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Finnish Government Drops All Charges
Against Henrik Holappa;
US Government to Deport Him


ANNOUNCEMENT of April 30, 2009





Esa Henrik Holappa A087361909
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
4250 Federal Dr.
Batavia, NY 14020

Almost two months have now passed since that morning, March 9, 2009, around 11:45 am, when US federal agents arrested me – three squad cars – on a country road east of Sarver, Pennsylvania for a “visa violation.” As it quickly became known to me, in fact already during the car ride to the downtown Pittsburgh federal jail and even more so later in questioning, my arrest was politically motivated.

The officer who put me in leg chains and even wrist chains – not mere handcuffs, but wrist chains — said, when I asked why he was arresting me, a perfectly legal applicant for political asylum:


“Because of your association with John de Nugent .”


Federal wrist chains

Since that week, now almost two months ago, I have spent my time, 23.5 hours a day, in a cell in the “SHU,” the “Special Housing Unit.”

The SHU is meant for those whom the facility considers to be “dangerous” or a “threat to the facility’s safety.”

Here I am discovered at John de Nugent’s home,
holding a dangerous cat weapon.

Now, however, I stay voluntarily in the SHU – the director here did offer to release me – because I wish to avoid any contact with the Third World “general population” here or any “incident” that “might happen.” But in my concrete cell I can still hear the melodious sounds of “m—–f——” being yelled.

On Thursday, April 30, and at my request, my October 2008 application for political asylum was withdrawn before the Federal Immigration Court in Buffalo, NY.

This step also means that the federal order issued by the Department of Homeland Security for my “removal,” that is, my deportation back to Europe, will not be blocked any longer by my lawyer, and my expulsion from this beautiful America will go ahead.

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city that I loved, and Pennsylvania has gorgeous countryside.

I and John de Nugent in the building lobby of a high-priced, specialized immigration/asylum lawyer in downtown Pittsburgh in October 2008. John and Margaret spent $2,000 on the law office of Valerie May, whose staff failed to secure one signature on the 16-page asylum application — a mistake which John de Nugent caught, and even though this mistake was remedied the next day, Homeland Security arrested me fully five months later, claiming I had “overstayed my visa.” At my federal asylum scheduling hearing in December in Philadelphia, I was not arrested for this supposed “violation,” and I and my friends saw and heard in that courtroom that several asylum applicants had 1) overstayed their visa, 2) overstayed it for years already, and 3) some had even committed felonies while overstaying their visa – and 4) they were not being arrested or being deported, but instead getting a free lawyer. (The judge said kindly: “You need a lawyer who can do both criminal and immigration law. Here’s a list of free lawyers. Translator, make sure Mr. Ubungu understands that.”) But all these real violators were hispanic – or they were black (as were the judge and the prosecutor).

My deportation back to Finland will take place within a month from this date (April 30).

My deportation also means I cannot return to the soil of the United States of America for TEN YEARS. It is because of the one missing signature that was fixed the next day. But Obama’s aunt can stay… four years after she was ordered deported….. see below.


Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security,
whose mother’s maiden name was Winer.

Why did I drop my asylum application?

Well, it was obvious by my very arrest by Homeland Security’s ICE division (“Immigration and Customs Enforcement”) that the government that is ruling over the American people did not want me to stay here and did not want to approve my asylum application, nor do I think the black judge would have done so once she understood that I am pro-white. (Valerie May had suggested I would get a favorable judge whom she knew – and, although she did not say so, a white judge — but this judge was then removed from my case in favor of a black woman.)

I was proud to speak in November 2008 at Dr. David Duke’s EURO conference in Memphis, Tennessee, alongside him, John de Nugent, Paul Fromm, my Scandinavian brother Knut Eriksen from Denmark, and other fearless comrades. After all, you have freedom of speech here in America, right? Statue of Liberty, huddling masses yearning to be free?


Barack Hussein Obama’s aunt, “Zeituni Onyango,” has been living in Boston, Massachusetts illegally since 2004, but the immigration judge’s 2004 deportation order has been blocked since then, and “Aunt Zeituni” is now living in public housing – as a deportable illegal alien – in the once all-white (and Irish) South Boston section.

[source: “Barack Obama's Aunt and Uncle Found Living in Poverty”

Zeituni Onyango, who was prominently mentioned as "Aunt Zeituni" in Barack Obama's memoirs Dreams from My Father, lives in a disabled access apartment in a rundown section of Boston. Zeituni Onyango lives with her brother Omar. Zeituni Onyango is apparently without employment, but does some volunteer work and contributed some money to her nephew's campaign.

Omar, known as "Uncle Omar" in Barack Obama's memoirs, has also had hard times since moving to America. He was evicted from a previous apartment, lost a business, and was once attacked in an armed robbery.

Barack Obama, who is a millionaire and live[d] in a tony section of Chicago, has had to endure controversy before when it was revealed that his half-brother George lives in a shack in a poor area in Nairobi, Kenya. Eyebrows have been raised at why a politician, who often touts the virtues of sharing and “spreading the wealth,” seems unable or unwilling to help out relatives who are in need.

Barack Obama once boasted about he used to share his toys as a kindergartener. But the revelation of a brother and now an aunt and uncle living in squalid poverty proves, if nothing else, that Barack Obama has a little trouble with the concept of sharing as an adult.

Ed Morrissey, of, put it very well. “[The New Testament Gospel of] Matthew speaks of all men as brothers, but a failure to care for family speaks much louder than a failure to care for strangers. It makes Obama look a little hypocritical, especially after featuring Zeituni and Omar in one of the books that now provide a healthy income for the presidential candidate.”


But my decision to withdraw my asylum application was based on new legal developments in my home country of Finland.

Almost one year ago, on May 11, 2008, while I was heading on a tourist visit to neighboring Estonia, I got a phone call from the police investigator in my city of Oulu.

Oulu is a city of about 130,000 located on the western Finnish coast about
where the final letter in the word “Bothnia” (”a”) is located.

This policewoman informed me that the state prosecutor Mika Illman (who handles all major so-called “hate-speech crimes”) had decided to ”have a look at my case.” A week later I was summoned to the police station to be interrogated on suspicion of “incitement of racial hatred.” Two more charges with which I was threatened were “aggravated defamation” (of the black community, which I accused of harboring gang rapists) and “copyright violation.”

I had already been arrested previously, at age 20, and was held in jail without being able to make a phone call from January 16 to 19, 2007. At that time I was “suspected’ of having written a defamatory article about a Sudanese immigrant teenager and his Israeli friends. The important newspaper for northern Finland called Kaleva, published in my city of Oulu, had published the photo of these youngsters on its website on January 5, 2007. I admit my “crime” of right-clicking on this photo jpeg and sending it to an American friend! It was part of a private email to a friend, not a commercial undertaking. The picture, which had already appeared on the Finnish newspaper’s website, then appeared on an American website and discussion of the photo on that website’s discussion forum.

For this crime of Americans using a Finnish newspaper’s photo Mika Illman wanted me to go to prison for six months. (Meanwhile Africans are gang-raping Finnish girls.)

The American website as well as its forum had already published my articles about multiculturalism and gang rapes in my city of Oulu. There was my article “Multiculturalism – an impossible vision,” and several other articles that this American website published for Finns in our own Finnish language. Some articles on the American website had even been published by the Kaleva newspaper itself under my name!

We have no racial freedom of speech in Finland, so this was a nice service to publish these articles in Finnish. In any case, the Oulu police wrongly concluded that I had written all the Finnish material on the website and forum, including one I had not even read when I was arrested. But this article “defamed the honor” of the Sudanese (think Darfur) and of his Israeli friends.

The police even accused me of being the webmaster of this American site! No, that was far beyond my Internet competency then or now.

During my three days in jail, with the light on day and night, the police determined there was no evidence of my “guilt” and let me go. Even so, I found out later that the state prosecutor Illman had decided to ”make an example” of me so as to “crush racism” in Finland. (That is, white racism, not black racism.) I was already convicted in their minds, and in May 2008 my lawyer told me that I was facing 4.5 YEARS in prison. It was quite that serious.

However, I believe that the real reason for my arrest and later persecution lay in my critical article “Multiculturalism – an impossible vision.” This article was translated into German and published as “Multikultur – eine unmögliche Vision” by the WN published Wigbert Grabert in his excellent historical magazine Deutschland in Geschichte und Gegenwart [ = “Germany in History and the Present”] in the spring of 2006 (when I was 19).

This article must have seemed pretty potent to the enemies of our race, because the publisher himself, Wigbert Grabert, was then indicted just for publishing my article on the charge of “Volksverhetzung” [ = “incitement of racial hatred”]! I think the enemy did not like my mentioning of the explosive issue of African gang rapists in my city of Oulu. I was detained by the state security police, SUPO, on August 8, 2006 and interrogated about this article.

Interestingly, they were inflicting this on me, in a supposed democracy with a guarantee of free speech, on the very day that Herr Grabert was in a German court because of the German government’s objections to my article. On the day I was released, this peaceful publisher of opinions about history and current events was sentenced to a fine of three thousand euros [four thousand dollars, a lot for a small publisher) and a prison sentence with probation (which means they can still send you to prison if you commit another “speech crime” during probation).

So many coincidences, which all suggest that one big Hidden Hand behind the scenes is directing multiple governments.

There were two things I learned myself about the state from the interrogations by SUPO and by the criminal police: 1) they wanted to know why I wold write such things and what my goal was; 2) they wanted me to believe that my nationist way of thinking now belonged to “the history books.”

Of course, the Hidden Hand got its newspaper Kaleva into the act as well. In its article of January 16, 2007, and violating Finnish press customs, they published my name and home address although I had not been convicted of any crime, merely arrested (and in fact released). This was a nice gesture in a city with now thousands of Africans living there, some of whom live in fact very near my then apartment. The newspaper also published, as if they were cooperating with the police as one entity, detailed information about my friends and political connections. Kaleva also published the lie that I was the administrator of the aforementioned American website!

So by the year 2008 Finland’s top prosecutor, Mika Illman, had decided to prosecute me after I had received much attention from three sources: 1) the state security police SUPO, which is a bit like the American FBI, but was organized by the Soviet KGB itself during the long period when the Soviets did not occupy but instead dominated my country, from 1944-91, when we were, as they say in English, “finlandized.” This term means we were economically and politically controlled by placing key Soviet operatives in key positions of the Finnish government and police. Now the only change is that our bureaucracy has a new master. The second group hounding me was the criminal police, and the third was the largest newspaper in northern Finland, Kaleva, which continued writing about me after I had already left Finland for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in America in July 2008!

I can say with some satisfaction that because of my “icy” arrest now – as a totally innocent and legal applicant for asylum and then confinement to solitary – by ICE (“Immigrations and Customs Enforcement”), which caused my friends such as John de Nugent and Major William Fox USMCR, and my Finnish comrades, and comrades Erick and Pamela, and others, to create huge publicity about my case, I have become even more well-known now – both in Finland and around the world. I have learned the happy news even here in solitary that there are now over 11,300 web pages about my struggle and ordeal and 25 pages under “Henrik Holappa” in the search engine Google – and there are support websites suchs, Major Fox’s extensive webpage on me at, and supportive threads on several WN forums with full details.

Major Fox, whose mother is from Scandinavia, from Norway (and northern Norway, by the way, was settled by Finns and is even called Finnmark; Narvik, the site of a major WWII battle, is in this region), did a huge amount of work on my behalf by in sending emails to every single Finnish-American association – and also to every single one of the hundreds of legislators in both the Finnish and Norwegian parliaments, exposing to them the outrageous facts about my arrest and confinement and no doubt causing much discussion behind the scenes – about the dictatorship of political correctness and about my original issue, immigrants gang-raping Scandinavian women. I have just learned that now Norway is starting to openly discuss the terrible wave of gang rapes by Muslim immigrants, and is opposing Israel more and more openly.

Major William B. Fox, USMCR, Harvard Business School graduate and owner of (The mother of the 6'5" Bill Fox was born a Norwegian citizen. All the Scandinavian countries are closely bound by ties of blood, culture and, until recently at least, religion – Lutheranism.)

When I helped Major Fox move his belongings into John’s home in January, I had no idea
that soon he, Bill and Margi would be battling for my freedom.

John de Nugent, Margaret Huffstickler and I. They hosted me at their home for eight months.

I am sure that the enemy of freedom is now bitter that after all this, I am now far more famous than ever before, and certainly the most known white nationist in my home country.

Soon after my arrest on March 9, Kaleva printed an article about my incarceration. And a few weeks later I heard the most amazing news, which I never expected to hear, and probably none of my friends and supporters in Finland, the rest of Europe, or America expected either.

This was the amazing news:

After being assured by the criminal policewoman in May 2008 that I was about to be indicted by the top prosecutor, Illman himself, to “make an example of me” and to “crush racism” in all Finland, and show by my prosecution and severe punishment that the state now had a serious program in effect to eliminate all white racial solidarity, and with my lawyer warning me that I therefore I could expect 4.5 years in prison — all three charges – “racial incitement,” “defaming the honor of the black community” and “copyright violation” - were now DROPPED and I was told “the case is closed”!

So suddenly I did not commit any Orwellian crimes of “violation of freedom of speech.” (If you speak out in Finland about anything racial, you are “violating” freedom of speech….)

This is of course very good news, that I am not facing prison! (Not at the moment….)

It also forms a parallel to the David Duke case in Prague, Czech Republic, where he was arrested – and then released and expelled, not indicted. The result of Illman’s decision, reversing his stated intention of last summer, is also bad news for me. Because it means I am no longer in imminent danger of political persecution in my homeland, I now have no more grounds for applying for political asylum here, and US Homeland Security can now easily do what they really want – to deport me out of America, a huge and exciting country I really began to like very much and where I now have deep friendships and strong contacts with American comrades after eight months in freedom (from July 2008 to early March 2009).

At my April 7 court hearing my main asylum hearing was scheduled for July 6, but as of April 3o, I have dropped my asylum application since there is no prosecution awaiting me in Finland and frankly I am tired of spending 23.5 hours a day in a concrete cell, and only exercising and reading and writing letters to and from good comrades around the world, comrades whom I thank very much, and especially one in Scotland. I have also had good visits here in prison in upstate New York, far from most comrades, with one driving ten hours one-way just to see me for 45 minutes, and I expect at least one more from Pennsylvania.

I cannot know, since I am not allowed a crystal ball in isolation, what the future will bring, but certainly changes are coming. I can only speculate why Mika Illman dropped the serious charges meant to “crush racism in the whole country.” They wanted to silence me and they want to silence you, and most of all silence the truth. They want to paint us as “evil” and “haters.” But I and thousands of comrades, and key volunteers such as John de Nugent, Margaret Huffstickler and Major Bill Fox, have shown that our truth cannot be silenced, and that the state will feel the consequences of persecuting white nationists in Finland, Czech Republic, America and elsewhere.

The state is seeing that there are those who do not wait defensively to be arrested and submit to prosecution and chains on their wrists and legs. They now know there are those who proudly stand up and say to the Power:

“You are a tyrant and you are a liar!”

Now there are others in Finland who are still being prosecuted by the government for this Orwellian “violation of freedom of speech.” (I suppose in America they will call it “abusing reasonable limitations on freedom of speech designed to prevent violence between communities,” as in Canada.) All those targeted for punishment need to make the decision: will you quietly submit, or will you directly challenge the state prosecutor with your supporters so that the persecution becomes a public-relations fiasco for the state?

My days in this extraordinary country called America are rapidly coming to the end. I may be gone within two weeks, but almost certainly by the end of May. These eight months that I spent as a free man in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in Memphis, Tennessee, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in Baltimore, Maryland and in the gleaming white marble city of Washington DC, now filled with dark people, have given me a new view of things and have been a graduation to a new ability to lead.

I have seen in America what Finland some day could look like.

As for the two months spent in this facility, they have not been enjoyed, but they have not been wasted either. I did some important thinking and made some important decisions. These will affect my personal life and my leadership of the Finnish Resistance Movement as we approach a new decade.

I want now to thank all and everyone who has written me and sent me postage stamps, money orders, and paid to set up a phone account. I express my deep gratitude to all who have worked hard to create websites, write articles and posts about my case, and every other act of help whether known to others or only to your heart. I appreciate as only a prisoner in solitary can all you have done for me. I rejoice that through my suffering and your solidarity with me now thousands more have awoken to the need to defend and keep freedom of speech. You and I together have made our movement stronger!

And now I return to Europe, to unfree Europe, to battle to get the freedoms we need back.

Esa Henrik Holappa

April 30, 2009
still in captivity in Batavia Detention Facility

During a happier time last summer, exploring Buffalo Creek, near Sarver, Pa.



John de Nugent comments on the Holappa case above.

My speculation is that David Duke and Henrik Holappa were both released — surprisingly, in view of all the other WNs who have gotten long prison sentences — because of three unique factors:

1) they have many supporters
2) they are attractive individuals and potential shining symbols of martyrdom
3) ZOG intends to introduce “hate speech” legislation this year in the USA — and does not want any causes célèbres before that involving Americans or American courts while they try to sneak this law through the Congress and quickly onto Obongo’s desk for signature.

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My Henrik Holappa Strategy
by John de Nugent

FYI, comrades, an email sent today to……

Dear [a heroic former political prisoner]

The best thing about HH is character. He is a real, honest, hard-working Scandinavian of the old school. But tied with that is that he radiates unselfishness. He is a real idealist. And this in the end explains why the Jews had to release him. He had all the makings of a real martyr and rallying point, in the way that Rudolf Hess became one.

And now he will be returning to Europe, trained by me and others, and even more hardened by life and determined. But now he enjoys a certain new hero status — all good for his future effectiveness. I got an email from a key person in Europe; they are welcoming him back with an even greater appreciation than they had for him before. After all, he has really experienced America, this huge, powerful, albeit Jew-ridden country, he has survived persecution without breaking, and he has met some key WN activists and leaders, networking for eight months.

Of course, I was building up this image of HH all the time he was here, and this gave trolls the excuse they wanted to attack me, and their “in” was to insinuate I was a queer who was in love with him!! But this promoting of HH paid big dividends once he WAS arrested, because a flood of instant sympathy and support began immediately. No one needed to explain from scratch who Henrik Holappa was to the WN community.

And then Bill Fox and I poured more gas on the fire with even more articles about HH and his persecution by the lesbian Jewess Janet Winer-Napolitano who runs Homeland Security.

I also glorified HH because he was very homesick when he first got here, being a real Finnish nationalist, and — like most Europeans and especially like most European WNs — he had a skeptical opinion of Americans initially as ignorant, lazy, and brainwashed. (I repeat that this attitude is a general European opinion, in fact of very long standing, and worsened even by the George Bush phenomenon, and I should know, having lived in Europe twice and been married to two Europeans.)

I wanted Henrik to feel appreciated and that he had a new family right here and new friends and comrades to replace what he had lost.

(HH certainly had no plan to ever return to his beloved and missed homeland of Finland — with the certainty of 4.5 years in prison awaiting him at the hands of the top prosecutor in the country. He was told this unmistakably by a policewoman, who said his case would be used to “crush racism in Finland.”)

I also boosted HH constantly as a promising young man to enhance his chances of entering into a real and not a sham marriage, which matrimony at least would have ended all his asylum problems once and for all. (They could still have arrested him on another charge, as they did with Zundel and Rudolf, so no solution could have guaranteed him any safety, nor does any protection against arrest — with the flimsiest possible accusations — exist for any of us activists, as both Shaun Walker and David Duke have experienced.)

We must literally gain political and economic clout, that is, a measure at least of some “white power” at least somewhere in America. That is the purpose of my Solutrean movement, to create a tribal bastion here, like Utah for the Mormons, NYC for the Jews or at one time Boston for the Irish.)

What gave trolls yet another excuse to insinuate I was a fag was that I was trying to boost HH as marriage material for a WN woman. I was constantly writing descriptions of what a great guy he was, tall and broad-shouldered, good with kids and pets (all very true) and always doing chores and helping in everything, etc.

And yet the good women in our Cause are still few and far between….. There were several gals in their mid-30s who were interested, or at leaast noble enough to volunteer to marry HH to save him from expulsion, but HH and I both felt it would have looked like a sham due to the considerable age difference or geographic distance. One very eligible albeit out-of-state WN gal was interested, but her father vetoed it.

I even lent HH my car and he drove five hours one-way eastwards to a white music festival near York, Pa. and returned telling it me it was


“90% men, the women were all taken
(and the Polish band started a fight with the German band!)”


HH wrote about ten good articles in English, many about the Finnish war hero, Waffen-SS and Green Beret Larry Thorne (Lauri Toerni). No one knows but I and he how many hours I put into those articles as well, but the purpose was to boost Henrik.

Someday, you and I will move on to our next spiritual lives, but young lads like Henrik will carry the torch.

And we will say in our white tribe, for centuries if need be, “Next Year in Nuremberg.” And someday we will get there, and some day we will hold our own trials, tit for tat.

As a friend once suggested, since Jews swear that shechita is the most humane way to kill an animal, perhaps we should suggest to the main Jewish monsters, once convicted of every crime from aggressive war to torture to drugs to causing a miserable global depression (where we will yet see thousands of suicides and millions of homeless and destitute), that they volunteer, once convicted by an Aryan Military Tribunal, to be executed oh-so-humanely by shechita — yes, by their own kind and kosher Jewish method. That means execution their Jewish way: throat slit and strung upside down as they slowly lose consciousness. That’s what they do to gentle cows, oh-so-humanely.


Who thinks these cows are dying instantly from a slashed throat? Neither did the Nuremberg German leader die instantly in 1946 when hanged; many suffocating for twenty interminable minutes or more, and breaking their noses or chins falling through the intentionally too-narrow trap door on the gallows.


The abduction of Henrik and his two months in prison solitary, our losing of his inestimable services and of his idealistic and youthful radiance in our home, and now his forced return to hate-speech-lawed Europe, with him banned from America for a decade, all this has made me harder. And — for that alone — I “thank” the Jew. I hope to thank him in every way I can.



Saturday, May 9th, 2009


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