Butler, but they missed their facts. It doesn't matter if they missed their facts. But they had a fellow by the name of Mark Potok, who is the head of the intelligence section -- that is an oxymoron-- of SPLC. And he is the one that has targeted many innocent people, but including Edgar Steele. He was on a broadcast. You ought to see it. You can go and actually see that broadcast. Why would the SPLC be interested in the arrest of Edgar Steel in a purely local matter, I mean, they are from the deep South, he is from the Pacific Northwest, unless they were part of a set-up. Unless they knew it was coming and they helped arrange it, and then Mark Potok wanted to crow about it on the news media when he was interviewed and talking about what a bad person Edgar Steele was and how he was a part of the Aryan Nations, and so on. So you can see interwoven in this little tapestry is the ADL and the SPLC deeply into the plot-making side of it.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely, it was all hatched at the local synagogue. There is no mystery here. I got some questions from guests here. One guest says does Edgar plan to take the stand for the reason I mentioned above, and the reason he mentions above is that the SPLC is most likely involved, because of the Butler case. OK, that is one. Guest 17 says all the more reason for all the warriors of Yahweh to show up, and he is talking about the trial. Warriors prepare to enter the dark court, you men of Gideon's army. And we have talked about the Gideon army that is forming right now in references to Ezekial 37. Guest 17 also says that the men of Israel, Gideon's army to show up for this dark court battle will be noted by Yahweh himself for future battles. That is a good point. He also says if the men of Israel will not show up for this battle, they most assuredly are not prepared for any battle outside the dark court. And then another guest says the Jews are not Israelites, they are Edomites. And everybody listening to this program knows that. Another guest says that Potok is a sex addict. Well, he is Jewish, what do you expect? He is also a pervert, just like Morris Dees is a pervert, the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center. And that case was years ago, and it was brought to court by his own wife! The man is a pervert. And so these people are hypocrites. And the thing of it is that if their lips are moving, you should know that they are lying. We all have to --
Attorney Hoyt: Can I address one thing here?
Pastor Dan: Certainly.
Attorney Hoyt: OK, and that is we know that the battle fought by Gideon, the army that produced it [was selected by Gideon] down to 300 [elite warriors], actually never lifted a weapon. In fact, we know how that battle was won and it was because our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ went out and fought the battle and the enemy woke up and was so confused by the lights and the noise that they killed each other. Now it seems to me that we are talking about the same kind of battle here. We don't have to worry about violence or weapons. What we have to do is be prepared to stand up for the Lord. And when we do, then he fights our battles for us. And that has been His promise over and over again throughout Scriptures. That was the last point that was made. And the first point, can you refresh my recollection? The first caller. He wanted to know if Edgar Steele was going to take the stand? That is a legal question, and that is not for us to speculate about. It will be decided with his attorney when he is being properly defended. He has only had a public defender so far, and that is a sad situation. But in any event, when he gets real counsel, they will decide whether or not he will testify, and there may be some very good solid legal reasons for him not to testify, and there may be some really good solid legal reasons for him to testify, so we don't want to jump the gun on that and try to make some kind of proclamation at this point.
Pastor Dan: OK, well very good. We don't want you to do anything that would compromise either Edgar or Cyndi in any way, shape, or form. And you are right, we don't necessarily have to take up arms. But we are His battle axe and weapons of war also. And too many times modern day Christians take on this pacifism which is completely anti-Christ. Nowhere in Scripture are we to be pacifists. Nowhere in Scripture does our Father expect us not to have weapons and know how to use them. Everything in Scripture points to that. In fact in the book of Luke, he has specifically told his disciples to go out and buy swords. Why? Because he was leaving. When Yahweh himself was walking with us, of course you don't need a weapon. But he knew he was leaving. And they would have to defend themselves against heinous creatures such as this. And so all the way through the history of our people, clear up to the founding of this country, we were armed. In fact, before we even became a country, they went to church carrying a Bible in one hand, and a musket in the other. So right at this moment it may not be time for weapons, but don't ever think ladies and gentlemen that you shouldn't be skilled in the use of weaponry and know the ways of war, because Scripture tells us the day may come when indeed we will have to do that. But Wesley is right. Right now is not the time. Our heavenly Father will pick that time, not a moral man. Not me, not anybody else. Right now this battle is in the court room and as many of these guests have said here, our people need to respond. If they can't make it to the court house, then you can send $10.00. That is all we are asking. Send $10 to Edgar's defense fund. P.O. Box 1255, and that is P.O. Box 1-2-5-5, Sagle, that is S-a-g-l-e, Idaho, the abbreviation for Idaho is "ID," Indigo Delta, and the zip code is 83860. And here I am going to let you folks know, we are in a battle, and as Psalm 91 tells us and many other Scriptures, when we will get off our keesters and take action, then the father steps in to assist. But if you are going to sit on your butts, and just kind of hope all of this will go away, you are crazy. Because it ain't. And you are not going to get Raptured out of here, because there is no such thing as a Rapture. You're in this for a reason. And things like this happening to Cyndi and Edgar are the reason we are supposed to be taking charge. We should be stepping in and taking these scoundrels by the neck and throwing their sorry asses in jail. Instead, they are telling us what we have to do. We need Edgar out of there, and we need to support people like Edgar, his attorney, and Wesley and Cyndi and every other person out that is taking the blows -- just because it has not happened to you yet, don't think it is going to escape you forever. This fight is for all of us. And we either sink or swim as a team. So remember that, ladies and gentlemen. We are a family. One of our family members is in jail undeservedly and he is being lied to -- lied to -- his family and the rest of the world, lied [to], because he had the audacity to print the truth about what the Jews are doing. And that is even more evidence of their control in this country, and their nefarious activities, is the fact that somebody with the intelligence and integrity of Edgar Steele goes after their sorry rear ends, and exposes them, and then this kind of stuff happens. It is the same scenario over and over and over. The only problem folks is that we are the missing piece. You can't be upset when people for 6 - 7,000 years the Bible tells us these people have been our enemies. All through Scripture the Sons of Satan are our enemy. You can't be upset when they do these things. What is upsetting is that the people on the right side of the fence aren't doing anything about it. So we need to get off our butts and assist. We have got a couple of comments here. W. Ron says Pastor make sure all those who go to court are prayed up and have fasted. That is our weaponry. Amen, that is a good point there. We have got another comment here. "Pastor Dan, obedience to Yahweh is the `here and do.' That means go up to the battle, get off your sluggish butts, and show up." And then another comment is: "The temple of the Holy Spirit resides in the bodies of men, of Israel, the breath of life Himself in Yahweh. If you are a no-show, so is He." And that is exactly right. If you want our heavenly Father to assist, then you have got to do something. All right folks, you have got to do something. So if you can't be at the court house, then do everything you can to get this message out. This program today is being recorded, and it is a free download as an MP3 file, which means it can be played in car stereos, it can be put on a disc and played in MP3 portables, it can be played over computers, it can be emailed. Come on, get the word out! Send it out there, and get this message out there on what is happening here. Now is the time. There is no better time. If not now, when people? How much more damage do we have to sit back and watch in our country? They destroyed two major buildings, and third one just down the street, in New York City. In the midst of our country, they pulled that stunt off. It was an inside job, and you know it. These people are demonic. And here is a case where we can defend one of our own, and we should do that. All right, I have ranted enough. Go ahead Cyndi and Wesley if you have more to say. .
Mrs. Steele:Well, one of the things that I want to say in a comment to one of your earlier comments, is as much as my husband spoke out against the injustice coming down on us and our country by these people, he always advocated it be done through non-violence. He never advocated that we pick up arms and start a riot or anything. He always advocated it through nonviolence. That we do it through the system. Even though he knew the system was broke, he believed in the system the way it was originally created and was working towards that. And I want to point out that -- and I am wrapped up in the SPLC and ADL that are after him -- and we talked about the death threats and I really would like for people to go and listen to them because one of the other things that was said on there, the death threats that I personally took, was that they said that they know that the FBI wants us dead. And when you go to the web site, you can find those death threats under the outstanding analysis of Mr. Steele's frame-up. And you go down and click on the discussion part and you will find the link to those death threats. Also in that outstanding analysis you can learn a lot about what has been happening to my husband, how they are trying to split us up, they have been keeping us apart, not allowing him to defend himself and not allowing me to -- well it is not that they are not allowing me -- because I am standing up for my husband, because he did not do this -- but they are making this as difficult a possible for me to stand up for him and defend him. And they keep trying to persuade me with lies after lies after lies.
Attorney Hoyt: And then they try, Pastor Dan, get this, when they can't get her to lie to them, or to change her perspective to see things their way, then the United States attorney comes out in court and says that she is not "cooperating." She is under the "influence" of groups. We have even heard the word "brainwashed." In other words, they are using all kinds of lies when they can't manipulate Mrs. Steele. All she wanted to do was hear those tapes and then when she heard them, she said, "They are not trustworthy." There is something wrong with those tapes, and she pointed out why. And it is obvious what was wrong with them, they were phonied up. But the point is that they want to try to manipulate her, and when they can't, then they start attacking her. They have not got to the point of demonizing here. See, that is part of the technique. That is in the playbook. They actually have an official playbook here. And they have demonized Edgar Steele. They demonized my client Mr. David Hickson back in 2005, and the moment that they have the target arrested, then they start demonizing the individual. And you begin to see this pattern. And when you see this pattern repeated over and over again, you realize that the whole thing is phony. That our government has been taken over by some people who don't believe in what the Founding Fathers wanted.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely, absolutely.
Mrs. Steele: Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves with what is happening to this country.
Pastor Dan: Oh, Amen, amen to that. I am sure that they have got to be spinning at about 118 rpm, I mean they have completely debauched the greatest nation that ever existed. And we are not talking about great simply in manufacturing in goods, we are talking about a country full of good people. With good motives. No, we weren't perfect. None of us have ever been perfect. But we had good motives, we had good goals, and we taught them to our children. And we don't do that any more. We don't stand for anything anymore.
Attorney Hoyt: They hate us for our freedom. And that is what they want to do is take away our freedom. And the reason they hate us for our freedom is they don't have any. They are of Satan. They are bound by him, and they are jealous of the fact that we are free because we are the children of our heavenly Father and acknowledge His hand in all of things.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely, absolutely.
Attorney Hoyt: I want to go back over a point I made a little bit earlier, which is very important, because they did this in the David Hinkson case. There was a man who was manufacturer of health products. He had come up with some wonderful minerals and a process to synthesize those minerals so that you could take them and drink the pure mineral. If you needed mineral replacement therapy, if you had a health problem. And silver, zinc, copper, calcium, all these different minerals, and anyway of course the FDA got after him because the Big Pharma felt he was making too much money and so on, and the FBI accused him falsely, and they brought in people to invent crimes that he did not commit, but what is important here is they do the same thing. They got these informants, they allowed these informants to steal from him, he went to report this theft, he had $6,000 in cash travel money he kept in a secret hiding place. His house-keeper knew where he kept the money. The house keeper had stolen the money, and he went to report the theft and he himself was arrested on phony crimes. I mean, it is so amazing to me. See, here is the way it works. The FBI found out years ago when they used confidential informants that when they paid a confidential informant to testify, then the jury heard that, they would not believe a word that a confidential informant would say, so what they decided to do is to allow the confidential informant to steal whatever they wanted to from the target and keep it, and the way they got to keep it is they didn't prosecute them. That is the deal with the Devil, you know. So, in David Hinkson's case the housekeeper got to keep the $6,000. Nobody ever prosecuted her. And that was her "payment" for all the lies that she told. And what is interesting is she was one of those liars that she got in so deep she robbed -- not robbed -- she burglarized a drug store. She burglarized a U.S. Post Office. She was committing felonies right and left and she thought she was exempt. She thought she was entitled because she was a government witness and she could get away with all of this stuff. And she committed so many crimes that the government had to back off from her, and say, "Well, OK, we're going to find another liar." And they did. And it is amazing to me how many liars are out there. How many people are willing to sell their soul for a mess of pottage. And so this is what they do. They have these people get close to you, and then when they get close to you, they can use that as an excuse to say "Oh, I heard somebody say that they wanted to hire me to murder someone." This is the murder for hire plot they use over and over again. It is so easy because it is a hearsay crime. It is so easy to accuse someone, because it is like Sir Walter Raleigh was, he was killed, he was murdered, he was executed based on hearsay. That was a very famous case. We have the Bill of Rights to prevent against that. But the New World Order is slowly destroying the Bill of Rights. They bought off Congress, and Congress is enacting laws which eat away at the Bill of Rights, a little bit in time, so that we lose our freedoms. Then anyway, in terms of the judicial system, this is how they do it. They hire somebody, they let him steal, they promise them they won't prosecute him for stealing, and then the person has to come in and testify and they instruct. And the Federal Government is very effective. In 2005 we really got blind-sided, and we did not know what was going on. We were trying to catch up. We suspected a lot of things, but even the judge in that case was a part of the conspiracy. The judge would not allow one thread of favorable evidence in favor of David Hinkson admitted into evidence. He just excluded all that evidence, and it was bizarre. David Hinkson was in Russia, actually Ukraine, he was overseas at the time he was accused, plotting to kill three federal officials. And the judge would not require the government to produce his passport, which of course they confiscated the moment he arrived. They arrested him. They had him in custody. His passport would have shown that at the time he was accused, plotting to murder a federal official, he was out of the country. He could not have done it. The judge said that would confuse the jury.
Pastor Dan: [Laughter] Their audacity is incredible.
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, it is. But the point of it is that we now have, what does it say about principalities? We are not fighting against individuals. We are fighting against principalities and you know, I mean Satan is at the top, and there are so many people who have sold out. Did you know that a Federal official can get paid for getting somebody convicted? There is a specific statute, a federal statute in title 5, section 45, 02 and 03 and 04, that allow the Federal prosecutors, the FBI agents, and even Judges to get paid bonuses if they convict some of these people.
Pastor Dan: Oh yes, absolutely. It is criminal, it is criminal.
Attorney Hoyt: No, it is legalized bribery is what it is. Not lawful, but it is legalized. That is an interesting distinction. I am sorry, Mrs. Steele has more to tell you, for instance she should tell you the story about the motive. For example, the government really tripped themselves up on this one. Wait you until you hear this, it is laughable, it is really funny. It is Keystone cops kinds of stuff. Go ahead.
Mrs. Steele: Motives?
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, motives. What were your husband's motives for [allegedly] wanting to kill you?
Mrs. Steele: Well, the first motive was that it was for life insurance. Well, I knew there was no life insurance. We had cancelled our life insurance a few years ago once our children were grown. It was an expense we decided we couldn't afford. Our children were grown. So we had cancelled it. There was no life insurance. Then they finally admitted that there was no life insurance. Then they accused me of having a boyfriend. An affair. They said that my husband had an investigator following me, and that there were pictures, and I am looking at them and going, well, I thought they were crazy because I knew that there were no pictures because there has never been any boy friend. And they finally admitted that, "Oh well, apparently he wasn't having an investigator follow you, and there are no pictures." Well I knew that. When those motives did not work out, they had now moved on that my husband has a girlfriend. Well you know that is so wrong on all levels. He does not have a girl friend. I know that 100%. But what they are going on is that he was working a case where he was looking to bring down Russian bride human trafficking cases. I knew all about it. He was doing investigation and discovery of all these Russian girls that try to set up American men to send them money and to bring them over to the United States and then basically dump the person that has sent them gifts and so forth. And he was working for a client who had been scammed. And he was trying to bring this out. I knew all about it. I know what it was about. They are trying to use a case that he was working on as if he had a girl friend. And they will not back off on it. Even though I know what this is about. And, another fact, since November 2009 my husband was extremely ill. He could hardly function. But they still keep trying to push that. They need a motive and the problem is they don't have a motive because my husband does not have a reason. You know, I am his best friend. I have been his staunch supporter and the problem is they are running out of lies to be able to tell, because it is not true what they are trying to convince me of. Persuade me of.
Pastor Dan: Yes, they are cretins. They are despicable. They are cretins. That is what we have been on the air for over ten years to wake people up to this nonsense. In fact, that criminal case against that innocent woman in our congregation that was the foundation of this radio program. I realize when I went to court and saw the machinations of these heinous creatures that there was no freedom left in my country. My country that I grew up in and studied in school was gone. My Founding Fathers, the country they established, was gone. An alien had crept in amongst us and they took over. And so we have to take it back. Now we are fifteen minutes past the hour so I am going to need to wrap it up today. But what I would like Cyndi and you Wesley to do is please stay in touch with me, and if you would like to do a part two, part three, a part four or whatever, or just come on and tell us what is happening, please! You have an open invitation on any Wednesday night or Sunday morning to be on this radio program.
Attorney Hoyt: That is great. We will love to be back with you again, and let me just say if any of your Congregation who are willing to make a contribution that are a little bit afraid of somehow having that tracked to them, what a person can do is go and buy a money order, put the name "The Edgar Steele Defense Fund" on it. It is actually a nonprofit corporation. The Edgar Steele Defense Fund. So make it payable by the money order. Make it payable to the Defense Fund. Put it in the mail anonymously. The money will be greatly appreciated. And the person will not have to worry about having Big Brother at your door. I mean, we have gotten to the day when it is wise to be paranoid. I hate to say it, but I think that is the truth.
Pastor Dan: Well, the Scriptures told us there is a day like this coming, and so we are in the middle of it. Go ahead Cyndi.
Mrs. Steele: I want to say that I appreciate donations, and if you can help, it will help my husband, it will help all of us. It will help you to not have to face this [in the future]. But if you can't, get the word out, because getting the word out and exposure is also going to help. Letting more people know about the injustice. Supporting me in the court room. Supporting my husband in the court room. And letting people know that we are out here to stand up for justice.
Pastor Dan: Absolutely. Where will the trial actually be? I do not think we have talked about the physical location for folks who are not quite sure.
Attorney Hoyt: Let me address that if I can quickly. There are a couple of things I want to wrap up. Number one, the trial is set to be in the Federal District Court in Coeur de Alene, Idaho, and that is to start on the 7th of March. We don't know, and we have to keep advising at the web site, which is If the trial gets moved -- we don't expect it to -- nobody in our camp is believing that the case is going to be continued, so we are expecting a trial on March 7th. And so if they can plan to be in Idaho for this, and show up and be a part of the observers in the court room, that would be great. Also, there is an important point here that putting away people like Edgar Steele helps the worldwide banker cartel who is trying to bankrupt the nations of the world in order to form a world government. And so freeing Edgar Steele would put another voice out there. He is very intelligent and very capable of putting up a meaningful defense and resistance to this. Just yesterday, well actually it was on Friday, on one of the talk shows by Alex Jones, he mentioned that there is a "V" for Victory campaign like the French Resistance to the Nazis, where people are adopting the "V" sign and putting "V's" on buildings and posters and where ever it is legal to put this "V." And recognizing the global movement against liberty in favor of tyranny. And we are becoming a police state in this country, so if we can do anything -- defending Edgar Steel is I think a frontline defense for everybody. And then joining in other movements. I think we have to be united. That is the problem. A lot of people like to sit back and pick at others who are asserting leadership right now. I think we all need to get together and over look our minor faults and say this is bigger than all of us, and we need to work together. So "V" for victory for all of us.
Pastor Dan: Amen, amen.
Mrs. Steele: Amen.
Pastor Dan: All right, well, we are going to wrap it up for today, folks. And again, this has been an interview with Cyndi Steele, the wife of Edgar Steele, who is wrongly accused and in prison at the moment. Edgar has been a guest on this program many years ago, and gave us wonderful interviews. I cannot think of a more stellar individual and warrior for the truth. The other guest of course is Wesley Hoyt, the attorney for Cyndi Keep us all in prayer, folks. Keep these folks, keep me, keep the ministries and all those in the front lines. Keep us in your prayers. The prayers of a righteous man or woman availeth much. The Scriptures tell us that. And these are trying times. Keep us all in the prayers. And stay on your toes and be involved. As Cyndi said, get the word out. If you cannot afford the $10 dollars, you can't travel to Coeur de Alene Idaho, then get the word out. There is something we can all do. Or as Wesley was talking about, print out one of those "V" signs and hang it somewhere in a conspicuous location where people will see that there is a resistance growing in this country. It can be almost fun. You have to sneak around. You are in enemy territory. It is not ours anymore. The enemy is already here. As Col Donn de Grand Pre said on this program, the enemy, or the barbarians, are already within the gates. That is the title of his book. The enemy is already inside the gates, folks. Get the V signs out there. Do the prayers. Send the money if you can. Go to Coeur de Alene, or pass the word. The thing of it is, do something. You are going to stand before Yahweh, the Father, one of these days, you cannot stop it. You are going to stand in front of Him. He gave you life. That is His gift to us. Life. What you do with it is your gift back to Him. What kind of gift are you going to present on the day you stand in front of the King of Kings. You had better be asking yourself that folks, because it is coming, whether you like it or not, it is a' coming. Again, Cyndi and Wesley, thanks for being on, and you are welcome back any time. Just contact me, even if we have to schedule a special broadcast on a different day or on a different time. That is an option that is also open to you. You are in a struggle, our hearts go out to you. You are in our prayers. We pray Yahweh bless you and keep you and protect you from all who would do you harm. And may He grant success and may He grant good health and may He free our brother Edgar as soon as possible. And again, thanks for tuning in folks. We had a record number of guests today. And we will also have I am sure hundreds and hundreds of downloads of this program, so get the word out folks, and again thanks for being here. And Yahweh bless each and every one of you. And Hallelujah. [1:21]



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