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-- An Impossible Vision

by Henrik Holappa
(Written at age 19)
Spring, 2006


Less than one year ago I wrote an article about multiculturalism in our societies and about its danger to our countries and peoples. I used the French "youth riots", which were organized by the criminal foreigners, as an example to warn that if we don't care about that what is going on in France, it will happen all over in Europe in few years. Destroyed cars, burnt by the foreigners, beaten people, beaten by the foreigners, destroyed properties, destroyed by the foreigners. War cries by the foreigners - by some teenagers from the slums of Paris. I couldn't help thinking that in larger imagery, these riots did not happen far away, these riots happened in country that I used to call as "France".
This is the picture of Europe in few years, the foreigners and immigrants that are welcomed by the governments are running over us. Europe has fought many battles for its survival, now Europe have to fight against the Impossible vision, against the multiculturalism, Europe has to fight for that which we consider as European. Multiculturalism will be Europe's own 9/11, this time there will be more deaths than 3000, whole nations will disappear and these nations will be re-placed by people who don't have any kind of civilization, no ability to write or read, no ability to create anything. This is the new era of Darkness. This is the era that certain people or groups of people want that we will face.

"Report: The flood is coming to North!"

As I wrote in my article last year that these French "youth riots" would be possible in Finland, I got the verdict right. I read from the newspaper Kaleva, 10th of September, that 8 Africans men have beaten a Finnish man (born in 1975) in Oulu. Last year I didn't see many big foreign-gangs in Oulu, but now when we have got more immigrates in the last months, they have come to our streets and started gangs.
In bigger cities in Southern-Finland the immigrant gangs are a big problem. In Turku, southwest in Finland, some activists have started own patrols that are patrolling over the city and making the streets safer for the Finns, when the police are not able to do that. The media have already published this as "racism". Maybe these patrols are able to prevent murders by the foreigners, last year in Helsinki they couldn't. 38 years old man, a father and husband, was killed this kind of gang on his way to home. This gang was structured by 6-8 Somalians and Finns. The result of multiculturalism is murdering. Last summer, June 2005, a young Finnish woman was gang-raped by 3 Sudanese men. The district attorney of Oulu, Jouko Heikkinen, said he have never seen that kind of cruel rape.1st of November 2005, these three Sudanese rapists were convicted, the newspaper Kaleva reported of their conviction on the following day: "Michael Andrew Lofo and Gak Willyang Mogdam were convicted for 4 years and 3 Months in prison, Muawia Abuzaid Tutu Atiya was sentenced 2 years and 8 months To Prison." The maximum sentence of rape in Finland is 10 years in prison. Since Lofo, Mogdam and Atiya are "first-timers" in prison, they have to sit of their penalty only half time. Soon they are again outside and spreading the message of multiculturalism.
Some days ago, I was going home from a super-market nearby my home. I saw about a 13 year old Somalian boy biking. I also saw two young Finnish girls walking. This Somalian boy with his big mouth immediately started to yell at those girls "Whaz up, my bitch?" they didn't even watch him. Then it was my turn, and this Somalian boy said with African-American dialect: "Whaz up, Man?" I ignored him. Immediately he started to yell behind my back "You muthafucka, you bitch!" These people have no manners at all, he was a kid, I am sure his parents have not taught him any manners nor respect. I just ask a question. What will happen when these people grow older? And they are settled all around the country and cities? Are those people that should be the ones who are re-placing our so called employment problem?
No,these foreign people will start their own ghettos in our Finnish neighbourhoods, we don't have to wait 10 years that this will happen. It happens in 5 years. The flood is coming to the North. Who wants multiculturalism? The zillion dollar question. Multiculturalism is a subject that has been brought up by the government and their "helpers." The government is saying that we have to be tolerant and we have to accept different cultures and people in our countries, and without them we don't have any future. The multiculturalism is taught only for Finns, only for Swedes, only for Germans and other Europeans.
People can not say that multiculturalism would be something bad since the governments, schools, universities have taught them that multiculturalism is something good. Who believes in multiculturalism? Immigrates? Not even them according to Martinez Carillo. Martinez Carillo is a Spaniard (Spanish) living in Oulu and Carillo interviewed hundreds of immigrates for his questionnaire, and the result was published in the newspaper Kaleva 20.11.2005. Here are some thoughts about Finns by the immigrants." Finns don't know anything about different cultures." Finns are cold hearted against the foreigners." Finns don't have any sympathy for other people's problems, especially young people are very selfish." There isn’t any culture in Finland, only drinking alcohol and having Sauna." By Carillo's questionnaire came out that the immigrates feel that Finnish culture is very different than their own countries' culture and so they can not come into the Finnish culture. They also feel that learning Finnish is difficult and the employers are racists when they (immigrates) can not speak Finnish. In next years we have Africans, Asians and other foreigners who don't speak Finnish and who can not come in the Finnish society.
Even the immigrants they are clearly seeing that the multicultural society doesn't work. The government knows this but still they continue with their lies about the dream society of multiculturalism. I say, and I think I speak for millions of people: stop immigrants, stop building a multicultural society, we don’t want it; the immigrants don't want it, who really wants that?


In my article, "monikulttuurisuus on mahdoton visio," I challenged people to tell me why we need multiculturalism, how they can say we need that. I got three answers. One wrote that you can hear different languages. Another wrote because we are living in "global world" and one and the same wrote again "Because of our one and together Earth." Still, no one have been able to give me any answer. Once again, I dedicate this article for Germans, and especially for thinking Germans, since my article "Multikultur - Eine unmögliche vision" is forbidden there and some people have to go even to trial because of publishing my article. Germans, don't give up in these hard times when the government are Persecuting thinking nationalists who keep doing the work for the German people and German Reich. The hard times gives knowledge and power to be dedicated and determined.

Henrik Holappa is a leader of the Finnish Resistance Movement, an organization devoted to halting anti-white genocide and the enslavement of the Finnish people and other European nationalities before the New World Order.


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