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.American Free Press
.Vol IX .#47 November 23 ,

Page 13, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * November 23, 2009 * Issue 47

Facts Not Adding Up
in Texas Massacre

By Pat Shannan

.The shooting tragedy at Fort Hood is mystifying to anyone seeking the truth, as usual. Government officials have locked out all private investigation, as usual. Any penetrating and sensitive questions from journalists are ignored with the same response of “We cannot talk about that right now,” as usual. Are we being “Hoodwinked”? Shades of Waco, Oklahoma City, TWA Flight 800 and 9-11.
Meanwhile, while we were being drowned in flags, memorials and interviews with the victims’ mourning families, we were still left with a total absence of any information that would make sense.
After a brief reflection, we have to consider that the official story of only one man firing a hundred rounds with one or two handguns and hitting 43 people before he can be stopped, is just a little too much to swallow. No, these were not “automatic” weapons, as portrayed by some news reports, but one revolver and one semiautomatic pistol, which meant that the shooter had to pull the trigger each time for a shot to be fired. If he had 20-round clips (reported but not confirmed), it would mean that he would have had to remove and replace the clips four times to have fired 100 rounds. The cumbersome .357 revolver almost certainly could not have been reloaded during the heat of the moment, and some reports said it was never fired at all.
This incident did not occur inside a movie theater but on a military installation, where the victims had been trained in military tactics, and some were combat veterans. We are to believe they did nothing to stop a single shooter as he reloaded several times and continued shooting, and the only thing that stopped him was the arrival of a police officer after the gunman had gunned down over 40 people?
And there is no surveillance video footage? Video cameras are everywhere today. The Processing Center is certainly one of the busiest and always one of the most crowded buildings at the whole Army post. Were there really not any cameras installed here? Unlikely.
And on top of all this, the suspect is a Muslim who also happens to be a serviceman involving gunplay done with privately owned weapons? This thing could not have been scripted and cast better if a writer from St. Elizabeth’s had produced it.
And what about the logic of this alleged “lone gunman”? He was afraid of being deployed to a combat zone, so he created one at home, so he could be killed sooner? There has to be more to it than this ridiculous conclusion. There were reports of up to five shooters. Who were the two unnamed suspects who were soon released? Let us review the whole scenario here for a moment. We have: 1. Private gun ownership demonized. 2. Muslims demonized. 3. Military personnel demonized. 4. Base dwelling troops at home terrorized by a fellow American. 5. Yet another chance to distract the public.
We also have to wonder what prescribed and medically endorsed pharmaceutical substance(s) Dr. Hasan was taking. This may also be officially suppressed forever because to divulge the information would violate his privacy. Score another one for Big Pharma. From a Homeland Security handbook, we find the institute defined by these words:
“Founded in 2003, the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) is a nonpartisan ‘think and do’ tank whose mission is to build bridges between theory and practice to advance homeland security through an interdisciplinary approach. By convening domestic and international policymakers and practitioners at all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and academia, HSPI creates innovative strategies and solutions to current and future threats to the nation.”
Then from a list of “Task Force Participants” from a May 19, 2009 report we find on page 29 the name of “Nidal Hasan—Uniformed Services University School of Medicine.” Was his action on November 5 part of these HSPI innovative strategies and solutions to current and future threats to the nation?
He was one busy guy. He made it a point to attend a mosque run by a notorious, high profile imam with an overtly anti-American philosophy. He was loud and outspoken about his opposition to the war and encouraged others to desert. Could Hasan have been another “Manchurian candidate?”
With 13 killed in a shooting rampage that started at 1330 hours military time, at 31 degrees north latitude— is it possible the conspirators are numerologists?
The following week, presumably after some research, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Joe Lieberman I-(Conn.), said that the deadly shooting at Fort Hood was an act of “Islamist extremism.” Had Lieberman not yet discovered what we did—that Hasan was part of his own Homeland Security Task Force?
Lieberman, a former Democratic vice presidential candidate, said it was too early to definitively state the motives of Nidal Hasan, but said clues pointed to terrorism. “It’s clear that he was, one, under personal stress and, two—if the reports that we’re receiving of various statements he made and acts he took are valid—he had turned to Islamist extremism,” he said. “If that is true, the murder of these 13 people was a terrorist act.”
Lieberman chairs a Senate panel that is to probe whether the Army missed warning signs that Dr. Hasan may have been actually preparing an attack.
Experience has taught us to treat with skepticism such eyebrow-raising announcements of a government agency investigating itself, but hope always springs eternal that this time the smoke and mirrors will be avoided and the unvarnished truth will be uncovered.



Pat Shannon is a contributing editor to American Free Press newspaper. He is also the author of several videos and books including One in a Million: An IRS Travesty and I Rode With Tupper, detailing Shannan’s experiences with Tupper Saussy when the American dissident was on the run in the 1980s. Both are available from FIRST AMEND-MENT BOOKS for $25 each.

(Issue #47, November 23, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

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