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Jamie Kelso
Interview with

Cyndi Steele
and Her Lawyer
Wesley Hoyt

and the father of an
unjustly imprisoned activist

Roland Hinkson

6 December 2010


Editor's Notes and transcription provided
by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books

Narrator: The voice of reason presents the Jamie Kelso show. Jamie brings you views, commentary, and interviews and more. Visit his web site at [Music from Merle Haggard "Let's Liberate America First"...narration resumes at :57] And now here is Jamie Kelso.
Jamie Kelso: Welcome to the program folks, this is Jamie Kelso on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network here on December 6, 2010. And this is going to be another very special evening. We have live guests tonight, Mrs. Edgar J. Steele, her attorney Wesley Hoyt, and a previous guest who appeared with Mr. Hoyt, Roland Hinkson. We will be talking about -- well, I was looking for a theme here tonight -- I will get to that in just a moment -- first I want to welcome our three guests. Mrs. Steele, thank you for joining us.
Mrs. Steele: Well, Hi Jamie and thank you for having me.
Kelso: And Mr. Hoyt?
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, it is good to be with you tonight, Jamie.
Kelso: And joining us also on the phone is Roland Hinkson. And we are honored to have you here with us tonight.
Roland Hinkson: Thank you. Glad to be here.
Kelso: For those of you who have not heard Mrs. Steele, Mr. Hoyt or Mr. Hinkson, we have been talking in nine previous programs on the Jamie Kelso Show, we have been talking about the process of railroading patriots into prison. And thereby those people who are doing this, I believe, many of us believe, that is an attempt to shut down the patriot cause. To intimidate patriots, to silence patriots, to frighten patriots, and we will be talking about two examples of this tonight. One of them involves Mr. Edgar J. Steele. He is a patriot, First Amendment Attorney, practicing out of northern Idaho, who at this moment is languishing in solitary confinement where he has been for five months in Spokane, Washington.
Mrs. Steele: Actually six months now.
Kelso: And the other is David Hinkson, who is the son of Roland Hinkson, and he was also railroaded as Edgar Steele is being railroaded. He is now in the Florence, Colorado --what is that Mr. Hinkson, a super max prison?
Mr. Hinkson: Yes, ADX [Florence] is a supermax. It is the replacement for Alcatraz.
Kelso: And how many years has he been in prison?
Mr. Hinkson: He has been since, let's see, seven years now, Wes?
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, that is right.
Mr. Hinkson: Yes.
Kelso: And the total sentence that he carries is, how long?
Mr. Hinkson: 33 years. He will be in his 90's by the time he comes out.
Kelso: Now ladies and gentlemen, we are not making this up. David Hinkson did no wrong. He did not injure any one. He did not defraud anyone. He did absolutely nothing wrong. He is in prison because he was a successful patriot. Edgar Steele, likewise, did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong. It is not as if he is in prison on the wrong charge or they are being too tough on him. Edgar Steele is as innocent as the driven snow. He has done nothing wrong. In both cases, the Hinkson case and the Steele case, a completely fabricated case, has been made against a patriot to get them in prison, to shut them up, to terrify the rest of the patriot cause, and shut the rest of us up. And what we are about here on this program, and this series of programs with Mrs. Steele, Mr. Hinkson, and Mr. Hoyt, is we want to get this message out that this is happening to us, and get you folks out there in the audience, get you mobilized so that you can defend not only Mr. Steele and Mr. Hinkson, but defend yourself, defend your family, the future, and your people. Because if it can be done to Mr. Hinkson and Mr. Steele, it certainly can be done to any of us. Now Mrs. Steele, what I want to -- let me hit the big news here first. One of the goals of this show is to get this news out on a broader basis, is to get even bigger shows than this one with bigger audiences than this one to pick up this story. To put it on the air. And we have a big success to announce on this show right here in that regard tonight at midnight. Correct me if any of my details are wrong, Mrs. Steele or Mr. Hoyt, tonight at midnight the very large Jeff Rense radio program is going to carry Cyndi. Steele for the first time. Right Mrs. Steele?
Mrs. Steele: That is for the first time, and is that Eastern Time?
Kelso: Yes.
Mrs. Steele: OK, well we have to keep the time zones straight.
Kelso: I am going on to the Jeff Rense web site. I apologize for not having checked this before the program time, but through this show here we will verify that. But it is the Rense program tonight. And Cyndi Steele will be a guest tomorrow night again on the Jeff Rense program, and this is an enormous piece of good news folks, because Jeff Rense's audience is immense. All the other radio hosts listen to Jeff Rense. So you can be sure a hundred other radio show hosts are going to hear Mrs. Steele's story tonight. And so we want that message to go out that it is time for patriots to assemble, to support Edgar Steele, to beat this railroading effort. We want to talk about this process of railroading. It is so bad, that it is hard to believe that it is going on in our country. But it is. Wesley Hoyt, one of our guests here, is a former prosecutor and is a top notch attorney. He will help you know, he will help you open your eyes. This is really going on, folks. We are not making this up. Then the other thing I want to mention at the beginning here, and I will mention it in the middle and at the end. What is needed, and you can help in many ways, but one way if you can help with money, please help with money. And here is the place at which you can do that. It is a web site. Get your pencils out. It is There is a PayPal button there. There is a mailing address. You can contribute in different ways. Mrs. Steele authorizes this web site and the content on that web site, and anything that you contribute will go exclusively to defending Edgar Steele. And Mrs. Steele is here to vouch for that. So during the show can I -- go ahead --
Mrs. Steele: Well, I also want to say it is not just to free my husband. It is to help stop this from happening to others, and to stand up and put a stop where nobody else is railroaded unjustly into the prison system.
Kelso: Let me point out another message to you also. Those of you who can contribute a large sum of money or a big sum of money please do so. Those of you who can donate $10 is insignificant, please don't think that. There are a lot of people listening to this show. A lot more are going to be listening throughout the evening. This show is archived. Many of you are hearing this message. Your ten dollars added with the ten dollar contributions of thousands of others can raise the money necessary to properly defend Edgar Steele. Now let me say this also. Mr. Hoyt, Mrs. Steele, and others know exactly where this money should be spent. Very top notch legal counsel is ready to go to defend Edgar Steele. So this money has a definite purpose and everything you contribute will be put to very good use.
Attorney Hoyt: Jamie, can I speak a moment on this subject?
Kelso: Sure.
Attorney Hoyt: There have been a wonderful group of people who have already made substantial contributions. We have had contributions as large as $1,000 from some very generous people. The total that has come in today is about just over 10% of what we need to be able to not only hire this outstanding attorney who has offered his time in this case, but also to hire the expert witnesses. There are numerous expert witnesses that are needed. For instance we need an expert on the audio issue, with these phone tapes that they have come up with, on the bomb itself that was on Mrs. Steele's car, and the third expert is [on] the FBI as to the procedures. They have violated their own procedures over and over again in this case. We cannot get to first base without the money necessary. What we need is a quarter of a million dollars to hire both attorneys and have experts. And only -- I hate to cheapen this -- and go just to the level of money, but that is what it boils down to. We have gone every which way we can. And the only thing that is going to make this happen is when we get the money. And I do not think your listeners are really just contributing to Edgar Steele. I think they need to realize if we do not stop it here, that they have already done it many times, hundreds of times. In fact, a university, New York law school professor by the name of Stephen F. Downs said that they have been fabricating cases and he knows of a thousand cases where they have done it. Look, it will not take long [for them] to get to your listeners' door steps. If they are true patriots, sooner or a later they are going to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and they are going to get it. And if we don't put a stop to this nonsense now by protecting Ed Steele, and others from these -- we have got provable evidence in this case of total fraud. But without the money to make it to court, and to get the job done, we are going to be lost.
Kelso: Thank you Wes. And let me add a clarification here Mr. Hoyt. On the Jeff Rense program, this is big, big news coming up tonight. Jeff Rense is on from 7:00 to 10:00 PM Pacific Time. So that translates to 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM East Coast Time. So 10:00 PM to 1:00 East Coast, and as I understand it, Mrs. Steele is scheduled to be on his program live tonight from midnight to 1:00 AM. So I will be tuning in to that and you will be able to get in there and post and put up comments on Jeff Rense's program. Send in messages to Mr. Rense. Send in big "Thank Yous" to Mr. Rense for being a first big time radio host to step forward and put this story on the air. And that is exactly what we were hoping would happen, and here it is happening tonight, so please thank Jeff Rense for doing that, and then let's keep the process rolling. Now, let us get into the subject tonight, which is the process of railroading. This is what happened to your son, Mr. Hinkson. This is what is happening to Cyndi Steele's husband right now. I took some notes earlier in some of our earlier shows, and let me just give a quick thumb nail here how I am hearing it, how I am understanding it. And you are educating me, Mr. Hoyt, as to how this is done. Here is some of the steps as I understand them. What these prosecutors will do, state or federal, first they will get a patriot on some nominal violation or charge. Step two, they will get a cooperating witness. Someone who -- a corrupt person, who for money or some other favor will on hearsay testimony accuse the innocent person of a crime they did not commit. In this case, Mr. Steele's case, it is not a nominal violation. They are accusing him of attempting to murder his wife. They have the cooperating witness Larry Fairfax. Then a third step that they will take is that once, as they file these charges, they will then bring in inflated charges to scare the judge, so that you, the patriot, being held in prison, will now be denied bail, and will therefore not be able to defend yourself as Edgar Steele is not able to now, even though he is a great attorney. So they get the bail off with some inflated, made-up story, that you are a threat to the public. Totally untrue. Step Four, with this, they are now where they have got you in jail, they are scaring off your own friends, your own network, even your own family. Being frightened, terrified, and silenced. And then the next step is they will then bring in new charges while you are in incarceration, bring in new charges as you attempt to defend yourself and communicate with your family and your friends. Charges such as witness tampering simply by talking with people trying to help yourself. Then the next step, I have got this listed as step six, the kangaroo court itself where all sorts of procedures can be followed to defeat actual real justice. You, the defendant, having now been imprisoned, can go to court without proper representation. Without the proper preparation for your case, whereas the prosecutor has an unlimited budget to go after you. Then there is a following step, a sentencing step where patriots can be given maximum sentences, and piled on maximum sentences, and then, well, those are the steps that I have got here. Mr Hoyt can you comment on that, and Cyndi Steele please, can you please comment on how this has been done to your husband?
Attorney Hoyt: Yes, Jamie, I would be happy to . Basically the government has just figured out that when they want to get somebody, that they can do it. And it doesn't matter -- to get the nominal charges up to anything as serious as murder for hire, just anything along the way, I mean we now are aware taking the water out from your rain gutters and putting it into your garden has become a crime. A little boy was hand-cuffed at school and taken off to jail and prosecuted because another child gave him his lunch. It was because his lunch was a free lunch program, and the other little boy was hungry, and the one who got the free lunch handed it to his friend. And literally he was arrested and taken away in handcuffs. I mean, stupid little charges are -- the government -- you talk about piling on, all the new laws, there is this new law Senate Bill 510 that makes it illegal and highly regulates health food stores. And the growing of your own vegetables is going to be regulated in farmers markets, and they are going to make crimes out of these things, so that every area of life is now being invaded in such a manner so that they can bring new charges against people, when of course a cooperating witness is someone who is usually a criminal, and usually the government is going to cut their existing sentence and reduce it for them if they will come in and lie. And that is exactly what they have done. We have seen them do it over and over again. And often times these cooperating witnesses will steal from the targeted individual as they did in Edgar's case. They stole $45,000 from Edgar and Cyndi in silver savings, and he gets away with that. That is the new program. Instead of paying the witness directly, they just let him get away with theft. And so now Larry Fairfax has enriched himself to the extent of $45,000. No one will prosecute him for it. He will get to keep the money. That is his incentive for doing that. Plus, they did not even charge him with the serious offenses he has committed. Putting a bomb on somebody's car is a thirty year offense. That is a crime of violence. And there is a specific statute that deals with the use of an explosive device in a crime of violence. They charge Edgar Steele with that, but they did not charge the guy who committed the violation, Larry Fairfax. So there is an art form here, where they charge Fairfax with very minor offenses, and then they quickly do a plea bargain, let him plead to that so his case is in no double jeopardy, he is not at risk anymore. Then he becomes the fall guy. He goes to court and says, "Oh, I did all these things" and takes all the heat off of the FBI which in this case is corrupt, the evidence shows that they knew there was a bomb on Cyndi Steele's car. And they did not bother to tell anybody about it. They let her drive for three weeks, through three states, endangering lots of people, and it is a small miracle that bomb did not go off. So then you have in the inflated bail charges, as they did in David Hinkson's case, and they did this in Edgar Steele's case, they said that all of these individuals had a list of people they wanted to kill. Not only did they want to kill the main victim, Cyndi Steele and her mother-in-law in Edgar's case, and three federal officials in David Hinkson's case, no, that was not bad enough. They came to court and claimed that David Hinkson had a list of other people he wanted to kill and so the judge [says] "You cannot let this horrible person go. You cannot let him get out on bond because he might kill somebody else. Well, of course, he never intended to kill anybody. But they make it up. And then, as time goes on, those kinds of allegations disappear because they are completely unfounded. If the judge hears them at the bond hearing, he is scared by it, so the individual can't get out of jail. Then the -- it is almost like they had a playbook from the KGB that they are following at putting away political dissenters and dissidents. They know exactly how to do it. They scare off -- they demonize people immediately. When Edgar Steele was arrested, bingo, they had press releases from the SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center guys. What do those people have to do with Edgar Steele's case in northern Idaho. And yet, one of those top individuals, a guy named Mark Potok, a director, was pictured on the news explaining why it is that Edgar Steele had committed this horrible offense which never happened. And why were they involved? Well, the answer is that they were part of setting him up. And they try to steer anyone that has anything to do with Edgar Steele so that they don't want to associate with him. They don't want to give money to him. They don't want to help him. And they did that to David Hinkson. They invented all kinds of things about David. He was the head of two militias according to the FBI and the government press releases. So they demonize the individual in the press, and then they come up with new charges after the initial set of charges are made. They come up with more charges because they can pile on the years in prison by simply saying that they committed more offenses after the first arrest. Then the kangaroo court in David Hinkson's case was disgusting. There were so many different pieces of evidence that would have allowed David Hinkson to go free, and the judge said, "No, that will only confuse the jury. We will not admit that evidence before the jury for it's consideration." I mean, what can you do? If you can prove that you are innocent, and the judge will not allow the evidence in, then the whole system is rigged and it is a kangaroo court.
Kelso: Let me address that Mr. Hoyt. What can you do? That is what we are about on this show tonight. And this is what Jeff Rense is going to be about and other patriot hosts that are going to carry this story. What we can do folks is defend our own people. Defend our own patriots en masse and defeat this strategy by big public pressure. Those of you that cannot contribute money call your Congressman. Call as many officials as you can. Post on the Internet. Call radio hosts. Mrs. Steele is ready to appear on all radio shows. Go for television, go big. This is a big story. But what we can do is when these rogue elements -- when these police state elements -- within our own government want to shut down the patriot cause and destroy our republic, when they target someone like Edgar Steele or David Hinkson, we have to react as a group, defend our brothers and sisters, and not let them get picked off one by one.
Mr. Hinkson: Jamie, do you have time for me to interrupt?
Kelso: Yes, Mr. Hinkson, please.
Mr. Hinkson: OK, we have finished a book here, that lays out the strategy that we think is the most effective strategy that is available to us now, considering the fact that we cannot do anything other than expose these people. So exposure is the main tool, and I have written a book that can serve as a handbook almost for people who want to present something to their legislators and to their friends that tell exactly the details, all the details, exactly how they pulled this off, what they did, who was involved, and how the government got behind it. And I summarized in the six paragraphs at the end of the book -- [Music in the background]
Kelso: Roland, Roland. If you will hold that thought, we will be back right after this news break right after the rest of our program. Thank you. [start of music and news break 26:03, end of break at: 30:43]
Kelso: Welcome back folks, as we went into our break, we were hearing from the father of David Hinkson, Roland Hinkson. And let me give Mr. Hinkson's web site address so that you have a follow up vocation there. It is, and then I will give another contact here. You mentioned, that is their web site. There is also a facebook page which is simply FreeEdgarSteele on facebook, and you can get information and connect up with people who are helping there as well. Now and by the way, I mentioned Mr. Hinkson. I have spoken with your son by phone. He has called me from the Florence prison in Colorado, I have spoken with your son. What an outstanding man David Hinkson is. It is simply criminal folks that he has been in prison. I am sorry, I know you said it, and I have forgotten. What year did David, your son go into prison, Mr. Hinkson?
Mr. Hinkson: He went in 2005.
Attorney Hoyt: That is when he was sentenced. He has been in jail since --
Mr. Hinkson: Since about 2003, wasn't it Wes?
Attorney Hoyt: Early 2003 .
Mr. Hinkson: He was arrested, I think, April 4th of 2003, and then put in solitary confinement and held there a year and three months before they charged him with anything, while they were building a case, and they substituted the accuser, because the first one had too many felonies that were current. She kept committing felonies, so they substituted her with another felon, and he got put away, but only for a year.
Kelso: And folks, this is that famous cooperating witness that any of us who go into this railroading process, any of us who go into this can count on it, we can face the cooperating witness, and this will be a scum bag, a dirt ball. And if you have a prosecutor, a rogue prosecutor who wants you in prison, and they can't find that cooperating witness, they will manufacture one, they will produce one, they will recruit one. They will find someone in your environment, they will put them in your environment, a dirt ball, a lowlife, who will say anything, do anything in the case of Larry Fairfax. He did. He admits he put a bomb, a lethal bomb under the driver's seat of our guest, Mrs. Steele's car. And he is scheduled, now let me mention this, he was scheduled -- and folks in this audience you are asked to come if you can -- if you can be helpful, to come to the December 16th sentencing procedure at the Court House in Coeur d'Alene. And the date on that has been removed. The date is now February 7th, change that on your calendar, it is February 7th at 2:30 PM, at the Court House. Which court house is that, Mr. Hoyt?
Attorney Hoyt: Coeur d'Alene.
Kelso: The Coeur d'Alene Court House at 2:30 PM on February 7th, and we will keep you apprised on this show of any other changes. But that gives more time for the patriot outrage and uproar to build, and as people know, politicians don't see the light until they feel the heat. And that is what we are trying to generate here is the heat. And let me mention once again later tonight on the very, very big Jeff Rense radio program, Mr. Rense has done a great thing, and he is going to have Cyndi Steele on as a guest tonight at midnight, East Coast time, from midnight to 1:00. So please listen to that program. And of course I know Edgar Steele myself personally. I have spoken with David Hinkson on the phone and was very impressed with him. And I know Edgar Steele and his wife Cyndi Steele so of course I know myself how completely implausible, how completely idiotic that he be charged with attempting to murder the wife that he loves and her mother. And with no motive. No motive, not any conceivable motive. And no evidence, by the way. It is all hearsay, stuff from the cooperating witness, this dirt ball who will say anything against the target, the patriot target. Cyndi, could I let you get in a few words here.
Mrs. Steele: Well, you know, you are talking about the email -- that my husband didn't do it. I know that my husband hasn't an inkling of any violence in him. And throughout the years, even in his writings, people have seen how he has been behind us and supported me. And I go back and read what he has written. In 2006 he talks about me and the kids being his rock. And how healthy and robust his family life, and how his wife, me, of 21 years, respects his opinions, have even shared a great many of them, and how his kids are proud of him. And that we all love each other a lot, and that describes to a"T" how my husband has always treated me, and felt about me, even in front of me, brags to my kids. Even in 2007 -- and I am glad he still feels this way -- he still thinks of me as a babe after all these years, and better than he deserves with a heart of gold and an eternally forgiving nature. And that was in 2007, and in 2008, you know he talks about that before he married me, well 25 years now, but that was 23 years ago [then], he promised me that he would never hit me, that things would never be boring, and you know, I can tell you he kept his word. And in fact, he has actually kept his word even beyond that, because he has even never given me a reason to fear him, or to be concerned about anything. He has always treated me right. Now as for the boring part, he kept his word on that, I will say right now I felt no little boredom by having him home.
Kelso: Mrs. Steele, tell the audience, our theme here tonight we are talking about the process of railroading. And one of the things that was done to you, and Wes, you are familiar with the pattern here because you have helped handle a number of people like David Hinkson, and you are helping others. The pattern here is that the support network of the target, Edgar Steele or David Hinkson, is targeted by the prosecutors, or the rogue agents in general, targeted to demoralize you, to break your will, to confuse you, to feed you false facts and mislead you, to separate you from your loved one, the target. And folks, this is an historic show here tonight. All these nine shows we have done with Cyndi Steele. Rarely do you get a chance with a person like Cyndi Steele who is the target -- she is the person who is supposed to be blown up, with a real bomb that the bad guy Larry Fairfax had admitted making, and there was another bomb too, but we will not have time to get into that tonight. Rarely do you get a chance that all this Federal and state effort to demoralize a victim like Cyndi Steele fails utterly. And Cyndi Steele appears on national radio, international radio, so that everyone can hear what a rotten, railroading process this is, and what a corruption of a great American system, and we have got to fight to bring this back, because when you lose the law, folks, what do you have? If there is no law -- if we have a Mexican system of justice -- a KGB-Soviet-style system of justice, we are in real trouble. So would you address that Cyndi and Roland too. How did they work on you to break you down, to make you quit?
Mrs. Steele: Well initially, the day that the two FBI agents showed up on my doorstep, they were doing everything to make me believe that my mom and my life were at risk of being -- well, that we were at risk of being murdered that very morning. And even though one of the first sentences out of their mouths was a lie, and I was going "No way," they still had me believing that there were two people out there that were going to run us off the road. Now despite what I believed, they had me believing our life was in danger because I knew that my husband and I had been subjected to threats. The one agent, upon talking with him, was doing everything in his mind, in his power, to make me think differently of my husband. At one point he tells me that he did not know my husband before June 8th, he had no idea who he was or what he stood for, and in the same breath turned around and told me that my husband was a liar. Which, it was like he had to try to make me believe that my husband is a liar so that I am going to believe them.
Kelso: Yes, and folks --
Mrs. Steele: And any time I would try to give my point of view on the tape, he would become argumentative, defensive, and did not even want to hear why I felt bad about the tapes. I could not get that out. I was wrong [in his eyes], and he wouldn't do that, and he kept pressuring me that I had to think his way about the tapes. Not what I thought, it did not matter. I had to think his way.
Kelso: Yes, and folks, what Mrs. Steele is talking about here is manufactured evidence. Fabricated evidence.
Attorney Hoyt: Witness tampering also, Jamie.
Kelso: By the government.
Attorney Hoyt: Yes.
Mr. Hinkson: -- Jamie, David had an activated tape in his shirt pocket when they arrested him. The FBI agent said that he gave him his Miranda warning. And they inadvertently overlooked the tape, until it was into it, and they forgot to erase it, and you can see that they were lying through their teeth. Yes, the FBI agent Will Long stood up and under oath said that he had given him this Miranda warning. And the judge said it was immaterial anyway. It doesn't make any difference, in fact whether or not he did or didn't give him an early warning. David asked for his attorney and they said he never asked for an attorney and they went on to say that he confessed -- and confessed to what? So they just make up their cock and bull story, and my goal, and what I am hoping we can do, is actually we start bringing charges against the FBI agents -- these rogue agents. Now I am not suggesting, and I am sure they are listening now, there is somebody from the Justice Department who is listening to what I am saying, that what I am saying is that I think there are a lot of honest, decent, honorable people who are involved in the Justice Department. The people higher up, I think, have deviated from what their oath of office was, and that they are now participating in destroying our Constitutional rights. And if we don't speak up now, it may be that they will somehow institute some kind of program where we will be cut off, like on my web page. You will see that the things that I had on there disappeared. Some of the stories. The accounts that Dr. Schwarz and his entire book on Communism disappeared. And I never took it off. Nobody else has. I don't know how it disappeared, but it did. And I think that there will be more and more efforts made to try to silence anybody who speaks out against them. Or to get their cadre of individuals who will speak up and say that "Oh, these people are crazy." They just make all this stuff up. But then you try to tell them what is going on, and you give them the evidence, you give them the citations, the actual documents, they won't look at it. And so most people, it is too much effort, to go to original sources and actually look at the evidence. And so that is what we are facing. Very difficult situation. My intent is exposure. To make these people -- I consider them total criminals -- I think that we do need jails, but we have got the wrong people in a lot of cases in the jails -- The real criminals are the ones who have violated their sworn oaths of office.
Attorney Hoyt: Jamie, this is Wesley Hoyt. Can I interrupt for a second and ask Roland Hinkson a question? It seems to me that a member of the Obama Administration, a fellow by the name of Van Jones, stated that one third of the population of the United States needs to be eliminated. That is murdered or killed or put in prison or gotten rid of. Mr. Hinkson, you have information about that. Would you please tell the listening audience, because this is I think part of the plan. You have got Ted Turner, for environmental reasons, who says that you have to depopulate the world, etc. It is part of the larger plan of the New World Order people, but here is somebody that has been a close advisor to the White House, to the President, as recently as 2009 I believe he was kicked out. And what was it that he said, Mr. Hinkson?
Mr. Hinkson: Well, it is like I told you, I believe that Van Jones, he was a communist -- he is a self-proclaimed communist -- yet there are people arguing, "Where did you get that information?" Well, look it up on Wikipedia and it is right there, his whole history of communism and so on. And I remember listening to the program that I thought, I think it was Van Jones, I have not had a chance to verify this yet, so I say that with reservation, but the quote -- and I know that this is typical of what the intent is -- because of my background with the Christian anti-Communism crusade way back in the '60's. And these people have every intention of doing the same thing in this country -- and I believe it was Van Jones who made the statement that one third of the population of the United States will have to be disposed of, and you know how the disposal -- what was meant by that -- 34 million people minimum in China where summarily executed for being guilty of renting their property to somebody and charging money. And their children would be taught in school and speak out against their parents -- "Yes, they did collect money for that." Well, that was the death penalty.
Kelso: Roland, if I may interrupt you.
Mr. Hinkson: Yes.
Kelso: The theme here that I would like to mention is that "denial" is not a river in Egypt. And we are all to some degree or another, we are all in denial. And we fail to grasp something that another great radio host, Alex Jones, repeats over and over again. The norm in human history is dictatorship. The norm in human history. The vast majority of history is a story of dictatorship, oppression and tyranny. And this little bubble that we are living in of freedom in America, this Constitutional Republic that was set up, this is the exception. And what we are experiencing now folks, you have got a former prosecutor telling you this really is happening. We need to come out of denial. This descent into tyranny and oppression, these people like Van Jones, they are very well organized, and they hate you. They hate the Patriot Movement. And for them, they do not have any conscience or compunction about injustice against Edgar Steele. Lying about or fabricating a case, injustice against a great man David Hinkson, a brilliant, fine, family man. No, no, they will do any thing. All means are acceptable to them, and they are part of that norm of human history which is oppression, dictatorship, and a GULAG situation, and we are headed for a GULAG here in America, and you have got right here in the case of Edgar Steele and David Hinkson a chance to help out. And that is the call that is going out tonight. Get to the web site, and help out financially. Help out with something else. If you are an attorney, you are an expert witness, you can volunteer some help. Do it. In the case of David Hinkson, the web site is I am sorry to interrupt you Roland, but please continue your thought.
Mr. Hinkson: Well, anyway on my web page I have a banner. "Communism comes to power to power through deception and remains in power by force. I can remember Dr. Schwarz who is the mentor for Ronald Reagan before he ever became governor of California, and back in the days when I worked with Dr. Schwarz, he said that the Communist have to -- they don't consider themselves evil people at all. The New World Order. They think what they are doing is really honorable but is a necessary thing we have to live with. And that is if you have a herd of cows, some of which have mad cow disease, you have to destroy those cows in order to save the rest.
Kelso: The Left -- Mr. Hinkson -- the Left absolutely believes -- the tyrannical Left believes that the end justifies the means. You and I, we are hated and we are expendable. They do have murderous thoughts towards us. Now we only have a few minutes left in the program here folks, and again I remind you, Jeff Rense is going to have Cyndi Steele on as his guest. It is a live show, tonight, Cyndi, is it not?
Mrs. Steele: Yes, it is.
Kelso: Well, this is a wonderful development Mrs. Steele. Jeff Rense as I understand it is going to have you on for a full hour and will have you on again tomorrow night. You are going to be speaking to hundreds of thousands of people.
Mrs. Steele: Well, those hundreds of thousands of people that we need to get the message out that all of us are at stake for this same outrageous maneuver against justice that is happening right now. It is not going to stop with Ed.
Mr. Hinkson: If you had one dollar coming from each of the people who listen, there would be $200,000, enough to cover -- is Edgar's life and their future worth a dollar?
Kelso: Yes.
Mr. Hinkson: I would say, send the money in the mail.
Mrs. Steele: It all adds up. Every penny is very much appreciated and it is going to be put to very good use because if we win this case, we win for all of us. Because they will think twice before going after somebody again.
Kelso: Yes, and all of you radio hosts out there are listening, Alex Jones, another great -- a man who has perceived how this tyranny state, this police state is being imposed upon us, he recognizes the pattern, he is a student of these patterns. He will recognize in the Edgar Steele case exactly what Wes Hoyt recognized. Wes did not know Cyndi Steele. He heard about this case and said, "There it is. Bingo. It is the pattern again." They have got another man in the railroading process. And Wes Hoyt, as a patriot, came out and volunteered his efforts. That is exactly what the rest of us can do. I am doing the same thing here on this radio show. Clayton Douglas is going to have Mrs. Steele on his radio program from 8:00 to 9:00 AM tomorrow, so Google that, another patriot in Arizona. But the big one is Jeff Rense tonight. And Cyndi, I know you are so eloquent. The bad guys here did not count on you.
Mrs. Steele: Well no, they had expected me to buckle under and cower away in a corner, and that is not acceptable because I cannot allow my husband, an innocent man, to be put away. And I cannot allow this to continue to happen to other people, you know, like Hinkson and the ones before him. And it is not going to stop, and they are using -- talk about railroading -- they are using me -- they thought they could use me to get him because they knew I was his one strong supporter in our family and personal life, and boy, if they got me to turn against him, that would have been it.
Kelso: Yes, and in the case --
Mrs. Steele: I know my husband. He did not do this.
Kelso: And in the case of David Hinkson, they did not count on his father Roland Hinkson -- how old are you Mr. Hinkson?
Mr. Hinkson: I am almost 81. I will be 81 next month.
Kelso: And you are a mountain climber.
Mr. Hinkson: Yes, I am. [Laughter].
Kelso: They did not count on a Roland Hinkson, folks. And how many of us, when our time comes in this world will we have a father like Roland Hinkson, or a wife like Cyndi Steele. So these two cases, the reason these two cases are before you, and that they are getting national attention now is because of Roland Hinkson and Cyndi Steele.
Mr. Hinkson: Jamie, I wrote a book. It is titled A Cesspool of Judicial Corruption: The David Hinkson Story [now online], and it will be available probably within a month. It is ready to go to press now. It tells his story.
Kelso: Excellent. And folks, I am telling you about another book that will be published, and Mr. Hinkson's story will be in that one too. Edgar Steele will be a free man within a year, and he will write a book that will blister the bad guys telling his story. He is in solitary confinement now. He will be a free man. [56:00 music wrap-up].
Narrator: Thanks for listening. The Jamie Kelso show returns Monday through Friday evenings 7:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time.




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