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With Former U.S. Army Officer
Mitchell Henderson

May 16, 2023


Prigozhin, Wagner
And Nuclear War

This Is Well Beyond a Mere Drill,
Well Beyond a New York Nuclear Public Service Announcement.
This is Totally Real. Totally Dangerous.
The Greatest Nuclear War Threat
in American History is Happening

Tragically, In America Today
Lunatics Are Running the Asylums,
Criminals are Running the Prisons,
and Criminally Insane Individuals are
Highly Placed Within the Government.

Transcript courtesy of William Fox,
Publisher and Editor, America First Books

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Hey everybody, let's play "High Noon" with the Russians! Better yet, rather than play with six shooters that fire bullets, let's play with nuclear missile salvos that can kill over 100 million people per "quick draw"!

Editor's Note
by William Fox

A vitally important point made by Mitchell Henderson in this and other interviews he has conducted with Jeff Rense is that whoever launches first in a nuclear exchange usually has the best chance of coming out with significantly fewer relative losses compared to adversaries and also with a greater chance of eventually rebuilding an advanced civilization. Please bear in mind that Russia is much better prepared on many different social, political, psychological, and military levels for enduring the extreme shocks and losses of nuclear war. Russia lost tens of millions of people in the 20th century from World War I, the Whites-vs.-Reds civil war, genocidal Bolshevik internal policies, and World War II, and all of this probably makes Russians more "hardened" and capable as a society to stoically overcome tragedy in a rational, disciplined way. Russia also has a more ethnically and racially cohesive society than America, and this greater cohesion would probably give Russia a greater ability to withstand severe disruptions. (As an example of the importance of ethnic cohesion, many historians believe that the ethnic cohesion of Japan and Germany during World War II helped these societies overcome the massive destruction of their cities from Allied bombing and other highly destructive attacks on their populations and infrastructure). Furthermore Russia has recently been restocking its civil defense facilities, which are available to most Russian citizens, and has been building up its gold and natural resource reserves while improving its international trade relations with BRICS nations to greatly improve its ability to withstand severe economic shocks. America, in contrast, has so far shown itself incapable of restoring a solid economy with reindustrialization or by reversing the runaway spending and indebtedness that is leading towards a hyperinflationary meltdown. Its level of ethnic and patriotic cohesion becomes ever more of a joke with a government and controlled national media that actually supports the continual invasion of tens of millions of illegal aliens across open borders, many of whom are now camping out on and even defecating on the streets of once great cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, the use of rigged elections, political gridlock that places America on "suicide watch," and the deployment of "vaccine" bioweapons against America's own population resulting so far in tens of millions of needless deaths. American business operations are also showing ever increasing signs of degradation to Third World standards (to include the symptoms of runaway greed and the destruction of genuine meritocracy), as symbolized by the high number of train derailments across America that were exemplified in the E. Palestine, Ohio wreck and cover-up that left major portions of Ohio and Pennsylvania seriously contaminated for decades with dioxin and other poisons. America has almost no practical civil defense immediately available for its general population (as exemplified by the Katrina disaster in New Orleans in 2005) and many of its nuclear deterrence capabilities apparently suffer from "agedness." In contrast, Russia apparently has a greater quantity of "modernized" nuclear warheads and delivery systems than America, to include the use of hypersonic missiles that can evade all current defense systems.

There is an especially important question that I think a reader should have in mind while going through this interview. It is as follows: "What is so important to the national interests of the U.S. and NATO allies that they would repeatedly cross Russian "red lines" and engage in other behaviors that would make Russia leaders feel like they are being backed into a corner --in other words facing an existential threat to the survival of their country -- and furthermore make them feel like they need to stay on hair-trigger alert all the time?" Last, but not least, why would anyone in their right mind want to make Russian leaders feel as if there is a good chance that there could be highly placed individuals in the U.S. or other NATO governments (to include the Rothschilds / City of London) who would be willing to launch a nuclear first strike against Russia, and furthermore that certain American and other NATO leaders have become so corrupt and unpredictable that there is no practical way to anticipate and forestall a surprise attack out of nowhere? Why wouldn't any sane Russian leaders begin to think in terms of "preventive war" to remove the "sword of Damocles" hanging over their heads?

What a sad state of affairs if the only way out of this horrible mess is to hope that the U.S. and other dysfunctional NATO allies collapse like the former Soviet Union before they are able to pull down the whole world with them in a global nuclear war. When I first listened to this interview, one of my first reactions was that Henderson was describing a world run by people who are arguably more bizarre and unhinged in many ways than the lead characters in the satirical Cold War black comedy world of Dr. Strangelove created by Stanley Kubrick.

Two takes of Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove (above) and one take of Sterling Hayden as Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper (below) in the 1964 film. Is life merely imitating satiric art today, or are we now beyond certain Dr. Strangelove characters, for example with "trannies" in uniform, transgender surgeries on active duty personnel and veterans, mandatory "vaccine" bioweapon injections for the troops, anti-white recruiting policies, the extensive undercover use illegal chemical weapons and biowar research in Ukraine and China and false flag operations (both at home and abroad), and the tolerance of black markets for "organ harvesting" of military personnel?


If all of this may seem too far-fetched and evil for the average reader to find plausible, I am reminded of a comment by the late Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, former chief medical officer of the Lapland District of Finland who later in life became a primary covert operations researcher in Scandinavia. Among other things, in her book Bright Light on Black Shadows, she exposed intelligence agency involvement behind the Oslo-Utoya false flag operation in 2011. She also alluded to this in her Red Ice Radio interview with Henrik Palmgren by describing Mossad and CIA-MI6 involvement (see transcript here). She once said words to the effect that high level deep state insiders often pride themselves on committing acts so evil that members of the general public cannot bring themselves to believe that their malevolent motivations are real. In the interview below, Mitchell Henderson often uses the word "Satanic" to describe certain policies of the Biden administration, the Zelensky regime in Ukraine, Zionists, and "globalist" groups like the U.N. For individuals like myself who tend toward secular and scientific explanations, and shy away from religiously-charged verbiage, bear in mind that the word "Satanic" can also have a secular meaning involving things that are exceedingly cruel, wicked, destructive, and evil. In this sense the word "Satanic" has a lot of conceptual overlap with the layman's term "criminal," the psychiatric term "psychopathic," and the sociobiological term "parasite." In regard to the later, please bear in mind that man is part of nature, and in some tropical biomes half the species are parasites on other species (in other words, "parasitism" can be an effective "evolutionary strategy" on a Darwinian evolutionary level). Many behaviors by humans that seem incomprehensibly self-destructive and bizarre using the kind of "reasonable man" linear or "mathematical" logic often used by libertarians (or taught in informal logic courses at universities), can become completely comprehensible when utilizing forms of Darwinian "evolutionary logic" that typically incorporate the view the human behavior is approximately half "genetic" as well as half "environmental." I discuss examples of organized human "parasitism" in the Parasitism section of my "Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies" series. It is not uncommon in nature for parasite groups to infiltrate formerly healthy societies and create so much disruption that they trigger "colony collapse." One cannot help but wonder what kind of infiltration has been taking place within the Biden regime, the U.S. military establishment, and various "globalist" organizations around the world.

Last, but not least, if the scenario that I have described here, as well as the scenarios described in the following interview by Jeff Rense and Mitchell Henderson are a reasonably accurate reflection of reality, every responsible fellow citizen who reads this interview should ponder whether a failure to create grass roots political movements in the West that make strenuous efforts to remove malefactors of any type from high office could itself be viewed as a serious form of provocation. (Examples of malefactors might include sadistic psychopaths, pro-Armageddon religious fanatics, Zionist New World Order unipolar monopolists seeking global depopulation and the enslavement of gentile humanity under a One World Government technocratic dictatorship, puppets of desperate and suicidal central bankers fearing the consequences their failed inflationary fiat-money schemes and other reckless economic policies, or war criminals fearing prosecution if they do not cover up their war crimes by "kicking problems upstairs" with even greater war crimes.)

In fact, it is not enough to simply remove certain malefactors (or "criminals" or "parasites") from high office. Reasonably sane and responsible citizens should also try to create "margins of safety" in international diplomacy to avoid "accidents" that could trigger a nuclear exchange. Ultimately, every citizen in a republican form of government has a responsibility to act for the public good, to include preventing unnecessary provocations and escalations of tensions that can lead to global nuclear war and the massive annihilation of humanity.




Jeff Rense  [1:02 in after introductory music].  Ukraine in the news.  Yes, there is a war going on.  Yes, it is not just a war between one country and another.  It is a war between Russia and the United States and NATO, with the playing board, as it were, the chessboard, being Ukraine.  But it is not a chessboard that is really restricted to the boundaries of Ukraine.  It is a chessboard that runs all over the Western world.  It's East against West. But it is more than that.   It is hard to quantify all of it because it really is a war against Christianity, a war against kindness, a war against goodness.  And if you doubt that, you haven't been paying attention.  You do not live in a society and call that society viable, credible and valuable and worthy if that society is allowing for the manufacture and distribution of handbooks for masturbation for little children, preschoolers. This is where we are.  And as you well know, high school, middle school, even elementary school are where this whole transgender confusion is now being sewn in the  minds and psyches of our kids.  There is a war on childhood and children. Literally a war to the death.  These people are not going to quit.  They are trying to take it all down, and that's the plan.  So, this is a world war already even though they are not throwing nukes yet.  That may not be far away.  Mitchell Henderson is back tonight.  Mitch welcome back. How are you doing? Feeling OK?

Mitchell Henderson:
  I am doing good.  I feel fine.  


  So speaking of nuclear war, that's where I want to start at, is the drift towards nuclear war, OK?

Rense:   If it is a drift, I would go so far as to say it's a head long dive into the abyss.  I mean I don't know how else --how can they avoid nuclear war at this point after all that they've done? How many red lines have the Russians put up, and have we stomped upon?  How many more are they going to accept and tolerate?   I don't know, it's a mystery to me. But go ahead.

  And there are countries that have no power, no power at all in the world, that are trying to make this nuclear war happen.  Estonia is talking about making a blockade on the Baltic Sea so that Russia cannot use its main port at St. Petersburg and all that area.  A blockade is an act of war.  If Estonia and Finland care to blockade St. Petersburg, Russia can attack them. It's legal under the United Nations for them to attack those countries.  And if they attack Estonia and Finland, those are NATO nations, so they have to attack us too.   Keep in mind that Russia is fully aware that if we step up our involvement and we start blockading them and we start setting up no fly zones and we start sending troops in, they know what the end of that is going to be, OK?  That is very disadvantageous to them. That is an existential threat to them.  So what they need to do is just push the button at that time, OK?  As soon as they lather it all up, I mean, why go through all the conventional stuff and then maybe a nuclear war, why not just go directly to nuclear war?  But there is something else that the United States is planning that is going to make it more likely to happen, OK?  So let me go over that.  


  So the United States is really good at miscalculating.  Hubris has made us ignorant of reality.  A plan for Ukraine is to set off a tactical nuclear device at the  Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant  as a false flag to justify American and NATO involvement in the war. We will viciously attack the Russian Black Sea fleets as well as attack air and ground bases within Russia with conventional weapons. Then we will flood Ukraine west of the Dnieper and along the Black Sea with NATO ground troops under the belief that the Russians will not shoot at them.  NATO has already set up a no-fly zone over Odessa province and they will extend that to cover Ukraine west of the Dnieper River. [Ed. Note: A 24 May 2023  search of "NATO no-fly zone over Odessa Province" yields results that show the Ukrainian government has requested it, but no sign it has been granted yet]. Of course, it is our "space secret decoder ring" [Ed. Note: ie, something like a plastic play toy for little boys found at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box] that tells us that this will work, OK?  Because it won't work.  What it does is it is condescending.  It's smug.  It is arrogant.  It presumes weakness on the Russian' s part.  It presumes that the Russians really have no reason to fight.  There is no reason for them to fight, they are not fighting for anything, OK?   That's the way we look at it.   But the fact is, they are fighting for  everything. They are fighting for their very existence.   They are fighting for their God, OK? and we are not.  We are fighting for Satan, all right?  You know, that's how they see it, OK?  

 I know, I know.

  So the CIA has been doing psychological preparation of the battlefield since November.  In November 2022 Lavrov said it very clearly at the UN that if America and NATO cross the red line of posing an existential threat to the Russian nation that Russia would use nuclear weapons directly against the U.S. and NATO.  From that very moment the government and mainstream media have been constantly repeating warnings on the stark response if Russia uses a nuke in Ukraine.  Russia has no need to do that.  Ukraine cannot win and cannot take their territory back. So why repeat this lie?  In order to make people believe that Russia is saying that they will use a nuke in Ukraine, to use that nuclear attack as a pretext for NATO to intervene in the war. This will be a holy-like crusade at the UN to crush Russia because they used a nuclear weapon, OK?  Our miscalculation is that we don't think Russia will go nuclear if we do this scenario. Russia is very clear.  The second we set off a nuke, and a false flag operation in Zaporizhzhia, Russia will launch a massive all-out nuclear attack on the U.S. and NATO.  We are going to die by the millions for the disgusting incestuous pedophile Biden insane plan to take down Russia. The narrative is set.  The UN blames Russia for firing on the nuclear plant.  The plant is occupied and run by Russia.  Why would they bomb their own people?  They would do it because the UN says so and because everybody believes what the UN says is true. People, what the UN says is a Satanic lie.  Everything they say, no matter what it is, it's all a lie all the time.  So in the near future people will believe that Russia would nuke its own people, OK?  This is ridiculous, OK? It's like they blew up their own pipeline, they will blow up their own largest nuclear power plant in Europe. They'll just blow it up.   The Russians will do that, just to spite us, I guess, I don't know.

  This is so stupid! This is so stupid it defies description.

Henderson: Yes it does.

Rense: Is has nothing to do with logical thought.  Nothing.

  No, not at all. 

 We should not even be talking about it.

  So the mainstream media in the West keeps putting out false stories about Russian casualties and Russian troops and tactical failures. They want to create a narrative for Russia is failing horribly and that the upcoming major counteroffensive will soon be launched in Zaporizhzhia. And Russian troops will be routed causing Russia to get desperate and use a tactical nuke in Zaporizhzhia.   This is their scenario.  Okay, the press is building up.  I mean, it's competing.   You can find just as many videos saying about the glorious NATO victories in Ukraine as you will the Russian victories, OK?   So it's nonsense.  So right now as we speak, American soldiers are using chemical weapons to assist the Ukrainians. This directly violates the 1997 Convention on Chemical Weapons, which the United States signed.  This a  war crime .  Biden is the commander-in-chief.  He is responsible.  So, is Lloyd Austin, the first black Secretary of Defense. He's a war criminal.

  What a loser. What a creep. Oh God.


"Lloyd Austin" Wikipedia article caption: "Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III delivers remarks to Department of Defense personnel, with President Joe. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the Pentagon, Arlington, VA, Feb. 10, 2021."


Henderson:   I think he is a definite affirmative action promotion and his leadership is nonexistence.  He is the most mediocre Secretary of Defense we've ever had.  And he has destroyed the greatest military power that ever existed. They are mixing CS gas with smoke to obscure the Ukrainian's attacking units.  Since the Ukrainians do not have enough artillery, they are mixing tear gas into the smoke to blind the Russian troops. Yes, tear gas may not be used in war.  It can be used on civilians but never, never is permissible to be used on troops.  This is an agreement the whole world made, OK?  Prior to the smoke, they released Agent BZ [ 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate ] on Russian troops. This is an illegal incapacitating gas that causes LSD-like effects. It is against the law to use it on troops, and it is illegal to be used on civilians, OK?  There's no legal use for BZ.  A lot of people probably aren't very familiar with BZ, Agent BZ.  There was a movie okay -

 I don't know much about BZ, Mitch.

  Well BZ is an incapacitating agent. It's actually like a very powerful hallucinogen, lasts 48 to 72 hours. There was a movie years ago called  Jacob's Ladder  with Tim Robbins and it was talking about Agent BZ.

  How long does it last? 24 to 48 hours? That is a long time.

 48 to 72 hours.

  That is a  huge  trip.

 Yes, well it is meant to incapacitate troops long enough for you to do what you want to do, you know.

  Yes, go in and kill them all.

  Yes, so where are they doing this? They are doing it in the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant area. The general area where the great Ukrainian offensive is supposed to take place. Why is this significant? Because the United States must cover up their criminal use of chemical agents and a tactical nuke will destroy the evidence. See they are sticking their necks out with chemical warfare.  Just look at this.  It is like the world banned land mines, but the world gives Ukraine land mines to use in Ukraine. The world bans cluster munitions, and then the West supplies cluster munitions to Ukraine, OK?  The world bans chemical weapons and the United States is there using chemical weapons on civilians and soldiers in Ukraine in war.   

  Nuclear weapons as well.  DU is a nuclear weapon. So there is another one.

  And DU.  The British sent a bunch of DU over there, and the Russians promptly blew that up.  And when they blew it up, there is a lot of fallout going down range and stuff.  Some of that may be overblown, how much they say "Oh, there is gamma radiation and stuff."  Listen, depleted uranium is uranium with all of the most radioactive isotopes have been taken out of it. [Ed. Note: If you want to get technical, it is the most fissile isotopes with optimal properties for making nuclear bombs that are extracted. See the Wikipedia article " Depleted Uranium " for detailed explanations].   That's what it is depleted of, radioactive isotopes. Depleted uranium is mildly radioactive. It's mostly alpha and beta radiation and you could hold it in your hand.  I wouldn't put it under my pillow and sleep on it. But you know, you can hold it, you can be exposed to it, and is not enough radiation to harm you.  I mean I spent years in tanks just loaded with depleted uranium and did not have that [ill effect]. 

Rense: Interesting.

Henderson: But you know inside the round of course it is shielded a little bit but it really only is a problem when you fire it, because it is pyrophoric.  What it does is it strikes the steel of the opponent's tank and as soon as it hits, it starts burning at the tip of the depleted uranium rod, OK?  It catches on fire.  Well that fire, it sort of sucks the rod in, and this is in very slow motion, so the rod hits, it ignites, and the burning at the tip of the uranium rod, which is ignited by friction, it sucks the rod through, as soon as there is a pin hole on the inside of the tank, and the air hits it, it rapidly rips that through, spalls a bunch of metal off the inside, it rattles around inside and turns the troops into spaghetti, OK, or lasagna, whatever.  

 Got it.  I read somewhere, just a real quick aside here, that when the DU round is fired, it actually is already in an early incendiary state as it is transiting toward the target.  And when it hits it does exactly what you describe.  But it comes out of there so hot that it is already basically burning.  I don't know if that is true.

  Well, it does get friction in the air, but the fire begins the moment that it strikes the tank. The friction of striking the tank sets the rod on fire and is actually sucking the rod in through the steel and stuff.  It is a very good tank round, I will tell you, it kills tanks good.  But you know it is not good enough to be used around American troops or Allied troops but it is okay to poison civilians, innocent civilians, with all of this.  That is perfectly okay.

  They used it in Iraq. They covered Iraq from one end to the other with it.

 Yep. So keep in mind -

  What Iraq has to deal with.  God only knows--

 Well even the explosion of the depleted uranium rods look like a nuclear explosion, almost, you know.  It is a mushroom cloud.  It's pretty awesome. So keep in mind that all of the cheating and violating international law that NATO is doing, supplying Ukraine depleted uranium rods, giving Ukraine cluster bombs to use, and supplying Ukraine with land mines, when nations do this, they are very guilty. They  must  win the war or they could go to prison or be executed.  So they are going to be very, this shows that they are very committed to this war with Russia.  Okay, because they are pulling out the stops, doing every dirty, filthy thing they can. They don't care about humanity.  They don't care about decency, they don't care about anything.  So I had to research whether we would use nasty weapons.  Yes, we fully intend to.  The U.S. Army labs in Ukraine are preparing to unleash biological weapons to kill Russian people and not accept credit for it.  They will begin to using more deadly nuclear weapons that can persist for centuries making areas unlivable.  We want to use the false flag tactical nuke at the  Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant  so that it will spread all over the radioactive material at the plant eastwards over into Russia.  We will deny any such actions, just like we denied blowing up the  Nord Stream pipeline  and just like we denied trying to assassinate President Putin. 

The American public may not know any of this but the Russians do. I can personally attest to the fact that Russian radioelectronic warfare is more advanced than ours. I am sorry I can not get really deep into it because the class I got was extremely highly classified.  So the U.S. Army taught me that there is no such thing as communication security.  Every plan we discuss they can hear.  They know what our plans are.  It is only the American people who do not know. And I should reiterate at this point that in the past, when I was on active duty in the Army as an officer, I was also a unit security manager.  What the security manager does is he reviews classified material to determine who can see it, because they have to have a need to know and they have to have the proper clearance to see it.  So I would have to review it and decide who can see it and who can't.  Well out of all the classified documents I saw over years, let me tell you, if it is classified top secret, it is secret from the American people, it is not secret from the enemy.  If it's classified secret, it is secret from the American people.  It is not secret to the enemy.  The enemy knows that stuff, OK?  How do I know?  Because I read our military intelligence, and then I read what they discovered in their military intelligence, and it matched, OK?   So the real enemy of the United States Government isn't Russia.  The real enemy of the United States Government is the people of the United States of America.


They  are the enemy of the government.  The government hates you, and the government will deal with you, OK?  So  the best thing we can do is make it as public as possible so that maybe someone will have enough sense to pull the plug on the suicidal strategy. We have to let people know that if a nuke goes off in Ukraine, it is America who set it off.  It is not Russia, OK?  The more that is repeated, the less likely they are to do this stupid, stupid, stupid foolish thing that's going to get all of us killed.  We are fighting for our lives too, people.  Russia is not our enemy.  China is not our enemy. Iran is not our enemy.  North Korea is not our enemy.  Those countries don't have anything to say about what you do.  As a matter of fact, you can even go travel in those countries and they will not give you a bad time, OK?  So your only enemy is the government of the United States.  It is the only enemy that the American people have. The only real enemy we have.  So Ukraine just simply is not worth the blood of a single American soldier. It is not worth my children's lives nor my grandchildren's lives.  But Joe Biden wants to kill us all for the sake of Ukraine.  For his power.  For his personal power.  That is why he would kill us all. 

Rense: It is Obama-Biden.  Biden is not worthy of even mentioning as a President.  This Obama and the controllers above him, but whatever, I get the point.  Biden is the figurehead.  That is why I call him O'Biden most of the time.  [21:09]


Henderson:   Oh yes, that is very trenchant.  So another problem that is coming up with them and that is Europe awakening.  Europe has not been united towards Biden's woke war on Russia. Hungary and Turkey have opposed Ukraine being in NATO.  Even though NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said that  all  NATO members are in support of Ukraine joining NATO --no they are not.   Hungary and Turkey do not supply weapons to Ukraine.  Croatia will not permit Ukrainian soldiers to be trained on their territory. Not only that, but we are up to as many as 40% of the people in Europe are against the NATO war.  They are sympathetic to Russia.  40% of their population.  That is more people than support Joe Biden, OK?  So to show that Europe's woke are not willing to blindly follow the American woke, I want to read you a statement by  Clare Daly .  She is a Marxist.  An atheist.  A cultural Marxist.  An environmentalist, and a woke Irish member of European Parliament.  She is a major woke influencer in Europe.  In her speech to the European Parliament last week she said this, and I am quoting her:


"Clare Daly MEP" Wikipedia caption: "Daly on 19 September 2019"


"NATO has overstretched themselves.  The people of Europe and the people of the world have absolutely seen through them and their days are numbered.  We see the jingoism wearing off. The vacuous call of standing with Ukraine is ringing hollow now.  Ordinary people can see that this war is being financed and paid for with the lives of the Ukrainians and Russians, and that the living standards of the people of Europe.  And all for what?  All to line the pockets of military industrial complex, which has controlled the U.S. presidency no matter which side manages to win.  And the military industrial complex, which has now taken over the so-called leaders of Europe who are not leaders at all, they are actually just followers and whimps, generally in the main.  So they may think that they have their war now, and they have their military hardware, but it is a last ditch stand before the people of Europe are beginning to wake up.  The people of the rest of the world have long seen through NATO and the US.  The global North is now a minority.  And a New World Order, which won't be based on the dollar, will be based on a new system of multilateralism.  The old colonial days of where the Western white man came in and dominated, they are gone now.  This present period, dangerous and tragic as it is, is really just their death agony."

Rense:  That is quite a statement.  All right Mitch, hold on right there just to pause a little bit. [Rense calls for an ad break at 24:08 in].

Rense:  [Back from the break at 24:30 in]  All right, back with Mitch.  Let me ask you just a quick question.  This is a conjecture, of course.  What are your feelings about the chances of nuclear war, let us say in the next 3 to 6 months, or 3 to 6 weeks.  How much more is Russia going to take?   I guess that is the question.

Henderson: Well listen --

Rense: Chemical weapons?  Go ahead.

Henderson:   So we are at a point now that what's happening is a lot of people are complaining that Russia is not doing anything, OK?  Well, yes they are.  The head of the Ukrainians are throwing themselves at them [the Russians].  They [the Russians] are destroying their [Ukrainian] army, which is the goal of an army.  So what is going to happen is that they [the Russians] are going to start their offensive.  It's when their offensive is successful is when the United States is going to pull all this stuff.  We are going to do this out of desperation, is what we are going to do it out of.  And it is going to get us all killed.  I mean, listen, these people that are up in Washington are not leaders.  They don't even know what leadership is about.  They are so star-focused, they are servants of Satan.  Everything they do is to serve Satan, OK,  everything  they do.  So I think the time to watch is before July 1st.  Be very nervous between now and July 1st  because that is when all of this is likely to take place, OK.  So if we get through to September without an imminent nuclear war, it may not necessarily be going to happen because by September Russia is going to clearly be winning, OK?

Rense:   Do you at this point think that there is going to be a meaningful counter offensive by Ukraine?  Do they have enough men and materiel to do that?

Henderson:   No, no, they don't.  I'll get into that, because their counteroffensive is now about publicity, that's all. 

Rense:  I think you are right.  I agree.

Henderson:   So, two of Europe's major armies are combat ineffective; Germany and United Kingdom. Germany spent the past decade dissolving its best-trained and equipped formations because they had too many white men in it.  Imagine that.  Too many white men in Germany.  The United Kingdom did the same thing.  They will not recruit straight white men for their ranks. If you're a straight white male in Great Britain you cannot serve in the military.  So they have no military. Neither country has a military that is any good for anything.  They are combat-ineffective.  The same is happening to the United States military.  They do not want straight white males, and if you are one, it will be held against you daily.  I watched a video just the other day called  The 11th  Order  on YouTube. [YouTube description : "The award-winning short film "The 11th Order" is based on the true story of LCpl. Jordan Haerter and Cpl. Jonathan Yale, two United States Marines who stood their ground to stop a suicide truck bomb-saving the lives of the 150 Marines and Iraqi Police behind them. Written, directed, and edited by Marine veteran Joshua DeFour, the film was made in collaboration with the families of the fallen Marines and funded largely by the veteran and active duty military communities."]   It is about some Marines that saved their buddies and earned the Navy Cross and stuff.  But it was so gay that I was disgusted by it.  [Scenes 2:38 to 5:25 into the film depict a black male Marine and two white male Marines engaged in buddy-buddy banter in a truck while in an after-hours, off duty capacity stateside before deployment to Iraq followed by a scene where a white marine talks to a black marine lying in bed at night.  In the first scene in the truck, the black male Marine makes a playful move to fellate a white male Marine.  In both scenes the Marines say "I Love You" back and forth to each other, and the whites use the same jargon as ghetto blacks].  Gay armies like the Dutch army in  Srebrenica and Bosnia that stood by and allowed Serb troops to massacre about 8,000 Muslim men and boys that they were tasked with protecting -- this is what gay soldiers do.  

Why is the American military avoiding recruiting straight white men, because the last thing the government wants is a military that will support the Constitution and be loyal to white Americans.  White people are the enemy.  They tell you so daily. Just listen, look at Biden the other day at Howard University commencement.   White supremacism is the most vital threat to America.  Well, no it is not.  The only danger to America is the government of the United States.  The only danger to the Constitution of the United States is the government of the United States.  The only danger to the Bill of Rights and your rights is the government of the United States. They are the enemy of the Constitution, the enemy of the people, the enemy of God.  The enemy of all decency, OK?  The ultimate duty of the US military is to murder white people.  None of the Western militaries are trained or equipped to fight Russia or China.  So they are really trying to bluff their way in this.  But you know they don't live in reality.  They are delusional.  The Russians and Chinese are not delusional. They are looking at things realistically.  So let me go over the war in Ukraine and try to get a picture of where it's going.  So in the past few weeks we have seen results of an operation that Russia started when the United States decided to ship  Patriot missile systems  to serve Ukraine.  The purpose of Operation безпечного неба, which is Operation Safe Skies [in Ukrainian], was to launch missiles into western Ukraine that the Patriot Missiles could shoot down, leading to less missiles actually detonating in Western Ukraine.  This lulled NATO into complacency.  [29:43 in] 

They also had troops concentrating in areas.  They [the Russians] remained patient, as NATO concentrated troops, command-and-control facilities and logistics for the great Ukrainian counteroffensive.  The Russians did not harass or destroy the Ukrainian effort to build its forces.  As the months passed, the Ukrainians became more complacent and the operational security slipped.  The Ukrainian people hate [the] Zelensky government with a passion. This is a boon for Russian intelligence because it gives them the most critical source of intelligence: human intelligence.  Ukraine has made it an official policy to execute Ukrainians that do not evacuate towards Ukraine but head towards the safety of Russian-controlled areas.  

So with months of NATO building up logistical and training facilities, with information being collected by Russia, Russia used their better missiles, their Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, to attack these troop and supply depots and destroy Ukraine's warfighting abilities.  Starting May 4th , Russia has stricken these military depots with great effect.   The Patriot missiles have not shot even one down.  The Russians have made use of the fact that the Patriot systems created a false sense of security that the Russians were able to exploit.  We knew going in that these Patriots could not shoot down Kinzhal missiles.  As a matter of fact, every day the Ukrainian government puts out how many Russian missiles they shot done, and Russia has noted that actually Ukraine has succeeded in shooting more Russian missiles down than Russia has fired.  Like twice as many than they fired.  So it's just propaganda, war propaganda. 

They have four axes of operations.   First and primary is Ukrainian counter offensive in Bakhmut.  Ukrainians will not give this up, although NATO and everybody wants them to.  Still over half the Ukrainian forces are on this front.  The counterattacks were expected.  The Russians dug in along terrain behind their lines.  They allowed the Ukrainians to advance across open low-lying, flat fields where they could be effectively destroyed.  The Ukrainians are advancing to the north of Bakhmut and to the south.  PMC Wagner's boss  Prigozhin  had open disputes with the Russian Army to give the impression that things were not going well with the Wagner Group.  They would never allow a Russian military officer to play this role for purposes of discipline. This encouraged the Ukrainians to send ever more troops into the kill box of Bakhmut. Remember that the primary objective of a military is to destroy the enemy's army.  That is exactly what Russia is doing and will continue to do until they launch their offensive which will be launched when the military is ready and not by political pressure. 

The second front, the front where the great Ukrainian mother of all counter offensives is to take place actually has already had their offensive set back by the destruction of the nine brigade headquarters that were to command the attack.  They will now be relegated to fake attack on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant to give the excuse that the Ukrainian forces were about to seize the nuclear power plant, and Russia had to fire a tactical nuclear weapon there to prevent losing the war.  That is the exact wording. This is the unimaginative and juvenile operation to create a false flag operation to allow NATO intervention in the war.   My fellow citizens, this is the plan that will get you and all you love dead, sacrificed in a stupid bid to give woke faggot pedophiles political power over the world . [33:54 in]

The third front is Kherson to spoil the Russian attack across the  Mykolayiv  and Odessa Provinces. The Russians like this because it is sending more of the Ukrainian Army to them to be destroyed.

The fourth front is with Moldova.  Ukraine is determined to invade  Transinistra  to grab the huge ammo and weapons dump there.  They are going to have to break international law to invade  Moldova  because it is a neutral nation.  Poor Moldova does not now yet know it, but the United States and NATO are supporting Ukraine invading them.  The Ukrainian plan is not just to invade Transinistra but they intend to take the [Moldovan] capital of  Chișinău also.  

What are the Russian intentions? Russia also has four axes of advance.  In the West, Russian forces will stream south from the Belarusian border along the Polish border headed south to cut off Ukraine from further NATO supplies and to keep the NATO troops from flooding east across the border into Ukraine. 

In the south Russian forces will take western Kherson, Mykolayiv and Odessa provinces in order to prevent NATO troops from occupying southwest Ukraine.  It will also cut Ukraine off from the sea and from getting supplies by sea.  This has the most likely danger of setting off World War III because NATO already has a no fly zone there and Russia and military NATO forces are most likely to come into direct conflict there.  [Ed. Note: While it is true that the Zelensky regime has requested a NATO no fly zone, run search "NATO no fly zone over Odessa" for current status]

Rense:  Sure

Henderson:  In the center, Russia must be ready for the false flag nuclear attack that will take place there.  They know it will take place.  They know everything we are going to do.  NATO thinks this will forestall Russian troops from moving north along the eastern bank of the Dnieper River to cut off eastern Ukraine.   Russia will not be surprised by the American nuclear attack on a nuclear power plant.  They have taken this into account and will definitely launch their attack north in spite of it.  Remember, if America sets this nuke off, the nuclear World War III will start at that very second.  Russia will respond in a total nuclear war.  America is over.  We are over.  Why will you be dying so that homosexuals and trannies can be free? You will be dying for your own oppression.    [36:19 in] 

The fourth front is the eastern front. This is where Russia wastes Ukrainian lives and equipment.  Normally you have to go on the offensive to destroy the enemy's army, but the Ukrainian Army is committing suicide.   You see you need a 10 to 1 advantage on the offense, so Ukraine is throwing human lives away for political optics. 

Rense: Got it.

Henderson:   You see, the woke believe in visualization.  If you visualize something, you make it real. This is magical thinking. It's like the old visualized world peace thing.  You visualize it and it comes true in a New Age homosexual way, somehow I don't know.   So the woke believe that you only have to control the narrative to make their truth come to life. This is also why censoring is critical for them.  The woke have to put out the narrative that Russia is weak and incompetent.  Our faggots and sissies are more powerful than Russian straight people.  That is our narrative.  Let's see how that works out for us.  Okay, so let me cover a couple of other things that are kind of important here. One is on the Turkish elections, OK?  Following the same pattern of American rigged elections, early voting is very strong for the incumbent when the voting day ends. Massive votes start coming in for the opposition.  Partly the woke party wins even though less than 20% of the voters approve of it.  In Turkey 75% of the voters hate Europe and do not want to be a part of the European Union, and 75% of voters do not support NATO.  Yet, inexplicably, all those people just vote for the party that is against their interest.  80% of Turks absolutely detest the Western LGBT agenda so why are they voting for it?  What happened is,  Erdogan made like 49.5 percent, which is what they like to do because they make it to go to a runoff, they let him get real close to winning, and then a runoff election is easier to rig because they already know what the voting patterns are going to be.  So you can expect major efforts to rig that election when they have their runoff.  This is an important goal for the United States.  They  have  to rig that election.  They have to gain control of the Turkish government.  That is vital for the war, OK, they have to do that.

So, the second thing I want to do is you keep hearing about things about Prigozhin and Putin and their arguing and even Prigozhin selling out Russian troops to the Ukrainians and stuff, OK.  

Rense:  That was a particularly disgusting piece of fiction I saw the other day. 

Henderson:   Oh yes, yes.  But I want everybody to keep something in mind because they do not talk about this in the news.  But what is going on in Russia is Russia, until this war started, Russia was not  antisemitic . Russia had very good relations with Israel, very good relations with the Jewish rabbinate or whatever you want to call it.   He [Putin] was favorably disposed towards them.  He knew them as a child and he really didn't dislike them or anything.  But when the war started, although Israel didn't send deadly weapons to Ukraine, Israel supported Ukraine. 

Rense:   There is a lot going on that we will never know about too as you well know.  A lot going on.  Mossad, money, you name it.

Henderson:   Right, right, so -

Rense:   All those Jewish oligarchs.  Go ahead.

Henderson:   What I was going to say, so what happened in this past year is the opposite.  Russia told the Israelis to get their Jewish agency out of Russia.  And there are people who support immigration to Israel and stuff like that.  So they brought all that out, and there is actually a big wave of antisemitism going on because Russia is a Christian nation and they are fighting Satan.  And the Jews are Satan as far as they are concerned because Zelensky is a Jew.

Rense:  They remember Bolshevism.  They remember what happened under the Soviet, Marxist, Communist regime.  They remember the death, the suffering, the horrors.  They don't forget.  They remember. 

Henderson:  So, I want the audience to just keep this in mind about Prigozhin. Prigozhin is Jewish, both on his Mom and Dad's side he is Jewish, OK.  Second, Prigozhin has never been in the military.  He is not a military man.  He does not understand how to run [a regular military organization].  He can run a private military contractor group, but that's not the same as running a division in a war.  He doesn't have that ability.  He doesn't understand everything that's going on, OK?  And what did Prigozhin do in the last 10 years of the Soviet Union?  Well he was in jail for robbery and theft. That is what he is doing.  So if people think that Prigozhin is some indispensable person to Putin, well he is not indispensable to Putin.  Putin is indispensable.  Prigozhin, he can be disposed of.  He is disposable.

Rense:  Yes, yes. Do we not also mention that Wagner PMC, with or without Prigozhin, in point of fact, essentially took Bakhmut. 

Henderson:    Oh yes they did.  Now don't get me wrong, it is like the people that work for Wagner, those are very well-trained military people. I just want people to remember that whatever Prigozhin says, keep in mind, he hasn't got a clue about how to run strategy and tactics and stuff, that is not his thing, OK?  He is just a head of a corporation.

Rense:  He is just a front man, I got it.

Henderson:  Yes. He is a front man,  So it is something that he is doing.  And you know Britain decided to send the  Storm Shadow  missiles which are 200 kilometer range, and you know Putin keeps telling the West every time you send a longer-range missile, that's how far into Ukraine that we have to take.  And the first Storm Shadows that Ukraine used, they used them on civilians to kill little kids and women and stuff. 

Rense:  Yep, yes, all true.

Henderson:   Say, I was wondering if I could, I would just like to ask something.  I met a gentleman in the past year, year and a half. His name is Dan Anderson.  He is a lawyer.  I had an interesting conversation with him but I lost his contact information.  And Dan listens to this show.  If you are listening, please try to contact me. 

Rense:   Very good, or just contact me, and I will get it right to Mitch, so either way. Very good.  All right, that was really another exceptional serving of truth and reality.  This whole thing is so perverted in terms of the media, the Western media presenting it, representing it. They have the best money-type people in mind control, in propaganda, that they can get ahold of.  They have got unlimited funds for that.  They have been looting this whole country.   The Marxist-Zionists have successfully destroyed that country.  15 million have left and they have killed up to 400,000 young white Christian males in the military.  That very group that might, if anything, were ever to rise up again Zelensky, come from those ranks, and those people are all dead. They are ghosts now.  They have killed them all.  

Henderson:   Well, listen to this.  Another thing about Prigozhin, last week he finally got tired of the fact that he could do prisoner exchanges and stuff, OK, but he is not getting very many prisoners back. Then he just found out and came to the conclusion that Ukrainians are just killing them. They are not just killing them outright. They are killing a bunch outright when they surrender, but they want most of them to go back [to their rear area] so they can harvest them for organs.  So they need them alive to go back to harvest for organs.

Rense:   Prigozhin said that we are not taking any more prisoners from now on.

Henderson:  That is right.  No more prisoners. You know that would be an illegal order except when the enemy doesn't take prisoners, well, you know, are you really obliged to take prisoners?

Rense:   I think the point is very well taken.  It is amazing to me to watch the Satanic government of that poor downtrodden destroyed country literally killing women and children. That is what they do best.  They attack civilian targets. It is amazing. Sickening and amazing. All right Mitch, we'll see what happens in the next week. You be well. 

Henderson: OK.

Remse: Take care.

Henderson:  You, too. Thank you. Bye bye.

Rense:   Good night. Thank you.  Excellent, excellent commentary from Mitchell Henderson.  You won't get any better... 







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