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Letter From USA Political Prisoner
Henrik Holappa
To William B. Fox

by Henrik Holappa
March 31, 2009
[Notes in brackets by William Fox]


Dear Bill:

Thank you so much for all your letters you sent me! I received them yesterday together with John's letter. It was a pleasure to hear from you and John. Just a moment ago the mail came and it brought Margi's letter to me. I just had written a letter to John, but I put it under Margaret's name, just to make sure that the letter will reach John. I'll write to Margi tomorrow. But naturally, I wish you share these letters with each other.
I hope this letter finds all going well for you, I am alright. — I was reading your articles and posts about me and the posts on David Duke's sites. I am totally impressed and I thank you for the work you've done for me. I thank you for the work you've done for me. Too bad, I do not have an access to Internet and I can't see all that by my own eyes. Today, I got a letter from some girl from New York, she told me that there are 20,000 hit by my name in google. I don't know whether or not that 20,000 hits appear with the quotation marks or not. But for sure many people are talking.
I heard that the ultra-Zionist newspaper in Finland, Kaleva, wrote an article about my arrest quoting the news of the Finnish Resistance Movement. You might want to try to google it — it might be online. — "Henrik Holappa" Kaleva.
I explained the motion to keep the venue in Philly in my letter to John. Please, ask John to share that with you. Yesterday, I got the answer of the DHS for Alex's motion. Basically it said it is "easier" to keep it here because I am already detained here. Alex did file the papers, almost get late, because of the troubles I had here to get Alex's phone number to be added in my list. The fact is that psychologically I need to get ready for that if I'm to be deported to Finland. Pennsylvania would have been friendlier for my case, because legally I was the resident of Pennsylvania — for last 8 months!
The thing is that the DHS did work very fast, for example doing the paper work already before I even got here — I mean the motion to change the venue to Batavia. It was dated 12 of March, the day I came here, but the DHS have planned this already for longer time.
My charges are only about visa waiver violation. But the real reasons can be found behind the scenes. The FBI agent that interviewed me told that the DHS/ICE took me under the custody because — according to them — I am a "white supremacist". Being a white supremacist, not that I would be, is not a crime. They did not state in their explanation sheet that explained why I was detained that there were any political reasons for their actions.
Basically the agent asked my views of the Holocaust, which I answered that I defend the right of the historical researchers to do their job without being put to prison. He then asked what are my views of race-mixing, which I answered that I'm not promoting it and it is "everyone's own decision." He asked what or how I feel about Obama. I answered that he needs to prove himself if he is good for the American people.
Then he asked if Obama should be assassinated or what would be my view about that. — I answered it would be horrible if something happened to him. He continued and asked if I have talked anything about violence — I said no. He asked if anyone has talked anything about violence with me — which I answered no. He asked then if John or Margaret has talked anything about violence — and I said no.
He got interested in that — that three soldiers were living under the same house, and explained that was the reason he asked about "violence".
He asked that who are living at the house — in which I said William Fox, John and Margi. He asked of people who has visited at the house — I did not answer the question. He asked who have lived at the house — in which I answered that Fields did.
He asked about our ideology — in which I answered that we have similar political thoughts. [William Fox note: speaking for myself, I am more on the libertarian side. Please see my article "Ha! Nazi Schmazi!" for more details]. He then asked how John and Margi are getting money since they are not working. I said I did not have information about that, but mentioned that they have been studying at the university and they've got college loans.
Then he asked how would I describe you, in which I answered that you have been mostly "working" and by yourself. He then asked how I feel about [white nationalist] Joe Fields, I said he is friendly.
He had a printout of John's article about the Euro conference. He showed a picture of Duke, Edwards and Margaret together. He asked if I recognize the people in that picture, which I answered yes.
He asked "Who is Bill White?", in which I answered I have heard of him. — I thought the next question would be if I have had a correspondence with him, because f.e. [for example] Tom Metzger was claiming on his web sites that Bill White invited me to the USA. — So, I mentioned to him we had an email correspondence 1.5 years ago while I was in Finland, and I did not know him. He asked what sort of correspondence we had, in which I answered, it was mainly "short" and like "how are you?" etc.
The interview took about 15 minutes. He left and wished me luck in my case.
Basically, all the information he got from me was some that is on your sites and John's threads. — And he asked about "Eric May" — if I recognize his name.
I said I do know of him. He asked if he shares the same political views like I do, I answered and said that I do not know the man and therefore I can not answer what are his political views.
They never said my arrest was because of John or my political views. The official reason was and is my visa waiver violation. But the unofficial reasons are of course political.
During my arrest I wasn't mistreated nor abused. I haven't been threatened by the officials. During my transfer to Pittsburgh Allegheny I did not talk. I still avoid talking to the guards other than related matters to my life in the cell. Though, no one has approached me in the way that they would want something from me.
Legally, they can not keep me longer than 90 days — 3 months. The 90 days will expire in June 6th. I believe that they are speeding up things, as the ICE officer told me that taking me in their custody will speed up my case. He mentioned that they do not want to keep me "longer than necessary". I assume my hearing will be in April, latest in May.
It is true that I said in my blog that I am a national socialist. The Finnish Resistance Movement as well as the Swedish Resistance Movement are National Socialist. — I consider myself a National Socialist; I believe in healthy racial world-view and I believe in nationalism. I do believe in hierarchy — leadership. Socialism in the other hand is uniting the nation for the common good. It's not just individualism; "what is good for me", but "what is good for us". I hope this made it clearer.
I did not hear of Jessica Lazarin [with the Volunteer Lawyer's Project in Buffalo that holds free seminars for prisoners that give an overview of their rights]. Since I'm at the SHU [Security Housing Unit], I'm not allowed to go to `open population', where she probably held her meeting.
I can have visitors. I do not have restrictions on that. John and Margi can visit. Alex was thinking that since the political reasons are lurking behind my arrest [ strategy notes Henrik has requested be omitted for now...] Alex has never counseled me "never" to be in touch with John [...more strategy notes]
Margaret wrote in her letter that she sent [...] materials to my sister. Please, thank her for doing so. I'm sure this govt is not friendly towards me or my beliefs. If they were fair and they wanted to give me a chance, I wouldn't be here right now. I might need to think [about] my coming legal struggles in Finland [if I can not win in America], and I know I'll be sentenced, and maybe I have a chance to avoid the max sentence. But, the next weeks and next two months are important for my future. I would be happily surprised if I still had a chance to come to Sarver. I thought that just in case, even if you'll have "unfriendly visitors," I do not want to lose these items. I'm sure you understand my reasoning.
My case is something that the establishment do not want to deal. A man against the gang-rape. That explains the total media silence of my arrest. They want to get rid of my case ASAP — and I know it is decided already. Because the hate speech laws do not exist in America — yet — they can not openly throw my case away. In Finland they can always say, "He incited racism. From his writings one can understand that all Africans are rapists."
I got a letter from a female friend of mine from Finland. She told me that there is a case against a local politician in Turku Olavi Maenpaa (I know of him — what is funny that even he attacked me!) because 2 years ago on TV interview — during the parliament election — he was asked if he would deport "foreign rapists" and he answered that he could personally "cut their balls off" and "then send them home." Now his statement brought charges of incitement of racial hatred — and he might face 2 years in prison. But not even his case isn't so high profile as mine!
Well, most of the political leaders have been in prison. My friend told me that because of this I'm already a "legend" in Finland. This will also add more interest towards my movement and supporters will to accept my leadership. For sure, I'm going through interesting times.
I'll give a try for this asylum hearing — whenever it will be — but as I said before and while I still was there, I doubt my chances and my hopes aren't too high.
I'm glad to hear of the donation from the SRM [Swedish Resistance Movement]. I can not have an access to my bank account in Finland. There's no way to do it. I will still look into it and see what I can do.
Once again, I thank you for taking time and writing to me. Please, feel free to send any other material you might think it is interesting for me. I was so desperate that I had to read the bible...that was a hard thing to do for me — to a devoted Finnish pagan!
[William Fox religious note: While Henrik stayed in the house shared by John de Nugent, Margaret Huffstickler, and myself, I asked Henrik for some ideas about Finnish romantic nationlist art to illustrate my "Asatru: Questions and Answers" article. He obliged by sending some jpeg email attachments which were incorporated into this work. We discussed the important works of William Gayley Simpson, Steven McNallen, Tom Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and other free-thinking men of the West listed on my Religious Crisis web page. Hence the apologetics for possibly indulging in alien, archaic, fraudulent, and self-contradictory Jewish supremacist scribblings, although this is understandable given that no other books were available in his cell].
You're welcome to use the information of this letter in your writings, except Alex's [ strategy notes]

Thanks for your excellent job!
Take care!

Best regards!
Your comrade in the struggle,


Enclosed: A letter from a supporter


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