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Henrik Holappa Archive


Letter From USA Political Prisoner
Henrik Holappa
To John de Nugent
and Margaret Huffstickler

Letter by Henrik Holappa
Commentary by John de Nugent
March 31, 2009

by John de Nugent

(Originally posted on VNN Forum)

I received a letter yesterday from my protégé Henrik Holappa, now in federal prison, of which hand-penciled letter I have transcribed key passages below. I think it is all very relevant to this thread.

This letter is just slightly edited by me for better English. HH actually improved his English very rapidly in the eight months he stayed in our home and until his abduction, taking both my American accent lessons and Elena Haskins' voice and communication lessons. This edited document of course deletes some personal information.

On request, I will send a jpeg scan of the actual six-page, pencil-written letter to any sincere inquirer.

Hail Henrik Holappa, loyal to our cause, our race and to me under extreme psychological torture!


* * *

31 March 2009

Dear John and Margaret,

Thank you so much for your most welcome letter which I got yesterday together with [Maj Bill Fox, former USMC]'s letter and all [his and your] print-outs.

I hope this letter finds all going well for you. I got worried when I got no letters from you [we sent several, and his sister sent eight, of which only one each from us and her have been given to Henrik] and I couldn't get through by phone.

But I'm glad to know [now that] all is well. I'm okay under these circumstances. As you might know I have been placed in the SHU, the “Security Housing Unit.”


Description of a Security Housing Unit [source:]

Security Housing Unit

The Oubliette
The medieval dungeon, constructed in the foundations of castle towers, sometimes contained an additional prison-within-a-prison. This hole in the dungeon, called the Oubliette, from the French word meaning [“little forgotten place”] was a small hold within the dungeon into which prisoners were either thrown or lured. Prisoners in the Oubliette were left to starve, drown when the groundwater rose, or simply forgotten and left to die.


The Security Housing Unit (SHU) is a prison-within-a-prison, reserved for what the [US prison system] calls “the worst of the worst.” SHU prisoners are kept in windowless, 6 by 10 foot cells, 23½ hours a day, for years at a time. People held under these conditions develop what is known as “SHU Syndrome” – the degradation of mental faculties caused by extreme isolation. Conditions in American SHUs are routinely the target of international human rights campaigns. In 1996, a team from the United Nations assigned to investigate torture described SHU conditions as “inhuman and degrading.” The California Department of Corrections [for example] operates four Security Housing Units in its system.

Pelican Bay, Corcoran, California Correctional Institution, and Valley State Prison for Women hold 1,292, 1,204, 458, and 44 inmates respectively.


If the Oubliette signifies an historical antecedent to the SHU, a 20th Century antecedent is found in Stammheim, West Germany. Stammheim was built specifically to house and try the captured members of the Baader-Meinhof gang, otherwise known as the Red Army Faction. It was at the time considered the most secure prison on the planet, with the exclusive cadre of inmates locked in total isolation. The effects of solitary confinement – psychosis, insanity, and suicide – had been first documented by Quaker reformists in the early 19th Century and were confirmed in the 20th Century by Cold War CIA researchers. When built, Stammheim was popularly thought to be a laterally-instituted death-sentence imposed by a state with no legal means of capital punishment. On October 17, 1977 Gudrun Ensslin, Jan-Carl Raspe, and Andreas Baader died from gunshot wounds in their solitary cells. [How did guns get in there for their “suicides”?]

============Henrik's letter continues:

Therefore I stay in my cell 24 hours/7, except when I have a chance to take a shower, make a phone call or talk with my lawyer.

I do a lot of writing and exercise. It helps me to keep my mind going, and letters of course offer me a chance to get out of this world and spend some time in a “letter world.”

[Here was my web page at for Hernik, which led many comrades worldwide to his blog:]

As you know the motion to keep the venue in Philadelphia was denied. The DHS [Department of Homeland Security] did work very fast. Immediately, on the 12th of March, the very day of my arrival here [from Pittsburgh federal jail to Batavia, NY] they filed the papers to change the venue to Batavia, NY. [This also isolated HH from his many friends in both western Pa., such as ourselves, and in eastern Pa., such as his many Keystone State (KSS) friends he met at two events].

Henrik made almost instant friends with many Pennsylvania KSS comrades, despite his choppy English back in July 2008. Here in the foreground of a KSS picnic (KSS are skinheads -- but alcohol-, drug- and violence-free and very family-oriented) we see him helping his side win a tug-of-war. HH worked out thrice a week at the local gym, a membership I paid, and the baritone-voiced Finn doubled in physical strength in a few months.

Alex became my lawyer on Friday the 13th. [sic] He met me on Sunday and Monday, the 15th and 16th of March. I got the DHS [the motion for venue change] after Alex had already left. As soon as I got the papers I made a phone call request and asked the administrators to add Alex's phone number, he being my lawyer, to my “call list.”

I got the approval to call on Wednesday, the 18th of March, but then I found out that Alex's phone number was not on my list! The only number that did work was the home number of the Fields [a WN family that we also hosted at our home for six months before they got their own place nearby]. So Deirdre informed Alex about the hearing location. Now that was already Wednesday evening. And so it was on Thursday that Alex found out that the last day for us to file the motion to keep the venue in Philadelphia was the next day, Friday, the 20th of March!

So Alex wrote up the motion and personally delivered it to Philadelphia, to that Immigration Court building [1600 Callowhill Street, Suite 400. Philadelphia, PA 19130] where we were in December. [Margi, I and Joe Fields drove six hours to Philadelphia with Henrik for his December “scheduling hearing,” where the black female judge scheduled his actual asylum hearing for July 21, 2009 in Philadelphia. HH was a totally legal asylum applicant peacefully awaiting his hearing, and not engaging in political or illegal activity, when arrested and leg-chained on March 9th.]

Alex did send me the motion he wrote and yesterday [March 30th] I got the denial from the judge […] and DHS's motion to keep the venue in NY State. We all understand that not even a specialist could have prevented this from happening. With respect to my requests to make a phone call to my lawyer and to add his number to my call list, it was a question of timing, and DHS was faster because they had planned all of this already.

Finally, I made the request to make another phone call to Alex and clearly stated that he is my attorney and his number needs to be added to my list. On Monday, the 23rd of March [eight days after HH made Alex his lawyer] I got approval to make the call [Margi and I are still not approved to be called by Henrik, nor Major Fox], but STILL Alex's phone number was not on my approved call list!

I did then talk about this to the officer on duty and he took care of that. I was able to make my very first call to my lawyer on Tuesday, the 24th of March, 11 days after Alex became my lawyer, and eight days after I first met with him. These little mistakes.....made on purpose? Well, go and figure. […]

As I can see from my [snail] mail [arriving here now in prison], there is a lot going on in the Internet [related to my case].

[In fact, the search term “Henrik Holappa” now gets about three times more web pages than before the March 9th arrest, partly due to my many extensive posts and photos on seven forums and my blog. My Stormfront thread, which focused on Henrik after March 9, for example, soared to over 92,000 views, even after I was banned there.] I knew this from when [friendly] people started to write about me or about you in this case that the other side would also, and so I wasn't surprised to hear those same old rumors of certain sexual tendencies. I know that people who are writing things like that are nothing serious. They just have too much time to spend with their computers and play the wizard who somehow knows all and everything about you. [This is] like the fools of Suomen Sisu [ = “Finnish Courage,” i.e. a Finnish neo-con group that says all Africans and Turks who learn Finnish can become good Finns and that professes love of Israel] or the “True Finns” [political party] who claim that it is a “well-known fact” that Henrik Holappa is a “stupid man.”

Blistering attacks began on Henrik from both "Red Front" and neo-con "Reaction" in his native Finland after his blog began and he founded the Finnish Resistance Movement. He was told by the political police, SUPO, in May 2008 that the top prosecutor in Finland, a Jew named Illman, intended to incarcerate him for 4.5 years "as an example to others." I told HH he was welcome to come here as a tourist while he decided his next steps, which never included "low profile."

Somehow when I make a name for myself and become somewhat known I start to hear of all sorts of people who claim to know me. Even some Antifa [ = “Anti-fascist” leftist guy] in [my city of] Oulu [in northern Finland] claims he once beat me up! However, I have never experienced violence outside the ring of martial arts clubs..... [HH is a practitioner of jujitsu, which is the nearly universal police training method worldwide.] Well, as it is said, you should be ashamed if you are not being attacked every day.
I am honored to know that your book's first chapter is about me. I do appreciate it a lot. I'm not sure what to say!

But John, keep in mind and remember that whatever happens to me – since it is likely I will be deported – that I thank you and Margi for all and everything you've done for me.

Among a hundred selfless duties HH performed, one was taking occasionally a photo of me for my website, here outside the bank building where we withdrew money regularly to support him for eight months and pay his lawyer -- while he helped us with eagerness in every way possible.

Do not think that it is somehow your fault what has happened. I knew this could happen, and for sure I knew it many years ago already. My experiences in America did raise me [educate and expand my horizons?] and maybe this is now the big test for me as a young leader of the Finnish Resistance Movement. And for sure, as [a Finnish comrade] wrote to me in a letter, I am already known in Finland as some sort of “legend.” This [ordeal and attention from ZOG] will also make people accept my leadership. This imprisonment is not an end. It is a new beginning.

All that I've learned from you, all the wisdom I've gotten from you, will always stay with me whether I am in America or in Finland.


Esa Henrik Holappa A087361909
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
4250 Federal Dr. RN, 108
Batavia, NY 14020

HH needs your letters of encouragement and praise -- and money orders so he can write especially to his many European friends and loyal Finnish supporters for whom he remains their hero-leader.


But we have to face the facts – that they want to deport me ASAP. That's why I am here, ready to be deported. That's why the venue is here in Batavia. We knew that the asylum application [made by a Pittsburgh lawyer who is an immigration/asylum specialist after payment of a $2,000 fee from me and Margaret; she then withdrew from the case] was [just] a way to buy some extra time. [HH's six-month tourist visa (waiver), the norm for European Union tourists, expired in October.]

Regardless of what has happened or will yet happen within a few weeks, or where I will be in five years, this [period of July 08-March 09 at our home near Pittsburgh] was a great time for me, and I praise you and Margi for that.

Henrik stands tall at the General Nathan Bedford Forrest equestrian monument in Memphis , Tennessee. Born with a love of soldiering, Henrik also gave an outstanding speech at the embattled David Duke-EURO conference in November 2008. It was his first speech ever, and it was in English, and it was before 130 people, and it got a standing ovation.

As I am now a prisoner, I have crossed a line that once existed before March 9, 2009. On that morning when I was arrested I looked into the eyes of those three men [a Pennsylvania State Policeman and two plain-clothes Homeland Security officers, each in a separate vehicle -- one civilian and two squad cars], I can say:
We are honorable. They are not.\

They are the ones who will answer to “Higher Powers” for their actions. The other day I was reading in the Bible (don't tell Bill, who will think me a traitor to the holy – or unholy pagan movement ) [William Fox note: Please see my short commentary regarding this issue in the latter part of his 31 March 2009 letter to me] and I liked one [New Testament] quote:
“Do you fear more your persecutors than the Lord?” I could additionally ask: “Do you fear more your persecutors than the death of your whole race?”

I do not fear them. I saw those three men “doing their job” and I came to despise what they did.

As a prisoner I sure know how great it is to get letters. But it is greater to know that the movement goes on.

So John, what is more important for me, for [Richard Scutari, a leader of the Order with whom HH corresponded in prison for nine years] or any other prisoner is to see the movement [get active].

Finish the book and it will open a new era. Build up the movement in Boston. We have the true faith, and we have the true movement, like the early Christians who had their religion and church for which they died.

I'll write my statement or the Patriot Action [event on April 11th] and if you could read it there in Boston I'd be happy. [And God willing, I shall do so as part of my speech.]

As always, I wish all the best for you and Margi! Take care and write when you can.

But mainly I want you to focus on the book and the Boston meeting!

Your friend and your comrade in the struggle,


PS Thanks for writing to my [prisoner] friends. Please inform [prisoner] Jason Wilcox as well. His letter is on the table in the living room. And let me know what you think of my statement.

Feel free to correct the English mistakes!

One of many pictures we took of a young man who became and remains as a son to us, as Degrelle became once by deeds to Hitler -- and a son or brother to every comrade who got to know his true Scandinavian character and his deep, spiritual love for his race.


Due to the three weeks of the Stormfront crisis and defeating the onslaught of dangerous and momentum-destroying character defamation, and just as importantly organizing the Henrik PR battle, both of which have been constant and in fact useful PR activities since March 9th, I may release only the short version of my book on April 11th. But it will be uniquely impactful. I believe it will reach hearts and instincts like no other book of any length. My 18 months of vigorous posting have refined my style, but the book will be a quantum leap beyond that. The first chapter on the Holappa arrest will sear itself into people's neurons.

We just got yet another letter from HH today, indefatigable letter-writer that he has been for lo these last nine years.

HH informed me today that he looks forward to his trial in Finland where he is now a big name and that he will embarrass the government with all his might. He says that only racism is a crime in Finland where one must serve the entire sentence. So a gang rapists gets 4 years but can be released after two, but a racist serves the full four years. A Finnish politician is now under indictment for saying foreign gang rapists should have their testicles cut off.

I just had a skype chat with a lovely lady comrade in South Africa, and the blacks attacked their farm and stole half their household contents, and assaulted their rural neighbor and "almost cut her head off." She said she never felt such hatred of psychopathic blacks before. She also said most of the Whites have obedediently turned in their guns at the local police station and are now defenseless!

Clearly, it will take a very deep-mining message to turn around whites' almost total defeatism. When SA whites, of all people, turn in their guns, it means the soul toxin and threat of arrest have proved very powerful.

This is why we need a new kind of book, movement and leader -- when even White South Africans who are being raped, robbed and murdered in literally the most dangeorus country on earth (SA is the world leader in murder, rape and AIDS) are turning in their guns glumly to their black oppressors.


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