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"The Real Deal"

Dr. James H. Fetzer
Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

July 22, 2009 interview of

Major William B. Fox
SFC Donald Buswell

Looking Ahead at "9/11 2 B"
False Flag Prospects:

National Level Exercise
(NLE) 2009,
(July 27-31, 2009)

How Dangerous?


First Hour, Major William B. Fox interview

Part 1 Abstract: Overview of NLE 2009, its unique focus on domestic "terrorism," and how foreign troops will help U.S. prepare for a domestic clamp down. 9/11 and London 7-7-2005 terror bombing false flag anomalies that engender distrust of future exercises, and their Mossad-CIA fingerprints.
Part 2 Abstract: Rudy Giuliani and Benjamin Netanyahu's uncanny proximity to false flag terror events, and Netanyahu as a prime prediction factor. The official 9/11 "pancake" and "gravity" theories for the tower collapses totally discredited, and how even the controlled demolition hypothesis is inadequate without considering also mini-nukes. Increased Israeli saber rattling towards Iran as an indicator.
Part 3 Abstract: Iran as the target of Mossad-CIA covert ops and PSYOPs, and evidence that Ahmadinejad actually won election. How bombings, assassinations, and false flag terror are S.O.P. for the Mossad, and the bias against American militias and returning veterans in domestic "anti-terror" training. Lack of Department of Homeland Security cooperativeness in responding to media questions.
Part 4 Abstract: How the "Global War on Terror" is incrementally targeting traditional American conservatives who might pose a threat to the Zionist power base. Osama bin Laden as a trumped up boogeyman, the campaign to eradicate the First and Second Amendments, and New York, Chicago, Houston, and Portland-Seattle as continuing prime false flag terror targets.
Part 5 Abstract: The charge of "anti-Semitism" as a smokescreen to suppress legitimate charges of high level treason and other forms of criminality. Why DHS Director Napolitano's July 27th trip to Seattle may be an ominous indicator for the Pacific Northwest. Why a repeat 9/11 may involve multiple nuclear explosions in American cities followed by Internet censorship, martial law, and multiple nuclear strikes on Iran.

Second Hour, SFC Donald Buswell interview

Part 1 Abstract: A strange experience in Seoul, South Korea, on the day of 9/11. Military blockage of 9/11 Truth material.
Part 2 Abstract: Secret societies within the U.S. military. The likely assassination of CPL Pat Tillman. VP Dick Cheney death squad activity.
Part 3 Abstract: Morale and camaraderie in Iraq. The insurgent uprising of April 2004. The bomb discovered in a Beaumont, TX refinery during the 2006 National Level Exercise.
Part 4 Abstract: Regrets for not having confronted former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Why Buswell alerted Capt. May to the Beaumont, Texas bomb. The 9/11 issue that caused SFC Buswell's termination.
Part 5 Abstract: America's long history of false flag attacks. Obama's escalation of U.S, military forces in Afghanistan, the CIA's operation of the resurgent drug trade, and the use of the U.S. military as drug trade guards. The possible assassination attempt against SFC Buswell in 2006, and the vital need to issue false flag alerts.


Part 1 of 5, Maj. Fox interview
Dr. Fetzer:
This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, with my very special guest Maj. Bill Fox, a former Marine Corps officer with a background in intelligence matters who is a collaborator with Capt. Eric May and Sergeant First Class Don Buswell. They and I have collaborated on a number of false flag reports of which Capt. May was the principal author. And we are concerned to discuss today the possibility that we may be facing additional false flag threats. Major Fox, it is a pleasure to have you on the show.
Maj Fox: Well, likewise a pleasure to be with you once again, Dr. Fetzer.
Dr. Fetzer: It is hard to know just where to begin except that I take it that the nearest event in the future here is on July 27th, which as I look at the calendar, is Monday which involves a FEMA drill. And that the principals are supposed to participate in a National Level Exercise that will be preceded by a number of national and regional exercises. Can you fill us in on that?
Maj. Fox: Sure, well a major part of our modus operandi to try to prevent a false flag event is to first focus on the biggest and largest exercises as being the most likely situations that could get high-jacked, particularly if they involve key players like the Department of Homeland Security, which is over FEMA, and also it involves the FBI and involves USNORTHCOM, which of course is the U.S. Northern Command located not far from Denver, and then another thing that caught our eye --actually several things -- I have in front of me the NLE announcement from FEMA on the Internet. It says "This exercise will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection. Actually a number of web sites noted that sounds like a Freudian slip. In other words, focusing exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, are we going to protect terrorism?
Dr. Fetzer: [laughter]. Good question.
Maj. Fox: Another eye catcher it says "This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom." So another red flag. Well, does this mean that we are inviting Mexican troops and Canadian armed forces on our soil to help what should be the largest armed force in the whole world that has got two big oceans to supposedly protect us --traditionally. It probably spends ten times more than any other country in the whole world on its national defense.
Dr. Fetzer: Remember Major that the greatest air force in the world was not even able to get any planes up to interdict the alleged hijackers on 9/11. Some of us who have looked into this believe that is because those planes were phantoms and as in the classic film WarGames which you may recall when the WOPR tried to bring about an attack on the United States, launch a full scale attack, the Crystal Palace sent up a couple of planes to see if these bombers that they believe were entering Alaskan air space were there, and they came back and reported "No, they weren't there, clear as a bell, nothing there." And our suspicion is that the reason why the ordinary response between NORAD and the FAA and so forth was offset so massively because there was no response was because they could not be up there reporting on the nonexistence of those planes.
Maj. Fox. Right, well of course we have the famous "Cheney in the Bunker" incident, where there is actually testimony before Congress that radar blips were vectoring in and Cheney kept saying "Ignore them"...
Dr. Fetzer: Yes. I love that Mineta testimony, by the way. I got that on to FOX News twice with Hannity and Colmes. Norman Maneta gave that crucial testimony where the alleged plane coming towards the Pentagon appears to have been going much slower than the acclaimed 757 at 500 miles an hour because the aide stepped away and said "It is 50 miles away" and then came back and said, "Sir, it is 40 miles away" and so forth. You would have been popping up and down like a Jack in the Box if it had been traveling 500 miles and hour and he was reporting every ten mile increments. So I believe that was a second plane, another plane, and then a 757 approached the Pentagon and then flew over it, which is the result that Pilots for 911 Truth have produced. But I don't mean to distract you from the key point about this new terrorist exercise. Bill, please continue.
Maj. Fox. Well, there is so much to talk about, first off, just on 9/11 alone. At my web site, --you can also key in, I have created the Mission of Conscience series about the efforts by Capt. Eric May, Ghost Troop, and then later on myself to try to prevent a repeat 9/11. Fortunately we have not had another major 9/11 on U.S. soil, although there have been what we believe are repeat "9/11's" overseas, like the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombings, the 7-7-2005 London subway bombings, it goes on, and what was known as the "Australian 9/11" on Oct [12], 2002. There have been all kinds of what we believe are repeat 9/11's conducted by what we believe are Mossad-CIA. But we think that maybe --more than maybe-- quite likely our efforts, and I include yourself, Dr. Fetzer, to try to call attention to the potential for military exercises to get hijacked has probably helped to prevent a repeat 9/11. Because major media around the world have continually talked about how it is not a question of if, but when we will have another 9/11. We have seen major media just foaming at the mouth for years now trying to set America up to attack Iran. We see that pattern already heated up right now. Once again, it had died down a little bit as of the late fall of 2007 going into the elections, but now it is coming back fast and furious, despite the fact that there was a National Intelligence Estimate that was released in December 2007 claiming that Iran had abandoned their nuclear [weapons development] program back around 2002-2003. All of a sudden we have sources --particularly Israelis-- who are rediscovering supposedly the malevolent intent and the great alleged conspiracy of Iranians to go nuclear. So just giving some general background --but getting back to the [NLE]--
Dr. Fetzer: Let me comment on the points you are making here. The 7/7 attack has been brilliantly exposed as a sham operation by a fellow who goes by the name of Muad'Dib. He is also known as John Hill in his DVD 7/7 Ripple Effect, which is less than an hour in length, and carries you through the entire operation from the planning to the execution to the fumbles to the problems they encounter, to the way it was covered up. It is really a brilliant expose. I was --I don't know if you had a chance to watch that video --have you yet, Major Fox?
Maj. Fox: Not that particular one, but I am familiar with many other sources.
Dr. Fetzer: This is particularly brilliant, I think. Anyone who watches this video will be overwhelmed with the evidence of the governmental complicity. The tube attacks took place on the very day that the government was running an anti-terrorist drill at the same locations at the same locations at approximately the same times. The alleged terrorists who were four young men who may have been induced into a belief that they were playing a role in a planning operation who were carrying backpacks were unable to make their connecting train, and therefore they were not able to get on the designated trains at the designated times, and in fact two trains were cancelled that they would have had to have caught in order to do it.
Maj. Fox: Right.
Dr. Fetzer: There were reports from witnesses that the explosions in the floor show that the metal was bent upward indicating an explosion beneath the carriage. And the trains were carried off of the tracks, which would have been most unlikely to happen if the backpacks had been above, inside the carriage, and the blast had gone mostly in the direction of most of the passengers and so forth. And later at least three of them [the alleged terrorists] were shot dead by police in an area of London where the international newspapers, Reuters in particular, have their offices. Muad'Dib's suspicion is they were headed there to try to explain that they had been duped into this and now they realized they had a role as patsies. But you know, it is so blatant Major Fox, I mean how can anyone suppose that suicide bombers are going to survive to be alive to be shot dead by the police an hour later or so after the event? [End of Part 1 of 5 of You Tube audio version].

Part 2 of 5, Maj. Fox interview
Maj. Fox:
Well this is a similar pattern, I believe, to Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby. You need your patsy, and then you need to silence him. And in a way Timothy McVeigh was a patsy --probably-- who was silenced by being put on the defensive in regard to the prosecution for Oklahoma City bombers. The person I am very much familiar with [in regard to the 7-7-2005 London bombings] is David Shayler, who is a former MI-5 agent, who blew the whistle talking about all the concurrent exercises that took place at exactly the time that the [London] bombs went off --actually there were three subway bombs and a fourth bus bomb-- during the 7-7-2005 [London] bombings.
Dr. Fetzer: That is right.
Maj. Fox: Of course you had Netanyahu --"Bibi" Benjamin Netanyahu -- currently the Prime Minister of Israel, who was within a few blocks of this event, who according to one source was alerted ahead of time.
Dr. Fetzer: You know who else was in town, Major? Rudy Giuliani just happened to be in London at the same time too.
Maj. Fox [Laughter]. He was!?! [Editor's note: Major Fox is aware of evidence that that Giuliani also rented space in the Chicago Sears Tower --recently renamed the Willis Tower-- controlled by arch Zionist and NYC World Trade Center Towers landlord Larry Silverstein. Ghost Troop views the Willis Tower as a prime "9/11 2 B" or "to be" target. Giuliani also had a key presence in New York City during 9/11. His laughter reflected the emotion "The living end --what next?"].
Dr. Fetzer: If you want experts on terrorist attacks, you can not do better than Netanyahu and Giuliani.
Maj. Fox: Giuliani had a strange way of being-- wasn't he in the command center of World Trade Center Tower 7?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: On that morning of 9/11? Somehow he got out of there [before the building collapsed?]
Dr. Fetzer: Yes. Well, he never actually went there. It was very odd that all of this was designed specifically for him and it had its own air and water supply and all that, but he never actually occupied it. And it is very strange. He also reported being told that the towers were going to collapse, but he has to be pressed on who could have given that information because no steel structure or high rise had ever collapsed due to fire either before 9/11 or after 9/11. Nor, if our research is correct, on 9/11. So it was really an astonishing event.
Maj. Fox: Well, also I understand that he banned photography of the area after the collapse. And amazingly, the steel beams were just sort of suddenly scooped up and evacuated to New Jersey where they were cut up and sold for scrap immediately without any real forensics being done on them. Of course, now there have been all kinds of studies indicating from small particles that thermite was used to help cut those beams to bring everything down via controlled demolition. Plus, there is additional evidence, I think you have also considered it, that it probably required the equivalent of several [2.4] Hiroshima-type atomic bombs to generate enough energy --you needed more than just controlled demolitions --.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, just to elaborate on the absurdity of the official account that these buildings collapsed because the steel weakened or melted and therefore the upper floors collapsed on the lower floors, not only was the building designed to carry everything above it, and the longer the fire burned, the more mass would be converted into energy and there would be less weight it would have to support, but a physics teacher, a high school physics teacher named Chuck Boldwyn has done a calculation and discovered to achieve enough weight, to have enough mass to cause those lower floors --they talk about the North [Tower] floors, and to separate the top 16 floors from the bottom 94, in order to collapse those bottom 94 floors, Bill, it would have required 566 16 floor segments, piled on top of one another, to create enough mass to bring it down. It is that absurd. Even calculated how far out in space you are to drop those 16 floors on the remaining 94, you would have to be, in order to achieve enough kinetic energy to cause the collapse, and he calculated it would have to be 120 miles. That was in a vacuum. In air, in fact, you could never overcome terminal velocity to acquire enough kinetic energy to do the job. I mean, this is how absurd it is.
Maj. Fox. Right. I cover a lot of this in Chapter 7 of the Mission of Conscience series at Just go to the Capt. Eric May archive or my own archive and just scroll down the web page. You know, interestingly enough too there are pictures of what was called the Strax Sedan H-Bomb test, and the scenes of just the --they look like tentacles of an octopus reaching out --they look just like videos of the buildings coming down. You have explosives -- I mean for buildings that are supposed to have collapsed under their own weight under the pancake theory, how can you explain the tremendous out thrusts that look like explosive smoking octopus tentacles reaching straight out [horizontally]--
Dr. Fetzer: Oh yes, the massive dustification of the Twin Towers, actually the modes of demolition of building 7, which would not actually collapse, the word does fit building 7 at 5:20 in the afternoon, nearly seven hours after the Twin Towers were destroyed. You see in that case all the floors are moving at the same time. You can actually see the explosive charges work their way from the base up the side of the building up to the top. You see the little notch at the top. You can watch very clearly all the floors come down. When it is done, it does occur at about the rate of free fall of about 6.5 seconds, there is a pile of rubble that is approximately 12 percent, so you have got 47 stories, ten percent would be 4.7, 2 percent more, is another 8/10 of a floor, so you have about five and a half floors there or six, but in the case of the Twin Towers, all the floors are remaining stationary, there is this massive kind of explosion that is taking place. They are taking their turn to be blown to kingdom come --in the memorable phrase of Morgan Reynolds, and they are turning into very fine dust, in fact, they are obscuring so much you can hardly see what is going on, and yet it is amazing Major Fox, when it is all said and done, that these buildings are reduced to below ground level. I had a first responder, Father Frank Morales, on my radio show twice, and he described how he was astonished that the buildings were actually pulverized and dustified below ground zero. Now that is really a phenomenon that none of us are familiar with. It seems to have required some massive source of energy. I mean thermite, thermate, whatever, may have been involved here, but it can't possibly have been responsible for the massive destruction of the buildings.
Maj. Fox: Well on top of that, you can see the videos of the South Tower as it is beginning to come down. You have got approximately one third of the building actually leaning over enough so that if anything to do with gravity alone were involved --as according to the pancake theory-- that would have crashed down on a side street and created an enormous amount of debris, but amazingly enough the whole thing almost like completely pulverized and vaporized [in mid air].
Dr. Fetzer: Yes that is a wonderful point. Steve Jones, whom I invited to be my co-chair when I invited Scholars for 9/11 Truth in Dec 2005, and of course it has been spearheading the research on thermite and thermate. And in his chapter in 9/11 and the American Empire, co-edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott, he makes that observation about how the top thirty floors of the South Tower tilt over, but when they are almost on the horizontal they turn into dust! I mean, he said it is its most astounding. And he cannot imagine what what would account for it. So I think we are all aboard here. There was some additional source of energy required to bring about these stunning effects.
Maj. Fox: Right. Now getting back to NLE 2009, there are a number of patterns, in fact I go over them in Chapter 8 of Mission [of Conscience] that we look out for that we consider to be prime symptoms of a false flag operation [in the making]. I can go ahead and list them, as I have them in boldface --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, I want you to do that, and I also want to talk about whether there can be a coordination with an attack by Israel on Iran. In terms of preparing for this conversation, I have been astonished to read some of the reports you have sent me, including one by Christopher Bollyn, 16 July, talking about how Israel has been running ships through the Suez canal --
Maj. Fox: Right, [including] the Dolphins [submarines built in Germany for Israel capable of firing cruise missiles with nuclear warheads ].
Dr. Fetzer: That is very disturbing to me. I had rather hoped this idea of an Israeli attack on Iran was well behind us. I mean the estimates have it that if Israel attacked Iranian nuclear facilities, there will be as many as a million deaths immediately, and that the contamination from the dust cloud and all that is going to sweep over Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, and maybe as many as 35 more million deaths over a longer period of time due to cancer, for example, from radiation exposure -- I mean this is scary stuff-- and yet he is reporting that the U.S. government is giving a red light. I mean, I was astounded that [Vice President] Joe Biden made some remark on a national news program very recently saying how Israel had the right to defend itself and would have make that decision for itself and how even Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, appears to have given a green light to go ahead with an attack. This will be one of the great atrocities of recent history if this is to occur.
Maj. Fox. Right. Well, and then also the American Free Press, Ralph Forbes, ran an article "Global Elite, CIA Behind Dirty War Against Iran." This has been going on ever since Bush signed off, at least back in 2007, supporting MEK, which is a leftist organization engaged in covert operations. And it is believed, in fact, that we have been PSYOPed here in America. That Ahmadinejad really did win the election, but the CIA has pumped in not only over half a billion to try to incite revolution inside Iran, according to former Pakistani Army General Mirza Aslam Beig--[End of Part 2 of 5 on YouTube]

Part 3 of 5, Maj. Fox
Maj. Fox
: --But also they engaged in cyber warfare, claiming that YouTube and Facebook were knocked out. Apparently the opponent of [President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, [Mir-Hossein] Mousavi, held a press conference claiming that he was the winner, when in fact according to other sources he was not the winner. And so this is all part of a pattern of just psychological preparation that has been going on. As a matter of fact, Paul Craig Roberts talks about how PSYOPs, to attack Iran now, have been going on for years. Interestingly enough, back last December Wayne Madsen, who is a former Naval Intelligence Officer, predicted that if "Bibi" Netanyahu got in over Tzipi Livni as Prime Minister, that it was almost 100% certain that we would be dragged into attacking Iran, because the man is such a total hawk. You know he is one of the key architects behind the Project for a New American Century and the other war hawk documents created by the Zionist neocons that have helped drag us into this horrible mess. The adventures in the Middle East. And it seems like he is almost synonymous with [false flag attacks] --as we mentioned earlier -- he was there in London during the 7-7-2005 bombings. It looks like when he is in the saddle, rivers of blood start spilling.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, and as you know, my own research has led me to the conclusion that there was an Israeli "contribution" to the events of 9/11. In my piece entitled "9/11 and the Neocon Agenda" I laid out some of those implications. I believe there is more evidence of that kind, but there is massive resistance to presenting any of this in the mainstream media. Of course they won't do justice to JFK, much less 9/11. And God forbid they should address the possibility that the Mossad or the government of Israel was involved in 9/11.
Maj. Fox: Right, which raises a lot of other issues about how do we really have a viable, legitimate Armed Forces establishment in America when so many members of our security establishment are too scared to address evidence of central Israeli involvement, even going back to the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, or the Lavon Affair in the '53-54 time period -- where Israelis dressed up as Egyptians tried to attack U.S. facilities in Cairo and make it look like the Egyptians did it. The list goes on endlessly, in fact, in doing my research for the Mission of Conscience series, it seems like there is almost a steady drum beat, month after month, of assassinations and bombings being conducted around the world by the Mossad, so really the surprise for us should be when things are quiet. When they are not bombing and assassinating.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes.
Maj. Fox: Not when they actually are doing it. That is the impression I am left with after doing all this research. We know from this book By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer by Victor Ostrovsky that the Mossad has a full time department that does nothing but fabricate cover stories and disinformation to support false flag operations.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: Also, of course I know just from my own military training that according to one study whenever a military commander creates a deception plan, or feint, supposedly this increases the odds, all other things being equal, by about 60-70% for mission success. So creating decoys is standard in just normal, conventional military operations, and we know from By Way of Deception by Ostrovsky that the Mossad routinely submits lists to the Prime Minister of Israel of assassination targets. And he goes down [the list] and can check off that which he approves or disapproves. But we also know from Ostrovsky that really the Mossad runs Israel. So most of the top guys have some kind of Mossad background. So we have a country that is totally geared basically towards aggressive espionage operations; this continuous playing off of adversaries [against each other] around the world.
Dr. Fetzer: And plane crashes appear to be a preferred method for taking out key opponents. Bill, we are going to take a brief break, and then we will be right back. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with my special guest this first hour Major Bill Fox, an intelligence expert talking about false flag operations. We will be right back...[into the the break, then returning from the break] ...This is Jim Fetzer with my special guest this first hour, Major Bill Fox who is a former Marine Corps officer and expert in intelligence activities. He is a collaborator with Capt. Eric May and with SFC Donald Buswell, whom we are also featuring today. Bill, the pending terror exercise, this FEMA exercise starting July 27th but also extending it appears to the 31st in different areas, it looks like a multi-part drill. Can you tell us something it?
Maj. Fox: Yes, well, of course where we left off before the break is we established how terror bombings and false flag events are actually part of a regular pattern, so we are not crying wolf when we have established that there is an actual wolf at the door. We have also established that --and we can get into this [more] later-- is that the best time to pull off a false flag attack is when you have a major military exercise, particularly one that encompasses many security agencies because that is the easiest situation [for high level insiders] to control. But getting back to indicators, unfortunately, I have placed calls to individuals with USNORTHCOM, with FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, I sent emails, and basically I have been told --people would say, "I do not have the answer, talk to someone else." And that person would say, "Send me an email" and say that "I do not have anything to say, other than just send me an email and I will get back to you." And they have not gotten back to me. And that is a troubling sign to me. Some other troubling indicators --in fact Alex Jones recently on his July 4th broadcast talked about an article that appeared in the News Tribune out of Camp Crowder Missouri. The title was originally "Guard Units Train for Militia Attacks." That is pictured actually on the video of his July 4th talk, and then when you look on it on the Internet it says "Guard Units Train For Attacks." They have sanitized out [the word] "Militia." Also, there is a New York Times article that talks about how various groups of Explorers, similar to the Boy Scouts, have been trained by the Imperial County Sheriff's department, and according to Alex Jones they are using verbiage of basically fighting terrorists who are [linked to] former military veterans, and then when I went to that web site, to see exactly what Alex Jones had on his screen, I saw all mention of veterans as having been sanitized out. And they are just referred to as "terrorists." But they have one scene where a person named Dave Howlitz, [of the] Broward County, California police department enters into a room after [mock] killing the last hostage taker and says "Forget the injured, forget the dead," he says, "Accomplish your mission, terminate the shooter." This sounds pretty hard core. You may recall that recently there has been some back blast at the Department of Homeland Security, including Janet Napolitano, former governor of the very corrupt high office of the governorship of Arizona --is very leftist in her politics-- and has generally looked the other way with out of control Third World immigration until it suddenly becomes convenient for her to take another stand just to shore up her political position, but any way she has approved a report which suggested that pro-[anti] abortionists and returning veterans are at risk for becoming future terrorists. So we see an attempt to shift the focus from the alleged Al Qaeda boogeyman overseas, and I say Al Qaeda boogeyman because there are many credible sources that claim that if anything, it is very likely that Osama Bin Laden died in late 2001.
Dr. Fetzer: That is right. That's right. Dec 15th [2001] actually. David Ray Griffin, who has co-authored seven or eight books about 9/11 and who is the leading spokesman for the 9/11 Truth Movement has published a new book on Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? in which he brings together evidence that suggests that he died around Dec 15, 2001, but that it has been so useful to have him, as you describe it, as a boogeyman that no one wants to admit that the overwhelming probability is that the man died many years ago.
Maj. Fox. Right. And so in other words we are back to an Orwellian scenario where the Zionist power elite, which has its tentacles into [President Barack] Obama, and before that Bush, that they are fabricating these conflicts to basically keep us in a state of fear, to create a justification for police state repression, to crack down on dissidents...[End of Part 3 of 5]

Part 4 of 5, Maj. Fox
Maj. Fox
--and the real target is ultimately people who are critical or are in any way a potential threat to their power base, which actually, ultimately, has nothing to do with Islamics overseas, although certainly Islamics are in the way of Greater Israel in the Middle East, but here at home it is probably the straight white male of Northern European descent who is a gun owner who is capable of taking a critical view of national media and may feel a little resentful that we have alien interests in control of this country that are particularly alien when it comes to traditional American conservative values that created this country back in the late 18th century and early 19th century.
Dr. Fetzer: In this case the alien interests you are talking about are not extra terrestrial, but good old earth-bound aliens
Maj. Fox: Right. The "Z factor." Zionists.
Dr. Fetzer: [Laugher]. Zionists!
Maj. Fox: [Laugher] So, "alien" as in "Alien and Sedition Acts" or "Illegal Alien" [or "Enemy Alien"] ---
Dr. Fetzer: "Alien" as in inimical to the best interests of the United States and its citizens.
Maj. Fox. Right. So what we see is this continual attempt, this hat trick to shift from the Osama Bin Laden [boogeyman] and war against so-called "Islamo-Fascism" --a favored neocon term-- to demonizing people who have all the characteristics of what you might call the traditional American conservative agenda. And this is becoming more and more naked. I think that there might be some useful blowback in alternative media against Napolitano and DHS and the whole Orwellian construct by [their] targeting anti-abortionists and the gun owners and the returning veterans. Or I hope so at least. That is probably one of the few glimmerings of hope for us is that they overreach themselves. But getting back to Alex Jones, he claims that there are these efforts here to try to identify --since this exercise is focused on terrorism, to create in their scenarios, something that suggests that returning veterans or militia members could be the new terror boogeyman. The so-called "homegrown terrorism." There was [what was often called] the "Internet Radicalization Act" [formally known at the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act S.1959"] that was passed [by the House of Representatives but not by the Senate] back in late 2007 that sounded pretty scary and Orwellian. So once again, we are concerned that what they also ultimately want to do is if we have a false flag attack, is use that as a pretext to shut down the Internet, create martial law, confiscate our rifles and our other weapons --and as a matter of fact, there was a blurb about how there is apparently a proposed Senate Bill 2099 which would try --it is the Blair Holt proposed legislation-- that would require all Americans on their 1040 Federal Tax Form to declare all guns you have or own. It would require fingerprints and a tax of $50 per gun. There have been efforts by the Obama administration to prevent people from accessing, what is it? Military-produced ammunition and doing reloading and just every trick in the book that you can imagine to either block access to types of "assault weapons" --in which their definitions are expanded to include regular hunting rifles --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, I agree. This is all extremely disturbing. I am very disenchanted with the Obama administration for expanding the war in Afghanistan and on the border with Pakistan. I mean, it seems to me a lot of the measures he is taking are utterly inconsistent with the promises he was making during the campaign, in that leaving in place the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the FBI may have turned out to be colossal blunders because that means that principal elements of the intelligence apparatus across the United States remain as they were under Bush and Cheney.
Maj. Fox: Right. Well, actually getting back to Obama, we had that interesting article by Pat Shannon which appeared in The American Free Press, July 27th, "Researchers Convinced Obama Not Natural Born." Now here is some very strong evidence that he could be America's first affirmative action, illegal alien President. And that is that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20 [when visits to Pakistan were prohibited for U.S. citizens, suggesting that Obama used either a British or Indonesian passport and claimed citizenship as either someone born in Kenyan --then a British possession-- or Indonesia.]
Dr. Fetzer: But Bill, true or false, what would happen to this country if Obama now were dislodged from office? It seems to me that this is the kind of issue that has to be dealt with far, far earlier when a campaign is first warming up, not after the guy has run this massive campaign and been elected by the majority and is in office. It seems to be futile to be contesting this at this point in time. Now there has been a bill introduced in the Senate to insure that if it happened here, it does not happen again. But I just do not see how it benefits the nation for pursuing that particular issue now.
Maj. Fox: Well, I think that it is one of many things like 9/11 that should help wake people up and see how preposterous and completely out of control and arrogant the power elite has become by just totally flouting our laws.
Dr. Fetzer: Let me ask you this while we have the opportunity. Captain May has suggested that the most likely cities to be targeted for a 9/11 Part II would be New York, Houston, and Chicago. And if we look at these FEMA drills that are going to begin on Monday, for example, my impression has been that Chicago was the most likely target if indeed it was going to take place in relation to these drills. Am I right or wrong about that?
Maj Fox: Well, one of the principles we have asserted is that once an area is prepared, it is likely to be revisited.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
Maj. Fox: Because it takes a long time to corrupt, buy up, and control all the key local media and grab control of the local politicians.
Dr. Fetzer: Right.
Maj. Fox: And so Capt. May wanted to revisit New York because he felt that obviously that was prepared for 9/11, and like I said earlier, anything could be revisited. Of course Chicago makes sense because that is Obama country, also Larry Silverstein has acquired control of the [former] Sears Tower [recently renamed the Willis Tower]--
Dr. Fetzer: Changing the name of the Sears Tower to the --
Maj. Fox Willis Tower
Dr. Fetzer Yes, the Willis Tower, and didn't this [Willis] insurance company have something to do with 9/11, and of course Larry Silverstein was the private owner for the first time in its history of the World Trade Center? I mean I don't like this conjunction of forces that could be repeating what we had on 9/11.
Maj. Fox: Right. Well, these people are not particularly creative. They seem to have some set patterns. They seem to like to launch their attacks on days that fit part of a Kabbalistic terror date code. This is part of their methodology that Capt. May has used to try to make predictions. They seem to like to piggy-back off of major exercises. They tend to wait until there has been massive preparation in national media to prepare the public for the actual event, and certainly we see this massive heating up in national media with different sources shrieking that Iran once again is a potential serious threat, and could be --there are Israelis and other sources that claim that they have regained their ability to create nuclear weapons --so yes, we see this heating up, but what it comes down to is what else can these guys do? And I am talking about the Zionist power elite. They are wise guys who have wrecked our economy. In fact, they operate through manipulation. There was an article that appeared [as the "Great American Bubble Machine" by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone] about Goldman Sachs, all the manipulations. It has been doing everything from [recently manipulating] the mortgage markets all the way back to the 1920s, and how they infiltrate key positions in government and help to orchestrate bailouts for their excesses. So these games --the key is you have a group of people who are psychopathic. They do not care what they do with the rest of the public. They are determined to milk the public. And they have the clout through their superior organization and their powers of intimidation working through organized crime, or the Mossad --which quite often is synonymous with organized crime-- [Part 4 of 5]

Part 5 of 5, Maj. Fox interview
Dr. Fetzer:
Let me interject a remark or two about Zionism and so forth. Sometimes there is a presumption that 9/11 research or criticisms of Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism, but that in fact is not true. Anti-Semitism is to discount, disregard, or minimize someone's opinion or value as a human being on the basis of their ethnicity or their race or their religion. None of that is going on here in relation to Zionism with 9/11 research. Zionism, as best I have been able to sort it out, and it turns out to be a fairly complex matter, so I have enlisted the benefit of several experts in this area including Barry Chamish [on March 30, 2009] and Steven Lendman [on March 13, 2009] even Elias Davidsson [July 10, 2009] to discuss it, so there are three archived programs at that deal with the nature of Zionism. In its strongest and most virulent version, it combines a belief in Jewish superiority with a presumption, a sense of entitlement to the lands of Palestine and even beyond, so that it is a belief that there is a political position that presumes entitlement of the state of Israel to expand its domination of area of the Middle East regardless of the consequences for the Palestinians, sometimes [it] seems to me, Major Fox, the ultimate solution from the point of view of some of these extreme Israeli leaders like Netanyahu would be to load all the Palestinians on a ship, float it out to sea, and sink it. In other words, they are that brutal. And of course their use of American weapons, planes, bombs, tanks and so forth is completely disgusting, because we have here one of the great human rights violations of the 20th century, to wit, the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. It has struck me so time back that when Jews start acting like Nazis, we are in big trouble. Of course Israel in relation to Palestinians has been acting in precisely the same way that the Nazis acted towards the Jews. So I am very, very troubled by the situation we find ourselves in.
Maj. Fox. Right. Well I think that for anybody who follows the situation closely, there is such a repetitive pattern of abuse and intrigue --as I mentioned earlier it seems like the Mossad is forever carrying out assassinations and bombings -- that a word like "anti-Semitism" just sort of loses its meaning. To somebody who [observes someone who] blathers that, it sounds like either they are working for the Mossad, or special Jewish interests to try to shout down and suppress legitimate criticism, or somebody who is just brainwashed and stupid at this point.
Dr. Fetzer: I published a piece on this titled "Is 9/11 Research `Anti-Semitic'" that anyone can find on a Google search, and I encourage those who are interested in pursuing this just a step or two further that they do a Google on that article and on "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda." Bill, tell us what you think is going to happen here with this FEMA drill. What is supposed to take place? It seems to me that it has several dimensions. That it involves even collaboration between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in some of its dimensions. You know, other activities going on in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Can you sketch something about the breadth of this operation?
Maj. Fox: Well, that is why I have been making these phone calls and why it is chilling that I have not been able to get a straight answer from anybody. So I have to kind of look at it obliquely by doing Internet research. Like I mentioned, these articles where the term "Militia" got sanitized out of one article and then the reference to former veterans as being potential terrorists according to Alex Jones apparently got sanitized out of that article, so we are trying to pick up indicators here and there. There was a blurb released by the Department of Homeland Security that Janet Napolitano will be traveling to Seattle on the 27th. So I am trying to put that together mentally, because I have contacted DHS, and left a message, and have not gotten an answer yet. But that does dovetail with the Mayday Alert that we issued in 2008 for NLE 2008, where there was a scenario where a tanker truck would explode and release a giant plume of lethal fumes throughout downtown Seattle and we --actually there were some other scenarios as well. There was play of the exercise further to the north [in Ferndale, Washington], and also several thousand [troops to provide logistical and security support for] chemical warfare specialists who met at Fort Lewis during this evolution. And also there was supposed to be an incident at a chemical storage area in eastern Oregon [at the Umatilla Army Depot], so given all of that --combined with the TOPOFF exercise in October 2007 along with Noble Resolve which came --actually Phases I and II-- came a few months before, and put Portland on the map, that made us feel that the Pacific Northwest had become an additional target in addition to the Houston-Texas City area, and in addition to Chicago and New York. So there is actually preparation for the Olympics in 2010 in Seattle. I think that the winter Olympics may be in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is a command center for the Olympics that Janet Napolitano will be visiting on the 27th, so that looks to me --again, this is something that has caught my attention because, once again, we did issue an alert regarding the Pacific Northwest. It could be, if she is operating near Seattle, that there could be a revisitation of actually a Portland incident, since Portland apparently has been prepared, based upon [the findings contained in] our prior alerts. In fact you may recall that Michael Chertoff, the predecessor to Janet Napolitano, actually visited Portland in October [2007] during the TOPOFF evolution. So that to us was another scary indicator, just like when Benjamin Netanyahu was physically present in London during the 7-7-2005 bombings. Incidentally, one interesting detail that caused Capt. May to put New York City back on the target list is a number of weeks ago, for a couple of hours, there were amazing atmospheric effects above New York City of clouds that were orange and appeared to be billowing downward. And it reminded Capt. May of very strange atmospheric effects he saw on July 28, 2005 in Texas City, at the same time that an explosion went off at the British Petroleum refinery. He thinks that there was probably an attempt --there were concurrent nuclear exercises being held on the East Coast, and he thinks that there was probably a plan to set off a nuke in Texas City, Texas and blame it on Iran. But instead they pulled the nuke [as a last minute abort decision] and [instead] used a conventional explosive [so that "ground floor-level" criminals controlled by Mossad-CIA to be set up along with Iranians as patsies in a nuclear explosion scenario could go ahead and score gasoline futures contract profits from the conventional refinery explosion] and used HAARP effects to try to augment [the original nuclear explosion plan because it was it was too late to retract the planned HAARP effect]. And he was concerned that maybe somebody tried to do a HAARP effect over New York, as some kind of eerie test or pre-signal, so that was something that helped put New York back on the map. Actually, I have read some other scenarios on the Internet that maybe these people are going to go full monte. Maybe they will set off explosions in several cities simultaneously so we might get something going off in New York, Chicago, the Houston area, and Seattle simultaneously. Just have a big, big bang to really --to do two things. Really shock the heck out of Americans, to be accompanied by mass gun confiscations and Internet censorship, and secondly to justify a nuclear strike on Iran, because let's face it, we don't have the forces in Iraq or Afghanistan to handle Iran on the ground. Furthermore, the nuclear facilities for Iran, many of them are so spread out so deep under ground that the Israelis as well as Americans are going to have to use their deep underground nuclear bunker busters. And then on top of that, I have read that because the Iranians are likely to retaliate -- they have so many cruise missiles that are capable of inflicting massive damage on our fleet in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere-- that America will have to make a full scale attack against military infrastructure across Iran, similar to what America did [to Iraq] during both the first Persian Gulf War and the Second Persian Gulf Campaign. So you are talking about a lot of things going off -- a lot of nukes, you know it is going to get really heavy --it could get really heavy-- and furthermore the U.S. has to try to scare Russia and China to stay in line in terms of economics and not try to totally repudiate the dollar. And so this could be a huge, super global war terror event and repression event at home that we are talking about. This could be something huge.
Dr. Fetzer: Thank you. Thank you very much for that summary Maj. Fox. I want you to stand by, and in the meanwhile I will try to bring in SFC Buswell to offer some observations of this own. This is Jim Fetzer your host on the Real Deal. Stand by, we will be right back.


Part 1 of 5, SFC Buswell interview
Dr. James Fetzer:
This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal, with my special guest for the second segment. SFC Don Buswell, who is a former NCO in Army Intelligence, and who had interesting experiences in relation to 9/11. Don, it is a real pleasure to welcome you to the show.
SFC Donald Buswell: Thank you Dr. Fetzer.
Dr. Fetzer: Please tell us a bit about what happened in your experience in relation to 9/11 because I know it was very disturbing what you went through.
SFC Buswell: OK, I will be glad to talk to you about that. What happened on 9/11, where I was on that day in 2001, I was stationed in Seoul, Korea and was working in an information operations cell, a chief section of that department and of course 9/11 happened at 8:45, 9:15 or so Eastern Time. In Seoul, Korea that was 10:00 at night. Some time in that vicinity. What I was doing physically at that time I was in my apartment, and a friend of mine, she was a German working over there. I spent six years in Germany so we had a lot in common, and we were just watching TV and just flipped the TV channel back over to CNBC I think it was, and they showed what was going on. And we just flipped through it, and I looked at her, and she looked at me, and said, "What was that?" And we went back and looked at it and was it for real? One tower was on fire, and the other one, everyone felt as if the plane had come in and blasted it. And like "Oh my God!" And we stayed up all night and I called up work, "You guys know what just happened?" and they said, "Yes, we got some word of it." And I said, "Well, what are my orders? Do you want me to come in. Do we need to come in? Are we having a muster. What is the deal?" They said, "Don't worry about it, just come on tomorrow morning." And so I did. And the interesting thing is that as I walked in, every day I walked to work from Itaewong 2 Dong to 8th Army garrison, called Yongson, and as I walked down there it was a complete traffic jam for a couple of miles of people trying to get on base, and all the Koreans were shut down basically because of the MPs. But the same barriers that I noticed the night before, leaving the garrison the night before about 5:00 or so, all these barriers were off on the side of the parking lot and you know I did not think anything of it, and the morning I come in and they were all being utilized. I am not saying that somebody knew, but it seemed like it was awfully convenient to have --
Dr. Fetzer: Pretty interesting that they just happened to have these barriers hanging around that are not normally there, that they would use them on 9/11.
SFC Buswell: But they were not always there. I took the same path a couple of different routes every day to and from work. I knew the terrain. I knew all the guards, and knew what was around me. They were put there on the 11th. That was the day I noticed them. September 11th as I was leaving the gate before 9/11 actually happened. So I thought that was kind of peculiar. Ever since then I always have been --like that, nothing makes sense. Back in the various units that I was assigned to since 9/11, I always brought that up to my immediate supervisors. Usually an O3 or an O5, an officer, and told him or her about my concerns and feelings in respect to that day. And they looked at me with all seriousness. Like "Wow, you have got some very interesting theories, and some points here." And I would say, "Well, I just want you to know how I feel about it and I would give you my 100%. But if I am asked to write about it or to opine about it in a briefing or report, you have to know that there will be some brutal honesty on my part in respect to 9/11." And they always appreciated that. Everywhere I went, even at Army North right here in San Antonio, my final assignment, I told them, "Hey, CWO3, Mario Torres, you are still there. I found him a couple of weeks ago at the office. I saw him up there and. I told him flat out [that my views on 9-11 could conflict with my professional duties as an Intelligence Analyst; he said there would and will be no problems.] "Gee, I am working here for you now. I think 9/11 is very suspicious. Probably was an inside job from elements of the military. I am not [able to] know quite who, where, how, to what extent. But our air defenses do not fail routinely [like] on that day. We have been training to fight Soviet bombers since World War II, so how they could do it with box cutters is just does not add up. It does not add up." And at the same time Loose Change was making the rounds on the Internet, it getting better, so it is kind of interesting how my situation came up at the very same time at the five year anniversary of 9/11. How it became to me was an email I received. Do I have some more time to go into that email?
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, it is interesting. By the way, that there is a new version of Loose Change titled "Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup" [hyperlink to a trailer] that it should be possible to track down on the Internet. I just mentioned that in passing, because that particular documentary has been a phenomenon. It has been downloaded from the Internet over ten million times. And it has had a tremendous impact on public opinion.
SFC Buswell: Oh, it did, and I can tell you, I can share with you and your listeners that what I did in Army North. I was the Director. The security manager for over 800 people. When their security clears, is making sure that they (a) updated, (b) current and clarified, modified -- I was the guy to go to. I made sure it happened. I was very good at it. I loved the job. It was interesting in May of '06 we were holding a National Level Exercise at Army North. I do not remember the exact scenarios, but it had something to do with hurricanes the year after Katrina. And I was sitting in my office, and I had several augmentees from several National Guard units out of Florida, California, and Oregon, I think it was, reservists, congregating in San Antonio for this six or seven day exercise. And that is the time I was watching Loose Change, and I have got to tell you, it was a very captive audience of my peers. They were stunned. Stunned to say the least, watching that on my computer.
Dr. Fetzer: Well, that is fascinating.
SFC Buswell: Those who blocked it, the G-6, the computer information directorate, the information security directorate at Army North, inside the Army, they blocked videos and such like that so that we can't access it any more. But at the time I did it, so fortunately I went home and--.
Dr. Fetzer: You mean right now you are telling me, Don, in the military they would block access to Loose Change, for example?
SFC Buswell: They will block access to --I don't know the specific policies behind that because it is not in my lane. I can only venture to say that I know that the sites have been blocked to visit. Any YouTube sites are blocked. Google video sites are blocked, any say, for example, if you have an interest in cars or motorcycles you can go to different web sites. To support those kinds of hobbies they might have little fifteen or twenty second blurbs. Somebody riding a wheelie on a motorcycle. Things like that are off [limits]. Of course they call things like, anything like Prison Planet or any of the so-called conspiracy web sites that come up or anything that is not work-related or such like that, which I understand their view, they want people to do their job. I can understand that. But it is interesting how they are clamping down--
Dr. Fetzer: Don't you think the American military --you are talking about people who are putting their lives on the line for the country-- ought to know the truth about what is going on, if they are being used as pawns, that they are entitled to know?
SFC Buswell: Absolutely, however, how do you get people to understand what surrounds this, after all, the people who pulled off 9/11 have had hundreds of years of practice from one generation to the next, passing knowledge and the ways things operate in the world through --I don't want to get off track here, but perhaps in a Secret Society, or something like that, how things are done. [End Part I of 5]

Part 2 of 5, SFC Buswell interview

SFC Buswell: I hope this stuff relates to each other. They go from handshake to handshake. It is interesting how they relate. But getting down to the common military, I have served pretty much at all levels from a maneuver infantry battalion all the way up to M113A2, you know the Bradleys, all the way to an echelons above Corps, so I know pretty much the spectrum of the average soldier and the typical soldier. I have got to tell you the infantry soldier is --everybody says they are dumb and kind of stupid, but I have found some of the most intelligent, thought out, and interesting people in an infantry battalion than in an MI [Military Intelligence] Battalion. That is just my experience in the military.
Dr. Fetzer: Let me ask you this. You mentioned secret societies. I have stumbled over multiple indications that there is within the Army a strong influence of the Masons. Within the Army. I found this in relation to the death in Germany of a veteran of Iraq who wasn't going to be promoted and given the recognition he was entitled to that he had earned unless he were to join the secret society within the Army of the Masons. I have read a book by someone who was a member of the Masons who had discovered that the Masons were strongly opposed to the presidency, the continued presidency of John F. Kennedy, and that they may have supported his being taken out by assassination. I am wondering if you have encountered any indications of the Masons having an active influence within the Army?
SFC Buswell: Actually, yes. It is interesting you said that. Back in Augsburg Germany back in '94 - '95 --let me just preface all of this, being the concerns that I had for my fellow Americans who are stationed there, so it is a slice of American --Americana is more correct. So maybe there are a few hundred, no more than a thousand people there. And you get to know each other, and everybody gets to know each other, and I think that the sense of belonging and community is there. The soldier sitting up there in his or her room after work, who is kind of timid, maybe they don't want to go downtown because they have to learn the language, or they don't know the culture or customs. So they are intimidated by that. They want to belong, so they go out to the barbeques and general B.S. sessions outside of the barracks on weekends. I have heard of many of these activities out there. And they want us to belong to something, and the Masons are there. I saw it in Augsburg in 1995, from what I understand, and I got to tell you, I was not a Mason, but I had a lot of friends who were. The Masonic lodge or headquarters or whatever, they [the Masonic HQs in the States] shut them down because of their gross perversions and [the military became concerned about] behavior that did not coincide with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Did the military do it? I think they did. I don't know. I was not part of it. I can just tell, I observed the guys on the weekend and they give their little special handshakes. Special hugs, which is cool. A lot of people, to the casual observer, they would think that was just a friendly greeting and friendly gesture, but the trained eye you can see exactly what is going on. A special handshake, there is a special hug, where the knees touch and the shoulder and the chest and the way the arm wraps around the other guy's back. There are little symbols and things like that. How do I know that? Well, because I was born and raised a Mormon, and I have been to the Temple and done the Mormon thing and I have seen it all, and Joseph Smith lifted the stuff straight from the Masons. That is why he was killed. And the average Mormon, you talk to them, they will say "Oh man, absolutely, we are totally different from the Masons," but it is the same thing. It is the same stuff.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes. Very, very disturbing stuff. I have run across the case of a soldier who was actually subjected to a hazing, a beating, with paddles as his admission into the Masons and was taken out for drinking that night and he wound up in a shower where he suffered from dehydration and died in the shower as a consequence of the combination of the heavy drinking and the hazing and the beating he suffered. A terrible case. And it just troubles me tremendously that anything like this should be going on. It has such an insidious effect not only on morale, but the propriety of the Army the way in which one soldier treats another.
SFC Buswell: Very true. I concur with that. Get back to what I said, you get a soldier in a small group, some community of American enlistees, and the longing is there to belong, and to socialize and to magnify the social interaction. This is what I have come to after years of thinking about it. They join the Masons. I am not saying that everybody does. Some people join the chess club. They might do as I did. I speak German, so I went to town. I know how to get around. I had motorcycles and I knew all the places to go, and I could get around. I could maneuver around, and had German friends, so I never suffered from any of that situation that some of the guys fall into. But you know the secrecy of the nation and even Mormons and other secret societies, cults and such, they do not, may really not tell you anything profound, it is just can you keep a secret? You know, can you not tell any person your secret handshake? And that is the test. I am very curious how this was implemented probably with no more than 100 people, maybe 200 at most, people on 9/11, and any excess people that may have found something out about it or know too much, or think too much, they probably met up with a nice, like walking off the curb, or and taking it in the back, or something like that and no one witnessed it, and no one ever investigated it. Dr. Kelley in England, Corporal Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, he was a big superstar and in 04 he was killed by friendly fire,so the story went. And we can follow up '06-'07, the forensic reports were released and showed three 5.56 mm rounds got him in the head and I believe in the chest. And who fires 5.56 [mm]? Us. That is our standard caliber for the M4 and the M16.
Dr. Fetzer: You are absolutely right. I am very troubled by it. I actually wrote about it in a piece titled "Has Cheney Been Murdering Americans?" which you can also find on Google. Because it seemed to me to be a one of a number of cases, and I believe today that there are quite a few, including many foreign leaders, possibly including even Benazir Bhutto, who had been assassinated at the instruction of the Vice President. This is an atrocity, but Tillman appears to me to have represented the potential for a macho 9/11 NFL superstar come back. A macho NFL superstar come back in and oppose the war. He was very disenchanted with what was going on from all accounts. And now not only was his clothing not returned to his family, but a diary he was maintaining was also not returned. As you indicate, there are multiple indications that this was a deliberate killing, and it was no accident. You can call it friendly fire, but it was deliberate, not accidental.
SFC Buswell: That is very true, Dr. Fetzer. I was recounting about that. I have spent many, many years firing on the range with an M16 and M4's. When you put the M16 A2 in a position called burst, it fires three rounds in semi--it is [somewhat] automatic, unlike the A1 where you could fire a full 30 round magazine. The A2 will fire a three round burst. That is also the same with the M4. Getting back to Corporal Tillman. His autopsy showed that he had three rounds in close proximity in the head and in the chest.
Dr. Fetzer: Three more in the chest? In other words, two bursts?
SFC Buswell. Yes. It was three rounds in the head
Dr. Fetzer: Yes
SFC Buswell: And I believe there was three rounds in the chest also. But he was probably also wearing his Kevlar. He had a very distinctive looking skull and head. Very handsome man. When he graduated from Ranger School, he just looked like a stud. He looked like, "Wow, this is an all-American hero." His beret fit very well, and he probably paid very close attention to the way his Kevlar helmet fit on his head. He probably had it on according to regulations, so it was just about a half inch at the very most above his brow. Now to get three rounds in between the bottom of the Kevlar and above the eyes and the eye lashes and eyebrows you have to be within 50 meters. And to fire a three round burst "brrrrrt -- like that" emptying them all within a two square inch radius you have to be within 50 meters. I don't care if you are an expert sharpshooter, you are going to have some bullets that are going to wander. Anything over 50 meters. It looks like close range.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, it looks like it was from about ten [meters]. [End Part 2 of 5]

Part 3 of 5, SFC Buswell interview
SFC Buswell:
He knew he saw his attackers. He did.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes, I agree. And of course the back of his skull was blown out, and yet the Army claimed they performed CPR. You don't perform CPR on a man who has his brains blown out of his head.
SFC Buswell: No, you would. The soldiers would automatically do it. They would do it because probably (a) they loved CPL Tillman and they respected him and they did not want to lose one of their buddies. Period, I can tell you right now the guys on the line, that is what they would do.
Dr. Fetzer: With half of their skull gone? You think? That is very interesting. You know it is the case that the principal factor that affects men in combat is their comrades. They are just there together in this plight with their fellow soldier or Marine. And that is what keeps them going under all kinds of adversity. It has got nothing to do with a strategic objective, or defeating the communists, or anything like that. It is saving lives and performing your duty.
SFC Buswell: You fight for your friends. You fight for your fellow soldiers that are with you, believe me, I know. I was there. Not in Afghanistan, but Iraq. You have a bond -- believe me when I was driving into Iraq in January of 2004, I was thinking, My God, what the hell am I doing? We were driving up into Iraq, we had soft Humvees. Some guys were putting plywood down into the door panels, thinking that would stop a bullet. You know we actually thought that. I put sandbags underneath my feet, thinking this would prevent or mitigate the effects of an IED, which is totally B.S. So going up into Iraq I am thinking that I did not support Bush, or any of his policies. What are we doing picking a fight with Saddam Hussein? It is over oil, not WMD. But any ways I am driving into Iraq, and this convoy, what the hell am I doing there, and I look over to my right and see my Captain, and people behind me, and in front of me, and other trucks, and you know like I want to believe in these people. I don't want these people to die. I need their --if I get blown up, I depend on these guys and they would depend on me to save them. You know, we are not fighting for -- "We need to go destroy WMD's," believe me that is the last thing on the average soldier's mind. But taking that mind set, applying it to Tillman, you know, who would do that? I guarantee, none of his fellow soldiers would.
Dr. Fetzer: Right.
SFC Buswell: Guarantee it. That wouldn't happen. It would be foreign operatives over there blaming --
Dr. Fetzer: It looks like members of a Delta sniper team were actually briefly present at the scene and may have been responsible. It is one of the issues I talk about in this piece "Has Cheney Been Murdering Americans?" Don, can you hang around for a few minutes, I want to talk with you some more, we are going to take a short break. Are you going to be available for a while longer?
SFC Buswell: Sure.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, great. Jim Fetzer, your host on "The Real Deal." Talking with SFC Buswell who has been collaborating with Capt. Eric May and Maj. Bill Fox on false flag reports and warnings. We will be right back...[music interlude] ... This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the "The Real Deal" with my special guest for this segment SFC Donald Buswell who has a background in Army intelligence and who served in Iraq, and we have been talking about the death of CPL Pat Tillman who it appears was deliberately taken out, probably under instructions from Vice President Cheney, because of the administration's apprehension that he was going to become a macho NFL version of Cindy Sheehan, speaking out against the war. This is the kind of politics that Dick Cheney plays. If you want more about this, and why I believe he too was responsible for taking out Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, and quite likely the 9/11 activist Beverly Eckert, and others, go to "Has Cheney Been Murdering Americans?" which you can find on Google and you can discover some of the details. Don, you were telling me that you spent a whole year in Iraq. It must have been a nasty business. I want to --morale could not have been very good, even in 2004.
SFC Buswell: Morale -- that is an interesting question. The morale I saw was always pretty good. Everybody there volunteered for the military. And they all liked the extra pay they were getting overseas. You know we all buckled down. We were there on orders. We all obeyed our orders. That is what we were there to do. To go and do what we were supposed to. We may not like it, but hey, you go and do it any ways. Remember, 2004, April of '04, is when the counter insurgency started, and started handing a lot of tactical defeats to multinational forces quartered in Iraq, not just the United States Army. The Mahdi Army uprising, Abu Ghraib, the prison scandal, everything just, as they say, the crap hit the fan, and that is what happened in April '04 and throughout that whole summer it was like we were wearing Kevlar all the time and rockets coming in blasting the trailer at night. I did not sleep much at all, and I did not sleep much very soundly for years after. I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, disorders, and I was retired from the military with those "handicaps" after retiring. It took a while to settle down with nerves and such especially because I saw people die. People who felt close to me. Ironically my then girlfriend, currently wife, her ex-husband and I were in the same base camp and we became quite friendly with each other, to the chagrin of her. She thought "Good God, my ex-husband and my boyfriend are friends." We went on R & R together down in Qatar. We had a great time. We discovered --he was from Massachusetts, I was from New Hampshire. We just had a lot in common, had a great time. A wonderful time. He was killed September 30, 2004. His name was SSGT Dan Cunningham. He was killed by rockets blasting his trailer open at 5:30 in the morning. It wasn't a mortar. It was a rocket. I was there. That is what happened. And he died just minutes after the explosion and the fire and the shrapnel and such. I went home for a month on emergency relief. We buried him in Arlington [National Cemetery]. At the time I was married to his ex-wife at the time. I had come home in June to get married, and so for the whole month of October I was back here in the states tending to business and then I had to go back to Iraq for another two months to leave with my unit, which was great. It was just no problem. I was hoping they would keep me here in the states, most people would, but no problem, but I had to go back. We drove back out of Iraq in the same slightly up-armored Humvees the same way we drove in, and you know, it is perilous times. You are really looking out at the convoys, at the roads, and the bridges, and where IED's are always, you know usually in place, and --
Dr. Fetzer: Tell me a little bit about how you came into collaboration with Maj. Fox and Capt. May. That to me is a most interesting development.
SFC Buswell: Yes, absolutely. Back as I said earlier in May of '06, we were having a National Level Exercise and I was handling security clearances for the G-2 for U.S. Army North, and I went to go to the printer to pick off some paperwork that I had printed off, and there was a whole bunch of other stuff there, and I said OK, fine, I took all this stuff to various people in the office who printed this stuff out, and there was some very unusual paperwork, there was one page, and maybe two page report which showed --this was all during the exercise. During the exercise, it was not classified, it was unclassified, it was not secret, because everything in the exercise was classified secret, which is another bother to me. It concerns me greatly, especially since 9/11 was done under the guise of an exercise. But more on that later. But I had this police report showing a bomb at a refinery down in Beaumont, Texas. I said, like, "What the heck is this?" So I went in and asked my peers and supervisors. "Hey, what's the deal on this? Who owns this?" They said, "Oh, don't worry about this, that is a real world report. It doesn't concern us. We are only concerned with the exercise." And I said, "Wait a minute. This is a real world event that happened six hours ago of a bomb being found at I believe it was the Exxon refinery, possibly the BP refinery down at Beaumont--"
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, BP I think, yes. [Editor's Note: Actually it was the Exxon-Mobil refinery in Beaumont. Please see Chapter 20 of the Mission of Conscience series]
[End, Part 3 of 5]

Part 4 of 5, SFC Buswell interview
SFC Buswell:
I said, "This is not concerning to you?" [They said] "Oh no, just shred it, get rid of it, and we are only worried about the exercise." So I am thinking, "My God, I do not want to regret anything in life." The one previous great regret that I had, and I am still mull over it, was back in May of '04, Rumsfeld came over to Iraq, and we all got together in the Al Faw palace there and we had a "town hall meeting," and he took questions from the audience of soldiers. My heart was beating out of my chest. I wanted to stand up and ask him, now that we are in a counter insurgency, are you willing to go on record and publicly apologize to the Army Chief of Staff who you repudiated and made retire --Eric Shinseki-- apologize to him because he said you would need 300,000 troops in Iraq after any kind of war. Rumsfeld did not like that and fired him. You know, if you remember the history back in '02 and '03, that is exactly what happened.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, he said at least 200,000. Yes, I remember.
SFC Buswell: My heart was beating in my chest because I wanted to ask him this question, but I knew if I stood up, they would all look at me, and if I asked that question, I knew that you would hear a pin drop.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
SFC Buswell: And I knew that Rumsfeld would probably wonder who the hell I was. What the hell I was doing there, and get him out of here. Get him to work for me, or get rid of him. I knew it would be one of those two things. And I knew that the media, the cameras, CNN, MSNBC, they were there, and I knew that would be all over the place if I asked him that question. But I regret it, not asking him. So I said, I am never going to regret anything else. If I see a chance or an opportunity to make a difference to maybe save lives or something, I am going to take that. This piece of paper that showed a bomb down in the refinery in Beaumont, Texas struck my eye, and I thought this could be a segue into a false flag or terror attack. Absolutely. So I brought it to my people and my chief, CW3 Mario Torres and [a Major and to the Security Manager Chris Commeaux and] said, "This could be a false flag possible terror attack" [which all of them dismissed as not worthy of further examination] and they looked at me, "What is a false flag? What is going on?" I said, "Somebody needs to take action on this, because this is real world stuff. This could be used as cover to usher in a real bomb and blame it on somebody else, like the Iranians, and start a war and have deniability and say it was Iranians who put that bomb there." And so I, since previous to January of '06, I had been made aware of Capt. May because I heard about this Army Captain, former military intelligence, who was on the beach stating that there was a [prospect of a] nuclear blast down in Houston. --- So this story caught my attention when I was stationed at Fort Hood back in January of '06 prior to coming to San Antonio. My goodness, we have to watch this guy, this Capt. May, this guy is a bold individual making some pretty bold predictions and pretty bold analysis. I studied them closely, and watched them closely. Since early April or May of '06 I jumped his Ghost Troop, which is an online message board where people collaborate and talk about different ideas out in the open pertaining to false flag attacks, 9/11, and preventing another attack, if possible. Look at this, I am looking at a report, it is unclassified, and I have got to tell you, if it was stamped secret, I would have just kept it in house, but it was unclassified, so I called him up and I said, "Capt. May, there is something you may want to see." So I FAXed it to him, sent it to him. And he thought I might have been setting him up. So he checked it out and called me the next day telling me, "Hey, your story checked out," and I said, "Of course it checked out, absolutely." You know, I am being straight shot with you here, Capt. May. He said, "Oh my God, SFC Buswell, you have actually, probably saved hundreds if not more lives with your --by giving me this intelligence. And he went to the FBI in Houston and Major Dunlap, she was like, "How did you get this, this stuff was close hold, this was internal only?" And we said it came from a source at Ft. Sam Houston. I have got a big investigation launched against me and they were probably going to try to court martial me because I sent an email out; actually more correctly I replied to an email that stated that 9/11 was not an outside job. And it showed a picture of an F-4 phantom smashing into a concrete barrier formed in the early 60's, and I said "That is an incorrect assumption, you can't assume this." This is just two intelligence professionals at Ft. Sam Houston. I hit "reply all" and that was my sin, hitting "reply all" in Microsoft Outlook.
Dr. Fetzer: You are talking about the Sandia test where they had that fighter on a railroad mounting. It was forced at high speed into a concrete reinforced barrier and shattered into a zillion pieces.
SFC Buswell: Yes.
Dr. Fetzer: And that is supposed to explain why we don't have massive debris from the aluminum --this 100 ton airliner that hit the Pentagon or at New York--
SFC Buswell: Exactly. That was the author's argument. They said, "Look at this plane smashing into the concrete a) The Pentagon was made of concrete and the plane was made out of the same stuff this F-4 phantom was made out of. So there won't be any debris. And I said look, that is an incorrect analysis. The Pentagon was built in the 1940's of shoddy cement. It has been proven that is not of the same consistency as that barrier the plane smashed in because the plane smashed into a sample barrier they were going to don for nuclear reactors.
Dr. Fetzer: And that plane appears to have been made of some kind of composite or it would have never shattered apart like that. And of course it was going at ground level at extremely high speed which was aerodynamically impossible; in fact, the aeronautical engineers I have discussed the matter with have explained to me because of ground effect the plane was traveling over 500 miles an hour toward the Pentagon, it could not have gotten closer than about sixty feet to the ground because of the pocket of compressed gas that accumulates beneath the fuselage, and of course this plane was just skimming the ground allegedly. We have photographs immediately after that show a perfectly clear, clean, unblemished lawn, no debris. Debris only starts showing up much later. Some of it turns out to have been staged. In fact, there was an attorney by the name of James Hanson from Columbus, Ohio who has traced one particular piece of fuselage back to a crash in Cali, Columbia, back in 1995.
SFC Buswell: Sure. You see pictures of close crop haircut individuals in suits, walking around, bent over with a piece of debris on the lawn. They are either putting it there, or picking it up on the Pentagon lawn. The after work thing. The after work email that I received, where I hit reply all, that was my sin according to Army North. They tried to court martial me over that. But they were told me by the Pentagon itself to leave me alone, because if they court-martialed me, believe me, they would say, "You guys are way out of your league." If you court-martial Buswell on, you know, these little foolish charges, it is going to be five to ten minutes of these foolish charges, and it is going to go straight into 9/11. Absolutely straight into 9/11. They will have to get ready to get Rumsfeld, Cheney and all these guys down here, because all this is going to go up to the top. And so they quickly dismissed it. They quickly let me go and they just said "Go find a job. Do what you are going to do the next year and a half or whatever until you retire." And so I did. I found a job at the hospital, taking care of wounded soldiers coming back home from Iraq disfigured, you know, amputee victims and such. I loved it. I did it for a year, and it was the best job I have ever done in the military. But getting back to that intelligence, that paper I sent to Capt. May, I said, "Look, I do not know if what I did saved things or not, but it got into the right hands. It got into Capt. May's hands. He was able to make noise about it and use his contacts from the Houston media who were keenly interested in that event. And they had no idea about it. They checked out if it was credible, believable, and true and factual. And I do not know the size, make, and composition. I do not know. But I used to be EOD [Explosives Ordnance Disposal] when I came into the military, but I know a little bit about explosives, how they work. Different yields, and fast burning and slow burning explosives, things like that. I am not an expert, but I know a little bit about it.

Part 5 of 5, SFC Buswell interview

Dr. Fetzer: So how have you felt about your collaboration with Maj. Fox and Capt. May.
SFC Buswell: Maj. Fox I have not had a whole lot of dealings with. I find him extremely intelligent, very well read. Smart guy. I like talking to him greatly. Maj. Fox and Capt. May, they are on the same sheet of music. They are only interested in (a) interdicting and preventing another 9/11 style attack coined I believe to "9/11 2 B" [9/11 "to be"], I think that belongs to Capt. May. I think he coined that. And the interesting thing is that there is tremendous 9/11 Truth activism out there, but all of them are looking back at that day and saying it was an inside job or "This party did it, or that party is responsible," but none of them, except for Capt. May's Ghost Troop, is looking forward at the next possible attack and getting out to warn people and educate people that a) this is how these things have been done --
Dr. Fetzer: Yes.
SFC Buswell: The U.S.S. Liberty was bombed by the state of Israel and tried to blame it on Egypt--
Dr. Fetzer: That's right.
SFC Buswell: -- in June of '67 and '68. When I was a little fellow then, I don't remember it.
Dr. Fetzer: There is an extensive history of false flag attacks if you trace it from "Remember the Maine!" when this battleship blew up in Havana harbor and it was blamed on the Cubans or the Spanish and there was no evidence that it was anything except an accident. That the torpedoing of the Lusitania, which was actually carrying weapons of war and therefore was a legitimate target, but the public was never notified. The attack on Pearl Harbor, which evidently was --we were provoking the Japanese by denying them access to oil in the South Pacific. You have got the Gulf of Tonkin, where Lyndon [Johnson] later admitted that for all he knew they were shooting at whales out there. You have the young Kuwaiti girl who was giving this unbelievable story about watching Iraqi soldiers dump babies out of incubators on to the cold, concrete floor, in a hospital in Kuwait where she turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. She had never actually been in the hospital except perhaps to pass by briefly. She had not witnessed any of these events. She had been coached for this by a public relations firm related to the Republican Party. It goes on and on and on. The weapons of mass destruction lies are only the latest installment.
SFC Buswell. They're devils. From what you said earlier in the interview, the people who pull these off are very sick, demented people. They have got decades of experience of practice and education of learning how these kind of things are done. And Cheney, as you said earlier, that the death squads or alleged hit squads or assassination squads, if Cheney, if he can wear that shoe and be responsible for that, wow, that is a sick individual. That is a very disturbed individual, and he needs a lot of help.
Dr. Fetzer: What I find especially disturbing is that when someone like you or Maj. Fox or Capt. May seeks to warn the American people, they are met with nothing but hostility from the powers that be. Bush and Cheney belong in prisons. They should be charged and tried with treason. They have done so much damage to this country and its reputation. This war in Iraq has done nothing to strengthen the national security of the United States. We are economically in terrible shape, much of it because of the policies of Bush and Cheney, which of course Obama inherited and is trying manfully to struggle with. Then of course we have depleting of American military strength there because of the constant rotation. And I have not seen serious signs that it is diminishing. We are now going to add 22,000 troops in Afghanistan, that is moving in the wrong direction. And then of course our moral stature in the world, when you put together our invasion of countries that did not attack us, the idea of preventative wars which is completely contrary to the values and history of this nation. The violation of international laws. The United Nations charter. Even the U.S. Constitution, I mean we, together with Israel, are now the most despised and reviled nations in the world, where we used to be the most admired and respected. It is a sad state of affairs.
SFC Buswell: Well, I still love America. I am a red, white, and blue kind of guy. I will do anything for the country, for the republic, and I believe it is worth saving, I really do. I think that we have been infiltrated by a lot of politically corrupt people, and such. But what I want to say is, "Where are our generals and their sense of history and duty?" They know this kind of stuff. They have been schooled in this kind of stuff. They should know that the Soviet Union lost in Afghanistan. They could not win. We cannot win there. I don't think we can. The British could not win there.
Dr. Fetzer: You can go all the way back to Alexander the Great who couldn't conquer Afghanistan. It is an absurdity that we should think we could do differently.
SFC Buswell: Yes, and it is all about drugs. The Taliban routed the opium trade in '98-99. They shut it down. And I said, "There are a lot of pissed off people now. Whoever runs the drug trade, they would want to get it rolling, and sure enough.
Dr. Fetzer: You know Don, it appears the biggest drug operation in the world is the CIA.
SFC Buswell: Well, I don't know. I don't have any reason to doubt that. But I can tell you this, when I was in Qatar, with Sergeant Cunningham back in 2004, we were sitting around at a mall, in down town. At an Arab-Muslim mall. A lot of people there, and we sitting at Starbucks, and we were sitting with some guys from Afghanistan. And we asked them point blank, "What are you guys doing there with all the drugs and stuff?" They said, "Oh yeah, we just guard. We just go out there and sit guard and you know guard a big field." And I said, "What is in the field?" and they said, "Probably drugs. People come in and take it out on wagons and stuff." And I said, "Really, you are sitting there guarding drug traffic" and he said "Yep. Just sitting back shooting the bull sh*t. Some guard duty." And I said [to myself], "Yep, that is exactly what I thought, was afraid of. Guarding the drugs."
Dr. Fetzer: It is truly disgusting. Talk about an inversion of values. The United States actions and the United States values are completely contradictory. I mean the CIA has performed so much damage abroad, assassinating foreign leaders, bringing about coups, it appears to be complicit in stirring the issues up in Iran to make the American people less supportive of the Iranian people. And to lay a pretext to further pave the way for Israel to attack Iran, which is going to be not only a great catastrophe in and of itself, but I predict will eventually lead to the annihilation of the state of Israel. Middle Easterners have long memories. You have got grudges there that go back thousands of years and anyone who thinks Israel can attack Iran and get away with it, it is just imagining, deluding themselves. If Netanyahu were not such a pure ideologue, if he weren't so driven by his beliefs as to be blind to the realities, he would recognize that he is doing no good for the state of Israel over the long run. Don, I am such a fan of you and Maj. Fox and Capt. May. I want to reiterate some articles, some places to go. Do a Google search on "Chicago, New York, and Houston, top targets for a second 9/11 during 2009" a recent article by Capt. May, go to the Lone Star Iconoclast where he is the military writer for them, and go to and check out the latest there where Maj. Fox maintains that web site. There is a lot of good stuff there. I just think it is tragic that persons like you and Maj. Fox and Capt. May should be in any way shape or form vilified. You are doing some of the most important work that any American could possibly do. It is the highest form of patriotism, and you are exposing the traitorous behavior of elements of the American government, especially, I am sorry to say, the CIA. It is a terrible, terrible situation we find ourselves in.
SFC Buswell: Well I just want to say with that what Capt. May and I have talked about at great length. The most probable assassination attempt on me after I gave Capt. May that intelligence, I had a freak pulmonary embolism in late May 2006. Very suspicious. I do not know if it was a hit. I do not know. But it was very odd, very suspicious. Capt. May has written about that. And with all the assassination stuff coming to light now, with Cheney and such, it gives more credibility to that scratch your head theory story back in '06 about SFC Buswell being the target of an assassination. You know, it gives it more credibility now.
Dr. Fetzer: I think that is exactly right. The CIA specializes in accidents and in deaths that appear to be from natural causes. Don, I want to complement you. I want to tell you how much I admire what you and Maj. Fox and Capt. May are doing here. I can encourage everyone who listens to this show to pursue Capt. May's research. Go to Lone Star Iconoclast. Track down his writings on the Internet. Get yourself knowledgeable about what is going on in the world. It is a dirty, pretty messy business. We are in a terrible situation, and if we are going to preserve anything like the core integrity of this country, we are going to have to have something like eternal vigilance. I want to thank you for coming on this show. Thanks to Major Fox for coming on earlier. This is Jim Fetzer, your host, thanking you all for listening.


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Brzezinski's Feb. 07 statement: "Deepening quagmire" warning to Congress of "...a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran, culminating in a 'defensive' US military action against Iran that plunges lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Obama Deception HQ: An Alex Jones documentary
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however, beginning at 18:28 note the Rahm Emanuel and Henry Kissinger clips )









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