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Henrik Holappa Archive

The Finnish Prosecutor Drops Charges
Against Henrik Hollapa

Original Finnish Language Documents
(Please link here for English translation)


Document 1
Cover letter by Finnish state prosecutor Mika Illman
Note: The address of Henrik Holappa's mother, Ms. Raili Holappa,
has been ommitted to protect privacyDocument 1

Document 2:
Page 1
This explains why the complaint filed by Kaleva Kustannus Oy will be dropped

Document 2
Page 2
This explains why the complaint filed by
Meir Merja Anneli, Meir Avi, and Meir Jonatan will be dropped

Document 2:
3rd Page
continuation of the cause of action explanation from the 2nd page,
and signatures of both the state prosecutor and his assistant.

Document 3:

Instructions to parties involved

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