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Interbreeding, Religious Practices Created `Jewish' People

by Willis A. Carto

The late William Dudley Pelley was a successful American screenwriter in the early years of Hollywood who later turned to historical and religious research and, in the end, was fiercely persecuted -- and then criminally prosecuted -- for his outspoken patriotic publishings and pronouncements. [A full-length account of Pelley's efforts appeared in the March / April 2000 issue of THE BARNES REVIEW.-Ed.]
One arena in which Pelley focused his efforts was a study of the Jewish people and his assessments of their history and lore are fully relevant and accurate today as they were when he first addressed the subject.
Pelley sought to answer the question: "How did the Jews come to have such strange traditions setting them apart, racially and religiously, from the gentiles?" Pelley summarized his findings:
When Moses led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, he is traditionally credited with having introduced a strange custom for the perpetuation of his one-God religious ideas and the priesthood that was intended to keep them alive in the hearts of the Israelites. He laid it down as a law that the first-born son of every Hebrew family should be dedicated to the priestly calling, also that one-tenth of the resources of every family should be donated for the upkeep of such priesthood. Now for one boy out of every family to be qualified as a priest, or "cohen" from which so many modern Jews get the surname Cohen -- meant that over a long period of time the numbers of priests must become prodigious.
There were so many of them, in fact, that they came to be recognized as a caste, called Levites. Incidentally from Levites we get the many variations or names such as Levi, or Levy, that designate today's Jews. These formidable numbers of priests came eventually to make the Hebrews the worst priest-ridden people on the face of the earth. They had to be supported, and anything that in any way threatened their priestly jobs, met with swift and fierce opposition.
The only way that they could preserve these jobs, was by enforcing a rigid solidarity and racial consciousness among the masses, and binding them tight to the priestly counsel. The only way such solidarity and racial consciousness could be created and maintained in turn, was to so interpret religion -- or what passed for religion -- that the populace could not perform the simplest acts of daily life without having the priestly interpretation of it, and making the people feel that such priests were indispensable. This was accomplished by training the people to think that they were "different," and thus creating the barrier between them and members of other races in consequence.
As the priests were likewise the only learned men, and in charge of the Israelite traditions, they could interject into those traditions what they pleased -- if it only impressed upon their people a sense of the priestly importance, that they -- the Israelites -- were the truly great people and those beloved of the Creator, and that the priests were unchallenged leaders over them. Today we would term such monopoly a racket, because basically it was built on priestly gain and power. In other words, whatever enhanced the racial and spiritual solidarity of this people, enhanced the influence and indispensability of the priestly caste.
In teaching the Israelites to think that they were "different" and "better;" the priests were feathering their own nests and making their jobs sure-fire and profitable.
So Israelite -- and later Jewish -- traditions became what they are today. It is ingrained into Jews to think themselves "different," and "better," and the priest-rabbi now has such a hold over him that he cannot be a Jew without acknowledging the priest-rabbi influence in the most trivial of his daily acts.
So the Jews of today are orientals who have been kept politically intact throughout the earth by a clan consciousness derived from the peculiarities of their common Mosaic faith. Jews have crossbred with other races to such an extent that there is almost no such thing today as a pure-blooded Jew.
Anthropologically Jews are a racial hybrid, wherever we find him .... It is the more nearly correct thing to say that the Jew is the follower of a religion ... and any claim to membership in a "race" is spurious.

WILLIS A. CARTO, is founder of The American Free Press and The Barnes Review.


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