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William Gayley Simpson


One Man's Striving

This seven part series from the unpublished autobiography of William Simpson, was originally published in the March, June, and August 1983 and March, August, and December 1984 issues of National Vanguard magazine. This is a deeply moving, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred personal growth odyssey that makes Somerset Maugham's "soul voyage" classics The Razer's Edge and Of Human Bondage pale by comparison. William Simpson evolved from a liberal Christian minister and co-founder of the leftist ACLU to eventually find enlightenment in a much more realistic and scientific world view.

William Simpson as a student preacher in 1913, at the beginning
of a very long journey of self-liberation from false prophets and
other incompetents or exploiters whose poisonous propa-
ganda has terribly sickened the West.

Part 1:

The author of Which Way Western Man? epitomizes his credo and recalls his feelings as a young Christian minister in these two brief excerpts from his unpublished autobiography.

Part 2:

...The author... rejected Christian theology before the end of the First World War, but he retained a commitment to Christian ethics for several more years.

Part 3:

...[He] spent nine years attempting to live in full accord with the teachings of Jesus before he realized their irreconcilable incompatibility with his own innermost nature.

Part 4:

... [He] eventually came to understand that the liberalism and egalitarianism he had imbibed from Jesus' teachings were as alien to him as the Semitic theology he had rejected earlier.

Part 5:

... [He] reaches a new level of understanding of man's identity and mission, and he begins to gain an awareness of the importance of race.

Part 6:

..[He] broadens and deepens his understanding of the race's roots, and his eyes are opened to the damage done to the race by its greatest enemy.

Part 7:

... As the West is engulfed by the catastrophe of the Second World War, the author of Which Way Western Man? reaches profound conclusions about the race's agenda for survival.


Which Way
Western Man?

Authorized Edition

Note by America First Books editor William B. Fox: The National Alliance calls this "The Survival Manual for the White race" and describes how "William Simpson... spent a lifetime of keen observation, careful analysis, and deep reflection developing the principal thesis of this book: that the single, undying purpose of all human activity should be the enobling of man. In support of this thesis he looks at the foundations of Western society, at the structure of government, at the effects of technology and industrialization on man, at the role of the sexes, at economics, and at race. The book goes to the roots of the problems facing the White race today, and it shows the ways in which White society must be changed if the race is to survive. Which Way Western Man? is an encyclopedic work whose conclusions can be ignored by no one with a sense of responsibility to the future."
I see in this work an ultimate anti- political correctness, anti-thought control manual. It seeks to shatter all the major elements of controlled national media brainwashing that have terribly corrupted and misled our society. While one may not adopt all the contrarian views expressed in this work, exposure to this suppressed knowledge will certainly help any thinking individual engage in much more rigorous and in-depth analysis of America's very serious problems.
The 1070 page soft cover edition of Which Way Western Man? is currently sold via the National Alliance, available at the bookstore. Its table of contents contains the following chapters::


Preface: To My Reader...
Chapter 1. The Undying Purpose: The Ennobling of Man
Chapter 2. The Continuing Search: From St. Francis to Nietzsche
Chapter 3a. Jesus: Tribute and Re-Appraisal
Chapter 3b. Jesus in Retrospect (1950)
Chapter 4. The Meaning of Nietzsche for the Modern World
Chapter 5. An Added Faculty of Perception
Chapter 6. Handbook for Explorers
Chapter 7. The Added Faculty of Perception in the Light of Psychology and History
Chapter 8. Reorientation to Social Problems
Chapter 9. The Inevitable Foundations of Any Sound Society
Chapter 10. The Fallacy and Failure of Popular Government
Chapter 11. The Necessity of an Aristocracy
Chapter 12. Toward an Understanding of Woman
Chapter 13. Woman and Marriage
Chapter 14. The Pacifist Position Re-Examined
Chapter 15. Man and the Machine: The Effect of Industrialism on Human Life
Chapter 16. The Necessity of Eugenics
Chapter 17. The Doctrine of the Thoroughbred
Chapter 18. The Everlasting Truth about Race
Chapter 19. The Fateful Crisis Confronting Western Man


Sailing to the Orient in Part 3 of
One Man's Striving in search
of the right guru, only to find
the ultimate guidance al-
ready within.

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