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Else Christensen and her husband Alex Aage Christensen in Denmark prior to their move to Canada in the late 1940's. According to my interview with Else Christensen, Alex was a professional wood-carver and Syndicalist labor organizer who taught Else how to think analytically about political, economic, and religious issues.


In regard to the indigenous religion concept, the Japanese still "get it" by preserving Shinto. The March 19, 2007 New York Times article "Renewed Interest in Japanese Who Died in Epic Battle" by Martin Fackler had the caption: "Yoshitaka Shindo, grandson of the Japanese commander on Iwo Jima, during the March 14 commemoration of the battle." This event included the Japanese practice of pouring water over the memorial stone to cleanse it, which has Shinto roots. Other news reports described Shinto priests who returned to the island to perform ceremonies. Iwo Jima was returned to Japan and supports a Japanese Air Base. All this goes to show that "preserving the best of the old with the best of the new" still works for advanced industrial societies with plenty of economic and military power.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions,
they don't have to worry about answers."

Thomas Pynchon in "Gravity's Rainbow"


"Difference of opinion is advantageous in religion. The several sects perform the office of a Censor morum over each other. Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned: yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites. To support roguery and error all over the earth."

--Thomas Jefferson in Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XVII.



with Else Christensen

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Overview by William B. Fox, Publisher, America First Books
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by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books

First posted 8 Jan 2011
last updated 17 March 2011

It is almost impossible to have a solid nationalist movement without first revitalizing the indigenous culture and religion of ones own ancestors. After all, if one does not care about preserving the "folk soul" of the ancestors of ones own people, why would one especially care about protecting their current political, economic, cultural, and military interests?
"Odinism" or "Asatru" is relevant to American nationalism to the extent that America was originally founded by an overwhelmingly WASP majority, who created all of its major institutions in the 18th and 19th centuries. WASPs are mainly a Nordic or Nordic-Celtic people -- and Scandinavians are the "WASPiest" of the "WASPs" with very strong historical, cultural, and anthropological ties to America's Anglo-Saxon/English founders. It would not be far-fetched to claim that "Odinism" or some very closely related ancient Celtic religion reflects the pre-Christian religious viewpoint of most of the ancestors of the "Founding Fathers" of the United States.
It would also not be far-fetched to claim that a major reason why American society is so dysfunctional today is because Americans of northern European descent lack the necessary sense of identity and social cohesion to act as adequate counter predators against high level criminal predators. (See further discussion of ethnic nationalist-related issues in my Reconciling Libertarianism and Nationalism web page).
Despite the fact that Americans of English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish descent played a disproportionate role in creating America and its bedrock institutions in the 18th and 19th centuries, most Americans descended from inhabitants of the British Isles have either no sense of ancestral identity at all, or else it is an unfairly negative sense of identity warped by alien-controlled national media disinformation.
In response to individuals who may feel an automatic "political correctness" knee jerk suspicion that "Odinism" or "Asatru" reflects some kind of warmed over or reinvented form of German National Socialism, I would first point out that according to my interview with Else Christensen, she and her husband were part of the Syndicalist labor movement in Denmark in the 1930's, which had a strong libertarian streak in its ideology. One can also detect some strong libertarian tendencies in Else's interpretation of old Norse religion in The Odinist. She once told me that Germans as a group are much more "by the book" compared to Scandinavians, who are much more individualistic. (This is consistent with Dr. Lothrop's characterizations in his classic work Racial Realities in Europe in his chapters The Nordic North and Alpinized Germany).
Secondly, my own personal response is that I became interested in the indigenous religion of my old Norse ancestors from a very different perspective than "national socialism" while making a documentary film about Native Hawaiian political activists, and while interacting with professors of religion and anthropology at the University of Hawaii. I became fascinated by the "nativistic movement" concept and other "cultural survival" issues as a defense against various forms of genocide against indigenous peoples. Many native Hawaiians were interested in resurrecting aspects of the Old Hawaiian religion called Kahunaism, much like a number of Sioux activists I met at a documentary film festival who were interested in revitalizing the Sun Dance and other indigenous religious practices.
It began to dawn upon me that the group which I am ethnically closest to, namely the Norwegian American community, has also become a very vulnerable, dependent subculture in today's "New Babylon," "New Imperial Rome," and "New Jerusalem" America, just like native American groups. The Nordic percentage of the U.S. population has been in steady decline ever since the War Against Southern Independence (1861-1865), as documented in works like The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant or The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, so we too are being subjected to slow and subtle forms of genocide. Last, but not least, Scandinavians have always had a strong libertarian streak throughout their institutions, and Nordic peoples have been the leaders in world history in regard to the creation of viable democratic and republican forms of government and the protection of human rights, therefore I have no need to be defensive or apologetic about any possible "guilt by association" problems involving cases where Old Norse symbols were once expropriated for decidedly non-libertarian, expedient political purposes by certain 20th century German authoritarians and militarists.
As an aside, a good starting point to compare Scandinavians with Germans involves reading Chapter 3: The Nordic North and Chapter 6 Alpinized Germany in Dr. Lothrop Stoddard's classic work Racial Realities in Europe. Also, as a disclaimer regarding myself, my religious views are purely my own and are in no way officially representative of the Norwegian-American community or of Norway, which is officially a Lutheran country with a Christian cross on its national flag. However, it is true that Scandinavians are famous for producing a disproportionate share of individualistic, straight-speaking, and iconoclastic explorers, innovators, scientists, and free thinkers. As a final note, controlled national media in America are generally contemptuous of every form of nativistic movement for every kind of people in America except for the revitalization of ancient traditions that involve Jews, in which case the attitude is usually completely the opposite.
"Odinism" or "Asatru" is also very relevant to the "Info War" (a term frequently used by Alex Jones and also in my Mission of Conscience series) and the propaganda "Matrix" (a term used in the Hollywood movie by the same name and also by Republican Broadcasting Network talk show host Alan Watt) to the extent that the first round of highly systematic brainwashing and propagandistic totalitarian control of Western Man took place during the Christianization process that coincided with accelerating imperial tyranny, race-mixing, and multi-culturalism in the latter phases of the Western Roman Empire.
To be fair, it is true that propaganda systems were used by ruling classes long before the advent of Christianity to control their populations. For example, after pagan Romans under Julius Caeser conquered the Celts of France, they tracked down and killed off Druidic priesthoods to eradicate strongpoints of Celtic tribal nationalism that might present a threat to Roman imperial hegemony. Interestingly enough, in his fictional work Hawaii, James Michener portrays a similar concept in his chapter "From the Sun Swept Lagoon" where Polynesian tribesmen from one island of Tahiti ruthlessly impose their gods over the indigenous gods of another tribe on another island in an effort to complete their military conquest with psychological conquest, or as they say in modern PSYOP parlance, achieve "full spectrum dominance." Lastly, the creation of large ziggurats by Sumerians or pyramids by ancient Egyptians could also be viewed as propaganda devices to keep the masses awed by the power and munificence of the state-supported religions.
However, I think it also fair to observe that Christian ideology was a quantum leap forward in terms of virulence and ideological sophistication, much like the synthesis of LSD was a major development in the scientific creation of hallucinogens compared to more natural substances such as peyote and opium. Similarly, while certainly many different types of leftist political movements have arisen on a natural and spontaneous level throughout history prior to the advent of Marxism in the mid-19th century, to include "peasant revolts" in ancient China, the Communist movement spawned by the son of a Rabbi named Karl Marx was able to collate, systematize, revolutionize, and weaponize "leftism" with "evil genius" and boost its potency, virulence, self-righteousness, and "world view" exclusivity to a whole new level.
Interestingly enough, both Christianity and Marxism have many interesting commonalities. For starters, in their initial phases they were both fabricated, financed, organized, and principally promoted by influential Jews on a very conscious, deliberate, and ultimately malevolent level.

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Overview -- Continued

Christianity was forced on northern European pagans through a lengthy process of conquest, torture, deception, and trade monopolization. Although many "Odinist" and other pagan European societies had proven themselves to be quite potent on a economic, social, political, economic, and military level, they lacked the necessary deep intellectual infrastructure during this era which was necessary to continuously resist a sophisticated psychological warfare weapon (or "ideological computer virus") such as Christianity which had been fabricated and promoted by ancient Jews, analogous to the way more recent Jews have created and attacked Iran with the Stuxnet virus. (See "Commissary to the Gentiles" by Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, Feb 1928, or The Anti-Christ by Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1895).
Many American Christians falsely believe that pagans are automatically somehow less moral and less civilized than themselves, when in fact one can show clear examples where the exact opposite is true. For instance, in my article Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity I quote a Christian priest named Salvian who in 440 A.D. wrote about how he found pagan Germanic "barbarians" to be more inherently virtuous than his fellow Christianized Romans. William Gayley Simpson argued in Which Way Western Man? that in the long run it is healthier for a society to follow a tribal religion in harmony with nature than a universalistic religion such as Christianity which often tries to turn the natural world on its head. (This view was shared by Thomas Jefferson with his praise for a naturalistic approach to religion, as noted towards the end of The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther, and Niccolo Machiavelli, who believed that pagans of the early Roman Republican era were tougher and more inherently virtuous than Christians who came later during the Roman Imperial era)
The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes who made up the "Anglo-Saxon" ancestors of America's "Founding Fathers" were a Nordic pagan people originally from Denmark and northern Germany. They invaded Briton in the early 5th century A.D. not long after Roman legions pulled out. Unfortunately the post-Roman Republican, imperialistic, race-mixed, and thoroughly decadent "Latin world" was able to "reoccupy" Anglo-Saxon England on an ideological level with "Christianization," tragically bringing forth new depths of social regimentation and universalistic brainwashing away from ancestral and tribal forms of "natural religion." Despite this setback at the hand of an alien, Jewish-created religion, English society was once again reinvigorated by the Norse pagan invasions that created the "Danelaw" area of Britain during the Viking Age that extended from from the late 8th to the 11th century.
The Normans who conquered England in 1066 were a mixture of Norwegian and Danish Viking ancestry, but they had also become Christianized and had adopted French culture. Unfortunately the ruthlessness of the Christian "Norman Yoke" era was an aberration from traditional Nordic pagan patterns of political decentralization, influenced by many factors such as the peculiar personal psychopathic qualities of William the Conqueror and his court Jews (whom he brought with him to England when he set up his feudal system), and the inherent totalitarianism of French Catholic ideology of this era. This began an interesting paradox where quite often Christianized and often Jewish-influenced Nordic-Celts of Britain's ruling class have acted far less civilized than old Norse pagan ancestors, a pattern repeatedly witnessed later in British history. Examples include the rampages of Cromwell's Puritan New Model Army in Scotland and Ireland (Cromwell was substantially financed by Dutch Jews and he readmitted Jews into England for the first time since King Edward I issued the Edict of Expulsion in 1290), the British Army's barbaric treatment of Dutch-descended Afrikaner women and children during the Boer War (this war was largely instigated by the British Rothschilds in a grab for gold-bearing properties), and the unrestricted terror bombings by the British R.A.F. and U.S. Army Air Force of Dresden and other German cities packed with civilian refugees and without military value in WWII (British and American excesses were largely instigated by Jewish powers behind the throne, such Treasury Secretary Henry R. Morgenthau, Jr. in the FDR administration who came up with the infamous "Morgenthau Plan," or the Rothschilds and other elite Jews who financed Churchill and other British leaders, not to mention the tremendous influence of the part-Jewish British royal family and other aristocrats whose families started intermarrying with Jews in the 17th century).
Modern DNA tests suggest that most Englishmen descended from medieval inhabitants of the British Isles retain a mixture of both strong Celtic as well as Nordic bloodlines. Nevertheless the ancient Celts of Briton and Scotland had strong physical and cultural similarities to the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia, and the ancient Celtic and Nordic religions also have strong philosophical similarities with each other.
One advantage of leaning more on Asatru compared to ancient Celtic religion for modern revitalization purposes is that much more documentation has survived regarding Asatru thanks to the work of medieval Icelandic scholars, whereas a huge portion of the authentic Celtic religious heritage was thrown down the memory hole by Roman occupiers and fanatically intolerant Christian censors.
"Odinism" or "Asatru" also has strong philosophical commonalities with an earlier "Proto-Indo-European religion" shared by most ancient whites, just as there was once a "Proto-Indo-European Language" (According to the American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots) that is the source of all modern European languages today. "Odinism" is the "northern window" practiced by northern Europeans into this earlier pre-Christian religion. Ancient Celtic mythology comprised the "western window" into the earlier "Proto-Indo-European" religion. (I hesitate to say "Druidic" religion for Celts, because there are serious questions about the extent to which Celtic religion became "contaminated," that is, the extent to which certain Druidic priesthoods may have reflected exotic mystery religion imports from alien peoples in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas, and may have also reflected rent-seeking and occult priest class developments within certain Celtic tribes that had become more degenerate than their Nordic counterparts). The early Greco-Roman religions were the "southern window," and the very early Hinduism practiced by ancient whites (commonly referred to by serious scholars as "Aryans") in what is today's Pakistan and northwestern India comprised the "eastern window." (Later Hinduism reflects the alien temperamental traits of alien racial groups). See The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther.
From 1971 to 1992, 151 editions of The Odinist newsletter were published by Else Christensen, a lady born in Denmark who had worked in Canada and retired in Florida. I cover more background in my Interview with Else Christensen first published in the June 1993 edition of Vor Tru, an Asatru magazine published by the Asatru Alliance.
From the standpoint of studying nationalism, her newsletter was unique in terms of its ability to show the interactions of a wide variety of perspectives, ranging from archeology, indigenous religion, and folk culture to politics, ideology, and economics. For most Americans who have been raised in a rootless, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and otherwise thoroughly plastic society, and who have been deeply brainwashed with "neo-Jacobin" ideology, socially irresponsible "promiscuity," and thoroughly "Judaized" values by alien-controlled national media (please see my Introduction to my "Resolving Opposing Ideologies" series, and also my commentary regarding Question 23 of my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz, namely, "What is the preferable function of religion in a society?" where I attempt to address the evolutionary function of religion from a scientific perspective), this newsletter covers a wide range of important topics in layman's terms to make it relatively easy to grasp religious and cultural factors behind various ancestral and tribal forms of nationalism.
On a broader level, the general concepts explained in this newsletter can also apply to the nationalistic and nativistic movement of other peoples with other religious traditions around the world, although Else Christensen and her fellow Odinists encouraged other peoples to draw upon the deities and cultures of their own ancestors rather than borrow from Norse symbolism and folkways.
I do not necessarily agree with all the views of Else Christensen and her guest authors in The Odinist, but nevertheless believe that they generally showed good intuition and asked the right questions. They provided a gold mine of insights and utilized exactly the kind of "structure of thought" that challenges most forms of "Big Brother" tyranny. In other words, The Odinist is an excellent intellectual "rabbit hole" for free thinkers who are trying to escape the proverbial propaganda "matrix" which has thoroughly disoriented most Western societies today. In fact, one cannot fully understand the totality of this propaganda "matrix" today until one first understands the initial phase of this brainwashing process that took place over a thousand years ago when the healthy, natural, tribal religions of most Europeans got parasitically replaced by universalistic, dogmatic, authoritarian Jewish Christianity -- what many Odinists today call "Semitic slave god religion."
"Odinism," just like most Protestant denominations, has no "Pope" or claim of infallibility by either its religious leaders or general adherents. Instead, it generally consists of various communities of individuals who openly try to reconstruct their religious and cultural heritage as best they can utilizing facts, logic, and spiritual intuition. So please take the samples of this newsletter posted as a good starting point for further inquiry.
I think it is wisest to keep the interpretation and practice of Asatru or Odinism open to public scrutiny, rather try to operate secret societies that risk getting hijacked by psychopaths and other opportunists for criminal or other subversive purposes. (Just like many Catholic secret societies such as the Jesuits have been used for anti-Protestant subversion in prior historical periods). I also think that the late Icelandic Asatru leader Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson, who I interviewed through intermediaries in 1992-93, was wise to try to get along with Christian leaders in Iceland and treat Asatru as simply a healthy rehabilitation and normalization of ones ordinary ancestral folk culture, while refraining from advertising certain old Norse symbols (like the Sowilo "lightening bolt" rune or certain "sun symbols") for political "shock jock" purposes in ways that might be confused with various strains of 20th century German militarism and authoritarianism. (Once again, compare Chapter 3: The Nordic North with Chapter 6 Alpinized Germany in Dr. Lothrop Stoddard's classic work Racial Realities in Europe).
Probably the best way to implement Asatru among certain groups like Scandinavian Americans is to simply duplicate the general style and approach of existing Christian churches that currently serve most of the Scandinavian American community, and simply make adjustments in the theology, but otherwise everything else should remain pretty much stay the same -- to include the commitment to social service. After all, the way things usually go in this world among societies over time is that "the more things change, the more they stay the same," so no need to go to extremes. Furthermore, Christians duplicated and "spin doctored" many longstanding pagan practices and belief systems during the medieval Christianization process (to include many major pagan holidays such as Halloween --converted to "All Saint's Day," Yule -- converted to Christmas, and Oestara -- Easter), so now it is time to duplicate and "spin doctor" them back.
There are other important reasons why I think it is wise to take an evolutionary rather than an antagonistic approach in working with Christians. A lot of Christians are basically good people with good instincts, and they should not be attacked on a personal level to avoid mixing personal issues with theological issues. Many Christian ministers deserve our respect for having a genuine commitment to social service. Secondly, many Christian Churches provide important social services and have developed considerable social infrastructure, to include substantial financial and political support in their local communities. In contrast, many Asatru groups are relatively new on the block and are more like intellectual debate societies than fully functional social organizations. They are simply not prepared yet to perform the full spectrum of social services currently performed by many Christian organizations even if many Christians were to suddenly convert en masse.
I have personally enjoyed some success taking a low key approach, and have been able to be honest with many Christian leaders about my real religious views on the American Right and still get along with them reasonably well. Furthermore, I have discovered that it is not necessary to "hard sell" Asatru for certain kinds of people to "get it," therefore there is no need step on Christian toes as long as there is enough freedom of speech left in America and on the Internet so that we can at least get our message out to the intellectually curious.
When I was on active duty in the military in the early 1980's, and had contact while serving a tour as a legal officer with the staff of the base military chaplain, I was made aware of the "spiritual path" concept, which I think is a good approach for Asatruar to use in trying to get along with Christians. Supposedly, military chaplains are supposed to recognize that all the various religious denominations can offer a viable "spiritual path," and hence try to work with each serviceman within the context of his own faith. So for example, a Protestant military chaplain who gets visited by an enlisted man who is a Catholic is supposed to work with that individual within his Catholic context, rather than try to convert him to Protestantism.
I have also heard many Christian theologians describe how the Bible is like a big Rorschach blot, and for every passage that seems to assert one idea, one can also find another passage that seems to assert the exact opposite. Therefore, it is possible to read out of the Bible what one wants. For example, according to the Book of Joshua, Yahweh commands the ancient Israelites to invade Canaan (the "land of milk and honey") and exterminate without mercy every man, woman, and child and seize all their property. According to Joshua, Yahweh punishes those Israelite who fail to execute this utterly ruthless directive. Then skip forward to the Gospels, and we see passages where Jesus commands followers to "love thy enemy" and "turn the other cheek."
Complicating Biblical interpretation even more, many scholars claim that ancient Jews ripped off various stories and theological concepts from Indo-European peoples, which implies that ancient Indo-European religious elements (closely related to Asatru) are embedded in various segments of the Bible.
Therefore, just as Thomas Jefferson was able to go through the Gospels and edit out all supernatural elements inconsistent with his naturalistic views to derive "The Jefferson Bible" that contain certain ethical approaches that he found attractive, similarly I think I could go through the Bible and also do a highly selective edit job and find quite a lot that agrees with what I consider to be an "Asatru" or "Odinist" philosophy.
Therefore, it may not be wise for Asatruar to get too combative with Christians, because it is quite possible that on a deep subconscious level they are resonating with elements of the Bible that have strong commonalities with the Odinist viewpoint, and hence have a shared spiritual path. Rather than antagonize Christians, I share the attitude of many military chaplains and recognize that many Christians practice a viable spiritual path (subject to certain caveats and disclaimers provided by folks like William Gayley Simpson and Else Christensen, of course). The wisest course of action seems to be to promote a mutually respectful interfaith dialog and learn from each other.
As a final comment, I greatly appreciate donations to help cover the expenses of posting more editions of The Odinist newsletter and other valuable intellectual resources to the web.


Other Asatru-Related References
from the "Religious Crisis" Web Page

Asatru articles by William B. Fox

1995-03-01 Asatru and Ethics Part 2 Wrapping up the analysis about how three major ethical approaches --moralistic, contractual, and utilitarian -- relate to each other, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.
1995-01-01 Asatru and Ethics Part 1 Why Asatruar have greater flexibility to make wise decisions compared to Semitic slave god religionists.
1994-03-01 Allsherjargodi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Remembered. Two interviews conducted shortly before the death of the hero who resurrected Asatru in Iceland after a thousand year hiatus. Interestingly enough, within the context of a homogeneous Icelandic society, Asatruar are often more leftist than rightist and are concerned with ecological themes. Also, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson maintained friendly relations with Lutheran ministers, who reciprocated by allowing him to be buried with a Norse pagan ceremony in a Christian cemetery beside his deceased kinfolk. (Being buried among kinfolk is a strong custom in Iceland, regardless of the place of burial or differing religious views between them). In other words, many Asatruar and Christians in Iceland typically maintain a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship rather than a hostile one, which I think is probably the wisest approach in the long run.
1993-06-01 Interview with Else Christensen, late publisher of The Odinist, just prior to the onset of her tragic criminalization and imprisonment. Dismissing the social, political, and religious ideas that she has dealt with because of her run-in with the law commits the fallacy of "poisoning the well," also known as ad hominem. In fact, one could go a step further. Whereas Japanese leaders have been very wise by retaining their tribal, ancestral faith of Shinto, the leaders of most northern European countries in the Middle Ages were very unwise to viciously purge their own tribal, ancestral faiths in favor of Jewish Christianity. They should have modernized and adapted their own native religions to maintain national cohesion, identity, pride, and solidarity. If they had not sold out their own religions, we would not be in the fix we find ourselves in today where the promulgation of our ancestral faith has defaulted into the hands of people suffering from marginalization issues.
1993-03-01 Interview with Freya Aswynn, author of Leaves of Yggdrasil. A psychic self-mobilized priestess of Odin with a strong background in occult symbology, this fascinating Dutch lady based in the UK has been in a class of her own. In my Preface, I raise the question about what pagan and Christian practices might be considered degenerate as opposed to noble, uplifting, and compatible with scientific reality.
1993-01-01 Asatru; Questions and Answers A comparison between Asatru and the outstanding analysis provided by Dr. Hans Gunther in his must-read classic work The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans.
1992-06-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 2. Tying important aspects of "Judeo-Christian" subversion together. Much like a foreign virus entering and taking over the nucleus of a healthy cell, "Judeo-Christianity" seeks to penetrate and displace healthy white tribal religions with alien Jewish tribal religious history and perverse leftist/universalistic values.
1992-03-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 1. Why "Judeo-Christianity" has often done more harm than good to our people and Western civilization. If this is not enough to convince you, please read One Man's Striving and Which Way Western Man? (now online) by former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson for the full-blown theological and sociological analysis,. (Please also consider Beyondism: Religion From Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell or the strong criticisms of Christianity made by Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and other Enlightenment notables, which I will link to later, to include some condensations and interpretative articles that make this material more understandable to the layman).
1992-01-01 Asatru and Christianity; Similarities and Differences. A talk by William B. Fox and Oak Thorgeir before the Leif Erikson Society of New York.
1991-09-01 `Vinland Revisited' Revisits the Aesir ...Among many other things, I describe how I almost "witnessed" for Odin, Thor, and other Aesir to Norway's female Prime Minister when three replica Viking ships sent by Scandinavians arrived in Manhattan, and I showed up at a party as an Old Norse "re-enactor." Given the far left wing, pro-open borders, pro-New World Order policies of Gro Harlem Brundtland (the UN "Bundtland Commission" pushed "sustainable development" and "Agenda 21" -- please read "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and Prince Charles" by activist researcher Joan Veon and related articles listed by Dr. Eric Karlstrom at his web site "9/11 New World Order"), not to mention Brundtland's subsequent tenure as Director General from 1998 to 2003 of the highly sinister World Health Organization (WHO) -- please see my discussion of the suspected "Poison Dragon Lady" Director of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, in Chapter 36: "Swine Flu Biowar" of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy) -- Brundtland was clearly in need of some "special spiritual ministration." Too bad she boarded the Viking ship and quickly departed before I was able to get through to what was quite possibly a tragically misguided front woman for evil Rothschild and Rockefeller globalist schemes.


Other Asatru References:

Steven McNallen and
the Asatru Folk Assembly

Steve McNallen

(The following caption is from the Religious Crisis web page:)
While Archarya S. shows us the props back stage that come together to create the "Judeo-Christian show," and William Gayley Simpson helps us distinguish between subjective religious instincts that give rise to religious mysticism and a purely scientific view of the world, we are still left with a big problem. Religion is such a primal, instinctive human need, that it is like the old joke men tell about women "Can't live with them, can't live without them!" So the next question is what is the least bad way to learn to live with religion?
Hint: How about trying a religion that has evolved among our own people that has a track record for reflecting their "religious folk soul" and making them stronger rather than contributing to their racial and cultural genocide? Something that is our very own, that cannot be readily hijacked by criminal and obnoxious Zionists and other alien peoples. A novel idea, eh what?
A former U.S. Army officer originally from West Texas of Scottish ancestry who now lives in northern California, Steve McNallen has been a important pioneer in North America in helping Americans of Northern European descent discover their indigenous European tribal roots. He practices Asatru, which is the "northern window" of an early proto-Indo European religion, which also has such siblings as the "western window" of Celtic "Druidism," the "southern window" of the early Greco-Roman religion, and the "eastern window" of the early Hinduism of the ancient Aryan settlers in the Indus Valley.
Please visit Steve's Asatru Folk Assembly home page at Sample introductory articles include:
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The Arc of Inevitability by Terry Rodgers (see other works and commentary at Rodgers' art gives a strong sense of the anchorless, hedonistic, atomized, consumerist, self-centered, race-mixing, morally and financially bankrupt "New Babylon" society that much of America has become today --the very opposite of the overwhelmingly Nordic-Celtic WASP America with the productive Protestant work ethic of the 19th century. For a similar interpretation of Rodgers' work, see Bending the Cosmos Catherine Somzé.


Speaking of contemporary art, The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe describes how the people who became disproportionately influential in financing and judging "modern art" in the 20th century were ultimately more interested in art as an ideological statement or propaganda weapon (the "painted word") rather than anything to do with traditional aesthetics. (See the The Scam of Modern Art by Willis Carto from the Barnes Review special issue The Revenge of the Neanderthal). Leading self-anointed "art critics," with recognizably Jewish names, exerted strong social pressure through their controlled media and superior financial power to systematically and nihilistically remove one "allowable" traditional aesthetic convention in the development of "trendy" art to the point that certain of the trendiest forms of "modern art" began to look like something somebody would ordinarily want to flush down the toilet, like the alleged "art work" titled "Piss Christ" sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency, or "Jesus Receiving Oral Sex" displayed in the Loveland Museum/Gallery in Loveland, CO that got bashed by Montana activist Kathleen Folden. This same innately nihilistic, parasitic, and Neanderthal mentality manifested by America's leading criminal elite of the 20th century has also been applied to "socially re-engineer" and viciously exploit America on many other social, political, economic, and cultural levels as well -- much to the great detriment to the general welfare, civil liberties, and long term posterity of the general public that comprises the United States.


Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1of 3). This video does an excellent job of providing examples of the naturalistic roots of religious symbolism, and elements from pagan religions such as the cult of Horus and Krishna that are embedded in Christianity.


Viking Prayer -- 13th Warrior

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla,
Where the brave, they live forever.

Followed by the final battle between the Vikings and the Wendel.



Other religious references or issues:

2011-01-27 The Sixties: The Songs That We Loved Convinced Us That Our Parents Lied by John Kaminski. An excellent article about the "New Babylon" cultural assault on America.
2011-01-18 Occult Pagan revival signals death of America and the West
by Linda Kimball.
This article exemplifies concerns that many Christians have about "pagan" religions. A brief response by an Odinist or Asatruar might be as follows: This article overgeneralizes; in some ways it can be true, and in other ways it can be completely false. Some "pagan" religions do in fact encourage "the death of the West," but then again, so do many forms of "modern liberal" Christianity. Other types of pagan religion reflect a return to solid roots of Western civilization and may in fact offer a better road to recovery that Christianity.
The word "pagan" comes from the Latin word paganus which meant "country dweller" or "rustic," similar to the way "heathen" meant someone from the "heath" or country, suggesting people with more traditional values compared to "city slickers." There is considerable historical evidence that Christianity got its primary impetus from influential Jews within the Roman Empire, and Jews have always been the most urban or all peoples, therefore Christianity started out as much more of a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic urban phenomenon compared to "paganism" or "heathenism" which has always been more "tribal." (That is, "Christians" tended to be more "cosmopolitan," whereas "pagans" were more often viewed as "hillbillies.")
Please note that when ancient Greeks invented a conscious theory of science and republican and democratic government in the 5th and 6th centuries B.C., they were pagans. The Old and New Testaments offer nothing comparable, but in fact argue for childish faith rather than a scientific approach and even condone or even advocate various forms of religious totalitarianism and even slavery.
There are many different types of "pagan" or more accurately "non-Christian" religions, just like there are many different forms of Christianity. Some are productive and truthful, others are covert, corrupt, deceitful, and degenerative. Some reflect solid Western rationalist traditions, and others reflect perverse superstitiousness and dysfunctional mysticism. Certain "pagan" religions reflect more authentic elements of original Western Civilization than Christianity itself, whereas other types of pagan ideologies are analogous to a religious version of Marxism, "Hippie" retreatism, or Satanism and can be used for subversive purposes.
An important irony behind a deeply analytical comparison between Christianity and "paganism" is that Christianity has embedded within it so many "pagan" elements that the ordinary distinction made by the ill-informed lay person can become meaningless. Archarya S., listed on my Religious Crisis web page, has done a lot of excellent work to show the many cross-overs between "paganism" and "Christianity."
Christianity has very strong political dimensions that support imperialism, totalitarianism, race-mixing, and dense urbanization. It has leftist, universalistic, social revolutionary ideology embedded inside it that has strong similarities to Marxism. (In Which Way Western Man?, former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson described how he met Communists who claimed they were simply trying to employ the ethics of Jesus on a secular level). Its totalitarian elements make it easier to control an empire than more decentralized tribal natural religions. (During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church controlled over a third of all the land in countries like France and England, and employed armies of priests and monks to gather "confessions" and other "intelligence" on "the masses." Even today the Vatican operates one of the greatest intelligence operations in the world, right up there with Mossad, CIA, British MI-6, and Russian FSB).
Historically, many rulers have felt motivated to impose Christianity upon their subjects for the political purpose of reducing tribal conflicts that might undermine their centralized control. For example, in his book Rascals in Paradise, James Michener explains how "Blackbirder" slave traders who roamed the Pacific in the 19th century placed a priority on trying to capture Christianized natives first rather than pagans, because all other things being held equal, Christians tended to put up less of a fight and made more obedient slaves; also, in the modern era, Christianity undermines tribal bonds and helps atomize workers to make them more easily interchangeable "worker drones" and "human resources" for low cost labor, while at the same time indoctrinating them with fatalistic "other worldly" attitudes to prevent them from seriously challenging the establishment.
Christian leftism has also been a useful tool for rulers to employ demagoguery to coopt and forestall possible "peasant revolts," much like today controlled national media, privately owned central banks (which can print fiat money to bribe potential opposition -- see Chapter 33 of the Mission of Conscience series), and police state harassment tools like the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center (see the Rev Ted Pike archive), the Department of Homeland Security, and FBI COINTELPRO are used to control "democracies."
Because Christianity seeks to replace European tribal history with the tribal history of Jews, Christianity has historically served as the Jewish passport to Western Civilization that has enabled various forms of "adaptive mimicry" and "protective camouflage" by "the Chosen People" to infiltrate and take control of the strategic bases of gentile societies. (In Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series I explain how Jews often function as the "Mongols of covert 4th generation warfare").
Last, but not least, on an individualized level, many people have been attracted to Christianity as a self-imposed psychological narcotic to suppress their instinctive tribal feelings and feel more relaxed about engaging in commerce in multi-racial, multi-cultural urban environments. Many women prefer Christianity because in many ways it seems more "feminine," "compassionate," and "easier to follow" than many pagan religions which retain a heroic warrior ethos, and their husbands acquiesce because they are too absorbed in bringing home the bacon to worry about "religious issues."
I equate the sociobiological term "parasite" with the layman's term "criminal" and the religious concept of "Satanism," and believe that legitimate forms of the indigenous religion of my Old Norse ancestors reflect the exact opposite of these things. Please see my Religious Crisis web page for links to other articles that make these distinctions, to include links to the works of Enlightenment thinkers like Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson who noted disturbing contradictions within Christianity, or the works of more recent critics like Archarya S. or the late Dr. Revilo Oliver and William Gayley Simpson who explain very serious problems within the overall philosophical structure of Christian theology.
I also agree with the viewpoint expressed by Dr. Raymond Cattell in his books A New Morality From Science: Beyondism, and Beyondism: Religion From Science, that man has a strong genetic and biological component to both his individual and group make-up that must be observed for successful long term functioning. Therefore, whenever I encounter either a pagan religion or a Christian denomination that rejects the "biological world view" and attacks all forms of white tribalism, and on top of this focuses the individual on "criminal" (or "parasitic" or "Satanic") activity, I immediately see red flags.
Last, but not least, I judge religions by the way in which they may or may not hinder the capacity for rational, scientific thought. One advantage of a natural religion approach like Asatru or Odinism, is that it is much easier to hold a naturalistic viewpoint and be "religious" at the same time. Even in ancient times among many intelligent elites the stories about the gods were intended as "truth in poetry" and not meant taken as literally, or at least not as literally as Christian Fundamentalists take the Bible, or Orthodox Jews take the Talmud. Many pagan ancient Greek and Roman writers were careful to record history only from a secular viewpoint and not mix in supernatural events.
There are certain kinds of free-thinking individuals who sincerely find Christianity to be completely unbelievable and just cannot bring themselves to "go along to get along and play the game" in a Christian-dominated society. From a practical standpoint, Christians may be better off in the long run if such individuals in their communities turn to an indigenous ancestral faith like Asatru rather than turn to such alternatives as militantly anti-religious atheism, Marxism, secular humanism, modern liberalism, Satanic cults, Eastern mysticism, or superstitious religions. At least individuals who practice an indigenous religion developed by ancient ancestors within ones very own tribe have some group pride and an incentive to preserve conservative, heritage-oriented values, and from a conservative Christian standpoint is hence following a "least bad" option compared to all the alternatives.
Because an indigenous, natural religion like Asatru seems to require a certain capacity for independent analysis and other robust character traits not widely shared by the general population, I sincerely doubt that Asatruar will ever grow to much more than a significant minority within various currently existing Christian "sheeple" communities rather than ever threaten to completely displace Christianity. The fact that certain Zionists may get hysterical over such developments may be a good sign, to the extent that many Jews are concerned that Odinist "folk" are generally not quite as easy to deceive and manipulate for Zionism as certain Christian "sheeple-masses" -- the most gullible variety consisting of "Christian Zionists." (See "Confronting The Cult of the Corpulent Con Man" by Michael Collins Piper).
I might add that there are certain Christians who are spring-loaded from their interpretation of the Book of Revelations to think that the revitalization of "paganism" will accompany "End Times." An Odinist might counter that this should not be a surprise, since the Jews who fabricated Christianity knew that they were scamming the public (see "Commissary to the Gentiles" by Marcus Eli Ravage). Knowing that their religious fraud would eventually be found out, they demonized the enlightenment process as a low cunning way to keep sheeple in the fold.
Odinism has its own ways of deterring people from straying in socially destructive directions. If you are a conservative parent with a teenager who has started dating, and who also adheres to an indigenous tribal religion like Asatru or Odinism, it is much less likely that you will ever encounter a "Guess who is coming to dinner?" problem compared to most American teens brainwashed with "modern liberalism" or "liberal Christianity."
For an example of a non-Odinist ethnic group that is a quantum level more serious about this issue than most Odinists will ever be, check out:

A Jewish girl prank calls her parents (streaming sound on video against a still picture, 7 minutes) Show note: "A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The father threatens to kill the guy and the mother's comments are priceless." This audio file is hilarious -and very educational regarding American ethnic "facts of life."

As a final comment, religions tend to mutate over time and change in character based upon the racial and ethnic character of its adherents, as well as many other factors. Quite often this is every bit as important as the official theology in determining the character of religious practices. As an example, in the Alex Jones section of my Reconciling Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page, where I talk about "tribalism," I provide maps and explain how Protestantism arose in areas of Europe with majority Nordic populations, which previously had been strongholds of Odinism or Asatru. The greater decentralization found among Protestant denominations following the Protestant Reformation had similarities with the relatively high level of decentralization found among Asatruar during the previous pagan period. In many ways the character of Nordics peoples described in the Chapter The Nordic North in Dr. Lothrop Stoddard's book Racial Realities in Europe is a greater factor in the general approach to religion than any particular theology, be it "Christian" or "pagan."
Because of all the permutations and transformations over time, there are many exceptions to the generalities I have discussed here. It is possible to find some "pagan" groups of urbanites in America that are relatively "cosmopolitan," and certain fundamentalist Christian groups that are "hillbillies." Therefore, in order to do a full blown analysis of differences between certain "Christian" and ''pagan" groups, we must typically incorporate into our discussion a wide variety of racial, ethnic, social, political, economic, and historical factors as well as differences in theology.
The End of the World: How Rome Fell and Why Possible subtitle: Present Day USA History in the Making,

Project Gutenberg Online Books

Myths of the Norsemen, by H. A. Guerber, 1909
Historical Series—Book IV Part I Stories of the Olden Time, compiled and arranged by James Johonnot, 1889 [Ed. Note: A mixture of ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Norse tales]


Reenactment at the Centennial Pageant, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925,
photo taken from The Promise of America

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