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At left, a "transitional' skull found in present-day Romania displays characteristics of both the Neanderthal and sapiens species.



By George Kadar
Barnes Review
May/June 2010

A skull, found in a cave in southwestern Romania, showing. both modern human and Neanderthal features, -- suggests that the two hominid species interbred around 24,000 years ago around the time when Neanderthals are claimed to have "disappeared" from this planet.
Ezra Pound was the master of the masters when it came to the understanding and analysis of Western culture. He viewed the development of our common culture as a result of the organic interaction -- cultural, biological and economic -- of all the different European tribes and nations that has interacted for untold millennia.
There was only one group that was systematically rejected and was cast out from this great mosaic of the European people -- and that was the Jewish/Neanderthal group. They were punished in 15th century Spain and 16th century Hungary for cooperating with the Muslim invaders; they were expelled to the hinterlands of the continent from all European nations for usury and for being completely incompatible with the ancient white population of Europe. The first Jews were not allowed to cross into Finland until 1922. (See page 6, this issue.)
On the surface the reason for this rejection was that Jews were obviously not part of the white race. In addition, whenever a limited experience of coexistence was gained by the locals, the end was always a social crash. The reasons pointed out were always the same: usury, sale of alcohol, child sacrifice etc. Besides the obvious, dramatic racial differences, there was something deeper and unbridgeable that healthy white social structures kept throwing up to the surface: Jews simply refused to engage in productive activities; they have never wished to become an organic part of their host nations. Even worse: whenever the opportunity has arrived, they have become a destructive force, engaging the nations around them in bloody confrontations, usually by proxy and always for profit.
After the French Revolution a rapid emancipation was taking place followed by a series of increasingly bloody civil wars where the Jewish/Neanderthal forces often gained the upper hand by systematically exterminating large white Christian groups. In a false flag operation called "communism" they came very close to realizing their dream and taking the full European continent under their destructive control. In June of 1941 only the German army under Adolf Hitler kept them from sweeping across Europe all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.
Again and again the Jewish population of Europe was proven to be a deadly, destructive enemy of the white race and enjoyed the full support of their cousins from America.
The "revenge of the Neanderthal" became a successful global operation disposing Jews into every nation on this planet including even India after WWII. We are not witnessing warfare here among a group of nations for territory and resources. We are actually looking at a species of destructive psychopaths -- out of control and on the loose. The only thing they live for is the destruction of the white race, the ancient enemy who denied them the sole control of the Eurasian continent and keeps denying them their obvious goal: world domination. Inevitably, however, all the races of planet Earth are being threatened by the Neanderthal.
It was a long march for these beasts, coming out from the depth of the ice age, slowly shifting into the stone ages, raping, plundering and shrinking in size, carefully keeping the ancient DNA alive by a controlled mixing with our species, always following their core instinct looking for the destruction of the ancient enemy -- us. They partially transformed themselves and gained the instruments of material success in our world while seeking out the control and systematic destruction of those with creativity and the higher qualities of social constructiveness. The 20th century in the Western world can be rightfully called the "Century of the Neanderthal" and it is up to us to stop this process.


is a Hungarian nationalist residing in the United States. He is interested in the origins of ancient man and has written on this topic for THE BARNES REVIEW. See "Kennewick Man Revisited" in the March/April 2004 TBR issue.

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