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Volume XVI Number 3.....MayMay/June



Prominent Jewish Scholar
& Author Stan Gooch
Proudly Claims
He Has Neanderthal Heritage


by Willis A. Carto

Stan Gooch, a writer of Jewish origin, based in Wales, and known for his study of the evolution and history of the brain, elucidated upon in several books, is one of the controversial writers whose research has led him to believe that modem-day Jews can trace integral components of their heritage to the famed and mysterious Neanderthal. In his book, The Dream Culture of the Neanderthals: Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom, Gooch has expanded upon his theme and is proud to proclaim the Neanderthals as the ancient forerunners of today's Jewish people. Gooch's publisher summarizes the author's findings:
"Contrary to current theories, Stan Gooch maintains that the Neanderthals were not destroyed by the younger Cro-Magnon culture but were incorporated into that culture through interbreeding. The blending of the disparate influences of the lunar, matriarchal Neanderthals and the solar, patriarchal Cro-Magnons may explain the contradictory impulses and influences that have generated human conflict for millennia. In fact, the author suggests that the caste system in India may have been constructed to utilize the strengths of both lunar and solar cultures and to minimize the conflict between the two. There is evidence that direct descendants of the moon-worshipping, dream-cultivating Neanderthal race are still living in Central Asia today. While their physical descendants may be almost extinct, the influence of Neanderthal occult wisdom remains strong and can be found throughout history among witches, kabbalists, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and even in Christianity and Judaism.
"Explores the influence of Neanderthal man on the cultural and biological development of humanity -- Traces the power of long-held beliefs and superstitions to the influence of Neanderthal lunar and dream-based traditions. Offers a compelling vision of a unified humanity that can benefit from the gifts of both its Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon ancestors -- Provides evidence that direct descendants of the Neanderthal race may very well still be alive in Central Asia.
"A number of long-standing beliefs and superstitions show how the ideas that dominated the lives of our ancestors still have a powerful influence on us today. The disturbing power attributed to the number thirteen, the positive influence of the number seven, and the comfort offered by the admonition 'knock wood' all reveal the enduring presence of our most ancient ancestors: the Neanderthals."


WILLIS A. CARTO, is founder of The American Free Press and The Barnes Review.


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