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Jesus drives the money changers from the Temple, an overtly political act against the plutocrats of his day, that played a major role in the conspiracy to see him handed over to the Romans for his ultimate destruction -- his assassination, if you will. Jesus in the Talmud (hardback, 210 pages, #TAL) is available from First Amendment Books in Washington, D.C. for $25. No S&H in U.S. Call toll free 1-888-699-NEWS to charge to major credit cards.


Talmud Spews Hatred of Christ, Christians


by Willis A. Carto

Scattered throughout the Talmud, the founding document of rabbinic Judaism in late antiquity, can be found quite a few references to Jesus -- and they're not flattering. The Talmudic stories make fun of Jesus' birth from a virgin, fervently contest his claim to be the Messiah and Son of God, and maintain that he was rightfully executed as a blasphemer and idolater. They subvert the Christian idea of Jesus' resurrection and insist he got the punishment he deserved in hell -- and that a similar fate awaits his followers.
Were you shocked by these claims? Did you consider what you've read to be "rank anti-Semitism" or "vicious hatred"? Well, if you did, then you've just applied those labels to words taken directly from the promotional and introductory material on the flyleaf of a new book -- Jesus in the Talmud -- by a distinguished scholar, Dr. Peter Schafer, Director of the Program in Judaic Studies at Princeton University and professor of Judaic studies in a chair endowed by billionaire American Jewish philanthropist Ronald O. Perelman, a long-time generous patron of Jewish causes. And the publisher of the book is no less than the Princeton University Press, which has never been accused as a purveyor of anti-Semitic literature.
Schafer himself is highly regarded in the academic world and widely-published in the arenas of Jewish religious and historical literature. So now comes Shafer with a 210-page book which affirms -- beyond question -- that longtime Christian and Muslim critics of the Talmud were right when they said that the Talmud does teach filthy and hateful things about Christ. Muslims and Christians have been offended for thousands of years by those hateful teachings and -- indeed, let it be said -- one of the primary causes of anti-Jewish attitudes throughout history has been the negative reaction to the Talmud's anti-Christ rantings.
Yet, ironically, although Judaism's holiest book has devoted itself to smearing Christ, his beloved mother, Mary, and all of Christ's teachings, the mass media in America never mentions this fact when discussing the causes of anti-Semitism. In fact-quite distinctly-the media prefers to focus on alleged anti-Jewish notations in the Christian New Testament and in the Islamic Koran (which, sadly unbeknownst to many Christians, holds Jesus Christ in high regard, very much in contrast to the Talmud).
For years, Jewish groups screamed when anyone dared to openly discuss the vile nature of much of what appears in the Talmud, which is the Jewish religious code (Judaism's governing body of religious and ethical standards) about which most non-Jews have no understanding.
Many Christians mistakenly believe the myth that the Old Testament is as central to Judaism as it is the origins of Christianity, when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The Talmud and other mystical works (unknown to Christians) are considered far more important in the eyes of Jewish scholars.
Now with Dr. Schafer's book, there's "mainstream" proof defenders of the Talmud have been dissembling. This fascinating (and disturbing) book is "must" reading for those who dare to delve into the controversial arena of political Zionism and who want to be armed with factual evidence regarding the weird world of the Talmud. But be warned: if you are a committed Christian, you may be deeply offended by the disgusting comments about Christ that appear in Judaism's holiest writings.


WILLIS A. CARTO, is founder of The American Free Press and The Barnes Review.

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